Calls Me Home @daddyslilheartbreaker
Phantom Traveler

Title: Calls Me Home

Summary: A journey through seven seasons of Supernatural through the eyes of two Winchesters and a Singer.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Ruby Singer, Bobby Singer, John Winchester, and a whole ton of others.

Disclaimer: Everything you see here belongs to Eric Kripke & Co. The title belongs to the song "Calls Me Home" by Shannon LaBrie.

Chapter Four

After Wisconsin, the Winchesters and Ruby worked a simple salt & burn case. It was about a week later when the Impala pulled up to the Singer Salvage Yard on the outskirts of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Ruby knew that the Winchesters were determined to find their father and didn't want to do anything to hinder them from doing just that. Still, she wasn't about to miss out on one of her family traditions. Every year since she was six, she always helped her father cook and then they would sit down to have Thanksgiving dinner. Hell, Dean had even joined them last year. As much as she wanted the boys to join them this year, Ruby knew she couldn't force them. She was just grateful that they had agreed to drop her off. Hopping out of the car, Ruby smiled taking in the scent of freshly cut grass, motor oil, and the faint hint of deep fried turkey. Yeah, she was definitely home alright.

The blonde knelt down smiling brightly as a dog came barreling toward her, "Hey Rumsfeld. Good to see you, buddy."

As his daughter pet the family dog, Bobby walked out of the house chuckling softly, "Well I'll be damned. Almost didn't think you were going to make it, sweetheart."

Ruby stood up just then wiping her hands on her jeans before running over to her father squealing softly as she hugged him, "Daddy! Of course I made it. I wouldn't miss it for the world."

The Winchesters stood almost awkwardly as they watched the father and daughter embrace. They shared a look and Dean shrugged his shoulders earning an almost bitch face like look from Sam. He knew how much Sam wanted to find their father so that they could find Jessica's killer. He felt for the kid. He really did. They bickered a bit in hushed whispers before finally agreeing to stay for dinner and then hit the road the next day. Hearing the sound of a car door slam, Ruby turned around thinking the Winchesters were leaving without saying goodbye. She practically lit up though when she saw them walking toward her and her dad carrying their bags. Seeing that look upon her face was worth it. Not that Dean would ever admit that. The blonde headed inside putting her things in her room before washing up and then headed down to the kitchen to cook. It was only a little while later when Bobby brought the turkey in and set it down on the table. He walked into the kitchen only to see Ruby smack Dean's hand as he eyed the pies that were cooling on the counter. He never did understand those two. While Ruby had an older sister and little brother type of relationship with Sam, Bobby never could quite figure out what to call her relationship with Dean. It was different. That's for sure.

The boys headed out the next day just as they had agreed on, but Ruby chose to spend a bit more time with her father. She caught up with the boys that weekend though and got a motel room right next to theirs. It was still dark out when Sam walked into the room he was sharing with Dean carrying two coffees and a bag of donuts. Dean was sprawled out on his stomach in bed wearing just his black boxer briefs and a dark blue t shirt. Hearing the door open, his hand had slid under his pillow to grasp the large hunting knife that laid there. He turned his head and squinted only to relax when he saw that it was just Sam.

"Morning, sunshine." Sam greeted as he walked past Dean's bed only to sit down on his own.

"What time is it?"

"Five forty five."

"In the morning?" Dean asked a bit surprised as he sat up. "Did you even get any sleep?"

"Yep." He handed a coffee to Dean, "Yeah, I grabbed a couple of hours."

"Liar. I was up at three and you were watching George Foreman infomercials." Dean sipped his coffee shooting a look at Sam. "When was the last time you got a good night's sleep?"

"I don't know, a little while, I guess. It's not a big deal." He shrugged as he sipped his own coffee.

"Yeah it is."

"Look, I appreciate your concern."

"Oh, I'm not concerned about you. It's your job to keep my ass alive, so I need you sharp." Dean cut off Sam and then watched him shrug. "Seriously, are you still having nightmares about Jess?"

"Yeah, but it's not just her. It's everything. I just forgot, you know? This job, man, it just gets to you." Sam admitted as he munched on a doughnut.

"You can't let it. You can't bring it home like that."

"So, what? All never keeps you up at night?" He looked over at Dean skeptically and watched him shake his head. "Never? You're never afraid?"

