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In and Out of the Vault

In and Out of the Vault

A/N: hey guys sorry if you were expecting another chapter for black angle. but it was getting too complicated for me to do. So it is going on hiatus for now. so until I can get some more expense in writing that's how it stays for now. so to make up for that, I'm posting a new story. I hope you all in joy.

speech index.

" hey," regular speech.

" Hey" Kyuubi speech.

' hey ' terminal entry

'hey' thought.

'hey' Kyuubi thought.

a/n: Let us begin.

"Rasengan/Chidori" was the shout that rang out through the valley. Followed by a loud boom and the earth shook. The explosion was caused by the best attacks of Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke had betrayed the village, and Naruto had sent to get him back as well as some of his friends but Sasuke wasn't alone he had the sound four and kimimaro. After Naruto caught up with Sasuke he tried to convince him to go back, but Sasuke said he wasn't going back after he said that he attacked Naruto and tried to kill him. After Naruto dodged he went on the offense and used the Rasengan to counter the next attack. After a hard-fought battle, both Naruto and Sasuke were battered and tired and decided to end the battle with one last move after which both fell unconscious. What the two of them didn't know was that the last attack made a hole in reality so as Naruto was falling he was sucked into it when it closed. This is where our story begins.

Xxx - in Naruto's mindscape - xxx

Naruto woke up in front of a massive cage with the kanji for 'seal' inside this cage was a giant fox with nine sewing tails. This was the dreaded 'Kyuubi no kitsune' or 'nine-tailed demon fox.' Naruto looked up at the fox and asked. " So what happened? Because I know we are not on the ground." the fox looked like it was trying to think of an answer.

Then the fox spoke in a deep voice " after your and the Uchiha brats last attack hole in time and space opened and you were sucked in. You are now being sent to another dimension. I don't know which one as it could be any of them. What I do know is that you will have to be prepared for anything. You're lucky that I learned fuinjutsu from my previous container." the Kyuubi then felt something. " It seems you will be here for longer than expected. You hit your head on reentry and fell on something hard. Metal if my guess is right, meaning you have landed somewhere that uses large amounts of metal in construction." The Kyuubi said as it felt through Naruto's senses that he was lying on a metal floor.

Xxx-Two minutes earlier - xxx

Sirens were blaring as people were running to the local vault three people, In particular, are running as fast as they can to get in. Well, two were running the third was being held by his parents. The two that were running are a man and a woman. The man was tall, tan, and had black hair. He is wearing a white t-shirt and black Jeans. In his arms is a baby wrapped in a blanket.

The woman had short brown hair, slightly sun-kissed skin, and was a little shorter than average height for women. She was wearing a teal blouse with white pants. She had large high c low D cup breasts and slightly wide hips. They ran until they got to the entrance. The entrance looked like a giant cog with a monitoring station off to the side. It was steel gray with yellow writing that said 'stand in the middle of the circle.'

" Get to the center! " yelled one of the Vault guards. Everyone did just that as they ran into the center. the guard then yelled to the one in the monitoring station. " Send it down! " just as the elevator started to go down a large explosion was heard and a large mushroom cloud. The man looked at his wife and said " I love you." The woman replied, " I love you too." Just as the hatch began to close a hole, in reality, he opened and spat out a boy with blonde hair wearing a shredded orange jumpsuit and orange pants. He hit the elevator floor hard causing a loud 'clang' that got everyone's attention, some even looked up to see the hole closing.

"What in the hell was that!?" One of the other people on the elevator shouted.

"It looked like some sort of portal." Another said before looking down. "Oh shit!" He yelled.

Everyone looks at what the man is looking at and sees the boy. One of the women who had medical training ran over to the boy and looked him over. After a few minutes, she said. "Don't worry he's fine. A few scratches and brews on the back of the head. The only thing that will help him is rest. I did find an ID on him, but it's in Japanese so I can't read it."

Everyone looks at the ID until someone speaks up. " I think I can make some words out. I'm not fluent in Japanese, but I know some. It says that his name is Naruto Uzumaki and that he's 14 years old. The rest is gibberish to me." The one who said this was the woman of the last family that got on.

The woman tending to the boy then spoke. " thank you, ma'am. That at least helps put a name to his face." She said as she reached for her hand.

The woman took her hand. " no problem, the name is Nora by the way." Said the now named Nora as she helped her up.

