Second Chance at Life @nightwolf65
chapter 4

Secret revealed, The Scrolls, and a Talk with Uncle Copper

A/N: Hey guys and gals, we are back with a new chapter of SCaL. Now, this part is going to start off just as Naruto and Vixy pull out of the school parking lot for a moment for something I've been putting off. But before we start, I want to say something really quick. I'm thinking of changing my lioness OC's last name as I think I can do better with it. So she will be renamed, hopefully by the time I finish this chapter (today I started this 7/1/21.) I will have come up with something and put it at the end of the chapter.

Now some of you are wondering, what have I been putting off? The meeting between Naruto and Koyoko, A.K.A the Kyuubi. I've put this off long enough, and it's time for Naruto to meet his tenant. So with that revealed let's get on with the chapter. Remember to add this to your favorites and follow to get updated on when I post new chapters. it also helps me get through other chapters of my other stories, which makes me want to get to writing more chapters of this one more often. So start sharing this story with your friends on Discord and other places.

Bijuu speak "Hello"

Bijuu thought 'Hello'

Human/mammal speak "Hello"

Human/mammal thought 'Hello'

Writing in books, scrolls or letters in Japanese "Hello"

Summoning Jutsu and summons talking "Hello"

Writing in book and letters in English 'Hello'

Naruto was sitting in his car seat when he started to drift off into sleep. Vixy saw this and smiled. "Why don't you take a nap sweetie, I'll wake you up when we get home." Vixy told him before looking fully back at the road. She wanted her son to get some rest since today was a long day for him. The attempted kitnapping had probably taken a lot out of him as well.

Naruto didn't need to be told twice. In seconds he was fast asleep. Though a few seconds later he woke up in a sewer with two strange pipes going along the ceiling. These pipes lead to a cage with the kanji for "Seal" in the center of the double doors. 'What's going on here? One minute I'm on my way home, and now I'm in some kind of sewer. And why are there two pipes leading to a cage?' Naruto thought before going over to the front of the cage. There was a deep growl that came from inside the cage. 'Must be what's sealed inside, sounds a bit angry or annoyed.' Naruto thought before seeing an extremely large and long tail swish out of the darkness. The tail was orange with a black tip, and to Naruto, it was all too familiar to him. It was a giant fox tail. 'No it couldn't be, they said it was dead!' Naruto mentality shouted to himself.

The water of the sewer floor rippled and small waves came inside the cage. Water could be heard dripping off of something to the flooded floor below, and the sound of something moving behind the cage got louder. Soon another growl of anger/annoyance came from behind the cage. But this time, a large red slitted eye met two blue ones. "Why do you have to disturb my nap?" Koyoko asked in her deep male-sounding voice of her large form. She may hate how it made her sound like a tod instead of a vixen, but she knew that it would be needed for anyone that came into the mindscape.

Naruto steeled his nerves, trying to make sure that his voice didn't come out as more than a squeak. "What are you doing in here!? I thought my father killed you!?" Naruto shouted, he thought that the Kyuubi was killed by his father. At least that's what he was told by everyone, minus the fact that it was his father that did it of course.

Now that woke Koyoko up with a really foul temper. "I'm here because of your blasted father!" Koyoko shouted, still using her deep voice. Finally opening her eyes and seeing the young blond. She calmed down a bit before speaking again. "He is the one who put me here in the first place." She said with a sigh. "He could have let me go after I was released from that bastard with Madara's eyes. But instead, he used a suicide sealing Jutsu to seal me into you." Koyoko said she had no fear of cursing in front of Naruto as she knew he had heard worse. You don't live a life like his and live in the red light district, and not hear people curse. (AN: for those that don't know, a red-light district is a place where most prostitutes work and homeless people live. Cursing is commonplace there and hard not to hear.)

Naruto was confused and devastated. Why would his father seal the Kyuubi inside of him that day? Why would he condemn his son to such hatred? "Why? Why would he do that to me? Why would he put you inside me? Did he hate me? Did he think that-" Naruto asked, but was cut off by the giant fox in front of him.

Koyoko hated seeing Naruto like this. She felt guilty enough about the life he had to endure back in the village. She didn't want him to think his father hated him, compounding on top of that. "Kit!" Koyoko shouted, making him shut his mouth. "Your father didn't hate you, quite the opposite in fact. When he found out he was going to be a father, the first thing he did was hug your mother and spin her around." Koyoko said, not realizing that she was starting to use her normal voice little by little.

Naruto looked at the Kyuubi with even more confusion. "How do you know that? The only way you would know that is if-" Naruto said before trailing off and going quiet. His eyes went wide in shock and looked at the Kyuubi. "You were there." Naruto said in a trembling voice.

Koyoko nodded with a sad smile. "Your mother was my previous jinchuuriki, and trust me when I say she would be furious with the villagers right now. The second she finds out about what they did to you, is the day they will wish they were dead." She said before gaining a thoughtful look on her face. "Come to think of it, I don't know if she died that night or not. Though most jinchuuriki die when their Bijuu is ripped out of them, so she probably is." Koyoko said with a sad look on her face, not even realizing she was fully using her real voice by the end.

Naruto, on the other hand, did realize it and was more confused than ever. How did someone who had a deep male voice when they started speaking, suddenly have one of the silkiest, smoothest, and most feminine voices, he had ever heard. That doesn't usually happen unless. "You're a vixen aren't you." Naruto asked though it sounded more like a statement than a question.

Koyoko was shocked he figured out her true gender so quickly. 'How did he figure it out?!' she mentally asked herself. "How did you-?" Koyoko started to ask before realizing that she was using her normal voice. "Oh, now I get it. *Sigh* Yes I'm a vixen, though I wasn't always this way. When a Bijuu is first sealed, we take on the gender of our first container and stay that way for the rest of our life. So when I was sealed into my first container who was female, I now have to live the rest of my life as such." Koyoko explained sitting up in the water.

Naruto nodded in slight understanding. He supposed that made sense, though he didn't fully understand how that worked. "Ok, I think I get it. Still, it's good to know that they did love me and didn't lie in their letters to me." Naruto said with a happy smile, which was one of a fast-growing number of true happy smiles. he then looked around his mindscape "where are we anyway? The last thing I remember, I was on my way home from school and then I woke up here and found you." Naruto asked, looking around trying to figure out where he was.

Koyoko giggled a little. "We are in your mindscape, it is the only place we can meet while I am in the seal." Koyoko explained before turning toward the pipes on the ceiling. "The pipes above use are your chakra coils. The blue is your chakra, the red ones are mine, and the last ones I don't know what they are for. Though from what I've seen, it's likely a part of the gift Kami-sama gave you." Koyoko told him while pointing at each pipe.

Naruto was about to ask how he could change his mindscape when he started flashing in and out of existence for a few seconds. "What was that!?" Naruto yelled in shock and worry.

Koyoko spoke in a calm tone. "Relax, that was just your mindscape's way of telling you that you are going to wake up soon." She then noticed that he flickered again. She just hoped that she could see him again, and have more time to talk with him. 'And hopefully, it doesn't take as long to see him again this time.' Koyoko thought to herself.

Naruto thought of one last question before he had to go. "Is there any way I can speak to you again? You're the only one left that can tell me about my mom. And I would like to talk to you more, and get to know you." Naruto said while flashing once more. They were starting to get more frequent now.

Koyoko thought for a moment. "Well you could tear a part of the seal off, that will allow me to make a link between use. That way we can speak to each other when you aren't here." Koyoko told him, pointing at one of the corners of the seal.

Naruto ran up to the seal and tore about a third of it off. "There, it's done." Naruto said before he flashed one more time before he started disappearing.

Koyoko nodded. "It will take me a moment to make the link, I'll talk to you soon Naruto" Koyoko said before he completely disappeared from the mindscape. "Now to get to work on that link." She said to herself before getting to work.

