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First Day at school

A/N: (important please read.) So I'll be brief. I am NOT going to add more than I have now to the harem. The members I have now are ones that are either ones that are completely OC characters made by me, or ones that already exist in their respective franchises with some or a lot of modifications. So no I'm not going to be doing girls from other shows/movies. So now I'm going to put the full harem list with what type of animals they are and the ones I have names for.

Harem: Judy Hopps, Nicole Wild, Kushina Uzumaki, koyoko (female Kyuubi), Ariel otterton (otter OC), OC kangaroo twins, Jade Gray (tigress OC), Lynn lev (OC lioness), OC wolf, OC Cheetah, OC hyena, Yumi nea (OC bat), Samantha (sam) Audibert (OC dalmatian), Anko, tenten, and fem! Kiba.

That is the harem, as you can see there is more than enough for someone like me who just started writing good stories a few months ago. Now let's get to a few things that I want to say out of the way. The bet will go in Naruto's favor, that's all I'm going to say about the BBB (Bunny Burrow Bet.). The reason I'm calling it this is because everyone in Bunny Burrow has something on the line for the bet. Now as for the reason for the Dalmatian OC is because of a concept that I came up with for Dalmatians only that involves collars and a special dog tag. I'll go more in-depth about it in chapter 5 through a school project Naruto will have to do. That is also when he will meet his future Dalmatian lover and mate for the first time. The last thing I'm going to say before I start the chapter is that I'm going to be doing more work on my shorter stories because this story and FoC will be around 156 characters or more. Just so everyone knows I'm not giving up on any of my stories. There will be times when I make more chapters for one story because I'm having trouble making a new chapter for another one. Now let's start the chapter then shall we?

It's been two months since Naruto met his new friends. In that time he had gotten to know them he learned that the Finch pups wanted to follow in their father's paw prints and become County officers. It made sense that they and Judy got along so well, seeing as they have similar dreams of what they want to be when they grow up. More than that he was able to get to know Judy more as well as her family, he can say without a shadow of a doubt that her family was a fifty-fifty split as far as he was concerned. Half of them liked him, while the other half hated him including her father. Though he suspected that was because he was the son of foxes, foxes that Stu hated his wife and daughter being around because they encouraged his daughter to follow her dream of going outside the bunny norm. Naruto could tell that Stu would try to do almost anything to make it so Judy followed in the paw prints of her mother and give up on her dream.

Naruto sighed and looked into the mirror on his door. He was wearing a dark orange T-shirt with blue jeans, on his feet he had on a pair of red and white speakers. It was his first day of school since he came here, and he was a bit nervous. And who could blame him it was the first time he would be going to school after one day at the ninja Academy, granted the only thing they did was unlock their chakra but still he never got to learn more than the first lesson. "Well let's hope things will go smoothly, and I won't have to deal with someone with a God complex like Sasuke. Kami knows what will happen with him, I also dread what happens to the poor girl that ends up with him. I'm five and I can still see that he would be a flight risk to the village with how he was. I just hope that he isn't on the same team as Kira-chan or Tenten-chan when they graduate from the academy." Naruto said to himself before walking out of his room and headed downstairs for breakfast. When he got there he saw his mom put down a plate of pancakes with scrambled eggs and chicken sausage in front of the seat he always sat in during meals. "Good morning mom, dad, so what's happening today because I can see extra happy looks on your faces today. Not to mention you only make pancakes when something big is happening and my first day at school doesn't count." Naruto said with a straight face. Five years old going on six years he may be. But he was raised for five years in a village of ninjas hated by most of the population in said village. You don't live like that without being able to notice things around you. Naruto had trained himself to notice any little change in the people around him, no matter how small.

Tod and Vixy were shocked to see that Naruto had noticed this. Though they just reasoned that it was because he had to learn to do it in his old home. "Well Naruto, the reason we're so happy is because of a surprise that we got today before you woke up." Tod said while looking at his mate happily before turning to his son. "See this morning your mother woke up with morning sickness. We were confused when a thought ran through our heads we checked and our suspicions were right. What I'm trying to say is Naruto, you're going to be a big brother." Tod said while looking at his son with a smile. He saw the surprised look on Naruto's face, then the happy one that came after. He was glad that Naruto wasn't scared of being thrown out.

"Wow, that's great! I'll be the best big brother ever." Naruto said excited to be a big brother. He didn't fear being thrown out, as he knew they would have done that as soon as they found out that his mom was pregnant. "Though I will say this if they are hurt by someone it won't be pretty." Naruto said with an evil look in his eyes, he had been working on pranks that would be very difficult to avoid if someone messed with him. If there was one thing that he was able to perfect in his time in the hidden leaf village was his pranking ability.

Tod and Vixy were shaking slightly as the ethereal image of a giant nine-tailed fox on all fours with an evil-looking fanged smile and glowing red eyes stood behind their son. 'God have mercy on the souls of the ones that get on Naruto's bad side.' Both parents thought at the same time. They decided that it was best that pissing off their son was a VERY BAD idea, no matter who it was. "Well let's eat and then I'll take you to school. The principal wanted me to come in and sign some papers before classes started. You'll also get your schedule that you will need for your teachers to look over." Vixy said before sitting down and began eating her food. She was glad that her son was so happy to learn that he was going to be a big brother. But that evil aura earlier made her feel sorry for any daughters she had and for the boys that would probably try to date them. 'Not to mention the daughters he might have in the future. I can already tell that he will likely kill anyone that tries to hurt his sisters. But his own kits? Oh, there is no doubt that the first mammal to hurt his daughters is probably going to be as dead as can be if Judy can't calm him down.' Vixy thought to herself. She knew Naruto would end up with Judy as when she walked into his room one day when they fell asleep together. They were cuddled up together like she would with Tod when they were dating. Just as she was going to wake them up Judy yawned and wrapped her arms around Naruto and pulled him closer. Vixy had the picture developed and had a ton of copies made so that she could give them to Bonnie to put in photo albums. She and Bonnie decided to start making photo albums for the future, though she did keep some so she could make an album of her own so she could send it to her cousin in the US.

Tod was looking at his mate with a fond smile. He was glad that he would have the family that he always dreamed he would have. Now things have changed since Naruto came into the fold, but he wouldn't have it any other way. "Well let's finish up, the left fields are ready to harvest now and I want to get them all picked before the freeze next week." Tod said before finishing up his breakfast and put his plate in the sink. He kissed his mate on the lips and his son on the head, before walking out the door and into the fields.

Soon Naruto and Vixy finished their own breakfast and went to the truck. Vixy helped Naruto in and strapped him into his seat. She then got in the driver's seat and started the truck. "Now Naruto I pulled some strings and you will be in the same classes as Judy and the rest of your friends. But you have to behave. Not many mammals are nice to foxes or mammals that are being raised by foxes. So it stands to reason that you will probably be bullied because of that." Vixy said with a frown, she hated that others still hated foxes. But the bright side of it is that it was to a much lesser extent than before. 'And all it took was a mass genocide to bring foxes into a much better light. At least those blasted sheep are taking as much of a hit as we are.' Vixy thought she was by no means vindictive. But she liked seeing those that did wrong get justice. It was found out that a lot of sheep and goats had been the most vicious against foxes. Many mammals wouldn't be surprised if they were the ones that started the stereotype for foxes. Many police departments had also started firing sheep because of all the false arrests that have been made on smaller predators. She hadn't realized they were halfway there until they had stopped at a traffic light. She then heard Naruto calling her from the back seat. "I'm sorry honey what was that?" She asked, looking in the rearview mirror at Naruto.

