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Building a new house

Building a new house

A/N:(everything here is important, please read.) Now that I have your attention, let's get to something that I want to say. The harem for this story is set. The list will be at the bottom of this chapter. I will say this, Sakura is not in this harem, nor is she in SCaL. I might do her in one of my next Naruto stories, but until then, please don't ask for her. After chapter four of this story and SCaL, I will be working on the shorter stories that I have planned. The reason for this is because these two stories are going to be well over 156 chapters long for both stories separately. So with that out of the way, it's time to begin the chapter.

Naruto, Nora, and Preston walked up to the yellow house with many benches in the garage. One for weapons, one for armor, and one for power armor. However, the one for power armor was more of a station. "Give me a moment. The power core is almost dead in this thing." Nora said before walking in front of the power armor station and pressed the release button on the inside of the control for the left hand. The back opened up, and Nora stepped out. As she stepped out, she tripped over a wrench that was right behind her; just as she was about to fall, she felt a pair of arms wrap around her; she looked up and saw that Naruto had caught her before she hit the ground. "Thanks, Naruto," Nora said while blushing; she was glad that Naruto was around. Otherwise, she would have fallen and probably broken something.

Naruto smiled his signature fox-like smile before bringing her back to her feet. "No problem, now let's get started first. We will need to clear out the area behind this house. That way, we can plant the seeds we had from the pumpkin and watermelons last night. Another thing we need to do is set up a water filter, so we have clean water to drink. After that, we can clear off the foundations of the collapsed houses. I'm hoping we can find all the missing mattresses from all the other houses." Naruto said, telling his plan to everyone around him. During his exploration, everyone had come to hear what he had planned.

The former raider that came with them decided to speak up as she saw a few flaws in his plan. "What about defenses, boss man? Besides you, me, the boss lady, and the last-minute man that I know of here, no one here can really help defend the place." The former raider said, pointing out the obvious. She liked what her boss had planned as she wanted to have things to eat and drink like anyone else. But she didn't want to wake up to a gun pointed at her face.

Naruto smiled. He didn't forget about that, as much as he could do it himself. "I was thinking about turrets at the bridge and several key chokepoints around the place. Make it so raiders and other things can't get in easily. Also, I don't think I ever got your name." Naruto said, answering her question while asking for her name as he never got her name. In his defense, she wasn't very adamant about joining them at first.

The former raider had the decency to blush. She knew she had forgotten something. "Right, I knew I forgot something. The names Lisa Croft, and before you ask, no, I'm not related to the explorer Lara Croft. You can't imagine how much I get asked that question. I'm a former resident of a settlement over in the DC wasteland. At least till a band of raiders came in and killed almost everyone there. The survivors, myself included, ran to the Commonwealth for safety." Lisa said with a sad smile. She had friends that lost their loved ones. She actually wondered how everyone was doing since she left. She knew that most of the old times were dead as they were pushing 67 years old when she left. And that was almost nineteen years ago. She doubted that they were still alive by now. Maybe she can visit her parents now that she wouldn't be followed home and perhaps even brought to live here. One of the bad things about the spot they chose to live in is that it was very close to the glowing sea. So rad storms were a somewhat common occurrence. She just hoped that no one had turned into a feral ghoul yet.

Naruto nodded, having the name of the first guard of the sanctuary. When the supplies that he asked for arrived, he would make a placket with her name on it. "Alright, so like I said, let's get the old fence around the back of this house as well as the trees cleared out; that way, we can start planting the seeds. Sturgis, I'll need your help with the water purifier by the river after that. As I'm not tech-savvy like you are." Naruto said while looking at the tinkerer.

xxx- Meanwhile back in the elemental nations. -xxx

Tsunade wasn't happy right now. Today marks the third year her godson Naruto had disappeared. It was also the last day before the deadline where her protection over the two Uzumaki girls expired if no information came in on Naruto's whereabouts. 'Please, Kami-sama, please let something come in that Naruto-kun is alright and can be reached.' Her prayers were answered by the sound of a poof and a small cloud of smoke. When the smoke cleared, it was a messenger toad with a letter. "Please tell me that Jiraiya found something on Naruto? I'm getting desperate, and the deadline is tomorrow." Tsunade asked, practically begging for good news about her blonde godson.

The messenger toad nodded. "Well, yes and no, lady Tsunade. Yes, we have good news on him, but it's not from Jiraiya. Naruto summoned Gamakichi last night to his location. It seems Naruto was sent into another dimension during his mission three years ago on his disappearance. He has written a letter to you so that anyone who says he is dead that you have proof that he is indeed alive. At the beginning of his letter, he asked for the Hyuga heiress to confirm his handwriting. But if I may say Lady Tsunade, if we ever find a way to get Naruto back, you should prepare yourself for when you see him. He has changed over the years, not to mention time has flowed differently there than it does here. It's the reason he hasn't tried to send any messages before now. That and he was frozen for a long time from what I was told. How long, I'm not sure, as Gamakichi wouldn't say. All he told me to do is bring this to you." The toad said before handing her the letter. He then disappeared in a poof of smoke.

To say that Tsunade was happy to hear that her godson was alright was an understatement. Not only did she have the news she was looking forward to, but she knows generally where he is. She opened the letter to see what it was, the first thing she noticed was that the paper was VERY old. Another thing she noticed was that there was a drawing of a chibi Naruto with a fox behind him, throwing a peace sign at the bottom. 'Same old Naruto, always adding a chibi drawing of him on everything writes on.' Tsunade thought she was always pissed when he did this. It was one of the few things that he did that he knew would piss her off, and he did it anyway. Though this is also one of the few things that would help in authenticating that it was Naruto that wrote the letter. So without further adieu, she decided to read what was on it.

