Bound by Choice @mikathesupremeoverlord
Chapter 1

This story is being made to sort of counter Sun's Heir, Death's Guardian... I thought it had potential but it just... fell flat in every way and became filled with clich├ęs and crappy writing... I also wanted to sort of focus on a trend in Naruto stories and improve on it...

Sasuke trembled as he attempted to make his way from the Valley of the End, he could feel someone approaching from far away. His senses were in overdrive, every part of his soul and cells trembling from exposure to such a powerful battle and that weird chakra Naruto had exposed him too. It was unlike anything else he had ever sensed, and it left him overly sensitive to the chakra in the air.

He was about to to fully leave the Valley, and Naruto's barely conscious body, when a powerful presence exploded into existence knocking him to his knees. Light, silver and pure, filled the space around him. It was stronger by far then anything he had ever felt, sort of reminding him of the Cursed Seal only less... corruptive and hateful. More intense and focused, radiating with purity and a sense of justice if that made any sense.

"Lady Artemis!" He heard Kakashi, the other presence clearly having caught up to him, say with a rare reverence. "What are you doing here?"

The Light faded and Sasuke, feeling his strength restoring just as it's mere presence, turned around and saw a women more beautiful then anything he had ever seen. She was young, maybe his age but far taller then he was and well built. She had the body any Ninja would be jealous of, with muscles everywhere and long red hair falling in a tight braid down her back. She was dressed in ANBU garb, and her eyes were a silverish yellow that matched the glow around her perfect body.

She turned to him from her place, right above Naruto. " I am here to take away my son. Not forever, he has a destiny in this world... but I have foreseen, as has my brother, that Jiraiya will never teach him what he needs to know. He will come to rely on the power of the Fox and other beings and never gain the skills he needs to be great. In my world, my home land, he had gain the many things he needs to become whole and happy and gain the power he needs to overcome his enemies in this world." She bent down and effortlessly lifted Naruto up, the boy's many wounds sealing shut just by being exposed to her light. "My boy... I always wanted to meet you in person, but with divine laws I could not... sigh... Sasuke, I will mask your departure, but know that you too have a destiny and it is intertwined with Naruto. If you want to defeat Itachi in truth, you will need help. That is what I have foreseen. I cannot fault your fight with him, for I would be as hateful should those I loved would have been slaughtered. Go child but never forget this bond you have nearly severed... "

Light swirled around Sasuke and when it faded, he saw what he assumed was the entrance to Orochimaru's base before him. He managed to stand, feeling his chakra levels somewhat restored from the women's clearly divine presence. He managed to stand and walked into the base, her words haunting him as he did...

Was she really right and would he need help to defeat Itachi... should he tell Orochimaru about this?

So many painful questions...



"So Lady Artemis took him..." Tsunade sighed, looking at Kakashi who was ready to cry even if he was hiding it exceptionally well. "I am shocked you didn't fight back."

"She was strong enough to beat Minato Sensei and Kushina at the same time. I would have been slaughtered, besides she has the right she is his Godmother."

Tsunade saw Jiraiya cringe, a pained look on his face. "Are you upset that his Godmother is going to do more for him then you are?" She enjoyed rubbing this in, though she never told Naruto she resented Jiraiya for never being there for his Godson from the moment she learned of his connection to the boy. "I remember her prophetic powers, they may never have been equal to Apollo's but she was rarely wrong. To think you would have wasted Naruto's time and taught him so little that a Goddess would have to intervene... it's pathetic. I should beat you bloody for this, but I won't. Your shame will be your punishment's and whatever she teaches him to think of you afterwards. I know he will not be okay with your books after she gets a hold of him."

"I..." Jiriaya cringed again, looking hurt. " I screwed up, okay, not like you haven't done that."

"No, but never with a kid. Never with a kid I swore to raise and protect. She had a reason, gods cannot raise kids, even their God kids. I am just thankful she is taking him to a place where time passes differently. He will have five years, not three, to get strong. We both know she will make him far stronger then even you are in that time. With her blessing, training and whatever Jutsu she teaches him. Minato and Kushina taught her a lot from what Sensei wrote in his journals. She was even friends with My grandmother Mito and I know she taught her son sealing as well. Just watch out for your comeuppance." She stood up. "Now I just have to tell the Council, many of them knew of Artemis before she left for her world. They will not be happy but I can't see them complaining too much. She was scary, too scary to whine about."


