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Duels and Dancing

I want capture the flag to be it's own chapter... so it will be... that's why this is short.

The next few days Naruto and Percy settled into a routine that felt almost normal, if you didn't count the fact that they was getting lessons from satyrs, nymphs, and a centaur. Each morning they took Ancient Greek from Annabeth, and they talked about the gods and goddesses in the present tense. Naruto found that, since he already had taught himself English and Latin, Greek wasn't too hard to pick up. By the weeks end he could stumble through a few lines of Homer without too much headache. He felt a surge of pride, knowing that he would be bragging when he went home that he was fluent, or would be, in at least four different languages and whatever the hell sealing was.

The rest of the day, they'd rotate through outdoor activities, looking for something they were each good at. Chiron tried to teach them archery, thankfully Naruto had already had some experience with a bow... though he didn't remember being so good he could make every shot perfectly, he realized quickly that it had come from his Godmother's blessing. Percy, having had some practice with Naruto though not very seriously, managed to only put an arrow in Chiron's tale once so they were pretty proud of that accomplishment.

Then there was Foot racing, which Naruto excelled at. Years of running from chunin and jonin for pranks, training day in and out with weights since he entered this world and having chakra made him a very, very fast boy. He was easily able to outpace even the fastest of the Woodnymphs. Percy, thanks to their training, did rather well and beat about half of them and that was without chakra.

And wrestling? Naruto could dominate anyone on camp in terms of sheer strength, a perk of chakra and his natural strength plus the weights. Percy did really well here, due to their training, and only Clarisse could beat him but he gave her a serious workout with his squirmy body and out of the box thinking.

Then there was canoeing which Naruto sucked at royally, it was just confusing, but Percy excelled here for some reason adding more credence to the idea that he was Poseidon's kid. Naruto was pretty damn sure he was right.

The other counselors were looking at them both, trying to determine who their parents were. Naruto was harder as he lacked the physical features of a demigod since he wasn't born one. He was stronger then Ares' kids, as good at archery as a child of Apollo, lacked Dionysus' or Demeter's ways with plants. He had some talent with the forge but it wasn't enough to be magically induced. Luke swore that Naruto was a child of Apollo and that Percy was probably one of his siblings, a master of none but jack of all trades.

Naruto still hated camp however, still felt bitter and hateful towards the gods for the shithole so many of the kids lives were. Just listening in to any conversation made that, impossibly so. Six he knew of were abused by their parents, four were attacked by monsters and a dozen were ostracized and bullied for being without one parent or for their learning disorders and that was just from within Hermes' cabin.

The only person to really get his bitterness was Luke, who was quiet about it but often showed cased it in his words and the glares that would randomly cross his face during the day. Naruto could feel it, almost like Killer intent and bloodlust, wafting off of him.

Thursday afternoon, three days after they'd arrived at Camp Half-Blood, they had their first sword-fighting lesson. Every-body from cabin eleven gathered in the big circular arena, where Luke would be their instructor. They started with basic stabbing and slashing, using some straw-stuffed dummies in Greek armor but Naruto quickly fell into the more advanced movements that he had learned through his own training with and without Kunai. It was different then what the others were learning, more about slicing then stabs they were focused on. He knew that was because, as a Ninja, speed was more important the piercing armor. As it turned out, His style was a mix of a Ninja style and the Greek style, more proof his Godmother was a literal Godmother since it was through her scrolls that he had learned how to wield any form of a blade.

"You have a lot of skill with this." Luke said when he came over.

Naruto nodded. "Been at this for a few months, I learn through my body best. I taught myself a lot. "

"It's impressive, I can tell our style is part of it but I don't recognize the rest of it."

"You wouldn't, it's from another world."

Luke's eyes widened for a moment before a smirk crossed his face. "I want to see how it measures up, you owe me a spar."

"Yatta!" Naruto stopped, sighing. "I thought I was done with my verbal tick, damn it... anyway, sure, I'd love to spar with you. Heck, if you can't get me go against Percy, I taught him swordplay as well. He's pretty good, a natural talent that one."

There was a look in Luke's eyes that was very telling.

Eventually they moved on to dueling in pairs. Luke announced he would be Percy's partner, so Naruto stopped to watch, being the odd man out and the most skilled besides Luke.

"Good luck," one of the campers told Percy. "Luke's the best swordsman in the last three hundred years."

"Maybe he'll go easy on me," Percy said.

The camper snorted.

