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Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

As soon as Mr Schuester writes the words 'Marry Me?' on the whiteboard, the whole glee club jumps up cheering and Quinn gets an idea. It's ridiculous and risky but worth it. In fact, looking at Rachel across the room she knew it'd be more than worth it.

As if she knew she was being watched, Rachel turns her head to meet Quinn's gaze and they share a grin.

"Stop eye fucking Berry Q, I need to talk to you."

Santana pulls Quinn out the room.

"So I know things started out rocky for us this year but considering I helped you get Berry I think we're back on track right?" The Latina starts, waiting for Quinn to nod. "Well then, whatever you're planning, I want in."


"Please, I saw you staring at your girl as soon as Mr Schue announced the assignment, I know you're going to do something sappy and romantic and Britt deserves something too. So long as you don't plan on proposing."

"Alright, you can join me. But no, I'm not proposing, it's way too early for that and no one is stupid enough to propose in high school. It's risky though."

"Risky how?"

"Well it's Rachel Berry, what if she doesn't like it?"

"Q, she's head over heels for you, she's going to love it."

"I guess you're right, meet me after school, my mom is away all week on a Christian singles cruise."

"Sure thing."

The next day, Quinn and Santana prepare to set the first stage of their plan in action. They talk to Mr Schue at the start of the day so he's aware of their plan for glee and luckily he agrees.

Soon, it's time for glee and everyone files into the choir room sitting in their usual seats. Quinn and Santana make sure they're the last two to enter, standing in the middle of the room smiling at Rachel and Brittany having a conversation in the front row.

Quinn clears her throat, gaining the attention of everyone in the room but her eyes stay fixed on her girlfriend. "So this is partially for the assignment as it's a great song and would totally work for you Mr Schue…"

"But it's also for our girls, who deserve to have every song we sing dedicated to them, just like this one it." Santana continues, her eyes linked with bright blue ones.

As the intro to the song starts being played by the band, Rachel and Brittany share a lovesick grin, but the brunette's attention is soon redirected back to the front of the room as Quinn starts singing.

"There goes my heart beating,
Cause you are the reason,
I'm losing my sleep,
Please come back now."

Brittany's eyes light up as Santana takes over.

"There goes my mind racing,
And you are the reason,
That I'm still breathing,
I'm hopeless now.

"I'd climb every mountain,
And swim every ocean.
Just to be with you,
And fix what I've broken.
Oh, cause I need you to see,
That you are the reason.

"There goes my hands shaking,
And you are the reason,
My heart keeps bleeding,
I need you now, oh.

"If I could turn back the clock,
I'd make sure the light defeated the dark,
I'd spend every hour,
of every day, (oh),
Keeping you safe (oh).

"I'd climb every mountain,
And swim every ocean.
Just to be with you,
And fix what I've broken.
Oh, cause I need you to see,
That you are the reason.

"I don't wanna fight no more,
I don't wanna hide no more,
(you are),
I don't wanna cry no more come back,
I need you to hold me,
(that you are the reason),
A little closer now, just a little closer now,
Come a little closer, I need you to hold me tonight."

The girls moved forward and knelt before their girlfriends. Santana rested her hands in Brittany's lap, whilst Quinn reached up to wipe the tears off Rachel's cheeks.

"I'd climb every mountain, (mmm),
And swim every ocean.
Just to be with you,
And fix what I've broken.
Cause I need you to see,
That you are the reason."

The four girls stand up and the two couples embrace and share kisses.

"I love you." Rachel whispers in Quinn's ear.

"I love you too."

After school, Quinn drives Rachel, Santana and Brittany back to her house. She and Santana then seat the other's on Quinn's couch and head into the kitchen for phase two of their plan.

Half an hour later, they were all sat in the lounge watching a film, Quinn and Rachel on the couch with Santana and Brittany on the loveseat.

"I love days like this." Rachel mutters to Quinn.

"Me too, I'm so glad my mom is away all week and you convinced your dads to let you stay here for a few nights so I wasn't alone."