The woman who examined the boy took her hand and. "Thanks, the name Bella," said the now-named Bella as Nora helped her up.

After another three minutes the elevator stops, and the door lifts to reveal a door in the shape of a cog that has a ramp leading up to it. In front of the ramp, there was a man in a blue and yellow jumpsuit. He was about to say something, but he noticed the boy on the floor. "What happened to him?" He asked while beginning to move forward to check on the boy.

"He fell in just as the bomb explosion happened. He hit his head so he is out like a light. He was going to be part of the next group down." Said Nora as she came up with a lie to tell the staff. She shared it with the others so no one told a different story.

"Do you at least know his name?" The overseer asked. Wanting to know the name of the boy so he could put his name in the system.

"Naruto Uzumaki, he's 14 years old." Nora said before turning toward her husband and gave him a peck on the cheek. She then turned to her son and wiggled her fingers in front of his face. Making him giggle and giggle in baby talk.

" Well, at least we know what to put in his entire folder. Thank you for the information mam. Now please go right on up into the Vault. We will get him in after we get him out of these clothes and into the standard attire for the Vault." Said the overseer as he had the men standing behind him grab Naruto and take him inside.

Nora nodded to the overseer, and began walking into the vault. As she reached the cheek point the machine on both sides of the rales activated. After the guard nodded she turned left to a woman in the same type of jumpsuit the overseer was wearing. " please put this vault-suit on at the end of the hall. Please follow the doctor to your assigned decontamination pod." The woman said, holding out the suit.

"Thank you." Nora said as she took the offered jumpsuit. So did her husband as he was right behind her. She followed the doctor as he began to ramble on about how the vault and how advanced it was. She mostly turned him out, she was thinking about Naruto and how confused he would be when he woke up. Then she promised herself that she would help him get used to the new world he was in.

Soon they came to the pods. Before they could start changing the baby started crying. Nora walked over to her husband and son and started to bring the baby down. " shh it's ok mommy's here. I'm just going to be over here." Nora said as the baby started to come down. She then looked at her husband, she had this feeling that this was going to be the last time she got to say something to him. " I love yo." She said before turning toward the pod she was assigned to.

He looked at her and said. " I love you too." Before he too starts to change into the suit.

Nora stripped to her underwear and put on the jumpsuit. She then stepped inside the pod. The doctor then started to speak as the guards from before brought Naruto in and put him into the last pod just across and to the left of Nora's. "The pod will depressurize and decontaminate you and we will begin orientation after you're done." The doctor said before giving the sign to begin the process.

What no one but the staff knew was they were all in cryopods. Soon everything went white.

Xxx - 200 years later - xxx

Nora's POV.

The first thing that came to my mind was 'BREATH!' So I did. My vision was blurry. I could barely see anything, last thing I remembered was the doctor telling us what the pods did then everything went white. My ears were starting to work now and I could hear voices coming from down the hall. ' Finally, I hope we can get out of these things.' I thought as my sight returned. I saw a woman dressed in a hazmat suit go up to Nate and Shawn's pod.

" This is the one." She said pointing at the pod. A man in strange clothes goes to the other side of the pod. He looked at the pod and looked to his right past the woman in the hazmat.

" Open it." He said in a rough voice. Almost like sandpaper against metal. Soon the pod opened up and Nate started coughing. I can hear Shawn crying for me, he has a certain cry when he wants my attention. I started banging on the glass hoping he could hear me and maybe get the pod to open.

" What happened, are we safe?" Nate asked as he was looking around. Hoping for a good answer. You could hear the fear in his voice.

" Everything is alright." The woman replied as she reached out and started to take Shawn.

"No no I've got him." Nate said as he got a tighter grip on him. He started pulling back trying

The man that came with the woman pulled out a gun and pointed it at Nate. At this point, I'm desperately pounding on the door of the pod. ' Come on, come on open up you stupid door!' I thought about trying to open it.

" Let the kid go." The man pointed the barrel at Nate's head. He was going to kill my husband and kidnap my son right in front of me and I could do nothing about it. I was in tears at this point, that feeling before I entered this pod. This is what it was about. This is why I was feeling it. ' I feel so helpless. What are they going to do after they get what they want? Are they going to kill us? ' these thoughts and more filled my head. I don't want to die.