Naruto repeated his question. "Why do mammals hate foxes so much? It just doesn't make sense to why they are hated." Naruto asked as he couldn't think of any reason that foxes would be hated here. Back in Konoha, it was a different story, as the Kyuubi attack had put a hate of all foxes into the villagers. But it didn't make sense here, as far as he knows there wasn't a reason for them to be hated here.

Vixy sighed, she was hoping to avoid this question for a lot longer time. But that's what she gets for mentioning something like this. "It's because of past prejudices that are still here. You will learn in time about how things are here Naruto. Tod and I know you are smarter than you let on, more mature too. But we want you to live a better kithood than what you had back in your old home. We want you to make friends, play games, heck maybe even beat up a bully or two. We want you to feel like you belong here, unlike your old home." Vixy said while making sure to pay attention to the road. They were almost at the school now, she was glad that the school system was harder here. Bunnies may drop out of school early, but they are by no means stupid. High schools in Bunny Burrow is like going to college in a lot of ways, and not the small-time college either. Some of the major colleges in the world have even acknowledged Bunny Burrow high school as a top-tier education. A high school diploma here was as good as a diploma from any college out there.

Naruto nodded, he would definitely like to have a normal childhood for once. If he was going to learn about this world then he didn't mind waiting for his answers. It was better than not getting them at all in his opinion. Soon they arrived at the school, it was a very large school that looked like it could hold a few hundred thousand students. 'Given that most of the people here are rabbits, I wouldn't be surprised. Lots of big families means even bigger schools are needed.' Naruto thought he knew that he would need to make some friends here if he wanted to have a better life than what he had back in Konoha. It would just be hard to find them as he still had some trust issues. Oh, he will smile and be nice, but that didn't mean he would trust them. Judy and the others earned his trust, even his parents have earned his trust.

Vixy unbuckled Naruto, from his car seat and helped him out of the truck. They walked into the office to see a young rabbit doe with cream-colored fur, wearing a purple top at the front desk. "Excuse me, I'm here to see the principal. He asked for me and my son to come to his office before school started." Vixy said to the doe, when the doe looked up at her and at her son, she saw her reach for the phone.

The doe picked up the receiver and typed in the number. "Mr. Leomain, Mrs. Tweed is here to see you. Alright, I'll send them right in." The doe said before hanging up the phone. "Go right on in, just so you know we just had a change of principals yesterday. The last one was a very corrupt mammal, just got arrested the day before. My names Trixie by the way, I'll get your son's schedule ready before you leave the office." The now named Trixie said before pointing at a door just to their right.

Vixy nodded before taking Naruto's hand and walked to the door to the principal's office. She knocked on the door before hearing a muffled 'come in.' And opened the door.

Behind the desk was a tall male lion with a four-piece suite. "Ahh Mrs. Tweed, nice to meet you. I'm James Leomain, the new principal here at Bunny Burrow elementary. I have the paperwork right here. But first, there is something you need to know. I'm not only the principal here, but Naruto's caseworker in the government." James said with a smile on his face. Before he got a serious look on his face. "When we saw that you were likely going to enroll Naruto here, we did a bit of digging. Turns out the old principal was part of a mammal trafficking ring based here in Bunny Burrow. Don't worry, they've all been caught and are on their way to prison." James said seeing the panicked look on Vixy's face. "I'm just glad they were still keeping all the kits they kitnapped in the same place. Anyways one of the things that I wanted to talk to you about is how Naruto is doing. As we know that he probably wasn't used to mammals like us." James asked, getting out a notepad and a pen. He wanted to have notes with answers to give to the higher-ups. That way they stopped breathing down his neck with questions. He also handed the paperwork to Vixy so she could get started with it.

Vixy took the papers and looked them over. All it basically said was that the school was not responsible for any injuries that Naruto got on the playground and during recess. It also said that during gym they would be playing games like dodgeball, baseball, and maybe pawball(football for mammals). "Well as far as I know he's doing fine at home. Granted we are still earning his complete trust, as there are things that he still doesn't talk to us about." Vixy said while signing her name on the dotted line. "One thing I do know is that he is a very smart boy. He has a lot of energy as well, way more than what we had as kits. He has started helping around the farm as well to help get that energy out. Though there is one thing that still confused us." Vixy said with a confused look on her face.

James looked up from his notepad. "Oh, and what would that be?" He asked, wondering what could confuse them about the boy? From what he could see Naruto was just a kit that probably had ADHD, not something that will confuse many parents much.

Vixy looked at Naruto almost like she was asking for permission to answer. Naruto nodded before she answered. "Well, one of the things that I'm confused about is that he seems to have some trust issues when it comes to new mammals. I know that he had a VERY rough beginning to his life, and from what I saw it was filled with injuries. But he is always nice to new mammals he meets, that's not something that seems usual to me. As I have the same issue when it comes to sheep. But with me, I kind of come off as standoffish." Vixy said as she knew that her distrust of sheep was well-founded, but while she didn't outright hate them she didn't like or trust them either. It was from years of being hunted by sheep that most foxes had a great distrust or outright hate for sheep.

James thought about that for a moment, he wasn't surprised that Naruto had trust issues. He would too if he held the new world record for assassination attempts at the age of five. "Well assuming that it confuses Naruto too." James said, getting a nod from said boy. "I think it has to do with how he was raised, from what has been translated the leader of his old village was his biggest supporter. That he tried to raise Naruto to the best of his ability and saw him as his own grandson. My guess is that part of his teachings stuck in Naruto's head." James said while taking the finished paperwork and filed it in the filing cabinet with all the other agreements from other parents. "Well now that that's settled we can finish this meeting and we can get Naruto to class. As you asked he will be in the same class as his friends. Yes I know about that, I was the one that let it go through. Just try and contact me next time you want that done, as I will be replacing the principal at the schools that Naruto goes to while he's there. The agency wants at least me and one other watching over Naruto while he can't defend himself. As we know that some of these rabbits that run the schools will do anything to gain power or money. Honestly, we needed to get out here sooner if you ask me, the city council has been in some bad deals with hate groups against predators for who knows how long." James said while not paying attention to Vixy's reaction.

Vixy wasn't all that surprised, she knew that the council was just a group of pred haters that tried to stop preds from getting in power. Anti-predator groups were still a bit of a problem, but the crackdown on them was still starting. By the time Naruto was grown they should mostly be all gone, at least she hoped so. "Well, I'm not surprised about that. They were always trying to pass bills that would ban predators from holding office in politics. Hopefully, they will all be gone once Naruto has grown up." Vixy said as they exited the principal's office. They went to the front desk where Trixie had just finished printing out Naruto's schedule.

