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Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Finally it was Valentine's day. Well it was actually Saturday the 12th but close enough. Damn school getting in the way of her romantic plans.

Rachel wouldn't admit this to anyone but she'd been planning this day ever since she was little. Most girls dream of their wedding, Rachel dreamt of her first official Valentine's, as well as her wedding. She and Finn had never officially been together at this time of the year so she'd been single for all 16 of her previous Valentine's days.

She wanted to make this the most special day of not only her life, but Quinn's too. Well best day so far, she hopes for future days that will top this day. Their engagement, their wedding day and the birth of their children to name a few.

"Rachel! We're going!"

As soon as she hears her father's voice she squeals with excitement, she would be picking Quinn up soon and their day could finally begin. It was only 10am but Rachel had been up since 6 so had been waiting for hours for this moment.

She quickly pulled out her phone as she descended the stairs to say goodbye to her dads.

R - I'll be there in a few ;)

She sent this text to Quinn and jumped off the last step.

"Goodbye dad, daddy." Rachel smiles, kissing the cheek each of her fathers in turn.

"Goodbye Sweetie, we'll see you tomorrow evening, behave with your friends." Hiram said.

To avoid telling her dads that Quinn was staying the night and that they'd be alone, she told a little white lie saying that all the girls from glee were staying over. Quinn had said the same to her mother.

Immediately after watching her daddy's car pull away, Rachel grabs her coat and jumps in her own car, making her way over to her girlfriend's.

Once there, she practically runs up the driveway to knock on the door which is soon opened to reveal Quinn, standing framed by the doorway, the sun hitting her just right. It takes Rachel's breath away.

"I believe the word you're looking for is hello." Quinn teases.

"I… yeah… hi."

"Hmm, the Rachel Berry is rendered speechless? It's just me."

"You…" Rachel shakes her head, getting her thoughts straight. "It's you, in a stunning dress. In February might I add."

"Ah there's the voice I know and love. Yeah it may be winter but gotta keep you interested somehow." The blonde winks. "Plus I'm used to the cold, living here with my dad."

"Quinn…" Rachel starts, sympathy lacing her tone.

"Don't. I meant it literally, he would never turn the heating on."


"Shall we get going?"

"Yes of course. Do you have everything packed?"

"Yep." Quinn grins, holding up her backpack of overnight things. "I can't wait to spend the weekend alone with you."

The blonde steps out of her house, shouting bye to her mom over her shoulder before closing the door and pulling Rachel in for a kiss.

Firstly, the girls go back to Rachel's house to drop off Quinn's stuff, before getting back in the car. Rachel drives them to a small carnival in a nearby park. There's only a couple of stalls with games or food, a maze and pony rides for kids but it was still a fun time.

They start by playing a few of the games, with Quinn winning a toy unicorn, which she said she'd give to Brittany, and a pink bear which she gifted to Rachel. Next they decided to try out the maze. At the first junction, Quinn went to go left while Rachel went right, meaning they were pulled back together by their combined hands.

"Rach we need to go left, always make left turns."

"Quinn come on, I can just tell we need to go right here."

"Alright then, I'll meet you at the exit." The blonde winks before turning down the left fork.

Rachel hesitates briefly, not wanting to be alone but wanting to prove Quinn wrong so she took off down the right hand path.

Not long after, Rachel came to a dead end.

"Damn it." She whispers before turning around.

Five minutes later, the brunette finally finds the exit and comes face to face with a smug looking blonde.

"Shut up." She mumbles.

"I didn't say anything." Quinn points out.

"Yeah, but just… shut up."

Quinn giggles but then regrets it as Rachel starts towards her.

The blonde squeals and starts running away from the girl who was now chasing her. They end up in a heap on the grass, laughing.

By now it was gone midday so they venture towards one of the food stands. Quinn buys a hotdog and Rachel gets a veggie burger, after being assured that all the ingredients were vegan.

After spending a couple more hours at the carnival, the girls head back to Rachel's house to watch a film before Rachel is dragging Quinn out again.

This time, they end up at BreadStix. Rachel knew Quinn loves the restaurant so chose it especially. Then again, who doesn't love BreadStix? They provided unlimited breadsticks after all.

As the two slide into a booth they smile awkwardly at each other across the table. Sure they'd been on dates before, one in a very similar establishment but this felt different. It was for a special occasion. It was a day in which you were meant to go on a date, or well, the weekend closest to that day.

Rachel blushes and looks down at the menu, even though she knew what she was going to order. She looks up again when she hears a voice she wasn't expecting to hear today.

"Shove over Q."

Santana is standing at the edge of Quinn's side of the booth. Rachel makes eye contact with the blonde before lifting her head once more to spot Brittany grinning down at her. The two girls reluctantly move over to allow the couple into the booth.

"Look we didn't really want company on this date and I'm sure you didn't either but in case you haven't noticed this place is packed and I needs me some BreadStix." The Latina explains, it was the closest to an apology anyone would ever get, unless that person was Britt.