Back in the real world

Naruto woke up to the feeling of a paw lightly shaking him awake. "Wake up Naruto, we're home." Vixy told him, making him look around in a groggy state. They were indeed back on his new family's farm, meaning that he had some time to look through the scrolls to see which ones he wanted to show Judy.

Vixy unbuckled Naruto from his car seat and helped him to the ground. "There you go Naruto, it will be a bit before Judy gets here so why don't you go upstairs, wash up, and change while I get dinner started." Vixy told him while shutting the truck door. "It shouldn't take long before dinner is ready, as it's going to be Mac Cheese and turkey chops tonight." Vixy said before grabbing her bag and an envelope that had her ultrasound photos in it. 'Four kits, four beautiful little kits! Oh, Naruto and Tod are going to be so happy! Now, all that needs to be known is if they are tods or vixens. But that mystery will be solved tonight when we are all gathered together around the table.' Vixy thought. She just hoped that she would be a good mother to them.

Naruto nodded and followed his mother inside the house. He went upstairs and got a change of clothes and went into the bathroom.

Meanwhile, at the Hopps borrow

Bonnie went into her personal study/office and locked the door. Her office is the only place where she can make the phone call she needed to make at this time. 'Hopefully, he will pick up the phone.' Bonnie thought to herself. She started to dial the number and the phone started to ring.

The phone rang a few times before the mammal on the other end picked up. "Hello Lexon attorney's office, how can I help you today?" A female voice answered over the phone.

Bonnie sighed. "Lilly, it's Bonnie, I need to talk to Alex immediately." Bonnie told Alex's secretary, she knew Lilly knew about her and Alex. Lilly was one of five, now six, mammals that knew about her affair with Alex. The others being her grandmother, Alex's other co-workers, and now Naruto. Bonnie is still trying to figure out how he found out. He hasn't been to the borrow, he doesn't know how to get there, and even if he did, it would be easy to spot him in a crowd of bunnies. 'Especially with that sun-kissed blonde fur on top of his head. That would be like picking out a bazooka from a table full of handguns.' Bonnie thought to herself.

Lilly gained a worried tone to her voice. "Did someone else find out?" She asked, Lilly knew that Alex and Bonnie were trying to keep their relationship a secret. She found out when she found Alex working hard on making up special divorce papers one night. She confronted him about it the next morning and he told her and everyone in the office about him and Bonnie. They were apparently high-school sweethearts until her father made an arranged marriage between Bonnie and Stu. To this day, Lilly still wanted to claw the old buck's eyes out.

Bonnie sighed again. "Yeah, someone found us out. Even mentioned him by his first name. Though I still don't know how yet, given he shouldn't have been hard to spot." Bonnie told her while looking down at her hind paws. She could hear Lilly's fur brush up against the reserver a bit like she was checking something.

Lilly looked to make sure that no one was in with Alex right now. But the only one she saw was someone who already knew about their relationship. "Give me a moment and I'll have you patched to him. I should probably tell you that Mort is with Alex at the moment. So don't be surprised when you hear a second voice there too." Lilly told her, getting ready to patch Bonnie through.

Bonnie let out a sigh of relief. She had talked to Mort with Alex a few years ago. He was a nice slow loris that supported her and Alex throughout the process they were going through to now. As Mort is one of the best divorce lawyers in Zootopia. Heck, most of the lawyers that worked with Alex were some of the best in their field of practice. "Thanks Lilly, I hate that I had to make this call but it needed to be made. Hopefully, I can get Alex down here sometime soon so I can introduce him to the newest person to know about our secret. From what I can tell, he is a nice kit. Not to mention he is very protective of Judy." Bonnie said. She knew that Naruto would probably be even more protective when their secret is fully out in four or five years.

Lilly paused for a quick moment. 'So it's someone Judy's age. Dang, must be really observant and smart to have figured it out. He's also smart enough to keep his mouth shut long enough to make sure he knows everything first. Must have been an early street kit, probably lived in a slums area somewhere too. That's the only way I see someone that young being that smart.' Lilly thought to herself before calling Alex's office phone. It didn't take long before he picked up. "Alex, you have Bonnie on line one. She says it's urgent, apparently, someone found out." Lilly told him, making sure he knew what was going on.

Alex could be heard dripping on the desk. "Patch her through Lilly, I want to know who it is and what's going on." Alex told her. This was definitely something that required his undivided attention.

Lilly switched back to Bonnie. "Patching you in now Bonnie." She told the doe before patching the calls to each other.

Bonnie sat on the couch next to the phone. When a hello reached her ears, she calmed down a bit. "Alex it's Bonnie, we've been found out by someone.'' Bonnie told him, she then grabbed a glass that she kept on the table next to the phone and poured herself a shot glass of German 1945 butterscotch rum.

Alex was worried this would happen. "I told you this was going to happen sooner than we thought. *Sigh* So who is it that found out?" Alex asked wondering who it was that caught them?

Bonnie took a sip of the rum. "You remember when I told you about tod and Vixy's adopted son?" Bonnie asked as she remembered that she told Alex about Naruto. She wanted to make sure her friends had some legal help in case something happened.

Alex thought for a moment. He recalled that conversation well. The kit was the first and only human known alive in the last millennium. "Of course I remember. Not every day a human shows up after God knows how long, and goes unnoticed. The medical, science, and archeological communities are having a field day with what Naruto has given to the hospital there. Most of the more eviler ones want him for examination and study. But the government isn't having it, they have put us on standby orders in case one of those guys get a wild hair up their ass.

Heck, just last week, we got a call that we will be the leading prosecutors in that mammal trafficking ring that was caught down there. Almost everyone on the city council in Bunny Burrow was involved in it. I'm really glad that they were caught, I don't want Judy or the others taken by those bastards." Alex said in a somber tone. He loves his kits, especially the ones that he was able to save. He never told Bonnie, but the two that she thought didn't make it were alive and well. He wanted it to be a surprise when he next went to visit her. As they were just let out of the hospital last month.

Bonnie nodded, she had heard about that. Especially since her sister was married to one of the council mammal's brothers. "Yes, well Naruto was the one who found out somehow. I still can't figure out how he did it though. He hasn't been here before, doesn't know how to get here, heck, he shouldn't even be able to walk or run the distance and hide from almost a hundred rabbits. And I know he isn't bluffing, he even mentioned you by name." Bonnie told Alex. She shook her head and sighed. "Hopefully we can get things settled so it doesn't get out any more than it has. Also, I do intend to get you down here to meet Naruto at some point. He's probably one of Judy's favorite friends to be around. Though if I'm being honest, I think she's starting to imprint on him." Bonnie said while thinking about some of the things that Alex told her about his species. It would explain the growl that a sleeping Judy sent her way a few weeks ago.

Alex was glad that he wasn't drinking anything right now, or he would have spit it out. "She's already imprinting on someone!? Sweet Kami above, she is maturing fast! Too fast if you ask me." Alex said. He hated how his little doe was growing up so fast. He was glad that he was starting the final processes to get Bonnie and their kits out of there. Sure, he plans to move to Bunny Burrow and live out the rest of their lives there. Heck, the reason he had Mort in here, was because of his plans to leave him in charge here. "*sigh* I guess if he is a good kit I shouldn't really mind. Though, I think this might accelerate my plans to move down there. Though I do have a surprise for you when I come down there in a few months." Alex told her, while looking at the picture on his desk.

The picture in question was of two kits. Both were female and had fox-like faces with rabbit-like ears and tails. One dressed in red while the other was in pink. They both had gray fur, but different colored eyes. The one on the left had Bonnie's amethyst purple eyes, while the other had soft brown eyes. Both looked to be around the age of five going on six years old.

