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One Day Later

AN: Some people reviewed saying they wanted more chapters so here you go! It's been officially upgraded from a one shot to a short story as I'm planning about 5 chapters overall. This one will take place the day after the last chapter, chapter 3 will be a month later, chapter 4 a year later and chapter 5 will be 10 years later, with flashbacks to the years I skipped over. Thinking the first and last chapters will be the longest but who knows.

Anyway, hope this was worth continuing.

I realised I didn't say what the song was in the last chapter so if it wasn't obvious it was Heartbeat Song by Kelly Clarkson

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One Day Later

Quinn wakes with a jolt. She isn't sure what woke her until she hears it again.

I say a little prayer for you…

She groans wondering who would be calling her at this time. It's then she remembers where she is.

"Crap." She whispers, suddenly knowing exactly who was calling her.

She tries to sit up but finds her arm trapped under another sleeping body. The blonde smiles as more memories come back to her but stops herself from thinking about it so she wouldn't get too turned on. She rolls onto her back to glance at the clock, it's just gone midnight and she knows she needs to answer her phone.

Slowly, she pulls her arm out from underneath Rachel and thankfully the brunette doesn't wake up. Looking round the room she spots Rachel's robe on the back of her desk chair and pulls it on, thinking it would be too awkward to have this conversation whilst naked.

Quinn quickly pulls her phone out of the pocket of her dress which is still laying crumpled on the floor before slipping into the bathroom.

"Hello?" She says quietly into the receiver.

"Quinn Fabray!" Her mother screams on the other end of the line, causing Quinn to pull the device away from her ear in shock. "Where on Earth are you?! I've been worried sick! I've been calling and texting you for the last 2 hours! I even called Santana and Brittany but they had no idea where you were either."

"I'm so sorry Mom, I meant to let you know. I'm at a friend's, we were watching a movie and we fell asleep. I'll come home right away."

"No, I don't want you driving when it's this late, just make sure you're home by nine tomorrow morning so we can talk about this."

"Yes Mom, I'm sorry, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Goodnight Quinnie."

Quinn releases a sigh of relief as soon as her mother hangs up, thinking it was a good sign she was still calling her Quinnie. She pauses, looking at her reflection in Rachel's bathroom mirror before wandering back into the girl's bedroom.

The sight before her made her mouth drop open, the covers had shifted so Quinn could see the whole of Rachel's naked body in the dim light of the moon coming in through one of the windows.

As if she knows she is being watched, Rachel begins to wake up, turning over to find Quinn watching her with a smile on her face.

"What time is it?" She asks sleepily.

"Passed midnight." Quinn responds.

"Oh wow, we slept for a long time. Why are you up?"

The blonde holds up her phone. "Mom called, about 20 times actually."

"Are you in trouble?"

"No, at least I hope not but she was still using my nickname and isn't making me come home till nine so looks like I'm okay."

"What did you tell her?" Rachel asks, sitting up in bed, suddenly no longer tired.

"Um, that I was at a friend's and we fell asleep watching a movie. Seemed easier than telling her the truth."

"Will you tell her the truth?"

"What that I just spent the afternoon making love to my girlfriend? Maybe not, but I will tell her about you eventually."

The brunette grins at the word 'girlfriend' before her stomach rumbles, ruining the moment.

"Technically I wasn't your girlfriend till after the love making. Well we completely forgot about dinner and I'm not tired anymore so how about we grab a midnight snack and watch a film? That way your lie won't be a lie anymore." Rachel winks.

"Sounds good to me."

Rachel climbs out of bed and grabs her spare robe before leading Quinn downstairs. The girls cuddle on the couch watching Disney films and eating junk food until eventually, they fall asleep again, curled in each other's arms in the living room.

Eight hours later, the girls sit opposite one another at Rachel's kitchen table eating cereal in silence. The only noise from the clanking of spoons against bowls, the only movement, aside from the lifting of spoon to mouth and back again, was when Quinn glances at the clock periodically until she can't put it off any longer.

"I should go." She mumbles sadly, standing and moving around the table to stand in front of Rachel.

"Will you come back after you've talked to your mom?" Rachel asks, wrapping her arms around the blonde from her seat.

"I thought you'd never ask." Quinn winks, kissing Rachel softly on the forehead before making her way out of the kitchen.

"Careful Fabray, if you sound any more like Miss Holliday I may ask you to perform an upbeat number with me."

Quinn pauses in the kitchen doorway, turning to face the brunette again. "If it gets you back in that leotard, I'm not complaining." She teases before disappearing from sight.

Rachel stays sat on the stool, a stupid grin on her face until she hears the front door open and close. She fiddles with her phone, twirling it round between her fingers, contemplating her decision. She and Quinn hadn't discussed whether they were telling people but she was Rachel Berry, she couldn't resist an opportunity to brag.

