Second Chance at Life @nightwolf65
Chapter 2

New family, lessons, and new friends

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Tod was the first to wake up, he looked around trying to remember what happened last night as his sleep-addled brain wasn't working right now. 'What's going on where am I? Last thing I remembered we were driving home after buying the new truck and-' Tod thought before his eyes fell on his mate and his new son. `That's right we found him on the road and brought him to the hospital. He should be waking up today. Hopefully, he doesn't get scared when he sees us. I know he's probably hasn't seen folks like us before, so he might be a little spooked.' Tod though, he was happy that it wasn't a dream and he was the adoptive father of the only known human left in Zootopia. A child who knew what it was like to be hated for something that wasn't in his control. 'I hate that he has had to deal with something like that. The poor kit must be traumatized from everything that happened to him. I promise Naruto you won't have to worry about that ever again. I just wish that we found you sooner so you wouldn't have to deal with the trauma that comes with being hated for no reason. Fucking sheep and their fox hunts.' Tod promised himself before thinking about those horrible events. The sheep around Malbrouck were some of the worst mammals you could ever imagine. They saw all predators as slaves and foxes as game for sport. Tod lost his mother to these sick sheep in one of their fox hunts, a blood sport made by the sheep that was held every year the goal was to hunt the foxes that resided in the town. His mother was one of the many that year to die in those sick games of theirs. He was overjoyed when the zootopia military came in when a vixen kit got out of the country and got to zootopia to tell them and the world what those bastard sheep were doing. Over fifty million foxes were killed in those hunts over all of the years that they occurred, there were records going back over a hundred years of them doing those hunts. He personally cheered when the military brought out all of the politicians involved in the hunts out of their ivory tower in chains. From what he knew after that, all of them were executed for crimes against Mammality. They came close to the Nazis when every crime came out. When you get that close to those kinds of mammals, you know that the government there was bad. 'May every one of you rot in hell, you bastards. You got what you deserved. And now the world knows what you and every one of the millions of followers you had done. Not to mention now sheep will have just as much work to do in getting out of your shadow that you placed on them.' Tod thought thanking God that he and foxes everywhere wouldn't have to deal with them. Now they only needed to worry about the corrupted elements of government, as well as the usual fox stereotypes. 'That last one can't be helped too many people stuck in the old ways to see the truth and too little people that do see it. Well, I better go talk to the nurse and see if they can get naruto something to eat before he wakes up.' Tod thought to himself before going to the door to call for a nurse. He opened the door to see the sheriff on the other side getting ready to knock on the door. The sheriff was a male bloodhound; he was around 5'6" and dressed in a brown dress shirt with brown pants and the standard utility belt for all at the sheriff's office. "Sheriff Copper what a surprise, I wasn't expecting you for another two weeks. To what do I owe the pleasure of seeing you here today." Tod asked, he figured that his friend wouldn't show up so soon to see him and his mate as well as his son. But then again they were childhood friends. It shouldn't surprise him that his friend would come and see him when he adopted his son. Every adoption goes through the police database after all.

"You know good and well that I wouldn't miss being the first one to see you when you finally had your kits just like you were the first to come and see my pups with my mate. We were so lucky to have them in the first place, seeing as they are half dingo." copper said happy for his friend, he knew that his friend has been trying to have kits for a while now. He was the one that found the specialist that gave them the news about Vixy's condition. It saddened him that his friends had to deal with that, but he was happy that it was better news than her being sterile that's for sure. He looked at Naruto and Vixy cuddled up on the bed. "So what made you adopt the kit? I know that you guys have been trying for kits for a little while now, but I didn't think you would give up that quickly." Copper said, surprised that his friend would just adopt a kit instead of continuing to be persistent like he has for a while now.

Tod shook his head, he wasn't surprised that his friend thought that when he saw that he adopted Naruto. "Oh, we didn't give up. We just wanted to help a kid that has felt what we have, Naruto was hated for something out of his control. I know what it's like for things like that to happen to me. I dread the damage that has been done to his mind as he doesn't seem to be hurt physically. I'm kind of glad that the ESA is around right now, as we won't have to worry about the hospital bill or other expenses around him. I was even thinking of talking to the hopps family about arranging a playdate with some of their kits next year to see if Naruto will make friends with them, Bonnie has been dieing to get someone to play with little Judy ever since she told everyone she didn't want to be like other bunnies and do something with her life besides being a carrot farmer. Granted she doesn't know what it is that she wants to do with her life as she's only five, but that doesn't mean that she will change her mind. I can already tell that she has both her parents' stubbornness, I can see it in her eyes. She won't change her mind from this path she's on, no matter what everyone else says." Tod said with a chuckle, he felt sorry for Bonnie sure but he didn't have to deal with a perfect combination of her and Stu's stubbornness all packed into one little bunny doe with the determination to break the norm for bunnies. Especially bunny does, the main stereotype for them was that they dropped out of high-school, married, and had a shit ton of kits. 'I still don't know why that is seen as a preferable life for them. Maybe it's just a bunny thing that others don't understand.' Tod thought as he knew that his only rabbit friend would have been a great lawyer if she put her mind to it. But then she did the one thing that he never respected of her. She gave in to the pressure that was being put upon her to be a regular doe like her family wanted. He still stayed her friend, but he lost a lot of respect for her after that. But he knew Judy was different, she had something about her that was different from other bunnies. He didn't know how to put it, he almost felt like she was part predator in some aspects. She definitely had the black ear tips of a fox, that would definitely get any young tods attention very quickly if she ever decided she wanted to date one. But she had the presence of an angry lion whose family was in danger when she was mad.

"Oh don't I know it, she gets along with preds far more than other rabbits her age. I'm almost convinced that Bonnie cheated on Stu to get Judy. As there is no way she isn't a hybrid that takes after her mother in body shape and fur color alone. My question is who was the lucky pred that raided the warren? Because we both know it wasn't another prey that's for sure." Copper said he had a bet going that Bonnie had cheated on Stu five years ago with a predator of some kind, because of a huge fight with Stu about how she wanted to try to get her lawyer's degree to bring in more money for the farm. Stu wasn't having it and Bonnie ran off into the night. She came to Tod's house crying and a general mess emotionally. It was only a few days later when she went back. But he was convinced when she went out she would meet with some predator male that didn't do the one mate only or at least didn't mind having a week-long affair with a rabbit. He doubted it was Tod or he would haven't married Vixy. As foxes only married the one that they mated with and in the process mate marked them. He never smelled Bonnie's scent mark on Tod or saw her without her shirt off to see if she had the typical mate mark scare outline in her fur. As most predators have one, he could rule out lions because theirs was at the nape of the neck. Same with most big cats, but canines were still in the air as most went for the shoulder it didn't matter which one. All he needed for proof was to see the outline and he could collect his winnings. He may be the sheriff, but he was a gambling dog at heart. This bet was his last one as he was the sheriff now and he needed to stop his gambling habit except for the annual poker game that the department had every year. That was the only time he ever let his habit loose nowadays.

