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New home and saving the minutemen

New home and saving the minutemen

A\n: the next chapter of FoC, I'll be honest I never thought that this would have taken off as it has. I want to thank you all for putting up with how long it has taken me to get to the second chapter of this story. It took longer than I thought it would to write my other story. Also as to whether or not this story will become a full-time story or stay a two-shot. It was a landslide for Full-time. So I will be alternating between this one and SCaL.

But now for some answers to some questions that you all had.

From: Blaze1992

Q #1: 1st You have him pop up in a "paranoid bombs have just dropped" country who's been at war with a part of the Asian community, so the fact an Asian boy popped out of nowhere just as the door closed didn't set off one of the Civ's is kinda hard to believe.

A: They aren't wary of Asians, they were wary of the Chinese. When Nora said that his ID was in Japanese, all the possible fear was erased.

Q: 2nd You have him age up in cryo along with Nora getting s*x modded, kinda hard to believe that too. Especially the fact it didn't mess up his chakra control/reserves what so ever.

A: radiation is different in a few ways in this fallout universe. It has caused a lot of changes that will be explained later. As for Naruto's chakra control/ reserves that was partially touched on in the first chapter. You just weren't paying attention. He has been training in his mindscape for 210 years, this includes chakra training. There are things that he had to have learned while in there that others didn't have the time for because their lives are too short. Naruto didn't have that problem because he was literally frozen in time for 200 years and didn't start aging until he was unfrozen the first time. I said that the life-support was turned back on, I did NOT say everything was turned for both Naruto and Nora. the rest will be explained later in the story.

From: BK201DarkKitsune

Q: Are you going to put any CC or DLC from fallout 4 or from any of the fallout games including Obsidian's Fallout New Vegas?

A: Yes I am, you will see a few of them here in this chapter. Granted some things will not make it to this story, but some will.

That's all the questions for now. So without further adieu, let's start the chapter.


Humans/gen 3 synths "hello"

Thoughts 'hello'

Bijuu/deathclaw speak "hello"

Bijuu/deathclaw thoughts 'hello'

Naruto and Nora walked down the path down the cliff that the vault was built under. They walked passed the Crain and saw a few wooden crates. Naruto goes over to them and opens them up to find a few boxes of .38 rounds, a bag of caps, and a pipe pistol. " I wonder what this is?" naruto said before putting it to the side. The next crate he checked had another bag of caps, what looked like a type of huge egg, and boxes of 5.56mm rounds. The last one only had a large bag of caps. "Ok, seriously what is with all these bottle caps? I'm finding them all over the place, and I'm starting to wonder where all of them are coming from." said Naruto before sealing everything away, except for the pipe pistol. He grabbed it and walked over to Nora who was waiting for him next to an old trailer. "Well, there wasn't much, just a bunch of caps, some more of those bullets that don't look like we can use for our guns and this." Naruto said holding up the pipe pistol for Nora to take.

Nora takes it and looks it over. " it looks like a pistol made out of pipes, wood, screws, a spring, and bolts. People must have been desperate for guns when the bombs dropped. Who knows how bad it got at that point. I just hope there are people alive out there that can answer our questions." Nora said looking out towards the cul-de-sac in front of them. But just as she was about to move forward, there was a thud behind them. Looking to where the sound came from they see a man laying face down on the ground. They rushed over to see if he was ok.

Naruto looks him over, he sees that the man has several infected wounds and is bleeding from his neck. "He's dead, there are too many infections, and has a neck wound that just stopped bleeding. I think that thud was him dying. We should probably see if he was alone or if there is someone with him. He is dressed like a soldier so he might have his orders on him." Naruto said after looking at the wounds on the man flipping the body over seeing his face. You could tell that he was of Mexican descent, due to the shape of his face. Naruto then started to look through the man's pockets. The first thing he pulled out is a piece of paper. He handed it to Nora so she could read it before he continued any further.

Taking the paper she saw that it was the orders that Naruto was talking about. "Naruto this is it, these are the orders you were talking about. Let's see, '

Date: 10/26/2285. Name & Rank: Private Gorge Gomez

We were just given orders to go to the Commonwealth and scout for resources and new territory for the NCR. I don't know why they want to come so far out east. But it must be important to the higher-ups if they want to go out there. The team is nervous about what awaits us but I do know one thing. This is going to take a long time to get there. This is my only chance at a promotion for the next three years. Hopefully, we won't have too much trouble.'' Nora read out loud so Naruto heard her. "Well, at least we know who he was and why he is here. Hmm, I wonder who this NCR is, because they seem to want to come out here for some reason. This is a good sign that there are others out there that know what has happened and can give us the answers we need." Nora said before putting the note in her pocket. She looked to the left and found a rifle on the ground, picking it up she checked to see if it was loaded. She pulled the bolt back a few times and three 5.56 rounds came out. " Hmm, I forgot they still had these old rifles out there. Last I heard, they were popular in Nevada and California. Maybe that's what the C in NCR stands for, so there are people alive in California and maybe Nevada. Hopefully, the rest of his platoon is alive." Nora said before looking at Naruto and handing the rifle to him. "Here you should have this, you don't have a long-range weapon so it's best if you keep it just in case." Nora said before looking in the direction Gomez came from. 'Well, at least we know where to go if we don't find anyone out here.' Nora thought before looking back at Naruto.

Taking the rifle Naruto saw that there was a strap attached to it. Slinging it over his head and shoulder he continued to look through the scout's pockets and bag. He found more caps, more ammo for his new rifle, and a pair of binoculars. "These I know will come in handy. At least somethings are the same as my home dimension." Naruto said before finding another note. "Nora I got another one." Naruto said before beginning to take Gomez's clothes off.

Seeing this Nora turned around. "I hope you plan to wash that. How knows where that thing has been because let's face it. There is a lot out there that is probably going to try to kill us other than those giant roaches. I already don't like that the meat you got from them is likely going to be our dinner." Nora said before hearing Naruto push what she assumed was the body behind something. Turning around she sees Naruto seal the outfit in his backpack.

"I know, I can feel this thing called killing intent or ki, and there is a crap ton coming from the animals around here. I think it's best if we hurry up in finding a place to sleep tonight. We don't know what might attack us around here, so it's better to be safe than sorry right now. The houses look like they are still sturdy for now, but I'll need to fix the roof a little before we sleep in it." Naruto said, looking at the roof of the house in front of them. They decided to move forward and see if they can find anything in the other houses. When they got between the two houses that were on either side of the path they were on they heard something. Naruto didn't know what it was, but Nora did.

Nora looked to the left and saw a robot that had three arms. one with a buzz saw, another with a pair of tangs, and the last one had a sprayer. The robot also had what looked like a mini jet engine that made it float in the air. It had three optics on its head, one on the front and one on each side. She went over to the robot. "Codsworth? Is that really you?" Nora asked, hoping it was the Mr. handy she had bought just before she gave birth.

The now named Codsworth turned one of his optics toward the voice that spoke up behind it when the robot saw who it was its optics widened. "As I live and breathe it's….. it's really you!" Codsworth said in a lightly British accent seeing that its mistress had finally come back after so long.

"Codsworth! You're...still here. It's so good to see someone familiar, maybe there are others out there after all." Nora said, happy to see someone how she knew before the bombs dropped. He looked like he had rusted a little, but all in all the robot didn't look like he was that damaged.

"Well of course I'm still here. Surely you don't think a little radiation could deter the pride of General Atomics International? But you seem a bit worse for wear. Best not let the Hubby see you in that state. Where is sir, by the way?" Codsworth asks looking around, trying to find his master only seeing a young man with blond hair. Codsworth could tell that he wasn't Chinese as he had a face that leaned more toward Japanese. Codsworth just needed to hear him speak to confirm its suspicions. "And who might this be with you? I don't think I've seen him around here before." Codsworth asked at least wanting to know the name of the man who was with it's mistress.

"Nate's… he's not here anymore. He was murdered in the vault. The people who did it also took Shawn. Maybe you saw them, they had weapons and had strange outfits on one had on a hazmat suit and the other was bald and had a scare on his face, over the left eye if I remember right. Also, this is Naruto Uzumaki, he's not from around here. He's the only other person that was alive in that place when we got out, the place is pretty much a tomb now." Nora said with a sad look on her face, she didn't want to think about all the people that lost their lives there.

"Hmm, no one comes to mind with that description. I did see some people in tan coats yesterday, and it looked like they were running from something. With how fast they were running, you'd think they were being chased by a herd of buffalo! But enough about them, you sound like you need a distraction. Yes! A distraction to calm from this dire mood. It's been ages since we had a family activity. Checkers, or perhaps a game of charades. Oh, Shawn so does love that game. Is the lad...with you…?" Codsworth asked, looking around for the infant. Hoping to see the baby boy that it knew would laugh at the robot whenever a book or toy would fall on it.

Nora looked at Codsworth for a moment, wondering what was wrong with it? She knew that a lot of time had passed since they had gone into the vault. She just needs to find out how much time. "He was kidnapped Codsworth, I don't know why someone would kidnap my baby." Nora said with a sad tone. She wanted to find her baby as soon as possible, but she knew she would need help.

