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Heartbeat Song

AN: I'm taking a lot of inspiration for these one shots from songs.

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"This is my heartbeat song, and I'm gonna play it.
Been so long, I forgot how to turn it,
Up up up up all night long,
Oh, up up all night long.

"You, where the hell did you come from?
You're a different, different kind of fun,
And I'm so used to feeling numb.
Now, I've got pins and needles on my tongue,
Anticipating what's to come,
Like a finger on a loaded gun.

"I can feel it rising,
Temperature inside me,
Haven't felt it for a lifetime…"

Quinn Fabray was in love. Okay love was a little strong but she was definitely crushing. Hard.

She hadn't seen it coming, she didn't even want to go to Rachel Berry's party as she'd not long been dumped by, no, broken up with Sam and he'd be there probably sucking on Santana's face all evening. So when she turned up she decided to get slightly drunk, not drunk enough to sleep with Puck, but drunk enough to get through the night. That was the sole reason she agreed to play spin the bottle, she didn't want to kiss any of those losers and knew it'd be awkward if she had to kiss Sam, or Finn, or Puck. But everyone else was playing and again, she was slightly drunk, and she had to admit she found it slightly entertaining to watch Sam and Brittany kiss, seeing the jealousy on Santana's face, unsure it was whether it was due to Sam kissing another girl or that it was Brittany he was kissing.

"…This is my heartbeat song, and I'm gonna play it.
Been so long, I forgot how to turn it,
Up up up up all night long,
Oh, up up all night long.
This is my heartbeat song, and I'm gonna play it.
Turned it on, but I know you can take it it,
Up up up up all night long,
Oh, up up all night long.

"I, I wasn't even gonna go out,
But I never would've had a doubt,
If I'd have know where I'd be now.

"Your hands on my hips,
And my kiss on your lips,
Oh, I could do this for a lifetime…"

Yet here she was, stood in the middle of her bedroom singing a love song into her hairbrush. Her mind replaying the moment in her mind. The bottle spinning and pointing to her, gulping before standing up in the middle of the circle, watching them approach, the nervous brown eyes meeting her own apprehensive hazel ones, the small hands resting softly on her hips before their lips met in what would be the best kiss of Quinn's life. They had pulled apart once they heard Puck and a few of the other boys whooping but for the rest of the evening, Quinn couldn't take her eyes off one Rachel Berry.

"…This is my heartbeat song, and I'm gonna play it.
Been so long, I forgot how to turn it,
Up up up up all night long,
Oh, up up all night long.
This is my heartbeat song, and I'm gonna play it.
Turned it on, but I know you can take it it,
Up up up up all night long,
Oh, up up all night long.

"Until tonight, I only dreamed about you,
I can't believe I've ever breathed without you.
Baby, you make me feel alive and brand new,
Bring it one more time…"

It had taken a lot for Quinn to admit she wasn't straight, even if it was only her that knew. It had happened a few weeks ago, Britney week to be precise. As soon as her eyes landed on Rachel in that outfit, straight out of the 'Baby One More Time' video, she could no longer deny it. Ever since then, she'd had dreams about Rachel and woken up uncomfortably aroused and had to take a cold shower. The blonde had tried to be nicer to the girl at school but always failed miserably because Santana seemed to show up at the wrong moment every time.

"…This is my heartbeat song, and I'm gonna play it.
Been so long, I forgot how to turn it,
Up up up up all night long,
Oh, up up all night long.
This is my heartbeat song, and I'm gonna play it.
Turned it on, but I know you can take it it,
Up up up up all night long,
Oh, up up all night long.

"This is my heartbeat song, and I'm gonna play it.
Been so long, I forgot how to turn it,
Up up up up all night long,
Oh, up up all night long.
This is my heartbeat song, and I'm gonna play it.
Turned it on, but I know you can take it it,
Up up up up all night long,
Oh, up up all night long."

"Rachel Berry, prepare to be wooed."

Meanwhile, having finally got Finn to go home, Rachel sat on her stage in the basement, back against the wall, tears silently rolling down her cheeks.

