Calls Me Home @daddyslilheartbreaker
Folsom Prison Blues

Title: Calls Me Home

Summary: A journey through fifteen seasons of Supernatural through the eyes of two Winchesters and a Singer.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Ruby Singer, Bobby Singer, John Winchester, and a whole ton of others.

Disclaimer: Everything you see here belongs to Eric Kripke and Co. The title belongs to the song "Calls Me Home" by Shannon LaBrie.

Author's Note:

Chapter Forty

After another small break at Ruby's insistence, the three hunters began to look for another hunt. There were a few potential ones until Dean's cell phone suddenly rang. They all shared a look then Dean looked at his phone. He didn't recognize the number and hesitated before answering.


The man on the other line straightened up a bit. "Hi. Is this Dean Winchester?"

"Uh yeah." He answered looking confused.

The man sighed in relief. "Great. I tried John's cell and it sent me to yours. I'm Deacon Kaylor. John and I are old marine buddies."

"Oh right. I remember him telling us how you saved his life. Sorry to say he's, uh, no longer with us." Dean admitted with a sigh.

Deacon let out a breath. "Well I'm honestly sorry to hear that. Listen, the reason that I'm calling is that I'm a prison warden now down in Little Rock, Arkansas. We've had a string of inmate deaths, but I'm telling you that it isn't normal inmates killing inmates. I think we might have a ghost. I'm cashing in that favor your father owes me."

"Uh, Deacon, as much as we'd love to help, we're kind of wanted by the FBI. Hunting isn't exactly a fully legal job and all." He revealed glancing over at Sam and Ruby.

He chuckled slightly at that. "Hey no, I would never rat out John's boys. The FBI wouldn't hear a thing from me."

"Alright, uh, can you give me a few minutes to discuss with my brother? I can call you back afterward." Dean smiled nervously.

Deacon smiled slightly. "Yeah sure. Go right ahead. I'll talk to you in a bit, Dean."

"Alright." Dean ended the call and looked at them. "So that was Dad's old marine buddy, Deacon Kaylor. He saved Dad's life and now he's calling in a favor."

Ruby eyed him curiously. "A hunt. Well, I mean, if he hadn't saved your dad's life then you guys wouldn't be here. So I guess we do kind of owe him."

"Yeah true. So what's the hunt?" Sam nodded his head.

"It's, uh, in a prison. Deacon is a prison warden now down in Little Rock. A bunch of inmates have been killed and he insists it wasn't done by other inmates. He thinks the prison is haunted." The older Winchester brother explained.

The blonde considered this for a moment. "Well that wouldn't be too far fetched. There are several prisons that are supposedly haunted though most of them aren't in use. It's dangerous though. You'd have to get arrested and that could get back to the FBI. Also I can't go in with you guys."

"Hey no, Deacon wouldn't rat us out. He and Dad were friends. Even if the FBI catches wind of it, we'd be gone before they could even pull us out of there. As for you not being with us, well, you'll be our girl on the outside. Yes, that means you get to drive Baby." Dean assured her.

"You're both right. We might be able to pull it off though if we plan it just right. We'd have to get Deacon in on the plan too though." The younger Winchester added.

Ruby sighed not trusting this, but also knowing they couldn't really refuse to help. "Alright, I guess we're doing this hunt then."

Dean kissed her hands then grabbed his phone calling Deacon back. They agreed to take the hunt and carved out a plan to get them in then get them out once the hunt was completed. The plan seemed solid which reassured Ruby a bit. Still, she couldn't help worrying about the boys. Prison could be volatile and the last thing she wanted was for either of them to get shanked. They drove down to Little Rock, Arkansas where they got Ruby a motel room. Dean took off his rings and amulet handing them over to Ruby for safekeeping along with his jacket. They waited until it was night time and then drove into town. The Impala stopped a block away from a local museum and the Winchesters got out. Ruby hugged Sam then hugged his brother. As she pulled away from Dean, he pulled her back into a deep kiss. It was after a few moments that Sam cleared his throat and Dean pulled away from Ruby reluctantly. She smiled softly at the both of them then slid into the driver's seat. The blonde took a breath then drove away. The Winchester brothers walked down the block following their plan by breaking into the museum. They let themselves get caught and the police took them into custody.

Hearing her phone ring, Ruby sat down on the bed as she answered it. "Hello?"

Deacon cleared his throat as he sat in his office. "Is this Ruby? The Winchesters just wanted me to let you know that they got into the prison safely."

She sighed in relief smiling softly at that. "Yes I am and thank you. I really do appreciate that."

He chuckled slightly. "You're welcome. I'm doing everything in my power to keep them safe in here without making it obvious."

Ruby smiled a bit more. "Well thank you again. I appreciate that more than you know."

Deacon smiled at that. "Again not a problem. I'll keep you informed as much as I can."

She felt a bit more relieved at that. "Thank you. Hey, um, there's no chance that anyone in the prison could be summoning the ghost right? I just ask because our last hunt involved someone summoning ghosts."