"Hey, Baa-chan I want to let you know that I'm sorry for not sending a letter to you sooner. Being frozen will delay any attempts of sending a letter no matter how hard you try. Anyway, from what I know I'm stuck in a different dimension. When the last attack happened at the Valley of the end it created a hole in time and space, and I fell in as I was tired after the attack. When I finally got to the end of the rift I landed on my head, and on to a lift that took me down to a vault as right as I got there a bomb went off. Its damage is nothing to scoff at Baa-chan, just looking around right now you can tell that the land is still trying to recover from the blast. Thousands of people lost their lives in the blast and very few survived it because they were in vaults like me. Though I don't think they were treated as well as we were. Right now me and one other person have just gotten out of the vault and have searched the homes next to it for supplies and shelter for the night. It would be a great place to build a home for us and others after we find people to help us build it back up better than it was before. The thing is I know that a lot of people think I'm dead or was captured by that pedo snake. So I want you to have Hinata and Iruka at the meeting that I know will happen to confirm that I'm alive. They are the ones that know my handwriting the best besides you, so their word will help cement it that I'm ok and that this letter isn't fake.Another thing that I need you to do is gather some sealing supplies as well as others listed at the bottom of this letter. As I won't be able to get them here, as everything is in shambles here. Gamakichi can attest to that as he is right behind me right now looking at everything around him and he can see more than me as he is taller than me. I might also be sending things back as I find them as things are more advanced here than they are back with you. Though there are things that will stay here as they are too dangerous for the elemental nations, especially with that old war hawk still around. Most of the things here would give him a war hard-on with their range and the damage they can do. The one thing I hope there are no more of are the bombs that did all this. Those do NOT need to get into his hands, the amount of damage and shit that he would cause is stupidly large. He is to never lay eyes on this letter, the less he knows the better.The last thing you should know is that I met the Kyuubi, she told me that a masked Uchiha was the real cause of my parent's death. She was only a puppet for the attack and an unwilling one at that. She also taught me a lot of things that she, my mom, and your grandmother knew so I know how to take care of myself while I'm here. We will be talking about things when I find a way to go back and come here again as I have a feeling that a lot of people here will need me soon. And you know how often my gut feelings are right.

Love Naruto Uzumaki.

P.S. tell Hinata that I have something to talk to her about when I get back. As I know I was put in the CRA after I disappeared. And thank you for keeping our clan safe from those bastards on the civilian counsel.

List of supplies: Sealing supplies, water, more kunai and shuriken, ninja wire, and some Ramen.

As Tsunade finished the letter and read the list, she knew without a shadow of a doubt that this was a letter from Naruto. The Ramen bit was the last nail in the coffin of doubt in her mind, as only Naruto would ask for something like that in a time like this. "Anbu gather the council, it's time for the one meeting the civilian council has been dreading to hear of for almost three years. Naruto has been found and now the Uzumaki clan is safe from their hands. It's time for them to learn what happens when you mess with the Uzumaki clan." Tsunade said before heading out to bring the people who would want to hear the good news to the meeting.

xxx- ten minutes later -xxx

The council had assembled in the meeting. room in the Hokage tower. Being called by Tsunade to the meeting so that she could reveal some news that just recently received. Soon Tsunade came in with five other women and one man. The first was a beautiful young who looked about seventeen years old, she had long deep purple hair and pale purple eyes. She had an hourglass finger with large G-cup breasts and a large bubble butt. she was wearing a light purple jacket, fishnet armor over a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and black combat boots. This was Hinata Hyuga, heiress of the Hyuga clan. The next girl had bright purple hair tied up in a fanned out ponytail and soft brown pupil-less eyes. She was wearing a tan trench coat with a fishnet armor shirt and a short brown skirt. She had large E-cup breasts and a large butt that almost rivals Hinata's. This was Anko Mitarashi jonin of Konoha and best friend of a certain blonde hair jinchuuriki. Next was a girl that was a bit smaller than the other two, she had brown hair tied up in two buns making them look like panda ears and gray eyes. She was wearing a long-sleeved, high-collared white blouse with maroon edges, black fingerless gloves, low-heeled sandals, and a black forehead protector. She wears maroon, puffy hakama-style pants with the exposed parts covered in bandages and the shuriken holster removed. She also carried a large scroll behind her back. This was Tenten, she was here because Tsunade asked her to be here. She didn't know why, but she had a feeling that today was going to be a good one. Though she could do without being between girls that were bigger than her in certain departments on their bodies. 'I'm just glad that I'm not the smallest one here.' Tenten thought while looking at her D-cup breasts, she more than made up for it in her hips and butt as they were considered child-birthing hips.

The last two girls were both redheads, but that's where the similarities stopped as one had purple eyes and the other had red eyes. One had on a little brown dress with a white Ying-Yang symbol on the bottom of the skirt and black shorts. She had large DDD-cup breasts and a small ass but also had wide hips. The other one looked more like someone who relied on smarts, she wore a black rim glasses over her red eyes, a purple button-up shirt that was open at the bottom displaying her midriff, and black shorts. She had DD-cup breasts and a large butt with wide hips. This was Karin Uzumaki and Tayuya Uzumaki, the two Uzumaki girls that had come quietly during the retrieval mission three years ago when Naruto disappeared. The lone man had one the standard chunin uniform and had brown hair and black eyes, this was Iruka Umino who was Naruto's old teacher from the shinobi academy. (AN: note that the ones that I didn't give descriptions of their shoes are wearing shinobi sandals.)

Tsunade decided to start the meeting before someone decided to open their mouths. "Thank you all for coming here. I called this meeting because there has finally been word on Naruto's whereabouts after almost three years to the day." Tsunade said, getting a gasp from the girls and Iruka as well as the clan heads. The elder and civilian counsel were NOT so pleased, they were hoping for no word to come in at all or until it was too late. This was known to everyone in the room as the civilian side made it no secret to anyone of this fact. "Now Danzo as I know that you would want proof that it is him I have brought two people in to confirm that it is true. See this information has come from Naruto himself through the means of sending a letter through the toads to me. To confirm that it is his handwriting, I have brought in Iruka Umino and Hinata Hyuga as a way of confirming it's his handwriting." Tsunade explained before handing the letter to the two when they stepped forward.

