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Chapter 22

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I literally started writing this about an hour ago so yeah, it's short again. But I'm happy with the outcome.

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Chapter 22

Rachel woke up in pure bliss, glancing over at the naked Goddess next to her. Sure she'd woken up beside Quinn countless times but never were they naked. Even if they wanted to nap just after sex they'd always pulled some clothes on just in case their parents walked in.

She was suddenly overcome with desire so began trailing kisses down Quinn's pale skin, making the girl slowly rouse.


That was the first and only word out of Quinn's mouth, her question lost in her throat as Rachel begins running her tongue over her rapidly dampening core. The only sounds she made after that were moans of pleasure or whispers of 'more', 'yes' and 'Rachel'.

Once Rachel was in the shower Quinn pulled on her clothes and jogged downstairs, she was going to get into trouble for doing this but she didn't care.

Ten minutes later, Rachel emerged from her ensuite to find her bedroom empty, she frowns before hearing a noise from downstairs, hoping it was Quinn.

Slowly she descended the stairs and made her way towards the kitchen to find Quinn standing at the stove.

"Quinn…" She whines, getting the blonde's attention. "I was supposed to be the one doing all the romantic things this weekend."

Quinn laughs lightly at the pout on the brunette's face. "I know, but I wanted to make you breakfast and you said I could still give you a gift so this is part of that gift."

Still, Rachel pouted so Quinn crossed the room in three long strides and pulled her girlfriend into a kiss. It was just a light connection but it was enough to lift Rachel's mood.

"So does that mean I get my present now?"

"Hmm, I don't know, it's not technically Valentine's day till tomorrow…"

"Yes but we're going to be busy preparing for Regionals most of the day, or did you forget we have that upcoming competition."

"Of course I didn't, how could I with your daily emails to the glee club?"

"They're extremely important emails Quinn!"

To avoid the inevitable rant she was about to receive, the blonde pulls a small cube box from her pocket, holding it out to Rachel.

"What's this?"

"Really Rachel? It's your present."

Rachel lifts the lid to the box to reveal a pair of sparkling silver earrings in the shape of musical notes.

"Quinn they're beautiful, thank you." She grins, putting them in now. "I won't wear them as often as the necklace and will save them for special occasions."

"Then why are you wearing them now?" Quinn teases.

"Today is special, it's not only our first Valentine's but it's our first weekend alone and I feel like it went quite well."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Rachel was on a high. They'd just won Regionals and she wanted to celebrate with her girlfriend but Quinn was nowhere in sight.

It had been a tough week, with the knowledge of Karofsky and what he did but they used that emotion to win the competition, dedicating their performance to him, along with the Warblers. Quinn and Rachel had visited Karofsky in the hospital and he was happy they were still together. They were happy he was still alive.

After searching backstage, Rachel moved out into the hallway to continue her search for Quinn.


She spin rounds, startled by the voice, but it wasn't the voice she wanted to hear.

"Hi Finn."

"I just wanted to ask something, it won't take long."

Rachel nods.

"That song…" He starts, referring to 'Here's to Us' that she'd been singing not long ago. "You were singing about Quinn, and only Quinn right?"


If Finn had said anything in response, Rachel didn't hear him. She was distracted by the vision in red and white at the end of the corridor. When Quinn had come to her earlier in the week mentioning that she wanted to re-join the Cheerios, Rachel had been sceptical at first but Quinn had convinced her that she just wanted to get back into cheerleading again, it had nothing to do with popularity and she wasn't going to turn back into HBIC Quinn.

Rachel had been thinking about it for days but now, seeing Quinn in that uniform, all coherent thoughts flew out of her mind. Sure she'd seen her wearing that before but it was like her eyes hadn't been open the last times. Now, now she truly saw the beauty. She saw why guys were constantly drooling over the girls in these uniforms. There had been a few times when she'd checked out a nearby cheerleader but this was Quinn. Her girlfriend. The love of her life.

Finn, who realised that Rachel was no longer paying attention, stops talking and turns to look over his shoulder, spotting Quinn standing near the corner, talking to Blaine and Kurt but with her eyes on Rachel, so the boy chuckles gently and walks away, finally letting go of Rachel. She was never his soulmate anyway, that much was clear now.

Rachel was still in a daze, she was vaguely aware of Finn walking away and Quinn turning away from the guys and wandering towards her, but she was only fully pulled out of her stupor when Quinn touched her forearm.

As soon as she was back in reality she grabs Quinn by the front of her uniform and pulls the blonde's mouth down to her own.

It was out of school hours but they still hadn't really made out like this in school before, especially not in the middle of the hallway. It was exhilarating

Everyone around them fades away, they were only aware of each other. Quinn pulls Rachel closer by her hips whilst Rachel moves her hand up to pull the blonde locks out of the ponytail before running her fingers through the silky hair. Quinn moans into her mouth when she opens her mouth to allow their tongues to meet.

They eventually pull apart, panting. Rachel lets her eyes wander over her girlfriend's outfit once more before looking back up to catch the smirk on Quinn's face.

"Like what you see?" The blonde teases.

"Take me home."

"With pleasure."

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