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Chapter 4

AN: So I've already written their first kiss but I want it to happen around the time of the fifth episode of season 3, just to give a whole new reason to 'The First Time', also it worked in the context. I'm basing this chapter mainly on episode 2 so we'll get there soon enough.

Also I realise how bad the last chapter was so hopefully this one will be a bit better.

It's been a while since I watched Glee so even though I reference scenes they won't be word-for-word and some reasoning may be different.

And finally sorry for the delay as I've been busy with coursework for uni.

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Chapter 4

Quinn stood in the doorway of the classroom watching Shelby flit about, setting up for the first lesson with Sugar.

Eventually, the woman looks up and sees Quinn watching.

"I want to see her. I know Puck got to." The pink-haired girl demands before Shelby can say anything.

She waits as brown eyes scan her face whilst trying not to think about how similar they are to Rachel's eyes.

"Not while you're like this."

"Why not?"

"Because you're not yourself like this Quinn. I want Beth to know you, not this girl you pretend to be."

"I'm not pretending." Quinn glares but Shelby holds her ground.

"Also, it has to be on my terms. Puck just turned up at my apartment, I didn't choose for him to meet her first."

"Fine, can I at least see a picture?"

Shelby sighs and pulls her phone out of her pocket before handing it to Quinn.

The girl fights back the tears as she looks down at the most beautiful girl she'd ever seen sat on Puck's knee.

"Thank you." She mumbles, handing the brunette her phone back before rushing into the nearest bathroom to cry over her little girl in private.

"I need your advice." Quinn mumbles as she slumps down into her seat.

Rachel looks around confused, until she realises that not only did Quinn voluntarily sit next to her, she was in fact talking to her too.

"Oh um, okay sure." She smiles.

"I want to join glee again."

"Really?" The brunette's face lights up. "What made you change your mind?"

"Um well I saw you all performing 'You Can't Stop The Beat' last week and I realised how much I missed you all, but you can't repeat that to anyone. Plus I… want to meet Beth and Shelby won't let me until I'm myself again, whatever that means."

"Quinn, if you're not doing this for yourself then…"

"No I am." Quinn insists. "I want to be in Beth's life, ever since I gave her up there's been something missing in my life and she's definitely half of that hole."

"Only half?"

"Please help me." She begs, ignoring Rachel's last question.

The diva is shocked by this version of Quinn and searches the girl's hazel eyes and sees nothing but honesty in them, and maybe even love, but just assumes that's her love for Beth.

"Alright. Mr Schue is currently doing a dance boot camp for the members of glee who want or need a little extra help. Maybe you should start there."

"You think I need help with my dancing Berry?"

"Um, no I…" Rachel panics.

"Relax, I'm just teasing Rach."

Both girls are shocked by the nickname but neither mention it and soon the teacher walks in so they settle into silence.

If only she knew she was the other half. Quinn thinks as she subtly watches Rachel's profile as she works on some problems, smiling as the girl scrunches her nose in confusion before leaning over to help her.

"I need your opinion on something." Rachel suddenly announces. "Two things actually."


"Well firstly, I can't decide what song to audition for the musical with." The brunette blushes. "It's between I Feel Pretty and Somewhere."

"Alright, I think Somewhere would be a better choice, it'll show off your voice better. Plus you've technically already done I Feel Pretty." Quinn winks.

Rachel grins. "Okay, I'll do that thank you Quinn."

"What was the other thing?"

"Oh well I was wondering what you think about Shelby being back and how you think I should act?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you know more than anyone how I feel, I just want your opinion on whether you think she's being genuine or if she's only offering me a relationship as she's going to be around school and thinks it'll be awkward otherwise."

"I'm not sure." Quinn admits, running her hand over the back of her neck. "I want to believe her, and need to if I want to see Beth but I know how badly she hurt you."

"Okay how about this, if you were in Shelby's position and Beth was in mine, how would you be feeling?"

"I'd want a relationship with her. But Rachel you need to remember how she treated you when you first met, I'm not sure I'd ever do that with Beth. Maybe you should ask your dads?"

"Yeah, I reckon I'll do that. Thank you."

"Don't mention it, but now I want to ask you for a favour."

Rachel gives Quinn a confused look until the former cheerleader leans over and opens her bag, showing Rachel the bottle of peroxide hidden inside.

"Will you help me get Quinn back?"

The two girls leave the classroom side by side until Rachel is stopped by Finn blocking her path. Quinn pauses too before realising that she and Rachel technically aren't friends, yet, so she had no need to wait.

Rachel was slightly disappointed that Quinn didn't wait for her but decides not to read into it and instead looks up at Finn.

"Did you want something?"

"Yeah." He grins, a proud look on his face. "You."


"Yeah, I want you."

"Are you serious right now Finn?" She scoffs.

"I thought you'd be thrilled." He frowns.

Rachel thought she would be ecstatic, she'd dreamed of this moment countless times, but now, in the moment she was just disappointed. Disappointed that it wasn't someone else.


Her eyes flick back to Finn as she realises she'd been watching Quinn walk down the hall and can't help but think how much better her nickname sounded coming from Quinn.

"No Finn, I'm not 'thrilled'. Once I would've jumped at this opportunity but since saying you'd never break up with me you've gone back on that and broken up with me not once but twice. Everyone gets a second chance, but no one deserves more than that." She says before turning and walking away from him.

That afternoon, Rachel finds herself standing in Quinn's bathroom with her hands massaging the girl's scalp.

Meanwhile Quinn was trying not to moan at the feeling of Rachel's fingers in her hair and was so glad she'd asked the brunette to help her with this. She didn't really need help seeing as she dyed her hair pink by herself but Rachel didn't need to know that.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure." Quinn replies, wincing at the deepness of her voice as the word came out sounding slightly like the moans she'd been withholding.

"Why did you ask me to help with this?"

Quinn briefly wonders if Rachel had been reading her mind before realising that was impossible.

"Um, well, truthfully you're the only one who's always treated me like I'm the same Quinn even though you've seen many sides of me over the past four years. It only seemed right that you were the one who helped me accept my true self again."

"And which Quinn is your true self?"

"The one who loves with her whole heart and doesn't care who knows it. Whether it's loving maths, or glee, or Beth, or anyone else."

Quinn looks up and meets Rachel's eyes in the mirror as the brunette continues silently rubbing the dye into Quinn's head.

Neither girl realised how much was going to change in the coming weeks as they both fell slightly more for someone they thought would never catch them.

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