Trixie turned to see Vixy, Naruto, and her boss in front of the desk. "Just in time, I just finished printing Naruto's schedule. He's in class 304, right next to the gym, and three doors away from the playground. So he won't have to go far to get from place to place. I don't know if Mr. Leomain told you or not, but we are going to be using the Japanese system here as a trial run for how we do the class system they have there. Though we won't be as strict with the dress code, as school uniforms are hard to get done for so many students. Anyway, here you go, and I hope you have a good day." Trixie said before going back to work on some papers that needed to be filed.

Vixy took the schedule and handed it to Naruto. "Put that into your backpack so you don't lose it. You're going to need to show it to your teachers so that they know that you're in their class." Vixy told her son, so that he knew to only pull it out when asked. She had lost her schedule once and it led to her having an embarrassing moment where she walked into the wrong class.

Naruto nodded as he had done that, that day at the academy, Anko would never let him live that down if she ever was told about that. he put his schedule into his backpack and followed the adults to his class, the school was just as huge on the inside as it was on the outside. It was at least three stories tall and in the middle was the cafeteria. It had to be at least as big as his old academy was wide. 'Not surprising since most of the town is full of rabbits.' Naruto thought, they continued to his class. When they got there they saw a few mothers with their kits trying to get them into the classroom. "Sweet Kami above, they are worse than the fangirls back in Konoha." Naruto whispered to himself. He hated fangirlism with every fiber of his being, and he could tell that these kits would be fangirls later in life. Living in a shinobi village constantly being hunted made you very observant of body language and how people acted. He saw the same thing he was seeing now with the fangirls back at the academy. They didn't want to let go of their parents, but then some boy would walk in and they would follow him in like a lost puppy. As if on cue a rabbit buck that was tall for his age went walking by and walked passed the parents and their kits with the does suddenly having their eyes on the buck. He walked into the classroom and the does followed.

Naruto had to resist the urge to facepalm at seeing this display. "I swear if that buck becomes a brooding emo with an average complex I'm going to start kicking buck teeth in. " Naruto whisper growled to himself, as he had enough of those in his one day of the academy to last him a lifetime.

Vixy turned to her son thinking she heard him whisper something. "What was that Naruto?" She asked, wondering what her son said? Only to get a small 'nothing' from him as he sighed. Then she remembered what had just happened a second ago that left most of the parents confused. 'This must not be the first time he's seen this happen. I'll have to ask him about it when he gets home.' Vixy thought to herself. Before getting in front of her son and kneeled down on one knee. "Now Naruto I want you to behave here, as I can see a love of pranks in you." Vixy said getting a blush from Naruto who looked away whistling. "Mmhmm, like I thought. Please keep it to a minimum, and don't do anything to get you expelled. At the very least keep the victims to just the bullies so that they learn their lesson about bullying." Vixy said but said the last part so that only Naruto heard her. She believed in the phrase 'actions have consequences.' so her son's love of pranks would be determined to providing the consequences for the bullies. "Other than that, have a good day here and I'll be picking you up later on after school is over." Vixy said before hugging Naruto. "Love you kiddo." She said happy that her son would be taking the first steps towards a brighter future.

Naruto was surprised when she hugged him, but he smiled and hugged her back. "It's going to take a little bit longer to say the same back, as I'm still getting used to this. But that's all I need, time. I've only just started seeing you and dad as my mom and dad, so please just give me some time." Naruto said he was still adjusting to having parents. Something he wished for greatly back in Konoha, but he would need time before he could say that he loved his new family.

Vixy was a little sad that he didn't say he loved her back. But she knew that he would in time, time that they had. "It's alright Naruto, take all the time you need. I hope one day you will come to love me and Tod as your mom and dad." Vixy said glad that there was a chance that her son would love her as the mother that he needs in time. She let go and stood up, as her knee hurt from sitting on it. "Hurry class is about and you don't want to be late, and I think I saw Judy go in while we were having our moment." Vixy said, she saw Bonnie off to the side smiling at her probably having seen them hugging.

Naruto nodded and ran into the classroom, wanting to see if there was a seat next to his friends as he didn't want to sit next to complete strangers yet. Not knowing of the conversation happening just after he left.

Xxx- Back with Bonnie, Vixy and James -xxx

Bonnie came up to the two predators with a smile on her face. "Well wasn't that a sweet sight, I wish I had a camera so that I could have captured it. You're going to make a great mom to the little kits that are on the way." Bonnie said, having found out about Vixy's pregnancy not long ago.

Vixy smiled, while rubbing a paw over her stomach. "Thanks, I just hope there aren't any problems during the pregnancy or at birth. I don't want to lose any of them because of something that went wrong." She said hoping that nothing would go wrong. This would be her first and likely last pregnancy, so she hoped that this one would count.

James was surprised to see both mothers getting along. "Mrs. Hopps, I'm surprised you know . Given that most rabbits avoid foxes as physically possible, it's a bit surprising to see A rabbit doe and a fox vixen as good a friends as you two." James said, as back in the city most rabbits stayed as far away from areas that had foxes as possible. Even taking time out of their day to find out which part of the districts had the largest population of foxes and avoid them like the plague.

Bonnie wasn't surprised by this, she had been told by a lot of other bunnies to avoid foxes at all cost. "Well I'm different from them, most of my friends are predators of all types. So I'm what you would call the 'odd bunny out.' When it comes to my species. I've been friends with Vixy here since high school, along with her mate Tod. Naruto and one of my daughters happen to be good friends, though we think they could become more in the near future." Bonnie told the lion. She was glad that she didn't have to worry about Judy finding a good mate in the future. She knew that whatever Judy chose to be when she grew up would probably turn bucks away from her. Not to mention Judy had inherited both her and her father's stubbornness. 'God help Naruto when they get together, and help anyone that tries to get between them. Because if Judy ever realizes her feelings for him then nothing and no one will stand in her way of getting him.' Bonnie thought, she knew her daughter's personality and how her mind worked to a point. It would be impossible for her to just become shy all of the sudden. It was one of the things that Stu could learn from Judy if he ever put his mind to it.

James was definitely surprised to hear this. He had been representing young mammals in the ESA for a few years now, and this was the fastest he has seen or heard of one finding a potential mate this quickly. "Well that was certainly fast, you are going to tell Judy about Naruto being in the ESA right?" James asked as he knew the being in the ESA was a big turn-off for a lot of females. Mostly because they knew they would have to share their mate with other females. At least it lowered the pool size to choose from when it came to females, it also stopped a lot of gold diggers from getting in. After all, it's hard for them to do their thing if several other females are keeping their eyes out for mammals like them.

Bonnie nodded, she knew that was a conversation that would need to happen sometime in the near future. Especially if Judy was to get with Naruto, which she knew Judy would when things like that started coming to her mind. "Yes, I'm planning on telling her when she turns eight so that she knows what she will be getting herself into when the time comes. I'll also have to talk to her about sharing Naruto when the time comes for him to find more females that can help save his species." Bonnie said while leaning against the wall. Those were going to be a hard couple of conversations to do later on, she just knew it.