Before she could change her mind she opened up a group chat with Kurt and Mercedes.

R – Hey, listen I have something to tell you but you have to promise you won't tell anyone until I say you can okay?

M – Spill girl.

Rachel then proceeds to tell them about her night, leaving out the specific details of their afternoon but still giving enough information that both her friends know exactly what went down.

After a brief conversation, Rachel says goodbye and heads upstairs to shower feeling giddy, unaware that at that exact moment, Kurt was on the phone to Blaine and Mercedes was texting Tina, who was with Mike who then told Sam and Artie who told Brittany and soon enough, the whole Glee club knew about the latest romance.

The doorbell rings throughout the Berry household and Rachel rushes down the stairs.

"That was quick…" Rachel grins whilst opening the door, that grin however soon falls off her face when she sees who's on the other side of the door. "Finn, what are you doing here?"

"You're dating Quinn?!"

"I… what? How did you…?" The brunette stutters.

Finn takes the opportunity to step inside the girl's house. "I heard Kurt on the phone to Blaine, and Puck texted me congratulating me on turning two girls gay, even though he technically dated both of you too."

Rachel sighs, knowing she shouldn't have trusted her friends to keep this a secret. "Alright yes, Quinn and I are dating."

"But… you're straight, you both are."

"Well I can't speak for Quinn but I'm actually bisexual, I have just only dated guys."

"You were bi when we dated?"

"Yes?" Rachel responds, wondering why that was a problem, but she should've realised who she was talking to.

"So you were twice as likely to cheat on me?"

"What? No that's not how it works Finn, a person's sexuality doesn't impact their loyalty."

"Try telling that to Brittany, she's bi and dating Artie yet clearly she's sleeping with Santana."

Rachel frowns, shocked that Finn had been smart enough to notice that, though the girls weren't exactly that subtle and it was surprising that Artie and Sam hadn't figured it out yet.

"And Quinn too, she cheated on me and Sam and she's apparently not straight." The Quarterback adds.

"Okay those are two surprisingly excellent examples but my point still stands."

Meanwhile, Quinn was packing a few clothes into a bag in case she ended up staying at Rachel's again tonight. Her talk with her mother was unexpectedly okay. She hadn't told her the whole truth but she did mention it was Rachel's house she was at which shocked her mother but Quinn soon explained that she was just trying to make things right with the diva and Judy accepted this, pleased her daughter was no longer picking on the girl.

The blonde's phone started ringing and she rushes to pick it up, hoping it was Rachel, she didn't even look at the caller ID.


"Q why are you suddenly dating Berry?"

Quinn pauses, confused about hearing Santana's voice when she was expecting Rachel's and then became more puzzled when she realised that the Latina knew about their relationship.

"I'm waiting for answers Fabray."

"How did you find out?"

"Britt told me."

"Okay, how did Brittany find out?"

She hears Santana sigh on the other end of the line, clearly not expecting to have to go through the details of how she knew.

"Artie told her, he found out from Mike who was told by Tina who heard from Mercedes who was told by none other than the midget herself."

"Don't call her that." Quinn growls, still processing the information.

Sure, she and Rachel hadn't talked about whether they were telling people but she had expected Rachel to discuss it with her before sharing the information.

"Who else knows?"

"The whole glee club probably, I passed the information onto Puck and he probably made some comment to Finn, that is if the boy didn't already know, I mean he does live with Kurt and if Berry told Mercedes, she told Kurt too. So I guess that means Blaine knows too. Sam already knew when I told him so I yelled at him for not telling me, and that's everyone I think. Anyway, what up with you dating the dwarf?"

Quinn growls again, firstly at the fact everyone knew, then at Santana calling Rachel dwarf.

"Listen up okay, stay out of my relationships and if I hear you calling Rachel one of our old nicknames you'll regret it."

"Ugh whatever, but I'm still calling her Berry."

"Fine." Quinn mutters before hanging up.

She barely has time collect her thoughts when her phone beeps in her hand, signifying she had a text. Glancing down she sees that it's from 'Man Hands'.

Sighing she enters her contacts and changes Rachel's contact name to 'Rachel x' before reading the text.

R – Finn is here, can you come over asap? He won't leave and keeps trying to convince me that I belong with him. Xx

Q – I'm on my way xx

Half an hour later, the girls were once again sat at the table in the Berry's kitchen.

Rachel leans over and places an ice pack on Quinn's bruised hand.

"I can't believe you punched Finn."

"I can't believe it hurt so much."

"I can't believe he just left afterwards."

"I can't believe you're my girlfriend."

Rachel stops and grins. "Well get used to it, because I don't plan on messing this up."

"Hmm… ditto." Quinn winks, using her non-injured hand to pull Rachel in for a kiss.

Except for them, it wasn't just a kiss. It was a promise.

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