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Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Quinn snaps out of her stupor as soon as she realises that Rachel doesn't have a car to get home. She runs to the parking lot, looking left and right but can't spot the brunette anywhere so Quinn rushes to her car to try to find Rachel.

She soon finds the girl walking along the pavement, looking down at the ground so Quinn can't see her face as it's covered by her hair.

Quinn slows down, after seeing that there are no cars behind her, and winds down the passenger side window.


The brunette just starts walking faster.

"Get in the car Rachel. It's late and dark."

Again Quinn is ignored so she pulls up to the kerb a little way in front of Rachel so the girl has to walk passed her car.

"Rachel Barbara Berry get in this car right now or I'll call your dads."

Of course Quinn didn't actually have the number of either of the Berry men but Rachel didn't need to know that.

Rachel growls in frustration before reluctantly climbing into the car. As soon as she's buckled her seatbelt Quinn drives away. They spend the duration of the drive in silence but Quinn can tell that Rachel is crying quietly, something she didn't know the diva was capable of.

Quinn pulls in to the Berry's driveway and Rachel mumbles a thank you before climbing out and entering her house causing the blonde to let out a scream in frustration.

LeRoy is halfway up the stairs, following his crying daughter who had stormed into the house a few moments ago, slamming both the front door and her bedroom door when the front door opens again and Quinn rushes in.

"What did you do?" He demands.

"I… what? How do you know I did something?" The blonde stammers.

"Rachel has four kinds of crying. There's the fake crying when she wants something, that always involves a tissue, the singing crying which obviously this can't be, the disappointed crying which always involves sobbing, and the silent, crying over a boy, or girl in this case. So I repeat, what did you do?"

"I'm honestly not really sure. I sang to her and then told her I loved her."

LeRoy faulters on his journey back down the stairs. "Really?"

"Yes really. Can I go speak to her?"

The tall man sighs. "My husband would say no but I think in this situation it would be best for you to talk to her yes."

Quinn grins and races up the stairs, taking them two at a time, knocking on Rachel's bedroom door as quickly as possible, in case LeRoy changed his mind.

"I don't want to talk to you Daddy." Rachel's broken voice came from inside her room.

"Good job I'm not your daddy then." Quinn laughs awkwardly as she lets herself in, closing the door behind her.

Rachel, who was lying on her bed, curled up in a ball, looks up as Quinn enters, keeping her knees tucked up to her chest. The two girls stare at each other for what seems like an eternity, neither moving, both unsure as to what was about to happen. Finally, Quinn snaps.

"What the HELL Rachel?!" She yells, causing Rachel to flinch and instantly stop crying. "You need to make up your damn mind, one minute you're pushing me away, the next you're begging to touch me then telling me you love me and then running away the minute I return that love."

"What?" Rachel mumbles, voice still weak from crying. "You heard me?"

"Yes, people don't fall asleep that quickly Berry."

"Don't call me that." The brunette snaps, sitting up. "I don't mind you calling me Berry when you're just teasing and flirting but in an argument I hate it, it just makes me think of the old you and that's not the Quinn I want to be dating. It's part of the reason I pushed you away last time."

Quinn immediately calms down. "I'm sorry, it's just habit I guess." She sighs, sitting next to Rachel on her bed. "I hate fighting with you, I never want to be the HBIC around you, I'm just confused over your actions and it made me mad that you didn't even say anything, we could've had a civil conversation but no, you had to run and make it so much bigger. I'm aware I yelled first but like I said, I was just frustrated."

Rachel takes Quinn's hand into her own. "I'm sorry too, I just got scared and didn't take a second to think I just… ran."

"Why?" The blonde whispers.

"I… When I was with Finn, I thought that I was in love but I've never felt like this and the past few days I've been panicking because I could feel myself getting lost in you and I'm not sure I want that. I still have the big Broadway dreams and I just don't what I'll do if I end up having to choose between those dreams and you."

"Rach, look at me. I won't ever make you choose, I know how much Broadway means to you, I've heard you go on about it for the past four years, so I won't stand in the way of your dreams."

"You mean you'd break up with me just so I can achieve that?" The brunette asks, breaking the eye contact and looking straight ahead at her wall.

"No. The opposite, I want to be there with you, not on stage but in the audience, cheering you on, bragging to all the strangers around me that you're my girlfriend. I want to walk down the streets of New York holding your hand, fighting off the paparazzi and ignoring all the rumours because we're stronger than that. Rachel, we can be in love and still live our lives separately."

"You'd move to New York? What about your dreams?"