Tod was about to respond when a voice answered behind him. "I have to agree with him, Tod, Judy has this predator air about her that gives her. There is no way that she is a full bunny, she just doesn't have the personality of her father in her like her littermates do. As strange as it may seem, I think she may have a different dad than the rest of her siblings." Said the voice, Tod and Copper turned to see that Vixy was awake while stroking Naruto's hair. She had been listening to her mate and his best friend talking for the last ten minutes when she woke up to Copper coming in. It was good to see their friend after a month of not seeing him, but it couldn't be helped. He was the sheriff after all and he had a job to do in keeping the town safe from those that would hurt his family. She hoped she was there when his two daughters came of age to date. As she knew that he would be there with his shotgun waiting for the young man that would come to the door to take his daughter out for the night. "I know it wasn't you Copper as you wouldn't be searching so hard if it was you. My money is still on that gray wolf that was here in town at the time. He was sweet on Bonnie while he was here and Judy's color pattern wouldn't change from Bonnie's because she's gray too. It would also explain the slight sharpening of Judy's ears; they may still be round like most rabbits like her but it is still noticeable to the right eyes. How Stu doesn't see it is beyond me though, as he hasn't gone out ranting about Bonnie cheating on him yet. Then again her rant about how bad cheating on your mate is bad was a good cover if she did do it. She may be a high-school dropout, but she is far from stupid." Vixy said while looking at her mate and friend. She then turned her attention to her son, she would definitely have to talk with him down the road about subjects like this when he was older. She was glad that he wouldn't need to live as he did in his old home, she too faced the fox hunts of Malbrouck. She was one of the first orphan kits taken to zootopia after the first invasion on Malbrouck, she was glad she met Tod when he came to Bunny Burrow eighteen years ago. It was lonely here without other foxes there to know the pain she felt when the hunts were happening. She met the vixen that told the world what was happening there and gave her a big hug while saying thank you. As she was afraid she would be next in the hunt after the one that cost her mom and dads for her to live. 'I'll continue to make you proud mom, dad you will never die in vain. I promise you that. I'll raise Naruto to be the best he can be in whatever job he chooses to be, I just hope that I won't have to teach him the fighting style our family made. I don't want my son to become an assassin like our ancestors were. Then again they can be used for self-defense if modified right.' Vixy thought, before seeing that Naruto was starting to wake up. She quickly scooted away so that he would be able to see her when he realized where he was. She just hoped that he wouldn't hate them. She realized that he probably won't understand them and quickly turned to her mate. "Tod go get Jonathan quickly, Naruto's waking up and he won't understand what we are saying. I don't want him to be scared and not understand that we don't want to harm him." Vixy whisper yelled to her mate who nodded and ran out of the room to get the mentioned nurse. "Copper, can you wait outside for a moment? I don't want him spooked." Vixy asked her bloodhound friend, she knew that he wasn't trying to scare her son but she didn't want to take the chance.

Copper nodded, he knew that the kit would be confused and scared at first when he woke up. "No problem Vixy, I'll wait outside the door if you need anything." Copper said, before exiting out the door himself. He was glad that he would be able to have his pups be some of Naruto's new friends, as he knew that if he got along with them he would get along with Judy.

Once he was out of the room, Vixy decided to sit in the chair right next to the bed. That way Naruto could have some breathing room, that way if he did freak out he wouldn't be crowded or be in a position where he would feel like he was going to be smothered.

Naruto woke up with a splitting headache. 'Man, what happened last night? It feels like the villagers used my head as a drum, which is entirely possible considering they try to kill me a lot before the Anbu show up. I just hope they didn't take me to the hospital again, they should know by now that the doctors and nurses there will try to kill me. But then again if it's a new guy that doesn't know that.' Naruto thought before opening his eyes a bit to see that he was in a hospital room with a chart next to the open door. He noticed that he had an IV in his arm and he could hear his heart rate monitor beeping next to him. 'Ughh Fantastic, note to self: have Jiji put the newbie put on patrol by Iwa. That will teach him to bring me to a place that will try to kill me without a second thought. I just hope that they won't try something and Jiji gee- right now I remember, I'm in a new world. At least I got my first kiss from Anko-chan, that will always be a plus no matter what. I just hope that wherever I am I don't have to worry about doctors trying to kill me with poison. Even if most of them don't work on me anymore.' Naruto thought he was a little scared, don't get him wrong. It's just that he has been in worse situations. When you have a village out to kill you most of the time, you start to lose your sense of fear. The only thing he can say without a shadow of a doubt that he fears is someone he loves being used against him. That is his one major fear, no matter what happens. "Hopefully this world will be better than my old one. Maybe I can get some peace and quiet here in this world, maybe set some things up for when Anko-chan, Tenten-chan, and Kira-chan come here. I have no idea who the fourth one is. She must be someone important in my life from before I can remember." Naruto mumbled to himself, not realizing that he wasn't alone in the room. He heard footsteps approaching his room, they were weird though it almost sounded like the steps like paws on a tile. He knew this sound because when he was at the academy, there was a lot of Inuzukas there. He then saw a flicker of orange and white out of the corner of his eye, he turned his head to see a large fox in a dress. At this point Naruto was about to freak out, thousands of thoughts ran through his mind like where he was and how a fox can get so big. 'I know I'm short for my age but not that short. How is this happening, where did Kami-sama send me, and how can I live a normal life if I stick out like a sore thumb?' Were some of Naruto's most prevalent thoughts. Naruto heard someone knock at the door and saw a raccoon dog in a nurse's outfit come into the room.

Jonathan came up to Naruto after grabbing the chart by the door and read it for a few seconds before lifting his head up to look at Naruto. He was surprised that they learned so much from his blood that they had taken while doing the standard procedures. As they had learned that Humans were somewhat close to what those in the medical field affectionately called the master DNA, a strand of DNA that was in every mammal in the world. No one knew what it was but it was the main link that tied certain aspects to all of them. It gave females breasts that didn't match with how their feral ancestors walked, so scientists theorized that they started growing when genes first came to be in mammals, another thing that it did was it took away pouches from marsupials as they didn't need them anymore because their babies weren't born prematurely like they once were. One more thing it did was make them a lot smarter than their ancestors that's for sure. 'Unfortunately, smarter doesn't always mean wiser. Our history is just as rich with blunders as humans if not worse. No one's perfect I guess.' Jonathan thought he decided that it was best to try and see if he can give him some comfort in his situation, as he doubted that he has seen anyone like them before. "Hello mister Uzumaki, I'm nurse Jonathan brown I'm glad you're awake as you were unconscious when you were brought in by this nice young vixen and her mate." Jonathan said, gesturing to Vixy in the chair and Tod who was at the door. "It was lucky that they stopped when they did otherwise you wouldn't be alive right now. Now I will tell you that they don't speak the same language as us so I'll be your translator if you have any questions for them. Another thing that you should know is that they have adopted you as there was a letter in your jacket pocket saying that the person that left you there wanted the people who found you to adopt you. There was another part of the letter that was strictly for your eyes only. Now is there anything you would like to know? As I understand that you probably haven't seen folks like us around." Jonathan said as he understood that Naruto wouldn't have seen mammals like them if humans have been hiding all this time.

Naruto nodded his head. "Yes, I do have questions. Like where am I, I know I'm in a hospital but a hospital where? Why do you all look like this? And who are they? I don't know what's going on and there are things I just don't understand. The last thing I remember is being chased by the villagers of my village and the next thing I know I'm here." Naruto said while lying about the last part, as he didn't want to tell anyone what really happened. He knew that him being from a different dimension was far fetched to most people. mammals? whatever.

Jonathan knew that from the letter as there were things in the letter that he didn't tell Tod and Vixy, this was one of them. There were things that they shouldn't know about as it involved his medical history and how it was somehow all sealed inside the scroll. It said something about a blood seal and how he would know how to open it. "You are in Bunny Burrow hospital, in a country called Zootopia, the capital is in a city of the same name. As for why I look like this, it's because I was born this way. See from what we know, humans went extinct thousands of years ago due to a plague of some type. That plague is dead so you don't have to worry about it. Anyway with all of the humans gone animals started learning how to use some of their leftover tools like spears and bows, as well as things like hammers and nails for building things. There is a gene in all mammals in the world that is theorized to that allowed us to do this as from what I can tell it, your DNA structure is closely related to it. So it gives me some ideas on how it came to be. But that is beside the point, to answer your last question. To put it bluntly, they are your new parents, so they will be taking care of you from now on. There is one thing I need to ask you Naruto, do you know what a blood seal is and how it works? As the letter, I mentioned earlier said it had all of your medical records in the seal." Jonathan asked as he would like to see what was in Naruto's file.