Iruka was the first to look at it and see the handwriting. "This is definitely Naruto alright, grading as many of his papers as I have I can tell fakes from his anytime as he was a bit of a sloppy writer. The next thing that tells me it's him is the chibi drawing he always does when he signs anything. No matter what it is, a test or mission report it doesn't matter he ALWAYS does it like that." Iruka said before handing it to Hinata, as he knew that she would say the same thing he did. There was no doubt that this letter was from Naruto. 'Glad you're alright Naruto, though getting stuck in a different dimension is new. Even for you, that is something that I will have to look into with Jiraiya after this to see if he can help find any seals that could possibly help us get Naruto back. Maybe even make the time move at the same pace as ours so that we don't have to worry about Naruto dying because of the time difference.' Iruka thought, trying to figure out how to make sure that they could get Naruto back to them and not old or dead of old age depending on how fast time was moving there.

Hinata read the letter with her Byakugan active. "Yes this is definitely Naruto-kun's handwriting, everything Iruka-sensei pointed out is here and things he would do when signing anything he has to sign his name on. It is a 100% match to Naruto's handwriting from the academy and beyond. Though there is one thing I question. Why is he using paper that is almost as old as the forbidden scroll? Because the paper is at least 212 years old if the aging of the paper is right. It's almost as if there was no other paper to use." Hinata said while looking at every detail of the paper that could indicate it being a fraud. 'Oh Naruto-Kun, how did you get yourself into this kind of a mess. Then again, you were always running into trouble even when you weren't looking for it. I hope that we can find a way for you to come home. I also hope that this talk is you saying you return my feelings for you.' Hinata thought as she had read the part about him wanting to talk with her. She didn't mind sharing as she knew what the CRA was, you would have to be stupid to not know what it is if you were from a clan. Even civilians of the shinobi villages knew what it was. The only reason that Sasuke wasn't allowed in was because he was found to be infertile because of a training injury after the massacre of his clan. 'The only ones who don't know about that are the civilian counsel and his two fangirls. Not that they need to know about that.' She thought with a slight smile, once she was done examining the letter she gave it back to Tsunade. "Aside from the age of the paper, there is nothing that leads me to believe that this could be a fake or forged. The only thing that tells me that it is a new letter is that the ink is still fresh and was recently added to the paper. It's even still wet in some places" Hinata said before stepping back in line with the others along with Iruka.

Tsunade smiled before turning back to the clan heads, the civilian council, and elders. "Now that it is confirmed that it is Naruto Uzumaki that wrote this letter, there are a few things that have been decided. 1). Tayuya and Karin Uzumaki will be put under Naruto's protection and listed as his wives under the CRA along with everyone else that is a girl in the line behind me as I know that they have feelings for my godson." When this was said all the girls blushed and started looking around trying not to meet the eyes that were on them. "2). Naruto is to be listed as on mission in all forms pertaining to his disappearance. Given what he has been through I think he will need the pay. Which will be the same as if he was given an S-rank mission. As he was frozen for a long time where he is. That brings me to the last thing, we will need the help of Jiraiya and Naruto to work on some seals to help bring him back home. As it turns out he has been sent to a different dimension that has a massive time difference. So seals will have to be made on both sides to fix that problem. Luckily that problem is almost fixed already, see I found my grandmother's old notes on seals and found a seal that is still in place to this day in the summons world and ours. If this seal is put in place things will be fixed on this problem. The only things left to do is put it in a place where it won't be destroyed by certain people in this room." Tsunade said as everyone there looked at the two counsels that had fought against Naruto all his life. Both civilian and elder counsels had worked hard to make Naruto's life in Konoha hell. It would not surprise anyone if Naruto wanted to stay in this new dimension for good by the time they found a way to bring him home after what they did. Though the girls were prepared for that if it happened, they would follow Naruto wherever he wanted to stay. "So for this part of the conversation the two counsels will be escorted out by the Anbu in the room. Also if they resist they will be executed on the spot." Tsunade said before all the Anbu grabbed the civilian and elder counsels and escorted them out with several civilian council members being killed for resisting. With them out of the room and the bodies disposed of they began to discuss their options. "Now that they are gone. We can get to business, what I didn't say in front of them is that Naruto also has a list of things that he needs as the dimension he is in, is in shambles. It seems some type of bomb went off and destroyed the landscape. At this point, I can't tell you what it looks like but I know who can. It seems that Gamakichi, the son of the toad boss, was able to get a good look at the area around where Naruto summoned him. Luckily Jiraiya was able to get here after he heard the news that Naruto had been found. He should be here soon with Gamakichi as soon as he was able to put a shrinking seal on him so that he could tell us about the area that Naruto is in." Tsunade said just as the doors opened and said toad and pervert walked into the meeting room. "Ahh, we were just talking about you two. Now Gamakichi, I have to ask what is the area around my godson like? I ask this because I want to know what we will be dealing with when we find a way to get there and back. But to do that we need to know what the area is like and what we might be up against while there." Tsunade asked the toad and explained why he was here. She was hoping it would at least shed some light on the situation.

Gamakichi nodded before speaking. "I'll tell you all that I noticed while there, but I will say that it's not much. It looks like something REALLY BAD happened there. The grass was dead looking but you could tell that it was alive in a way as it didn't crunch like dead grass. The houses in the area looked like they were about to collapse or already had. So if he didn't put it on the list I would send some wood and nails there too. As the foundations could still be good underneath. They had some food with them and Naruto said that they could hunt and farm for most of their food. But I think you should send some to them as I don't know how scarce animals are there. As for water, the sludge pond back home is less toxic, and that is the most poisonous pond there. He said that they would be going out in the morning there to look for more people to help with rebuilding and stripping the wrecked houses for scrap and building materials. All in all the place is a dump in the best scene of the word. To be honest, I think whatever bomb that did that should NEVER be brought to the Elemental nations ever. It would mean doom for Konohagakure and all the other villages in the world. If Danzo asks for Naruto to send any here I want him charged with treason. A bomb that can do that has no place in the Elemental nations no matter what he says. I suggest the blood prison as punishment." Gamakichi said before stepping back and waiting for everyone to process what he just said. If he was being honest, he wished he could do more for Naruto. But he was stuck here waiting for a way to help Naruto be planned.