"No. Not really." Dean watches Sam take the knife out from under his pillow holding it up and he snatches it back, "That's not fear. That's precaution."

"Alright, whatever. I'm too tired to argue."

It was just then that Dean's phone rang. The person on the other end was Jerry Panowski, a guy that Dean and John had helped a couple years back with a poltergeist in Kittanning, Pennsylvania. Ruby had been working a different case with her own father at that time. Naturally, Dean's first thought was that the poltergeist had come back, but thankfully that wasn't the case. Jerry wanted to talk about his current problem in person so Dean agreed. Dean got ready while Sam loaded up the car and then Sam knocked on Ruby's door. The blonde grumbled something and threw her shoe at the door. Shaking his head, Sam chuckled lightly and used the spare key to get in.

"Ruby, come on, you gotta get up. We have a case." Sam spoke softly as he entered the motel room cautiously.

The blonde turned pulling the covers over her groaning softly, "Go away. It's too damn early."

"You can sleep in the car." When she said nothing in response to his suggestion, Sam sighed, "You can sleep in the car and I'll buy you coffee along with whatever else you want for breakfast."

Ruby sat up just then letting the blanket slip off of her and stretched a bit yawning, "Fine. Give me ten minutes and I'll be out in the car."

True to her word, Ruby was in the car in ten minutes ready to go. Along the way, they stopped and got her coffee as well as a bagel, her request. It wasn't long after that when they arrived at the Hangar in Pennsylvania where Jerry worked. He met the trio at the door and after introductions were given, he led the trio through the hangar. Sam was surprised when he heard Jerry say that John was proud of him and that John spoke of him all the time. Then he mentioned that he had something he wanted them to hear. They followed him into his office and sat down ready to listen to whatever it was he wanted them to hear.

Jerry sat down at his desk and set a CD up to be played, "I listened to this and, well, it sounded like it was up your alley. Normally I wouldn't have access to this. It's the cockpit voice recorder for United Britannia flight 2485. It was one of ours."

Mayday! Mayday! Repeat! 2485—immediate instruction...may be experiencing some mechanical failure... A loud whooshing sound could be heard and the boys glanced at each other before looking at Jerry.

He stopped the CD and looked at the trio sitting in front of him, "Took off from here, crashed about two hundred miles south. Now, they're saying mechanical failure. Cabin depressurized somehow. Nobody knows why. Over a hundred people on board. Only seven got out alive. Pilot was one. His name is Chuck Lambert. He's a good friend of mine. Chuck is, uh...well, he's pretty broken up about it. Like it was his fault."

"You don't think it was?" Sam asked glancing over at the older man.

Jerry shook his head, "No, I don't."

"Jerry, we're going to need passenger manifests, a list of survivors." Sam began listing off things they need which Jerry nodded his head in agreement.

"And, uh, any way we can take a look at the wreckage?" Dean inquired looking over at Jerry curiously.

He looked at Dean and shook his head, "The other stuff is no problem. But the wreckage...guys, the NTSB has it locked down in an evidence warehouse. No way I've got that kind of clearance."

"No problem." He remarked with a slight frown after pondering it for a moment.

Sam and Ruby were leaning against the Impala waiting for Dean as he was inside the Copy Jack store. He finally walked out and Sam rolled his eyes.

"You've been in there forever."

"You can't rush perfection." Dean grinned holding up three IDs.

Ruby took a closer look at them and raised her eyebrow, "Homeland Security?"

"That's pretty illegal, even for us." Sam remarked taking one of the IDs.

"Yeah, well, it's something new. You know? People haven't seen it a thousand times." He remarked getting in the car with them, "Alright, so what do you got?"

"Well, there's definitely EVP on the cockpit voice recorder." Sam made sure to point out.


Ruby nodded and played the tape, "Listen."

No Survivors!

"No Survivors? What's that supposed to mean? There were seven survivors." Dean pointed out with a look of confusion upon his face.

"Got me." Sam shrugged his shoulders.

"So, what are we thinking? A haunted flight?" He glanced at both Sam and Ruby.

"There's a long history of spirits and death omens on planes and ships, like phantom travelers." Sam explained.


Ruby nodded and then remembered something, "Or remember flight 401?"