Bonnie was excited and confused. She was excited that the true love of her life was coming back to Bunny Burrow. But she was also confused about what the surprise was. "Well, at least one good thing is coming out of this. I'm also looking forward to seeing what this surprise is." Bonnie said before looking at the clock. "Oh goodness, I have to go Alex, and Mort I know you're there. Keep him out of trouble you hear me. You know what can happen when Alex opens his muzzle before he thinks." Bonnie said in a stern tone. Mort was one of the few mammals that could keep her Alex in line when she wasn't around.

The slow loris let out a deep chuckle. Much deeper than one would expect from a mammal his size. "Don't worry Bonnie, I keep him from running his mouth. We all know what troubles his muzzle can cause." Mort said with a thick Madagassi accent. While Mort's English wasn't always perfect, it got the point across most of the time. It didn't help that his naturally huge eyes scare the hell out of some mammals.

Bonnie giggled when she heard an indignant growl from Alex and heard him mutter 'I'm not that bad.' "Yes you are sweetheart, always have been, likely always will be. Love you, Alex. " Bonnie said before hanging up. She got up from the couch and finished her rum. "Mamm(1) am I glad I'm not pregnant. Stu hasn't even realized I haven't gotten pregnant in a year now. Though, given how he hasn't tried to have sex with me in almost that long is quite impressive. But it does allow me to enjoy this stuff. I'll have to thank Bridget for recommending it to me." Bonnie said to herself before putting the glass back down on the end table next to the phone.

Bonnie was just about to walk to the door when there was a knock at it. She opened the door and saw that it was Stu. "Yes Stu, how can I help you?" Bonnie asked her husband, and she used the term very loosely. Bonnie knew what others whispered behind her back about Stu. Even by rabbit standards, he was a coward. She hated her father for forcing her to marry him. Though, even her dad was starting to admit he screwed up. She was with a strong, smart, brave, and handsome male before. Now, he has a coward of a son-in-law. 'Serves you right you insignificant prick. This is what you get for what you did. Maybe when you learn the difference between the children, you will truly see your fuck up.' Bonnie thought to herself.

Stu was a stout light brown buck with a cream muzzle and underbelly. He was wearing a green orange flannel shirt, blue jean overalls, and a green cap with a carrot on the front. "Well Bon-bon, I was wondering if it was going to be you, or one of your sisters that was making supper tonight? As it's getting close to when you usually get started." Stu said while looking at the clock on the wall behind her.

Bonnie shook her head. "No Stu, it's Jasmine's turn tonight. I'm getting ready to take Judy to a sleepover with one of her friends tonight." Bonnie said before moving past Stu to walk down the hall.

Stu looked almost excited. "Oh, did she finally find some real friends? I-" Stu started but was cut off when Bonnie's hind paw buried itself into his stomach. Stu landed on his butt and looked up, only to see blazing amethyst eyes staring angrily down at him. Making him shrink back into the wall behind him.

Bonnie was beyond pissed at what Stu just said. "You listen here you cowardly little shit. I will not have you talking about our Daughter's friends like that. I know from personal experience that most Rabbit does are as fake as they come in most friendships. I've had more predators stand by me during rough times than rabbits. When a predator can do the job of friends and family better than my own species. Then we have a lot of problems. I would rather Judy have hundreds of real predator friends, than a bunch of fake as can be Bunny friends. Because I know the predators will stand by her no matter what." Bonnie told him with a fire in her eyes. "Need I also remind you that most if not all my friends are predators as well. I can literally count the number of rabbits that I am friends with on two paws. I am at my wits end with your specieist bullshit, and it ends now.

From now on, anyone that starts spewing that crap is either getting a belt across their ass. Or if they are an adult, they will find out what I can do when I'm pissed off." Bonnie said before turning towards the T-split in the hall. "And you better make sure that word spreads about that you stupid gossip hounds!" Bonnie yelled as hundreds of paws started scurrying away from the angry matriarch.

Bonnie then marched down the hall, leaving a shaking Stu in her wake. What neither of them knew was they were being watched by an aging older buck. This was Bonnie's father, Harold Hopps. As he watched all that just transpired, he couldn't help but feel like he betrayed his daughter. 'I'm so sorry Bonnie, I really messed up with you. You were so cheerful and happy when you were with Alex. Now all I see from you is hateful looks at me and Stu. The only litter that I'll really seen your old smile from was-.' Harold's thought process was halted at that specific thought. The last time he saw Bonnie's old smile was when she had the litter Judy came from. And four months before that was when she and Stu got into a huge fight. But one thing also happened that month and the day she gave birth. Alex came into town for a few weeks each time.

Harold Hopps was a great many things. But he was not stupid to his daughter's feelings for Alex, he even caught the two kissing before he arranged her marriage to Stu. Though now he sees his error in that decision. It cost him the relationship he had with his little doe, and to him, that wasn't worth it. But back to the matter at paw, now that he really thought about it, Alex would always visit during Judy and her littermates' birthday. 'Could it be that Judy and her whole litter were actually fathered by Alex Lexon? It would definitely explain Jennifer's coloration given what species Alex is. It would also explain Jessica's strange fascination with canine culture as well. Not to mention Jimmy's crush on that little red vixen that came with her family last year.

All the signs were likely there and I missed them. My goodness am I getting old. Let it be known this day by me, the J litter will likely end up bigger and leaner than the rest. They will also probably be mated to predators at some point too. As I just can't see them with anything else at this point.' Harold thought to himself. He then walked off to find Jimmy, as he wanted to see if any of his older brothers or sisters were bullying him for his potential choice in mates. 'I should have just listened to you ma, you were right all along. Those two took after you with a vengeance, in both temper and main choice in mates.' Harold thought while walking towards the dining hall. His mother warned him about this, and now it was the time to pay the piper.

An Hour later at the Tweed farm

It was an hour before Bonnie and Judy could get here. The reason being that word got out to all of the most specieist members faster than the others. She, however, wasn't having any of their shit today, and planted her hind paws in the guts of almost every single one of them. She also warned them if she caught them teaching her kits such language. Well, let's just say there WILL be blood in the Borrow.

They just pulled into the driveway when the door opened. Out of the door came Tod, who had a huge smile on his muzzle. "Hey Bonnie, how're you doing today?" Tod asked, walking over to her truck. It was a 1998 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, it was one of the newer models that had four doors on it like his.

Bonnie just shrugged and got out of her truck. "Eh, it's been a so and so day. Me and Stu got in another fight earlier because of his specieist behavior and attitude. Theā€¦ jerk made a comment on Judy not having any "friends" that she could hang out with. Meaning he doesn't consider any predator friends she has made, her actual friends. That earned him a kick to his fat gut." Bonnie told him before going to the door where Judy's car seat was at and opened it. She smiled when she saw that Judy had fallen asleep on the ride there. "Wake up bun-bun, we're here." Bonnie said in a soft motherly tone.

Judy breathed in for a moment and opened her eyes. "Are we already there mommy?" She asked while stretching her limbs a bit.

Bonnie nodded while unbuckling her daughter's car seat. "Yep, but I want to have a quick chat with Naruto before you two go upstairs and play. That's what the paper you saw me reading was about. This is also a private conversation, so no listening in on it young lady." Bonnie told her daughter before lifting her up and out of the truck.

Tod heard what Bonnie said to Judy. "I see, well Naruto should still be up in his room right now. Said something about showing Judy scrolls from his old village. Though I don't know if she will be able to read them. From what I know, they are all in another language. Apparently, Naruto comes from a place that uses Japanese instead of English. From what I heard from Jonathan at the hospital, all of Naruto's medical records are in Japanese. Meaning he came from one of the smaller islands there, or an island near the continent." Tod told her, he still found it weird that someone would come so far to save one kit. He must have had some major importance to him for someone to come this far to save him.

Bonnie nodded before grabbing her daughter's bag from the back of the truck. It had a change of clothes as well as her nightclothes and bathroom supplies. (shampoo, fur conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a wood dowl to grind down teeth. As rabbit teeth constantly grow.) "Thanks Tod, I would probably have to put this up there anyways. Knowing Judy, she would probably end up crawling into bed with him by the end of the night." Bonnie said with a giggle. She could see the blush that was forming in Judy's ears.

