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One Month Later

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One Month Later

"Rach! We're going to be late!"

"I'm coming, calm down."

"Sorry but you made me make reservations for 7 and it's already 6.45. Get your beautiful ass down here and into my car."

"So romantic Quinn."

The girls were celebrating their one month anniversary. Rachel wanted Quinn to make all the plans since she was the one who asked her to be her girlfriend yet the brunette demanded which restaurant to eat at and what time so Quinn decided to change the plans and surprise her girlfriend with a home cooked meal in the park instead. All their friends were helping out so she still didn't want to be late, even if there was no reservation waiting for them. Quinn just hoped Rachel wouldn't be too mad at her for going against her wishes.

Rachel had finally appeared at the top of the stairs and Quinn ushered her into the waiting car without even taking in the girl's appearance. Rachel was slightly upset, she'd made such an effort to look good for Quinn and the blonde didn't even notice. Since they started dating, Rachel always wanted to make sure she looked good whilst in her girlfriend's presence, especially after they'd come out at school as the brunette was self-conscious around Quinn and her natural beauty. When she'd voiced these insecurities to Quinn the blonde said she was insane to think that and that she was even more beautiful.

Coming out went a lot better than the girl's originally suspected. They'd simply walked down the hall holding hands and Quinn kissed Rachel goodbye at her locker but because of Quinn's status, nobody mentioned it, especially after Santana made a threat about what would happen if anyone did comment. The Latina and Brittany had come out the same day, they'd been together since Artie had called Brittany stupid, leaving the blonde heartbroken and Santana picked up the pieces. But it was easier for them to all do it together, plus the majority of the glee club had their backs.

Finn hadn't said anything to either of the girl's since Quinn had punched him as he feared for his safety if he did, he still believed that he was better for Rachel than Quinn but decided he would prove it in the long run when Quinn would inevitably cheat like she had done so many times before.

"Are we going the right way?" Rachel asks, looking out the passenger side window.


"Quinn… What aren't you telling me?"

"How do you always know?" Quinn sighs, it was impossible to keep secrets from the brunette, she was surprised she'd lasted this long without being found out.

"We're soulmates Quinn, I know you."

"That's adorable, but I'm not telling you anything."

"Don't think you get away with lying to me though."

"I'll make it up to you." Quinn smiles, reaching over to squeeze Rachel's thigh affectionately.

As the blonde feels Rachel's bare thigh she glances over at her girlfriend, having realised she hadn't noticed her outfit and then regretted it as she almost swerves off the road. Rachel is wearing an extremely short skirt and a tight black tank top and Quinn struggles to tear her eyes away until Rachel shrieks and grabs the steering wheel.

"Whilst I'm glad you finally noticed me Quinn, please watch the road and worship me when we are safely parked."

As soon as they pull up outside the park, Quinn turns her head to stare at Rachel some more.

"You're so hot."

"Ditto Fabray." Rachel smirks.

"I'm wearing a babydoll dress, that's too cutesy to be hot."

"Alright, then you're cute."

Quinn pouts, her comment having backfired.

"As well as hot." Rachel adds with a wink. "Now will you tell me why we're at the park and why Santana is over there gesturing wildly?"

The blonde turns her head towards the park, seeing a frustrated looking Latina staring back at her. Giggling, the two girls climb out of Quinn's car.

"About time too. I seriously thought you were just going to jump each other with that intense eye contact going on." Santana comments.

"It was very tempting." Quinn laughs.

"Ew okay I know I said it but I did not need those mental images. Where's Britt? I need some better images."

As Santana wanders off to find her girlfriend, Quinn leads Rachel further into the park. They arrive at a bandstand with a table for two set out in the middle.

Puck is dressed smartly, standing next to the table and when he sees the girls he moves closer to guide them to the table, pulling out Rachel's chair for her and then Quinn's.

"Thank you Noah."

"Anything for my Jew babe, consider my offer Quinn." He winks before disappearing.

"His offer?" Rachel questions.

"As payment for helping out, he wants to watch us… you know."

"Oh God, that is never happening."

"That's what I said."

"Ladies." Kurt says from behind them, holding a tray of food.

Kurt sets down the plates, revealing their meal of vegan Thai green curry that Quinn had made, with the help of Santana and Tina, earlier in the day.

For dessert, the girls had vegan brownies that Brittany had made, under the supervision of Mercedes to make sure the blonde didn't put any non-vegan friendly ingredients in.

"Quinn that was beautiful, you are forgiven for lying." Rachel smiles, after finishing the last mouthful.

"I just wanted to make tonight special, after all the romantic things you've done for me." The blonde replies, returning her smile.

As they digest the food, Quinn looks back on all the things Rachel has done for her over the past month, whether it was just putting a love note in her locker, taking her out to dinner at a restaurant that didn't have many options for the brunette just because she knew Quinn loved the food there or allowing Quinn to choose a horror movie for one of their movie nights, despite hating the genre.

However, there was one romantic gesture that neither of them had yet done and Quinn was determined to be the one to take that step.

Standing, she holds her hand out to Rachel who takes it and allows Quinn to pull her into her arms.

Suddenly the brunette hears music and she turns her head to see the whole glee club, minus Finn, standing in smart clothing humming 'Take My Breath Away'. Quinn guides her in a slow dance around the band stand and Rachel had never been happier.

That feeling however was soon trumped by what happened next.

"I love you Rachel." Quinn whispers into Rachel's ear, making it a private moment shared only between the two girls.

Rachel lifts her head, from where it had been resting on Quinn's chest to look into those hazel eyes.

"I love you too Quinn."

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