Naruto bleached but nodded he knew what would come next when he unsealed his 'file'. "Yeah I know what it is, but I will warn you now that it's not a file but a broom closet. Give me the scroll and an empty room and I'll show you." Naruto said before getting up and out of the bed.

Jonathan nodded and took the IV out of Naruto's arm. He also turned off the EKG monitor and unhooked Naruto from it. He turned to Tod and Vixy. "I'm going to need that letter for a moment, one of the things that I didn't want to say about it is that Naruto's file is somehow sealed inside it and only he knows how to get it out somehow. Though what he said about it has me thinking he's joking about its size I can't be too careful. So we are going to move to one of the empty file rooms that hasn't been set up yet." Jonathan said before motioning them to follow him. They followed him out the door with Copper joining them after seeing them leaving the room. Soon they were at the room that would hold Naruto's 'file'. "Alright Naruto let me open the door and you can unseal your file. After that the scroll is yours to keep, it's also up to you if you want to keep learning Japanese as you will need to learn English because people around here don't know Japanese." Jonathan said, wanting to let his patient know what was going to happen when he left the hospital. He then opened the door to the empty room and turned on the lights. "Alright Naruto here's the letter, do what you need to do and I'll take a look at your file while you are being released. Some clothes have been brought in for you to wear and your sandals were fixed up last night by one of the nurses who was bored and wanted something to do while he was on shift. I instructed the nurse that handles discharge papers to give them to you when you leave." Jonathan told Naruto before stepping to the side and handing him the letter.

Naruto nodded and opened the letter to the point that he saw the blood seal. 'I always hated these things, they always require your blood.' Naruto thought before biting his finger tip to draw a bit of blood and smeared it on the seal. He quickly turned the scroll around and waited for what was to come. Soon a large poof of smoke burst from the scroll and twenty or so filing cabinets were now sitting in the room along with five rows of file racks stuffed with files. Naruto turned the scroll back around and rolled it back up. He turns back to Jonathan whose mouth was hanging down by how many files there were. "Like I said, it's not a file but a broom closet's worth." Naruto said before stepping to the side and leaning on the wall. He decided to wait for the nurse to snap out of his shook. 'Not that I blame him, most five-year-old kids don't even have 1% of this at their age. Even the ones that are born with a LOT of problems don't have this much.' Naruto thought understanding that this amount of paperwork being his medical history alone was overwhelming to most. Dare he says it, to some it was unexpectable that someone his age should have this much.

Jonathan was stunned, he had never seen anything like it. A room once empty was now half-filled with filing cabinets and five rows of file racks filled to the brim with files. He walked down the rows of file racks and saw that all of them had only one name on them. Naruto Uzumaki. "How is it that you have this much of a medical history?! Most kids your age don't even have 1% of this, not even the ones that have disabilities or diseases have this much!" Jonathan almost yelled, he was in complete shock at how much was here. If he had to take a guess, there was enough here to put a World War 2 veteran to shame as far as medical records go. Heck not even one, but 50 of them added together couldn't put a decent in how much there was. How Naruto still had his sanity he will never know. "How do you still have any bit of sanity left? Because I'll be honest here, you shouldn't be by now with all of this." Jonathan said to Naruto, he dreaded what might be in these files. With the amount of them, he was willing to bet that by the end of reading it all he would need a therapist. Naruto was the last of his kind as far as they knew, and he had to go through all of this in five years.

Naruto shrugged and looked at the rows of files. "Five years of assassination attempts, beatings, poisonings, and everything in between builds up. When you are hated for something that you can't control you tend to get a lot of hate. Sad to say in my case it got me all of this. As for how I'm still sane well, the only thing that I can tell you is that I had some people that were there for me and loved me. They didn't treat me like a monster or demon and were nice to me when others weren't." Naruto said with a sad look on his face. He would miss his Jiji, as he was the only one that would give him any love before. Before he was wrapped in a hug by a pair of orange arms, he looked up to see that his new mother was hugging him. He felt another set of arms wrap around him, turning in the other direction he saw his new dad was also hugging him. Naruto smiled and wrapped his arms around his new parents. 'Maybe this won't be so bad after all. Heck if this is what the love of a mom and dad feels like I will do whatever I can to keep it.' Naruto thought with some tears rolling down his cheeks. He was happy that they cared enough to comfort him when he was sad that he wouldn't be able to see those that had given him love either for a long time or ever again. 'I'm definitely glad that I was found by these two. I dread to see what the bad parents of this world are like.' Naruto thought it was going to be a long road ahead of him from now on. But the destination would definitely be worth it.

Jonathan was shocked by Naruto's answer, he knew that the hatred Naruto suffered was really bad due to the scars on his body. But to be treated like he was a monster or demon, that left a bad taste in his mouth. Jonathan went over to Copper and motioned him to follow him outside. Once they were out of hearing range Jonathan stopped and turned to Copper. "Sheriff, I'll be blunt, anyone that comes from Naruto's village with the exception of a select few need to be put in jail. For a kit like Naruto to have something like this as a file this big it requires him to have been attacked several times a day from the day he was born till now. I want you to put a bolo out, anyone from Naruto's old village is to be brought in to be identified by Naruto as one of the few people that showed him love or as the criminals that treated him like a monster. The ones that showed him love can be released, but the criminals are to be arrested and set for trial for kitabuse and attempt of murder in the fourth degree." Jonathan said with a serious look on his face. He wanted the mammals responsible to be put in jail for a very long time.

Copper was shocked to say the least, charges like that put mammals in prison for a long time. Depending on how old they were it was a life sentence. "You sure about that doc, that carries a pretty hefty penalty. Thirty-five years is a lot of time in the slammer." Copper said, telling the nurse exactly what he knew what he was asking him to do. He had no problem with doing it as anyone with THAT big of a medical file should be given a medal or eight for pain tolerance. As it is he now held the world record for largest medical file in history, and depending on what was in those files he would probably be holding more of them soon. Just seeing the amount of them made him have a great amount of respect for Naruto, anyone who can stay sane after all of that has great mental strength and had great friends that supported him.

Jonathan nodded he was more than sure about this. "I'm more than sure about this sheriff, I'm willing to bet that Naruto is immune to most poisons by now. Not to mention he probably has to word record for most assassination attempts on his life and at the age of five. Justice needs to be served in this case sheriff. Besides, what I asked you to do as far as charges is very lenient. I'll tell you this, by the time I'm done I can bring you a long list of charges to file against the villagers of Naruto's old village." Jonathan said with a sad smile, he would probably make that list anyway to make a point. He would try to get a promotion to pediatrician so he can handle Naruto when he has to come for checkups and shots. 'I'll probably need to study the notes and diagrams in his files to know what to do later. We can probably learn more about humans from them than we ever learn from bones. Then again they are likely more advanced than those who lived thousands of years ago.' Jonathan thought to himself, he was going to need to talk to the head doctor of the hospital to become Naruto's personal Doctor. But it would be worth it if it meant he could keep an eye on all of the tests done on him and make sure they didn't do anything that would hurt him.

Copper shrugged it was no skin off his nose. "Alright doc, I am curious what crimes come up in that list. As it's bound to be a lot if that room being half-filled is any indication. Don't worry about names for now as I get the feeling that we won't see anyone from his old village anytime soon. Don't ask me how, let's just say it's a gut feeling and leave it at that as I don't know myself. Just get me a copy of your list and I'll have it on the old codger's desk in no time. He's been complaining about how things are too quiet around here. This will definitely get his ass in gear, and teach him to keep his mouth shut when tempting fate when things start to get quiet around here." Copper said with a chuckle, chief would always complain when it was quiet. He said that it was always quiet before the monsoon. Well here was his monsoon, and he was going to weather it. Whether he liked it or not.