Judy's ears were practically burning at her mother's comment. "Moooommyyyy, please don't embarrass me in front of Naruto's daddy!" Judy yelled, embarrassed by how her mother insinuated that if given the chance, she would always crawl into Naruto's bed. (A/N: she will.;))

Bonnie and Tod just laughed at that. Bonnie grabbed Judy's paw and they all walked inside. The smell of home Mac Cheese and Turkey filled their noses. "Vixy is in the kitchen making dinner. If you want, you can stay for Supper as she usually makes too much for all of us to eat. Though that has been a little less of a problem since Naruto got here. That kit is a bottomless pit I swear." Tod said with a shake of his head. Tod then looked at Bonnie. "I'll take Judy in the kitchen while you have your talk with Naruto. Though I don't know what he would want to talk to you about. As he rarely wants to talk to anyone he doesn't know well. Sure he may put on a smiling face, but I am starting to tell when it is a mask of sorts or not. Most of the time it's a real one is when it's when he is having fun with us or when Judy is around." Tod said, but said the last part more quietly so that only Bonnie heard him.

Bonnie nodded in understanding. Naruto was found on the side of the road. So it was likely that whoever put him there, probably put him there for a reason. "Judy, why don't you go to the kitchen with uncle Tod. I'll be down with Naruto when we are done with our conversation." Bonnie told her daughter. She could also use this as an opportunity for Judy to get used to being around the smell of cooking meat. As she will be around it more often in a few years.

Judy nodded. "Ok mommy, just don't take too long. I want to see these scrolls Naruto mentioned. They sound pretty cool to me." Judy said before heading into the kitchen with Tod.

Bonnie went up the stairs to Naruto's room. She knocked on the door and heard a 'come in' before opening the door. What greeted her was Naruto with his shirt off. But not just that, she gasped in horror when she saw the scars all over his back and on his shoulders. 'Sweet Gaia! How can a five-year-old have so many scars!? No wonder Vixy said she was glad whoever put Naruto on that road did it. If this is from just five years, how many would there be if he was there for longer!?' Bonnie screamed in her thoughts.

Naruto turned around and saw Bonnie looking at him with wide eyes. He knew what she was starting at, hard not to when they were still very fresh. He still had phantom pains from them at night sometimes. "Sorry, you had to see those miss Bonnie. I didn't realize it was you." Naruto said while putting a shirt on. He then turned himself around on the bed that he had been sitting on for the last ten minutes. "Again, sorry you had to see them. They are a lasting reminder of my old village. And before you ask, yes, my parents know about them. So does my doctor and nurses that treated me that night." Naruto told her.

Bonnie was surprised that he knew she would ask. Though, when she thought about it, his parents probably asked about them too. She could just imagine the pissed-off growl that would have erupted from Vixy's muzzle and chest. "It's alright Naruto, you didn't know it was me. But before we get started on why I'm here, I have to ask, does Judy know about them?" Bonnie asked, wanting to know if her daughter knew about his scars?

Naruto shook his head. "No, she doesn't know yet. Though I think she does suspect I have some. Since she knows that I went through the abuse of my old village. But she doesn't know how many there are or where to look. I'd kinda like to keep it that way for a while though. As I know she will probably start crying and I don't want to see her cry." Naruto said while trying not to think about Judy crying. That thought always made him want to just look for her and pull her into a comforting hug.

Bonnie nodded, she knew that Judy would probably do just that. Though afterwards she would also probably vow to bring everyone who put those scars on him to justice. "Yeah, I can see that. Thank you for that by the way, I hate seeing her cry too. Anyways back to why I'm here. How do you know about Alex? Better yet, how did you get into the borrow? As it shouldn't be hard to spot you out of a crowd of bunnies." Bonnie asked, still wondering how he knew certain things that he shouldn't.

Naruto smiled and did a ram sign. There was a poof of smoke, and when it cleared there were two Narutos. The look of absolute shock on her face was priceless to Naruto, making her laugh a bit. "Hahaha, that is half the answer to your question. This is called a shadow clone, it is a technique developed by one of the old leaders of my old village. Basically, whatever it hears or experiences is transferred back to me. The only thing that isn't transferred over is physical exercise." Naruto explained before the clone formed a few hand signs and turned into a pencil. It fell into Naruto's outstretched hand."And then that is the other part of your question." He said before tossing it to Bonnie.

Bonnie caught it and looked at the transformed clone in her paw. She then remembered the design from the other day when she was-. It then hit her like a ton of bricks. She had been holding Naruto's shadow clone when she was talking to Alex. "I was holding the clone. So everything it heard was transferred over to you. Though that leads to another question, why did you send a clone back to the borrow with Judy?" Bonnie asked with a tilt of her head.

Naruto got an angry expression at that question. "A few of your older kits have been harassing Judy for her choice of not being normal. Or at least normal in their eyes. Not to mention, I found out a few of them were planning on having some of the local bullies corner her and have her beat up. All because she doesn't want to be like other does, that only want to be housewives that do nothing but clean, cook, watch the kits, and watch TV all day. And keep in mind that these are her words, not mine." Naruto told her, the look he got from Bonnie showed she was appalled by what she was hearing. But sad that her daughter felt that was as well. "So I had a clone go with her to set them straight. You likely noticed the pranks that were pulled the day after your talk with Alex, that was me setting them straight." Naruto said, getting a nod of understanding from Bonnie.

Bonnie was furious and appalled with what some of her kits were going to do. "Naruto, if you could get me the names of the kits that were going to do that, I would appreciate it. I'm going to make sure they know that what they did and were planning to do is wrong. Also, I know that those were Judy's words. Those were the exact same words she used that day, when she announced her decision. Though I'm sad my little bun-bun doesn't want to have a family." Bonnie said with her ears drooping.

Naruto got up and gave Bonnie a hug. "It's ok, Miss Bonnie, and she didn't say that she didn't want to have a family of her own. She just said she doesn't want to be a housewife. Meaning she wants to have a career, and help take care of her family. I knew of several women back in my village that did that." Naruto told her, getting a smile in return for his efforts.

Bonnie loved how he worded his explanation of Judy's words. It told her that her little bun-bun wanted to have a family of her own, but she also wanted to be a working mom. Just like she wanted to be back in high school. She then hugged Naruto back. "Thank you, Naruto, for opening my eyes to what Judy really meant that day. Now I think you have some questions about me and Alex." Bonnie said before they both let go and took a seat on the floor.

Naruto nodded. "Yeah, from what I could gather from your conversation, I would say he is Judy's real dad. Well, her and her littermates' dad. That I know already, but I have to ask, who and what is he?" Naruto asked her, wanting to know who the father of his best friend was?

Bonnie sighed, trying to compose herself. "Alen was my high-school sweetheart. The only reason we separated was because of an arranged marriage between me and Stu set up by my father. It was five years ago when we met again. It was at one of the local restaurants in town, and Stu and I had just had a huge blowout fight. Alex was here in town working on a case here. One thing leads to another and a few months later, Judy and the rest of her litter entered the world. As for what Alex is, he is the top child abuse lawyer in Zootopia. But he has been in several hearings lately that regard other subjects." Bonnie told him, while explaining what her lover did for a living.

Naruto nodded in understanding. He had seen perfectly good relationships torn apart because of arranged marriages."Ok, now I understand how that happened. But I don't think you understood what I meant by what is he. I meant what species is Alex?" Naruto clarified, making sure she didn't misunderstand him this time.

Bonnie blushed at her mistake. "Oh, silly me. He is a gray fox, that is part of the reason not many mammals knew about our relationship. Though many suspected we were together. Heck, during lunch one day, someone yelled for him to just kiss me already and get it over with. It was that freaking obvious." Bonnie said with a giggle, remembering that day well.