He shook his head though she couldn't see it. "Not that I can tell. We searched the cells thoroughly and I even checked the employees. I'll keep an eye out though just in case."

Ruby bit her lip in thought. "Alright great, thanks."

Deacon considered his next words then said them anyway. "I couldn't get them into the same cell, but their cells are right next to each other."

She frowned slightly, but she was also relieved that they were still close together. "That's better than nothing. At least they are still close."

He nodded his head even though she couldn't see. "They do have access to a phone so I'm sure one of them will call you. They won't be able to talk long though. Anyway I should get going. I know you're worried about them, but just stick to the plan and it'll all be alright."

Ruby smiled softly at that. "Alright, I'll keep an ear out for that call. I know. Just stick to the plan. I can do that."

"Dude, you are way too comfortable in here." Sam remarked to his brother.

"I watched enough prison movies to understand how it works in here." Dean grinned at his brother.

"So even if we do find remains or whatever, we have no way of getting rid of them."

"Not true. We save salt from our meals. As for the lighter fluid and the lighter, leave it to me." He assured his younger brother.

Sam could only watch as his brother played poker with some of their fellow inmates. To his surprise, Dean won a book of matches and a pack of cigarettes. A fight then broke out and Dean among a few others got sent to solitary. Sam kept himself busy in the prison library doing research. Hearing a noise, Dean peered out of the small window on the door of his temporary cell only to see the ghost killing one of the inmates. After briefly investigating the fight, Deacon moved to get Dean transferred back to his original cell. Sam and Dean saw each other again when it was time for dinner. Both were relieved that the other were okay.

"Alright so I found out that not all of the cell blocks in this prison are currently in use. There was a notorious killer imprisoned here named Mark Moody. He was killed in one of the old cell blocks." Sam filled his brother in as they sat down. "Get this, he died on a blood soaked mattress."

"You think it's still there?" Dean's brows furrowed at that.

"Maybe. If it was blood soaked then there's got to be a trace of his blood somewhere." He pointed out taking a sip of his drink.

"Alright. You go look for it. I'll cause the distraction." His older brother nodded as he subtly passed the matches, lighter fluid, and salt to him.

"Okay." Sam took them placing them into his pocket.

After they finished eating, Dean picked a fight with a taller bigger inmate nicknamed Tiny. It would land them both in the prison infirmary. Sam meanwhile found his way to the old cell block. He searched around only to find the blood soaked mattress. The younger Winchester wasted little time salting and burning the thing. Back in the infirmary, Dean talked to Tiny a bit. They both relaxed though Dean was worried about Sam. Suddenly a nurse appeared and attacked Dean. He still had a bit of salt on him so he threw it at her making the ghost disappear. He watched in horror as the ghost reappeared attacking and killing Tiny. Dean along with Sam who returned to his cell then got taken to Deacon's office where Dean gave his statement about what happened to Tiny.

Deacon eyed him curiously. "A nurse? Well that was a little before my time here, but yeah there was a story about a nurse that worked here."

"What was it?" Sam asked sitting up a little straighter.

The warden rubbed his chin in thought. "Nurse Glockner. She worked here in the seventies. At one point she started killing inmates with a needle. The warden at the time and the guards couldn't prove it though. The inmates believed it though. In 1976, there was an unrelated prison riot here and Nurse Glockner was killed."

"Do you know what happened to her body?" Dean looked over at him.

Deacon nodded his head. "It was taken off site for autopsy then buried in one of the local cemeteries. Unfortunately I don't know which one."

"Alright no problem. We'll figure it out." Sam sighed.

"Hey beautiful. Man, your voice is like music to my ears." Dean smiled after Ruby answered the phone.

She smiled feeling very relieved to hear his voice. "Hey you. Are you guys alright?"

"Yeah we're fine. Listen, I have to make it quick, but uh, turns out we were dealing with two ghosts. One is dealt with, but the other one is buried in a local cemetery." He lowered his voice glancing around.

Ruby straightened up a bit. "Do you have a name? Are we changing the plan?"

"Yes and no. Her name is Nurse Glockner. Died in 1976 during a prison riot. We're still sticking with the plan though." Dean filled her in.

She jotted the information down onto a piece of paper. "Alright I'll look into it. If you say so. I'll have the Impala in place. Just stay safe you two."

"We will. Oh and we got assigned a public defender. Mara Daniels. She believes we're innocent. I'll send her to you for the information." Dean added.

Ruby smiled slightly at that. "Okay. Just give her my number then."

Dean reluctantly ended the call after that and walked away from the phone. It was a short while later that he was taken over to the visitation room. This one had the phones and the inmates separated from their visitors by glass. A pretty brunette in a suit was waiting for him. It was his and Sam's public defender, Mara Daniels. She was looking at a file. He sat down and picked up the phone.

"Oh hey. The FBI are poking around, but I've managed to hold them off for now. I still feel like most of their evidence is circumstantial anyway." Mara pointed out after picking up the phone as well.

"Listen, Mara, I need you to call this number. It's my girlfriend Ruby. She's not involved in any of this, but she does have information that my brother and I need." Dean spoke giving the number to her.