Vixy nodded as well, she knew that this was going to be a conversation she was going to have with Naruto as well. "I plan on doing the same with Naruto, as he will need to know about things like that before they happen. We don't know if something like that was common or frowned upon where he's from. So it wouldn't hurt to have that decision with him so that it won't be a problem later." Vixy said watching as the one that she assumed was the teacher for the class go in just as she saw her other best friend's pups run in so they wouldn't be late. She saw the Finch matriarch smile and wave at them. "Hey Marisa, good to see that that little quartet isn't giving you too much trouble." Vixy said with a chuckle, she knew that the life of a mother of four pups was hard for her friend as she was an only child. It didn't help that Max was always a paw full because of his ADHD, this meant that Max had the attention span of a goldfish and was more wound up than a wind-up car. Apparently he got it from Copper's side of the family, which made sense when one thought about it.

Marisa smiled as she got to her friend's. "Hey girls, sorry I can't stay long. My shift starts in an hour and it takes thirty minutes to get there from here." Marisa said while keeping an eye on her watch.

Vixy nodded at that and looked at her own watch. "Yeah, I gotta get going too. I've got an appointment with my doctor to check on the health of the kits today and it's in fifty minutes. So I guess it's time to get moving. It was good meeting you James, I'll call you if I need anything for Naruto or if I have questions about the ESA." Vixy said before turning to hurry off to her appointment.

Back with Naruto a few seconds before he walked into class.

Naruto was about to walk into the class when he saw some does harassing Judy. He decided to get a bit closer to hear what they were saying, and he hated what he was hearing from them. 'Oh, they are going to wish they didn't say that.' Naruto thought with an evil aura starting to flare up around him.

Now you may be wondering what these does said to get on Naruto's bad side. Well, the lead doe decided it would be a good idea to say it again. "Seriously why hang around those ugly predators, my mommy said they should have followed those disgusting humans into extinction." The lead doe said not thinking her words would have consequences. Though she would be proven wrong in a moment.

Judy was about to say something when she noticed Naruto behind the three does in front of her. She knew he wouldn't let them get away with what they said, and she knew that Naruto was the one mammal that you don't get mad if you can help it. He had told her of the pranks he had played on others that had wronged him and his friend in the past. "You might want to take that back." Judy said with a smile, she could see that Naruto was doing something with his fingers that looked like paw signs.

Before the lead doe could respond, she heard someone whisper something behind her. The next thing she knew, she was in her home with her crazy older brother in front of her with an evil grin and a knife in his paw. She was scared out of her wits when her crazy brother lunged at her before things went back to normal.

Everyone watched as the bully doe falls back into her friends with a scared look on her face. While Judy and Naruto stand next to each other with smiles on their faces. "Never insult a species like that to their faces. Especially when you don't know what they can do or who they are as a mammal. It gets you in trouble in the end." Naruto said, as he knew her kind. He had seen a couple of them in the village, she was a spoiled little daddy's girl that only cares about herself. He then walked with Judy over to two empty seats in the back of the class "So how have you been Judy, those jerks still giving you trouble?" Naruto asked Judy as he had helped her when some of her brothers had started to harass her for being friends with him, Max, Greg, Michelle, and Jenny. That day, those brothers learned that you don't harass his friends and get away with it.

Judy shrugged. "Eeh, they haven't said anything bad about me or you guys. I honestly think they got the message after the fire ants in their bed. I still don't know how you did that by the way, you haven't been to my house, and you shouldn't know how to get there anyway. As my daddy doesn't like yours, so how did you do it?" Judy asked, as it still confused her how Naruto somehow got to her house, set up all those pranks, and got back home before anyone noticed.

Naruto smiled, he still had yet to tell Judy and the others about what he could do. So things like using a shadow clone and the transformation jutsu to follow her home as a pencil that he let her borrow from him wasn't too hard to do. He had basically turned the rooms that her brothers resided in into giant traps. "I have my ways, besides at least they stopped and that's what matters." Naruto said while giving Judy a side hug. He then saw a smiling Max staring from the side. "I see you over there Max. Stop grinning like a loon, it makes you look like you just escaped from the nuthouse." Naruto said watching Jenny smack her brother upside the head. "That and you don't want your sisters to get mad because you started something." Naruto said while laughing at his friend who was rubbing his head where Jenny smacked him. (A/N: Just so everyone knows I will be skipping the lessons for some of the classes. It's mostly the same shit the everyone here did when you were in kindergarten. So you're not missing anything.)

Before Max could say anything the teacher walked in. She was a clouded leopard, she was wearing a bright pink blouse with a darker pink jacket and a light red skirt that went down to her a few inches past her knees. "Alright kits settle down and find a place to sit, class is about to start." The leopardess said before going over to the chalkboard, and wrote her name on it. "My name is Ms. Simins, and I will be your Math teacher for the year. Just so you all know we are going to be doing some things differently this year. Classes will be held in one classroom with the only exceptions being gym, recess, and lunch. It's just a little experiment that the school board wants to do to see if grades get better for certain types of kits. So don't be surprised when teachers start switching around classes. Now let's get started with the lesson for today." Ms. Simins said before starting her lesson for the day.

As the lesson went on Naruto had begun to plot the pranks on the doe that had bad-mouthed him and his friends. 'Let's see, tar and feathers, itching powder, maybe hang her underwear on the fence outside her house, fill her shampoo with Orange fur dye, and to finish it all off a well-placed seal that will make her fart every time I do a ram seal. That will teach her not to mess with my friends.' Naruto thought while writing down the lesson. It was simple stuff that he had learned a year before with the old man. As the lesson was wrapping up they heard the bell ring.

Ms. Simins looked at her watch before speaking to her students. "Alright kits, make sure to go over your notes, as there will be a test in two weeks. Have a nice day and I hope you all have a safe trip home." Having said her peace she gathered her things and started to walk out of the classroom. 'Everyone is so sweet, though I think things won't be peaceful for long.' She thought before turning the corner and began the walk to her next class.

After Ms. Simins was gone, Naruto turned to Judy. "So Judy, what are you to do about your family when you tell them about what you want to do when you get older? I know what your daddy will say, given how he's probably afraid of his own shadow." Naruto asked as he got the memories from his shadow clone about her dad. He was the saddest excuse of a male that he had ever seen. Even some of the rabbits that he had seen in town were probably better males than her dad. 'Then again, I can see why everyone thinks that he isn't her dad. I mean come on, I saw him jump at the slightest sound when he was walking down the hall that night heading for the bathroom.' Naruto thought, he finally saw what others saw when it came to his friend. There was no way that Judy was related to that coward. It was just impossible for them to be related. He saw how most of Judy's other siblings had at least some things in common with Stu Hopps, but there were a few that were different from the rest. About ten of Judy's siblings and Judy herself were different from the others, he noticed that some had the same ear markings as Judy.