Jonathan just laughed and shook his head, Copper always gave old chief a hard time. He did it when he was a puppy and he still does it now. "You still give him flack even after so long. One of these days your nagging on him will come back and bite you in the butt. Anyway, take Naruto, Tod, and Vixy back to his room and one of the nurses will bring him the clothes that I mentioned earlier while I get his discharge papers ready. I just have to get th-." Jonathan was about to say when he remembered something. Naruto probably didn't have his shots or at least the ones that are required to go to school here. "Never mind, I just remembered that he needs his shots. This is going to be a pain in the ass, I just know it." Jonathan said with his head hanging low. Kids like Naruto hated getting shots, no matter how old they were. Add to it that he has been poisoned multiple times he probably didn't like needles much. "I might need your help holding him if this gets out of hand. People who experience poisonings typically avoid needles if they use them in that way." Jonathan said before walking over to the nurse's station and grabbed a rabies vaccine, among others. (A/N: I couldn't think of others, so use your imagination on what the others are. Because I got nothing.) After he was done getting the vaccines he needed to give Naruto he put the caps on the needles and put them in his coat pocket and walked over to Naruto's room, he saw that Naruto was sitting on his bed looking at all the devices around him. "I'm going to guess that you didn't have a more advanced technology back home?" Jonathan asked, wondering if humans weren't as advanced as they were? Then again they probably didn't know about certain things that were needed to make a lot of the tech they had. And most of that has been used upon the surface.

Naruto looked up and saw the nurse standing at the door. "No the best we had were heart monitors and some of the medical tools here. Everything else is foreign to me. So don't be surprised if I don't know what something is or question what you are going to do with those needles in your pocket?" Naruto asked, pointing at the coat pocket where he saw the outline of multiple syringes in the nurse's pocket. Sure he avoided them like the pledge back home because most of the time they had poison in them. But he was in a different world where the doctors and people didn't know about why he was hated or what chakra was so he knew that they were for something that was probably required to do before he had to leave the hospital.

Jonathan flinched slightly, he was hoping that Naruto didn't see them. "Unfortunately there is something I forgot to do before we went to the records room. See there are several vaccines that you need to get before you can go to school that is required by law. Mostly it's the worst diseases we have here, Rabies being one of them. What they do is they make your immune system stronger and make it so you don't get it or it won't be as bad in some cases. Though I will say you are very calm considering you have been poisoned multiple times before. Not to mention five-year-olds don't like needles in general." Jonathan said, wondering how Naruto was so calm in this situation? Sure he has seen kits cool as a cucumber who would go to screaming terrified little balls of fur running around the room trying to get away from them. But he could see that Naruto wasn't anything like that, one look in his eyes and he could see that he wasn't afraid. 'I really doubt that he doesn't fear anything. The question is how little does he fear because I've seen adults scared of needles before and he's nothing like them. If I had to describe it, I would say he's like a veteran waiting on his blood being taken.' Jonathan thought he was slightly afraid of how mature had to become in order to live in his village.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders. "I know that you are at least trying to help me. That is more than I can say for the others that worked at my village's hospital. They tend to try to poison me when I was recovering from a mob. I know you won't try that so, please get this done as I want to spend time with my new family and see my new home. Sorry if I seem rude for saying that, it's just since I was an orphan all my life having a family now is making me excited to finally have a home that I want to go back to." Naruto said with a bit of a smile on his face. He was finally free of his village and would make a home for his Anko-chan. At least he had time to get everything together.

Jonathan just shook his head and laughed. "That's understandable Naruto, but I will tell you this as I think you will be able to understand it. You are now under another law here that will make you have to take multiple mates later as you won't be able to start dating until you are sixteen years old. Now, please while I get these shots over with and you will be discharged." Jonathan said pointing to the papers that were on the table next to the door. He saw Naruto nod and sit on the bed. He then got to work giving Naruto his shots, after a few minutes he was done, and the nurse that had Naruto's new clothes and his sandals came into the room. She was a caracal with different colored eyes one was green and the other was brown, she was wearing regular nurse scrubs and had earrings in both ears. Standing up Jonathan greeted her. "Ahh, Emily, good you're here. Please put the clothes on the bed and go tell Ana that Naruto Uzumaki is ready to go and also tell her that I will be indisposed for some time with going over his file in file room three. Before you say anything about how it's empty, it's not anymore don't ask as I don't know how it works myself. Just know that he has broken a lot of world records for a lot of things." Jonathan said pointing at the bed before grabbing the papers that Tod had signed while he was working on giving Naruto his shots. Before he headed out the door. 'I just hope that he and Judy never meet. Bonnie has been trying to ask if I knew about anyone that had kits that Judy can become friends with to all her friends and now Naruto appears and is just the kind of kit that Judy would become good friends with but if given the chance to become a cop Naruto would be one of the best and most feared cops out there. Probably would take the top spot in the academy too. Just hope I don't lose that bet on if she's a full bunny or not. That stupid machine has been broken for weeks now, it's almost like someone keeps breaking it so we can't use it.' Jonathan thought to himself don't get him wrong, he loved his friend but she was getting desperate to find friends for her daughter. He just hoped that he would never see the day that Naruto and Judy met. The day that happens is the day every criminal should start learning how to not drop the soap.

Naruto nodded in thanks to the caracal and went to the bathroom with his new clothes and his repaired sandals, once he was inside the bathroom he looked at the clothes that he was given. They were a white T-shirt and a pair of blue shorts. He saw that his sandals were repaired in the center where they were broken from running from the mob last night. "Hopefully they have more out there as these won't last much longer. At best they will last another month or two.' Naruto thought to himself before pulling off the hospital gown and saw that he was still in his boxers. "Well at least I'm not naked under this thing." Naruto said to himself. He saw that the shorts had a hole where the elastic band met the seam, he guessed that it was for a tail if the wearer had one. He put them on and then the shirt. After that he slipped on his sandals and walked out of the bathroom. He saw that his new mom was waiting on him while his new dad was outside talking to the bloodhound in the strange outfit. Naruto didn't know who he was, but he knew that the bloodhound was important. Vixy saw her son was ready to leave and motioned for him to come closer. He moved over to her side and saw that she was offering her paw. He grabbed it and walked with her out of the room.

Vixy turned to her mate. "Tod, we're ready to go. Why don't you go get the truck, and I'll wait for you in the lobby with Naruto. He probably doesn't know what most of the more advanced stuff is if him looking around was any indication." Vixy said while walking with Naruto into the lobby she saw that there were a few more mammals there than before. Most were bunnies but there were a few preds there like a wolf that looked like he was in pain, but was also crossing his legs. 'Kidney stones, almost as bad as childbirth if what Bonnie said is true. Also, the closest males can get to it without getting kicked in the balls.' Vixy thought to herself, she knew all too well that you don't kick a male there unless they are trying to rape you. She on the other hand had different ways of 'fixing' the situation. Soon she saw her mate drive up to the entrance of the lobby. She and Naruto went over to the car, she saw that Naruto was looking at the car strangely like he hadn't seen one before. Then again she didn't know how advanced humans were back where he came from. She opened the door to the back seat and saw that there was a booster seat on her side. "Tod where did this come from?" Vixy asked her mate wondering where it came from?

Tod looked back from the driver's seat. "Copper gave it to us so we can take Naruto to the house and to the store tomorrow to get him what he needs. I'll be getting his bed later today so he can have something to sleep on tonight. Good thing they opened that Purple mattress store last week. Before you get on me about expenses, Copper also brought Naruto's ESA card with him so that we wouldn't have to pick it up later." Tod said his mate before turning back around. He was glad that there was a gas station nearby so they could get gas on the way back home and get Naruto something to eat.

