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Tom Marvolo Riddle

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Italics: Parseltongue

Harry knelt down next to the now crying Luna. "Luna, they won't bother you anymore." He said as he awkwardly patted her back in an attempt at comfort.

Hermione had no such qualms. She engulfed Luna in a hug. "Oh, God Luna! Those-those bastards! How could they do this to you?"

Luna gave a watery smile. "People fear what they don't understand, and do what they can to dominate it."

Hermione just hugged Luna tighter. Harry shuffled awkwardly in the background. Sure, he had hugged Luna earlier, but that was a split second decision. Hermione noticed exactly what he was doing and smiled. "Get over here, Harry. You're a part of this too, now."

And after that, nothing was quite the same.

Over the next few weeks, the new group of friends grew closer and closer, until Harry and Hermione had no qualms about telling Luna of their adventures over the last few years. Luna proved to be an excellent listener, and even offered to have her father do a story about Sirius. They were considering doing it, and the best way to go about it, but that's beside the point.

The trio was rarely, if ever, seen apart. Well, outside of classes, that is. At first, meals were a bit of a problem, but then they worked out a system. Since they were made up of 2 Gryffindors and 1 Ravenclaw, they ate breakfast at Gryffindor, lunch at Ravenclaw, and dinner once again at Gryffindor, except for the feasts, during which they were required to sit at their house tables. Harry and Hermione had wanted to eat every other meal at each table, but Luna had refused, and convinced them to do her system instead, using her clear reasoning to convince them.

The trio was sitting at the Gryffindor table at dinner when, surprisingly enough, Parkinson walked over, with Crabbe and Goyle in tow. Harry hid his surprise at this turn of events and turned to face her. "Oh, it's just you." He said nonchalantly, turning back to his food.

She stuttered in rage about being ignored. "So, Potter," She spat "You finally found someone who's as crazy as you are."

Harry rolled his eyes. Was that really the best she had? He forced himself to calm down at the insult towards Luna and see reason. She was obviously trying to get a rise out of him, and he refused to give her that satisfaction. "Yup." He said simply.

She stumbled for a moment before picking up where she left off. "So you admit it, then. I guess hanging out with the weasel and the mudblood wasn't enough, then. If you're going to be friends with a blood traitor, might as well be a bonkers one as well, isn't that right Potter?"

Okay, that didn't even make any sense. Since she obviously wasn't going to go away on her own, Harry decided that he would nip this in the bud.

"If anyone's a blood traitor in this case, Parkinson, that would be you." He said simply, finally turning towards her.

She gaped at him in disbelief. "What!? I would never dishonor my family by hanging about with the riff raff!"

Harry laughed. Loudly. The few people who hadn't been watching their altercation already were now. Perfect. "You, my dear, are a bloody hypocrite. You are a pureblood, are you not?"

"Yes, of course!" Pansy said proudly.

"Well, almost all the purebloods in England are related in some way. Tell me, did you ever see the name Voldemort-" Gasps of shock broke out. "Oh please, it's just a bloody name! Anyways, have you ever seen the name Voldemort on your family tree? On any of your family trees?"

Pansy, along with several other purebloods, shook her head in confusion. Harry smiled. "Exactly. Now, we've established that it's a fake name, but, we all know that he claimed to be the heir of Slytherin. Well, the only family I know of that is directly descended from Slytherin is the Gaunts."

Harry smirked. Now it was time for his trump card "Tom Marvolo Riddle." He stated, using the charm he had learned from Riddle to spell his name in the air. "A brilliant student; 12 OWLs and 12 NEWTs. Head boy." He smirked, this was where it got fun. "He was the illegitimate son of a rich muggle named Tom Riddle, and a squib named Merope Gaunt." Gasps were heard as some of the students started to put it all together. "Merope fell in love with Tom, and used love potions to get him to 'love' her back. Once she was pregnant with his son, she stopped administering the love potions to him, thinking that he would stay with her for the baby's sake." He smiled grimly. "She was wrong. He left her. She had been disowned by her family for being with a muggle, so she wandered the streets in rags, until she gave birth in an orphanage, only living long enough to name her son." He slowly started to rearrange the letters in the air. Gasps broke out. "'I am Lord Voldemort.'" Harry read aloud. "Voldemort means flight of death in French, by the way." He turned back towards Pansy. "Your family, along with many others, has stood by and cheered this man on as he killed other wizards, and other purebloods; your parents stood by as he killed your family. You allowed him to brand you like cattle, he who is, by your own definition, barely better than a muggleborn. Congratulations, Parkinson." He laughed. "Your family, and by your own deeds supporting him, you are the true definition of a blood traitor."

Parkinson's face was the perfect picture of rage. She stood there, shaking in anger, before bellowing "Serpensortia!"

A snake came out of the end of her wand. It was about 6 feet long, and probably 6 inches in diameter at the head, and 4.5 inches on the rest of its body. The reptile was black with silvery grey spots on its back, and stunning green eyes, eerily similar to Harry's own.

"Why was I summoned?" It hissed angrily.

Harry smirked. Was Parkinson really so stupid that she would unleash a snake on the only person in the whole school who could speak parseltongue? "That girl behind you isn't very smart." He remarked.

"A speaker!" The snake hissed in shock. "I have never met one of your kind who could speak before. Why is she angry with you, anyway?"

"She's angry with me for proving her wrong, and called you to attack me."

"I can see why you think the wench is unintelligent, if she called me to attack you." The snake laughed. It then said. "I am Monty the python. What is your name, hatchling?"

"I am Harry Potter."

After a brief conversation, it was decided that Monty would stay with Harry. After all, the pet list and the one pet limit was just for first years. Besides, snakes were great at catching rats.

After they had escaped the pandemonium in the Great Hall and gone to the library (with Monty wrapped around Harry's shoulders, sleeping), Hermione and Luna pounced on him for information.

"How on earth did you learn all that, Harry?" Hermione demanded.

"Did you plan that speech out in advance?" Luna enquired.

"What did the python say to you?"

"Do you think that the purebloods will believe it and be dissuaded from the dark?"

"Give a guy a moment to think!" Harry interrupted before they could ask any more questions. "And the answers to your questions are: I researched after 2nd year and put it together, yes I had that speech semi-planned, I was just waiting for the right moment to say it, he said his name is Monty and he decided to stay with me, and I hope so."

The girls took a moment to put it all together before they started laughing.

"Only you Harry-" Hermione started.

"Would manage to debunk decades of pureblood beliefs-" Luna continued.

"And get a pet in the process." Hermione finished.

Harry felt a shiver of trepidation go down his spine at the twin speak. What had he gotten himself into?

The trio was enjoying breakfast at the Gryffindor table the next day when Professor McGonagall walked over, looking slightly unhappy. "Mr. Potter, the Headmaster has requested your presence in his office after breakfast. He also wishes to inform you that he enjoys ice mice."

"Thank you Professor." He said, surprised. What on earth could the old man want with him now?

A/N: Yes, I just named the snake Monty Python. I have no regrets.

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"No, Davis, that isn't a threat. It is a statement of fact. For every time Luna is bullied, House Ravenclaw will suffer a retribution ten times worse. Someone slaps her, then I will break an arm. Someone steal her clothes, then I will incinerate a dorm room. Someone actually cause her lasting physical harm, then I will send an Eagle back home in a pine box. Spread the word: No peace for the witch or wizard who harms Luna Lovegood."

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