Calls Me Home @daddyslilheartbreaker

Title: Calls Me Home

Summary: A journey through seven seasons of Supernatural through the eyes of two Winchesters and a Singer.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Ruby Singer, Bobby Singer, John Winchester, and a whole ton of others.

Disclaimer: Everything you see here belongs to Eric Kripke & Co. The title belongs to the song "Calls Me Home" by Shannon LaBrie.

Author's Note: I would just like to say that the timeline is so screwed up at some points. It's almost mind boggling. Also I skipped Bugs. I've also taken previous reviews to heart and here on out am trying to flesh this story out more instead of it reading out word for word like the episodes. This one was kind of hard, but I'm figuring it out.

Chapter Eight

Ruby shuddered at their words as the Winchester brothers filled her in on the last case they had gone on. She was not a fan of bugs, to say the least, and was grateful she had opted to sit out of that particular hunt. Besides, she had gotten to spend time with her dad and search for more leads on John though none had turned up, unfortunately. The blonde wasn't stupid though. She could sense the tension in the air between the brothers.

Ruby took a sip of her coffee and raised her eyebrow at them. "Alright, spill it. What's going on?"

"Our next case is, uh, in Lawrence. It's our old house. I think the family that lives there now might be in danger." Sam admitted softly with a sigh.

Her blue eyes softened toward them. "Oh. Well I could sit this one out if you guys want me to. I can understand how personal it could turn out to be."

"It might be easier if you were there, actually." Dean spoke up moving to pack up their things. "We should get going."

The blonde finished her coffee as she stood up. "Alright. Hey, what makes you guys think this family might be in danger?"

"I dreamed it." The younger Winchester ran his fingers through his shaggy brown hair.

She did a double take tilting her head slightly at him. "You've got the Shining now?"

Dean couldn't help smirking slightly at that as he packed his bag.

"You and Dean are too much alike sometimes, you know that?"

She had never actually been in Lawrence before. Neither of the Winchesters ever really spoke of it. Not that she blamed them. The two story house loomed ominously as the Impala pulled to a stop in front. It reminded her of home which made her freeze up. The boys got out of the car and she opted to stay behind pulling out her laptop to do some research. It didn't take long to find archived articles about the house fire that had killed Mary Winchester. Her heart broke for the boys. There didn't seem to be any reports of odd happenings occurring with the home since the fire. Turning off her laptop, she set it aside and glanced toward the house.

This was where it had all began for the Winchesters and now in a way they had come full circle. Ruby didn't believe that whatever was here would turn out to be the thing that had killed Mary all those years ago. After all, John was hunting the same thing and he didn't appear to be anywhere near. She knew it wasn't all that easy though. The blonde was pulled from her thoughts when she heard the brothers' voices.

"Jenny lives here with her two kids. She's the one I saw in my dream. Her daughter Sari has my old room. Says there is a thing in her closet that is on fire and walked into her room. There's also scratching, flickering lights. All signs of a malevolent spirit." Sam filled her in as he got into the Impala with Dean.

Ruby nodded her head listening as Dean pulled the car away from the house. "Do you think it could be the same thing killed your mom and Jess?"

Dean sighed pinching the bridge of his nose. "I don't know. It could be something else entirely for all we know."

"We need to go back and get them out of there. They're in real danger." Sam began to freak out.

The elder Winchester brother shook his head and pulled into a gas station. "And tell them what? No, we work this like any other case."

Ruby sat up a bit straighter. "Well I can't really speak for the history of the house, but I did a little digging around while you guys were inside. There haven't been any fires in that house since your mom's death. I could look into the town though. See if there have been any incidents like that elsewhere in Lawrence since then."

"Yeah please. Thanks, Ruby."

Dean got out of the car and stretched a bit. "While you do that, we can go talk to some of Dad's old friends. Neighbors. Anyone who was around at the time. I'm going to go hit the bathroom before we go."