Rachel looks around and notices that Santana was right, every table was occupied, she must've been in a Quinn-induced haze when walking in but she'd at least had the sense to make a reservation.

"What have you been up to?" Brittany asks.

"Well we went to the carnival in the park earlier and then watched a film this afternoon." Quinn explains.

"San can we go to the carnival?!"

"Great thanks Q." Santana mutters. "Of course we can Britt."

"Oh by the way, if either of Rachel's dads ask, you stayed at theirs tonight." Quinn adds.

"Sure thing. I mean we could always just stay over if you don't want to lie?" The Latina teases, knowing they'd want to be alone but wanting them to say it.

"Um, no that's okay thank you Santana." Rachel replies awkwardly.

"Honestly, it would be no trouble."

Quinn, who had caught on to what her best friend was doing, stayed silent.

"I understand that but we um, have plans."

"What kind of plans?"

Rachel helplessly glances at Quinn who was looking down at the table trying not to laugh.

"Well… we…"

"For God's sake, we're going to have sex okay?" Quinn suddenly blurts out, just wanting to end Rachel's suffering.

Santana turned her head to gawp at the blonde, not expecting her to actually say it.

"At least, I assume that's what Rach had planned."

"Er, yeah. Let's just order now." Rachel blushes, calling over a waiter.

After dinner, throughout which Santana made countless crude comments, Quinn and Rachel go back home, well, Rachel's home, Quinn's second home.

Rachel pulls Quinn into the lounge by her collar.

"I thought you wanted to…" Quinn starts, trailing off when she sees the lust in her girlfriend's eyes.

"I do."

"In here?"

Quinn gasps as Rachel pushes her onto the couch before straddling her stomach.

"Yep. My dads never sit on this couch and it's always been one of my fantasies. To never be able to look at a piece of furniture again without thinking about you, and what you're about to do to me."

"What am I about to do to you?" The blonde smirks.

Rachel returns the smirk before leaning down to whisper in Quinn's ear, even though they were alone. "I want you to fuck me."

The way Rachel said it sent shivers down Quinn's spine.


"Yes, we've made love countless times and as much as I enjoy it, I'm in the mood for something a little… hotter."

Quinn gulps, like actually audibly gulps and it causes Rachel to whiten.

"I mean, if you don't want to that's fine I just…"

The brunette's upcoming rant is cut short when Quinn sits up and uses the momentum to throw Rachel down onto the other side of the couch and climbs on top of her.

"Take your clothes off." She demands, hovering above Rachel but not moving off her completely.

The singer quickly removes all her clothing, struggling slightly with a girl above her but still managing it within record time.

Quinn instantly leans down to begin biting and sucking on Rachel's neck whilst manoeuvring her hand between their bodies to start rubbing on the brunette's clit. Once she's sure her girlfriend is wet enough she slips her fingers down lower and pushes two inside her.

Rachel whines at the feeling, despite having felt it before it somehow felt different, good different, because she knew what was about to happen.

"Quinn…" She whispers when the blonde had yet to move.

"Say it again."

"What? 'Quinn'?"

"No, what you want me to do."

A mischievous glint appears in Rachel's brown eyes. "Fuck me Quinn."

Quinn grins and leans back down to pepper Rachel's body with kisses and the occasional bite. Suddenly she starts moving her hand, pulsing her fingers in and out of the girl below her at a lightning speed. Soon the angle became too awkward so she sat upright again, perching on Rachel's left thigh, straddling it just above the knee, her arm muscles were already burning but she could tell by the look on the brunette's face that she was close so kept going at an ungodly pace.

Shortly after, Quinn feels Rachel's walls twitching around her fingers so swiftly pushes her thumb up against the girl's clit, sending her over the edge. Quinn just watched Rachel's face contort with pleasure, her body twitching. It was her favourite sight, especially with the knowledge that she did that to her girlfriend.

"I love you." The blonde blurts out suddenly.

"I… love… you… too." Rachel pants.

"I will never tire of hearing you say that."

Once Rachel has caught her breath, she sits up and pushes Quinn onto her back once more. She makes quick work of removing the girl's clothing and almost instantly attaches her mouth to Quinn's clit.

The blonde gasps in pleasure, wrapping her fingers in brown locks.

"I could do this all day." Rachel admits, pulling away briefly before lowering her head again.

"You wouldn't hear me complaining."

Rachel has perfected the art of making Quinn orgasm, she knows when to use teasing long licks along her core and when to make quick flicks against her clit with her tongue. One thing she hadn't done before was insert her tongue, deep into her girlfriend, so without even asking Quinn, she did this now.

They both moan at the sensation.

Rachel lifts her hand to rub circles on Quinn's clit and it's not long until the girl is shaking and moaning as wave after wave of pleasure ripples through her body.

"Okay, that was amazing." Quinn admits, five minutes later as they lie naked on the couch.

"It really was, you have no idea how long I've been wanting that."

"What? Me to fuck you or having your tongue inside me?"

Rachel chuckles. "Both."

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