Everyone was stunned by what the toad had just told them. A bomb that can create that much damage should not exist. But it seems Naruto found his way into a world that it did exist. "Hokage-sama I believe I speak for everyone here when I say that we can never let Danzo ever get his hands on this information. It would be the death of us all if he ever did." Said a man with his hair in a spiky ponytail and brown eyes. He was wearing the standard jonin uniform and had a lazy look about him. This was Shikaku Nara, the leader of the Nara clan and jonin commander of Konohagakure.

The next to speak was a woman with dark brown hair and brown eyes with red triangle tattoos on each cheek. She too was wearing the standard jonin uniform and had a large husky-wolf hybrid dog next to her. "I agree with the lazy bum, whatever did that needs to stay there. As for the list, I say get everything on it together as well as the things Gamakichi suggested and add the seal instructions to make it if he can. That way we don't have to worry about the time difference." Said the woman, this was Tsume Inuzuka, leader of the Inuzuka clan. She was one of three women that tried to adopt Naruto when his parents died, but the third Hokage blocked them at every turn. Saying that Naruto would be just fine in the orphanage and on his own when he was kicked out.

Tsunade nodded at that statement. "I already have people working on that and just had some Anbu go out to get the other things that Gamakichi talked about. As for the seal, I will need to go and get it from the compound first. With that being said, I think it's time for us to dismiss as I need to get everything ready. Jiraiya, come with me as you are the only one who can get a toad here to bring all this stuff to Naruto." Tsunade said before everyone left the room.

Xxx- Now back with Naruto -xxx

Naruto was helping the others get all the trees and bushes cleared out from behind the yellow house. As he was doing this no one noticed that Nora was pulled aside by Mama Murphy. "What is it mama Murphy?" Nora asked, wondering what the old woman wanted?

The old woman looked around to see if anyone was listening before speaking. "Listen kid, I wanted to tell you this so you know. Naruto and you are destined to be together. I had a vision just after you two left to deal with the raiders. It's rare when the sight happens without cems, but when it does happen, it's something that can't be ignored. I saw a green Commonwealth with great trees with leaves as green and vibrant as they were before the war. Water that is safe to drink with not a speck of rads in it. The glowing sea is just as green and vibrant as it once was, and the rad storms gone with the wind. The last thing I saw was you and Naruto surrounded by women that you would call sisters and lovers. In your arms was a baby that looked to be almost a year old and a child that looked to be about eleven." (AN: Whoever guesses right gets a cookie.) "You spoke only one word, Kushina. That is the name of your child with Naruto, of that I have no doubt." Mama Murphy said slightly out of breath. While giving Nora a moment to think and process what she was just told, mama Murphy decided to drop one bit of information on her. "Something big is going to happen tonight. Something that will shape the Commonwealth for the better in both the near and far future." Mama Murphy said before walking away. She hoped that this would help Nora get over the loss of her husband. As his death was shown to her in her first encounter with the sight ten years ago. She knew things would change for the better soon. All that was needed was time.

Nora was shocked, she never thought of how close she and Naruto had gotten till she looked back on all the things that he had done for her. She was thankful, of that she had no doubt. But was that going to make her fall for him? Then she thought back on this morning, she woke up feeling safe and protected from the potential horrors that this wasteland had to offer if the few insects, hairless dogs, and raiders they had ran into were any indication of the future. She felt like nothing could hurt her and would be protected from anything that would try. 'Get it together Nora, you just met him yesterday. You're still getting over Nate being killed in front of you. Then again the bastard cheated on me at least 59 times, and that's the times I know of. Who knows how many times I don't know of or didn't catch him cheating. Alright if he checks off all my new standards I'll give it a chance. Besides, I was about to divorce Nate anyway. It may seem a bit sudden and fast to move on. (AN: Believe me I know all of you who are about to review that. I know it's a bit too fast by normal standards. But this is fallout, 'normal' went out the window three years after the bombs dropped.) But after the 30th time, I fell out of love with Nate more and more.' Nora thought before joining the others again, only to see them piling the logs next to the house and Naruto with the bag of seeds and an old bucket that they had found the day before. She began walking over to them and noticed that the watermelons and pumpkin had grown at an alarming rate. 'Just another thing to ask about.' Nora thought before she reached everyone. "Sorry, mama Murphy wanted to talk to me about something she saw. But I'm here now, though I have to ask, how did the melons and pumpkin grow back so quickly?" Nora asked while looking at said plants. She was used to fruits and vegetables growing back within a year or so, not the next day.

Lisa was the one to answer Nora's question. "Oh, they have been like that since before the war. I think it's because of the rads, and the mutations that happened after the bombs dropped. Though no one has been able to provide or disprove that because the eggheads of the past were all gone. No one really knows how all the complicated shit works anymore, the only complicated thing that anyone knows is how to work on are the robots. Other than that your guess is as good as mine." Lisa said before going back to patrolling around the area. She was glad that she didn't have to help with the farming, as she had gotten enough of that with her old settlement.

Nora nodded before grabbing some seeds "I guess that makes sense, but it's still weird to me. Plants used to grow so slowly before the bombs dropped. Then again the grass was also green and the water was safer. The only thing you needed to worry about back then was the communists of the world. And now they are probably just as dead as everyone else in the world." Nora said before getting to work on planting the seeds. She looked at Naruto from the corner of her eye and saw him helping the others as he had finished planting his seeds very quickly. (Get your minds out of the gutter perverts.) He was digging the holes with an older-looking kuni that looked to be more rusted than any of the other kuni he had. 'It's probably a family heirloom or something, though those needles seem to mean a lot to him. No matter what he is always making sure that they are there. They must have belonged to someone special to him.' Nora thought before planting another seed. She then grabbed a cup and dipped it in the water bucket and poured the water in the cup on the seeds that she just planted. Suddenly the seeds sprouted and began to grow at a rapid pace. Nora backed up in surprise. "Holy shit, if they grow this fast now I wonder what else grows like this?!" Nora nearly yelled in shock. She wouldn't have guessed that plants grew this fast now, but then again it was a new world she lived in. Things were different now and she would have to get used to it.

