Calls Me Home @daddyslilheartbreaker
All Hell Breaks Loose pt 1

Title: Calls Me Home

Summary: A journey through fifteen seasons of Supernatural through the eyes of two Winchesters and a Singer.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Ruby Singer, Bobby Singer, John Winchester, and a whole ton of others.

Disclaimer: Everything you see here belongs to Eric Kripke and Co. The title belongs to the song "Calls Me Home" by Shannon LaBrie.

Author's Note:

Chapter Forty Two

"Don't forget the pie." Dean smiled as he sat in the driver's seat of the Impala that was parked in front of a diner.

Ruby giggled softly as she climbed out of the car. "I'll go in with you, Sammy. I need the ladies room."

"Alright. Be back in a few." Sam walked with the blond into the diner.

It was quiet aside from the music playing over the Impala's radio. Dean watched Sam talk to a waiter. The sound of static caught his attention and Dean glanced down fiddling with the radio. When he looked up again, Sam and the waiter were gone. The diner looked completely empty. He hurried out of the car going into the diner. One customer was sitting at a booth face down in a puddle of blood. Dean pulled out his gun as he continued to look around. Everyone in the diner was laid out dead. There was no sign of Sam or Ruby.

"Sam?" He called out still looking around.

One of the bathroom doors slowly opened only for Ruby to walk out. "Dean?"

"Ruby? Oh thank god!" Dean lowered his gun and pulled her into a hug.

She returned the hug sniffling a bit. "I'm okay."

"What the hell happened?" He pressed a kiss to her head.

The blonde composed herself then sighed. "I don't know. It all happened so fast. I walked out of the bathroom and he was killing people. He.. He took Sam. I tried to fight him off."

"He didn't kill you."

Ruby walked out of the diner with him. "No he didn't. It was the demon with yellow eyes. He was going to kill me like the rest of them, but then he decided he would leave me on the ceiling as a message. I... He looked down at my necklace and suddenly changed his mind. He said it was my lucky day then he just vanished."

"Hey it's okay. Look, we're going to find Sam, alright? We just need to regroup first and get some help. Let's go find Bobby." Dean guided her back over to the Impala.

Sam glanced around completely confused as to what had just happened. One moment he was in the diner and the next he was standing outside in what looked like a town out of the old west. He pulled out his phone, but there was no signal. Composing himself, he started to look around and called out for Ruby. Instead he ran right into Andy.

"Sam! Thank god! I have no idea where were are or what happened. Where are we? Do you know where we are? What's going on? Where are we?" Andy greeted him then promptly freaked out.

"Hey calm down. It's alright. What's the last thing you remember?" He tried his best to calm him down.

"My fourth bong load, honestly. There was also this really intense scent of sulfur."

Before Sam could respond, a scream rang out. They ran down the street following the screams until they found a locked shack. Sam broke the lock and the door opened to reveal a frantic looking Ava. She ran out and hugged him tightly. He returned the hug shocked to see her.

"Where the hell are we?" She asked as she pulled away.

"Ava, how long have you been in there?" Sam asked looking at her.

"I don't know. I woke up like half an hour ago." Ava admitted.

"You went missing months ago. Dean, Ruby, and I were searching for you." He sighed.

"Oh god. What about my fiance? He must be so worried about me." She frowned.

It didn't take much for the younger Winchester to realize the connection between them. All three of them were among the group of special children. Before any of them could say anything else, another voice was heard. They turned to look only to see a man in an army uniform crossing the street heading toward them. Beside him was a girl who appeared to be a goth.

"Sam Winchester." Sam greeted them.

The man nodded his head. "I'm Jake."

The girl looked a bit unsure. "I'm Lily. So where are we? I swear like a minute ago I was in San Diego and Jake here was overseas in Afghanistan."

"Let me guess, you're both 23?" He looked at them.

They nodded their heads simultaneously. "Yeah."

"We are what's called special children. We all have special abilities. I have visions and see things before they happen." Sam explained.

"Me too." Ava added.

"I can put thoughts in people's heads and make them do stuff." Andy explained.

Lily appeared completely freaked out by their words. "I... whenever I touch someone, their heart stops."

"Well we're here wherever here is and we needed to be prepared for whatever is headed our way." The younger Winchester told them.