Naruto panicked immediately, the moment he woke up. The place he was in was unfamiliar and filled with noise he couldn't place. He was shaking by the time he managed to sit up, getting a good view of the room he was in. It was large, maybe the size of his entire apartment, with a the walls covered in seals ( Not that he understood them) and random pictures of his life. He saw a bow and quiver on one way that looked oddly familiar to him, though he couldn't place how. On the far wall was a a closet and it had a paper taped to it that was actually glowing.

Unable to stop himself, Naruto hesitantly approached it, his curiosity too high for him to ignore. When he got close to it, he saw the writing was in his language so he could read it.

"Dear Naruto,

I cannot reveal my name, due to laws in my... our family, but what I can do is tell you that I am your Godmother. Your parents were great friends of mine, two amazing people. I, like Jiraiya, was labeled as your Godmother but unlike him I was literally unable to raise you or see you due to old laws that prevented me. I did visit you as a baby though, though in secret.

When I found you at the Valley of the End, wounded and near death, I used my powers to see how your fight went and I realized how badly you have been failed. Jiraiya literally tossed you down a cliff to teach you what could have been managed through the Yamanaka clan helping you with their clan jutsu or any number of things. He barely taught you, as did Kakashi. You were mistreated by your entire village for something beyond your control... and yes I know of the Fox, your mother held the Fox before you did.

Naruto had to stop there, the news too much for his mind. " Mom had the Fox before me... and I... I have god parents? Jiraiya was my godfather, why wasn't he there?" He screamed out, wanting to rage and hurt something... he stopped though, as the glow of the letter brightened drawing his attention again.

Now that you were near death and I had proof of your neglect, I could take you from your world. Yes, your world. I am from another world entirely, yes your parents and many in the village knew. There is no chakra here but you still have yours do don't worry. However you must keep this a secret from normal civilians for magic, chakra and other forces are hidden by a powerful force you will learn of later. Think of it like a natural Genjutsu.

Now, in a few months you will learn of my identity but first I need you to live in this world and train for this summer. You will be attending school and learning of this world. I know you hate this type of learning but it is vital you do this. Have your clone read if it bothers you so much. I have left scrolls and books on various subjects including videos on the languages of this world in a closet in the other room. There are also scrolls on taijutsu, sealing, jutsu and other things so you can become a great ninja. Normally I would be forbidden to do this, however due to your bringing so much glory to my household, through your actions in Wave and Snow and other places, I was given permission from my Lord to do this. Do not take it lightly, nor should you get cocky.

I would also learn to wield that bow if I were you, I am famous for my use of the Bow here and I would love to share something with you. I want you to become a badass Ninja, I will make you Hokage I promise! We will do this but it will take time, my love. You must work hard and do more then just learn jutsu. It requires brains so we must strengthen yours.

I cannot talk for too much longer... read the scrolls labeled 1- 10 before anything else. It will acclimate you to this world beyond language so you understand money, history and behavior.

I am sorry for your life and my lack of a part in it... Please forgive me...

Thank you, Love the women lucky enough to be your godmother...

P.S. I will send you back to your world after five years but don't worry. Only three years will pass in your world, so you won't miss anything important.

Oh and Don't worry about Sasuke, you will find him one day and bring him home. I have faith in you...

Stunned and baffled, Naruto sat down. He believed the women, he wasn't sure how but he did. Something in his soul told him to buy it all, maybe it was that weird glow... but he knew it was true. And it made him smile, knowing someone cared about him, loved him enough to take him away and care for him. It was uplifting, warming and made him feel valued for once.

Actually crying, Naruto made ten clones and set them off to read as she suggested...

He was going to dominate this world and for once be fully happy... he couldn't wait to meet his godmother and figure this world out. He would become Hokage and Save Sasuke...

Believe it!

Chapter end, tell me what you think in the reviews.

This was so much fun to write, I love showing others know things that the Main Character doesn't...

Love, your Ninja Overlord,


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