" I'M NOT GIVING YOU SHAWN!" Nate screamed while trying to keep a hold of Shawn not seeing the gun pointed at his head. Then it happened. 'Bang!' The shout went off. Nate's head shot back and his hands dropped. ' No, why is this happening to me? Why did it have to be my husband and son? I swear if I ever get out of here I will hunt these bastards down and get my son back.' I thought my anger was rising. Then a thought came to my mind. ' If Naruto is from another dimension maybe he can help me find them.' Just as I was being frozen again I heard the man say something that confused me. " at least we still have the backup." I looked up in time to see his face. He was bald and looked like he had been at war. He had a slash like scar going down his left eye. I will never forget his face, and that's a good thing.

xxx- 10 years later -xxx

Third POV.

Alarms are going off as the doors are lifted on two cryo pods. Both occupants fell out. Both were breathing very heavily. One was a young woman with huge breasts that the Vault-suit she was wearing barely kept them in was straining. The other was a young man who looked like he was 24 years of age. He had blonde hair and whisker marks on both sides of his cheeks.

These two were Naruto and Nora. For the past ten years, their bodies have gone through an intense change. The radiation from outside had been leaking through the vents into their cryo pods. For Naruto, it aged him to 24. It also gave him a boost to his healing factor. For Nora, it gave her a boost to her strength, but also her fertility. It also gave her more appeal to the opposite gender. Her once modest high c low D cup breasts, are now high F cup low G cups. Her hips were slightly wider too.

" ughh, man now I know how a popsicle feels like." Said Nora currently de-frosting as she stands up. She looks In front of her with a sad face. She goes up to the pod in front of her and presses her hand on the glass. " I will find Shawn. I'll get him back if it's the last thing I do." Said Nora before looking down at Naruto. That's when she notices the changes he's been through. " Good lord, what happened to him?" Before looking down at herself. " What the hell happened to me!?" She screamed looking at how big her breasts had gotten.

Then she heard a groan. She looked up to see Naruto shifting and trying to sit up. She goes over to him and helps him sit up. He opens his eyes and she sees that they are a bright blue. " Hey I don't know if you can understand me, but you are in a vault. You and I are the only living people here. We need to get out of here, but I need your help." Said Nora, as she was hoping that he knew English.

" yes I understand you, thankfully the academy taught us the language of the west. Do you know how I got here? All I remember is being in a fight and the next thing I know I'm in the cheapest jumpsuit I have ever felt. Sitting here talking to you." Said Naruto looking around at the pods around him. He was hoping that whoever used to run this place wasn't like that pedo snake.

"You fell in as the doors closed. There is an elevator that goes to the surface. The portal that brought you here opened and dropped you onto the elevator floor before closing. We were frozen for a very long time. I don't know HOW long though." Nora answered while beginning to help him up. So they were both on their feet and turned to the door. They began to walk forward, but before they got to the door Nora went to the terminal to check on the others to see if anyone else was alive, but they were all dead. She then checked for the reason, the reason they were all dead was that the life support was terminated to all but her's and Naruto's.

" that's strange, why leave us alive and kill everyone else? It doesn't make sense." Nora said before turning toward Naruto who was listening to her and trying to think of whoever killed everyone didn't think they would survive whatever happened on the surface for long or they were just stupid and Underestimated them. Either way, things were going to be rough from now on. It was a good thing Yoko trained him or he might have been in over his head.

" Whatever is on the surface they must believe we can't handle. It might be a good idea to search the vault for anything useful. Weapons, food, drinks, and anything that can be used as one of the three. We should also look for containers to put these items in. How knows maybe we can find a change of clothes because these things are some of the worst clothes I have ever worn. My old jumpsuit was better than this, and everyone hated it." Naruto said before walking up to the door. It atomically opened, scaring him a little he had never seen a door open by itself before. " What the hell!?" He yelled

" did you not have doors that opened atomically in your world?" Asked Nora going up to him.

" no, all we had was electricity and running water. Everything else was pretty primitive compared to this." Naruto answered before walking forward. They went into a hallway with three doors leading to different rooms. Naruto follows Nora as he didn't know where to go. Soon they come to a door with a cart with a toolbox in front of it Nora flips a switch, but there was a loud buzzing sound before a mechanical female voice said ' Malfunction in emergency exit door override.' Before going silent.