"It's worse than I thought. Hmm hmm. You're suffering from… hunger-induced paranoia. Not eating properly for 200 years will do that, I'm afraid." Codsworth said not thinking that the things that his mistress was saying were true, also forgetting that Humans didn't normally live past 123 years let alone 200 years.

Hearing this Nora was completely shocked, she knew they were in the vault for a long time. But not that long, the things she could have missed, things that could have happened, for all she knew Shawn could be dead by now. "200 Years? What? Are you sure?" Nora asked, wanting to know that the robot wasn't joking. She knew that Codsworth would sometimes joke about something. It was in its programming.

"A bit over 210 actually, mum. Give or take a little for the rotations of the earth and some minor dings to the ole' chronometer. That means you're two centuries late for dinner! Ha ha ha. Perhaps I can whip you up a snake? You must be famished." Codsworth asked, as his programming told it to ask that after doing that math.

Nora knew something was up when she heard that. "Codsworth you're acting… a little bit weird. What's wrong?" Nora asked she was trying to hide what she was feeling right now.

What she didn't know is that Naruto saw right through her. He knew she was distraught right now and would need to calm her fears after they were done with this robot. ' I know she is trying to put on a brave face. I did the same with Jiji, I wonder what he's doing right now? Probably running from mom for letting the villagers do what they did to me. She was probably the first one to meet him at the gates.' Naruto thought with a small smile. During his apparent 210 years on ice, he had gone through a lot of mental maturity. No longer was he the stupid and annoying brat that yelled about one day becoming the Hokage. Now he was a mature loving person who will beat the crap out of you if you try to hurt the ones he loved. As it is, the bastard that mind-controlled his mate and killed his parents was in for a major beating if he ever got back.

Back with Nora and Codsworth, Codsworth finally broke. "Oh mum, it's been just horrible! Two centuries with no one to talk to, no one to serve. I spent the first ten years trying to keep the floors waxed, but nothing gets out nuclear fallout from vinyl wood. Nothing! And Don't get me started about the futility of dusting a collapsed house. And the car! The car! How do you polish rust?" Codsworth said, sounding distraught about all these things. It was obvious that the robot didn't go out into the world much in the last 210 years.

Nora felt sorry for her robot friend, he was there for her when her husband cheated on her multiple times. The only reason she didn't divorce him is Shawn. "What do you know, Codsworth?" Nora asked, wanting to know if Codsworth knew anything about what she and Naruto would be up against out there in the Commonwealth.

"I'm afraid I don't know anything, mum. The bombs came, and all of you left in such a hurry. I thought for certain you and your family were… dead. I did find this holotape. I believe sir was going to present it to you. As a surprise. But then, well… everything "happened."" Codsworth said, handing it to her.

"A holotape? Any idea what's on it?" Nora asked, looking at the holotape, it looked like an old more advanced cassette tape. It was light orange and yellowish-white due to its age.

"I don't know mum. My programming prevents me from listening to it. You can play it on that Pip-Boy you have on your arm. Now let's look around, perhaps sir and young Shawn might turn up yet." Codsworth said, turning around and flying off towards one of the still-standing houses.

Nora looked back at Naruto and saw him thinking about something while looking at her. "What? What is it?" She asked, wanting to know what he was thinking.

Naruto walked up to her and hugged her. "I know you're hurting right now. Just know that if you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm here for you." Naruto said, holding her close. He knew what she was going through to some degree. As he had lost people that were precious to him as well.

And she did just that. She wrapped her arms around him and started to cry. All the pain and grief that she had been holding in all day was starting to pour out. She cried for five minutes before she stopped crying, she just stood there for a few more minutes sobbing into his chest before letting go. "Thank you, I needed that." Nora said before giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"No problem, I know when someone is trying to seem strong in front of others. I was the same way because I'm not well-liked in my home village. So I had to put on a mask of sorts to hide what I really felt. Just know if you need anything, I'm here for you." Naruto said before letting go of Nora. "We should look around, I need to find some more tools, some screws, and maybe some bolts so I can fix the roof of this house. Maybe we can find some clothes for you to wear besides that jumpsuit. I say it again, that thing is so cheap and such an eyesore it's not even funny. The material couldn't even stop a senbon needle. Let alone a bullet." Naruto said he really hated the jumpsuits that vault-tec made. The only thing they would be good for is to sell to others.

"Yeah, I think looking around is a good idea. And yeah, I need to check if any of my old clothes are still in here. The house next to us is actually my old home before the bombs dropped." Nora said, looking at the house that was once her home, all the windows were blown out from the blast. A lot of the side panels had fallen off the walls towards the back of the house. It was obvious that it would need work before it was livable again. As it was now it would only make a good temporary shelter.

"Not bad for a 210-year-old house. Most of the houses back home are only ten to twenty years old. Whoever made it must have been good at their job. Unlike some of the other houses that have collapsed. But it will take a lot of work before it's liveable again. Not to mention the power is gone from this part of town if not the whole country. I doubt that people came together when things went to shit. So I think we might have to find people who want to settle down around here. I may be able to fix some things, but there are people out there that know how to work the more advanced stuff." Naruto said, looking at all the houses before turning back to Nora. "Let's follow Codsworth, maybe we can find something in the other houses." He said before they went to the same house that Codsworth went to.

The first house that they came to is a blue house with a carport. They saw Codsworth waiting on them. "Ah, good you're here. I noticed that you needed some time mum, so I decided to wait for you here. Now I should warn you that most of the flora and fauna have mutated quite a bit. So don't be surprised if some of the pests of the past are much bigger." Codsworth said before turning and flying into the house.

They walked into the house and saw that the place was sacked. The furniture was moved into the corners and things were scattered everywhere. Then they started to hear a buzzing noise. Nora unholstered her pistol and Naruto grabbed some shuriken from one of the pouches on his thigh. Soon three huge flies came into the room. Nora shot one and Naruto threw the shuriken that he covered in wind chakra at the other two. He wound up decapitating the two flies and put a hole in the sheet metal before the shuriken embedded itself in a tree outside. Nora and Codsworth stared at him like he had grown a second head. "What?" Naruto asked, wondering what they were staring at.

"What do you mean what! You just put a hole in solid steel! What the heck did they feed you back home that let you do that?!" Nora asked/yelled, wondering how a human being can do something like that? She knew that he came from another dimension, but what she just saw made her think that they were more than meets the eye.

"Not much, the most I could get was Ramen. I think most of my growth spurt is from the radiation. So it stands to reason that it enhanced my strength past what it was before the bombs dropped." Naruto said as he didn't have that much strength before his massive growth spurt. 'Then again I did train in my mindscape for 210 years. Maybe the radiation took that training and made it physical.' Naruto thought as that was the only possible conclusion that made any sense to him.

"It's very much possible, this is a new world and this new energy might react with chakra that makes the training that we do in your mindscape come out, and increase your physical strength and chakra reserves. One thing that is strange to me is that this energy is toxic to others in extremely large amounts. So I recommend that you don't go swimming in it. I don't want to lose you, I don't think I could take it if I did." Yoko said through the mind link. She didn't want to live without him by her side. As it was she had already added a few things to the seal that would let her out that would make it so that Naruto wouldn't die of old age. She also made it so that she and Naruto could pass it on to those that wanted to join their relationship. But they needed permission from both him and her. "We should probably look and see if those bugs had eaten anything useful. With how big they are, who knows what they ate." Yoko suggested thinking that if they were big enough to be a threat then they were big enough to eat something that they could use later.

"Good thinking Yoko-chan, hopefully, they don't have acid for guts." Naruto thought back, he then went over and cut open the stomach. Immediately something fell out, it looked like a small oil can with a nozzle attached. "Why would an oil can be in the stomach of a massive fly?" Naruto asked himself, Nora and Codsworth were wondering the same thing. He opened the hole he made a little more to find some more caps and some bobby-pins. He also found the same in the other fly. "Ok, where are all these caps coming from? It's like I find them everywhere and in everything. Hey, Codsworth, do you know anything about this you're the one that has been out here all this time. You at least have to know a small bit about what's going on." Naruto asked, knowing that Codsworth was hiding something about why he was finding all these caps.

"Well… from what I heard they are using them as currency now. Something about how they can't be counterfeited and that the machines that made them were destroyed." Codsworth said a bit hesitant Codsworth didn't like sharing information that it couldn't confirm. So it wasn't going to originally share that bit of info, but Naruto had this air about him that just made you want to trust him. Granted if you were someone who doesn't trust anyone and is an emo asshole, only then it wouldn't work. (Yes this is me taking a pot shot at sasgay. If you're a sasgay fan seeing this sorry not sorry.) Codsworth wondered how Naruto could put a shuriken through a sheet metal wall. As far as it knew, humans couldn't do that. Then again radiation does work differently on some people, so it wasn't out of the realm of possibility that the radiation did something to him that made him like this.