He walked off while the younger two shared a look. It was a few moments later when Ruby excused herself deciding that Dean had the right idea. As she rounded the corner toward the bathrooms, she saw him standing outside clearly on his phone and it didn't surprise her when she heard him say Dad. Ruby knew damn well that it should have been John on this case with the boys instead of her. Dean turned around as he hung up only to freeze when he saw her. It was apparent that he had started to cry a bit. Wordlessly, Ruby stepped forward enveloping him in a hug. He returned it and sighed.

"Don't tell Sam. I just.. I don't know." He whispered and pulled back wiping his eyes composing himself.

Ruby looked at him sympathetically. "Dean, it's okay. You have memories of what happened here. It's alright for you to be upset. The three of us are going to figure this out together. Okay?"


The Winchesters were off at Guenther's Auto Repair, a garage that John used to co-own with his friend Mike. They had dropped Ruby off at the local library beforehand so that she could do some research. She came up empty handed and it frustrated her. The blonde found a quiet spot outside of the library and bit her lip hoping the boys had better luck than she did. A thought occurred to her and she pulled out her phone calling a familiar number.

The older man tossed the dish towel over his shoulder and picked up the phone. "Singer Salvage Yard."

A smile appeared on her face as she leaned against a wall. "Hey Daddy."

Bobby smiled grabbing a chair to sit down. "Hey sweetheart. What's going on?"

She bit her lip. "Oh we're on a hunt. In Lawrence. There's a malevolent spirit in their childhood home."

His smile faded at her words. "Ruby, you know what happened in that house."

The blonde sighed softly. "Yeah I know, dad. We're being extra careful, I promise. What do you know about what happened back then?"

Bobby shook his head at that. "About as much as the boys and John know. They never saw what it was that killed her. Officials deemed it an electrical fire, but John knew that there was so much more to it. He was obsessed with finding what killed her."

Ruby frowned glancing down. "That sounds a lot like Sam right now. Ugh, I could give John a piece of my mind after what he's put these guys through. Sam's desperate to find him. He thinks.. he thinks if we find John, we'll find whatever killed Mary and Jess. Dean wants to find him too, but he can't seem to kick that habit of following John's orders no questions asked. I'm just worried that it's only going to be a matter of time before they end up fighting or worse."

He let out a breath and sighed. "Yeah well John's a real piece of work. I'd like to give him a piece of my mind too. The boys will be fine one way or another. If they do fight, stay out of it. I don't want you getting involved and getting hurt."

She shook her head smiling a bit. "I can handle myself, but alright dad, I'll try to stay out of it. All this stuff is just so messed up, you know? I'd give anything to have our moms and Jessica back. It's just not fair."

Bobby rubbed his forehead listening to his daughter's words. "I know, sweetheart. It.. It sucks. It really does. Unfortunately there's nothing we can really do to change it."

The blonde sighed glancing around. "Hey dad? What, uh, happened the day mom was killed? You never told me how she died."

He froze at his daughter's words and sat up straighter. "Ruby, we're not talking about that over the phone. Don't worry about it alright? Now I have to go, but I love you. Stay safe."

Ruby frowned as the call ended. She had a feeling that he wouldn't talk about it in person either. The blonde understood why, but it drove her crazy all the same. Hearing the familiar rumble of the Impala's engine, she pushed herself off the wall and sighed. One day she'd learn the truth though even now she wasn't sure if she was ready to hear it.

The Impala pulled to a stop and she climbed into the backseat. "I wasn't able to find too much. No incidents matching what happened to your mom in the Lawrence area since then. No weird incidents as of late either. You guys get anything?"

"Missouri Moseley. Dad was talking to a psychic. In his journal, he wrote that he went to Missouri and learned the truth. I always thought he meant the state." Dean filled her in with a shrug glancing back at the blonde.

Ruby arched an eyebrow at him. "A psychic? Well if he said he learned the truth from her then maybe she can shed a little light for us."

Missouri Moseley looked at the boys. "Alright, let me have a look at ya. You two sure grew up handsome and Dean was one goofy looking kid too."

He glared while Ruby stifled a giggle.