" Great, now we're going to have to find another way out." Nora said, glaring at the door. Looking around she saw that the door on the right leading to more cryo pods and what looks like some salvage. To the left was a door she assumed went deeper into the vault. " First we should check in the toolbox for anything useful. Then the room to our right. After that, we go through the door to our left, from what I can gather the door on our left goes deeper into the vault. I want to make sure we don't leave anything behind." Said Nora before going to look through the toolbox, only to find Naruto already looking through it. Next to him was a ball-peen hammer, a screwdriver, adjustable wrench, a regular wrench, a roll of duct tape, some paper, a bottle of ink, and a paintbrush. There were a bunch of Nuka-cola bottle caps.

"Already ahead of you, and if you give me a second I will have something for us to carry all of the things we find here. They are called storage seals, I'll teach you how to use them after we get out of here. But basically, we will only need to put them on our arms, once I taught you how to use them we will never have to worry about running out of space or how heavy something is. For now, I'm going to put them on me, as I'm the only one who can use them." Naruto said before putting some of his blood into the ink making it glow for a second before seemingly going back to normal. He then wrote the kanji for 'storage' on both his arms. He then sealed all the things he found in the toolbox into the seals.

Nora was amazed to see this. She had never seen anything like this, for items to disappear into thin air. Wherever Naruto came from they sure had a few ways to store their belongings. She then remembered that she never introduced herself. " oh sorry I never introduced myself. I'm Nora McKnight, I was a lawyer but that means nothing now I guess. Law and order probably went to shit a week after the bombs dropped." Nora said after introducing herself.

" I'm Naruto Uzumaki, Genin of Konoha. Though like you, my old job title doesn't matter anymore. Seeing as I can't go home anymore. It's likely that time has passed slower or faster than it did here. I doubt that anyone from my home is still alive."( A/N: I wouldn't bet on that Naruto.) Naruto said, before walking up to the door on the right. It opened up to more cryo pods, and Nora got to looking around trying to find anything useful. Nora found a backpack, more caps that she put in a small pocket in the backpack. Some clipboards and two coffee cups. She also found a brand new jumpsuit like the one she had on, it was still in the packaging.

Naruto found a backpack as well. He put several seals on it to make it hold more than it originally would have. He also found more caps, as well as some more ink. He also found a crate with what looked like body armor. He put the armor away in the seal in the backpack, he knew that they wouldn't need it until they were out of the vault. Next, he found a blue crate that had a bunch of tools and materials to make any weapons they found better. He also found a bunch of his old weapons from his world. All his kunai knives, throwing stars, and the senbon needles that he took as a reminder of Haku. He wished he could have saved her but she was pierced through the heart. There was no jutsu that could bring her back From that. (A/N: Haku was a girl in this universe. She died the same way she does in the show.)

"Don't worry about it Naruto-Kun. She would have wanted you to go on. We just need to get out of here, and build a new home. Maybe even help Nora find her new place in this world, as the world she knows is gone from what I can gather. From what I can figure out something really bad happened up there and it has affected the world in a big way." Yoko said through the mind link that she and Naruto had, a lot of things happened in Naruto's mindscape over the years he was frozen. One of them was that Naruto wormed his way into her heart, and became her mate. They had also been planning her release for the last 10 years and now he could get her out of the seal. They wanted to wait until they were out of the vault before letting her out.

See as there was nothing left in the room Naruto went over to Nora and joined her at the last door that they haven't been through, but thought to Yoko ' I know Yoko-chan, but it's still hard. She was the first girl I ever truly loved, only to have her taken by my so-called 'Sensei'. If there is one good thing about being frozen for so long is being able to deal with all the shit that I've been through. Not to mention, the other things that we were able to do.' Naruto thought as he could feel Yoko blushing. For the last who knows how many years. He and Yoko had been passing time by doing as many things as they could to advance their relationship as possible. From dates in his mindscape, to making passionate love for days on end. Soon he was standing with Nora in front of the Last door.

" OK I think that's everything that we will be able to find, hopefully we didn't miss anything." Nora said, turning to Naruto, pulling on the backpack that she found. Naruto follows Nora as the door is lifted to reveal a hallway. They entered the hallway to see a window and a guard station. In front of the window was a table, on this table were two security buttons. Both grabbed one, but as they grabbed them a giant Cockroach walked across the window scaring them both.