"Don't do this again Rachel." She whispered to herself. "Don't let yourself fall for someone else who's only going to break your heart."

Unbeknownst to the blonde who was a few miles away singing her heart out, Rachel was also thinking about the kiss. After they'd broken apart, Rachel got swept up in the moment and pulled Quinn up to sing a duet with her. She'd been surprised when Quinn had agreed and even more shocked when the cheerleader happily sung the male part of 'Don't You Want Me.'

But the look in those hazel eyes was haunting Rachel, she closed her eyes and she could still see them, staring at her with desire. Rachel wasn't sure if it was because Quinn was singing and was just passionate about music, or because she was singing with her.

Deciding it was best to just distract herself, Rachel got up, wiped the tears away and started tidying the small basement. As she was tossing cans into black bags, she came across a piece of paper, screwed up in the corner. Her curiosity piqued and she picked it up, unfurled it to find a mostly blank page apart from a small doodle in the top left corner that had been sketched with a pencil. It wasn't too detailed but obviously the drawer had put some effort into it. It was a simple heart with the letter R drawn in the middle and a few stars scribbled around it.

Did Quinn draw this? Rachel wonders, noting that she saw the blonde hunched over something at a table earlier. No, surely not, though she is good at drawing, I've seen those crude drawings of me in the girl's bathroom.

Whether Quinn drew it or not, the brunette wonders if the R stands for Rachel, or someone she didn't know. Maybe Blaine had sketched it and there was a member of the Warblers whose name began with R, but the delicate markings made it seem like it was drawn by a girl, not that Rachel was one to stereotype. Maybe it wasn't even a person, maybe it was an object. Brittany loved rainbows, Sam loved rollercoasters… Now she was just being silly, it had to be a person, maybe a surname? No, she couldn't think of anyone with a surname starting with R.

It had to stand for Rachel, and it must've been Quinn who'd drawn it. She hadn't noticed anyone else writing or anything earlier. But why would Quinn draw it, did she feel the same way as Rachel did? Was Rachel finally having a crush that wasn't unrequited?

Only one way to find out. She reasoned.

"Quinn, may I speak with you please?"

Quinn spins round at the sound of Rachel's voice. "Um, sure."

The blonde had been at her locker, collecting all the books she'd need for the weekend before heading home, and was surprised by the sudden voice.

"Are you ready to go home? Maybe we can just go to my house for a while?"

There was so much optimism in Rachel's voice that Quinn couldn't refuse. She wanted more time to come up with a plan to woo Rachel but maybe she should just relax and let whatever happens happen.

"Sure." She nods eventually, closing her locker and following the girl out of school. "I'll follow you in my car."

Even though Quinn had been in Rachel's house before, the night before in fact, she still takes the time to look around the hallway, noticing things she hadn't done last night. There were pictures of the three Berry's hung on the walls. She notices some faint pencil markings on one of the door frames with that marked Rachel's height at different ages, smirking when she spots it stopped at 5ft 4. She drops her bag next to Rachel's and looks up to see the girl waiting on the stairs for her so follows her.

Once inside Rachel's room, Quinn looks around once more. It wasn't decorated the way she'd expected, of course there were gold stars littered around the room, and she did have a four poster bed but other than that, it looked like any other teenage girl's bedroom, with piles of clothes in one corner, and stacks of paper on her desk. Little did she know that one of those pieces of paper contained her doodle from the previous night.

"I have to admit, I thought you would've been tidier than this." Quinn laughs, moving to sit next to Rachel who had made herself comfortable on her bed whilst the blonde was looking around.

"I try to keep things neat, but even I can admit it's too much effort to always tidy up completely, plus I wasn't really expecting company." The brunette blushes.

"It's okay, I'm not complaining and it's still a lot neater than my room."

They fall into silence before Quinn turns her body to face Rachel properly, they were both sat on the edge of Rachel's bed, not really sure what to do.

"What I wanted to talk about was…"

Rachel's sentence was cut off halfway through as Quinn had suddenly leant forward and kissed her.

