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Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

Three weeks.

That's all it took for things to start falling apart.

Just three weeks, 21 short days.

The first week started off fine, great even. They were still on a high from their Valentine's weekend a couple of weeks ago and winning Regionals last week. In their minds, they were unstoppable.

Rachel was in her element when Blaine's brother came to town and was overjoyed when he offered acting masterclasses. She of course, got the majority of compliments from him which caused her to walk around with a grin on her face for days.

Quinn however, despite wanting a future career in acting, wasn't concentrating. She was sure he was going on about pointing and didn't really see the point – if you excuse the pun – so tuned him out. Her mind wandered back to the envelope sat on her bedroom desk. The envelope that was about to change her life. She just wasn't sure if it was going to change for the better or not. She hadn't opened the letter yet, the words 'Stanford University' in the top right hand corner sent her into a panic. She still hadn't told Rachel she'd applied.

From that point on, Quinn started to pull away from Rachel, both girls sensed it but neither was willing to acknowledge it.

Quinn started skipping glee. She was barely there for any of the Disco week performances. She watched Santana's performance but that was it, and that was only because the Latina had forced her to be there. Still, she sat on the opposite side of the room to Rachel, the girls occasionally making awkward eye contact.

The blonde even persuaded Tina to switch seats with her in calculus.

Rachel didn't know what went wrong, or when it went wrong. One week they were happily in love, the next, Quinn started ignoring her texts, not answering her calls, barely even looking at her in school. The most difficult part, for Rachel, was that Quinn was parading around school in her Cheerios uniform and all the brunette wanted to do was jump her girlfriend, especially now they were out at school, but she couldn't. It was torture.

On the third week, Quinn finally gave in and opened the letter. A grin spread across her face, she'd gotten into Stanford, a school she wanted to go to even more than Yale, it's programs were just more appealing to the blonde.

Now came the hard part. Telling Rachel.

Then, it was Friday. Exactly 21 days since they'd won Regionals. Quinn and Rachel hadn't spent a single weekend together since the day after the competition, in fact they'd hardly been alone.

Rachel finally snapped. She'd had enough of Quinn ignoring her and not telling her why, though she was aware she couldn't tell her why if she was indeed ignoring her but still, it was annoying and it was going to end now.

She spots Quinn walking into a bathroom down the hall and swiftly follows.

The blonde is stood at the sinks, fixing her makeup.

"Quinn. I demand to know right now why you have been ignoring me. It hurts and I just want my girlfriend back."

Rachel watches as Quinn slowly lowers her hands and sighs.

"I'm sorry Rachel. I just needed to know what it was like."

"What are you talking about?"

"Being apart from you. I needed to see if I could do it, for next year when we were truly going to be apart."

"But you're only going to be an hour away. You know Yale isn't that far from NYADA and we'll see each other every weekend."

"I'm not going to Yale. I'm going to Stanford."

The brunette pauses, shocked. "What?! Since when?"

"Since a couple of days ago. I applied to a lot of schools Rach, not just Yale."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I didn't want you to look at me the way you're looking at me now."

"Well what did you expect disappointment to look like?" Rachel says bluntly, before turning on her heels and leaving.

Quinn leaves school that day feeling numb. She skips glee again, she was in no mood to sing a Whitney song right now. Plus the rehearsal was optional anyway.

As soon as she gets home she locks herself in her room and cries.

Three weeks.

That's all it took for her to lose the one good thing she ever had.

Things were definitely awkward throughout the next week. The girls avoid each other as much as possible and Quinn didn't attend any glee rehearsals. Neither of them really knew if they were broken up or not, but neither was strong enough to ask.

Quinn hears through Kurt that they have their NYADA auditions this week and the day of the audition she sends Rachel a good luck text which goes unanswered.

So she sneaks in to the auditorium to watch. Then, the unexpected happens, Rachel chokes. The blonde instantly panics, knowing that it's her fault. She should've been with Rachel this week, calming her nerves, distracting her and listening to her practise. She should be with her now, as the brunette breaks down backstage. From her viewpoint at the top of the stairs, Quinn can see Rachel curled up in Kurt's arms, sobbing. That should be her. She needed to fix this. She was determined to fix this. Rachel was the only reason she was happy, now, she was just numb all the time, crying herself to sleep most nights.

So that evening, Quinn began working on her plan to win Rachel back, to prove to her that no matter where in the country they end up, they will still have each other.

Little did she know, she wouldn't even be able to start stage one of her plan.

See you in two weeks ;)

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