"Right. The one that crashed, the airline salvaged some of its parts, put it in other planes, then the spirit of the pilot and copilot haunted those flights." Dean nodded recalling the facts about that particular flight.

"Maybe we got a similar deal."

"Alright, so, survivors. Which one do you want to talk to first?"

"Third on the list: Max Jaffey."

"Why him?"

"Well, for one, he's from around here. And two, if anyone saw anything weird, he did."

"And what makes you say that?"

"Well, I spoke to his mother and she told me where to find him."

It was only a few minutes later that the Impala pulled up to the Riverfront Psychiatric Hospital. They met up with Max who was walking around with a cane. They learned that he had seen a guy with black eyes open the emergency exit. He also revealed that the guy had been sitting right in front of him on the plane. As the boys headed back to the Impala, they realized that Ruby was gone. The passenger manifest showed that George Phelps was sitting in seat 20C which was right in front of Max Jaffey. When the boys arrived at the Phelps house, they weren't surprised at all to find Ruby walking out of the home.

"Ruby, what the hell? You can't just take off and interview someone without telling us." Dean snapped glaring at the blonde that was approaching them.

Her bright blue eyes widened slightly before she rolled them feeling a bit annoyed, "I know that, but Mrs. Phelps is a widow. I just didn't three people showing up to ask her questions was the right way to approach this."

"Damn right you didn't think.." Dean started before being cut off by Sam.

"What Dean is trying to say is that we were just worried when you suddenly weren't there. Next time, just voice your concerns and we'll figure out together what the best approach should be." Sam intervened speaking as calmly as he could.

Ruby nodded in agreement and the three of them got back into the Impala. She relayed the information she had learned which turned out to not be much at all. The wife had never noticed anything out of the ordinary in regards to her late husband.

"I mean it goes without saying. It just doesn't make sense." Sam remarked with a slight shrug.

"A middle-aged dentist with an ulcer is not exactly evil personified. You know what we need to do is get inside that NTSB warehouse, check out the wreckage." Dean pointed out with a nod of his head.

Ruby sat up a bit straighter and nodded in agreement, "Okay, but if we're going to go that route, we better look the part."

An hour later, the boys exit a store called 'MORT'S for Style'. They are both dressed nicely in crisp black suits with white dress shirts, black ties, and shiny black dress shoes. Sam adjusted his collar while Dean tugged at his own collar annoyingly.

"Man, I look like one of the Blues Brothers." Dean grimaced as they walked down the sidewalk.

"No, you don't. You look more like a...seventh grader at his first dance." Sam responded failing to hold back the laughter that threatened to spill out.

"I hate this thing." He shot Sam a look before looking down at himself.

"Hey, you want into that warehouse or not?" Sam asked as they approached the Impala.

He never did get an answer from Dean as his brother was too distracted by the blonde that was headed their way. Her long golden locks were pinned into a simple updo to go with her equally simple outfit. A black skirt that came to mid thigh paired with a white dress shirt and a black suit jacket that she had buttoned closed. To add a few finishing touches, Ruby had slipped into a pair of black pumps while adorning herself with simple pearl earrings and a matching single string pearl necklace. It wasn't as if she needed them, but she also slid on a pair of thin black rimmed glasses.

Ruby smirked at Dean's reaction and yanked on his tie playfully, "Down boy."

The three of them arrived at the warehouse and walked in showing their badges to the security guard that was on duty. He nodded his head letting them and once the doors shut behind them, the trio let out a collective sigh of relief. As they walk among the plane wreckage, Dean pulled out an EMF meter and placed ear buds in his ears.

"What is that?" Sam asked eyeing his brother curiously.

"It's an EMF meter. Reads electromagnetic frequencies." Dean explained as he turned it on.

"Yeah, I know what an EMF meter is, but why does that one look like a busted up Walkman?" He chuckled slightly.

"Cause that's what I made it out of. It's homemade." Dean grinned proud of his creation.

"Yeah, I can see that." Sam remarked causing Dean's grin to fade.

Ruby shook her head and patted Dean's shoulder gently, "Sam, don't hate. It's actually pretty impressive that he made his own EMF meter."

Before Sam could respond, the EMF meter gets an audible spike as Dean passes it over a piece of wreckage that had yellow dust on it.