Vixy shrugged and got Naruto buckled in and went to the other side and got into the passenger seat. "As long as we give it back to them when we get Naruto's. As mature as he seems, he is still five. So there will be some things that he will need later, like clothes and shoes. Though I will say I'm glad that some nice gorillas opened a store for things like that. Most don't need them, but the horses and other primates keep them in business. I still wonder why they didn't set up in ape city or the rainforest district of zootopia? But who am I to complain." Vixy said while looking at the welcome sign for Bunny Burrow, she always was amazed how the population counter almost never went down. Most of the population here was bunnies of all kinds, so it wasn't a surprise that it never decreased by much.

Naruto was surprised that this machine was for transportation when it started moving. 'So it's like a carriage of some kind, that's interesting. I guess it's time to see what letter Kami-sama left for me. Good thing I started to learn how to read when I was three, otherwise this would be a pain in the butt to figure out.' Naruto thought to himself before pulling out the scroll. He unrolled it to where it said it was for him to read-only.

Letter: 'Naruto this part is for you to know only, in the other seal on the scroll is your inheritance from your father and mother. As well as the hidden treasure of your family on your mother's side. Among other things that you will need later like Jutsu scrolls and scrolls on how to learn Japanese. The one Jutsu I want you to learn as soon as you can is the shadow clone Jutsu, with it you can learn things twice as fast. Things that take years to master can take a few weeks to a month. It doesn't work with making you stronger physically, so you will have to work on that by yourself. Now onto other things, you won't be able to see Anko, Tenten, or Kira until you're twenty-four years old. I'm sorry it has to be this way, but you have to understand that I want you to have a home for them to come to when they arrive. You should know where you are as far as the world you're in and what it is. I have sent you to a world where humans went extinct thousands of years ago due to a plague that I, unfortunately, had to unleash because they were trying to make themselves immortal through the ways of demonic magic. After that, I decided to give the mammals of this world a try in intelligence beyond what I had originally planned for this world, along with some alterations to certain species. Some are taller, others are shorter, some even had things taken away or added to make room for certain aspects to be added. Anyway, the last thing you should know is that you have a gift that I have given to you to use later. You can give one person chakra in a special way that you will figure out later. (A/N: not like that you perverts. That comes later.) I hope you will have a good life like I envisioned it and know that the fourth person that will be coming with the girls is a surprise I have planned. But I will give you a hint, she is someone who loves you but thinks you are dead because of those old fossils on the council.

With great love Kami.

P.S congrats on a new life and future wives.'

Naruto was surprised that was the last of his kind in this world until Anko and the others got there. But he understood where Kami was coming from when she did what she did. Even at the age of five, he knew that you don't live forever, as much as you hate getting old it's a part of life. He was glad that he could continue training in the ways of a shinobi, he may have hated the academy but he loved the training and this shadow clone Jutsu sounds useful for training. But one thing stood out when he read the last part. 'What does she mean by wives?' Naruto thought to himself before he saw that they were on the road. He decided to get comfortable as it would be a long day that he knew for sure.

xxx- time skip two days later -xxx

It had been two days since Naruto had left the hospital and today he was going to meet his English teacher for the rest of the year. He had learned the shadow clone Jutsu like Kami told him to do later that night after he got to his new home. It was a nice little home out in the countryside not far from town. Apparently, his parents grew blueberries to pay for everything they had. Not a bad idea if you asked him, who better to grow them than the ones who eat them the most. He had been trying to learn how to speak English by himself little by little with a little help from his new mom. But had made little progress, then again little was better than none at all. He knew how to say somethings in English like hungry, thank you, yes, and no. He understood more English words than he could speak though. He learned by listening to his parents talking about things when they were cooking or just sitting in the living room having a friendly chat with each other.

Just as he was about to get one of the scrolls from the letter that had more Jutsu he could lean he heard his mom call to him "Naruto come down here please, your English teacher is here." He heard Vixy call out, he left his room and went down the stairs to see his mom and an older looking wolf. The wolf's fur was white with a bit of gray showing on his snout, he was wearing a tan coat with tan dress pants and had a bag over his shoulder. "Naruto, this is Jake Wolferson, he will be your English teacher for the year." Vixy told him, she was glad that her son would have someone to teach him how to speak English. That way he would be able to talk with them better. As he has been struggling to tell them what he was wanting, like yesterday they were having trouble finding out what he wanted to eat when they were making dinner until he grabbed a chair and put it against the counter and grabbed a thing of packaged Ramen from the cabinet. They were surprised that at how much of it he ate, she wondered if she taught him how to cook. Maybe he would be able to help out with it.

Jake gave a traditional bow. "Hello Naruto-san, it is good to meet you. I look forward to helping you understand your new family better, now shall we move this to the kitchen so we may get started with your lessons?" Jake asked Naruto, getting a nod and they moved to the kitchen. It was a good size kitchen with an island in the center with four stools in front of it. Not far away from it was a table with eight chairs around it. The table was made of applewood with a polished sheen to it. Jake put his bag down on the table and sat down, Naruto sat down next to him looking at the bag. "We will start with the basics and move forward from there, the goal of this is to get you up to the same level of speech as other kits and pups your age. So that when you go to school you will understand your teachers and classmates." Jake explained to Naruto, he was glad that Naruto wasn't hyper like most kits he taught before. He was getting too old to deal with them. Naruto would be the last one that he taught before trying to find an apprentice that would carry on his work teaching young kits to speak English while also helping them figure out how they can learn better than they had on their own. Next, he reached over to his bag and pulled out a book. The book was old as the pages had started to yellow, and the binding glue was starting to fall off. "We will start with what you know how to say. So what English words do you know how to say?" Jake asks Naruto, wondering how much his new student knew of the English language, and what he had to work with.

Naruto smiled, this wolf was straight to the point and wanted to know where he was in learning how to speak English. "Well I know how to say yes, no, hungry, and thank you in English. There are words I'm still working on though, like please, the names of several foods, and words I've heard my parents say when they think I'm not paying attention." Naruto said while looking at his teacher's book. He was curious about what it was and what it had to do with his lessons? "If you don't mind me asking, what is the book for? I haven't seen a book like that before, not even when I would visit my Jiji in his office." Naruto asked his teacher, as he had never seen many books in the past. The only ones he saw were in his Jiji's office, and even then they weren't as thick as this one.

Jake just chuckled, he could appreciate Naruto's curiosity. "It's for your lessons. I'm going to use it to teach you how to read and speak English through it. It is a book that is written in both English and Japanese, English on the left side and Japanese on the right side. How this will work is you will read one phrase in Japanese and speak it in English, then I'm going to have you start writing in English after a week of doing this. Another thing I want you to do when I'm not teaching you is to start reading books that are written in English. The ones I recommend are ones made to teach kits a little younger than you to read. I will be telling your mother this, so she will know to pick some up for you. Now let's get to work." Jake said while opening up the book. It was a storybook that had all the known fairy tales out there. (Jack and the beanstalk, Cinderella, snow white, etc. You get the drift.) He saw Naruto's eyes light up with excitement. Jake could tell that Naruto was eager to learn if you did it the right way. Just one look at Naruto and he could tell Naruto was a kinetic learner. He needed to learn through trying and trying again. Jake knew that he would have to go to the school board to make it clear that Naruto would need some help to learn in ways only a kinetic learner can. But that was a problem for another day. For now he would focus on Naruto's lesson, and get as far as possible in them for today. These next two hours would be his make or break when it came to Naruto, as it was going to be a while before he could get any really good progress with the lessons if Naruto didn't get certain things.

xxx- two hour time skip brought to you by chibi Naruto and Jake doing their lesson. -xxx

Naruto and Jake were at the front door saying goodbye. "Thank you for your help, sensei I hope that you have a safe trip back home." Naruto said starting out in English but ending it in Japanese. He was able to get a lot better than what he did alone but he still needed to work on his English a lot more.