Judy sighed at that question. "I honestly don't know, this isn't something that other bunnies have tried so it will be difficult. I think the Carrot day festival play would be a good time to tell not just them but everyone else. Since the older kits are the ones that do the play, it gives me time to think about something that's been bugging me for a bit now." Judy said she had heard her mom on the phone a few days ago with someone. This wouldn't bug her normally as her mom talked on the phone a lot, but this call was different. 'What did she mean, that I'm a lot like them. (1)

Am I different somehow? I guess I'll have to ask her after school.' Judy thought, she knew her mom was hiding something about her. She just didn't know what it was, but she was going to find out.

Naruto had a feeling he knew what Judy was talking about. His shadow clone had caught Bonnie talking on the phone as well and had heard the whole conversation. She was talking to what seemed like an old friend of hers, the voice on the other end was male from what he could tell. She was holding his shadow clone when the other mammal asked about Judy and her littermates. What she said still shocks him when he thinks about it.

xxx- Flashback -xxx

Bonnie signed at the question, she knew that it was coming since he cared about Judy and her littermates. "They're doing alright, Judy is so much like us it's incredibly scary. She said that she wanted to do something different from other bunnies last year. Something that isn't, and I quote 'something as boring as being a carrot farmer.' I think she's going to try something in law if her interests are anything close to what we wanted to go into. I can see it in her littermates' eyes too, they don't want to be like other bunnies either. Judy was just the only one brave enough to say it out loud. I'm honestly scared of what will happen when they find out what they really are." Bonnie said as she leaned on the wall next to the phone.

The clone heard the mammal on the other end sigh. "Bonnie, you and I know that it will come out eventually. We are just hoping that it will be later than it might actually be. We've been lucky hiding it so far, but it will come out when their fangs start growing back in when they're nine or ten. Maybe sooner if Judy has anything to say about it if she gets wind of what's going on." He said, the clone could hear the mammal on the other side of the phone opening and closing drawers before speaking again. "Look Bonnie, I'm almost done with the paperwork. It will be ready when it is time, when everything is revealed to everyone and you can finally stick it to that old codger for arranging for Stu to be married to you. Maybe after everything is said and done things can change for the better." The mammal said before writing something down. "I've got to go Bonnie, I still have to get some more things filed away before I can head home. I'll call you again sometime next week. " The mammal said, sounding like he was trying to get his work done so he could rest.

Bonnie smiled at hearing about the work he was doing for her. It was obvious that whatever they were talking about involved Judy's litter, Bonnie, and this mystery mammal. "Thanks Alex, I'm going to be happy when all of this is over. Stu is a sweet buck, but he just isn't the type of male that I'm truly into. My father was in such a hurry to find a buck for me to marry that he never thought about what I wanted. I just hope he understands and gets past his prejudices to see who I'm happier with." Bonnie said to the now named Alex. She put the pencil that she was holding down on the table. When she walked away, Judy came in and grabbed the pencil that she had forgotten when she left the kitchen.

xxx- Flashback ends -xxx

After that, the clone waited for everyone to go to sleep to get to work on the pranks. After everything was done the clone dispelled itself and Naruto reserved its memories. It shocked him when he saw the memories of the phone call. He would keep it to himself for now, but he was going to confront Bonnie about it later in the month when he goes to the Hopps borrow for a play date that their mothers set up last weekend. 'Unfortunately, I'll have to expose myself when it comes to chakra. Well had to happen at some point, fortunately it's for a good reason. Plus it is a good opportunity to warn her about when one of her kits are acting up.' Naruto thought, before hearing Jenny ask him something. "Sorry Jenny, got lost in thought for a second. What did you say?" Naruto asked her as he turned to her.

Jenny repeated her question. "Are you going to try and become a police officer too Naruto, or are you going to try for something else?" Jenny asked him, she had been wondering this for a few days now, and wanted to know what his answer would be.

Naruto thought about it for a moment. 'I did promise Jiji that I would help as many people as possible while I'm here. Maybe being a police officer will help me keep that promise.' Naruto thought, he then looked Jenny in the eyes. "Maybe, I honestly don't know. I did promise my grandfather figure that I would help as many people as I could in my new life away from my old village. So I might just become an officer when I grow up." Naruto told her, he saw her shrug her shoulders and glance at Judy who was deep In her own thoughts. Before he could ask their next teacher walked in, he was an old cougar with graying fur and a three-piece suit on.

The cougar wrote his name on the chalkboard. "Good morning class, I am Mr. Anderson and I will be your English teacher for the year." Mr. Anderson said, before turning to his class. "I have a few rules before we get started, 1.) No talking to the mammal to any side of you when in my class. 2.) Don't chew gum in class. And 3.) Don't try to sneak out of class, I was a ZBI agent once. So I will know if you try, so don't bother. Now with that out of the way, let's get down to the lesson. Be sure to pay attention, as there will be a test sometime next month." Mr. Anderson said before getting on with the lesson.

As the class went on Naruto noticed that some of his predator classmates were taking quick glances at him. He wasn't surprised, as he doubted that they had seen a human before. Given what Kami-sama told him in the letter, so it wouldn't surprise him if they asked him a whole bunch of questions later on. As soon as the bell rang some of the other students came over to ask him questions. Most of them were about what his species ate or what sort of things humans did for fun. There were some that he couldn't answer or didn't know how to answer. But he got through them for the most part. "Sweet Kami above, I forgot how other kids were so curious. Hopefully, that was the last one for the day." Naruto whispered to himself. He decided to look at his schedule to see what class was next.: Math, English, Science, Gym, History, arts and crafts, recess, and lunch. 'So Science is next, one of the few classes that I enjoyed in the academy that day. Hopefully, it's just as enjoyable as it was back at the academy, but it probably won't be as advanced as it was back there either. I doubt we will be making smoke bombs or things like that. But it should be interesting to see what we will be doing.' Naruto thought before looking at Judy. "Hey Judy, have you ever thought about taking Taijutsu lessons before?" Naruto asked her, he had a few Taijutsu scrolls that his parents had left him. Most of it was the basic stuff, but there were a few scrolls that had the Taijutsu style of his clan. The style relied on being unpredictable and flexible, but the user also had to have great strength to do a lot of the more advanced moves. So he will have to get stronger to do them if he needs them.

Judy tilted her head in thought, she hadn't thought about it before but now that she thought about it. "Well not really, but now that you mention it that would be a good idea to learn some moves. Never know when you will need to defend yourself after all. Plus it would help me get into the academy." Judy said she knew she would have to get stronger to get into the police academy. So learning Taijutsu just gave her an excuse to do so without anyone in her family being suspicious about what she wanted to do when she grew up. That and it would give her an excuse to spend more time with Naruto, but she wouldn't say that out loud. "Do you know where I could find a teacher that would teach me Naruto?" Judy asked, wondering if he would offer to help her find a teacher in martial arts. Though the smile that he got on his face made her a little nervous. 'Why do I get the feeling that I'm going to regret asking?' Judy thought, starting to get a bit more nervous when Naruto turned in his seat to fully face her.