"I think after college I'd be happy living in New York. I've never told anyone this but I've always been interested in writing as well as acting so I was thinking of applying to colleges that give me that and then after I graduate, it doesn't really matter when I live, I can live out my dream anywhere."

"What about during college? Will we survive the separation?"

"Rach you need to just relax and have trust in me, in us. Yes I've cheated before but I've never been in love with any of those boys, I am gay after all. Plus who said my college wouldn't be near to yours? Yale isn't that far from New York."

"You want to go to Yale?" Rachel asks.

"Yeah, I mean it has a great drama program and a creative writing course that I've been looking into."

Quinn waits for Rachel to respond but when she turns her head to glance at the brunette, she finds her already staring at her.

"I love you Quinn."

"I love you too Rachel."

Rachel pulls Quinn in for a kiss and the blonde returns it, finally happy. She had everything, she had love, she had a future and she had hope.

She pours all her feelings into that kiss and Rachel could tell, in fact they both almost simultaneously think that it's the best kiss they've ever shared. The best kiss of their lives in fact.

Rachel moves to straddle Quinn's lap, not breaking the kiss before running her tongue along the girl's bottom lip, begging to make the kiss deeper, to make it even more incredible than it already was and Quinn happily obliges.

"Quinn." Rachel whispers against her lips. "I want you."

"You've got me."

"No… I want you."

"Really?" The blonde asks, leaning back to study the brown eyes staring back at her. "You're sure?"

"One million percent sure." The singer grins, leaning back in for another kiss.

This kiss is sloppier and more desperate, their tongues fighting for dominance instantly. Outside of the kiss, Rachel is definitely in charge and it was turning Quinn on.

The brunette leans forward more, causing Quinn to slowly fall back onto the bed. Before Quinn's back hits the duvet, Rachel whips off her top, breaking the kiss briefly only to latch back onto the blonde's lips as soon as the garment was out of the way.

Rachel's top soon follows, landing on the floor somewhere near Quinn's. Their skirts were next, removed quickly, the girls' movements fuelled by lust. Before either girl realised, they were both naked and wondering what to do next.

"Do you want to stop?" Quinn whispers, tucking a strand of hair behind Rachel's ear, trying to ignore the feeling caused by the girl still lying on top of her.

"No, I love you, what else matters?"

"Rach you shouldn't just be doing this because you love me."

"I'm not, I'm doing it because I want to, and because I love you."

"Then let's do it together."

At her nod, Quinn rolls onto her side so Rachel falls onto the bed next to her. Hesitantly, she starts running her fingers down the singer's body, pausing until she feels Rachel doing the same. They both release a moan as they reach each other's core.

"Your room is soundproof right?" Quinn laughs nervously, knowing there was a possibility that they were both going to be loud, Rachel especially judging by how loud she can go when singing.

"Of course, I am Rachel Berry after all."

Quinn positions one finger at Rachel's entrance and feels a finger at her own.

"Kiss me." Rachel begs as she pushes into Quinn.

The blonde moans, sliding her finger into Rachel as she slams their lips together, swallowing each other's moans. Quinn keeps her movements gentle at first so Rachel can get used to the feeling. Rachel on the other hand starts moving quicker and suddenly adds another finger, the shock causing the blonde to bite her lip.

"Ow Quinn." The brunette whines.

"Sorry babe." Quinn says, kissing Rachel's lip gently. "You just surprised me."

The girls continue making love to one another, Quinn adding another finger when Rachel asks for more. Quinn feels her stomach coil but is determined to hold off until Rachel reaches her climax.

"I'm so close Quinn."

"Me too baby. Just relax and let go."

Upon hearing these words in Quinn's husky voice, Rachel feels her orgasm wash over her, her whole body shaking in pleasure. Quinn soon follows and they lay in each other's arms for the remainder of the evening and most of the night.

"How do you feel about coming out?"

"I'm not sure I'm ready yet Rach."

They were still lying on Rachel's bed, curled up with each other when the brunette asked the question.

"What about just the glee club? They'd keep it a secret if we asked them to."

"Okay yeah that sounds reasonable, will be like a tester of what it'll be like too." Quinn agrees.

"Great, I know exactly how to do it." Rachel smirks.

"You're going to make me sing aren't you?"

Hopefully I have more than redeemed myself ;)

I had the majority of this chapter written by last Wednesday but I couldn't get in the right frame of mind to write the smut as I haven't seen my girlfriend in months (stupid virus) so it's difficult. Anyway I wanted it to happen here so I managed to force it out about 5 minutes before I uploaded this, hopefully it doesn't show in the writing and sorry if it's bad.

Next chapter, the glee club finds out and it's finally Christmas time...

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