" I think I know why they didn't think we would survive outside. If the bugs are this big, just imagine how much bigger other things have gotten." Naruto said before walking up to the door. When it opened his instincts screamed for him to swing the button. When he did he felt a resistance like he hit something. When he looked at what he hit, he found that he had killed another one of those giant roaches. He had hit it so hard that all that remained was the back end of it. Naruto looked back at Nora and had to hold back laughing. Nora was standing there with her mouth open, she had never seen anyone who had reflexes like that. If that's the result of being a ninja from another dimension, she knew that she was going to get her son back.

" Well, at least I know that there is more than one of these things. We should be on the lookout for more, we don't want to end up like anyone else that may have gotten out and ran into a group of these things." Naruto said before looking at the guard station. He turned back to Nora who had recovered from her shock. "Did you check the guard station yet?" Naruto asked Nora who shook her head no.

Naruto walked into the guard station to see if there was anything that could be useful. He found a few more things like a stem pack, more caps, and more paper. He then looked at the terminal, it was on and unlocked. After a few seconds of trying to read the writing, he called Nora in to help him, as he was kicked out of class the day they thought how to read and write in English.

Nora came in and began reading the entries on the terminal. It seems that the overseer and the guards had disagreed with what they should do after the bombs dropped. The overseer wanted to wait for the all-clear signal. The guards wanted to go out because they were running out of food. It got so bad, the guards decided to perform a coop.

"It looks like they are all probably dead from starvation. They were running out of food and they couldn't get any because the overseer believed that they would get some kind of signal that they could leave. It got so bad they were going to kill him, he locked himself in his office along with the scientists. There should also be more weapons to grab as its likely that the overseer unlocked the door to his office after the guards died." Nora said before getting up from the desk and turning toward Naruto and the door " let's get going I don't want to be in this tomb any longer than I have to be. It's bringing up really bad memories." Nora said before going to the door. Naruto follows her and puts his hand on her shoulder stopping her. She looks back at him wondering what he wanted.

"If you need to talk about it I'm here for you. I've seen people like you who have lost someone they loved, just know that things can always be worse." Naruto said before walking down the next hall with Nora following him. She was glad that he was there for her, she didn't want to know what she would be like if he wasn't there.

" Thanks, Naruto, I'm just trying to get over the death of my husband. He was killed right in front of me as well as my son being kidnapped by the same people. I just want to get out of here and find my son. He is only a baby, and as he was being taken he was crying out for me. He always had this cry that only stopped when I picked him up." Nora said with tiers in her eyes, and letting out slight sabs.

Naruto felt sorry for her, a mother should never have to see her child kidnapped right in front of her and watch her husband killed in front of her at once. He's seen what that does to people. Back on the mission to wave country, Tsunami had told him of a woman who saw exactly that and committed suicide a week later. The child that was kidnapped was found dead in Gato's mansion the day after the bridge was built. She was found chained to a bed, naked and malnourished. It was obvious that she starved to death the two days before. More than likely used as a sex slave, until they had no use for her anymore then left to rot. She was only thirteen years old. It pissed Naruto off to no end, that a girl his age at the time. Would be treated like that and just left for Dead. On that day he made a vow to himself, that he would never let that happen again if he could anything about it.

Soon they arrived at what looked like a cafeteria with a dorm room off to the side.

"Let's look around. We might find something that the guards might have left." Naruto said before he started looking around the dorm part. While Nora searched the cafeteria part. There wasn't much in the cafeteria, mostly beer bottles and coffee cups. Nora then checked the bathroom finding bobby-pins and more stimpacks. She then checked the terminal to see if there was anything new to find. It seems that the guards used it to play red menace, but one entry caught her attention. ' Man I hate having to guard this thing. I don't know why they would put one of these things here. Whatever this G.E.C.K. Is, it better be worth it. The eggheads say it's supposed to absorb radiation from around it to clean a large area, but it causes a large explosion. But it has no timer so someone has to sacrifice him/herself to turn it on. One things for sure, it isn't going to be me.' After Nora finished reading this she knew that this G.E.C.K. maybe be a way to restore a large piece of land in seconds. But the explosion and having to sacrifice yourself to do it is a major problem. Maybe Naruto had a way to use it without having to make the ultimate sacrifice to do so.

Back with Naruto, he was looking through drawers and footlockers. Trying to find anything of use, he had found more caps and even found some old jeans and a redshirt. Now he is looking through an old footlocker and found something that looks like a giant watch. " What the heck is this?" Naruto asked himself before taking it to the doorway that separated the cafeteria from the dorm. " Hey Nora, do you know what this is? I found it in one of the footlockers." Naruto asked Nora holding up the strange device.