"Check out the emergency door handle." Dean gestured to it before scratching at the yellow dust, "What is this stuff?"

"One way to find out." Sam said pulling out a knife and scraped some of the yellow dust into a baggie.

At the same time, two real Homeland Security agents approached the security guard's desk showing their badges. The guard was skeptical at first wondering why one team of them wasn't enough and naturally the agents were confused. He then pointed out that three agents had just gone inside to see the wreckage not five minutes ago. Of course Sam, Dean, and Ruby had managed to slip out back right before the agents along with several security guards came bursting in with their guns drawn. The three of them peered around the corner of the building before walking around it casually. Then the alarm went off and the three of them took off running only to reach the gated exit. Dean slid his suit jacket off and draped it over the top of the barbed wire fence. Sam hopped over the fence first and then Dean helped up the fence. She toppled over though only to land in Sam's arms. The blonde shot him a grateful look as he set her down on her feet. Dean landed on their side on his own feet just then and grabbed his jacket.

"Well, these monkey suits do come in handy." He chuckled before the three of them took off running to the car.

It was not too long later that they were back in Jerry's office. The older man was looking through a microscope at the yellow substance they had found in the wreckage. He concluded that the stuff had been covered in sulfur. Sam asked if he was sure and Jerry insisted he take a look for himself. Just then, banging and a guy yelling could be heard from outside. Jerry excused himself to go take care of it. The three of them discuss the findings and realize that not many things leave behind a sulfuric residue so that narrowed it down to a demonic possession. They returned to the motel and went into full on research mode. There were pictures and articles taped to the walls as well as strewn across the beds. Dean was sitting on one bed while looking at something on another. Sam was sitting at the table typing away on his laptop while Ruby was looking at an article that was taped to the wall.

"So, every religion in every world culture has the concept of demons and demonic possession, right? I mean Christian, Native American, Hindu, you name it." Sam spoke up glancing at them.

"Yeah, but none of them describe anything like this." Dean pointed out.

"Well, that's not exactly true. You see according to Japanese beliefs, certain demons are behind certain disasters, both natural and man-made. One causes earthquakes, another causes disease." He explained with a shrug as Dean stood up.

Ruby glanced over at Sam raising her eyebrow, "And this one causes plane crashes?"

"Yeah. You know, who knows how many planes it's brought down before this one?" Sam questioned as Dean snorted and turned away, "What?"

"I don't know, man. This isn't our normal gig. I mean, demons, they don't want anything, just death and destruction for its own sake. This is big. And I wish Dad was here." Dean admitted earning a nod in agreement from Sam.

"Yeah. Me too."

As if on cue, Dean's cell phone rang, but it was Jerry calling. He informed Dean that his friend Chuck Lambert, the pilot of the plane that had crashed, had died. Chuck and his buddy had gone up in a small twin plane about an hour ago. The plane had gone down. Dean extended his condolences and learned of the location of the crash. They headed out there and acquired a sample from the wreckage before driving over to Jerry's office. He examined the sample using his microscope and came to the same conclusion. It was sulfur.

"Well, that's great. All right, that's two plane crashes involving Chuck Lambert. This demon sounds like it was after him." Dean assumed with a nod.

"With all due respect to Chuck, if that's the case, that would be the good news."

"And what's the bad news?"

"Chuck's plane went down exactly forty minutes into flight. And get this, so did flight 2485."

Jerry appeared confused, "Forty minutes? What does that mean?"

Ruby nodded as she chose to explain, "It's biblical numerology. You know, Noah's ark, it rained for forty days. The number means death."

Sam then reveals that he had looked further and there had been six other plane crashes over the last decade that all went down exactly forty minutes into the flight. It was also pointed out that there had been no survivors in any of those crashes which matched what the voice on the EVP recording had said. No survivors.

"It's going after all of the survivors. It's trying to finish the job." Dean concluded after thinking it all through for a moment.

Night had fallen by the time they had left Jerry's office. Sam and Ruby went through the list of survivors calling them in an effort to find out which ones were flying again anytime soon while Dean drove.

"Really? Well, thank you for taking our survey, And if you do plan to fly, please don't forget your friends at United Britannia Airlines. Thanks." Sam hung up and glanced at the two, "Alright, that takes care of Blaine Sanderson and Dennis Holloway. They aren't flying anytime soon."