Naruto just sat back and watched as Percy started the duel, lunging forward with Riptide in hand, slicing through the air, forcing Luke back. Luke retaliated with a jab, only for Percy to easily deflect it and reach forward to grab Luke's arm and yank him forward before slamming a fist against Luke's pretty face. Before Luke could do more then stumble back, Percy slammed the flat of his blade against Luke's wrist, forcing him to drop his blade. His sword poked at the edge of Luke's throat, a smirk on Percy's face.

"How... how?" Luke looked down at the blade that had clanged against the sandy floor while Naruto laughed long and loud, enjoying the silent stunned campers.

Percy laughed. " Naruto taught me how to fight like a Ninja, take every pot shot you can and never play fair. You expected pure swordplay so I played dirty. I watched you earlier, your a way better swordsmen then I am. Like massively better, Your also way faster and stronger, the only way I could win is playing dirty."

Luke gulped a little. "Okay... I... I guess it's time for a break. Go get your drinks."

Everyone swarmed the Drink cooler, even Naruto though he wasn't tired in the slightest due to having more stamina then some gods. Mostly he just watched and listened to the idiots chattering on about how cool Percy and Naruto were. At some point Luke poured ice water on his head, which apparently looked like such a good idea, Percy did the same.

Percy's aura exploded into strength, even stronger then when they were at the beach. He officially realized that Percy was in fact Poseidon's, there was no longer any doubts.

"Okay, everybody circle up!" Luke ordered. " If Percy doesn't mind, I want to give you a little demo." The Hermes guys gathered around. They were sup-pressing smiles, as if they were expecting Percy to be beaten up... they were in for quite the surprise. Luke told everybody he was going to demonstrate a disarming technique: how to twist the enemy's blade with the flat of your own sword so that he had no choice but to drop his weapon. "This is difficult," he stressed. "I've had it used against me. No laughing at Percy, now. Most swordsmen have to work years to master this technique." He demonstrated the move on me in slow motion. Sure enough, the sword clattered out of my hand. "Now in real time," he said, after I'd retrieved my weapon. "We keep sparring until one of us pulls it off. Ready, Percy?"

Percy nodded, and Luke came after him. He wasn't holding back, but still Percy was keeping up. Naruto was faster and stronger then Luke was, even his clones were better physically, so Percy was used to blinding speed. He countered every single blow and slash, using creative movements and vicious strength to hold his own against his superior opponent. It was actually very impressive... and then Percy tried the disarming maneuver.

His blade hit the base of Luke's and he shoved, putting his whole weight into a downward thrust.


Luke's sword rattled against the stones once more. The tip of my blade was an inch from his undefended chest.

The other campers were silent, their earlier smugness sealed away by the superiority of Percy's epicness.

"My turn." Naruto said and Luke paled.


"So I think I know who your dad is." Naruto said, as he and Percy were walking along side the beach. He felt Percy's aura increase as the ebb and flow of the tide brushed against his shoes. "It's actually pretty obvious really, what with all the water type stuff happening to you."

Percy, to his shock, nodded. "Honestly, that's what I was thinking. I remember your lesson on looking Underneath the Underneath and all that. A lot of things are adding up... The beach making my aura stronger, my dad being lost as sea, the water making me stronger when I fought Luke... I thought it wasn't supposed to happen, Chiron said that there was a reason the cabins were empty... I guess we could ask him but I still don't trust him to give me an open answer."

"Fair enough... but we have little choice, we could ask him and if he lies or withholds information we can just threaten him."

Percy sighed. "Why are we acting like this? It isn't like me but here I am, wanting to agree with you..."

"I think it's because of my Godmom's influence." Naruto stopped and the idea blossomed within him fully. " Everyone acts similarly based on their cabins, that I noticed quickly. I think my God mom blessing me to make me a demigod is making me meaner. I wasn't like this before I came here, and therapy can only do so much... I... I think whatever my Godmom is, who she is, she is not someone who takes abuse and crap. I think I am inheriting that... and I am grateful for it. Now, since I am a big influence on you... well I am making you meaner. It's a good thing though, we were both too passive and let the world bully us. We are demanding answers others are keeping from us and not taking crap. It comes off as mean but I don't see it that way."

" I guess so..."

"It's depends on just how bad we get. I guess as long as we don't cross a line... some line, then we are fine. What that line is, I am not sure. If it makes you feel better, we can try to be a little nicer, but not enough to be bullied and seen as weak. Sound fair?"

Percy perked up. "I'd like that. I just don't want to be someone my mom would be ashamed of. I don't think I am there yet but I also don't think I am far off either..."

" I wouldn't know... but I can see your point. We can try Percy, but no promises."

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Short but sweet.

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