Naruto nodded, finally starting to see the whole picture. Separated lovers in a forbidden relationship meeting after so long. With the girl just having a fight with her arranged husband not long before. Which all leads to a night of love and passion, that then leads to her having his kids. It was like those cheesy romance novels you find outside in a bookstore display case. "Well, that explains a lot about Judy. Though, that still doesn't explain her growl. If I had to describe it, it sounds like a really angry tigress protecting her cubs." Naruto said, wondering how Judy had such a growl.

Bonnie shrugged her shoulders. "We can't even explain it. Alex thinks it might have something to do with some of his ancestors being adopted as orphans. So it may be something that was passed down and is just showing up again now. (2) So it might be possible that there might be some tiger in her somewhere. Because I doubt it comes from my side of the family. The only one I know of on my side to try to be with a predator was my grandmother. But she was with a badger, not a tiger. But even then, nothing ever came of it because he was murdered before they could try to have kits." Bonnie told him. She felt sorry for her grandmother, as she and her were so much alike it was scary to most of the family.

Naruto looked her up and down and shook his head. "I have trouble believing that last part. But if you say so. Though, one thing bugs me, how aren't you freaking out about my abilities? And why aren't you asking more questions?" Naruto asked, wondering why all that he has revealed didn't freak her out, or make her ask him a bunch of questions?

Bonnie giggled sheepishly. "Well, part of it is because I know this is likely one big secret. Otherwise, you probably wouldn't be hiding it as you have. Another part is because you are keeping my secret. Which I thank you for. And the last part is because most things don't really surprise me anymore. Heck, I have a daughter that has appeared to ask me something and disappeared when I answer. Scares the crap out of me when she does it too." Bonnie said, while thinking about said daughter. Lucy was a strange one, that was something everyone in the Hopps borrow could agree on. Her interest in things of the occult didn't help either.

Naruto shrugged at this. He still doesn't understand how she wasn't freaking out. But it was better than her calling him a freak. Naruto looked at the alarm clock on his bedside table and saw they had been talking for fifteen minutes. "Well, looks like we need to get downstairs. Dinner should be ready soon and mom is probably going to try to come up and get us. Though, I will say this. I think Judy also overheard part of your conversation with her true father. As she mentioned overhearing you talking on the phone to someone. She normally wouldn't care unless she overheard something that involves her. So I hope you were going to tell her sooner rather than later." Naruto told her before getting up and walked towards the door.

Bonnie was shocked, to say the least. She didn't realize Judy might have heard her conversation with Alex that day. 'Oh shit, I didn't think about if Judy might come back for the pencil that she left. She must have heard part of the first part of the conversation I was having with him. Now she's probably going to question me about it. She probably won't stop until I tell her either.' Bonnie thought to herself. She got up from the floor and followed Naruto out the door.

They both made their way downstairs and into the kitchen. They saw Judy helping Vixy with the Mac Cheese, while Vixy herself was keeping a watchful eye on the turkey chops. Turkey was a very complicated meat to get right at times. As certain ways of cooking it, can make the meat very dry if you aren't careful. (3) "Now Judy, you have to be careful with turkey. Too long on the heat and it will be very dry. But too short on the heat and it will still be raw. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem, but I've learned that humans don't have the stomach to process most raw meats. The only ones they can process are certain types of fish." Vixy told Judy before flipping the six chops over to check the other side. She then put the finished chops on a plate that was stacked with about fifteen other Turkey chops.

Bonnie shook her head at this. "Vixy, you still have that habit after all these years and still haven't shaken it off." Bonnie said. She knew Vixy had a habit of making too much food at a time.

Vixy's ears were red with embarrassment. "Well, I can't help it. I'm just so used to making large meals for so long that it just happens without me realizing it. Though this time I do have an excuse since I knew you, Judy, and Copper were coming. Not to mention that I do remember that day eight years ago." Vixy said with a smug smirk. She was referring to when she dared Bonnie to eat a turkey chop sandwich years ago. Bonnie did it and found she liked it. From that day on Bonnie was known as 'Bonnie the carnivore rabbit'. It was a nickname that she would never be able to live down, at least, if Vixy and the rest of her friends had anything to say about it.

Judy looks at her mother in confusion. "What is she talking about mommy?" Judy asked while tilting her head to the side cutely.

Bonnie gave an annoyed grown. "She's talking about a dare I took a while back that ended with me gaining a nickname afterward. Vixy and the rest of our friends will likely never let me live it down either." Bonnie told her daughter while glaring at Vixy. She still hated that nickname with a passion.

Naruto let out a chuckle and walked over and decided to help set the table. As he did this, Vixy told Judy to help him as she was finished making all the meat for tonight. Judy came up to him and they placed plates and bowls around the table. However, Judy did need some help because of her size. She had to stand on the tips of her hind paws to reach over the lip of the table. So Naruto used his foot to move a step stool for her to use around the table. When the table was set, Naruto and Judy went out of the kitchen and into the living room.

On the coffee table, we're five scrolls, one was rather large and had pictures of ravens on it. Another had "Japanese lessons'" written on the sides in both English and Japanese. The next one had a whirlpool symbol on it, and had the words "mask temple" written on the sides. The fourth one also had a whirlpool symbol on it but had the words "Genjutsu'"on it. The last one was much larger than the rest, and had the words "Taijutsu and Ninjutsu" written on it.

Judy was amazed at how big some of the scrolls were. But the one that caught her attention was the Japanese Lessons scroll. She remembered what Naruto's dad had said about most of the scrolls there. That they were all in a different language and how he couldn't read them. So the Japanese lessons scroll might be her ticket to not only understanding what the scrolls said, but also help her understand Naruto more. "Wow Naruto, some of these scrolls are huge!" Judy exclaims while running over to the coffee table to check out the Japanese lessons scroll.

Naruto walked over to her and sat down on the couch. "I've been using that one a lot recently. Because there are words I still don't know in some of the scrolls. Though there were two more for some reason." Naruto said before seeing a smile form on Judy's face. "I'll let you have one of them, as I don't need three of them. But I do think you should hide it from most of your siblings, as it could be used for the wrong reasons." Naruto told her, since he knew that some of the later lessons were more advanced and had curse words in them.

Judy nodded, she knew that some of her more greedy, and self-entitled siblings would try to take it. It was a problem in her family because of her spineless father. "No need to worry about that Naruto. I know how mean some of my jerky brothers and sisters are. Some even think they deserve everything the younger kits have or anyone else has in some cases." Judy told him with a frown. "I learned to never take anything new out in front of them. That way I don't have to deal with them." She said while crossing her arms with a pout.

Naruto found her pout extremely cute. He then got up, went up behind her, and hugged her to calm her down. "Trust me Judy, a lot of things are about to change soon. One of the things I talked to your mommy about was their attitude. It shouldn't be long before the brats learn their lesson." Naruto whispered into her long ears. He dodged her ears when they sprang up and nearly slapped the bottom of his chin. (Note: Judy's head at this point comes up to Naruto's lower chest. Her ears are just long enough to slightly slap the bottom of Naruto's chin.)

Judy looked up at him with a bit of hope in her eyes. "Really?" Judy asked with a slightly trembling voice. Hoping to whoever would listen that at the very least she could count on her mother. Especially in situations where certain siblings became a problem.

Naruto nodded and turned her around so she could face him. He knelt down on one knee so he was at eye level with her. "It is up to your mom on what happens next. But from what I see, I'm willing to bet she makes a lot of changes soon." Naruto said before he felt Judy practically tackle him. She was almost balling her eyes out in joy. He knew this because of a sense he had developed a while back.

Judy nuzzled Naruto's chest while crying. "Thank you so much, Naruto! You don't realize how much this means to me!" Judy whisper shouted. She couldn't explain it, but something felt like it clicked inside her. Almost like some sort of hidden instinct just unlocked itself in her. As her instincts were telling her to nuzzle his shirt and rub her scent into it. Which she did just that.