Naruto smiled at her, he figured that he could probably teach her with the scrolls he had at home. "Well, I do know where we can find some lessons. But it's not from anyone teacher around here, they are from scrolls that are passed down in my family." Naruto said, he didn't care that if they were back at his clan's home village she would become his 'betrothed' Whatever that meant. He just wanted to help her with her dream, heck maybe they will be partners on 'the force' as his uncle Copper would say.

Judy was surprised that he had anything from his family, as her mommy told her that he was an orphan. "Wow, I didn't know you had something from you mommy and daddy, and sure I don't see why not, it couldn't hurt to try." Judy said before seeing their next teacher walk in.

The teacher was a tall male red fox. He was wearing a coat over a red shirt and brown pants. Though you could tell that he had been to what was referred to as 'that country' as some of the adults would say. As his tail looked like it had been almost cut off as it was very short. "Hello class, I'm Axel Mcbride and I will be your Science teacher for the year." Axel said, he then brought out some papers out of his coat. "These are some papers that your parents will have to sign. It's mostly just boring stuff about some of the things that we will be doing over the year." He says while handing out the papers to his students. Once the papers were passed out he began the lesson.

As the lesson was going on, Naruto looked at some of the things they were going to do this year. 'Let's see what we have here, ooh I think I'm going to like this class. This guy is the kind of teacher I like, he even wants to make smoke bombs with the class. Probably a fellow prankster too, we will see what he can do when we get to this lesson.' Naruto thought while paying attention to the lesson.

Axel was in the middle of the lesson when he saw Naruto looking through the sheet that he gave him. "Now some of you may have noticed that some of the lessons listed on the sheet I gave you have some things that some pranksters would use, and know how to make. This is because I like to have my students know how to get out of a bad situation. Smoke bombs are a great way of getting out of them, I was unfortunate enough to be a fox in a place where we were hated. So I had to learn how to make things like this to live to where I am now. I'm sure a lot of you noticed that my tail is a lot shorter than other red foxes. Well, this is the price that I paid for forgetting to bring some smoke bombs and ran into a bad situation. I don't want that to happen to any of you, this world has some really bad mammals in it. So I want to make sure that my students don't make the same mistakes I did or can get away from danger when something bad happens." Axel said before looking at the clock and seeing that it was almost time for the bell to ring. "As class is almost over, I will close this lesson with this, Science is all around you and you will never know when you will need it." With that being said the bell rang and Axel began to pack his things. "Oh and class, some of the experiments will count as a good part of your grade in this class. So don't just think that because your parents are rich or are politicians you will atomically pass my class. Their status means nothing to me, and will not affect what grades I give you." Axel said before walking out of the classroom. Leaving behind several rabbit kits with worried looks.

Naruto smiled at that, he hated teachers that bowed to rich jerks, they would always take their side of the story at face value alone. "I like him already, I can tell he doesn't take bribes from rich mammals to get their kits passing grades." Naruto said to his friends, not knowing that he was getting hateful looks from all the rich kits in his class. He was about to ask Judy what was the best time for them to do their training when he saw their next teacher come in. Though he wasn't what he expected to see here in a town of bunnies and some predators.

In front of the class was a rather tall female capuchin monkey, she was wearing a bright green shirt with red and white shorts. "Alright kits, let's head to the gym. The names Ema Nix and I'm your new gym teacher. See unlike the other teachers, I teach all grade levels with the help of other coaches here. So don't be surprised if you see a lot of the older kits in the gym as well." Ema said before leading everyone to the gym. The walk to the gym was short because it was only a few doors down. Once the doors opened they all saw that the gym was huge, even by normal standards. 'Though given that this is a country town of bunnies, that's understandable. How bunnies can have so many kits is unbelievable to me. I'm already swamped with my one and my job, I hate to imagine what it would be like to have fourteen in one go. That would be a nightmare for me, not to mention she will be attending school in a couple of years too. It will be good to teach her when she gets here, just wish her father wasn't a deadbeat that refuses to be in her life.' Ema thought before turning toward her class. "Alright kits, we aren't going to be doing much since it's the first day. All you have to do is do a few push-ups and some jumping jacks. You will need to bring a change of clothes next week for this class." Ema said before leading everyone further into the gym. "Once everyone is done with their workout you can take a seat on the bleachers." Ema told them before taking a seat before looking at all the names and species of her new students for the rest of their time at the school.

As she was looking through the list one in particular caught her eye. 'Naruto Uzumaki-Tweed, species human. Hmm, so this is the human that's been causing such a fuss. I still can't believe that there are some left, it must be that place that is surrounded by mist and some kind of invisible field around it. There's no other place they could be besides there.' Ema thought there had been a massive island discovered hidden in mist a year ago. But due to some kind of invisible force field around it, no one could get to it. It went way below the seafloor so no one could see what was on the other side.

As this was going on Naruto and his friends were doing their workout while talking about various things. "Wow, so you're going to be a big brother soon? Hope it goes well for you, having younger siblings can be a pain sometimes." Jenny said while thumbing at Max, getting an undigested 'Hey!' In the process. She giggled to herself with her sister and Judy joining her.

Greg just rolled his eyes. "Stop teasing Max, Jen you know he can't help it sometimes. Still doesn't give him an excuse to be snarky though." Greg said while looking at his brother and sister who were sending death glares at him. After all of them were done with their workout they all went to the bleachers to continue their conversation. "But really congrats Naruto, I hope to become a big brother in the future too. Maybe if I ask my mommy and daddy later we could get some." Greg said before sitting down, he really wanted some younger brothers and sisters to play with. As he felt that his family was a little smaller than it normally would be. He didn't know why, it just did for him.

Naruto smiled at hearing his friends being happy for him being a big brother soon. "Thanks guys, I just hope that I will be a good brother to them. I didn't get to have a family in my old home because no one would adopt me for some reason. But now that I have one I just don't know what to do with this chance." Naruto said he just hoped that he would be the best big brother that he could probably be. When the bell was about to ring Ema took them all back to the classroom. Once back inside the classroom, Naruto noticed that their next teacher was already there.

The teacher was a female lynx that was wearing a bright blue dress. She was putting books on the desk and had written the words 'take a book for the lesson and give it back at the end of the year.' on the chalkboard. "Ah, you're just in time Ema. Thank you for having them back before the bell rang, as you know that I like to get everything done early before the class starts." The lynx said while smiling at her friend.

Ema just smiled at her friend, she was happy that they took jobs at the same school. It just meant that they would get to see each other more. "No problem Crystal, just don't keep them for too long. If I remember right Anne is the class after yours, and you know how she is with your long-winded history lessons." Ema said to her feline friend. She had known Crystal since middle school. She was always shooting off history facts that most mammals didn't know, or just didn't care about. Anne was their college roommate and good friend to both of them, but she hated how long Crystal's history rants were sometimes. It was at this point that the bell rang. "Well that's it for me class, be nice for crystal as she will teach a lot more things than most other history teachers will." Ema said before heading out of the room. "Bye Crystal, have fun and do be careful of the rich snob kits. Some of them tried to bribe me earlier to give them passing grades for the rest of their time here." Ema told her friend before turning the corner and disappeared from the kit's sights.

