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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Even though it was Saturday, Rachel still got up early and went through her morning routine. She was debating whether or not to use the elliptical as the noise may wake up Quinn. She was also on edge as she wasn't sure what mood the blonde would wake up in. Last night she had been so out of character and Rachel was wondering if she'd still be as open and willing to talk.

The singer was stressing herself out so much that she decides to just throw caution to the wind and use the elliptical.

About 20 minutes later, Quinn wakes up and sits up with a jolt, confused by her surroundings. She then remembers where she was and relaxes slightly before glancing slowly around Rachel's bedroom, taking in every small detail, the starts of a smile pulling at her lips. Then her eyes land on Rachel, standing stationary on her exercise machine, her bottom lip trapped between her teeth, a nervous expression on her face. Quinn couldn't help but lose her breath at the sight, she really was beautiful, and her workout clothes showed off her body perfectly.

Why doesn't she wear tight clothes all the time? The blonde wonders before realising that Rachel was still looking slightly panicked waiting for her to talk.

"Morning." Her voice was heavy with sleep so the greeting didn't come out much louder than a whisper.

"Morning." Rachel responds with a small smile, still anxious to see what mood Quinn would be in.

The blonde clears her throat before speaking again. "I'm sorry." She blushes.

"For what?"

"Coming here, waking you up in the middle of the night and crying all over you."

"Quinn… you don't need to be sorry for that, do you know how long I've been waiting to be your friend and now maybe I feel like I might be."

Quinn's heart sunk slightly when Rachel referred to them as friends when she wanted so much more but now was not the time for that.

"Do you want to talk about it?" The brunette offers, stepping down off her elliptical and perching on the edge of her bed. "I've already informed my dads that you're here so we can just stay hidden in here for as long as you want."

Quinn smiles at the girl's sweetness. "I do want to talk about it but I don't know how or where to start. I was raised to hide my feelings."

"Well how about I go downstairs and get us something to eat whilst you sort through your thoughts? You can also use the bathroom if you want, I've laid out some clothes that might fit you if you want to change."

The blonde looks down and notices she's still in her dress from yesterday which is now slightly creased from sleeping in it.

"Yeah I think I'll do that, thanks."

Ten minutes later Quinn walks out of Rachel's ensuite and sees the girl sat on her bed, scrolling on her phone.

Rachel hears Quinn enter the room and looks up, gasping at the sight before her. There was something about the way Quinn wore her clothes that was extremely attractive. The top that she had picked out was slightly too short, due to the height difference between the two girls, meaning the base of Quinn's abs was on display and Rachel had to force herself to look away from the soft skin.

"Did Rachel Berry, a Jewish vegan, make me bacon?" Quinn teases, ignoring Rachel's roaming eyes and spying the plate stacked high with bacon on her dresser.

"Well, Daddy actually cooked it but I asked him to…"

"Are your dads not Jewish too?"

"Dad, or Hiram, is. However, Daddy, or LeRoy is Catholic."

"But…" Quinn starts then trails off when she realises she's not quite sure how to phrase her question.

Rachel laughs and the blonde smiles at the sound. "Yes he's gay and Catholic."

"How'd you know that's what I was going to ask?"

"Not the first time I've explained it." She shrugs. "His parents didn't like it, especially his dad but he came to the conclusion that his happiness should come above everyone else's and when he met Dad he knew he'd made the right decision. You can ask him about it if you want it explained in a better way, he's very open, they both are. Anyway, help yourself to food."

Quinn sits down on the bed, leaning back against the headboard and Rachel moves so she's sitting in the same manor next to her.

"I guess you want me to start talking now?" Quinn laughs, taking a bite out of a piece of bacon and moaning at the taste.

Rachel tries not to fixate on the sound of Quinn moaning and responds to her question. "It's up to you Quinn, we can talk about anything you want, or we can just sit here in silence."

"No I want to tell you, something made me come to you rather than Santana. At first I thought it was because it was Shelby but I guess part of it was because I feel more comfortable around you, I know you're not going to yell at me like San would. Plus she's still kinda mad at me."

"So where do you want to start?"

"From the beginning I guess. Ever since Beth was born I've been struggling with my mental health, I spent that summer locked away in my bedroom, only coming out to grab some food. I'd stock up, grab as much as I could carry so I wouldn't have to go back downstairs any time soon. My weight fluctuated a lot." Quinn pauses briefly to collect her thoughts. "Junior year I pushed everything down and didn't talk about it with anyone, I just worked my ass off to get back on top. I dated Sam, and Finn to improve my popularity more than because they were who I wanted. I turned back into classic head bitch Quinn to prove to everyone that the pregnancy was just a slip up, a mistake. But now I've met Beth, held her, I can't say that. Something that beautiful can't have been a mistake, I don't want her growing up thinking that I didn't want her when in reality it tore me apart inside to give her up. That's partly why I chose Shelby, I wanted her to be with someone I knew and could trust, despite what she did to you."

"Then why try to prove she's an unfit mother?"

"Because… I wanted Beth back." Quinn admits, looking down at her lap in shame.

"Wanted? Past tense? What do you want now?"

"I don't know." The blonde mumbles. "I'm so sorry Rachel, I've been selfish and a terrible person to people who don't deserve it, including you for the past few years."

The singer is taken aback by the sudden change of topic but goes with it as Quinn finally seems to be opening up.

"It's okay Quinn, I consider us friends now."

"I don't deserve your friendship."

"Quinn look at me." Rachel waits until she's looking into the girl's hazel eyes. "Everyone deserves a second chance, this is yours."

Quinn's heart rate increases, mind racing at the fact this second chance could get her everything she's wanted and more.

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