The woman's features softened as she looked at Sam. "Oh honey, I am so sorry about your girlfriend."

"How.." Sam looked at her in shock.

Missouri turned her attention to Ruby. "I'm sorry about your mom. Losing a parent that young is never easy."

Ruby froze looking at her. "How did you know that?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "You were thinking it just now."

"Well where's dad then? Is he okay?" Dean looked at her.

Missouri looked at him. "I don't know."

"Don't know? You're supposed to be psychic right?"

She raised her brows at him. "Boy, I may be able to read thoughts and sense energies in a room, but I can't just pull facts out of thin air."

Ruby rolled her eyes at Dean and sat down with the boys. She played peacemaker keeping him in check the best she could while they talked with Missouri finding out what she knew about the case and about John. They were surprised to learn that Missouri had kept an eye on the house and that it had been quiet up until recently. It made no sense though Jess being killed, John going missing, and this happening with the house now couldn't be a coincidence. Just then Sam grabbed at his head getting another vision. This time it was of Jenny's son Richie getting locked in the fridge. The women eased Sam back down getting him to relax a bit before they headed off back to the house.

Richie was safe, much to their relief. Jenny had gotten to him in time. Standing in what used to be Sam's nursery, Missouri revealed that she felt two spirits in the house. A nasty one that wanted to do harm to the young family that currently inhabited the home and a second one that she couldn't quite get a read on. The important thing was that neither spirit were the one that killed Mary and Jessica. They weren't sure if they were relieved to hear that or upset. Missouri had a plan for dealing with the spirits though the trio of hunters were clearly a bit skeptical about her methods.

"There's four of us and three floors." Sam pointed out clearly referring to the basement as well.

Missouri waved off his concerns as they returned to the house with the multiple bags of herbs that they had prepared at her place. "Ruby will go with Dean."

With Jenny off to the movies with her kids, the group split up moving to place the bags of herbs as fast as they could in the North, South, East, and West corners on each floor of the house. Ruby and Dean were near the kitchen when the butcher's knife floated up then flew toward them. She pulled him out of the way and they fell to the floor. Out of the corner of Dean's eye, more knives floated up and he flipped the table up shielding them just in time for the knives to become embedded in the wood. He grabbed the bag of herbs tossing it into the hole he had made in the wall and then took Ruby's hand running upstairs with her. It was there that they found Sam choking on the ground from a cord wrapped around his neck. While Dean freed him, she ran over kicking a hole into the wall and tossed the bag into it. A bright white light suddenly surrounded them and then disappeared just as quickly. Ruby went back over to the brothers hugging Sam. They fixed up the house though there was an uneasiness that Sam couldn't quite shake.

They returned to the house later that night after dropping Missouri off back at her place. Ruby was stretched out in the back fast asleep while the Winchesters kept watch over the house. She woke with a start when the boys saw Jenny screaming for help. They ran toward the house focused on saving the family.

As they ran inside, Dean called out orders. "I'll get Jenny. You guys get the kids."

Ruby ran up the stairs and into the toddler's room picking up Richie from his crib. She held him protectively as she went over to his sister Sari's room to see if Sam needed any help. Her blue eyes widened at the sight of a figure covered in flames walking toward them. They ran out of the room carefully getting the kids downstairs. Feeling something grab him, Sam set Sari down and grabbed Richie handing him to her.

"Sari, I need you to take your brother outside as fast as you can and don't look back." Sam instructed and watched as the little girl did as he said.

It was the same exact thing John had told Dean all those years ago. Before Ruby could question him, the front door slammed shut and Sam was pulled back through the house. She instinctively ran after him only to find him pinned to a wall. The blonde ran over to him knowing Dean wouldn't be far behind. Just as she thought, he went over to them and turned around pointing his gun at the approaching fiery spirit. Ruby turned around placing herself in front of Sam who was oddly calm as he realized who was approaching them. The flames disappeared and the figure came into view revealing Mary Winchester. Ruby moved to the side away from Sam letting the boys have their moment with their mom. A slight pang of jealousy coursed through her at the sight as she thought of her own mom. She had seen a picture or two of Mary before though seeing her spirit standing there made her realize just how much Dean looked like her. She wondered if that was part of the reason why John tended to be so harsh toward him. To her surprise, Mary turned toward her and smiled.