Meanwhile, Naruto decided to go help Sturgis with the water purifier, as he figured that he would need to set them up himself if he was ever going to help set up another settlement. When he got to the waterside he saw Sturgis having a little trouble lifting the water tank onto the pipe that looked like it would put the water into the tank. "Need a hand, Sturgis?" Naruto asks while walking up and starts to push the tank up. Soon they had the tank on and ready to be screwed to the pipe. "There now all we need to do is screw it in." Naruto said before looking for the screwdriver.

Sturgis nodded before grabbing a screwdriver from his pocket. "Thanks Naruto, I've got it from here. Though if you want to help more, we are going to need to find a generator for this bad boy. A small one will do for now until we can get more parts to build more or a bigger one. I think I saw one near one of the collapsed houses." Sturgis said pointing at the cul-de-sac part of the old neighborhood where three collapsed houses were.

Naruto nodded. "Got it, I'll see what I can find with it. Who knows, maybe I'll even find the mattresses that went missing from the other houses." Naruto said with a chuckle, of course, he probably would find them with his luck. 'I don't know why, but I feel like my luck is going to get to the point that I'll hit something in the right place by accident.' Naruto thought before going in the direction pointed out to him. As he walked past one of the old houses, he saw Nora sitting on the ground crying with her knees against her chest. "Hey what's wrong?" He asked, wanting to know why she was so sad? He suspected that losing her husband was finally catching up to her. But it could be something else entirely for all he knew.

Nora looked up to see Naruto standing in front of her. She looked down and sighed. "I just realized that all my family is dead. Minus Shaun, everyone that I knew is likely dead and gone. I just feel so alone right now, and I don't know what to do." Nora said, feeling like she was alone in this feeling. She was sad that Nate was gone too, but that was because she'll never get some of the closure for his cheating ways. He had hurt her more than she let on when he cheated on her. She had been in an abusive relationship before she met Nate and one of the things that her ex had done was cheat on her multiple times. When she had met Nate he had promised that he would never do the things her ex had done to her. So when she found him in bed with that whore, she felt her heart shatter into a million pieces.

Naruto gained a sad look on his face as he knew this feeling all too well. "I know what you mean. Before I became a ninja, no one would really hang out with me or even look at me except for a few people. It felt like I was all alone and it wasn't until I started playing pranks and trying to help others with their sadness that It started to go away a little bit. It's still there, but it's only there because it's the kind of loneliness that comes from not having someone that you love with all your heart there with you." Naruto said before frowning, he pulled out one of the senbon needles from the pouch on his left side. "Or for me, it's because of having lost that loved one taken away from you." Naruto said with a few tears rolling down his cheeks. He would always love Haku with all his heart, no matter who he falls in love with in the future she will always hold a piece of his heart.

Nora saw this and wondered why he was looking at the needle in sadness? Then it clicked in her mind what he said and why he was like this. 'They must have belonged to someone that he loved greatly. But she must have died, and he's keeping the needles in memory of her!' Nora reasoned to herself. "Oh Naruto, I'm sorry for your loss." Nora said, giving Naruto a side hug. She was glad that someone understood her loneliness at least. She just hoped that it would go away soon, as she was not good with sadness and loneliness. "She must have been really nice to have caught your affections." Nora said thinking that Naruto might have a better taste in women than she did men. 'For obvious reasons.' She thought to herself.

Naruto smiled and put the senbon away, before hugging her back. "Thanks, and she was. She had this smile that would light up my day when we were together. But her life was cut short because she took an attack for someone she saw as her father." Naruto told her with a sad smile. "I just wish that I could have saved her. She was my light in the darkness that I had lived in at the time. Only to be snuffed out when I thought I could save her from the life of a Ronin." Naruto told her, he had a few tears rolling down his cheeks at this point. At this point Nora was giving Naruto a full hug, letting him cry out his sorrow.

Nora saw Sturgis coming up the hill, probably coming to see what was taking Naruto so long. But the moment he saw them he Almost immediately turned around and walked in the other direction. But not before mouthing "take all the time you need." Before moving out of sight. After a little while, Naruto calmed down and stopped crying, apologized for breaking down like that. "It's alright Naruto, I can understand why you broke down like that. She was a great source of strength for you from what you've told me, so losing her is like losing a part of yourself. You knew it was there because it's gone now, but know this, she still lives on in your heart. So long as she stays there, she will never be forgotten." Nora said while pulling back a bit, letting her look him in the eyes. She could see so much pain in them. Behind the strong powerful man, was a young child that has been through so much pain that it's terrifying. If the eyes were the windows to the soul, then Naruto's soul is a cracked glass figure held together by string and weak glue.

Naruto nodded, as he would never forget Haku. If he could ever get back, he would put a proper headstone at her grave. One that would forever read. 'Here lies Haku Yuki-Uzumaki. The most beautiful and caring woman you would ever meet.' And whoever desecrated it would feel his wrath. Especially that bastard Uchiha, as he knew that Sasuke hated Haku for beating him that day on the bridge. So desecrating her grave would be a slight bit of revenge for the power-hungry Uchiha. "Don't worry Nora. I'm never going to forget her, she was the light of my life and will always hold a part of my heart. Even when I find someone new to hold dear to my heart, Haku will always be there." Naruto said, not mentioning that he already had someone to help fill that void in any way she could. 'Definitely not going to tell her about you yet, Yoko-chan. She's still trying to piece things together in her head. No need to add more to it.Naruto thought to his mate. Also sorry for ignoring you all day, been kind of busy and had a lot of things on my mind.' Thought to her as he could feel she was a little angry with him. She tended to get like that when she was ignored.

Yoko was silent for a moment more before she finally spoke. "It's alright Naruto-kun. I know this is all so new to you, and you are still going through some things. I also agree with you on Nora. No need to add things on her plate of thoughts that don't need to be added. All I ask is that we hurry up and clear out one of these foundations. Aside from the piles of metal and other things, the foundation of the old houses look to be in good condition. I also want to get out of this thing so I can cuddle with you." Yoko told him while sending him a mental image of them cuddling on one of the old coaches in a freshly built house made of reclaimed wood and metal. She knew this would get Naruto moving on getting some help from the others in clearing out the foundations of the wrecked houses.