"Who do you think brought us here?" Andy asked aloud.

"It's not a who. It's more of a what. It's a demon." Sam admitted to them.

Bobby pulled his daughter into a hug sighing in relief. "Thank goodness you're okay."

She smiled softly as she returned the hug. "Yeah I am. Just a bit shaken up by the whole thing."

He pressed a kiss to her head then looked at Dean. "Everything has been quiet all around the country. If a demon was there, it left no trace."

"Well we need something. I've got to find Sam." He spoke a little frustrated then answered his phone.

"Hey it's Ash. So I've got info that is bigger than anything I've ever seen." Ash informed him.

"Can it help me find Sam?" Dean asked after filling him in on the situation.

"I believe it most certainly will find Sam."

"Great. So what is it?"

"OH no. I can't tell you over the phone. It's not safe. I'll tell you in person at the Roadhouse. So get here as quickly as possible." Ash told him then hung up.

"Alright fine. So Ash has this major info that could help us find Sam, but he'll only tell me at the Roadhouse." Dean filled them in.

Ruby nodded and started to walk back to the Impala. "Well what are we waiting for?"

Bobby frowned watching her. "Now hold on a minute. I think you should stay here."

She huffed at that. "Dad, this is Sam we're talking about here, okay? I can't just stay behind."

He sighed shaking his head. "Yeah and I can't lose you either, Ruby. Fine. You can come along. At least I'll be there."

"We're all soldiers that this yellow eyed demon wants to be part of a demon war to bring on the Apocalypse." Sam explained to the rest of the group.

Jake shook his head in disbelief. "Yeah I'm better off on my own."

He walked away from the group and turned a corner only to find himself in front of an old schoolhouse. A girl he can see through the window caught his attention so he entered the schoolhouse. The phrase 'I will not kill' was written repeatedly all over the chalkboard. Jake turned to leave only to see the girl again. This time she tries to attack him. Sam out of nowhere stabs her with a cast iron rod making her dissipate into a cloud of black smoke. The rest of the group had followed him and now were standing there in shock.

"Now that was a demon." The younger Winchester pointed out. "I'm not sure, but I think it was an acheri, a demon who disguises itself as a girl."

Jake sighed as Sam glanced over at the bell in the town square. "I don't know, man. I've seen a lot of things, but this? I just don't know."

"I know where we are." Sam announced. "We're in Cold Oak, South Dakota. A town so haunted that every single resident fled leaving the town abandoned."

Lily wrung her hands panicking a bit. "We should just get the hell out of here."

"The only way out is through miles of woods. Our best bet is just to stick together." Sam assured her as the group moved toward one of the rundown abandoned houses.

They searched the house following Sam's instructions to grab iron, salt, or anything that could be used as a weapon. As they focused on their search, Lily quietly slipped out of the house and took off toward the woods. She hesitated then seemingly made up her mind as she then took off running into the woods. Unusual noises caught her attention though she ignored them and continued moving.

The Impala pulled up to the Roadhouse and Ruby ran out of the car. What remained of the Roadhouse was a pile of smoldering ruins. The blonde stood there in shock taking everything in. Bobby and Dean began to sift through the wreckage searching for any trace of Ash or Ellen. It was Dean that spotted Ash's watch attached to a charred arm. He swallowed hard and made his way back to Ruby breaking the news. She pounded at his chest before collapsing into his arms sobbing.

There was no definitive signs pointing to Ellen being in the ruins somewhere, but there was also nothing that told them that she wasn't there. It was frustrating, to say the least. The two men comforted a distraught Ruby the best that they could. Ellen had been the only real maternal figure in her life since Ruby barely remembered her own late mother. Ash had been a friend. Maybe not a close friend, but a friend all the same. They also had no idea if Jo was still off hunting or not.

"Shh. It's going to be alright." Dean tried to soothe her.

Ruby pulled back glaring at him through the tears. "No. You don't get to say that. This wouldn't have happened if you guys hadn't given Ash your father's files."


Bobby watched his daughter walk away back to the Impala then sighed. "Don't take it to heart, son. She doesn't mean it."

