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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

The two girls chat lightly throughout the morning, occasionally drifting into a comfortable silence.

Around midday, Quinn's stomach lets out a loud rumble causing Rachel to giggle.

"I guess I should offer you some food, your stomach has betrayed you."

"Well I would've said something but I was having too much fun just talking to you." Quinn blushes.

The brunette grins. "What do you want to do then?"

"What do you normally do for lunch on a Saturday? It's your house after all."

"We normally just have a light lunch then get a takeaway for dinner, but if you fancy something hot we can swap them round." Rachel offers, before noticing Quinn's raised eyebrow. "Not that I'm implying that you'll be here for dinner too." She adds quickly.

"It's fine Rach, and I'm happy to have whatever you fancy." The blonde smiles.

"Hmm well I think takeout might be easier as otherwise you'll have to steal something from Daddy if you want non-vegan food. What's your favourite takeaway?"

"Probably pizza but I know that's no good for you."

"Actually there's a kebab shop just around the corner that sells pizzas as well as vegan friendly items."

Quinn agrees to that idea and reluctantly allows Rachel to buy her lunch.

Unfortunately, the Berry men notice them leaving to collect it and ask to join. So that is how Quinn winds up sat next to Rachel, opposite Hiram and LeRoy, slowly making her way through a meat feast pizza. She felt a little guilty eating it in front of Rachel and her dad but Hiram insisted that it doesn't stop LeRoy eating meat, and she relaxed even more when LeRoy ordered the same pizza as her.

"So Quinn, I've heard from Rachel that Shelby has started up a new all girl glee club at McKinley, what are your thoughts on that?" Hiram asks.

"Um well I have no intention of deflecting from the new directions and as long as Rachel stays too then I have no worries about them beating us."

The two men smile as the girl who once bullied their daughter was now sat here complimenting her.

"Quinn that's sweet but they've got Mercedes and Santana now, those two are forces to be reckoned with." Rachel points out.

"Even so, their voices pale in comparison to yours." Quinn shrugs as if it was a normal thing for her to be so kind to Rachel. She smiles at the idea of this becoming her normal, spending Saturdays with the brunette and her dads, cuddling with her and watching movies all afternoon, before regaining her train of thought. "I have no doubt that we'll beat them at Sectionals and they'll all join the club again."

"Are you in the upcoming play? We're very excited to see Rachel in her first leading role on Friday." LeRoy asks, interrupting the intense eye contact between the two girls.

"Yes, I'm just one of the extras but I'm still loving it. I think I might want to go into acting one day, not Broadway, my voice is nowhere near good enough, but maybe plays or films."

"Quinn don't say that, you have a lovely voice, you helped us win Sectionals last year."

"Only because Mr Schue gave the duet to the winners of the duet competition, which I know you and Finn lost on purpose by the way. There's no way you'd be insensitive enough to sing that song, Finn maybe but not you."

Rachel blushes softly in embarrassment of being caught whilst the Berry men share a look as they spot Quinn looking at their daughter with love in her eyes.

"Spy!" Rachel shouts as Santana enters the choir room.

The Latina holds up her hands in mock surrender. "Relax Berry I'm just here to invite you all to my party this weekend, we may be in different groups now but we've been through some shit together and the part of me that I like to keep hidden wants to stay friends with you people even after graduation for whatever reason and that's why I'm hosting the after party for the opening night of the play whilst my parents go to couples counselling."

"Your parents have couples counselling?" Finn asks.

"Yes and don't go repeating that to anyone otherwise I will have to end you. Anyway, you will all be there on Saturday, got it?"

Santana leaves the room before anyone can even process that she'd openly called them her friends.

"Well, looks like we're going to a party." Tina laughs.

"Seems that way." Quinn mumbles suspicious of Santana's true intentions.

Quinn knew Santana was up to something, which is why she turns up to her party late, hoping no one would notice. However, as soon as she steps into the lounge, having let herself in the front door, she sees the whole glee club sat in a circle on the floor, and they all turn to look up at her.

Things were still awkward between her and the rest of the club but she was still happy she re-joined, even if initially it was only just to show Shelby she'd changed. She wouldn't admit to herself that it was because she missed it, and them.

"Q, it's about time, we've been waiting for you." Santana announces, jumping up and pulling Quinn into the room.

The blonde sits down next to Rachel as she knows that she's the only one that she can rely on liking her at this moment in time. They hadn't spoken much since last weekend but they'd still been sitting together in calculus classes, though both of them avoided the topic of Beth and Shelby.

"Yeah sorry I was…" Quinn hesitates, struggling to think of an excuse and then decides to just not give one. "Waiting for me for what?"

"To play a game, and seeing as I'm the host I get to pick the first game." The Latina explains, pretending to think of a game. "Hmm… I wanna play… seven minutes in heaven."

"Ooh I've never played that, what are the rules?" Rachel perks up.

Of course she's never played it. Quinn thinks while smiling internally at how cute Rachel is when she's excited, before shaking her head to remove the thought.