Naruto internally smiled before responding. 'Yes ma'am!' Naruto thought, giving a mental mock salute. He looked at the dilapidated house that he was going to earlier than back at Nora. "Hey Nora, mind helping me find the generator over there?" Naruto asked while pointing at the house he would be heading to, to get the generator. "Sturgis needs it to get the water purifier running, so he asked me to get it. But then I found you crying, and before you start apologizing, don't, because I will always find time to help my friends." Naruto told her, getting a smile and a nod from her.

They made their way over to the house where they thought the generator was, and started to dig through the metal siding. It didn't take them long for them to find the generator, as it wasn't hard to spot. But something caught Naruto's eye, and he began to shift more metal away and saw a mattress hidden underneath the metal.

Naruto decided to grab Nora's attention. "Hey Nora, I think I might know where all the mattresses went." Naruto said pointing at the Mattress that he found. If he was being honest, he was glad that they found the mattresses. The sleeping bags were good enough, but he wanted to save them for when they venture out into this new world.

Nora looked at where Naruto was looking at and saw the mattress. "This is great, maybe the rest are under here. I'll get the others and we can get to work on getting the mattresses out of there." Nora said while also grabbing the handle of the generator and rolled it with her.

Just as Naruto was about to follow her, he heard a poof sound behind him. Looking behind him he saw a small brown toad with a scroll in his hand. "I'm guessing that is from granny Tsunade?" Naruto asked the toad while pointing at the scroll, getting a nod in response.

The Toad gave Naruto the scroll. "Yeah, it was given to me by one of the slugs while I was on an errand in Shikkotsu Forest. They said that Tsunade found that seal that you were looking for. And all you need to do is put it somewhere where the ink can dry before it rains. So something that can be moved inside or something that can be hidden somewhere." The toad said while keeping his paw stretched out, even after Naruto took the scroll.

Naruto seeing this decided to give him some of the roach meat he had. So he grabbed some from his pocket and handed it to the toad. "I don't have any sweets on me right now, but I do have this." Naruto said, getting a nod from the toad.

The toad looks at the item he was handed and gave it a sniff. 'Is this Cockroach? How in the world can they grow that big here? I know that Gamakichi said that this place was messed up. But this is just ridiculous.' The toad thought to himself, before reverse summoning himself back to the world of the summons.

Naruto shrugged before looking over the seal that he needed to use to connect the time streams of both his world and this one. He put it in the seal in his coat sleeve. Then it hit him, the bunker that he found yesterday was perfect for this. 'After we are done getting the Mattresses out from under here, I can set this up. Maybe turn it into my personal workshop or something. Just need to get all the junk out of there. Maybe even work on making it into a hideout for you as well Yoko-chan.' Naruto thought to himself and then to his mate.

Yoko thought about this, she could be out of the seal and live in the bunker for a few days. Then she could sneak out one night and walk up onto the bridge dressed up as someone from a vault. It would explain her and would explain why she would not know what everything was. "You know, I think I like it. That way we don't have to wait long and I can make a new den for us when we need iI. We can just release me underground so that no one will notice me. Not to mention that we can make sure that the seal is maintained. So it's a win-win situation. Now, all we need to do is make a way to hide the hole that leads to the den. Maybe a hidden door behind a shelf, one that just needs to be pulled forward or pushed back." Yoko suggested, she liked the idea of having somewhere to call her own. Her old den back at the Elemental nations had probably collapsed after she was sealed into Mito. This den however wouldn't end up like the last one, as she didn't intend to go back to the Elemental nations ever again.

Naruto nodded at this, as he liked the idea of having a second home somewhere under the town they were about to create from this old neighborhood. 'That would be a good idea. Just need the materials to do it. We already have the shovel down there just need to get the rest. Now I'll talk more to you later, I can hear the others coming.' Naruto thought to her before getting to work on shifting more metal to the side.

Yoko sighed before answering. "Alright Naruto, just hurry up, I'm starting to hate it in here the more I have to wait to get out." Yoko said before ending the conversation.

Naruto nodded before making a pile out of the metal that he had already moved. Soon the others arrived to help him out. They began by removing the panels of the old roof before moving on to the rest. Soon they had a large pile of metal sheets and saw that the old roof had rotted at the beams. Causing the roof to collapse in on itself. 'Glad the other houses don't have that for now. But this just proves that we need to replace these things with new ones. At the very least we need to replace the roofs.' Naruto thought before looking at all the mattresses they just found. "Ok, I know somebody must have put them here. But why in the world would they need so many mattresses in the first place?" Naruto asked looking around to see if anyone had an answer. When no one answered he just shrugged and looked back at the pile of metal behind them. 'Maybe I can use one of those to put the seal on.' Naruto thought to himself.

Nora looked at the pile as well and remembered what Naruto had told her yesterday. "Hey Naruto, how are you going to smelt this stuff? You mentioned that you have a way to do that without a smelting kiln?" Nora asked him, wondering how he would do all of that without the equipment to do it.

Naruto smirks before moving to where he didn't have to worry about hurting anyone with what he was about to do. Then he did a few hand signs while taking in a huge breath of air. Then he let out a giant ball of fire from his mouth that impacted right on the side of a mountain. The explosion that followed shook the ground and burned the ground of the impact site. Looking behind him, he saw that everyone was looking at him in shock. "Something like that, but a lot less explosive." Naruto said before turning back to where the explosion happened. "Though that was a small one, or at least small as far as they can be with me." Naruto said while looking at the damage it did. It seems that all of his training that he did in his mindscape transferred over to his physical body somehow. 'Question is, how did it happen? As I know that it shouldn't have transferred over in the first place. Maybe it was the rads as Sturgis called it. I don't know anything about them so it's possible that they did this to me.' Naruto thought to himself, he would have to run his theory by Yoko later to see what she thought about it.

Nora was just as shocked as everyone else, she figured out already that he had come from a different dimension. But she didn't know he could possibly do that. "Uh, why didn't you do that earlier?" Nora asked him while looking at the damage done to the small mountainside.