Naruto just smiles and rubbed her back. "Sssshhh, it's going to be ok now Judy. It's going to be ok." Naruto said softly.

Just out of sight, Bonnie and Vixy were watching and listening to the human and bunny duo. They had just barely caught wind of Judy's crying and went to see what was the matter. But when they heard Judy's whisper shout they knew her tears were tears of joy.

Naruto then looked at the largest scroll in the pile. It was the scroll with pictures of ravens all over it. "Judy, can you get up for a moment, I want to show you something." Naruto asked her, feeling her nod in response before letting go and she got up. He stood up fully before going over and grabbing the scroll. It took him having to use both hands because it was so heavy for him. As the scroll was about as tall as Judy and twice as heavy as her.

Vixy, Bonnie, and Judy watched as Naruto placed the massive scroll on the ground, and unrolled it. The inside of the scroll had a lot of Japanese words at the top of it. But the main thing that caught Judy's eyes were what looked like names set in a line. There were two spaces that were empty. "What is it? It definitely looks cool, but I don't know what any of it says." Judy asked while looking over some of the more notable things on it. Like the raven symbol that looked like a raven swooping in to grab a mouse or something.

Naruto got on his knees in front of the scroll. "The main thing I know is this was some kind of contract my clan had. It tells the story of how my great-great-great-great-grandfather grandfather met a raven when he was young. How he helped nurse it back to health, and released it after it was well enough to fly again. Then one day, when he was fighting a group of bandits the raven came back to help. But with it was a massive raven the size of this house. They fought off the bandits together, and this contract was gifted to him. It says that those who sign it that are of his clan must only use the hand signs here." Naruto said, pointing at the hand signs at the top right of the scroll. "That the ravens would aid them in a time of need. Along the middle and bottom of the scroll are names of my family that signed the contract.

Though, if someone outside the clan wants to sign it, they will be betrothed to either the current holder, or the prince of the clan." Naruto said before noticing something odd. "Wait a minute, why is that name red while the others are black?" Naruto asked himself before opening the scroll further. "If the names are red that means the one who signed the scroll is alive. If the name is black that means they are dead." Naruto read aloud in his native tongue. Confusing everyone listening to him read. Seeing Judy's confused look, he explained, this caught everyone listening off guard.

Judy was absolutely shocked. It made her realize that her friend might have at least one person left in his family. "Is there any way to get in contact with them?" Judy asked, wanting to know if it was possible for her friend to at least send a message to this mammal?

Naruto thought for a moment, then he remembered how birds can be used as messengers. "There is one way, though it's going to hurt a bit." Naruto said before biting his thumb till it bleeds. He then signed his name on one of the empty spaces. He put his hand on the bottom of his name, making a handprint appear in red. Showing that the signing was complete.

Just as Naruto finished signing the contract there was poof of smoke. Once it cleared, a raven the size of a small dog was standing in front of the contract. The raven looked around in confusion before looking down at the contract. Seeing the new name, and the hand that was still on it. "Hmm, a new summoner, interesting." The raven said, before looking up at Naruto. "It's a pleasure to meet you eeh." The raven looked at the name again, looking at the name. But the bird did a double-take and reads the name again. "Naruto, but that was the name." The raven's eyes became wide as saucers and looked straight at Naruto. "Naruto-Kun, give me a moment, I must contact the elders really quick." The raven said before disappearing in a poof of smoke.

Everyone who saw this was extremely confused. "Naruto, what was that just now? Also, why did you bite your finger, and write what I think is your name in blood?" Judy asked with a raised eyebrow.

Naruto chuckled sheepishly. "Well, that's the only way to sign these. According to the scroll, it's a special type of contract that needs to be signed with blood for some reason." Naruto told her while rubbing the back of his neck. "It doesn't hurt that I heal really fast." He said showing her the thumb that he bit was already completely healed.

Bonnie and Vixy heard everything. Bonnie gave Vixy a look that said. 'You go, I'll get them.' And Vixy nodded and went back into the kitchen. It wasn't long before there was another 'poof' and three ravens appeared this time. Though the other two looked much older than the one in the middle.

The Oldest raven walked around the scroll. He was about the size of a large fox from this world. "You say your name is Naruto Uzumaki correct?" The old raven asked.

Naruto nodded his head. "Yes, that is the only name I have ever had. From what I know, my mom and dad named me after a character in my godfather's first book." Naruto answered, since he read his father's letter to him. Which had an explanation on how his parents came up with his name.

The elder raven nodded. "Yes, that is what I remember lady Kushina telling me." The old raven said with a chuckle. "I am Jinwu, the head elder of the raven summoning contract. I also have questions of where we are? As I don't remember the elemental nations ever having walking talking rabbits." Jinwu said while looking behind Naruto at Judy. He also saw Bonnie looking at him from around the corner. "You can come out miss, I can see you over there" the old raven said looking directly at Bonnie.

Bonnie came out from behind the wall and walked over. She was a bit embarrassed for getting caught by the bird.

Naruto was slightly shocked Bonnie had been watching. Though, given that she probably heard Judy earlier, he understood why. "We aren't in the elemental nations. From what I know, Kami-sama had to replace humans in this world. So in a fit of wisdom, Kami-sama decided to use the animals of the world as the replacement." Naruto explained to the bird, getting a nod of understanding in return. He then turned toward Bonnie. "Can you take Judy to the table, Miss Bonnie? There is something I need to talk to them about, I'll explain this later to you two." Naruto asked her, getting a nod from the mother, and watched them leave the room.

The younger raven that wasthe first to appear earlier spoke next. "Naruto-Kun, I want to ask, do you know that your mother is alive?" The young raven asked with a raised 'eyebrow'.

Naruto shook his head in shock. "No, I was told she was dead. Even the Kyuubi thought she was dead." Naruto said with tears in his eyes. Starting to think his mother might have abandoned him.

The other older raven steps towards Naruto and hugs him. "Sshhh, it ok Naruto-san. I can already tell what is going through your mind, and know that isn't what happened. Your mother does love you and didn't abandon you. She was told by the Konoha elders that you died that fateful day." The old raven told him with a feminine voice.

Naruto returns the hug. "Thank you, your right, those thoughts were starting to fill my mind. And thank you for telling me about what those jerks did. Can you please tell my mom that I'm alive here and being well taken care of? I don't want her to be sad anymore, and not knowing I'm alive." Naruto asked them, thinking about how sad his mom probably was thinking he was dead.

Jinwu nodded. "I can do that, but first, I should explain the main requirement of being our summoner. All we ask is for is a bag of birdseed and summoning one of us for sage training later on." Jinwu told Naruto. Before pulling out a scroll from a satchel under his wing. "This is the beginner's scroll for the raven Taijutsu style. When you need the next one, summon young Yatagarasu here and he will get it for you." Jinwu said, pointing at the now named Yatagarasu.

Naruto nodded while taking the scroll. "Thank you Jinwu-san, I'll try to make sure to do that." Naruto said before looking towards the hall that leads to the kitchen. "I think I should go, my adopted parents, Miss Bonnie, and Judy are probably wondering how much longer I'll take." Naruto told them, getting a nod in response from the three ravens.

Jinwu then pulled out another scroll. "This is a special scroll, it was just recently made by one of our Funinjutsu masters last month. It is made to send messages to another scroll that it is connected to and it works both ways. We will be giving the other one to your mother, so that you two can at least have a way to communicate with each other." Jinwu told Naruto before he and his fellow elder reverse summoned themselves back home.

Yatagarasu then stepped forward. "Have a good day Naruto-Kun. I will deliver your message to your mother in a few minutes, as I need some time to get things situated back home. As I know Kushina-sama will be livid to know she was lied to. She may be one of the nicest summoners we've had in a while, but she still has your clan's temper." Yatagarasu said, getting a nod of understanding from Naruto before reverse summoning himself.

