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Harry was deep in thought as he made his way to Dumbledore's office. What on earth could he be summoning him for? He supposed that it could be about the Tom Riddle thing, but that seemed unlikely. After all, anyone who put any thought into it could figure that one out. It definitely didn't have anything to do with the dragons, it had been about two weeks since he had visited them… Oh! He had been so distracted by his new friend Luna that he had forgotten to visit Ignis lately. Hopefully she wouldn't be too upset with him.

Wait… what if she had already been taken back to the reserve? It was obvious that moving dragons was a long and tedious procedure, if the fact that they had been here at Hogwarts for at least a month before the first task, where anyone could see them and tell a champion about them, was any indication. He resolved to visit Ignis right after he got out of Dumbledore's office, classes be damned!

He was torn out of his thoughts by Dumbledore's gargoyle clearing its throat. He must have been standing there for a while, if the look of impatience and slight amusement on the gargoyle's face had anything to do with it. "Er, lemon drops?" He asked automatically, blinking in confusion when the gargoyle grunted at him. He flushed in embarrassment, he had been so lost in thought that forgot about the not so subtle message. "Ice mice." he stated, relieved when the gargoyle slid aside for him without further resistance.

He walked up the stairs and before he could even knock on the door, Dumbledore called. "Harry, come in, my boy!" He must have placed some sort of charm on the door or the stairs that would tell him who was coming.

"Hello, Professor." Harry said cautiously. He still didn't know why he had been summoned.

"Lemon drop?" The professor asked good naturedly, pushing the bowl towards Harry… wait, was that a glint in his eye? 'Calm down, Potter. You're making Mad Eye Moody look downright careless.' He was probably just imagining things.

"You're probably wondering just why I've summoned you here today, Harry." Dumbledore said serenely. 'Right in one, old man.' "Well, I was wondering how exactly you stumbled upon that information about Tom?"

Ah, so that was why the old man had called him up here. "Well, sir, Riddle told me his name back in the chamber during 2nd year, and showed me that name trick. I did a little research, and it didn't really take much to put it all together. After all, he was Head Boy, so his records were public. Plus, I live in the muggle world, so it wasn't that hard to find the mysterious murders at Riddle Manor online. It wasn't exactly hard to figure out that they died of the killing curse."


"Yes, you know, the internet? Almost everything is on it now."

"I thought that the computer things that muggles had were just a fad."

"Everyone thought that in the early 90s, but now..."

"Ah, so that's it. Now, that is all well and good my boy, but you must be careful as to how quickly you inform people of this sort of thing." 'Got it,' Harry thought. 'So you didn't want that information released yet, if at all. I wonder why...' Dumbledore cleared his throat, noticing Harry's reverie. "Now, it has also come to my attention that you have been using parseltongue more and more lately, and that you have acquired a pet snake."

Harry's narrowed his eyes in suspicion. "Last I checked sir, the pet list is only for firsties, and snakes are allowed."

Dumbledore chuckled, the twinkle in his eye seeming a bit more forced than usual. "Yes, my boy, that is true. However, I am concerned about your use of this dark power. If you continue to cultivate this ability, then you are letting Tom win. You already look quite a bit like Tom did when he was a child, and you speak parseltongue with a pet snake. People may start to see certain… parallels between the two of you."

Harry couldn't believe this. How could Dumbledore say that? He wasn't nearly as stupid or biblio-phobic as he allowed people to believe, and he had done some research on parseltongue as soon as he found out he really had the ability. Parseltongue was a strictly genetic inheritance, and his father had been a pureblood. Like he had said earlier, almost all the pureblood families in Britain were related in some way, so it was actually quite likely that he was somehow related to Slytherin, and had gained the ability through that blood relation. Harry held his tongue though, he would have to play his cards carefully if he wished to get through this without inadvertently making a promise to stop using parseltongue,

"Sir, I was thinking. What if I use parseltongue for good? What it I placed it in a positive light so that people would stop seeing it, and by extension, anyone who can speak it, as evil?"

Dumbledore just laughed at him. Stupid old coot. "My dear boy, public opinion is fickle, and you must not get on the wrong side of it at such a young age. Maybe when you are older…" He trailed off. Harry noted that Dumbledore was not specific as to what he could do when he was older, nor how old older was.

"I understand, sir." He inwardly snorted. Oh, he definitely understood. This was a diversion tactic. The old man was trying to distract him with promises of 'later' and was probably planning to do so for so long that he thought Harry would forget about it. Well, news flash, Dumbles, Harry was not going to fall for that trick again.

"Good, good. Now that we have this matter perfectly clear, you are free to go."

Good god, the man made it sound like he was releasing him from a prison sentence. 'Another tactic to make me feel indebted to him.' Harry thought darkly. He had been fooled enough by the Dursleys to be able recognize when someone was using these tactics against him.

As he walked out of the office, he had but one thought. 'I have to speak with Ignis."

Harry jogged out to the forest, amazed at the change in scenery. Two weeks ago, it had been a bustling dragon pen, with at least 50 dragon keepers tending to the four dragons. Now there were but two dragons left there, and half the people. Luckily for him, Ignis and the Chinese Fireball, Gang bee or Gandhi or something like that, were the two dragons who had not been returned to the reserve. He hollered a quick hello to Charlie and Fnord before climbing into Ignis' pen. She appeared to be sleeping, so he jumped when she said, "Ah, good. I was hoping that you would be able to visit again before I left."

Harry's eyes shifted to look at the Chinese Fireball, who was sleeping peacefully with 3 eggs around her.

"To answer your question, yes, the other dragons and I each gifted Gang Bai with an egg in order to restore her health. It will take time, but she should make a full recovery."

Harry smiled in relief. He had been concerned for the poor young mother. "That's great!" He paused. "But I bring news."

With that, he filled her in on everything that had happened from the Parkinson incident to Dumbledore's not-so-subtle manipulations. When he finished, Ignis was deep in thought. Finally, she spoke. "Parva Corvum," She started seriously "I have been considering this ever since I met you. I am getting old to be a mother, and I had a nest with 5 eggs. The typical amount for a nesting mother is 3, and while I did give one away to poor Gang Bai, 4 will still be difficult for me to raise properly." She took a deep breath. "That is why, Harry Potter, Speaker and Champion, if you so choose to accept, I would like to gift you one of my eggs and make you a Dragon Friend."

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