Jake grabbed his hat from the coat rack next to the front door. He was glad that Naruto wanted to see him out and wished him well on the way home. "You're welcome Naruto, and thank you for seeing me out. Most have forgotten that other lands have different traditions and customs. It's always good to see someone like you who remembers such things. Keep working on reading in English out loud to yourself to practice. That way you can continue to get better while I'm not here. Your next lesson will be in three days. I hope you have a good day Naruto." Jake said before walking out the door. 'Naruto's such a good kit. I feel sorry for Stu, the moment Judy meets Naruto is the day that he loses his fight to have her be like normal bunnies. Just two hours with Naruto and I can already tell that he will encourage her to follow her dreams. She won't end up like her mother, that I know for certain. I still remember when I found Bonnie crying in that closet. How broken she was and how lonely she must have felt. I swear Abraham still needs a kick in the ass for what he did. Though I think Judy was Bonnie's last fuck you to him, as there is no way in hell she is full bunny.' Jake thought to himself before getting in his car and drove off.

Back with Naruto, he was looking through the books his parents had on the bookshelf. He saw a few books that interested him, like fur wars, Frankenstein, and Robin hood among others. He decided to grab Robin hood and went to find his mother. The first place he decided to check was the kitchen as that was the last place he saw her. When he got there he saw she wasn't there, but he saw that the back door was open. He went out the door and looked on either side of the back porch. He saw her talking on the strange device that he has seen her use a few times for the last couple days. He walked up to her and showed her the book. "Kaa-san can we read this together?" Naruto asked his mother in English as he knew that she wouldn't understand him if he asked in Japanese. He also wanted to show her how much he improved on his English to her.

Vixy had been talking with her friend Lisa in Zootopia about how she had adopted a son a couple days ago. When Naruto came out with the book she thought he wanted her to read it to him. But that went out the window when he asked her if they could read it together. And in shaky English as well. "Lisa I'm going to have to call you back. My son wants to read a book together, and a foxes favorite to boot." Vixy said to her friend before hanging up the phone. She turned to Naruto and patted the seat next to her. "Sure Naruto, have a seat and we'll get started. But I will tell you that we won't be able to finish it today, as it is a long story." Vixy told him getting a nod of understanding. They started reading the summary. (A/N: just look up the plot for Disney's Robin Hood and make the story as long as the original book.) They decided to stop at chapter 3, Vixy put a bookmark in and closed the book. She looked over and saw Naruto asleep leaning on her shoulder. She smiled and put the book on the table in front of her. She then picked up Naruto and carried him to his room. She went up the stairs and took a left and she then came to Naruto's room. It was a good size room. They decided to paint it the color Naruto wanted, which was a cool orange color with blue trim. His bed was a simple one with a fox themed blanket and blue pillows. On the bed was a fox plushie and a dalmatian plushie. Vixy pulled the covers off the bed and put Naruto on his bed, she then tucked him in and left the room to get the book. When she got to the door she saw Tod holding the book with a confused look on his face. "Me and Naruto were reading it together. That teacher sure knows what he's doing. As Naruto only had a bit of trouble trying to pronounce the words unlike earlier where he was having a lot more trouble reading them." Vixy said while smiling. She was glad that Naruto was learning how to talk to them. As it has been hard these past couple of days not understanding him. But soon they will be able to understand them and will be able to talk with them and help them better understand him.

Tod put the book on the dining room table. "Well that's good, I'm glad that he chose Robin Hood. it was the first story I read with my mom, so to hear that my own son will continue doing that with his mother. It was the last thing I did with her, so this story is very much important to me." Tod said with a sad smile, his best memories of his mother was reading Robin Hood. they had just finished the story when the hunt happened. "I'm just glad that we don't have to worry about that happening to Naruto. He deserves better than what he got in his old village. I saw the scars on his back and they look like something you would see on the victims of a fox hunt if they lived that is." Tod said looking at his mate, he was more than glad that they lived in zootopia. Tod just hoped that Naruto wouldn't get bullied by the other kits for being adopted by foxes.

Vixy smiled at her mate and walked over to him, when she was in front of him she leaned in and gave him a big kiss. She smiled in the kiss as she felt him kiss her back. After a minute they separated for air. "Don't worry Tod, nothings going to happen to him for a long time. He won't be going to school till August of next year so he will have time to get used to being here and not having to worry about it till later. Now let's get started on dinner so that we can have more family time.

Xxx- Eight months time skip -xxx

It had been eight months since Naruto had been adopted and he had worked hard to finally be able to speak with his family more than he had been able to before. Not only did he work on his English, but he also worked on other things like taijutsu, ninjutsu, and fuinjutsu. With the help of shadow clones, he was able to get so much farther than what he had back in his old village. Today he was told that some friends of his parents would be visiting and they were bringing their kits with them so that he might have some friends before going to school. "Let's see who would be coming here that is local, maybe uncle copper's family as he did say he wanted me to meet his pups. Maybe it's sensei's son and granddaughter as he did say that she would be going to school with me. Whoever it is, I just hope they don't freak out about me being human, as that was one of the things that I hate it when that happens when I go out with Kaa-san and tou-san." Naruto said to himself, he walked out of his room and over to the stairs. Just as he was about to go down them he heard knocking at the door. He started going down the stairs until he heard his mom open the door.

Vixy had been cleaning the house as she couldn't visit any of her friends until her mate came back from zootopia since they only had one truck because not many people in zootopia would buy produce from foxes up there. So she invited her two best friends over for a chat, since they were busy with their kits she told them to bring them or some in one of her friend's cases. Now you may be wondering who these friends are, well they were Bonnie hopps and Marisa finch. See Marisa was Copper's mate, in fact, Vixy was the one who introduced them to each other. But that's a story for another time, just as she was about to sit down for a bit she heard a knock at the door. She went over to it and opened the door, on the other side were several mammals, seven kits and two adults. One was a gray and white rabbit doe who was wearing a light blue dress with a pearl necklace around her neck. While the other one was an albino dingo with yellowish-white fur who was wearing a BBPD T-shirt and blue jeans. They were Bonnie and Marisa, Vixy's best friends and two of the only mammals that she could stand when times were tough for her and Tod. "Bonnie, Marisa so good to see you, please come in, I just finished getting things ready for you guys." Vixy said with a smile. She noticed that Naruto was at the middle of the stairs watching her with a curious look on his face. Once Bonnie, Marisa, and their kits were inside she decided to see who was with them. There were four dingo pups and three bunnies. One in particular caught her eye, a little doe with gray and white fru with deep purple eyes and black tipped ears. She was wearing a pink flannel shirt and blue jeans, this was Judy Hoppes, Bonnie's daughter and the one bunny doe in bunny Burrow that everyone who was a predator could almost all agree that Bonnie had an affair to get. No matter how much she denied it. They wouldn't stop saying it until they saw the paperwork that said otherwise. That was something everyone of the predators in Bunny Burrow agreed on, if she showed them proof that Judy was indeed Stu's and not someone else's kit they would drop it and say Bonnie was right. Though it would go down as being the longest and largest bet in Bunny Burrow history. Nearly everyone in Bunny Burrow had money on the table, even Stu himself was in on it. Though his bet had more at stake, he had bet that if Bonnie did have an affair and that she wanted to leave him for the mammal she had it with, he would let her and wouldn't put up a fuss. But if she didn't, he would get a lot of new equipment and a lot of money as well as an apology from everyone who bet against him. "My goodness, is that Judy? My world you've grown since I last saw you. I'm glad you're here actually, as there is someone I want you to meet, along with you as well Michelle, Greg, Max, Jenny. See eight months ago, we adopted a son that was from a really bad situation. He needs some friends and I believe you all might just be the mammals he needs in his life right now." Vixy said while looking at the five kits. Bonnie's other two kits were nice, but they were a lot like their father. The other two kits were Andrew and Michael hopps, two of the youngest fox haters in the hopps family. She knew that Bonnie thought that they could be redeemed and not hate foxes anymore. But even the other bunnies in Bunny Burrow wouldn't bet on it. They knew that these two bucks would be the ringleaders of an anti-fox group in the future. It was only a matter of time.