While still running through the woods, the sound of a little girl laughing in the distance caught Lily's attention, but she kept running. Back at the rundown house, Sam found a chest with a hunting knife inside which he promptly took. Behind him Ava was rubbing her temples appearing to be in pain.

"Are you okay?" He asked her concerned.

"Yeah I'm fine. I'm just freaked out and hungry." Ava sighed.

"Guys! I found two bags of salt." Andy rushed in showing them.

"Great. We can line the house with them to protect ourselves. Wait where's Lily?" Sam glanced around noticing that she wasn't there.

The sound of laughter drifted in from outside. The group curiously yet cautiously walked toward the front door. When they walked outside, they looked around only to see Lily hanging lifelessly from the windmill in town. It didn't take much for Sam to realize that the girl had tried to leave and the demon wouldn't let her. They split up to prepare for the next attack. Ava went with Jake while Sam walked alongside Andy.

"I just wish we could get in touch with Dean. We could really use his and Ruby's help." Sam admitted with a sigh.

"I mean, it could be a possibility. I've been practicing. I can put images in people's heads now. Do you have anything that Dean has touched?" Andy asked.

"Uh yeah. Here." He pulled out a receipt that had been signed by Dean from his jacket and handed it to him.

"D Hasselhoff?" He looked at the receipt then eyed the younger Winchester skeptically.

"It's Dean. Trust me."

"Alright." Andy said then took a deep breath focusing on sending the images to Dean.

After still not finding any definitive signs of Ellen, the two men turned around and walked back toward the Impala. Suddenly a sharp pain struck Dean in his head and he started to lose balance. Bobby helped him and he relaxed. He took a breath only to get struck by another pain in his head. Ruby pushed her anger aside and rushed over looking at him in concern.

"Whew. Those hurt like a bitch. I don't know how Sammy does it." Dean shook his head.

Ruby furrowed her brows at that. "Wait you had a vision?"

"Uh yeah. Weird huh? I saw Sam. There was also a large bell. It was engraved." He recalled letting himself relax.

Bobby gazed down at him. "Was it an engraving of an oak tree?"

"It was a tree, yeah."

There was a glint of recognition in the older man's eyes. "I know where to find Sam. Cold Oak, South Dakota."

"Let's go." Dean got to his feet and wobbled slightly.

The blonde took the keys from him then helped him over to the car. "I'll drive. You just relax, okay?"

"Alright fine. Just be careful."

Jake focused as he helped Sam make cast iron weapons. "It started with headaches. I chalked it up to stress, you know? Then I saw a man flip a truck on a bad road and he became pinned under his truck. I lifted it like it was nothing. I just assumed it was like a freak adrenaline thing at first, but then I discovered I could lift eight hundred pounds easily."

"Huh. Well you'd be the first one we've discovered to have that ability." Sam admitted.

He nodded his head. "Thanks, by the way, for being the voice of calm and reason. I know from experience the look of terror that you're trying to conceal though."

"My brother Dean and by extension his girlfriend Ruby always says things that calm me. That they'll watch over me and that everything will be okay. I'm not sure I really believe that anymore though. Something big and bad is coming." He frowned.

Later that night, the group were relaxing inside of the house. Salt already lined the windows. Sam was trying his best to stay awake to keep watch, but his eyes fell shut for a second. When they opened again, he saw the yellow eyed demon standing by the front door. He warned Jake to no avail and that was when Sam realized that he was dreaming. The demon invited Sam to follow him outside which Sam did.

The yellow eyed demon walked alongside the hunter. "You're very quiet."

"I'm going to tear you to shreds, I swear." He glared at him.

Azazel chuckled at that. "When you wake up, you can give it your best shot."

"Why do you have us here? What is going on?"

He smirked at him. "You're all in a competition to prove who is the strongest. I'm rooting for you, Sam. As a hunter, you have the skills. Only one of you will survive and be the soldier from your generation. The leader in this upcoming war."

"Yeah and what are we supposed to lead?" Sam asked.

The demon smiled. "An army that I've almost completed assembling."

"You know you've got some nerve. You've ruined my life and killed almost everyone I love." He huffed at the demon.

Azazel scoffed at him. "It was the cost of doing business. You were all set to marry Jessica, become a lawyer, and have a normal family. I needed you to focus on your fighting skills so she had to go."