Ruby nodded crossing their names off the list, "So our only wildcard is the flight attendant Amanda Walker."

"Right. Her sister Karen said her flight leaves Indianapolis at Eight PM. It's her first night back on the job." He recalled.

"Well, that sounds just like our luck."

"Dean, this is a five-hour drive, man, even with you behind the wheel." He spoke up not sounding too optimistic.

"Call Amanda's cell phone again. See if we can't head her off at the pass." Dean instructed pressing down on the gas pedal a little more increasing the speed of the Impala just a bit.

Ruby sighed at that, "I've already left her three voice messages. She must have her cell phone turned off."

"God, we're never going to make it." Sam sighed glancing out the window.

"We'll make it."

The Impala swung into a parking space after it reached the airport. They climbed out of the car and it was Sam that pointed out to Dean that they were at an airport. Dean grumbled and popped open the trunk putting all of his weapons in there. He slammed the trunk shut and walked with them toward the airport.

"Man, I feel naked now." He frowned as they rushed into the airport.

According to the departure board, the flight didn't board for another thirty minutes. Dean realized they still had some cards to play and led them in a search for a phone. They located a courtesy phone and Dean picked it up asking to be put through to flight attendant Amanda Walker at Gate 13. It worked and he tried to feed her a story about her sister being in the hospital after a car accident. Unfortunately for him, Amanda saw through it as she had just gotten off the phone with her sister who was at home. She asked if he was a friend of some guy named Vince and Dean agreed just going with it in hopes it would keep her off the plane. It didn't work and she hung up instead.

"Alright, it's time for Plan B. We're getting on that plane." Sam decided with a determined look in his eyes.

"Whoa, whoa, now just hold on a second." Dean protested all wide eyed as he held his hands up in front of him.

Ruby sighed and looked at Dean, "Dean, that plane is leaving with over a hundred passengers on board, and if we're right, that plane is gonna crash."

"I know."

"Okay. So we're getting on the plane, we need to find that demon and exorcise it. I'll get the tickets. You two get whatever you can out of the trunk. Whatever that will make it through the security. Meet me back here in five minutes." Sam instructed before noticing the anxious look upon Dean's face, "You okay?"

"No, not really."

"What's wrong?"

"Well, I kind of have this problem with, uh..." He trailed off.

"Flying?" Sam suggested finishing his sentence.

"It's never really been an issue until now."

"You're joking, right?"

"Do I look like I'm joking? Why do you think I drive everywhere, Sam?"

"Alright, I'll go by myself or with Ruby." Sam offered.


"I'll do this one on my own or with Ruby." He reiterated for his brother's benefit.

"What are you? Nuts? You said it yourself. The plane's going to crash."

"Dean, we can do this together, I can do it on my own, or I can go up there with Ruby. I'm not seeing any other options here."

"Come on! Really? Man..." Dean trailed off with a grimace as Sam walked off to get their tickets.

Ruby sat between Sam and Dean with the older Winchester getting the aisle seat while the younger Winchester got the window seat. Dean was sitting in his seat anxiously reading the safety card which wasn't helping matters at all.

"Just try to relax." Sam spoke up in an effort to calm his brother.

"Just try to shut up." Dean retorted shooting him a slight glare.

The plane took off after a few more moments with Dean jumping at every rumble and sound. A smirk was plastered upon Sam's face at his brother's reactions. Dean's knuckles were pale white as he gripped the arm rests tightly. Once the plane was in the air, he relaxed a little and even began to hum a familiar heavy metal tune. Sam just chuckled and shook his head.

Ruby, though, raised her eyebrow at him, "Is that Metallica you're humming?"

"What? It relaxes me when I'm nervous." Dean insisted defensively and then glanced around.

She pried his hand off the arm rest and squeezed it lightly, "You've got to relax, Dean. This thing is attracted to the emotionally vulnerable. It'll possess the ones with an obvious chink in their armor."

"This plane is going to crash, Ruby." He glared at her appearing almost panicked.

She squeezed his hand again and looked directly into his eyes, "Not if we can help it. We'll be okay. I promise."