Nora looks up from the terminal to see what he found, and is stunned to see him holding a Pip-Boy. " Naruto where did you find this? The only person who had one of these on was the head scientist." Nora said wondering how he could have found it. As far as she knew there was only one in the whole vault, and if the scientists were in the overseer's office then this was a Pip-Boy that was taken by the guards. She walked over to Naruto and took the device.

" I found it in a footlocker in the dorm room. Right next to a loli porn magazine, I think it's from a country that is similar to mine in language as it was written in my native language." Naruto said before Nora put the strange device on his wrist. She turns it on and it lights up, hundreds of ones and zeros scroll up the screen. A man in the same type of jumpsuit they were in. He winked at him and gave him a thumbs up. Before the screen went to his health and any illness that he had. It says that he has an unknown energy inside him. The good thing is that he could read all this. It seems that the previous user programmed it in his native language.

" Well, it seems that one of the guards was from Japan. If you can read this, then your world may be similar to a country called Japan. He must have hidden it so that once he was able to find a way out, he could open up the vault door and walk out. Well since only you can read it, you can keep it. I'm sure the head scientist's Pip-Boy is around here somewhere." Nora said before she turned to look for anything she might have missed.

Naruto nodded and went back to looking around the dorm room. He found a lot of strange metal pellets. He put them in one of the seals in his backpack. He then went back to the cafeteria and met up with Nora. They walked to the door that led to the generator room. The giant roache from before was on the floor next to one of the generators, a bolt of electricity jumped from one of the coils and fried the roach. Naruto with a speed that Nora couldn't follow grabbed the roach and brought it back to Nora. He then brought out a knife and began to cut the meat out. " We don't know if we will be able to find food outside. It's best to get what we can get out of these things. " Naruto said before putting the meat in the same seal as the other roach meat. Nora nodded understanding what he meant. She didn't like that her next meal would be a giant Cockroach. But she didn't want to starve to death.

They decided to go around the generators to get to the other side; they killed five more roaches before going up the steps to the overseer's office. On the desk were a terminal, three stimpacks, a gun, and a box of 10mm bullets. Nora walked over to the desk and grabbed the gun and bullets, she looked back at Naruto. " you will need this, it's called a gun. You point it at enemies and pull the trigger, make sure not to point it at your alleys. It has a limited amount of bullets so you will have to reload it. Let's see if we'll be able to find the extra clips, so we can save time on reloading them. I'll check in the cage, you check the overseer's room. There has to be something left in there." Nora said after handing Naruto the gun. Naruto nodded and put the gun away in the seal on his wrist for now. He looked through the overseer's room, but only found some more ammo and some bobby-pins. He goes over to Nora who is looking for something.

" What are you looking for?" Naruto asked as he grabbed some of the extra clips that were set aside for him. There were two Piles of clips, one for him and one for her.

" I'm trying to find the key to that case on the wall. It appears to be a weapon of some kind, if we can get it out it might be useful later." Nora said, still looking for the key. Naruto looked at the case she was talking about and tried to hold back his laughter. He picked better locks when he was seven years old. He grabbed one of the bobby-pins and a screwdriver and began picking the lock. In seconds he had it open, Nora, who had heard the click of the case opening, looked up from trying to find the key. Only to see the case opened, and Naruto holding the weapon. She was astonished that he opened it, that was one of the best locks on the market at the time. For him to open it in seconds of her pointing it out, he must have been a master of picking locks. She dreaded thinking about all the things that Naruto could get into with this amount of skill.

Naruto seals the weapon into a seal on his left arm. " Well that was easy enough, that thing was simple to open. I hope that there are better locks than that out there, or it's going to get boring around here." Naruto said before looking at Nora who just shakes her head wondering why she was surprised. He did say that he was a ninja in his old world, so lockpicking should be one of the skills they were taught.

