Dragons speak Parseltongue too, you know @potterwatcher

Harry smirked as Fnord leaned against the wall, looking as if he hadn't a care in the world.

Fudge started blustering "Now see here young man, I am the Minister of Magic and-"

"And you have absolutely no authority to arrest Harry here." He nodded at the aforementioned boy.

"He has a dragon egg!" The Minister almost yelled.

"You're the minister, but you don't know what that means?" He gestured at the egg. "That is not just a dragon egg, that's the sign of an egg bonded with a Dragon Friend."

A few students and almost all of the teachers in the hall gasped. "Ah, I see that at least a few of you are aware of the old ways." He looked at the minister pointedly. "I called the Unspeakables; I figured that they could do a better job of explaining than I ever could."

"You did what?" The short minister looked like he had blown a top. "The Unspeakables aren't to be summoned for such trivial matters as-"

"Then why are you here?" Harry broke in. "If this is such a trivial manner, then why did a member of the Wizengamot, 3 aurors, and the Minister of Magic come personally?"

"I, umm..."

"I was there when the anonymous letter informing us arrived, and was curious to see what would happen." Malfoy senior cut in, saving the minister from certain embarrassment. "Cornelius, being the good friend he is, decided to accompany me. The extra aurors are here to protect him, after all, he is the Minister."

Harry raised an eyebrow. He had to admit it, Malfoy was pretty smooth. But Fnord was one step ahead of him. "So it's true." A tall man that somehow nobody had seen appeared right in front of Harry. The stranger was wearing black robes with a hood covering his face, and when he spoke his voice had an odd lilt to it that seemed strangely familiar. "I would have thought it a prank, if it weren't for the rarity of the situation. Hmm..." He seemed to be lost in thought as he gazed at Harry. Finally, he nodded to himself, seeming to have judged him worthy. "Please send us word when the egg hatches. It has been centuries since a Draconus Amicus' familiar was born, it would make for an excellent information gathering opportunity."

Lucius Malfoy was angry. "What are you doing? You, as an Unspeakable, should know that it's illegal to possess a dragon egg off of a reserve."

You could almost hear the Unspeakable's eyebrows raising as he spoke. "And you, as a Lord, should know that absolutely nothing can interfere with the bond of a Dragon Friend. Magic herself couldn't intervene; I only came here to request an invitation to the hatching."

Lucius realized that this was not going to end well for him, so he wisely turned to Fudge and they, with as much dignity as they could, apologized for the 'misunderstanding' and took their leave.

The Unspeakable chuckled as the not-so-dynamic duo left. "Well, that was fun!" He said happily, his ominous demeanor from before dissipating entirely. "Thank you Mr. Potter; I've been wanting to do that for a long time." He glanced at his watch. "Oh dear, if I don't get going, it'll be late, and they won't like that at all. Goodbye everyone!" He called as he disappeared.

Harry stared in wide eyed amazement. "Hermione, did he just...?"


"But I thought-"

"That apparition was impossible in Hogwarts?"


"So did I."

"The Unspeakables are quite good at what they do." Luna interjected calmly, stealing some crisps from Harry's plate as she did so. "You shouldn't be surprised by anything they do."

"You sound like you've dealt with them before." Hermione said suspiciously as she glanced at the spot where the man had disappeared.

Luna smiled brightly. "I'll tell you everything when the purple eyed ploopies are gone." harry and Hermione nodded. They had figured out long ago that Luna used some of her creatures, such as nargles, wrackspurts, and ploopies, to inform them what kind of people were around them. It was a gift of hers. Nargles were bullies, wrackspurts were corrupted people, and ploopies were eavesdroppers.

Dumbledore finally seemed to snap out of his shock, and he turned back to Harry. "Harry my boy, I thought that you were going to stop using Parseltongue."

Harry inwardly snorted. 'Seriously, old man?' Out loud he said. "Honestly, sir? It's just a language, and I never told anyone that I would stop using it."

Dumbledore looked at him, fake disappointment and grandfatherly 'concern' filling his eyes. "Harry, I-"

Suddenly, inspiration struck. "I'm sorry sir, but why do you call me Harry? You're my teacher, so you should be calling me Mr. Potter. Also, I don't see why it's any of your business if I decide to speak another language, so, if that's all..."

If you looked carefully, you could see a spark of anger flashing in Dumbledore's eyes. "Harry-"

"Mr. Potter. As I was saying, if that is all then I will take my leave." Harry rose from his seat, Luna and Hermione close behind him.

As soon as the doors from the Great Hall swung shut behind them, Harry, not even thinking about what he was doing, grabbed Hermione and Luna's hands and dragged them to an unused classroom. The second that Hermione had finished casting silencing charms to ensure their privacy, Harry exploded. "I can't believe that I just did that! Now Dumbles knows for sure that I'm not the docile little golden Gryffindor that he thought I was, and everyone is probably finding out right know about the bond!"

"Harry, it's okay." Luna soothed, an odd... lilt to her voice, like always.

Harry started. That sounded suspiciously like... "Hey Luna," He asked carefully, "Do you, by any chance, know the Unspeakable who was speaking with us earlier.

Luna blinked and tilted her head innocently. "Oh, him? That was just my father."

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