Naruto looked at her with a blank face. "Do you want answers or deep-fried settlers?" Naruto asked her, the look he received in return was a sheepish smile and a nervous laugh. "Yeah, that's what I thought. I'm always careful with the techniques I can do. As they are very dangerous, and can cause major damage." Naruto told them as there was no point in hiding that he could do more than just the fireball jutsu. As a demonstration, he pulled out a Kunai and slashed at a tree. The tree was literally split right down the middle from the bottom to the top and fell down.

Lisa was the first to speak after that. "Boss, I am so glad I'm on your side right now. Because those abilities of yours will make any raiders think twice before raiding this place. Most of them play things by ear, so to hear that someone like you is calling the shots here. Let's just say they will put a 'avoid at all cost' order on this place. The only other place that has that is diamond city. And that's just because it is built in an old stadium of some kind." Lisa said she didn't really question how Naruto could do that. She had seen and heard things as a raider that what Naruto did seemed tame in comparison. 'Nothing will ever beat that female deathclaw who learned how to use and make explosives. How she got her claws on mini-nukes and learned how to make them is beyond me.' Lisa thought to herself. She had met the deathclaw while out trying to find a gang to join. She was scared shitless when the deathclaw approached her. When she learned that the deathclaw was only looking for shelter for the night and she would be gone by morning she was relieved. As it was never good to trespass on a deathclaw's territory, at least, if you don't want to lose your head that is. Once she was settled in the deathclaw began working on a cryo grenade. When Lisa asked how she knew how to do that, the deathclaw shrugged and responded. "Eh, I grew up in an old bunker. My mom left to get food one night and I decided to try and make something. Long story short I found the plans for old bombs from before deathclaws existed. After that, I learned how to make them by memory and have used them since." Lisa left it at that and they were silent the rest of the night. True to her words the deathclaw was gone by morning.

Naruto liked the idea of the new settlement being a no raid zone for raiders. 'I might just go out and stir up some rumors to get the word out. Hopefully, that won't backfire on me, but it usually does so I better prepare just in case.' Naruto thought to himself before turning to the rest. "Alright now before anyone asks any questions. No, I don't know what kind of experiments they did on us in the vault. No, they didn't leave any notes for us. And yes, we are sure that they are all dead in there. The vault door was sealed shut when we got there. All I know is they did something to me and they somehow gave me the know-how to use it." Naruto told them, while Nora knew he wasn't from this dimension he didn't intend to tell everyone else until later. Much later if he could help it. He went over to the pile and grabbed a sheet. Looking over it he decided it was good enough and headed over to the bunker.

Once inside he locked the entrance with. the latch and put it on the metal sheets on the ground. He then grabbed the scroll, ink, and brush and began making the seal that Tsunade sent him. It took him about ten minutes before it was almost done. 'All I need to do now is put some nature chakra into it. Thankfully you taught me how to do that Yoko-chan, otherwise, this would take a while.' Naruto thought to his mate getting a small 'flatterer', before pouring some nature chakra into the metal sheet. It glowed for a moment before flashing. The flash was the signal that it was connected to the other ones. Thus connecting the time streams of both his world and this one. Picking up the seal marker he put it on a shelf that had an assortment of objects on it. Once he was done he was about to go back and help the others when there was a poof of smoke and the same messenger toad as before came back with another scroll. "Man, they are working you ragged today, aren't they?" Naruto said while trying to hold back a laugh.

The toad just shrugged. "Eh, comes with the job. Anyways these are the supplies you ordered. They said they added other things to your list so it would be best if you opened it up top."(the council meeting took place before Naruto and Nora woke up.) the toad said before looking around. "Man, this place is a dump. Needs some sprucing up to make it more liveable." The toad said before seeing the bed here in the bunker. "Wow, do you need this stuff. That doesn't look comfortable at all." The toad said before handing Naruto the scroll containing the stuff he asked for. "No need for payment this time. This one is on the house, also start trying to find more of that nice roach meat. That stuff was really good." The toad said before reverse summoning himself back home.

Naruto was glad that they got his letter, he just wished that he was there when everyone found out. Naruto pocketed the scrolls in the seal in his sleeve and headed back up top. When he got to where everyone else was he found that they had cleared out the foundation of the old house that had all the mattresses in it. "Well, I see everyone was busy while I was away." Naruto said, getting everyone's attention.

Lisa looks over at Naruto and asks. "Hey boss, what was it you planned on using that metal sheet for? I noticed that you took one and went behind the old house with the root cellar doors. Something we need to know about?" She had been wondering what her boss would do with it and figured she should ask.

Naruto figured it wouldn't hurt to tell them part of the reason. "I'm thinking of making it my personal workshop. As there are things that I need to work on alone so they don't blow up in my face." He told her while grabbing the scroll he got from Tsunade that had the supplies that he asked for. Opening it up he found that it was a combination letter and labeled storage scroll.

Naruto it's so good to know you're alright. You had me so you damn worried brat, I swear you gave me more gray hairs than this job. I wish I could say that things have been good here, but I would be lying. The only good thing is the Akatsuki have put their plans on hold until someone can find a way to get to you.

Now I should tell you that the civilian council has raised a big stink about you. Not to mention that old war hawk is circling around my office trying to learn anything he can. I honestly think he is about to make his move soon. Not to mention you just threw their plans out the window just by sending that letter. Karin and Tayuya were their in to the Uzumaki clan fortune, relics and jutsus. But with you confirmed alive and well, they can't try and marring their sons to them. So you saved them from not only a loveless marriage, but you also saved your clan.

I should tell you that some of the things in here were older than I like. But given that where you are, I think they are good enough to pass for something from there if anyone asks. We added wood and nails in it, as well as some other things like blankets and pillows. Try and use them sparingly and I hope you can find the help that you needed in this new world.

Sincerely Tsunade

P.S: see if you can get me a corpse to examine of some of the local wildlife and some of the local plants. My gut is telling me you might need the help with them later.

Naruto thought about it for a second and realized she was right. If they could figure out certain things about these creatures that lived in this wasteland, they could avoid certain problems later on down the road. 'Note to self: start making prison and storage scrolls.' Naruto thought to himself. He saw the one marked as wood and unsealed the wood from the scroll. It was an older wood, probably the stuff leftover from a construction project of some kind. It looked like it was still quite sturdy and strong despite its age. It was perfect for building a house with, so he could get started on the house that he and Nora would live in and likely more if things went right.