What are you doing Quinn?! The blonde thought. You were supposed to woo her not jump on her.

As Quinn pulls away from the kiss, apology at the ready she's surprised when Rachel grabs the back of her neck and pulls her back in. The diva takes control of the kiss, running her tongue along Quinn's bottom lip until she parts them and their tongues meet for the first time. Quinn releases a soft moan into Rachel's mouth at the sensation, never knowing that a kiss could make her feel like this. Her whole body was reacting, chill bumps had broken out on her arms yet her body felt like it was on fire. Rachel moves to straddle the blonde's lap and pushes until Quinn is lying on her back, breaking the kiss.

Quinn opens her eyes to see Rachel staring down at her, holding up her own weight with a hand each side of Quinn's head. Both girls are panting heavily but neither really knew what was about to happen.

Rachel leans down to continue the kiss and Quinn finally finds her confidence and brings her hands up to the girl's waist. After a while, Quinn slips her hands under Rachel's jumper, trailing her fingers up to the brunette's bra strap then raking her nails back down the expanse of skin causing Rachel to shiver so she repeats this action until Rachel sits up and pulls off her jumper, leaving her in her bra. Quinn's mouth falls open at the sight, she'd seen other girls in their bras in the cheerios locker room but she'd never been this close.

Hesitantly, she reaches out a hand, grazing her fingertips over the fabric. Rachel smiles down at her, giving her more confidence and so the blonde pulls the left cup down, revealing Rachel's small but perfect breast. Again Quinn just brushes the skin with her fingertips, smirking at the noise Rachel makes as well as the sight of her nipple hardening. With her right hand resting on the brunette's hip, Quinn investigates the girl's breast, lightly squeezing or pinching the nipple, rolling it between her fingers. She then moves to the other breast, giving it the same treatment whilst Rachel pulls her bra off completely, before leaning down to whisper in Quinn's ear.

"I think you're a little over dressed."

Quinn hesitates before sitting up and unzipping her dress, allowing the material to pool around her waist. She sees Rachel looking expectantly at her so she unhooks her bra and throws it onto the floor with Rachel's.

"Your dads won't come home right?"

"No they're away all weekend." Rachel manages to respond whilst staring at the topless girl who had lay back down underneath her.

Quinn's breasts were slightly bigger than her own but that wasn't surprising. She slowly runs her hands up Quinn's stomach before cupping her. The blonde gasps at the feeling, arching her back. Rachel then surprises the blonde as she leans down and takes one breast in her mouth, flicking her tongue over the hardening nipple before moving to the other.

She then kisses her way up Quinn's chest, sucking briefly on her pulse point before shifting up so her face is hovering just about Quinn's.

"Is this a dream?" She whispers.

"I was thinking the same thing."

"I want you."

"Are you sure?"

Rachel smiles at the girl's kindness. "Yes, I'm so turned on right now I need you."

Quinn moans at the singer's words, closing the gap between them to kiss her again.

She runs her hands down Rachel's back again before reaching her skirt. When she receives no resistance she pulls the garment off, leaving Rachel to kick it off when it reaches her ankles.

The brunette breaks the kiss and moves down Quinn's body, once she gets to Quinn's dress, still pooled around the girl's waist, she pulls on it until Quinn lifts her hips allowing Rachel to guide the dress and her underwear down, leaving the blonde completely naked.

Rachel runs her hands up Quinn's legs and she can smell the girl's arousal.

When did Rachel get so confident? Quinn asks herself as she feels her legs being parted.

As soon as Rachel runs a finger through Quinn's folds, the blonde lets out a long moan, unable to stop it from escaping. Rachel giggles slightly from her position between Quinn's legs. She moves her finger up and down some more, collecting the girl's juices on her finger before bringing her finger to her lips and licking it clean.

She hums at the taste before deciding she wants more so leans forward and wraps her lips around the girl's core.

"Oh fuck." Quinn moans, surprising herself by swearing.

Rachel giggles again and the vibrations cause Quinn to become even wetter and Rachel greedily laps it up before turning her attention to Quinn's clit, flicking at it with her tongue.

