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Chapter 12

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4, one mistake I made in this story, not that it really matters, is during I Kissed A Girl I said that Rachel danced with Santana and Brittany while Quinn danced with Sugar and Tina, however having rewatched that episode recently, I discovered that Rachel dances with Mercedes, Quinn with Tina and Santana and Brittany with Sugar.

5, I've finally caved and allowed Quinn to say 'mom' instead of 'mum' from now on because it honestly does make more sense, however most other words I'll still be using the British spelling.

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Chapter 12

Once again, Rachel was daydreaming whilst walking the halls of McKinley High, so it wasn't really surprising when she turned a corner and yet again, walked into someone. However this time, the body wasn't tall and hard, it was slim and softer, plus this time she felt small hands rest on her waist, steadying her. Looking up, she saw hazel eyes gazing down at her. Rachel loses herself in the feeling of being so close to Quinn when the memory of last night comes crashing down on her. She steps back quickly, causing the blonde's hands to fall off her hips.

"Sorry." She mumbles, walking away before Quinn could say anything.

Rachel slips into a bathroom down the hallway when she feels the tears coming, however, much to her disappointment, the bathroom wasn't empty. Stood at the sink doing her makeup was Santana.

The brunette ducks her head and tries to move into a stall when the Latina notices and stands in the way.

"What up dwarf?"

"Why do you care?" Rachel sniffs.

"Coz Q's my girl and for some reason she likes you yet all morning she's been moping and now you're here in tears so something clearly happened. I repeat, what up dwarf?"

"As if you don't know."

"What did I do?"

"You told Puck that Quinn was using me."

"And you believed that? Ay dios mio, I was lying. Who even told you? Puck?"

"No, Kurt."

"Does Kurt know?" Santana asks, waiting until Rachel nodded before continuing. "Then why would he, or you, believe me?"

"Why would you lie?"

"Well firstly, because you don't want anyone knowing, you're welcome by the way, and second because like I said, Q's my girl."

"Exactly, you have loyalties to Quinn not to me, so why wouldn't the two top bitches team up to humiliate me?" Rachel snapped.

"That's messed up Berry. You have some major trust issues."

"Well whose fault is that?"

With that, Rachel stormed out of the bathroom, no longer in the mood to cry.

"Get out of here bowtie, I need to speak to Hummel."

Both Kurt and Blaine look up from their lunches to gaze at Santana with confusion.

"Did I stutter? Get lost gel boy."

"Good luck." Blaine mutters to his boyfriend before leaving the cafeteria.

"Why did you tell Rachel what I said to Puck?"

"She has the right to know if Quinn is using her."

"But she's not."

"I heard you say it Santana."

"So? I lied, you realise they wanted to keep it a secret right? So I threw Puck off the scent, sue me."


"No buts Hummel." The cheerleader interrupts. "You broke them, you fix them."

Kurt sits with his mouth open watching Santana walk away, wondering why she was so keen to get Quinn and Rachel together if it wasn't a prank.

"Quinn, can I talk to you for a minute?"

The blonde sighs, closing her locker.

"It's been a long day Kurt, I just want to skip glee and go home."

"It won't take long I promise, you need to fix things with Rachel."

"You've changed your tune…"

"I know, I shouldn't have said anything but trust me when I say I was only trying to save Rachel from another heartbreak. However, having watched her this afternoon I noticed that I may have done the opposite, she's devastated. It was never like this when she had an argument with Finn, or when they broke up, she was sad sure, but this is another level. I didn't even get invited round for ice cream and a night of watching romcoms which is the usual routine when this sort of thing happens."


"So… you need to fix this or she's going to give up on her dreams."


"She'll go back to Finn, and we both know he wouldn't cop it in New York so she'd give up NYADA for him, she'd stay here and be a perfect little girlfriend, until it was time for her to be the perfect wife. However, you, you I can see in the city, perhaps studying at NYU…" He persuades.

Truthfully, Quinn had looked in to courses at NYU when she and Rachel had started this… whatever this was so knew it was an option.

The blonde looked down the corridor just in time to see Rachel turning a corner, disappearing from view, as if her mind knew that she was about to leave from Quinn's line of sight so she had to look up at that moment.

"You're perfect for her Quinn."

But she doesn't reply, she just calmly makes her way down the hallway, towards her future.

Rachel had noticed Quinn talking to Kurt at the blonde's locker but couldn't bring herself to walk passed them so turned around and went back around the corner she'd just turned.

She was in the process of walking the long way to her own locker when she felt a hand grab her wrist and pull her into the auditorium.

Once they were on stage, Rachel pulled out of Quinn's grip.

"What do you want?"


Rachel scoffs. "You sound like Finn."

"Don't say that." Quinn comments, scrunching her nose up.

"No really, he said that exact thing to me at the beginning of the year."

"What did you say?"

"I said no, obviously. I said that everyone gets a second chance but no one deserves more than that."

"How many have I had?" The blonde asks, stepping closer to the shorter girl.

"Too many." Rachel admits, noticing how close she and Quinn were but not strong enough to move away.

"Do I get another?"

"Why should you?"

Instead of replying, Quinn simply lowers her head and kisses Rachel softly. The brunette pulls away but still doesn't step back.

They stare into each other's eyes for what seems like an eternity.