Naruto then put the scrolls down on the coffee table and rolled the summoning scroll back up. He then put it back with the rest of the scrolls. Once that was done, he went to the kitchen to eat his dinner before anything else could happen.

Naruto just got into the kitchen and sat down next to Judy when the doorbell rang. Vixy got up, and went to the front door. She opened the door and saw Copper with his old partner when he was just a deputy. Copper's old partner was a male Doberman the same age as him. Like most Dobermans, he was extremely tall, had the typical black and brown fur, short stubby tail, and had a look that said 'I don't take shit from anyone.'

Copper smiled at seeing his friend. "Hey Vixy, sorry to disturb you guys but with the incident at the school requires our attention. We'll just get his statement before we go to Bonnie's to talk to Judy." Copper said, giving her a tip of his stetson.

Vixy nodded in understanding. "Yeah I can understand that. Also, evening Jaxon, how are Lilly and the pups?" Vixy asked.

Jaxon gave a slight smile, breaking his usual stern look. "Hey Vixy, they're doing fine. Lilly has been running herself ragged today because little Macy. She's been really fussy lately, she's acting like she's seeing and hearing things that aren't there." Jackson said, while having a thoughtful look on his face. He had heard about mammals that were born with a 'veil' over their eyes and ears when they were born. It's said that it is a blessing and a curse, because those mammals are subject to spiritual attacks. (A/N: this is actually true. I know a few people like this, my aunt on my dad's side included. And they are constantly attacked because of it. So if you see someone talking to themselves, they might not just be some crazy person talking to themselves. They might just be talking to someone dead, or some other spiritual being.)

Vixy nodded. "I guess that's understandable, maybe she just has really good hearing? I had a friend like that once. She could hear for miles in each direction, no one could ever get the jump on her no matter what. She escaped that accursed country, but was killed a couple years ago when at the bank at the wrong time. Some goats robbed the bank just as she was about to leave. I still feel sorry for her kits and mate that she left behind." Vixy said with a sad look on her face. She really missed her friend, they were close and she was named the godmother of her friend's kits if their father was ever killed.

Copper nodded sadly, he remembered that call well. 'That goat bastard better count his blessings. Because I would have made sure that he never saw the light of day again. I'd like to see how he liked being put in the predator only prison yard, while spewing his specieist bullshit. He would be skinned within the hour.' Copper thought to himself. Clare was like a sister to him.

So when he heard that some specieist piece of shit shot and killed her. He raced over to the scene as fast as his car could carry him. When he got there, he found out that the goat had simply shot Clare because she was a predator. Not just because she was a gray fox, but because she was a predator in general. Though, in his mind, the goat got lucky when he was shot and killed when he pointed his gun at the responding deputy. Who just happened to be a mountain lion.

According the the deputy, the goat was shouting about how he would use the money he stole, to fund Anti-predator groups across Zootopia. Starting with the genocidal extermination of all foxes. It was at this point that the goat pointed his gun at the deputy when the deputy fired his gun. The deputy unloaded his revolver into the goat. No one in town complained, as the goat also got on the bad side of most of the town. (A classic game of: Play stupid games win stupid prizes.)

Jaxon nodded sadly as well. He and Clare were quite close, some even suspected them of dating, until he started dating Lilly. Then all the rumors of the two dating stopped. "Yeah, I remember Clare. I just wish she didn't got to the bank that day. Maybe she would still be here with us, she would still probably yell at me for not keeping my tie straight or something. But I'd give anything to see her smile again, she was practically my little sister. And there isn't a day I miss her." Jaxon said with a sad tone in his voice.

Vixy and Copper nodded at this, as the wished the same thing. "Well, come on in. We were just about to start dinner when you rang, also Bonnie and Judy are here, so you don't have to go by the borrow." Vixy told them, getting a nod from the two dogs. They went to the kitchen where everyone else was sitting. There were still two chairs left at the table after Vixy took her seat next to her mate. The two dogs took the two remaining seats and everyone dug in.

Copper couldn't help but chuckle. "Still always making extra as always I see. Good thing too, as Marisa said she was taking the pups out for dinner. Not to mention, her food is always best fresh. The only good long term recipe she has is chicken and dumplings." Copper said before looking over at Naruto, while ignoring a flustered Vixy. "So Naruto, I heard about the incident at school today. Excellent aim and instincts by the way. One of your teachers thinks you should be put in sniper training when you're old enough. Though I know Vixy won't let you." Copper said with a grin.

Vixy nodded at this. "You've got that right. I won't let them turn my kit into a killer." She said with her arms crossed underneath her chest. "Why would they say that anyway? I know Naruto's luck is terrifying, but what did he do to have one of his teachers say that?" Vixy asked, wondering what her son did to get that kind of recognition?

Copper started chuckling before bursting out into a full blown belly laugh. "He pretty much blindly hit their attempted kitnapper in the family jewels. With nothing more than a rock, might I add. The EMTs took a look, and said that there was a bruise dead center mass. The amount of accuracy it takes to do that, even with his massive amount of luck, is incredible. But that's beside the point." Copper told them, getting wide eyed stares at him from almost everyone in the room. The only ones that weren't were Jaxon and Naruto himself. Copper took out a notepad and pen. "So Naruto, what was it that tipped you off that someone was aiming at you?" Copper asked, getting ready to write down whatever the boy said.

Naruto shrugged. "I've kind of gained a sense of when someone wants to hurt me. It comes with being a pariah in my old village I think. As you saw my medical record. Also, the glint off the thing on his gun didn't help him." Naruto told him, while trying not to make eye contact with Judy, who was staring at him. She had a look of, 'we're going to talk about this later, whether you want to or not.' look on her face. Naruto glanced at her for a second and cringed, before nodding. 'I hate that she has that affect on me.' Naruto thought to himself.

Everyone just gave Naruto a sympathetic smile. 'Poor kit learns fast, Judy eventually finds a way to wear everyone down... eventually.' All the adults thought at the same time. They all knew how Judy worked. She will always ask the right questions, trying to make you slip up, and when you do, she will ask about it.

Copper finished writing Naruto's statement down. "Alright, I can work with that. Now, the kit that got hit with the dart, did you know him from class? I'm asking this because his mom seems to think you do or something. Don't know why, given that even at an early age he seems like a douche. And don't get me started on his mother, a witch shrieks less than her." Copper said with a shudder. He never knew how females like that could possibly exist. That rabbit put howler monkeys to shame for fuck sake.

Naruto shook his head. "Never talked to him no. But if I'm being honest, he looks more like the type of pretty boy that will eventually go emo. You should have seen the amount of does following him into the classroom today. It was like watching a flock of sheep back in my old village. The Big strong ram goes somewhere, and the ewes follow like moths to a flame. And great, I thought I escaped females that were worse than howler monkeys when I was taken from my old village." Naruto complained with a sigh. Getting looks from everyone at the table. Naruto saw this and decided to explain. "*sigh* There was a family back in my old village called the Harunos. The best way to describe the females of the family are louder than a howler monkey, gold diggers, and if rumors are to be believed, are secretly Banshees. They are also one of the most disliked families in the village because of their obsessive shrieking.

You can usually spot them easily through, as their bright pink hair sticks out in a crowd. I met the daughter of one when I started the Academy the day I was taken from the village. Let me put it this way, a pig squealing makes less noise than she did, and that's saying something." Naruto said while holding his head. He was getting a headache just thinking about Sakura. He then felt a small paw rubbing his back. He looked to his left and saw Judy giving him a sympathetic smile.

Copper shuddered while jolting down what Naruto told him, and made a note to gage any human females with pink hair. He didn't want to have to deal with that at all. "Got it, and thanks for the tip off. If we ever do find any more humans. I at least want to check with you on whether, or not they were one of the ones that hurt you." Copper said. He then remembered something important that he needed to tell Naruto. "Oh, I just remembered something. Naruto, I was told to give you this." Copper said before pulling out a large book from inside his jacket. The title of it was 'The Guinness Book of World Records' . He flipped to a specific page and showed it to Naruto and Tod.