"I'll pick two names out of a hat and they have to spend seven minutes in my coat cupboard together, doing whatever they want to, but they must be touching the whole time." Santana explains whilst writing everyone's names onto pieces of paper before tossing them all into a hat and mixing them around.

After a couple of rounds, Santana finally got what she'd been waiting for as she pulled the first piece of paper out of the hat.

"Rachel." She announces before pulling out another name. "And Quinn." She smirks, even though the paper clearly has the name 'Artie' written on it.

The two girls hesitate, both wanting to spend the time with the other but neither willing to admit it.

"Come on, up you get. Puck and Mike did it, now it's your turn." Santana ushers, shooing them into the closet, which had been emptied of coats. "Remember, you have to be touching."

The Latina smirks again as she spies Quinn reach out and take Rachel's hand before she shuts the door on them.

Inside the closet, Rachel is trying not to blush at the feeling of Quinn's hand in hers, she never thought a hand could feel so soft, Finn's was never soft.

Quinn was trying to control her breathing and attempting to focus on anything other than Rachel, and Rachel's small hand in hers.

They aren't man hands at all. She reasons, wondering why she'd ever used that nickname when addressing Rachel.

"So, what do you want to talk about?" Rachel asks. "Unless you want to stand here in silence that is."

"No, we can talk. You can decide the topic."

"Um…" The brunette hesitates, trying to think of something to talk about, anything to talk about. "Well I know I dyed it but I haven't really had the opportunity to tell you that I like your hair."


"Not that I didn't like it when it was pink, I just prefer it natural. On everyone, not just on you, though it does look particularly good right now, however that might just be the weird lighting in here…"

"Rachel." Quinn laughs. "You're rambling."


"It was cute."


Quinn panicked, she hadn't meant to say that out loud. "Err… I mean the compliment, it was cute I um haven't heard one in a while and it was nice to hear, so thanks, again."

Rachel had a feeling that she had meant the rambling was cute but didn't question it.

"Well what I should've said was that it's nice to see you look like you again. Don't get me wrong, the goth look was… interesting, good interesting but I could tell you weren't happy. But with your old look you're closer to happiness. I think."

"Well I did ask you to help me get Quinn back. You're surprisingly close with the happiness thing." The blonde laughs nervously. "There's still something missing though."

She didn't know why she was opening up, maybe it was because it had been bottled up for so long that she just needed to say it, or maybe it was the feeling of holding Rachel's hand that just made her feel comfortable enough to share.

"Maybe you need to get back onto the Cheerios?" Rachel suggests.

"No, I'm done with cheerleading."

"Alright, then maybe you need a relationship."

Quinn pauses and thinks about it, she's always wanted to be in a relationship, except when she was in them. She also couldn't help but notice Rachel's choice of the word 'relationship' rather than 'boyfriend', as if she knew. No, she couldn't know, could she?

"Yeah, maybe I do."

Neither of them noticed but the two girls had been subconsciously moving towards each other and right now were standing with their bodies only inches apart.

"Well let me know if you want a wing woman." The diva teases.

"Yeah." Quinn breathes and Rachel gasps as she feels the release of air against her skin.

It was then that the brunette notices how close they were standing and she wasn't sure if Quinn had realised too but neither of them made any attempt to move.

"Tell me a secret." Quinn whispers.

"Only if you tell me one first."

"They don't leave this room? Or well, closet?"

Rachel shakes her head no and Quinn takes a deep breath, if she was going to tell anyone, might as well be Rachel.

"I don't think I'm entirely straight."

The diva pauses, unsure of whether she'd heard that correctly but as soon as she looks at the blonde and sees the blush on her cheeks she's sure of what she heard and it makes her heart beat faster with excitement.

"Wow. Now that was a big secret."

Quinn nods slightly. "Now you."

"I think… no, I know that I really want to kiss you right now."

Rachel watches as Quinn flicks her eyes down to her lips so darts her tongue out to wet them then bites her bottom lip slightly and smirks at the sight of the hazel eyes darkening as they watch.

They both slowly begin leaning forward until their mouths are just millimetres apart. Neither one knew who made the last move but suddenly their lips were touching and both girls feel a spark flow through them. The kiss starts off soft and tentative until Quinn decides to take charge and runs her hand up Rachel's back and through her hair until she reaches the back of her head and pulls the other girl closer to her. She feels Rachel smile into the kiss and place her hands on her hips, pulling their bodies closer as well.

Just as Quinn is about to deepen the kiss they hear a knock on the door and jump apart, both breathing heavily.

Rachel wipes her mouth with the back of her hand and watches as Quinn does the same.


Before Rachel can finish her sentence Quinn has pushed open the closet door and darted.

How ironic, she's leaving the closet yet something tells me she'll be stuck in it for quite some time.

As Rachel leaves the coat cupboard she feels several pairs of eyes on her, the rest were looking at the front door that Quinn left open in her haste.

"Um… I should… I have to go." Rachel mumbles before grabbing her coat and leaving.

Santana stands in the middle of her lounge and smirks, somehow knowing exactly what just happened in her closet.

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