Judy and her friends were curious about who her God-parents had adopted. They had heard about it from their parents, and wondered who and what he was? Before she could ask any questions, she heard a sound from the stairs. She turned her head and saw something that she never thought she'd see. On the stairs was a human, something she thought was extinct but was staring at her with a curious expression on his face. "Who's he?" Judy asked simply while pointing at Naruto.

Vixy heard her and saw that she was pointing at Naruto. "He's my new son, Naruto please come down here and introduce yourself to everyone." Vixy asked her son, everyone watched as he came down the stairs and stood next to her.

Naruto did a traditional bow before introducing himself. "Hi, my name is Naruto Uzumaki Tweed. It's nice to meet you, and I hope we can be good friends." Naruto introduced himself while taking a good look at all the kids his age. The two named Michelle and Jenny looked a lot like their mom as far as their fur but had the same floppy ears as his uncle Copper. He guessed that they must be his uncle's pups, their brothers had their father's fur color but had their mother's ears and tails if their wagging tails were any indication. The girls were wearing the same thing, purple shirts with sky blue skirts. The only way you could tell the difference between them was their ears and tails. Jenny's ears had the typical bloodhound patterns on hers and her tail was more like her father's, while Michelle's didn't have the patterns and her tail was bushier like her mother's. The boys were much easier to tell apart as Max was shorter than Greg, so you could tell who was who. 'I dread the poor male that gets with those two. They could pull the old switcheroo on him and he would never know it until it's too late.' Naruto thought to himself, he had seen it happen once back in his old village. The husband didn't see the difference and got his wife's sister pregnant. Whatever that meant, all he knew was that the wife was mad at her husband for not seeing the difference. But then again he found her the week before that with another man so in Naruto's mind she didn't have room to talk.

Jenny came up to Naruto and shook his hand. "It's mighty nice to meet you Naruto, I must say it's nice to see new mammals around here. You don't get many non-rabbits around here much so it's good to see you. Eeh no offense Judy." Jenny said before looking back at Judy, she didn't want to sound rude or offensive to her best friend. Judy was one of the few bunnies that didn't call her a freak behind her back when they thought she couldn't hear, she may be part bloodhound and an albino but that didn't mean her ears weren't as sensitive as other bloodhounds.

Judy just shrugged and walked next to Jenny. "It's no problem Jenny, and don't worry about those two." Judy said pointing to her brothers. "You know how they are, those perd haters are ignored by most of the school anyway. No one takes them seriously, them or their friends." Judy said with a giggle, her brothers glared at her. They really hated her for going against the bunny nome. She knew this all too well as she would rub it in their face. She loved her family she did, but those two were the only two siblings she didn't care if they disowned her as their sister. It didn't help that she had to kick their butts when they tried to force her to go back on her announcement to their family. "It's nice to meet you Naruto, I'm Judy, and before anything is said from those two." She said pointing at her brothers. "They are to be ignored as they are speciesist butt heads. That can't learn how to be decent mammals." Judy said before she looked at Naruto's cheeks, specifically his whisker marks. She found them interesting for some reason, they made him cuter in her eyes.

Naruto decided to just nod at her statement. "Ok well, why don't we go to my room and play some games? I got a few board games we could play as well as a deck of cards. Though for some reason my parents and uncle don't want to play cards with me anymore, something about stupidity good luck with games that involve cards." Naruto said before leading the five up the stairs. Judy's brothers just went over to the table in the dining room and sat down there.

While this was happening the mothers were watching all of this with smiles. They were glad that their kits were getting along very well. But Bonnie had to frown at her two son's behavior. She hated that they wouldn't let go of their bad behavior and would call her a pred lover. They were her biggest problem children, and she wanted them to stop being such brats. Their father's words and her father's words were the teachings they followed. Sometimes Bonnie wanted to beat the crap out of her mate and would love nothing more to leave him for a better male. Heck, she would take that silver fox tod that she met five years ago over him at this point. But she stayed with him for the kits, as she wanted to be an example of making a marriage work in hard times. But it was very hard to do at times, especially if more of her kits turned out like this. "I hate that those two are like this. One of these days their attitude will get them in a situation that will be the death of them. I can just feel it." Bonnie told her friends while looking at her sons. She really did believe this as she knew that if you say the wrong words to the wrong mammal and you will learn what pain was.

Marisa sighed, she knew this would happen. "I know Bonnie, but you let them listen to their father and grandfather. This is what happens when mammals can't look past their own nose. Good kits become bad ones, and then when they become adults they teach it onto their kits. The way they are thinking is becoming outdated and they are scared that their way of life will forever change for the worse. Or what is worse in their minds at least." Marisa said she had experience in things like this as she was Bunny Burrow's leading psychological expert. "It doesn't help that they just keep proving Judy right when they open their mouths." She added, before looking back at Vixy. "So Vix, what have you been up to? We haven't been able to talk much since you have to work with Tid here on the farm. So what's new?" Marisa asked her fox friend wanting to know what it is like caring for a human. When she heard that her friend had adopted a human she about busted through her front door trying to get to her friend's house. But her mate had stopped her and told her she could go and visit when they felt like Naruto was ready to meet other mammals.

Vixy just smiled and sat down on the couch that was against the wall next to the doorway to the living room. "It's been nice, I knew being a mother would be exhausting. But with Naruto, it's even more so. He may not look it but he's very hyper when he gets used to you. Not to mention he's a prankster. He switched Tod's coffee sugar with salt. Let's just say that we have had to learn the hard way to never let our guard down around Naruto. Word of warning, NEVER make a bet with him. It will always go in his favor, no matter what it is. I'll tell you this, if he ever got in on the bet with you know who, it would only be a toss-up on who would win." Vixy told her friends, being sure that the two boys at the dining room table didn't know what they were talking about.

Back up with Naruto and his new friends, they were playing go fish. "Got any nines?" Naruto asked them while only having two cards left. They had been at this for the last three minutes and he had already won once. They were shocked at how quickly he had won, they had a feeling they knew why his parents didn't want to play cards with him.

Max and Jenny knew that their daddy was a gambling hound, so for him to say no to a card game. Well, let's just say he must have lost money to not play with Naruto. Jenny saw that she had one so she gave it to him. "Here, how do you always know what to ask for? I haven't seen anyone who can win a game of go fish so fast. Not even that bobcat two grades ahead of us. And he has the school record for it." Jenny asked Naruto, he had already beaten them once and he was about to beat them again as she could see that he had more pairs then the rest of them. She was glad that she had found a rival that could challenge her in go fish. As she was the best at the game in their grade.

Judy nodded as she knew that her friend was right. Naruto had just beaten the record for the shortest game of go fish in their school. School would start again in four months, and that's when he would join them at school. She was glad that her new friend would be there as even with her four friends, she was getting a little lonely. She wanted to know one thing that would definitely let her know if he was a friend worth having as she used to have more friends. But they all left her and stopped being friends with her when she made her declaration to her family. The only ones that stayed her friends were the predators in their school except for a few. "Hey Naruto, I have a question for you." Judy said while looking straight into Naruto's blue eyes, she almost got lost in them as they could tell a story if she looked long enough. But she also saw something else in them, she had been able to see pain in a mammal's eyes ever since she could remember. She didn't know why, but it was a gift to her as she has talked one of her older brothers out of killing himself because their dad had been a little tough on him in the past few weeks before the incident. Ever since then she always looked for others like that. But when she looked into Naruto's eyes, she saw a great amount of buried pain and sadness in his eyes. She didn't know what he had been through, but she knew that he needed a friend to help him let it out.

Naruto looked up from his card when he heard Judy speak to him. "Sure Judy, what do you want to ask me?" Naruto asked, but seeing how Judy was looking into his eyes he knew she could see the pain he had hidden deep inside. One of the things he didn't want his new friends to know about all the abuse he had gone through back in his old village. He just hoped she wouldn't ask about it.