"More… I need… I need you inside me." Quinn gasps.

Rachel lifts her body to allow her arm to snake up underneath her and places two fingers at Quinn's entrance.

"Now Rachel." The blonde begs.

The brunette quickly complies and pushes her fingers into Quinn, both girls moaning at the feeling, before Rachel starts running her tongue through the blonde's folds again.

Quinn quickly feels herself coming undone.

"Rach… I'm…"

Before she can even finish her sentence her body is overtaken by an orgasm, her back arches off the bed once more as Rachel continues moving her fingers inside her to help ride out the climax. Her whole body shakes until after what seems like forever she collapses back onto the bed, breathing deeply.

Rachel cleans her fingers off in her mouth before moving to lie next to Quinn, who is still panting.

"How… did you learn… how to do… that?" Quinn asks, between breaths.

"Well I don't know if you've noticed, but a drunk Santana shares… a lot. Having figured out the relationship between her and Brittany I asked her how she knew she was attracted to girls and she went into way too much detail, I cringed at the time but now I'm kind of glad for it."

"You asked her this last night?"

"Yep, after our duet." Rachel blushes. "But don't worry I'm sure she doesn't even remember me asking."

"Why would I worry?" Quinn questions, having finally caught her breath she rolls onto her side to face Rachel, who's staring up at the ceiling.

"Well I wasn't really sure what this was." The brunette explains, gesturing between the two of them. "So if you'd wanted to keep this a secret, or pretend it never happened then you may have been panicked that Santana could've worked it out."

"I don't want to just ignore it Rach. I like you, I'm just, not ready to come out so yeah maybe it is a good thing that Santana probably doesn't remember."

"So are you… gay?"

"I don't think so, probably more likely that I'm bi but sleeping with Puck never felt as good as what you just did so maybe I do prefer girls. What about you?"

"I don't know, I guess I haven't really had any experience to base it on, though you're definitely my favourite of all the people I've kissed."

"Well maybe I could help with that lack of experience. If you'll let me?"

Rachel turns her head to look into Quinn's eyes. "You want to take my virginity?"

"I mean… you did say you needed me but if that was just spur of the moment and you aren't sure anymore then I'll respect that. I threw away my first time, I wouldn't want to do that to someone else, especially someone I care about."

Rachel pauses to think about it. True she had said she needed Quinn but she wasn't thinking straight then. She chuckles slightly at the pun before looking at Quinn again.

"I think I'm ready, and there's no one else I'd rather lose it to."

Quinn grins and leans down to kiss the brunette. Their mouths automatically open, allowing their tongues to meet. Quinn shifts slightly so she's hovering over Rachel's right side, resting her weight on her left forearm.

Her right hand travels down Rachel's stomach pausing at the hem of the girl's panties, before breaking the kiss and looking deep into the brown eyes below her. Rachel nods slightly and Quinn pulls the singer's underwear down, Rachel wriggles until they're round her ankles before kicking them onto the floor.

Quinn gently traces her fingertips over Rachel folds before pressing down, slipping between them and finding the girl's clit, circling the bud. Once she's sure Rachel is wet enough she runs her finger back down towards her entrance.

"This might hurt a little."

Rachel nods and winces slightly as Quinn pushes her finger inside. The blonde pauses, allowing Rachel to adjust to the new feeling before slowly moving her finger back and forth, when Rachel begs for more she slides another finger into the girl and repeats the process before moving in and out at a regular pace. She brings her thumb up to play with the diva's clit and Rachel trembles beneath her. When she feels Rachel's walls start to twitch around her fingers she speeds up slightly and presses harder with her thumb until Rachel climaxes, screaming with pleasure. Quinn slows her movements to bring her down before removing her fingers.

Rachel smiles sleepily up at the blonde, kissing her softly.

Quinn instructs the girl to get under the covers before joining her and spooning her from behind.

"Rach? Will you be my girlfriend?" The blonde asks into the silence.

The girls fall asleep soon after that, with Rachel's 'yes' still echoing around Quinn's mind.

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