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Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this? … Wait, that's a song lyric. Damn I've spent too much time with Berry and her band of losers.

Getting frustrated with her own thoughts, Santana turned up the radio to drown out the Killers' song now stuck in her head. She was driving over to Quinn's house after receiving an SOS text from the blonde. She knew it had something to do with Rachel, and she also knew it was beyond bad if Quinn was reaching out to her of all people. Brittany was the usual person Quinn contacted with a dilemma but Santana? This had to be monumental.

And of course, with Rachel involved, it was.

She lets herself into the Fabray household, knowing Judy would be at work, and heads straight for Quinn's room.

Finding the blonde curled up on her bed sobbing, Santana panicked, she was not a good person to have around when someone was crying.

"Quinn?" She spoke, just to announce her arrival.

"She… she's going to prom… with Finn."


That's what it was.

That was what overcame her when she'd said yes. She didn't want to go to prom with Finn but he'd asked her in the middle of the courtyard it was so public she couldn't say no. Plus she didn't want to go to prom alone and Finn knew that, that's why he asked her.

In fact, Rachel was planning on skipping prom all together but she heard that Quinn was still going as she was up for prom queen and she didn't want to miss the opportunity of seeing Quinn win the crown, and it would give her more time to work things out with the blonde.

She didn't quite know how this fight flipped over so quickly, firstly she was mad at Quinn yet now she just wants to beg her for forgiveness. She wasn't sure if she'd overreacted over the fact that Quinn was suddenly moving across the country, she was blindsided and it caused her to bring out the diva. But would anyone else react the same way? Or was it just her and her dramatic tendencies? She knew she had to talk to someone but who? Kurt was a no as he was just as dramatic as she was. Mercedes was too headstrong, Tina too quiet. She didn't want to face Santana and knew that both Brittany and Sugar would be too confused by the complexity of the situation. That left her with all the boys, minus Kurt of course. Puck would be too crude, Finn would be biased, Rory and Joe she didn't know well enough. Sam? Okay Sam was a maybe, who else was there? Blaine? That was possible but difficult to talk to him without Kurt in tow. Mike had the same problem as Tina, both too shy to speak their minds. Artie? No, she'd never really had a conversation with him alone and it would be weird for this to be the first one. So Sam it was. Sure he was Quinn's ex but he was over her now and happy as ever with Mercedes so it wouldn't be too awkward. Plus he has been known to have moments of great wisdom.

So it was set, straight after glee club she'd talk to Sam and ask his opinion.


The boy turns as he hears Rachel call his name as he was exiting the choir room.

"May I pick your brain for a moment?"

"Uh, sure Rachel, what's up?"

Rachel waited until the choir room was empty then gently pulled Sam back inside.

"It's about an issue Quinn and I are having, can I trust you to be honest and unbiased?"

"Shouldn't you be talking to Quinn about this?" He asks, confused.

"Well yes that would be ideal but the problem is she isn't talking to me."

"Right, um, okay then I'll try my best to help."

The blond sat down in one of the seats on the risers as Rachel paces before him explaining everything, from Stanford to the kiss with Finn and their fight afterwards.

"So let me get this straight, Quinn kept a secret from you and you got mad so to get back at her you cheated? That seems a little extreme to me Rachel."

"Yes I'm aware of that now but before the whole Finn fiasco do you think I overreacted about Quinn keeping the news from me?"

"Maybe slightly though I would've been mad too in that situation, but she must've had her reasons for keeping it secret?"

"I'm not sure, I never gave her a chance to explain I just stormed out and when she tried to apologise, well I assume that's what the rose was for, she caught me with Finn and we had another fight in the auditorium when I said the worst thing I could ever say."

"What did you say?"

"Well she said something along the lines of she may have lied but at least she didn't cheat and I panicked and said 'this time'. I felt awful straight away but she didn't give me a chance to explain."

"Much like you didn't give her a chance to explain about Stanford." Sam points out. "Okay from what I learned about Quinn when we were dating is that pride is the most one of the important things to her, you hurt her pride, she's going to build her walls back up and push people away. What you need to do is give her time, don't crowd her by trying to apologise all the time. I'm sure you've already said you're sorry so just leave it at that for now, until she comes to you, which she will. You two love each other, that much is clear, so just remember, if you love something set it free, if it comes back, it was meant to be."

"But what if she doesn't come back?" Rachel asks, tears in her eyes.

"Then I'm sorry but it wasn't meant to be and eventually you'll be grateful for that, that you didn't force her to come back and waste more of your time, and hers. You'll meet someone else, someone who is the perfect fit for you and you'll grow up, thankful for Quinn's love but no longer upset that you lost it."

Rachel nods, too emotional to respond so Sam wraps her in a hug and she sobs into his chest until all the tears are gone.

I've never really written much dialogue for Sam before but hopefully it sounds enough like him.

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