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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

"I must be going crazy." The girl mutters. "That's the only logical explanation."

She replays the incident in her mind, she remembers walking through the doors to William McKinley High School on the first day of her senior year. She received two small smiles as greeting from Sam Evans and Mercedes Jones, who were happily continuing their summer romance now that the new semester has started. She gazed wistfully at Finn Hudson who was laughing at some crude joke from Noah Puckerman. She noticed the sly smile that Santana Lopez sent to Brittany Pierce as they passed each other. She even managed to utter out a 'hi' in response to Tina Cohen-Chang who was stood by her locker with her long-time boyfriend Mike Chang.

However, this was all predictable, she hadn't really been in contact with many of the members of Glee over the summer, having ruined their chances at Nationals last year when Finn kissed her, only to have him dump her again over the few months they had off. So she was expecting some form of greeting from few members of Glee who actually seemed to tolerate her.

What she wasn't anticipating, though, was the subtle but still noticeable wink that she received from one Quinn Fabray. It was a blink and you'll miss it situation. Quinn had gained confidence in herself, ever since she dyed her hair pink and got the nose ring, it was almost as if she had changed personality completely but the wink was still out of character.


The brunette is brought out of her thoughts by Kurt Hummel calling her name.

"Hello Kurt, I trust that your summer was pleasant?"

Ever since he'd returned from Dalton Academy, Kurt and Rachel had become friends. There was still the odd moment when they fought over the spotlight, but Rachel was grateful for his friendship, especially when Finn dropped her like yesterday's garbage. He'd driven straight over with a pint of vegan-friendly ice cream and let her vent to him all night.

"Oh it was wonderful." The boy reflects, leaning against the locker next to Rachel's. "Blaine took me out on a date every single weekend."

"Must be nice." Rachel responds, without thinking before turning to face Kurt. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to rain on your parade. I hadn't even meant to say that aloud, I'm just distracted at the moment."

"I could tell, judging by the fact it took me saying your name three times before you payed attention to me. What's going on?"

"I… nothing, just more boy drama don't want to bother you with it." She lies. "I'll see you in chemistry Kurt, but I have to get to calculus so if you'll excuse me."

With that, she walked away without another word, leaving a bewildered Kurt stood at her locker, vowing to find out just what was going on inside Rachel Berry's head.

Kurt knew there was something up with Rachel as soon as she hadn't used their short conversation to talk about herself or what song she was going to sing in Glee today. As he watched the diva walk down the corridor away from him, his mind whirred trying to figure it all out, he knew that the boy drama excuse was a lie, because she always came to him with her problems, as she knew he'd understand.

Wait. He paused, squinting his eyes at the scene that just occurred down the hallway. He could've sworn that he just saw Rachel not-so-subtly check out a Cheerio as she was bending down to drink out of the fountain.

He suddenly realised that it may not be boys, but maybe it's girl trouble. He was still offended that she didn't confide in him as he'd been through this first hand but he knew what it was like being trapped in the closet. Now all he needed to do was give her a little nudge.

The students of McKinley part like a wave as Quinn Fabray struts down the hallway. A smirk pulls at her lips, proud at the power she'd so easily regained after her fall from grace in her Sophomore year. Even though she was getting some strange glances regarding her new gothic look, she couldn't care less, she finally felt like herself.

Her mother didn't really approve, but she wasn't brave enough to kick her out again. Quinn could pretty much get away with anything nowadays and she wasn't going to change now that school had started again.

First thing this morning she'd marched into Sue Sylvester's office and quit the cheerios once more, but this time it was for the last time. She'd then moved onto Will Schuester and quit the glee club too. Sure she loved singing, and the club had been her only real friends during that aforementioned incident almost two years ago, but she didn't need them anymore.

Over the summer, the former blonde had found friends in the group known as the skanks. They had shared many deep conversations over cigarettes in Quinn's back garden and she trusted them more than anything, or anyone, including Santana and Brittany. The unholy trinity was dead, at least it was in Quinn's eyes.


Quinn had no intention on stopping to wait for her ex-best friend so just continued walking and waiting for the Latina to inevitably catch up with her.

"Q, what the hell happened to you?"

"I don't know what you're talking about Santana." She drawls, indicating she was less than interested in anything Santana had to say.

The brunette huffs a laugh, moving to stand in front of the taller girl, stopping her from continuing towards her class. "Oh come on, we both know you aren't an idiot Fabray. What's with the new look? Did it really only take you a couple months to fall off the rails completely? Things were great for us last year, we ruled this school, why throw it all away?"

"That's none of your business, now get out of my way." Quinn snarls.

"Oh you did not just say that. You know what, screw you Quinn, I hope you enjoy your sad little life but don't come crying to me when it all falls apart again." The Latina shouts after Quinn, who is rapidly disappearing from view.

Santana stands in the middle of the hallway silently scowling at the spot at the end of the hall where Quinn Fabray has just turned the corner.

When the bell rang to signify the start of first period the girl huffs before turning on her heels and stomping to her first class of her senior year.

She'd had the perfect summer but of course it had to end and the fall semester of school had to come and ruin her life. It wasn't as if she hated actually being at school, although the majority of people grated on her last nerve, it was more the fact that she couldn't be herself within these walls. She wanted nothing more than to just embrace that part of herself that she'd kept hidden for so long and walk these hallways with Brittany's hand in hers but she couldn't. Especially now Quinn has practically disowned her meaning she'd need to find a way to stay popular on her own. She knew being in the glee club wouldn't help with her status but she didn't care, she loved being in that choir room, even if most of the time she just had to sit in the back row and sing backup to Berry for the millionth time that week, it was still time she got to spend with Brittany.

However, that was going to change this year, she was going to demand more solos. They won their Sectionals last year when she sang Valerie yet lost Nationals when the dwarf and Frankenteen sang some sickly love duet that Hudson had made up last minute.

She was a star and she wasn't going to let anyone stand in her way.

Santana walks calmly into the choir room that afternoon and sits in the front row, waiting for everyone else to arrive.

She receives a few weird glances from the other members but no one questions her choice of seat.

Until Rachel Berry walks in.

"What do you think you are doing?"

"I could ask you the same question regarding wearing that hideous jumper, I mean is that a carousel horse?"

"I'll wear what I want to wear Santana, now why, may I ask, are you sat in my seat?"

"I'll sit where I want to sit Berry." She mocks. "I don't see your name on it."

"You are a child." The diva comments. "A child." She repeats right into the cheerleader's ear as she passes her to sit in the row behind.

Mr Schue walks in and begins some rant about new members now Quinn has gone and Santana suddenly gets an idea.

That's it! I was a hero when I brought Hummel back, all I need to do now is convince crazy Fabray to drop the bad girl attitude and come back. Everyone will be so grateful they'll pretty much throw the solos at me.

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