With that said, Dean managed to regain some of his composure and went off to go talk to the flight attendant Amanda Walker. He returned after a few minutes and relayed that the demon was definitely not in her. The three of them knew they had less than forty minutes to locate the demon and then exorcise it. Dean got up again and walked around with his EMF detector. Ruby went toward the back and made small talk with the flight attendant just to make sure Dean hadn't missed anything due to his nervousness. Sam came up behind Dean placing his hand on Dean's shoulder causing the elder Winchester to jump.

"Don't do that!"

"Sorry, man. Get anything?" Sam chuckled slightly and then looked at his brother.

"Not yet. Maybe it's not on the plane."

"You believe that?"

"Well, I will if you will." Dean said as he glanced down to see his EMF meter spike.

Both of the boys then looked up only to see the copilot exiting the bathroom. They watched him walk back toward the cockpit and that's when Dean chose to act.


The copilot turned slowly to face them and his eyes were pure black. He turned back and walked into the cockpit as Dean looked at Sam.

The boys headed straight for the back of the plane where they met up with Ruby who was still talking to Amanda. Sam closed the curtain behind them and filled in Ruby quietly before they all faced Amanda.

The flight attendant smiled at them as she finished sorting things out, "Oh, hi. Flight's not too bumpy for you, I hope."

"Actually, that's kind of what we need to talk to you about." Dean said as calmly as he could.

The golden haired attendant looked at him almost confused, "Um, okay. What can I do for you?"

"Alright, this is going to sound nuts, but we don't have time for the whole 'the truth is out there' speech." Dean started only to get cut off by Sam.

"Alright, look, we know you were on flight 2485." Sam spoke up looking at her.

Her polite smile disappeared at that, "Who are you?"

"Now, we spoke to some of the other survivors. We know it wasn't mechanical failure that brought down the other plane." Sam informed her.

"We need your help because we need to stop it from happening again. Here. Now." Dean looked at her.

Amanda shook her head and tried to push past Dean, "I'm sorry. I..I'm very busy. I have to go back."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second. I'm not gonna hurt you, okay? But listen to me, uh...The pilot in 2485, Chuck Lambert. He's dead." Dean informed her with an almost sympathetic tone to his voice as he stopped her.

She looked at them in shock, "Wait, what? What, Chuck's dead?"

Ruby sighed pushing past the boys to look at her, "He died in a plane crash. Now, that's two plane crashes in two months. That doesn't strike you as strange?"

The girl just looked at her, "I.."

The blonde hunter tucked her hair behind her ear trying to speak as calmly as she could, "Look, there was something wrong with 2485. Now maybe you sensed it, maybe you didn't. But there's something wrong with this flight, too."

"Amanda, you have to believe us." Dean spoke up looking at her.

The flight attendant looked at them as if she were processing everything they were saying, "On...on 2485, there was this man. He...had these eyes."

"Yes, that's exactly what we're talking about." Sam nodded his head.

She sighed looking at them, "I don't understand. What are you asking me to do?"

They explained that they just wanted her to get the copilot to come back there because they needed to talk to him. She hesitated after saying she could lose her job though they convinced her that she could potentially lose more than that if she didn't help them. It was only a moment later that she agreed and went off to get the copilot. Sam pulled out the bottle of holy water that he had taken from Dean earlier when Dean had wanted to use it on Amanda and Sam had insisted instead he use the more subtle way of just saying 'Christo'. Dean pulled out their father's journal and handed it to Sam who opened it flipping to the page they needed. The copilot walked in just then and Dean punched him in the face knocking him down. He pinned him to the ground placing duct tape over his mouth.

Amanda looked on shocked and almost disturbed at the sight, "Wait, what are you doing? I thought you were going to talk to him."

"We are going to talk to him." Dean splashed holy water on the copilot's skin which sizzled upon contact with the water.

Her eyes widened at that, "Oh my god! What's wrong with him?"

Ruby shook her head and stepped over to Amanda blocking her view of what the boys were doing, "Look, we need you calm and we need you outside the curtain."

The blonde just looked at her in disbelief, "Well, I don't underst..I don't know.."

She grasped her arms for a moment looking in her eyes, "Don't let anybody in, okay? Can you do that? Can you do that? Amanda?

The flight attendant snapped out of it and nodded her head, "Okay, okay."