"Hmm, that is a solid argument for using old bottle caps as currency. Definitely going to need someone to confirm that if we find others out there." Nora said as she had been wondering the same thing that Naruto had. This explained a lot in her mind about why they were finding them all over the place and in Gomez's pocket.

"Well, we'll just have to go to the next town over to see if we can find anyone who is willing to join us here. But that can wait till tomorrow, for now, we need to find something that we can sleep on. Maybe there's a mattress somewhere around here. As I know the bed frames are broken by now. Not to mention I saw the master bedroom's bed frame was busted through the window." Naruto said before looking over at a small radio. "Hmm, I wonder if it still works." Naruto asked himself before walking over to it and turned the knob, it lights and the needle moves to one of the channels.

After a second someone's voice could be heard. "So umm… as you know we don't make any caps here so.. there are some people who help us stay on the air. People umm.. people like this. Need your prescription filled out? Come to cem-I-care and talk to Solomon. Here's umm here's some nat king cole." The radio host said before the song started playing.

"Well considering that just confirmed that bit of information about the caps. This also tells us that there are people alive out there. Now let's check out the rest of the house and move on to the others. Then I'll get started on fixing up the roof of your old house Nora. Though I will say this, once I clear the foundation of one of the collapsed houses. I'm going to build us a new house so we can make it more liveable than the others. Once we get more people out here we can tear down the rest of them, these houses look like they are more than ready to collapse given the right method. It would be better to start from scratch, maybe even make a barracks for the guards that will join us. That way we can make shops to help fund this place." Naruto said thinking of ways to improve this little neighborhood into a settlement for others to find safe haven. 'I'll need to put seals up to make sure we don't have any unannounced visitors. Maybe put reinforcement seals on the walls that we will have to put up to keep the bigger threats out. If the bugs are that big I don't want to know how big the larger animals have gotten.' Naruto thought he just hoped that they would avoid the bigger problems for later.

"So make sanctuary into a settlement for others to come to. Yeah, safety in numbers and all that. That's a good idea, we just need to make sure we have enough food and water for everyone. The only thing left is to make guard stations at the most vulnerable places. That and fix the bridge, I saw it from the hill. It's in bad shape. It's sold for now, but I give it a year before it collapses too." Nora said thinking it was a good idea and explained how she saw the bridge. It was old, to begin with, now it was old and decrepit. She also liked the idea of tearing down all the houses eventually, as he was right. These houses look like they could collapse at any time in the near future. "Naruto, do you think you can help me move the crib in my old house into the new one when it's built? It's the only thing I have left of Shawn until we find him and I want to have it as a reminder of what I'm going to be fighting for." Nora said with determination in her eyes. She would do anything to find her son, well not ANYTHING but anything that she can do. If she has to kill someone in order to find the people who took her son she will.

"Sure Nora, though I will say this. Depending on how long we were frozen Shawn might not be a baby anymore. Heck, for all we know he could be a ten-year-old living somewhere out there. We just have to prepare for anything. I just want you to know no matter what happens I'm here for you if you need me." Naruto said before walking into the hallway to the two bedrooms and a bathroom. Both of the bed frames were broken in several places and the mattresses were gone. There was a cafe next to the bed frame in the master bedroom. The room itself was also a wreck. The dresser was missing a drawer and the wall next to it was missing. Walking up to the safe he saw that the lock was very easy to pick. "Man, even a villager could pick this thing. If that lock in the vault was one of the best out there, and this one is one of the more average locks out there then I dread the worst ones out there." Naruto said after looking at the lock.

"Yeah, If I remember right, that is definitely one of the more common locks out there. Even I could pick that one, and I don't have that much experience doing that."Nora said she knew that getting her law degree would require her to at least know how to pick a lock. So she called one of her friends who made a business of picking locks to teach her how. It came in handy when she locked herself out of her house one night. Maybe Naruto could teach her more on how to pick harder locks.

In a literal second, he had the safe open. Inside was another pipe pistol, a hundred caps, a box of 5.56mm, a silver hairbrush, and three boxes of shotgun shells. "Not much but it will have to do. Hmm hey Nora, isn't this the same kind of ammo I need for the rifle?" Naruto asked, holding up the 5.5.56 rounds.

Nora looks at the box before nodding. "Yes they are, hopefully, we can teach you how to read English on your own. As I won't always be able to read it for you." Nora said she hoped that there were some old English books for beginners in reading English in one of the houses. If she remembered right one of the other mothers in the community had a little kid with her. Maybe she had some, and hopefully, they were still there.

xxx- short time skip brought to you by chibi Naruto picking safes. -xxx

After searching the last houses, Naruto and Nora went back to the house with a makeshift stove with a pot hung up by chains over the fire. "Well, looks like that's everything here let's make dinner and get some rest. I know you weren't too fond of eating the roaches so I looked around and found some melons and a pumpkin behind the yellow house with the workbench. We can use the seeds to make more so just give me a few seconds and I'll cut all the seeds out. If you can, could you please boil the water to purify it? I have something to cool it down after it's done so just give me a moment to do so I can get all the seeds out."Naruto said before getting to work on cutting the seeds out.

Nora nodded before pouring the water that they put in the old bottles that they brought from the vault into the pot. "So what was your village like? From what I've heard from you, they hate you for some reason out of your control. But what is it like there in your world? What is it like there where you're from?" Nora asked, looking over at Naruto. She was curious about his world and what it was like. At this point, when she got her son back any world sounded better than this one. She had been listening to the diamond city radio while searching the rest of the houses. The music is good, the host lacks confidence, and there was very little news. She figured that without phones news just didn't come in like it used to.

"It's… it's not as bad as this world. We haven't destroyed it with our greed like the governments here have. But that's mostly due to us being less advanced. We don't have things like guns there or bombs that can do anything close to the ones that did all of this." Naruto said, gesturing to the area around them. "And your right, I'm hated by most of the villagers for something that happened on the day I was born. Something that caused a lot of people to die. And it wasn't even the fault of the one that caused said destruction and death. But the one who controlled her. Sigh on the night that I was born a masked man came to the village to seek out my mother. Who was what is known in my world as a jinchuuriki. Sealed inside her was a being of great power known as a Bijuu also known as tailed beasts. There are eleven of them with tails going from zero to ten, but only nine are widely known. Their tails range from one to nine. The one my mom had was the nine tails, also known as the nine-tailed fox. He wanted to release the nine-tails so he could control her and destroy the village. But the leader at the time stopped him, but at the cost of his life. But the fight with him is not what caused him to die, but the method he did so. See the men did succeed in his goal of releasing the nine-tails, so the leader at the time had to use a seal that would seal the nine-tails in a new container. Only a new-born baby can hold a Bijuu because in my world we have this energy called chakra. And we have this circulatory system called chakra coils, the chakra coils of a new-born are the only ones that can take the strain of the sealing of a Biju inside of them. That new-born baby was me, I held what they hated and they knew it. How they found out is a mystery to me. As it was supposed to be a secret and the leader after that made it so. So it got leaked out somehow. As for how the rest of my world is, well I don't know much. As I said in the vault, they kicked me out for certain lessons." Naruto said before finishing cutting out the seeds. Once he was done he turned back to Nora who was sitting there wide-eyed.

Nora wasn't expecting Naruto to tell her that. She felt sorry for him, he was just a child and his village. But then something caught her attention when she went back over his story. "What about your mom? What happened to her?" Nora asked, wondering what happened to his mother?

Naruto sighed and looked down at his kunai. "She died, during the sealing process, the nine-tails tried to kill me while she was still under the masked man's influence. So in an effort to save me my mom being a good mother blocked the claw by getting between me and the claw. She was able to stop it in time but it cost her, her life. It was at this point that the sealing was being completed and the nine-tails was sealed inside me. From what I know after that is that the leader at the time was taking his final breath as the leader before he came on the scene. His last words were that he wanted me to be seen as a hero for holding the nine-tails back. But he was a fool to believe that would happen. The jinchuuriki are never treated like that. Most if not all of them are seen as the Biju they contain." Naruto said in a sad tone. He hated how he was treated as a kid. The villagers would hunt him on his birthday in 'fox hunts' which was just them trying to kill him. If what he heard Yoko was true, then she would have beaten the hell out of the people that tried to kill him.

Nora was saddened to hear this. She didn't think he grew up an orphan with how he acted. 'I guess it's true, you can't judge a book by its cover. Wait, he said she several times when mentioning this nine-tails.' Nora thought before realizing that bit of information. "You keep referring to the nine-tails as she. Does that mean she is a vixen?" Nora asked, feeling that the answer would be a weird one. And so far these feelings were right.

"Yes she is, see the Bijuu are sentient. So they have thoughts and feelings just like us. Over these past 210 years, we have been talking to each other. Most of the information I told you about is coming from her. The rest is from others that were there that night." Naruto said, he then noticed that the water was almost done. "Look let's save the rest of this conversation for later. For now, let's fix up the containers for the water. One thing we need to do is find something to keep the water from spilling out." Naruto said before trying to think of a way for them to seal the water into the larger cans they found.