"For years, Fidel Castro held the world record for most assassination attempts on his life. But his record has finally been shattered like paper thin glass. It brings me great joy and sadness, to award the world record for most assassination attempts on one's life, to Naruto Uzumaki-Tweed. The recently discovered human, has had 5,363 attempts on his life. For what reason is unknown, but in this representative's opinion, it can't possibly be good enough. Not when young Naruto is only five years old.

For Naruto to have this amount of attempts to happen. They would have had to start when he was born. And then it would have to be multiple attempts a day every other day. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised that Naruto is immune to most of the poisons and venoms in the world at this point.

We asked if the government of Naruto would have make sure that mammal traffickers wouldn't get the poor kit? The reply we got back was that they were doing everything in their power to make sure that didn't happen. That it would be a cold day in hell, when they got him. Which puts some of my fears as well as many others, at rest."

Tod and Naruto were shocked. Tod because he never thought that his son would hold a world record. Though he had mixed feelings about it. He was proud of his son because he has survived so many attempts on his life in his five years of life so far. He also knew that would attract a lot of attention from multiple females of many species. Especially species that value strength, endurance, and the ability to survive harsh conditions. So he was expecting a lot of arranged marriage proposals for some of the more wealthy lion families in the pride district over in Zootopia city.(3) On the other paw however, he was sad his son had to go through such hatred and hardships.

Naruto however, was shocked at the number in general. "Hmm, I didn't know it was that many. I kinda lost count after ten or twelve, but that's as high as I could count back then." Naruto said with a shrug. Getting some shocked looks from his father and godfather. Naruto just shrugged at their stairs. "I had to grow up and learn quickly back at my old village. My Jiji said that I was a pre-teen in a toddler's body. Whatever that means." Naruto said with a thoughtful look. Still wondering what his Jiji meant whenever he said this.

Now that caught everyone's attention. Though none more so than Judy, who had extremely wide eyes right now. 'So Naruto had to grow up that fast back in his old village. And given what I just heard, and the shocked looks from the record book, Naruto just made a new world record just by existing here. So maybe he was hated in his old village. The question is, how badly?' Judy thought to herself. Something similar has been said about her before. How she was much smarter than most bunnies her age. And how her parents should have put her in an all rabbit genus institute instead of a mixed regular school. 'Ha! Like mommy would ever let that happen. She would kick a lot of family members out of the borrow for just trying.' Judy had to stop a giggle from escaping her when she thought about it.

Jaxon then turned to Judy with his own notepad. "Now Judy, I'd like to ask you questions on what happened from your perspective. Anything that you may have noticed will be helpful, we even have a picture so you might be able to remember seeing him around the school when you were in pre-k." Jaxon said before pushing a photo of the rabbit towards them. The rabbit in the photo was a gray furred buck with black makings on his cheeks and the top of his head.

Judy looked at the picture for a moment before she remembered something. "Wait, I think I remember him now. I think he was the mate of my older sister's math teacher. Miss. Cottonwood I think was her name. Anny would always glot about how good she was, and how she 'kept the predators in class in line.' Were her exact words." Judy said with a look of disgust. "What she really meant was Miss. Cottonwood used to beat and insult predator kits. She would call the the P word all the time, along with several other choice words that I know mommy says were bad to use.

But with what happened today, I was just talking with Naruto. He was telling me about some of the scrolls that he had with him that came from his old village. And how he wanted to show me some of them. I got excited and hugged him, when he saw the glint that he told you about. He told me about it and that he had a bad feeling about it. So on the count of three we jumped back and he threw the rock after something flew past us." Judy said while thinking back to earlier today.

Jaxon nodded and wrote everything down. Including the details about the assailant being the mate of the math teacher of the more advanced math classes. "That is definitely something we can work with. We have been trying to get evidence on reports of abuse in the school. But the kits that were victims were too afraid to tell us who. Now that we have a name, we can finally deal with the problem. It also helps that the buck that tried kitnapping you, so now we have just cause for a warrant. As it can be proven possible that he tried to plan it at her house." Jaxon said before everyone heard a groan. Everyone looked at where it came from, only to see Bonnie with her head in her paws.

Bonnie rubbed the bridge of her nose with a frustrated look on her muzzle. "Sarah L. Cottonwood. A name I never wanted to hear about ever again." Bonnie said with an annoyed tone.

Copper titled his head at this. "You know her Bon? From what I've heard, she was the valid dictionan of her class. But that's about it." He said with a confused tone and look on his face.

Bonnie nodded. "Oh yeah I know her. If you wanted the definition of a stereotypical rabbit from the city, she would be it." Bonnie said getting a flinch from everyone, even Naruto and Judy. "Yeah, you can already see where this is going. I met her at a parent-teacher conference a year ago. And let me tell you she is one of the most specieist does I've ever met. Just because I'm a rabbit, she admitted that she purposely gives predator kits, cubs, and pups lower grades. All because she thinks that a predator can't be as smart as any prey mammal can be. And don't get me started on her opinion of predators in general. She was lucky I was pregnant at the time or I would have slugged her hard." Bonnie said in a pissed-off tone. She hated how so many rabbits were so specieist still. She knew there was a lot of hope in quite a few of her kits with Stu. But it didn't make her less pissed-off about it.

Jaxon nodded at that. He was hopeful that with all this, they would be able to nail this rabbit with multiple charges. "This will definitely help us get warrants on both her mate's belongings. And her personal belongings like her diaries. I know those things will probably be full of confessions on her darker deeds. I may not like mammals who read other female's diaries, but female criminals are an exception." Jaxon said while writing down everything Bonnie told them.

As everyone finished eating, (Bonnie and Judy ate Mac Cheese, while everyone else ate Turkey chops and Mac Cheese.) Copper got a phone call on his Nokia cellphone. "Hello? Oh, hey Marisa what is it? Alright, I'll be home in a couple hours. Just need to wrap up some investing I'm doing. Apparently, not only did we find the last of the traffickers, but we also got a lead on a couple of other cases we were on." Copper said before checking his watch. "Me and Jaxon will be heading out shortly. Love you too hun." Copper said before hanging up. "Thanks for the food Vix, but I have to head out. Marisa said she has a surprise for me when I get home. Come on Jax, I'm your lift back to the office anyway so you're stuck with me for a bit more." Copper said while putting his notepad and cellphone away in his pocket.

Jaxon nodded and turned back towards everyone else. "Night all, hopefully you all have a good rest of the day." Jaxon said before looking at Copper. "And I still don't know how you can use that thing. Some of the newer models are thinner and easier to use." He said with a shake of his head.

Copper simply shrugged. "Hey, if this brick of a phone can stop a slug, why change it for one that can't?" Copper answered with his own question. (this actually happened, with the same brand too.) Before the two walked out the door.

Naruto chuckled at what his uncle said about his phone. 'I might just have to get one of those.' Naruto thought to himself. He was happy with how this all went. Though he did have explanations to do, and then the Sleepover could get into full swing. All in all, things were looking up for him. Secrets were revealed, he had shown Judy a few of The Scrolls, and had a nice Talk with Uncle Copper.

What Naruto and everyone else didn't know, was that deep inside Judy's mind, instincts were waking up. Instincts a Rabbit shouldn't have, but were more than common in a fox. Instincts that looked for a male with certain qualities. And Naruto met all their criteria so far. 'He will make a fine mate. We must claim him before others get a chance.' Were the thoughts of said instincts.

Things were about to get interesting for our young blond. Of that many can be assured.

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3.) the Pride district is where the majority of African lions in Zootopia live. To be more specific, it's where all the largest prides live. So all the most powerful Lions live in the district, as well as a few guest characters from another Disney movie series. I'll leave that for you to guess who it is.

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