Amanda regained her composure and stepped past the curtain making sure it was shut behind her before acting as if nothing were wrong. Ruby moved to help Dean hold down the demon possessed copilot as Sam began reading aloud the first part of the two part exorcism. The demon broke free knocking them both aside and hitting Sam as well. Dean and Ruby managed to subdue him again giving Sam a chance to continue reading. The demon knocks the two off of him again and removes the duct tape from his mouth in the process.

"I know what happened to your girlfriend! She must have died screaming! Even now, she's burning!" It hissed at Sam as it grabbed him by the collar.

Dean recovered and hit the demon knocking him away from Sam who simply sat there stunned. Ruby helped him pin the copilot down again and he looked over at his brother who was just sitting there in a daze. He called out his name and Sam snapped out of it to finish reading the first part of the exorcism. He then set the journal down moving to help them hold the copilot in place. In a last act of rebellion in the copilot's body, the demon kicked the journal away from them sending it past the curtain and up the aisle before the demon disappeared into one of the plane's vents leaving the copilot unconscious on the floor.

"Where'd it go?" Sam asked as he glanced around while the three of them got to their feet.

"It's in the plane. Hurry up. We've got to finish it." Dean responded only to watch Sam disappear past the curtain in search of the journal.

Just then, the plane suddenly dipped and heaved violently. The movement sending Dean backward splaying him up against the exit door causing him to scream. Sam fell to the floor and looked around before spotting the journal. He crawled toward it while Ruby struggled to stay upright in the back as she looked toward Dean. Suddenly the plane jerked violently again and she went flying in his direction. Dean snapped out of it and caught her pulling her up against him before she could crash into the wall face first. Hazel green eyes met bright blue and as the plane shook more, their lips met. The kiss was gentle at first, but grew passionate rather quickly. Oblivious to what was happening in the back, Sam finally reached the journal and grabbed it flipping it to the right page. He took a breath and then recited the second part of the exorcism. The plane continued to jerk violently and then suddenly it went still as Sam finished the exorcism. He sighed in relief and stood up dusting himself off. Dean and Ruby broke apart catching their breaths before looking at each other. Neither said a word as they headed through the curtain to find Sam. The plane landed back at the airport it had departed from not too long after that.

In the airport, there are agents everywhere. Paramedics, FAA, FBI, you name it. The copilot was seated in a wheelchair with a blanket wrapped around him telling an FAA agent that he didn't know what happened as he had been walking through the airport and then it all went blank. He didn't even remember getting on the plane. Amanda was standing a few feet away being questioned by an FBI agent. As she finished giving the agent her statement, she glanced over at the three hunters who were standing across the way and mouthed 'thank you' to them. They nodded and headed for the exit.

"You okay?" Dean asked glancing at Sam as the three of them walked out of the airport heading over toward the Impala.

"Dean, it knew about Jessica."

"Sam, these things, they...they read minds. They lie. Alright? That's all it was." He assured his younger brother as they reached the car.

"Yeah." He nodded and shot a grateful smile at Ruby who had just placed her hand on his back rubbing it lightly.

They stayed at the motel that night and then returned to the airport the next day where they met up with Jerry again. He assured them that no one knew what they did on the plane, but he did. He said a lot of people could of been killed. He then shook their hands and smiled stating their dad would be really proud of them. They began to head off back to the Impala when Dean stopped and looked over at Jerry.

"You know, Jerry, I meant to ask you, how did you get my cellphone number anyway? I've only had it for six months." Dean remarked looking over at the older man curiously.

Jerry nodded and chuckled slightly, "Your dad gave it to me."

"What?" Sam looked over at him in surprise.

"When did you talk to him?"

He shrugged looking at them a bit sheepishly, "I mean, I didn't exactly talk to him, but I called his number. His voice message said to give you a call. Thanks again, guys."

"This doesn't make any sense, man. I've called Dad's number like fifty times. It's been out of service." Sam spoke up as they leaned against the Impala a little while later on the side of the airport access road.

Dean dialed an all too familiar phone number and put his phone on speaker so that Sam along with Ruby could hear. The phone rang a few times before going straight to voice mail. This is John Winchester. I can't be reached. If this is an emergency, call my son, Dean. 785-555-0179. He can help. Hearing that, Sam grew upset and got into the car. Dean and Ruby shared a look before getting into the car as well. A moment later, the Impala drove off putting the airport far behind them.

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