"Alright, yeah we should save the rest of that conversation for later. As for the other issue, I found some old canteens in one of the houses. So do whatever you need to do to them." Nora said before handing the canteens to Naruto " I'll keep an eye on the water. By the way, why did you share all that with me? I didn't think you would share all that with me, so why do it." Nora asked, wondering why he would share so much with her?

"Because 1): you're not from my dimension so the secret is safe from the hands of my village's enemies. 2): I'm a good judge of character, it doesn't hurt that I can detect malice, hate, and deceit. And 3): even if I haven't known you for that long I can tell that you aren't the type to betray people's trust in you unless it goes against your morals." Naruto said while finishing the seals on the canteens. He used a bit of wind chakra to dry the seals before dipping them in the water. After filling the canteens up and screwing on the caps he poured chakra into the seals. The seals were designed to cool the inside of the container they were put on to the point of a freezer if the liquid was boiling hot, or if the liquid was warm it would cool the inside of the container to a temperature that would cool the liquid to that of a cold drink that had been sitting in a fridge for a few hours. Naruto had come up with a lot of seals on his time frozen in the vault. Some for combat, and others for everyday use.

"So what are we going to do with the rest of it?" Nora asked wondering what they were going to use the rest of the water for? Then it dawned on her, soup. He was going to make soup for them.

"I'm going to make us some soup out of the pumpkin and the spices I found hidden in that bunker we found. How someone had gold bars hidden down there is a mystery to me." Naruto said before adding the pumpkin to the boiling water. After a few minutes, he added the spices. "I know that you hated the idea of eating it but do you want me to put the meat in? As much as it is, the pumpkin isn't enough to make the soup really good, even with the spices. I'm surprised they were still good after this long."Naruto asked Nora before adding his two cents in about the spices. It was weird to him that something like that could last so long.

"Alright, I'll give it a try. It's going to be disgusting, but I'll do it. Besides, you're right it won't be much of a soup if it only has one main ingredient, and we can't add the watermelon. That would be even more disgusting." Nora said with a sigh, before looking at the fruit. "Speaking of which, can you pass me some? I'm desperately hungry after searching all of those houses." Nora asked, she was really hungry as she hadn't eaten the day she went into the vault. Even if she was frozen, all of the fighting and searching can work up an appetite. He nodded and handed her the watermelon slice. "Thanks." She said before taking a bite. It wasn't bad for a mutated watermelon, but it tasted a little different from what she was used to. It had a tangy aftertaste to it that stayed there on your tongue for a little bit.

"No problem, the soup should be done in fifteen minutes." Naruto said before pulling out a pocket watch that he found in one of the safes that they found in one of the houses. It was broken but he knew how to fix it, he just needed to replace gear and it was fixed. He replaced the back and turned it over, he then turned the knob on the top of the watch to put it on the correct time. Now that it was working, he put it in his pocket and pulled his rifle in front of him. He grabbed the 5.56 rounds from his other pocket and loaded them into the clips that he found in the other pockets of the coat that Gomez was wearing. "You know I wonder if we will find the rest of Gomez's Platon, and if we do, will they be alive?" Naruto asked, he truly wondered if they would find them. They had a day's head start on them soon to be two days head start. But he knew that they wouldn't find them fast because if this place was as big as he thought then they wouldn't find them anytime soon.

"I think we will find them. Alive or dead, I don't know. But we will find them. I just hope that at least one of them is alive so we can find out what happened to them. They were being chased by something, that much we know. But what was it that was chasing them? There are probably hundreds of mutated creatures out there, who knows what would make them run away and leave a comrade behind." Nora said thinking about what awaits them out there in the Commonwealth. There were a lot of animals that were hidden in the forests that separated the cities from each other. So all of these animals could have mutated into anything when the bombs dropped and the radiation took effect. Not to mention she dreaded seeing what the animals that lived in zoos had mutated into.

Naruto looked at the pot and grabbed a spoon and began to stir the soup a few times. After tapping the spoon on the pot a few times then set it on a plate that he brought out so that the spoon didn't get dirt on it. "So I was wondering, what are you going to do after we find your son? I know that you are going to raise him to be able to live out here. If I know one thing he will need it if those bugs were anything to go by. But what about afterward? After everything is said and done, what are you going to do?" Naruto asked Nora, wondering what her answer would be?

"Well, after I get him back I guess I'm going to try and live out the rest of my life out here. I know things won't be the same as they once were, but I will make the most of it. Maybe even find someone to help me raise him, as I'm only 23 years old." Nora said, but she paused for a second. She then remembered something, she was frozen for 210 years so she was now 232 years old. "Well, correction I'm 232 years old if you count the 210 years that we were frozen. So that would make you 224 years old." She said pointing out the fact that they are older than they look.

Naruto looked up in thought, she had a point. They were older than they looked, and they didn't have all the problems that people their age had. ' haha, Jiji would kill to look and feel like this at this age. I wonder what he would say if he were alive right now and could see me would he have a depressed look on his face, or would he yell about how unfair it is that I'm older than him and still look young.' Naruto thought before smiling. "Yeah, I guess you're right. We are older than we look, I bet we will get asked how we stayed so young after all these years." Naruto said with a chuckle, he felt like things might be turning out for the better for him in some ways. Sure he didn't think he would find a new life somewhere like this, but it wasn't so bad. (A/N: Oh how wrong you are Naruto. You have stepped into a form of hell that you don't know of yet.) A few minutes later the soup was done, and Naruto pulled out a ladle that he had found and washed earlier. He used it to pour the soup into two bowls. "Here you go Nora, eat up before it gets cold." Naruto said, handing her the other bowl.

"Thanks hopefully, we will find someone tomorrow. I need some answers before we go any further into the Commonwealth. We'll only go as far as Concord before heading back." Nora said she didn't want to go that far out until they had a general idea of what they were up against.

"Agreed, I dread some of the things that we might find out there after the giant flies and cockroaches we've seen. I just hope we can get some answers tomorrow." Naruto said before looking out at the bridge next to the house they were sitting in front of. Taking a bite of the soup and swallowing before speaking. "We definitely need to fix that thing. I think one of the first things we should do is chop down the trees around the place. We can make a lot of wood planks from them later. As well as the burnt forest behind us, maybe even the tree at the center of the cul-de-sac. Though as far as metal goes we will have to get creative. I'll probably have to smelt all of the metal that we find out there except for a few things. Mostly pots and buckets, maybe even a few other items that I can't think of or things that I don't know of that you might." Naruto said to Nora trying to think of things that they would need for later.

Nora finished her soup while Naruto was talking. She waited for him to finish talking before saying everything. "Well, I'm sure we will find something that will point us in the right direction. Well, join me when you're ready for bed. I'm tired and need my sleep." Nora said after getting up to walk away, before realizing how that sounded. "Sorry, that came out wrong and how it can be interpreted. What I mean is I'll see you when you come to bed as we only found one for some reason. (A/N yeah, some reason, hehehehehehe. *Sees people staring at me* What? I got to have some fun.)" Nora said apologizing for how rude she sounded.

"No worries, and yeah it's weird that there was only one mattress in all of those houses. Maybe they were hidden somewhere by the previous settlers, I did see some signs of people living here before us. Hopefully, we can find others to help us out finding them later. I don't want to tear all of them down by myself. I'll probably hurt my back if I do try it." Naruto said before getting up. "I'll wash the dishes and join you in a bit." He told her before picking up all of the dishes and going over to the river and rinsing the bowls and spoons off. After he was done he sealed them away and turned to head back, but a thought stopped him. 'Wait, can I summon one of the toads here to see what happened back home?' Naruto thought to himself. He weaved that hand signs before saying. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu." When he said this there was a post of smoke before a giant toad hand started waving the smoke away.

"Dang it Jiraiya I told you not to call me tonight I had a da-" said an orange toad that had a vest on that wasn't buttoned up showing a purple tattoo on his chest. But he stopped when he saw that he wasn't in the leaf village but in front of old metal houses. "What in the world? Where am I? This isn't the leaf village, and last I remembered that old perv was still in the village. I swear if that old pervert lost the scroll again I'm going to -" again the toad paused, this time seeing who summoned him and couldn't believe his eyes. "Naruto? Is that you? Please tell me that's you and not some oil-induced dream that ma and pa have me in." The toad said hoping that his eyes weren't playing tricks on him. Praying to whatever being that would listen that he was in front of his long lost friend.

"Yeah it's me Gamakichi, it's good to see you again. But please keep it down, the person I'm with doesn't know all of my abilities yet and we are in a very tight spot with the creatures around here. So a giant talking toad will very much scare her and try to hurt you." Naruto said to his old friend. He was then brought into a hug by Gamakichi.

"Naruto you have no idea how good it is to see you." Gamakichi said, before letting go of Naruto. "Everyone has been looking for you, they knew you weren't dead because your name didn't go black in the scroll. So what happened to you and where are we?" Gamakichi asked, looking around the area they were in. It looked dead even if there was water going to the roots of the plants. The collapsed houses weren't a good sign either, it meant that something really bad happened to wherever his friend ended up.