Almost everyone was stunned by the sudden appearance of the wood. But none of them would complain, as this helped them all in the long run. "Nice find Boss, this will help make a lot of furniture, and houses if we add the metal that we just stripped from the old framework. I honestly think tomorrow we should make sure that we are the only ones close to the lake. That way we can focus on getting everything cleared off of the foundations for the collapsed houses." Lisa said while getting strange and confused looks from everyone about why she wasn't questioning all these things that Naruto could do? "What, I've seen some of the weirdest shit as a raider. Hell, I've met a deathclaw that could make bombs. So what he's doing doesn't shock or confuse me, at most it makes me wonder if I could learn how to do it." Lisa said with a shrug. "Besides, best not to look a gift horse in the mouth. We've now got the materials to make decent beds and maybe some places to store shit for when we need it." Lisa said before grabbing a few boards and walked off to the house with a workbench. "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to make a chest for myself. That way I can put anything I find on my rounds in it. Also boss, if you ever go to that car factory in Lexington see if you can find my safe box there there are things in it that I need. It's in the old locked room inside the factory. That's where we came from when we heard about these guys passing through. The leader there wanted Murphy for something, don't know what but it wasn't anything good. I can tell you that right now." With that said, Lisa walked off to build what she needed.

Naruto nodded at that. "Will do Lisa, I'll try to find it if I can!" Naruto shouted to her. He then grabbed the tools from his lower left coat pocket and put them on the ground. "Hey Nora, mind helping me build a house for use. I know everyone is willing to stay in the older homes, but I'm not living in those things. I'm honestly thinking of waiting until we get more people here to tear them all down and rebuild them from scratch. That way we don't have to worry about them collapsing as well." Naruto asked her and explained why he wanted to make a new house. Everyone around them nodded in understanding. They knew that it wouldn't take long for the other houses to finally collapse like the others.

Nora nodded and grabbed a board. "Sure, that way we can focus on the floors first. Then we can go from there." Nora said before getting to work with Naruto.

xxx- Three hours later -xxx

It had been three hours since they started, and they were making great progress. Because of Naruto's knowledge, they were about to get the floors done in the first hour. Apparently, Naruto was very good at carpentry and was very fast with how he got the floors done. The walls were almost done and the ceiling/roof was already up as Naruto had made it from the old wall of the collapsed house. All that was needed was the wood to the outside wall and he and Nora were already finishing that up. "The last wall is almost up for the outside." Naruto said while looking at their handiwork. It was a simple house that was a single-floor house that went from one end of the foundation to the other on all sides. He knew that they would need to add more walls to the inside and doors as well. Not to mention that they needed to make furniture for it. But for now, just a bed will do. As they knew that it would take a few weeks for this place to be liveable by most standards. They finished hammering the last nails into the board and the house was finally finished. "Well, the shell is done. Now we just need to finish it when we have more resources. I mean, we can grab some furniture from the other houses. But we will need to find a good place to put them." Naruto said while walking to the doorway with Nora. "We really make a great team together. I know that it will be hard for you, but I hope that we can finish this place together and that we can stay as a team." Naruto told her, stopping just in front of the doorway with a small wooden toolbox in hand. He had made it so that he wouldn't have to worry about the tools he had with them getting lost because they weren't paying attention to where they were.

Nora nodded, she remembered what mama murphy said to her earlier and blushed. She knew that Naruto and her would eventually get together in more ways than just being a team. "I would like that, with all that is going on and how some people will definitely need our help. I would love to have someone watching my back, it will make the chances of the both of us coming home more likely. As laws and rules that were once in place are more than likely nothing more then history now.'' Nora said before seeing that the sun was starting to go down. Looking inside the house she saw that someone had put one of the mattresses on the floor in the back right corner of the house. "Well, I think we should get all our stuff from the house we stayed in last night. Then we can make dinner." Nora said with a smile. Just as they were about to do that, Nora stopped for a moment. She thought about what Naruto had done not just for her, but for everyone else as they made the house. He had brought an old chair from one of the living rooms out and put it under the awning of the yellow house for Mama Murphy. He helped the longs get over their survivors' guilt over losing their son. And even Lisa, when Naruto saw her about to take a hit of Jet, he stopped her and told her that she didn't need it anymore. That her life as a raider was over, and that she was starting a new life with new friends and a bright future. It was at that point that Lisa broke down in tears, saying that she needed it because she wanted to forget about all the horrible things she did and saw. Nora felt bad for Lisa, she had her first kill when she joined the raiders and saw the one of the female raiders rape another one. That was all on her first night. When she told the leader what she saw, she was given some Jet and told to get over it. So that's what she did, until now that is, from now on Naruto was planning on getting up in the morning and helping her through her problems until she didn't need it anymore. Nora thought it was sweet for him to do that, it showed her what kind of person Naruto was. She now knew why her future self might want to be with Naruto, if this was how he was with everyone here, she knew that he would love her and treat her right. "Hey Naruto." Nora said to him getting him to turn towards her

Naruto wondered what Nora wanted to say. "Yeah Nora?" Naruto asked before feeling a pair of lips on his cheek. He blushed while Nora walked by him with a coy smile. "What was that for?" Asked a blushing Naruto. That was the first time he had been kissed by a girl that was technically close to his age. Seeing as they were pushing into their two hundreds now.

With her smile still on her face, she said "for being yourself and for helping everyone, myself included, with their current problems." Before walking down the path with a slight sway in her hips. She knew Naruto had his eyes on her ass, she could practically feel his stare on it.

Naruto stared at Nora's retreating form, he was confused at what she meant on the first part. But the second part made sense. "Man, I will NEVER understand women. But at least now that we're done building a new home for now, we can focus on making it better as we go. I just need to find out how I'm going to find a way to get home for a bit." Naruto said to himself before following Nora to get the rest of his things that he stored away and give Nora the clothes he promised her yesterday.

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