"It took some persuading, they initially just wanted you to stay at ours but I said you had chores and things to do so it was easier for us to just stay here."

"And you're top of my 'things to do' list."

"Quinn!" Rachel gasps slapping her on the arm.

"Oh come on Rach, there's no way you didn't lie to your dads for that specific reason."

"You realise my daddy was home when we did it last time right? So why would it phase me where we did it." The brunette winks.

"True, I'm still shocked by that by the way but there was no way I was going to stop you and who wouldn't take advantage of a soundproof room?" Quinn laughs.

Once the film was finished, Quinn and Santana disappeared into the kitchen again leaving Rachel and Brittany to wonder what they were up to. They didn't have to wait long as their girlfriend's soon came back into the lounge, leading them into the dining room.

Quinn then lit the candles on the table whilst Santana collected all the food they'd prepared and placed the dishes in the middle of the table.

"Berry, this is the vegan one so don't go touching the others otherwise Q here will probably find a way to blame me."

"True." Rachel heard Quinn mutter.

"Thank you Santana." The singer smiles. "Thank you too Quinn." She adds once she catches the blonde's pout.

Santana and Quinn take the seats opposite their girls and serve up the food.

"This is delicious, when did you find time to do this?" Rachel asks.

"Yesterday after school, then we did the finishing touches and cooked it all today." Quinn explains.

The two girls had made a vegan lasagne as well as spaghetti Bolognese and a carbonara with extra bacon.

"I didn't know you could cook like this."

"Actually it was mainly Santana." Quinn blushes.

"Damn straight. Britt you okay? You've been quiet all afternoon."

"Yeah, I'm just wondering what you're trying to make up for."

"What do you mean?" The Latina asks.

"Well the last time you did something this nice is because you slept with Puck again and felt bad about it and that was almost 2 years ago."

"Okay you have a point and that's exactly why I did this. You're amazing Brittany and I'm lucky enough to call you my girlfriend, you deserve the world and I've been slacking so when I found out Q was planning a romantic evening I wanted in." Santana explains, taking the dancer's hand across the table.

"I love you San, you're a perfect girlfriend just the way you are, I don't need all of this."

"You may not need it, but you deserve it."

Rachel was now lying in Quinn's bed, wrapped in the blonde's arms.

"Thank you for today baby, I loved it."

"You're welcome, but it's not over yet."

Santana and Brittany had gone home about half an hour ago and the girls had been cuddling in Quinn's room since then.

Rachel looks up and sees Quinn smiling down at her.

"Getting started on that list?" The brunette teases.

"You could say that."

Quinn repositions them so she's hovering above Rachel before lowering her head to kiss the singer.

Before either of them register it, they're both naked, Quinn perched above her girlfriend once again.

The blonde begins kissing Rachel's neck, sucking on the pulse point.

"Don't leave a mark baby."

Quinn growls but moves to the other side of her neck. Next she kisses down Rachel's collar bone and between her breasts before taking one into her mouth and gently biting on the nipple. She then moves lower, peppering kisses all over the girl's toned stomach until finally reaching her destination.

Quinn could smell Rachel's arousal and the sight alone was making her wetter than she already was.

Hesitantly she moves forward and runs her tongue through the brunette's slick folds, moaning at the taste whilst Rachel's back arches off the bed at the sensation.

As Quinn begins flicking at Rachel's clit with her tongue she lifts her body slightly to reposition her arm allowing her to slide two fingers into Rachel.

With the combined feeling of Quinn's mouth and fingers, Rachel feels herself nearing the edge and reaches down to grab onto the blonde locks between her legs.

As she screams through her orgasm she feels Quinn chuckle from between her legs.

Once she's brought Rachel down from her high, Quinn moves back up to lie next to her.

"Good job we're at mine because I'm pretty sure that scream would've penetrated the soundproofing." Quinn teases.

"Oh yeah?" Rachel responds once she's regained her breath. "Bet I can make you scream louder."

"Game on beautiful."

Song: You are the reason - duet version by Calum Scott and Leona Lewis.

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