Dragons speak Parseltongue too, you know @potterwatcher

Harry nearly fell over in shock. "That was your father?!"

Luna blinked as she pulled on her spectraspecs. "Yes. I'm actually quite surprised that you managed to surmise that we knew each other. Tell me, how did you do it?"

"It was the voice. You both have the same distinct lilt; only someone who's heard you speak a lot would be able to pick it up, but that's kind of beside the point right now!"

"Wait a moment." Hermione said slowly. "But I thought that your father was a journalist."

Luna smiled and nodded. "Yes, I've told you both about how he owns the Quibbler."

"Umm... isn't that a little counterproductive to being an Unspeakable?"

"Think about it." Luna said evenly, a mischievous grin settling on her face.

"That's the beauty of it!" Harry exclaimed after a moment's silence. "No one would ever expect a journalist to be an Unspeakable, that's why it works!"

"Exactly!" Luna said, maybe a little smugly.

"But how on Earth does he print an entire magazine every week while working for the ministry?" Hermione asked.

"And why did you tell us all of this? Isn't it all supposed to be a huge secret?"

"That's how he prints an entire magazine every week with only a little outside help." Luna said simply. "The Quibbler is a way of informing like-minded people."

Hermione's eyes widened in shock. "So it's a code! The Quibbler is just a giant secret message!"

Luna clapped her hands with joy. "Yes! That's it exactly!"

"So why did you tell us?"

"The Department of Mysteries is thinking about recruiting all of us."


Luna nodded. "It's fairly obvious. I have seer blood and my father is an Unspeakable, Hermione is quite possibly the brightest witch since Rowena Ravenclaw, and Harry has beaten the Dark Lord all three times that he's been up against him. The Unspeakables wouldn't be very good at their jobs if they weren't watching us. You can come out now Maria!"

Harry and Hermione gaped as a woman materialized in front of them, seemingly out of thin air. She was relatively short and was wearing the same style robe as Mr. Lovegood. 'Maria' pulled back her hood to reveal a heart-shaped face framed with gentle brown curls down just past her chin. Her eyes were big and brown, and her face had a gentle air about it.

"I still can't figure out how you do that, Luna." She laughed. "Every time someone hands in a report on you, the higher ups go mad trying to figure out how you manage to call us out, by name, every stinking time."

"Tell them that they'll find out when they decide to get over their pride and hire someone below the age of 25."

Maria rolled her eyes and pulled out a notepad. "So, how long have you known that I was there?"

"You arrived to relieve Wally of his duties precisely 27 minutes and 4 seconds ago."

Maria checked her watch. "Damn, kid, that's pretty exact."

"Um... Hi?" Harry half said, half asked.

"Oh, right! Hi there, I'm Maria. I would tell you my last name, but I'm on duty, and I kind of can't."

The two fourth years nodded their heads mutely at this latest shock. "Wait, do you have people watching us all the time?" Harry asked in alarm.

Luna shook her head and spoke before Maria got a chance. "No. They always have someone stationed at Hogwarts to monitor the students, and that person is supposed to keep extra careful watch on students who show some sort of potential, AKA, us."

Maria looked at Luna in amazement. "I swear, if your father hadn't taken a vow of silence..." She muttered in disbelief.

Luna smiled sweetly at the woman. "By the way, that's quite a sneaky tactic, using polyjuice to make yourself look different so that you could lower your hood and try to make us trust you more. I'm impressed."

Maria paled dramatically. "How-"

Luna just winked cheekily. "It's a secret. Byeeeee!" And then the startled woman disappeared.

Harry and Hermione continued to gape at Luna. Really, it was quite impressive that they hadn't passed out after all of those shocks coming one after another. "How?!" Harry finally managed to stutter.

Luna pointed at her face. "Spectraspecs. They're very similar to Professor Not-Moody's fake eye. I can see through enchantments, polyjuice, and such with them."

"Luna, do you think it would be possible to cast the charms on those spectraspecs on the human eye?" Hermione enquired.

"Oh no, that would probably cause the person whom had gotten enchanted to go blind." Both of the fourth years deflated. "But," Luna said thoughtfully. "If we modified the charms somewhat, we could probably cast them on our necklaces and get the same effects. Except for the ability to see real nargles. That's exclusive to real spectraspecs." She added firmly.

"Wait," Harry said slowly. "What do you mean, Professor Not-Moody?"

"Oh, did I forget to tell you? There is a young man pretending to be Professor Moody."

"But why?" Hermione asked.

"Maybe the real Moody is undercover somewhere, and this is his replacement." Harry said hopefully.

"No," Hermione protested. "Dumbledore would never do that." Her eyes widened. "Harry!"

"Ouch, Hermione! There's no need to shout, I'm standing right here."

"No, no. That's why he's here. He's after Harry!"

Harry blinked. "What?" He stuttered in disbelief.

"Think about it!" Hermione said excitedly. "Every year the DADA Professor attempts to kill or maim Harry, so why would this year be any different?"

"You have to admit." Luna said thoughtfully. "She has a point."

"Not you too!" Harry groaned. "Well, if you two insist that Professor Moo- er, Professor Not-Moody is out to kill me, then how to we prove it?"

"And more importantly," Hermione added seriously. "How do we stop it?"

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