"This shouldn't be happening, someone like you shouldn't like someone like me." Rachel admits, finally stepping away.

"Rachel, you're beautiful and honestly, I don't want you to end up like my mom."


"You like being in a relationship, if you go back to Finn, he'll convince you to stay in Lima, he doesn't belong in New York so you'll follow him around like a lost puppy. I've watched my mom, I've seen what being a housewife does to her, she used to spend the whole day drunk just to pull through. But ever since she left my dad and got a job, she's happier. You deserve that same happiness Rachel, you deserve better."

"Firstly, just because I'm not with you doesn't mean I have to go back to Finn. Secondly, you think you belong in New York? Since when?"

"You don't know me."

Rachel chuckles. "Oh but I think I do. You may hide behind your head bitch in charge persona but graduation's fast approaching and I know you're just as scared as everybody else. You can't just say you suddenly want to come to New York with me, we're supposed to be enemies Quinn, you push me, I push back, you yell at me, I yell louder, that's just how it works."

The diva climbs down from the stage and begins walking up the stairs towards the back exit.

Quinn panics, wanting more time to explain, wondering how to get her to stay, then it hit her.

"Wait, can you turn around, can you turn around?
Just wait, can we work this out, can we work this out?
Just wait, can you come here please?
Cause I wanna be with you…"
She sings.

Rachel pauses in the doorway but doesn't turn around.

"We're late for glee." She states before exiting, leaving Quinn on the stage trying to figure out how this went so wrong so quickly.

She replays Rachel's speech in her mind when she gets an idea.

Ten minutes later, Quinn rushes into the choir room, making almost everyone jump.

"Sorry I'm late, I was practising."

"Practising for what?" Mr Schue asks.

"I want to sing a solo, it's not my normal style but it's more the words that I relate to."

"Well then, the floor is yours." Mr Schue smiles, moving to sit with his students.

As Quinn hands the sheet music to the band, she makes eye contact with Rachel, making sure the girl knows this is for her.

"You think you know me but you don't, know me.
You think you own me but you can't, control me.
You look at me and there's just one thing that you see,
So listen to me, listen to me!

"You push me back, I push you back, harder, harder.
You scream at me, I scream at you, louder, l-l-l-l-louder.
I'm dangerous, I'm warning you.
But you're not afraid of me, and I can't convince you,
That you don't know me.

"You think you got me but you don't, get me.
You think you want me but you don't know what you're getting into.
There's so much more to me than what you think you see.
So listen to me, just listen to me!

"You push me back, I push you back, harder, harder.
You scream at me, I scream at you, louder, l-l-l-l-louder.
I'm dangerous, I'm warning you.
But you're not afraid of me, and I can't convince you,
That you don't know me.

"And the longer that you stay, the ice is melting.
And the pain it feels okay, it feels okay-ay, hey.
You push me back, I'll push you back.
You scream at me, I'll scream at you, louder, louder,
Louder, louder, louder, louder.
Louder! Louder! Louder!

"You push me back, I push you back, harder, harder.
You scream at me, I scream at you, louder, l-l-l-l-louder.
I'm dangerous, I'm warning you.
But you're not afraid of me, and I can't convince you,
And I don't have to, I think you know me."

Everyone applauds, well everyone except Rachel, who is studying the blonde carefully.

"Well I don't think anyone is going to top that so why don't we call it a day?" Mr Schuester laughs, clapping Quinn on the back.

As the rest of the glee club collects their things and leave the choir room, Quinn and Rachel stay where they are, Quinn standing in the middle of the room, Rachel sat front and centre in her chair.

"I do know you." The brunette comments once they are alone.

"Is that so?" Quinn smirks, moving to sit next to the girl.

"Yeah, which is why I'm so confused."


"Why you'd like me, you're the prettiest girl I've ever met Quinn, and I'm just… me."

"Rach, you're beautiful okay? You may not believe me yet but trust me, you are. Do you remember when you last said that I was pretty?"

"Junior prom." Rachel chuckles. "Right after you slapped me."

"Yep, I think that was when I first realised I was falling for you, I just didn't have the strength to admit it until now."

"What changed?"

"I'm not sure, but you broke down my barriers this year after I'd spent the whole summer changing myself, building them back up, stronger."

"You know when I first felt myself falling for you?" The brunette asks, knowing full well Quinn would never guess it.

"When I dyed my hair?" Quinn laughs.

"No, though that was insanely attractive I have to admit. It was actually when you performed It's A Man's World, something in me just sort of… switched on. Sure I'd noticed girls before and questioned my sexuality but it wasn't until that moment that I knew."

"But… I was… fat."

"Pregnant Quinn, you were pregnant, which confused me even more but it didn't matter, you were so into the performance it was just… hot. I used to dislike the song but now every time I hear it I think of you and smile. Though I think this song is now my new favourite." Rachel smirks, gesturing to the floor on which Quinn had just performed.

"So… what now?" Quinn blushes, wanting to get the attention off herself.

"I think we should take this for a test run, outside of school. Where we'll be welcome with open arms."


"Do you have plans Friday evening?" The singer asks, ignoring Quinn's question.


"You do now."

The first song Quinn sang was the chorus from Wait by Maroon 5, the second song, You Don't Know Me by Elizabeth Gillies.

Where do you think Rachel is taking Quinn? ;)

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