"Thank you for looking out for my boys."

Her blue eyes widened a bit in shock. "I.. um.. you're welcome."

The spirit of Mary Winchester took one last look at her sons and then turned away. She yelled at the malevolent spirit to let Sam go and to get out of her house. Suddenly she was engulfed with flames and then poof she was gone. Everything was still for a moment. Sam found himself free from being pinned to the wall which was a relief. It wasn't until a little later when Missouri returned that they knew for sure that both spirits were gone. She assured them that she would keep an eye on the house just in case.

While the boys wrapped things up, Ruby leaned against the Impala calling her father like she promised she would. "Hey dad, it's me. The hunt is all finished. I'll fill you in later. Just wanted to let you know that we're all okay. Alright, love you, bye."

"Jenny found these in the basement. Go figure, huh?" Dean approached the car with the box in hand looking at the photos that were inside.

A giggle fell from her lips as she realized what he was looking at. "Oh my gosh, are these pictures of baby Winchesters? Ooh let me see."

"Alright, but don't laugh." He let her see the photos.

She gasped softly as she looked at the photos. "You guys were adorable. What happened?"

"Shut up." Dean chuckled slightly and took them back tucking the box of photos into the trunk safely.

John hadn't shown up after all nor did he even bother calling Dean back. A fact that annoyed Ruby far more than she cared to admit. After driving as far from Lawrence as they could, the Winchesters and Ruby stopped at a motel for the night. Sam went out to get food while Dean and Ruby took their turns in the shower. She walked out drying her golden locks with a towel while glancing over at Dean who was sitting on his bed looking at his phone.

"Coordinates." He said feeling her gaze on him.

Her brows furrowed in annoyance at the sheer audacity of his father. "Wait, so you're telling me that he couldn't show up or call you back yet he can text you some coordinates? Are you freaking kidding me?"

"Yeah I know, but what can you do? He hasn't been wrong with them so far." Dean sighed setting his phone aside and standing up.

Ruby hung the towel to dry and huffed at him. "Tell him you're not going to do anything until he gives you answers. I know he's your dad. I get it, but this obedient little soldier act has got to stop. You're his son not a..."

Her rant was cut off by his lips pressing against her own. It caught her off guard though it didn't stop her from cupping his face as she kissed him back. The roar of the Impala's engine broke them apart. She gave him a look that was a mix of annoyance and something he couldn't quite decipher. Sam walked in handing out their food. He wasn't stupid though. Even he could feel the tension in the air between the two. Before he could question it, Ruby shook her head at him smiling slightly assuring him that it was alright. It was still Sam that chose to speak up anyway while they ate.

"You know, as much as we appreciate having you around, you don't have to be on the road with us, Rubes. Finding the thing that killed Mom and Jess is our fight. It doesn't have to be yours too." He pointed out taking a sip of his drink.

The blonde sighed looking over at the man that she considered to be like the brother she never had. "Sam, I know I don't have to be here, but I want to be. At least until you guys find John. It's the least I can do after I failed Jess."

"Wait, what? You didn't fail Jessica. What are you talking about?" Dean looked over at her in confusion.

Ruby frowned shaking her head. "I should have stayed with her while you guys went to look for John. I could have protected her."

"Or you could have died. Dad's a former marine and even he couldn't save mom from that thing."

She looked at Dean. "Yeah, but he wasn't equipped for something like that. I'm a hunter."

"You're also stubborn as hell. Look, Dean's right. It's not your fault. I don't want you blaming yourself and neither would Jess." Sam assured her pulling the blonde into a hug.

Ruby sighed hugging him back. "I'm so sorry. We're going to find John, I promise. Then you guys are going to destroy this thing once and for all."

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