Crystal wasn't happy to hear what her friend had just said. She hated kits that felt like they were entitled to perfect grades just because they were rich, or had a family member in politics. "Let me say this right now, I'm not like all those old rabbit teachers that would bow to someone with money and political power. The school has had to replace a lot of teachers for doing that when all the crap with the old principal came out. So know that you all will have to work for your grades to be good. So don't even try to bribe your way to having good grades, it won't work at all. That also goes for anyone that tries to bully others into doing your work for you." Crystal said before looking at her desk seeing that there was only one book left on it. The teacher's book to be exact, she was glad that no one noticed that she left it there. That means they were either didn't see it or they thought it was just another book that the teacher would use to read the lesson. Grabbing it she opened it up and began the lesson. "Alright, now the first lesson will be on the first recorded time that mammals became what we know of today. The parchment that this was written on was very old, much older than even some of the scrolls and tablets that have been found from a similar time frame. It was written in Japanese from the looks of it and it reads as follows. 'I saw another one this morning, she was an otter that came from the lake. When I asked her how she was like this? She simply answered that she didn't know, and that she had felt like a sudden pain exploded in her head. Before her body began to change to what it is now. I think this is what will happen to all of us eventually, and that by the end of this age not a single one of the old race will be alive.' There is more but we will cover it more later. After that it's very scattered and iffy at best, what we do know is that for a while mammals kept living like they normally would back then. But then they started to find the old homes of humans before it all started. They found the tools and weapons that they had stored up and took them.

They then started trying to make homes with these tools. The first to do this was an unnamed lion that started a village for his pride. Said village was burned to the ground by a group of sheep warriors that terrorized the region for some time. But we're stopped not long after they burned the village." Crystal said while reading from the book and adding some facts here and there that she knew of that wasn't in the book. 'Stupid sheep, never wanting their miss deeds to be known to the younger generation. I swear if they ever try to take out both world wars and the Civil War, I'm going to have a nice chat with the school board that involves a shotgun shoved up their asses until they put it back. What politicians think be damned, children need to know of the mistakes of the past before they repeat it. After all, history always has a bad habit of repeating itself. The same mistakes are always made in different ways.' Crystal thought before looking at her watch, she only had a few minutes of class left before the bell rang. She saw that most of the class was taking notes, there were a few that were not. 'Must be the rich kits of the class, going to need to talk to the parents about their behavior. Why do they spoil their kits so much? It's almost like they think that if they pay mammals enough they will just look away. It's that kind of thinking that doomed the Roman Empire and the Germans.' Crystal thought. She then decided to end the lesson after a few more minutes of explaining and answering questions. "Alright since the bell is about to ring, I'm going to end it with this. Mammals back then are a lot different than what they are now, and as such held different values and views than what we do now. They are not us, and we are not them end of story." Crystal said before the bell rang. "Have a good day kits, make sure to take care of those books. As they are school property so if they are destroyed it will come out of your parent's pockets." Crystal said before walking out of the room.

After the teacher was gone Naruto turned to his friends and began a new conversation with them. "So what do you guys have planned after school?" He asked, wanting to know if they could hang out later.

Judy was the first to respond. "Well, I know my mommy needs me to do my chores at home before I can hang out. After that I can ask her if I can come over, I don't know if she will let me." She said while hoping that her mom will let her spend more time with Naruto. Whenever they spend time together she just feels like she will be protected by him from just about everything. Even now she is trying to stop herself from climbing into his lap and snuggle into his chest.

Max was the next one to answer for him and his siblings. "Sorry Naruto, we got to help our mommy around the house after school. Maybe tomorrow we can, but not today." He said with a sad smile, he wanted to hang out with his new friend. But today wasn't a good day to do it. He and his siblings needed to help their parents around the house since his mom got her new job.

Naruto nodded in understanding, he had to do a few chores too. Mostly just helping out around the house and occasionally helping pick blueberries with his adoptive father. "I can understand that, hopefully, I'll see you later today after school Judy. That way we can take a look at the scrolls that I told you about." Naruto said before seeing their next teacher walk in.

She was a wild pig sow that was wearing a brown shirt and blue jeans. "Alright class, settle down, I'm your new arts and crafts teacher for the year Anne Croft. Today we will be doing something simple today, mostly because it's the first day of school. Now what we are going to do is make a smiley muzzle plate." Anne said, before holding up a paper plate with macaroni glued in the shape of a smiling lion cub's face. "You can make any kind of smiley face you like, it just needs to be a smiley face." Anne said before giving out glue, paper plates, and macaroni to everyone.

Once everyone had their supplies they began their project. Most doing bunny faces, while others doing the lion face. Naruto on the other hand was making a smiley fox face. It was harder to do but he liked a challenge, it made it more fun in his mind. Once he was done he waved his hand for the teacher to come over. "I'm done, Ms. Croft." Naruto said while showing her his plate. It was set in a way that the tips of the macaroni made a fox face that was smiling.

Anne looked at what the only human in the class made. She was surprised that he found a good way to place the macaroni that it shaped the muzzle very well. Same with the ears and nose. "This is great, let me put it over to dry. Just put your name on it so that way it won't be confused for someone else's." Anne told him. After he put his name on it she took it over to dry on a table that the school put in all the classrooms for when the arts and crafts lessons took place. Taking a look at the name on it she was a bit surprised. 'Uzumaki? Well, the name Naruto does mean maelstrom. So it shouldn't be a surprise that his birth mother knew what their last name means.' Anne thought before putting the plate on the table. Soon after more students finished, after about ten minutes everyone was done. "Alright class, since class is almost over I'm going to tell you what you will need for the rest of the year. Also, know that like the previous teachers in this class before me, I cannot be bribed for good grades. You will need crayons, colored pencils, and paintbrushes. The rest will be provided by the school." Anne told them before the bell rang. "Well, that's it for today class, since it's recess I'll take you all to the playground. Just make sure that you come by after lunch to get your smiley muzzle plates. " Anne said before leading them out to the playground.

xxx- Timeskip to after school -xxx

It was a few minutes after school ended we see Naruto and Judy standing in front of the school. They were waiting for their parents to pick them up. "So what do you want to do later after we take a look at the scrolls?" Naruto asked her while keeping a lookout for anyone suspicious. He felt that they were being watched from somewhere, he just didn't know where.

Judy thought about his question, she wanted to spend as much time as possible. She still didn't know why she wanted to just climb into Naruto's lap and snuggle into his chest. She what the feelings were when she was there but didn't know why she felt them. It was a great mystery to her. 'Just something I'll figure out in time' Judy thought to herself before answering his question. "Well, we can play some board games or something. It doesn't really matter to me, just so long as it's something to pass the time. Anywhere is better than my house, so many of my big brothers and sisters keep telling me to give up. To just be like everyone else and be happy about it. They listen to my daddy too much if you ask me." Judy said before leaning on Naruto's shoulder, she felt Naruto shift and give her a hug. "Thank you." She said wrapping her arms around him.

