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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Kurt was on a mission, he walks in to school bright and early Monday morning with the sole intention of finding Rachel and confronting her. He knew something was going on, ever since he saw her checking out that cheerio. But now that she was denying Finn, he was even more suspicious. His step-brother had been moping around the house for days now and it was getting on Kurt's nerves so he needed an explanation and needed one now.

What he doesn't realise as he walks a few metres behind Quinn, is that he's about to get an answer a lot sooner than he had intended.

He sees Rachel walking towards him and was about to grab her attention before he notices something that changes everything.

It was very subtle, a blink and you'll miss it situation but he could've sworn that Rachel just winked at Quinn. A fact that was confirmed moments later when the blonde turned her head to watch Rachel walk away.

Oh. My. God!

Kurt was stunned, he stops moving completely, even though he was currently standing in the middle of the school corridor that was getting busier by the second.

His head was swarming with questions. When, where and how did this happen?! Well there's only one way to find out.

Rachel was walking down the corridor with a spring in her step, she knew that Quinn had turned to watch her walk away after she'd winked at her.

The girls had talked for hours on Friday evening about the most random things, just getting to know each other a little better. It may sound strange that they still didn't know each other that well after going to school together for just over three years but they were never really that close, in fact they thought glee and Finn were the only things they had in common. Turns out they like the same films and tv shows, they both enjoy reading to escape reality and Quinn even admitted to liking Broadway, which lead to a long make out session. Not that either girl was complaining. It had taken them so long to find each other and they had a lot of catching up to do.


Once again she was brought out of her thoughts by Kurt and she smiles lightly as she thinks back to the first day of senior year when a wink changed everything.

"What's going on with you?" Kurt laughs. "You're daydreaming in the corridors, ignoring Finn and flirting with Quinn!"

Oh crap.

"What? I was certainly not flirting with Quinn." She defends, a little too quickly.

"Rachel, you just winked at her."

"I… had something in my eye."

Kurt scoffs lightly and Rachel knows he isn't stupid enough to buy whatever lie she comes up with so she calmly drags him into the closest classroom.

"Alright fine I winked at Quinn."

"Oh I know, what I want to know is why?"

The brunette sighs, resting on the edge of a table. "You can't tell anyone okay?"

"Okay…" The boy nods.

"Well Quinn and I have kissed, like several times and I guess you could say we're seeing each other but Kurt we're keeping it quiet because I'm not sure either of us could handle the backlash of coming out in this small minded town, you know what it's like better than anyone. I mean I get hate anyway, being raised by two men but Quinn lost everything when she was pregnant, I don't want to be the one to cause her to lose it all again."

"You don't think she just wants to hide this to protect her rep? Or worse, because she's not actually into you?"

Rachel had thought about this, but there was something in the way that Quinn looks at her that makes her believe she's being truthful.

"No, I think for once in her life she's doing what she wants."

"Okay, I just don't want you getting hurt."

"I won't. I mean we aren't even official yet we're just testing the waters so my heart is safe for now."

"Right, for now."

Meanwhile Quinn was heading towards the cheerios locker room, hoping that Brittany would be in there, without Santana who never showed up to school earlier than necessary. Luckily she found what she was wishing for. The girl was sat on one of the benches changing her shoes after a workout.

"Hey Britt."

"Oh, hi Q."

"You're not mad at me are you?"

"For what?" The cheerleader asks, smiling up at Quinn.

"For you know, abandoning you and Santana all summer." Quinn blushes, sitting down next to her friend.

"No, I always knew you'd find your way back."

"Good, anyway I wanted to ask you if you knew anything about Santana's intentions last weekend? If she purposefully chose Rachel and me to play 7 minutes together?"

"Um…" The dancer hesitates. "Santana told me not to answer that…"

"I knew it." Quinn scoffs.

As she moves to stand, Brittany stops her.

"Wait Quinn don't be angry at her, she wasn't doing it to be mean or anything. In fact it was the opposite, she wanted you to be happy."

"No way, San isn't that selfless."

"Alright you can't tell her I told you but she wanted to make things easier on us. She could tell you like Rachel and thought if the 'HBIC' came out then it would be easier for us to do the same."

Quinn's demeanour instantly softens. "Really?"

"Yeah, San may act like she's all tough but deep down she's scared about what people will do when they find out she's gay."

"Honestly, I know how she feels, and that's exactly why Rachel and I are hiding."


"Um, nothing." Quinn mumbles before rushing out of the locker room hoping Brittany didn't realise what she meant.

However, as she takes a sip of water, Brittany smirks knowing that Santana's plan worked.

Quinn grins as she walks towards calculus class, she gets to spend the next hour sat next to Rachel just chatting and laughing with no one getting suspicious as they'd been doing this all year.

"Hey." Rachel smiles as Quinn slides into the seat next to her.

"How do you always get here before me?" Quinn laughs.

"Well I guess I just walk faster from my previous class."

"Last class Berry."

"Same difference."

"Am I going to need to buy a thesaurus? So I can understand you?" Quinn teases.

"Hmm maybe you should buy one anyway, your vocabulary always leaves a lot to be desired."

"Ouch, all of my classes happen to be AP you know. How many of yours are AP?"

"Three." Rachel mumbles.

"That's what I thought."

"But English is one of them."

"I know, I've seen you in class, sitting and gossiping with Kurt the whole time. Do you even make any notes?"

"Jealous?" Rachel questions, ignoring Quinn's jab about making notes.

"Of Kurt? Hardly."

The brunette laughs lightly. "Though speaking of Kurt, he may or may not know about us." She adds in a hushed tone.

"What? How?"

"He saw you checking me out earlier so it's all your fault really."

"Really? My fault? Even though you winked at me first?" Quinn whispers back, smirking.

"Well, I only winked because you were looking especially hot today."

"So you were checking me out first?"

"Maybe. Alright fine it's my fault that he knows but he's promised not to tell anyone. Are you mad?"

"No, I can't be mad actually because I think Britt and therefore Santana knows."

"Quinn…" Rachel moans.

"What? You can't be mad either. It only happened because I was asking her about San's party, which she totally planned by the way but I'll explain her reasoning later, and I said something that gave it away."

"We really need to be more careful."

"Yeah we do." Quinn laughs.

"Rachel?" Quinn says, half an hour into the lesson.


"Why do you always wear… um… animal sweaters and stuff?"

"Why?" Rachel asks, panicked that Quinn is asking because she doesn't want to be seen with her wearing these clothes.

"Just, um, because well when you were working out a couple weekends ago, I saw that you actually have a great body. Plus you look amazing in glee outfits, like the second Lady Gaga one, the Britney one and in sophomore year when I got Kurt to persuade you to dress 'slutty' to distract Finn." The blonde blushes, speaking quietly so only Rachel would hear her.

Rachel grins at the compliment. "Well to tell you the truth, it's because on the first day of school, freshman year, I wore really trendy, expensive clothes and got slushied. People knew from junior and middle school that I was a loser and so I was one of the first to get slushied. So from then on I've worn cheaper clothes so it doesn't matter if they get ruined."

Quinn frowns, she vaguely recalls seeing a girl get slushied on the first day but didn't realise it was Rachel as she hadn't known her then. "I'm sorry, for all the times I've been responsible for people slushing you."

"It's fine Quinn, you've more than made up for it." Rachel winks.

Quinn smiles as she goes back to her work.

Thank God for Rachel and her second chances.

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