"As for where we are I don't have all of the details yet. But as for what happened to me, at the Valley of the end, me and the emo asshole decided to finish our battle with one last attack. That last move created a tare in time and space, sending me to another dimension. I would have called you to get me home once I had woken up because I landed head first onto a metal floor. But said the metal floor was a machine that lowered me and several others into a vault made to protect the people of this world from a bomb of mass destruction. What you see now is the aftermath of said bomb. But here's the thing, the people in charge of the vault decided to freeze us in an experiment. They didn't even bother to unfreeze us in their dying breath. It was only because of a glitch that released me and one other person that I'm talking to you." Naruto said, explaining what happened to him when he disappeared from his dimension.

"Wow, I didn't expect that. So we're in another dimension that was destroyed by its own people. Humans really need to learn how to control their greed for power. If this is the fate of the shinobi nations you guys are screwed." Gamakichi said, looking off into the distance.

"Luckily we don't have to worry about that happening. The technology here is far more advanced than back home. So the bomb that did all of this is too advanced for us to recreate. So we're fine, and safe from this happening to us. That being said let's hope that the wrong people don't find out about this place. Anyway, what's been happening back home? How long has it been since I left our dimension and how is everyone?" Naruto asked after assuring his friends at this level of Destruction wouldn't happen to their world.

"Well, it's been three years since you disappeared. Everyone has been looking for you like I said earlier, but I guess they are fine. There are a few that are just waiting for information about you to come in. Tsunade, Hinata, Anko, and Tenten are the most worried about you. As far as what's happened since you've been gone they found out that there are more Uzumaki out there. Mostly women, that girl from the sound four being one of them. Needless to say, she was taken alive and held until you are found. The council tried to have them put in the CRA, but Tsunade wasn't having it. She said if they are going to be in the CRA it's going to be with you to restore your clan. That they will never get the power of being able to access the Uzumaki clan account that is only meant for the clan. Those are her exact words. You should have seen how pissed they were, there was a new shade of red discovered that day. Hahaha, most call it angry civilian red!" Gamakichi said while softly laughing at the name. He was glad that he could chat with his friend after three years of being missing.

Naruto was surprised that there were more of his clan alive and well. He was mad that those fucking fossils from the civilian side would try to pull something like that on his clan. He would have to beat the crap out of them when he found a way of going to and from his home. He wanted to come back here because it needed a lot of help from the looks of things. " Well, I'm glad Ba-chan stopped them. I hate that we can't talk more but I need to get some sleep, me and the person I'm with are going to be looking for people tomorrow so we can get some answers to a lot of the questions we have. I want you to give this message to one of the messenger toads to give to the old perv, it's a letter to everyone back home telling them what happened and that I'm alright. It also has a list of things that I need for my stay here. Because a lot of things have run out here that we have back home." Naruto said, handing Gamakichi the letter.

"Will do Naruto and good luck with everything. I know that you will find a way back and I'll tell the old pervert that you're helping someone here. He'll probably have a stroke from hearing that you are in another dimension. I'll give the letter to him as soon as my dates over. You called me just as I was about to sit down." Gamakichi said after taking the letter and putting it into a pocket in his vest. After he said that he disappeared in a poof of smoke.

Naruto then turned around and walked into the house that he and Nora put the mattress they found in. He looked at how bad the house was, there were a lot of holes in the roof and there weren't any windows with leaves and debris in several places. 'I'm going to need to fix that. Maybe we will find a broom to get rid of all of this.' Naruto thought before going to the room that he cleared out to put the mattress in. He saw that Nora was fast asleep already. He smiled and went over beside her and lay down next to her. Naruto looked at the scaling and thought to himself 'tomorrow will be a long day I just know it.' he then said to his mate. 'Night Yoko-chan sleep well.' before he fell asleep.

"Night Naruto-kun sweet dreams." Yoko said to her love and mate. Before going to sleep herself, dreaming of little blond kits running around her and her mate.

Xxx- next morning -xxx

Nora was the first to wake up, as she was still groggy. She looked over to her right to see naruto lying right next to her. She was about to wake him up when she noticed something, sometime during the night she had cuddled up to him her arms clung tightly to him with her breasts pushed into his left arm. She blushed and let go of his arm, quickly scooting away from him. 'What the hell was that about Nora! It may have been some time ago, but you just lost your husband hours ago for you. Sure he cheated on you while you were pregnant, but that doesn't give you an excuse.' Nora thought to himself.

xxx- flashback 211 years ago -xxx

Warning slight lime here. Go to the next bold line to skip.

Nora had come home from the office early because she was getting ready to go on maternity leave. She walked into the house only to hear moaning coming from her bedroom. She crept toward her room and peeked inside to see her husband cheating on her with a black-haired woman that looked like a prostitute she saw last week on the corner coming from Concord.

"Mmm, are you sure your wife won't catch us? She could be home any minute you know." The prostitute said, rubbing her pussy against her client's shaft. She knew that she should have said no to him, but the money was too good for her to pass up.

"Yeah I'm sure, she doesn't get off until three hours from now. So we have plenty of time" Said Nate getting ready to thrust into her.

That was when Nora barged into the room scaring the two. "YOU GET YOU CLOTHES AND GET THE FUCK OUT!" Nora yelled at the prostitute before turning to her cheating husband. "And you stay right there, we will be talking about this after I deal with her." She said in a stern tone. Before, guiding the prostitute out of her house. She came back with a pissed off look on her face.

xxx- flashback end it's safe now -xxx

She yelled at him for a long time after that. She didn't say it, but she caught him cheating on her again the next week, and the week after that, etc, etc. She was going to divorce him if it wasn't for Shawn, he was the one that she decided to try to make it work. Now that he was dead she wouldn't need to make it work, but she would still miss him. She decided to wake Naruto up now since she wanted to get moving. "Naruto wake up, it's time to get moving." Nora said shaking him trying to wake him up.

Naruto stirs awake and opens his eyes slightly. "Mmm, alright I'm up, I'm up." Naruto said before yawning loudly. "So do you want breakfast or do you want to head out now?" Naruto asked her wondering what he should cook if she did?

"No, I want to get on the road early so we don't have to worry about anything that might be on the roads later." Nora said before getting up and walking outside to wait for him to change. He had followed her advice and washed the clothes that he took off of Gomez. She still didn't know why he grabbed them in the first place. They looked like they needed to be fixed in a few places as well. She needed to find some new clothes for herself as well, as the Vault-suit she was wearing was beginning to stink. Not to mention it was tight in certain 'places' that she didn't like.

Naruto came out of the house in the shirt and pants with the thick coat on. "Alright let's go, if we're lucky we will find something for you while we're out there." Naruto said to Nora before walking with her to the bridge, but before they crossed he went over to the one place they didn't check yesterday. The trash can next to the sign to sanctuary, inside were some more caps and to his surprise five grenades. "Why would someone put these in here? It doesn't make sense." Naruto said before putting them in his pocket that he had modified them with seals like he did with his bag. They continued over the bridge until they came to a gruesome sight, a man who was bitten on the neck by a hairless dog and killed it at the same time by hitting it with a tire iron in the head. The man was dead and had a shotgun next to him that was empty on the ground. Naruto grabbed it and handed it to Nora. "Here since you gave me the rifle I'll give you this gun since I don't know how to use it or what ammo it takes." Naruto said before searching the man for anything they could use. He didn't have much on him, just some caps and the clothes on his back. Naruto took his clothes and put them in a seal in his backpack for later. They moved on to an old gas station, where a dog was looking around for something. It saw them and came up to them. "Hey, buddy, where's your owner?" Naruto asked wondering where the dog's owner was.

Nora knelt in front of the dog and pet him on the head. "Poor thing, why don't you come with us?" Nora asked, the dog barked and wagged his tail happily. Even doing a small spin. Nora stood up and giggled. "Well alright then let's stick together." She said before they continued down the road, they stopped to find what looked like a cow with two heads dead on the ground. On this cow are two large bugs that look like mosquitoes. Naruto shot at one and hit and killed it while Nora put three shots in the other killing and taking the wings off it. "Nice shot Naruto, we'll need to make your footwork a bit better but you definitely did well for someone that hasn't shot a gun before."Nora said looking at how he shot the bug he killed.

"Thanks and yeah definitely need to work on it. That shot really stung though, I'm glad for my healing factor right now because it almost felt like it nearly dislocated my shoulder." Naruto said while rubbing his shoulder. They then decided to go to the end of the street into the town. When they got there they heard gunfire coming from around the corner. They decided to check it out and see what the commotion was about. Rounding the corner they saw people shooting at the balcony of a white building. On that balcony was what looked like a man in a trench coat shooting back while trying to avoid their shots. "Nora, we need to help him. He might have the answers we need and we won't get them if he's dead. Besides, the guys shooting at him are really evil. Their malicious intent is very high and they sound like they're crazy." Naruto said as he has always had great hearing since he was a kid.