Judy saw that he didn't want to talk about it and decided to ask her original question. "Do you believe that someone can achieve their dream? Even when almost everyone else thinks you can't do it?" Judy asked, wondering how Naruto would answer? She knew that he would be honest with his answer as she can tell that he was actually thinking about it. At least if his face was any indication.

After a moment of thought, Naruto had his answer. "Well, I think others should tell you what to do because they can't control who you are. They may hate that they can't control you, but they can take a flying leap off a cliff because only you can decide what you want to do or don't want to do. They should let you be who you want to be, as long it's within reason of course. As I know there are some evil people who do a lot of bad things to kits our age that gets taken away for a long time." Naruto said, he knew what those people were and the word for them. But he didn't want them to know about it as it was a word that he knew would not be acceptable for him to say.

Judy definitely liked his answer as it told her that he could possibly believe in her dream. "Even say, a bunny becoming a police officer?" Judy asked, wondering if he would say yes or no as she knew what her family would say when she told them what she wanted to do when she grew up. She had told her friends what she wanted to do and they all said they could see her doing that. She had a strong sense of justice and loved to help people. So a police officer wasn't such a stretch for her in their eyes. The only thing they all agreed on is that it would be hard to do as she would need to work twice as much if not more to get to the point that she can apply for the academy. While she did agree with them she knew that she could do it.

Naruto thought about it before nodding. "Yeah I guess they could but they would need to work twice as hard to get in as they are smaller than a lot of mammals that go in. I remember that uncle Copper said that he had to work much harder because most bloodhounds didn't go into law enforcement anymore. But his hard work paid off in the end." Naruto said while looking Judy in the eyes. Her eyes were beautiful to him, like glistening amethysts shining in the sunlight. They reminded him of the letter that he had gotten from Kami-sama. One word, in particular, came to his mind that made him mentally deadpan. 'This is what she meant, she knew that this meeting would happen and we would slowly fall for each other. Why is it I always get the short end of the stick? I know for a fact that Anko-chan will never let me live this down, but then again this is Kami-Sama's plan so let's just go with the flow and see where this goes.' Naruto thought to himself when he was hugged by Judy. He didn't expect her to do something like that, but he wouldn't complain as her hug felt nice. "I'm not complaining, but what's this for? All I did was answer a couple of questions." Naruto asked, wondering why Judy was acting like this? He was very confused, as he never received a random hug before.

It was Max that answered the question as he saw that Judy had gotten comfortable in Naruto's chest. "See Judy's dream is to be a big city police officer, but due to being a bunny no one but the predators supports her in her dream. Her family doesn't know about this. But you are the first person to say without a shadow of doubt on your face that she would be able to accomplish her dream. Granted, you're not the first one to tell her that she will have to work harder than most to do it. But, you are the first to say simply put: yes you can do it. You just have to work for it." Max said while looking at Judy. He had never seen her like this before, the closest he's ever seen her like this was when she was over at his house having a slumber party with his sisters and she was hugging her favorite plushie. But even then she wasn't this bad. 'Looks like Judy might have found herself a mate. Mommy's probably going to tease her about this later. Just like she does with me and Elsa, but then again Judy won't find a boy rabbit that will support her in her dream. Even that jerk Jack Savage said she couldn't do it. But Naruto believes she can well better start the betting pool so that I can win enough money to get a car when I'm older.' Max thought while thinking about what car he would get. But his siblings saw the look on his face.

All together at once, they said. "Don't even think about it." They had seen the look on their brother's face before. They all knew that he had inherited their dad's gambling habit. So whenever he got that look on his face they would shoot it down immediately.

Judy saw Max's face and had a large frown on her face. "Max you know never to make a long bet. Didn't you learn your lesson the last time you made one? It ended up with you having to be my sister's butler for a week." Judy said while turning around in Naruto's arms. She had gotten comfortable, and didn't want to leave. For some reason, she felt safe from all the horrible things in the world in his arms. She felt at peace. Something she couldn't remember feeling in her life. For some reason, she just wanted to sit in Naruto's all day long.

Max thought for a moment before nodding. "Ok, you got me there. Now let's get back to the game or do you want to play another game so you can stay in your seat?" Max asked with a smirk. He then ducked under a flying book that was thrown at his head. The book bounced off the wall and onto the floor. "Not my fault that you're acting like our parents when they're all lovey-dovey. You might as well cent mark hi- ooof" max was about to say when another book hit him right in the gut. He fell over onto his head, showing that he was unconscious.

Everyone looks at Judy whose arm is extended and has a huge blush on her face. "Shut up Max, I am well aware of where I am. It's just that when I sit in his arms I feel safe." Judy said while blushing brighter. She was so embarrassed to admit that, but it was the truth. She sucked at lieing, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Just as she was about to say something else they heard a groan. Max had quickly woken up from the blow and sat up. "That should teach you not to tease me." Judy said with a glare at him. Just as she was about to get up they heard someone call out to them.

"Kits, it's time to go home now. You'll be able to play more tomorrow. Your dad just called, he's on his way home from work with dinner." They heard Marisa say before they heard their mom's coming up the stairs, when they got there they saw that Judy was still in Naruto's lap. "Well, I can't say I didn't see this coming. We all knew that they were perfect for each other. If what you have told us about his personality is true, then I give it till high-school till they start dating." Marisa said while looking back at her friends. Both Bonnie and Vixy were shocked to see Judy snuggling further into Naruto's chest to try to hide her face. Though they had to agree with their friend. Naruto and Judy's personalities completed each other.

Bonnie was the first to snap out of her shook. "Don't worry Judy, we won't tell anyone. Especially your father, as he would never let you come back here if he knew how close you seem to have gotten with Naruto. I can tell you will be great friends from now on, am I right?" Bonnie asked her daughter knowing that Judy now had a crush on Naruto as she was the same way when she met Stu before he revealed how he really was. "But it's time to go as your grandfather called and asked if dinner could be served early as he has a bingo game tonight and he doesn't want to skip a meal." Bonnie told her daughter before walking back down the stairs to get her sons.

Judy didn't want to leave, but she knew that it was time to go. She turned and gave Naruto one last hug. "Thank you for believing in me Naruto. Hopefully, we'll see each other again soon." Judy said before she went down the stairs after her mother.

The Finch pups were sad that they had to leave so soon, but they knew that it was time to go. "Bye Naruto, see you later." Jenny said before going out the door to wait for her other siblings.

Michelle came up to Naruto and gave him a quick hug before saying her goodbye. "Bye Naruto, see you later." She said before leaving the room.

The brothers just gave Naruto a handshake and said goodbye. "See you later Naruto. It was good playing with you." They said at the same time before following their sisters.

Naruto looked at Marisa and decided to ask her the big question that was on his mind. "Do they do that often? I feel that this happens all too often." Naruto asked her while taking glances at the door.

Marisa just smiled, she always liked answering this question. "More than you think. It's just one of those things that make them unique. Don't pay it any mind, as it will happen more as you get to know them." Marisa said before leaving the room herself. She would talk to her kits later to learn what happened while she and her friends had their chat.

The only ones left in the room were Naruto and Vixy. After a long pause, she finally snapped out of her shook. "Naruto, I just want to tell you this, don't do anything to hurt Judy. She is very fragile mentally as she isn't well-liked in her family because she wants to go against what most bunnies are like, especially females." Vixy told her son, not wanting to see the sweet doe break.

Naruto shook his head. "Don't worry Kaa-san, I won't hurt her. She is my friend and I will never hurt my friends." Naruto said with a smile, he never wanted to hurt Judy as he could tell that she was special in many ways. He was glad he had started this new life. Now he had a new family, new friends and would finish his lessons in the next few weeks. Things were looking up for Naruto, and he would make sure that everyone he cared about would be safe no matter what.

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