Naruto held onto her for a few minutes, just letting her feel comforted. "Never give up Judy, let them say whatever they want. You will be able to accomplish your dream, you just need to work for it and never give up." Naruto told her before looking to his left. He saw a glint of something in one of the bushes just to the right of the sidewalk going out the school gates. "Judy, on the count of three I need you to jump as far back as you can. I just saw something in the bushes that's not supposed to be there." Naruto told her getting a slight nod in response. 'One' Naruto counted in his head, getting ready to throw a rock that he had found earlier. 'Two' tensing his legs to jump backward and letting go of Judy. "Three!" He shouted before both of them jumped back as far as they could go before something went past them. Naruto threw the rock in his hand as hard as he could. Hitting whatever or whoever was in the bushes hard enough to hear the rock bounce off their head. Several adults had heard Naruto shout and came to see what all the noise was about.

Among the adults that came out was the English teacher Mr. Anderson. "What seems to be all the commotion about?" Mr. Anderson asked wondering why Naruto was yelling?

Naruto points at the bush that he thew the rock in. "Someone is in there, I noticed that something was shining in there before I had Judy jump back at the count of three. Just as we jumped back something went flying past us before I threw a rock in there. I know I heard it hit something because it made a loud noise that didn't sound like branches breaking." Naruto told them, before looking to his right and seeing the pretty boy from before on the ground with a dart sticking our of his but. "Well at least I know what flew past us." Naruto said thumbing over at the downed buck.

Mr. Anderson raced over to the bushes to see who it was targeting his students. He found an unconscious rabbit buck with a trank rifle on the ground next to him and had a rock right where his balls would be if he was crouching down in the bush. 'Kit sure has a nice aim and must have a great amount of strength to hit someone in the nuts that hard. I wonder if he's going to go into law enforcement when he grows up. He would be a great asset to any organization that takes him I can tell that.' Mr. Anderson thought to himself before grabbing the buck and the rifle. "Ema, call the sheriff's department out here, we got another one. Oh and kit nice throw, you hit him right where it counts. Hahaha!" Mr. Anderson said with a laugh. "Axel you stay out here with them and make sure that their parents know what happened. I'm sure the sheriff will want to talk to them later." Anderson said getting a nod from the fox. "Jason go get the kit with the dart in his butt to the nurse. She has anti-serum for the trank in her office. Don't ask why, she just does and that's all you need to know." Anderson told the large ox that came out with them. Jason was one of the new gym teacher's aids that recently came to Bunny Burrow. With a nod, the ox picked up the younger rabbit buck and took him to the nurse's office.

Axel walked over to Naruto and patted him on the back. "That was some quick thinking kit, you just saved both yourself and your friend here." Axel said before he smelled the air. 'Why does he smell so strongly of fox?' Axel thought before a truck pulled into the front of the school. Out of came a vixen that he had seen before in his youth. "Vixy is that you?" Axel asked hoping to was his long-lost friend.

Vixy was surprised to see one of her oldest friends. "Axel, it's so good to see you! Yeah, it's me, mamm you haven't changed a bit. Still as scruffy as always." Vixy said ruffling the fur on the top of his head.

Axel fixed his fur before looking around. "So considering your here I can assume that you have kits now. Where are they if you don't mind me asking?" Axel asked his friend wondering where her kits were?

Vixy giggled before pulling Naruto next to her. "For now, Naruto is my only one. Me and my mate adopted him last year, and today was his first day." Vixy told her friend, before giggling again when she saw his jaw drop. Before she saw him close his mouth and gain a serious look. "Oh no, don't tell me he's in trouble already." Vixy said with a sigh and a muzzle palm.

Axel shook his head. "No nothing like that. It seems one of those jerks that used to work here tried to kitnap Naruto and his friend here while he was waiting on you." Axel told her getting her to hug Naruto closer to her. "Don't worry, he noticed the glint from to trank rifle and they jumped out of the way. Naruto even knocked out their attacker with a rock. Though it was in a very bad spot where he hit him." Axel said tightening his thighs a bit. He knew that Naruto had hit the poor bastard in the balls. He could see the blood on the crotch of the bucks pants, and he knew that Naruto may have made it so that buck can never have kits of his own ever again. 'Though that will be amusing for the other inmates to hear how it happened.' Axel thought before seeing another truck pull in. It was blue with a sign on it that said 'Hopps Family Farms' on the side of the door.

Bonnie stepped out of the truck before walking up to everyone. When she felt the tension around them she asked. "Oh boy what happened?" When everything was explained to her she just sighed. "Well, that's not a surprise, with Naruto being the last human known to Zootopia and all. It's not a surprise that mammal traffickers would be after him. Luckily from what I know, that should be the last of them. As the newspaper said there was only one left not found." Bonnie said before opening the truck door for her daughter. "Come on Judy, your brothers and sisters all got on the bus already. And yes, I knew you would be too busy talking to Naruto to remember that you would ride the bus this year." Bonnie said to her daughter, getting a blush from Judy in return for her words. "I know you like to spend time with him, Judy. But you have to understand that I'm not going to always be here to take you home every time you miss the bus." She said knowing that her daughter would probably miss the bus again if she didn't tell her this.

Vixy thought for a moment before putting her two cents in. "You know Tod and I wouldn't mind taking Judy home if she missed the bus again. Your farm isn't too far from ours, so it wouldn't hurt time for us any to take her there." Vixy said knowing that Judy would like that idea very much.

Bonnie thought about this for a moment while looking at her daughter who was giving her the puppy dog eyes routine. "Oh alright fine, but don't miss the bus often just so you can spend time with Naruto on the way home. " She said with a stern tone and look. She didn't want her daughter to be a burden on her friends. But she knew that her daughter also wanted to be with Naruto as much as possible right now. "Copper will probably come by our houses later to talk about the incident with Naruto and Judy. Though I think it would be better if it was done at your house. That way Stu doesn't learn about it, he would throw a fit and try to bar Judy from seeing Naruto if he did." Bonnie said to her friend, getting a nod in return. "I'll come by later with Judy later so that way I can just say it's a playdate or something." She said before getting Judy into her car seat in the truck. She shut the truck door while Judy waved bye to Naruto. "I'll see you later Vixy." Bonnie said before walking by them. But just as she passed by Naruto she felt him slip a piece of paper into her pocket. She didn't pull it out until she was around the truck bed. When she pulled it out she saw it was a folded note. When she opened it she had to hold the gasp of shock from escaping her. The note read 'I know your secret.' It scared her that Naruto of all mammals had found out. 'But how could he have found out?' Bonnie asked herself, wondering how he could have found out her most hidden secret. Not even her friends knew about it, but they did suspect it. She watched Vixy get into her truck after strapping Naruto into his car seat before driving off. 'However he found out doesn't matter now. I just need to make sure he doesn't say anything to anyone.' Bonnie thought before getting in her truck and drove back home. Not knowing the conversation that would come later tonight.

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