Nora nodded and they began to sneak up to one of the people that were standing behind cover to keep out of the line of fire. Naruto grabbed a couple of senbon and threw them along the person's neck directly along the spine. The person in question was a young woman who looked like she was in her mid 20's. The places they hit wouldn't kill her as they weren't in that deep, but it would knock her out long enough that he could put her somewhere for them to interrogate later. As she was one of the more sain ones of the group. "Nice one Naruto, now help me get her somewhere she won't be seen so we can take her back with us later. Though we should probably be quick about it, it looks like that guy really needs the help." Nora said before they grabbed the woman and brought her into the old hotel that they were next to. They tied her up to a chair so if she woke up later she wouldn't be able to escape. They also checked her for weapons and ammo taking any they found so she couldn't fight against them later. They may be fresh from a vault, but they weren't stupid. Nora then tied an old ball gage around the woman's neck, sliding it up and into her mouth "I still question why that was here." Nora said, wondering why there was a ball gage in the suitcase they found there, along with other bandage gear.

"Maybe the guy that had it was into that since he was obviously the one that was the dom. If the leather is any indication." Naruto said pointing at the leather suit that was obviously made for a man to wear. They exited the old hotel and saw that a couple of the people that were shooting at the man on the balcony were dead behind the sandbags next to them there were only three people left besides the man on the balcony. "I'll get the one in the shop if you get the ones next to it." Naruto told Nora who nodded and got in position to do just that. Naruto steadied his rifle and aimed at the one in the shop. He fired a shot and it hit the victim in the head. Nora shot at the same time Naruto did and hit her target in the chest, she fired a second shot and hit her second target in the back. Because of the confusion, he was having because of the new people shooting at him.

The man on the balcony seeing them and what they did called out to them. "Hey on the balcony, I have a group of settlers inside! The raiders are almost through the door, grab that laser musket, and help us please!" He yelled before heading back inside to guard the door.

"Well you heard the man let's help them, they will definitely have the answers we need right now even with that raider we have tied up in the hotel back there. It's good to have two sources of information instead of one."Naruto said before walking over to the laser musket and ammo on the ground and grabbing them and handing them to Nora. "You should have this. As I already have a rifle and you don't." Naruto said before grabbing the doorknob and opening the door up to hear gunfire coming from above them. They looked up to see two raiders shooting at the floor above them, with a laser shot coming out of the hole in the wall protecting the settlers above them. Naruto and Nora took aim at the raiders and shot, both fell dead on the ground. They then heard someone rushing them from their right, they turned their guns to the door that led to where they heard the raider coming from. The raider came out of the door with a pool cue in his hand to see them with their rifles aimed at him. "Hello." both said at the same time before firing at him, hitting him directly in the head killing him instantly. They went through the door that the raider and found themselves in an exhibit for some kind of war.

"Oh, now I remember this place it was a museum back before the bombs dropped. Looks like the place wasn't raided because they didn't use a lot of real relics for the displays." Nora said looking at all of the old displays that were still intact after 210 years. She saw a sword on top of one of the displays. It was an old cutlass that was found off the coast of Cuba that was in remarkable condition for its age. She grabbed it to see if it was still in as good condition. When she grabbed it she felt that the blade was a little loose and it was likely to fall out at any point. "Dang it, I was hoping that it would still be solid even after this time. But then again it is over 410 years old, can't last forever." Nora said she was about to put it down when she remembered something. Naruto's world was still reliant on this type of weapon. So him being able to repair it or knowing someone who can isn't out of the question. "Hey Naruto, do you know how to fix this? It's still in good shape, it just needs the handle replaced." she asked while going through the door to the next room. It was a room that was made to look like a street from long ago, with mannequins that were made to look like the red coats.

Naruto took the blade and looked at the handle "Yeah, I think I can get it fixed when we get back. Looks like the bolts holding it in are rusted so it's a simple fix." Naruto said before sealing it away in his bag. They got out of the room back into the main lobby again on the other side of the gate that was in front of them when they entered the museum. The floor in front of them had collapsed revealing the basement underneath. Naruto saw a security gate with something behind it, he went down and picked the lock, and went inside. There he found a machine that was foreign to him. "Hey Nora what's this thing?" Naruto asked, wondering what it was he was looking at?

Nora saw that Naruto was in front of a generator that had a removable fusion core. "It's a generator, see if you can get the center core out of it. It will be useful for later." Nora said she knew that it would be useful if they found a thing of power armor. "Just press the green button next to the center and the core should pop out." Nora said, telling him how to get the core out.

Naruto did as instructed and the core did pop out like she said it would. He grabbed it and stored it in his coat pocket for later. They went up the stairs to the landing, on the landing was a small blue cooler. Naruto opened it up to find some meat that looked like it was just cooked earlier. He wrapped it in some tinfoil that he found yesterday and put it in the seal in his left coat pocket that would keep it fresh for months. He had two seals like this one for cooked meat, and one for raw meat. He put them like this because he knew that they wouldn't be able to keep most of the meat they found for a long time before it went bad, so he made these seals while they were searching the houses yesterday. He didn't find anything else aside from an old can of dog food. "Well, it looks like we found something for the dog to eat later." Naruto said, holding up the can of dog food. They were about to go into the hall that led to the next room when he stopped them. He heard two people talking about how they were going to ambush them as soon as they walked in. "There are two raiders in the room next to us. They're talking about ambushing us when we get around the corner. I'll throw a grenade in when we get through the door. Be careful boy, don't go running in." Naruto told the dog, before going through the door and seeing that it was another hall before the room that the ambush was supposed to be in. He grabbed one of the grenades from the seals in his pocket and was about to throw it but Nora stopped him. "What?" Naruto asked in a whisper wondering why she stopped him?

"You need to pull the pin on the side before you throw it. Otherwise, it doesn't explode, but keep a hold of the metal lever until you throw it. That way it won't explode in your hand." Nora said making sure that he knew how to use the grenade without hurting himself, or giving away their position.

Naruto did as instructed and pulled the pin. He crept to the window that led to the room that they were going to try to ambush them in and threw the grenade in after a few seconds there was a loud explosion and the sound of two bodies hitting the floor. Naruto looked inside and saw two corpses on the ground that were missing their legs. "Ok it's clear, but be careful they might have left traps around here somewhere." Naruto said, looking around cautiously for traps. Nora and the dog came up to where Naruto was and they checked out the room a little bit. It looked like it was a memorial to all of the things that happened in the country and the people who fought for it. There was an ammo box and a duffel bag in the room. Naruto grabbed the bag and slung it on to his shoulder, next he looked into the ammo box and found ammo for their 10 mm pistols and the same red things that he saw next to the shotgun they found on the man that was killed in front of the bridge. "Hey Nora, I found some ammo for your shotgun over here." Naruto said, pointing to the box. He then decided to check the raiders for anything, while Nora grabbed the shells for her shotgun. Once they were done they went up a flight of stairs to the next floor, they heard someone banging on a door on the other side of the wall. Meaning that they found where the settlers were.

"How are we going to get them away from the door? It's not like they're just going to not find us." Nora whispered to Naruto wondering how they were going to save the settlers in the next room?

"Hmmm, I think I have an idea. I'll try to get behind them and kill them with my kunai by cutting them just at the nape of the neck. That way they die quickly and painlessly." Naruto told her, before going up to the door and opening it. He peeked around the doorframe to see two raiders in front of the door that led to the settlers. He snuck behind the two raiders and pulled out two kunai before slashing the back of their necks at the nape like he said he would. The cuts were deep enough that it severed the spinal cord, killing them instantly.

Nora and the dog came through the door after hearing the raiders drop to the floor. They saw Naruto waiting for them to catch up. "How did they not hear you, and how were you so quiet? I've never heard someone so quiet before, not even an elephant is that quiet and they're one of the quietest animals when they walk." Nora asked, wondering how he could do that with how he got the jump on the raiders like that? She didn't know how someone was able to be that quiet.

"Ninja remember, it's part of the job to be sneaky and quiet. Not to mention that I was once able to get into the most secure places in my village. So sneaking up on so loud fat footed raiders is easy." Naruto said before knocking on the door in front of them. "Hey, they're all dead now. It's safe to open the door unless you don't want our help anymore." Naruto finished with a slightly sarcastic tone at the end. The door opened to a man working on a terminal and another man that they recognized as the man from the balcony. They walked inside the room and saw three other people, one was an old woman who was dressed up like a fortune teller, the next one was a man who looked like a man in his late thirties early forties dressed in a white t-shirt and blue jeans, the last person was a woman about as old as the man and was dressed in a checkered shirt and blue jeans. "Nice little group you've got here, the name's Naruto Uzumaki and this is Nora," Naruto said introducing himself and Nora.

The man from the balcony came forward. He was a man of African descent, he was wearing a tan trench coat with a black t-shirt and black jeans. He looked like he was in his early thirties. "Preston Garvey Commonwealth Minutemen. Your timing is impeccable, I'm definitely glad you came along when you did." Preston said he was glad that they came when they did. It wasn't looking good for him if they hadn't shown up. He was almost ready to just give up when they showed up.