" well, that was one of the best locks on the market. So you will have to find another way to have fun. Let's hope that we won't have to deal with roaches anymore. I'm tired of dealing with these things, but there will probably be more outside of here. Also maybe we should collect all these jumpsuits, we could sell them to make a bunch of money to build up a home outside. I think I've found a way to help us out when we need it, but we will need to find a way to use it safely as it kills anyone that uses it. It's in that door to the right of the one that we use to get here. Anyway, I think we can open the door out of here with the terminal on the desk. Give me a second to open it and we'll be out of here." Nora said before going to the terminal and began to look through it. Five selections popped up, she found the one to open the door at the bottom. But one entry caught her attention. The entry marked 'Cryolator' she clicked it and a message came up ' I've long dreamed of making cryogenic freezing available in a portable, on-demand form. The Cryolator is my latest attempt. Thankfully we're in no short supply of the chemicals and components I need to tinker with the prototype. It's a nice way to occupy the time as we wait for the All-clear Signal.' Nora was not surprised at this. It would be a good weapon for going against robots later on. All the robots left behind would more than likely survive the blast, but their programming would be messed up. So a weapon like this would come in handy later. She exited the message and scrolled down to open the door, once she pressed the button the door opened. She stepped away from the terminal and followed Naruto into the tunnel. There they were met with more roaches. " I hate these things." Nora said before pulling her gun out of the holster and shooting all the roaches. Naruto goes and collects the meat, before following Nora down the rest of the tunnel. Soon they were at the main entrance, but as soon as they started toward the control panel they heard the sound of a door opening. They look to the left to see that the door that wouldn't open earlier was now open.

" Maybe the door wouldn't open because the overseer sealed it shut. So that the guards couldn't use it to open the vault door." Naruto said thinking if one of the guards had the means to open the door, the overseer would block them from doing that by making sure that they couldn't reach the control panel.

" You could be right Naruto. Vault-tec did make Pip-Boys, so it would make sense that anyone who had one could just open it themselves. The overseer must have known that the guards would try to open the vault themselves with the Pip-Boy they had so he locked the only other way out so they couldn't get out." Nora said before looking to the side to see if there was anything worth taking. She saw six full boxes of vault-suits, she looked at Naruto and asked. " Hey, Naruto could you please get those and seal them away. I know you don't like them, but I don't have the room for all of them."

" Sure, there were a lot of them in the other cryo chamber, I'll get them too so we can get rid of them all when we find someplace to sell them." Naruto said before he got to work sealing all the jumpsuits away. Just as he got finished sealing all the boxes at the entrance away he heard Nora shoot something. He quickly turned around to see her pointing her gun at another roach.

" I hate these things." Nora said sighing as she went to the skeleton of what must have been the head scientist and grabbed the Pip-Boy off its arm. She puts it on her wrist, after turning it on she pulls out a plug from the back of the Pip-Boy and plugged it into the control panel. The little door covering the button to open the vault opened and she pressed it. Alarms started going off as the machine used to open the door started moving soon the door was opened and the walkway extended out to the other side. She then called out to Naruto. " Naruto I got the door open! We can leave now, so grab whatever this left of the suits, and we can get out of this tomb." Nora yelled before walking to the beginning of the walkway.

Soon Naruto came back with the clothes he found earlier on. " Well, that's everything. I'm glad I found these, I just hope that we can find some shelter before night falls. I don't want to sleep in the open if those giant roaches are anything to go by." Naruto said before following Nora across the walkway to the elevator. Once they got to the center, the elevator started to go up.

" Where did you find those by the way? I didn't see you with them on until now." Nora asked looking over the clothes he had on. The shirt showed off his muscles well, and the jeans did little to hide the fact he was packing 'down there' the pouches that he had on his legs when he came in were back where they were before. She didn't know what they were for, but she knew it had something to do with being a ninja.

" In the dorm room, one of the guards had put all his old clothes in a box under his bed. For some reason I found women's clothes in one of the boxes under the beds, I'll give them to you after we can find some shelter. As I don't want you to think I'm a pervert. I might have been trained by two of them, I'm not going to be one. I've seen what happens to them when they are caught, and I don't want to think of what happens to them now." Naruto said before looking up and seeing light peeking in through the cracks of the door of the elevator opening. " Get ready we're about to get to the surface, be ready for anything." Naruto said as the door opened, the light blinding them. Soon they were able to see again, and what they saw shocked them. The grass was brown, the trees were dead and the water was still clear. But you could tell you couldn't drink it without purifying it. There was a small group of houses below them.

" let's see if we can use those houses for shelter for now. I'll see if we can use the scrap from the collapsed houses to make a new one. I have the ability to melt the metal into fresh slabs. So for now let's find a place to sleep." Naruto said to Nora who nodded, they began to walk down the hill.

They didn't know it, but this was the start of a new adventure that would test both of them in the days and years to come.

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