"Yeah and what about my mother?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "Wrong place, wrong time. That was just bad luck. It wasn't about her. It was about you. Actually since I'm in a good mood, why don't I show you what happened the night your mother died?"

Suddenly they were back in the Winchester's childhood home. Sam watched as the demon stood beside his crib letting his blood drip into infant Sam's mouth. The adult younger Winchester was mortified to realize that he had consumed demon blood. He then saw his mother drowsily stop by the nursery to attend to his fussy infant self. It was easy to see that she initially assumed the demon was her husband John. Sam tried to call out to her, but it was no use. He wasn't really there. It was just a replay of what had already happened. After realizing John was asleep downstairs, Mary returned to the nursery. The demon turned around to face her revealing his yellow eyes which only made Mary gasp.

"It's you!"

Sam was stunned by this revelation. His mother had known the yellow eyed demon. He was then horrified to see his mother forced up onto the ceiling. Thankfully he is pulled from the replay before she is ignited in flames. Sam suddenly wakes up as Jake shakes him. Ava is missing. The two men head outside then split up to look for her. What they don't see is Ava lurking behind a nearby building. Inside the house, Andy walks around only to stumble upon Ava who is by a windowsill breaking the line of salt. He was surprised to find her wondering if she heard them calling for her.

"Yes I did." Ava replied coldly.

Her hands pressed against her temples as if she had a headache while Andy stood there confused. Black demon smoke seeped in through the window and manifests as the same acheri demon that had attached Jake earlier. It attacks Andy this time and tears him to shreds. Ava forced herself to cry then let out a scream which drew Sam back into the house. They were stunned to find Andy's lifeless body.

"What happened? Where the hell have you been?"

"I went to get a drink from the well and I found him like this when I got back." Ava recalled while trying to look scared.

"No. See that line break in the salt? Andy would never have done that. You, however, have been gone for five months and have all that time unaccounted for, Ava. You gained the ability to control demons which you're using against us. The last time you got a headache was exactly when the demon got Lily." Sam pointed out.

"Okay you got me. I've been in this town the whole time. More and more children like us have showed up too. Three or four at a time usually. I've killed them all. I'm the undefeated heavyweight champ."

"Ava, how could you?" He eyed her in disbelief.

"Look, it was me or them. I did what I had to do to survive. After a while, it became easy, even fun, after I stopped fighting it. After I stopped fighting who we are. If you just quit your hand wringing and open yourself up, you'd realize everything you're capable of, Sam." Ava smirked at him.

"No. I won't do that. I refuse to do that." Sam glared at her.

"Well sorry, Sam, but it's over now." She gave him a fake sad look.

Ava then began to summon the demon again. Jake walked in behind her and snapped her neck right before the demon could reach Sam. The demon smoke then seeped back out of the window. Sam shook his head sadly, but gave Jake a thankful look. The two of them walked out of the house. Sam had the hunting knife still while Jake had an iron rod. They walked through the town and Sam felt hopeful.

"With Ava dead, the demon is gone which means we should be able to leave this town easily." Sam pointed out.

Jake shook his head. "No. I don't think so. I had a vision. The demon with yellow eyes spoke to me. He said only one us gets out alive. I like you, Sam, but it makes no sense to let it take us both. So I'll take you out if I have to."

"Jake, no. Think this through. We can take out the demon together." Sam tried to plead with him.

As a gesture of trust, Sam set his knife down on the ground. Jake nodded his head then set the iron rod down as well. Despite this, he then turned and punched Sam using all his strength. The two battled it out back and forth. He landed a hard blow to Sam's shoulder. The younger Winchester gets the better of him with a few punches and knocks him out with a striking blow of the iron rod.


He turned around sighing in relief when he saw Dean walking down the road with Ruby and Bobby toward him. He started to walk stumbling toward them as well. Ruby's smile fades when she sees Jake get up and start running toward Sam. She tried to warn him, but it was too late. They watched horrified as Jake stabbed Sam in the back. Dean ran up catching Sam in his arms while Jake fled. Bobby ran after him while Ruby knelt down beside Dean.

"Sam. Come on, Sam. Stay with me." He pleaded with his brother.

"Dean..." Sam trailed off going limp in Dean's arms.


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