Nora smiled "we're happy to help. It looked like you were about to get overwhelmed by those raiders if we didn't help." She said happy to help save someone from dying from these raiders. She wasn't surprised that people like them existed, with all the drugs that existed out there it wasn't a surprise that people would start gangs that did this kind of thing. Drugs tend to make you stupid if they aren't used in the right way.

"If that's the case, we could use a little more of it. We've been trying to get into the security gate in the basement underneath the museum. Mainly to the fusion core in the generator. There's an old suite of power armor on the roof along with a minigun on the vertibird next to it. The only problem is we can't get to the thing because security is too tight. You get that and get the power armor running, and grab the minigun and those raiders will know they picked the wrong fight." The man at the terminal said, he looked like he was in his mid-thirties. He was wearing a pair of overalls and a white t-shirt with black boots.

"I like that idea, and we already have the fusion core. Naruto was able to pick the lock on the door and got the core before we got up here. So we're good to go on that." Nora said with Naruto pulling the fusion core out of his pocket. Surprising everyone except Nora, at the same time everyone wondered. 'How did he keep it there without it falling or causing a bulge in his pocket?' They all thought. Nora just smiled and turned back to Preston. "Ok so we have the power core, how are we going to get on the roof?" Nora asked, wondering just how she and Naruto were going to get up on the roof?

"There's a door to the roof down the walkway on the other side of that door." Preston said pointing to the door on the other side of the room. "Just be careful out there, they put someone on the roof of the old hardware store across the street." he said before turning back to the door that leads to the balcony.

Naruto turned to the dog and kneeled down next to him. "Stay here and protect them, boy. Don't let any raider get in and I'll give you a nice big bone from that heifer carcass up the road." Naruto promised the dog before getting ready to walk toward the door when the old woman grabbed his sleeve. "Yes, mam what is it?" Naruto asked, what she wanted?

"Be careful out there kid, somethings coming and it's angry." the old woman said, she wanted to warn him about the coming danger that was almost upon them. He had the aura of a good and kind person about him. But he also held pain in his eyes, like he had been hurt by the people around him. 'Something about him reminds me of my nephew, he was hated for something he couldn't control. But what is it?' the old woman thought, he would definitely be a big part of big things that would happen in the commonwealth soon.

"I thought I felt something, this just confirms that feeling. Thank you for the warning mam, we'll try to be careful out there." Naruto said with a kind smile. He felt it when they got to Concord, something was in the sewers and it was mad. Another thing that caught Naruto's attention was that it felt insane in a lot of ways. Granted not as insane as Orochimaru, but still insane. He joined Nora at the door and he opened it so she could go through it first. "Ladies first." Naruto said letting her go first.

"My what a gentleman." Nora said with a giggle. She knew that he was just being nice, even in a bad situation he was trying to keep a good attitude about it. "Let's deal with these raiders and get these people back to sanctuary, they can help us with the settlement after they get settled in." Nora said quietly to Naruto, she didn't want to say anything to the settlers yet as she didn't know where they were heading before they were attacked by the raiders. Soon they got to the door that led to the roof, Nora opened the door a little to see if there was a viewpoint from the hardware store across the street from the door. Seeing that there wasn't and that the vertibird was blocking it she opened the door all the way. "It's clear, let get this power armor running. Do you want to try it on or should I use it?" Nora asked, wanting to know if he wanted to use the armor instead? She knew how it worked, and how to operate it. But she figured she should ask if he wanted to use it to get a feel for it so that they could use it later if they needed to.

Naruto shook his head. "No, you use it. This coat has some armor on the inside and I'm wearing some of the armor that I found in the vault yesterday. So I'm good for now, I'll get rid of the guy on the roof next door. That way you don't have to worry about him when you grab the minigun." Naruto said before going up to the part of the roof where the vertibird was. He went into the side of it where the door to the inside was wide open. It was obvious that someone had gone through it to get out. He saw that there was more than enough ammo for the minigun when they ripped it off in a moment. "Nora there's a crap ton of ammo in here for this thing when you rip it off the mount, grab it before you come out." Naruto said while handing her the fusion core.

Nora took the core from him and put it in the slot in the back of the power armor. "Thanks and don't worry, I will. I don't want to run out of ammo while in the middle of a fight with what remains of these guys. They sound like they're crazy as hell and they are definitely on something, I noticed there were needle marks on that raider we have tied up. She is most likely hopped up on something, the question is what it is and is she addicted to it.?" Nora asked wondering what the woman was on and when the effects would wear off? Nora hoped that she would be less crazy when they transported her to sanctuary later.

Naruto squeezed past the minigun with his rifle in hand. He peeked over the ledge and sees the raider that Preston was talking about. He took aim at him when felt something was coming from the sewers down the street. He turned his head and accidentally pulled the trigger. By pure dumb luck he hit the raider, but not in the intended place.

The raider dropped on to the floor of the roof. "Aahhh, Son of a bitch! Who the hell shoots someone in the balls! Ooh, it hurts, it very much hurts! Someone shoo-" the raider yelled in a higher-pitched voice than normal, but was silenced by another shot. This time to the head killing him instantly.

Naruto shook his head, he didn't want to shoot the guy like that. But at least his second shot hit its proper mark. He heard some of the other raiders laughing their asses off hearing their comrade getting shot in the nuts like that. Naruto saw what looked like the leader of the raider group just cringe at hearing what happened to his scout. 'At least he has a sense of value for his men. Even if he's crazy, he knows good men when he sees them.' Naruto thought, before shooting one of the ones laughing on the ground in the chest. They all stopped laughing and started scrambling for cover. "Nora, you're clear for now, but be careful there's something coming. I don't know what it is, but it isn't anything good." Naruto told her before getting out of the way.

Nora ripped the minigun off its mount and came up next to Naruto. "Thanks, Naruto, try and see if you can give me some covering fire further up on the roof that way Preston doesn't have all the weight on his shoulders. He's done enough for today, let's give them hell." Nora said before jumping off the roof and crashing to the ground. She passed the corner and saw that the raiders were pulling back a little bit to put some space between her and them. She pulled the trigger and the minigun started to spin, after a few seconds it started fighting a hail of bullets. Soon a lot of the raiders started falling down dead including the leader. Before she could finish off the drum she heard banging coming from the sewer cover. Soon the sewer cover came off and a clawed hand came out of the hole, out of the sewer came a creature that looked like a lizard human hybrid. It was nine feet tall and had a very muscular build It also had bull-like horns on the side of its head as well as a long tail that looked like it had spines along it. Its scales were a dark green with a lighter green on its abdomen. It gave a mighty roar before swiping at one of the raider's heads, smashing it and killing him. 'Man am I glad I'm wearing power armor right now or I'd be dead in seconds.' Nora thought, before changing the drums on her minigun, if she was going to shoot this thing it would do it with a full drum instead of an almost empty one. She started to back up while getting the barrel spinning again, once she got back to the hardware store she kicks one of the body's into the building more and let loose another hail of bullets on the creature. A lot of the bullets hit the beast-like creature, but they didn't go very deep. It kills all of the remaining raiders before going after Nora who was backed into the store. "Naruto try to get this thing in the eyes that's its weak spot, at least the only one I can see!" Nora yelled to naruto who was trying to help her in any way he could.

Naruto looked down at Nora. " Ok, I'll try to get it when it gets close to the store try to get its attention by shooting it." Naruto yelled back, before noticing that it was already after her. "Never mind it's already after you, I think you made it mad by putting a lot of bullets in its hide, try to keep it busy so I can get a clear shot!" Naruto called down, getting ready to take the shot when he noticed something strange. The creature was wearing a loincloth around its waist, specifically where its privets would be if it was human. 'Let's see if it has what I think it has under that loincloth. If I'm right then this will be way too easy dealing with these things if they are male. It just saddens me that I have to do this to a fellow male, sorry in advance dude nothing personal just trying to save some people.' Naruto thought while taking aim at the loincloth, before firing a shot into its crotch. This action had the exact effect that was desired with the creature dropping to its knees while howling in pain.

The creature was looking around for the one that shot him in the one place where it mattered as far as he was concerned. "Why is it every time I come out that someone with people shooting at me, at least one human keeps trying to shoot me in the dick! Why is it always in the dick! My eyes I understand, but why is it always in the dick!" The creature yelled, wondering why it's dick had a target on it every time it came out of the sewer. Then it was sprayed at by more bullets by the same woman in the power armor he was after before he was shot in the dick. 'That's going to get annoying if she doesn't kill me with that thing after too long. They may bounce off in some places, but that doesn't mean that they won't start getting through my skin and others wonder why the humans want to use our skin as protection from bullets." the creature thought before slowly getting up and charging at the woman, hoping to kill her before she killed him.

