Dragons speak Parseltongue too, you know @potterwatcher
Draconus Amicus

Harry looked at Ignis in shock. "You want to make me a… Dragon Friend?"

"Do you not wish it?" Ignis tilted her head at him.

Harry shook his head, panicking. "No, no, I'd be honored! But… what about the Ministry? They don't allow dragons to be kept as pets."

"It would not be the bond of a pet and its owner, but the bond of a Dragon Friend and his familiar. No government can interfere with that bond."

"But am I really the best choice?"

Ignis snorted. "You speak our language, and could tell my hatchling about his or her heritage. And, in the short time I have known you, you have proved to be respectful and kind, yet protective of those you care about. You are… chivalrous."

Harry blushed. "I'm not that great." He mumbled. "I treat others as I would want to be treated, and I love my friends."

"That is exactly why I have chosen you. Now come, we must do this quickly."

Harry stepped forward to be right next to Ignis. "What do I do?"

"You and I will slit our wrists, then we shall place our wounds together." At his look of confusion, she amended "The dragon blood running through your veins will protect you from the burn of my fire. You will pick up the egg that your magic feels a pull towards, and to seal the bond I will bathe you in my flames. After you have been bathed in flame, you will experience some… changes."

"Changes? Like what?"

"You shall be, in a sense, reborn. Any scars or blemishes upon your body that you do not wish to be there shall be healed, along with any current illnesses."

Harry's breath caught in his throat. "Would this fire of yours heal malnutrition?"

Ignis thought about this for a moment. "Yes, it should, youngling. I had wondered why you were so small. May I ask as to why you were not given an adequate amount to eat?"

"Let's just say… my relatives aren't too fond of me."

Ignis started quaking with fury as she realized what this statement meant. "Younglings are precious and few! They should be treasured, not scorned and starved! How DARE they!"

"Ignis, please calm down! It's not so bad now that they're scared of what my godfather might do to them."

"Humans have Godfathers as well? Good, at least your species is doing something right."

Harry laughed. "So, how do we do this ritual?"

"Use your powers to create a knife, Parva Corvum, and then slit your wrist with it."

Harry did as she asked, quickly transfiguring a small and plain blade before slicing open his arm. He winced slightly at the pain, and before he could get dizzy from blood loss, Ignis quickly sliced one of her own wrists with her claw. She held out her wrist, and he laid his arm against hers, watching in fascination as their blood mixed. Then Ignis started chanting in what sounded like Latin. "Domina Magicae, benedicito puer sicut ego eum tollam amicum."

Harry watched incredulously as their wounds healed and then he felt it. It was like something was tugging him towards one of the eggs, and the egg that he somehow just knew would be his appeared to be… glowing. He picked up the egg and stumbled, and all he saw before he blacked out was an emerald green pillar of flame rushing toward him.

Harry groaned as he woke up. Whatever the hell that ritual had done to him, it sure had made him sore.

"He's alive!" He heard shouts of joy and relief sound all around him. Someone pulled him up, but he couldn't see who, it was too blurry. He reached up to check and see if he was wearing his glasses. Shockingly enough, he was. Wait, the ritual was supposed to fix any physical imperfections, so maybe… He reached up on a whim and pulled his glasses off. As he had expected, the world came into view, and he found himself almost nose to nose with Charlie and Fnord.

"Harry, thank God you're okay!" Charlie said, wiping his brow in relief as the other dragon keepers went back to their duties.

"Yeah, if you'd have died, then we'd've had a ton of paperwork. Not to mention the wrath of his mother." Fnord gestured at Charlie.

Charlie paled and shuddered. "You're right. I hadn't even thought about that."

"What were you thinking anyways, letting the dragon roast you like that?"

"Yeah, I thought she was your friend."

Harry grinned at the two mischievously. "Oh yeah, she's definitely my friend." And with that, he tried to stand up. Tried being the keyword. No sooner than he had stood up did he fall over, flat on his face.

Charlie and Fnord gaped at him. No more was he the runty boy they had known. In his place stood a boy of slightly above average height for his age, probably about 5 ft 7 or 8 inches. He wasn't a stick, but he was a young man with muscles that showed that he played Quidditch, yet weren't too overpowering on his slim frame. His skin had lost its pallid complexion, now he was simply the pale color associated with spending too much time inside. After a few weeks outside in the spring, he would have a healthy tan. However, his current milky white skin combined with the lack of glasses worked stunningly well to bring out his deep emerald eyes. His facial features were more pronounced, too, and his nose had become strong yet regal at the same time. Perhaps the most shocking thing was that his lightning bolt scar, the thing that had made him famous, had split open and was bleeding profusely.

As Harry was wiping the blood out of his eyes, two shouts of "Harry!" and "What the bloody fuck?" came out of Charlie and Fnord's mouths at the same time. Harry just grinned. He felt lighter than he could ever remember being. It wasn't just that he was physically better, it was spiritual as well. It almost felt like a weight had been lifted off his soul.

"Don't worry, guys." Harry grinned. "I feel great!"

Fnord rolled his eyes. "Only you, Harry, could get roasted by a dragon and come out, not only alive, but 'feeling great'!"

Charlie snorted. "Are you sure that you aren't hurt? Maybe we should take you down to Madame Pomfrey just in case." Then he noticed the egg. "Harry… Why do you have one of the dragon's eggs? And what happened to it?!"

Harry, who hadn't realized that he was still holding the egg under one arm, held it up to get a better look. The egg didn't look like the other eggs anymore. Instead of being the bland white that the rest of the eggs were, it was a dark silver, with swirling black designs seemingly etched into it. But, somehow Harry knew that the designs were runes, and they were there because of him. "Like I said, Charlie, these dragons are definitely my friends."

Charlie furrowed his brow in confusion as Fnord's eyes widened in shock. "No," He breathed, his arm reaching out almost subconsciously to touch the egg. "My grandfather used to tell us stories, but I didn't think they could actually be true." He said, his intense gaze piercing Harry's own,

"What? Fnord, mate, what are you on about?"

Fnord ignored Charlie and kept searching Harry's eyes with his gaze, as if trying to figure out what had made him worthy to be a Dragon Friend. Finally, he nodded. "Good luck, mate. Do what you have to do." He finally said as he dragged a protesting Charlie away.

Harry turned to Ignis, still grinning. "So, what happens now?

A/N: What happens now, indeed, Harry? Hehehe, yet another cliffie.

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