"What kind of information, Dean?" She wrote the number down then looked at him curiously.

"Nurse Glockner. She died here back in 1976 during a prison riot. Inmate named Tiny just died after being attacked and killed by her. We need to know where she is buried so we can salt and burn her bones. Then her spirit won't be killing anyone anymore. I know it sounds crazy, but it's the truth." He admitted to the public defender.

"That sounds ridiculous. I'm not calling her. We should be focusing on your upcoming trial." Mara shook her head in disbelief.

"Mara, please, we're trying to save lives here." Dean pleaded with her.

"I have to go, but I'll let you know when the trial date is set." She hung up the phone and stood up walking away.

He sighed hanging up the phone and let the guard take him back to his cell. Ruby meanwhile was back at the motel doing research on her laptop. It didn't take her too long to find Nurse Glockner's final resting place. She was half tempted to go do the salt and burn herself. The blonde knew that she had to stick to their plan though so she stayed put for now. Her phone rang and though she didn't recognize the number, she remembered what Dean had told her earlier.

Ruby answered the phone pressing it against her ear. "Hello?"

"Hi. Uh, is this Ruby? I'm Mara Daniels, your boyfriend Dean told me to call you." The public defender sounded a bit unsure.

She blushed at that. "Yes I'm Ruby."

"Great. Look, to be totally honest, I'm not sure what to believe, but Dean seemed pretty genuine when he was pleading with me to call you."

The blonde tucked her hair behind her ear. "That's totally understandable. I didn't believe it either at first."

"He told me that you had some information that he and Sam needed?" Mara asked sounding a little less unsure.

Ruby smiled softly. "Yes, I have it right here."

"No, the hunt isn't over yet. We need to finish what he started." Dean remarked a little later to his brother.

"What? Dean, no, we need to stick to the plan." Sam insisted giving him his patented bitch face.

"Sam, we're finishing this." He responded to him.

They continued arguing and scuffled slightly with each other. Their fight was broken up by guards. To Dean's surprise, the guard that pulled him away from Sam was actually Deacon. He handed over a slip of paper which had the location of Nurse Glockner's grave. Dean was relieved to see that Mara had gotten the information after all. It wasn't long after that when he joined up with Sam again and the brothers followed through with their plan making their great escape.

Deacon smiled at the Winchesters in his office. "Boys, I can't thank you enough for helping me out with this."

"We owed you one." Dean shrugged.

He hugged Sam and then Dean. "Your daddy raised you right. I hope to see you guys again. Just not, you know, in here."

"We'll try our best." Sam smiled.

"Right. And don't worry, we'll get rid of the thing." The older Winchester brother moved the air vent cover out of the way.

Deacon nodded his head then held up his hand before Dean could punch him as part of the plan and pointed to his cheek. "Uh, make it look as real as you can, son."

"Alright." Dean nodded punching him in the face then following Sam into the vent.

The Impala was waiting in an alleyway for them along with Ruby. They quickly got into the car and she drove them over to the motel where they changed out of their bright orange prison jumpsuits into their regular clothes. The blonde took a moment to hug them both then went to check out. She handed the Impala's keys to Dean before they got into the car driving off to the cemetery. While they looked for Nurse Glockner's grave, FBI Special Agent Victor Henriksen was putting the pressure on Deacon and Mara. Deacon was giving up nothing so he moved on to the public defender.

"Agent Henriksen, you know that I have attorney-client privilege. I don't legally have to tell you anything." Mara explained to him.

"That is true, but it is also waived if you are knowingly aware that your client is going to do something dangerous. Dean Winchester is a torturer and a killer, Miss Daniels." Victor looked at her.

"Alright. Fine. They escaped the prison and went to a cemetery here in town. Mountainside Cemetery. They were looking for some grave." She admitted slyly omitting part of the truth.

It didn't take long for Victor to mobilize his men and start heading over to that cemetery. Unfortunately for him, The Winchesters and Ruby were at a different cemetery in town. They found the grave that they were looking for after several minutes. Dolores Glockner was etched into the stone. The boys and Ruby made quick work of digging up the grave. They salted and burned her remains. The three of them then sighed in relief. It didn't take long for them to get back to the Impala putting the shovels back in the trunk before driving off. They wanted to put as much distance between them and the FBI as they could.

"You thought we were screwed before?" Sam sighed as his brother drove down the highway.

"Yeah I know. We've got to go deep this time." He shook his head.

"Deep, Dean? We should go to Yemen." The younger Winchester scoffed at that.

"Ooh, I'm not sure I'm ready to go that deep."

Ruby rolled her eyes frowning slightly. "That was too close. Way too close. Look, we just have to be more careful."

"At least they are no closer to figuring out who you are, Ruby." Dean sighed in relief.

"Yeah. Maybe you should consider going back to your dad's until the heat dies down." Sam suggested.

The blonde scoffed at that. "I don't think so. I really do appreciate you guys trying to keep me out of trouble, but I'm not leaving you guys behind. The demon is your fight, but for everything else, I'm here. And I'm not going anywhere."

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