Nora had been confused at how the thing could talk but she didn't care, all she knew was that it was trying to kill her and the people that she and Naruto were trying to protect. She kept firing at it until she was back in the store again shooting at it from the door. Seeing as it couldn't fit through the door because of its horns and its shoulders being too wide. "Can't kill what you can't reach big guy, now do me a favor because it's getting hard to lift this thing. Also, mind looking at that roof across the street, there's a surprise for you up there." Nora said pointing at where Naruto was, already aiming at the creature's head. Waiting for it to turn its head around. The creature turned its head around to look at where the human was pointing at when it was shot in the eye making it drop to one knee in pain. Before Nora took the other eye out by throwing a switchblade that she found on the raider she and Naruto took captive. "I don't know if you can understand me or not but I'm sorry I need to do this it's the only way I can find my son. You just came at the wrong time on the wrong day." Nora said to the creature, not expecting to get an answer from it.

But she did. "Hehe, I see so that's what drives you, I guess you're not so different from a female of my species after all human. Know this human, there are more of us than just me out there. We may be solitary by nature, but make no mistake there are more. Many a bigger threat than me, and many more deadly. Tell me human what is your name so that I may know who bested me in battle." the creature asked wanting to know the name of the humans that killed him, so that he may have peace in the afterlife.

"Nora, Nora Anderson, and Naruto Uzumaki of vault 111." Nora answered granting the wish of the creature that fought well against the raiders and was bested by them. She figured it was a custom among its species to know the names of the ones who beat and killed them in a fight. So why not tell it who killed it and why.

"Hahaha, well looks like someone finally was able to kill me, Kresh the crazy! I grant you the honor of the finale blow young Nora, but remember my words to you. There are others like me some not as crazy as me mind you, but all the more dangerous. Know that the females of our species are stronger than the males and are like you, they will hunt down the ones that take their young. And tell the boy he's an ass for shooting me in the dick." Kresh said bowing his head excepting his death with honor and dignity. Ready to finish his journey in this world and into the next. Nora pulled out her laser musket and cranked it up twice and shot Kresh center mass in the head ending his life. The last thought that went through his head was "I'll be joining you tonight My love, I hope to see you again soon so that I can see our hatchlings and you once more, now and forever till the end of all time.' Kresh thought before dieing.

Nora walked over to Kresh's body and pulled her switchblade out of his eye. "Well, I guess that's it I suppose hopefully, we can find a way to get that raider woman out of here without having to deal with anything else popping up out of nowhere." Nora said before grabbing her minigun and walking out of the store by scooting Kresh's body over a bit so she could get out. She saw naruto walking over to her from the museum and look at Kresh's body. "It's hard to believe that has changed over so long, and now we have another species that are just like us with their own culture and are as smart as us. Things definitely just got more complicated from here on out." Nora told Naruto looking at the museum and back at Kresh's body.

Naruto nodded he agreed with her on that. "Yeah it's definitely going to throw a wrench in our plans from here on out, but we were expecting things like this to happen. 210 years can change so much in the blink of an eye. What matters is we are able to get past it and move on. Hopefully, we can get everyone out of here safely without any more of these guys showing up." Naruto said before looking at the hotel that they had the raider in, he wondered if the other raiders had freed her when they got here or if they left her to her fate. "You go get every one form the museum, I'll get the raider from the hotel." Naruto said to Nora before walking over toward the door that led to the hotel lobby (you all know what happens in the museum. You wouldn't be here if you didn't know, and if not google it.). When he got to the door he heard someone trying to scream for help. He opened the door to see that the raider woman had woken up and was trying to get out of her bindings. "Morning sleeping beauty, enjoy your nap?" Naruto asked with a sarcastic tone, showing that he was joking. The raider just glared at him, not finding it funny at all. "Ok not one for jokes I see, so here's how this is going to go down. You are going to be taken to the new settlement that we are going to startup down the road and you are going to be telling us all you know about this new world that we are new to. See we just came out of one of the vaults around here and need intel on the world around us. So that means people like you are able to give us the information we need right now. Ohh, and just so you know all of your gang is dead so they won't be coming for you. Just figured I tell you that before you start going off on saying that." Naruto said before removing the ball gage from her mouth.

The raider woman glared at Naruto some more before sighing. "Sigh, Yeah I figured that when I heard minigun fire out there. Not hard to figure that out when that thing starts to spin. So what are you going to do when you get what you need? Keep me as your sex slave until I die or you get bored of me? News flash I bite off any dick that gets near me if I don't want it near me." the woman said with a smile on her face. If there was one thing she prided herself on its getting rid of unwanted advances by the opposite sex. It was one of the things that most female raiders learned to do when the idiots in the gang stopped taking no for an answer.

Naruto shook his head. "No you will be let go if you want, but if not we could use some guards for the settlement. Being a raider you must be semi-good with a gun or weapon of some kind or you wouldn't live long in the wasteland." Naruto told her, not liking what she thought he would do to her when he got the info he wanted from her. Something told him that there was a story behind what she said, and he was going to find out later.

She was shocked at what he said he was offering her a job after he got what he wanted from her. "Your joking right? You have to be joking, you would seriously let me walk if I wanted to after I tell you what you want to know and hire me if I wanted to stay?" she asked wanting to know if he was serious about this? As this was a better deal than what Gristle was offering her when she signed on to be a part of his gang.

"I'm dead serious, this new settlement is going to need some protection in case of attacks from raiders or other things out there. I can tell that farming isn't something you like to do as your hands may have the callouses of a farmer but you being here means you left that life behind for a different. You wanted a life that would give you excitement instead of the boring life of a farmer. I can understand that, as I was Like that myself when I was younger. So what do you say will you come with us so you can start a new life in a settlement that will be a better life than looting and killing will give you any day of the week, or are you going to try to keep doing what you're doing now and risk your life and dieing for nothing." Naruto asked her wondering what she would choose?

She thought about his deal and nodded. "Yeah, I'll come with you and be a guard of your settlement, just make sure not to ask anything too sensitive. There are things that I don't want to talk about right now. What are you're starting wages as I don't come cheap. No less than two hundred caps up front, and two hundred more every month. We got a deal?" she asked wondering if he would take the deal? It was going to be nice if she could get this gig for that much as the diamond city guards didn't get half that.

Naruto walked behind her and indeed the rope that kept her from getting up and untied her hands. "Deal, just give me a moment to untie you and I'll give your pay." Naruto said while untieing her legs from the chair before stepping back and pulling out a bag of caps and giving it to her. "There you go two hundred caps. Now I will tell you that we took all your weapons before we left to get rid of your gang. So I will give them back to you when we get back to sanctuary, our new settlement, and your new home from now on." naruto said before putting aloof the rope and ball gag in the suitcase before picking it up to take it with him.

The woman wondered what he needed with the suitcase with bondage gear inside? "What do you need that for? I know the saying everything you find in the wast is useful for something but what use could you have with that stuff?" she asked naruto not knowing what he would need it for if he wasn't going to use it on her?

"Never know when you might need it or if the girl I end up with is into this kind of thing. Besides better to have it and not need it than to need it but not have it." Naruto said before walking out to see Nora and everyone else outside waiting for them. "Hey, Nora I convinced her to come with us back home. So where are they heading?" Naruto asked Nora wondering where they were going from here?

Nora smiled under her helmet before walking up to Naruto. "They were already heading to sanctuary before they were ambushed by the raiders. So we can head back up there now, hopefully, we don't run into any more creatures on the way back." Nora said before she and naruto lead everyone back to sanctuary.

XXX- time skip brought to you by a chibi Kresh reuniting with his family -XXX

Everyone was standing in front of the bridge looking at sanctuary and seeing it as a new home and a new start. "Alright everyone let's get started on fixing this place up to be a proper home for all of us." Preston said before turning to Naruto and Nora. "And thank you before today we thought we wouldn't find a place to settle down and make a home for us, now we have that chance to make that home. It feels nice, a home to rest your head at and put up your feet once the day is done." Preston said happy that the people that he has been protecting for months would now have a fresh start to look forward to.

Naruto nodded. "It's nice being back here now we can finally get to work fixing this place up, I'm just glad I won't have to do it alone." Naruto said looking at the collapsed building to the left of the bridge, wondering what could be hidden underneath.

Preston looked confused "Do you live here or something?" Preston asked wondering if Naruto and Nora lived here or if they just been here before? It wouldn't surprise him if they did as they came from this way when they entered concord from what he guessed. He just wanted to know if they did live here then he didn't want to intrude on their home.

Naruto gave a sheepish look while rubbing the back of his head. "Yes and no, see we found this place after we came out of the vault up the hill over there," Naruto said pointing at the hill in the distance. "I was thinking of making this place into a new settlement for others to come to when no one else will, a place where others can live without worry about the dangers of the wast. But we didn't want to do it alone so I thought that we could go out and find people while we try to find Nora's son. It's better than waiting around and hoping that someone would show up and ask us if they could live here with us." Naruto said explaining what his plan was while leaving out some details that the others didn't need to know. There was something about the air that told him they were being watched from somewhere, he just didn't know where.

Preston chuckled and continued to walk over the bridge. "Well let's get to fixing this place up a bit and then I have a favor to ask you two later." Preston said he was glad that they now had a New home and had saved the Minutemen. The future of the commonwealth was looking brighter now that Naruto and Nora were in the picture.

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