Calls Me Home @daddyslilheartbreaker
Houses of the Holy

Title: Calls Me Home

Summary: A journey through fifteen seasons of Supernatural through the eyes of two Winchesters and a Singer.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Ruby Singer, Bobby Singer, John Winchester, and a whole ton of others.

Disclaimer: Everything you see here belongs to Eric Kripke and Co. The title belongs to the song "Calls Me Home" by Shannon LaBrie.

Author's Note: Thanks B16! There will definitely be some more angst for Dean and Ruby in the future.

Chapter Thirty Four

"It's not that big of a deal." Sam shrugged his shoulders at his brother.

"Of course it is, Sam. We agreed to lay low for a little while. This isn't laying low. This is hunting." Dean gestured at the research his brother was doing.

"This is different. I'm looking into Ava and the rest of us. So far I'm only getting more questions than answers." He sighed.

Ruby leaned against the doorway folding her arms across her chest as she looked over at them. "I've been thinking about it too. I just don't get it. If what Gordon said was true about the yellow eyed demon amassing an army of special children with powers, why let any of them die? Why continue trying to create more? How long is this supposed war supposed to last?"

"Exactly the questions I had along with why kill Jessica?" Sam added with a frown.

She shook her head. "Because it's a demon and demons are dicks. Look, I found something interesting in a newspaper. A woman killed a man and claimed an angel made her do it."

"Sounds like your typical crazy person to me." Dean shrugged his shoulders.

Ruby sighed at him. "I thought so as well until I saw that another person killed a man and claimed the same thing. Both from the same town. There doesn't seem to be any other connection between the killers."

"That is pretty odd. It could be a copycat though." He pointed out as Sam considered what she had said.

She rolled her eyes. "In all of our years of hunting, how many times has it been a copycat? Yeah that's what I thought. I checked with Ash just to be safe and there's no signs of any demonic activity in that town."

"I'm still skeptical, but alright." Dean sighed.

"I'll look into it. Dean can stay here and lay low."

"Um no, you're not going hunting on your own." He narrowed his eyes at his brother.

"Alright so I'll go with Ruby."

"No. We lay low and that's final." Dean huffed at him.

Ruby sighed running her fingers through his hair. "Dean, we can't just ignore it. We have to at least check it out. How about we all go together? Sam can talk to the woman while you lay low in the motel."

Against both of their better judgements, Dean and Ruby left her father's home with Sam to investigate this case the blonde had found. They drove to Providence, Rhode Island where the murders had occurred. Ruby rented the room at the local motel and rolled her eyes playfully when Dean discovered that the beds had something called Magic Fingers which made them vibrate. Sam went to interview Gloria Sitnick, a hooker who had committed one of the murders. She was currently residing in a local government run psychiatric facility. Dean laid on his bed listening to music with his eyes closed continuously supplying the Magic Fingers with quarters to keep it vibrating. The blonde smirked grasping his hand stopping him from putting another quarter in. Before he could open his eyes, Ruby leaned in pressing a kiss to his lips. He kissed her back stopping his music setting the player aside next to his dwindling pile of quarters. Their kiss grew more passionate and their hands began to wander. His lips trailed down to her neck as his hands slid beneath her shirt.

Sam returned to the motel room a little while later with food for them. His brother and Ruby looked freshly showered. She was also wearing one of Dean's shirts. He smirked to himself happy to see that the pair were happy together. Ruby blushed eating her food quietly while Dean bugged his brother for some more quarters. Sam walked over to the bathroom rinsing his face with some cold water.

"You are way too into the Magic Fingers. It's making me uncomfortable." He made a face at his big brother.

"Well you've got me stuck here on lockdown bored out of my skull. It's either Magic Fingers or Ruby." Dean shrugged.

Ruby blushed more throwing a pillow at Dean. "Shut up!"

"Anyway, did you get in to see that crazy hooker?" He got smacked with a pillow tossing it back onto the bed before turning his attention back to Sam.

"Yeah and I'm not so sure she was crazy. She really believes that she saw an angel that told her to kill Carl Gully because he was evil."

"Was he?" Dean raised his eyebrows.

"I'm not sure. There was no dirt on him. He was a church goer who worked at the campus library. Lots of friends and no criminal record."

"So Gloria's just your standard issue whacko then. She wouldn't be the first to kill in the name of religion." He pointed out.

"No, but she's the second in town to murder because an angel told them to. Bit odd, don't you think?"

"Little odd? Yes. Supernatural? Not at all." Dean shrugged moving to sit back down.

Ruby raised her brows at him. "What makes you so sure?"

"Because angels don't exist."

"There's ten times as much lore on angels than anything else we've ever hunted." Sam reminded him.

"Yeah and you know what? There's tons of lore on unicorns too. I hear they ride on silver moonbeams and shoot rainbows out of their ass."

"Wait, there's no such thing as unicorns?" Sam deadpanned as he sat down.

"That's cute. I'm just saying that there's some things that you just have to file under bull crap and angels are one of them."

"Why?" He eyed him curiously.

"Because I've never seen one."

Ruby snorted shaking her head at them. "You don't think they're really walking around with golden halos and fluffy white feathered wings do you? If demons can roam the earth looking like regular humans then it stands to reason that angels probably can too."

"I believe in what I can see. That's hard proof. In all this time, I've never seen anything that looks like an angel. If they existed, don't you think we would have crossed paths already? Or at least know someone that has crossed paths with them. No, it has to be a demon or a spirit. You know, they find people a few fries short of a happy meal and trick them into killing these randoms." He tossed his hands in the air.

She bit her lip holding back the words that she actually wanted to say. "Maybe."

"Ugh I'm going stir crazy, man. Can we just go by Gloria's apartment and check it out?"

"I already did. No sulfur and no EMF. But Gloria did say that the angel gave her a sign right beside Carl's doorway." Sam admitted with a shrug.

"Could be something at his house. It's worth checking out." He was eager to get out of the motel room.

After getting dressed, Ruby and Dean got into the car with Sam. Dean drove them through town and over to Carl Gully's home. It looked completely unassuming from the outside. There was a plastic angel figure to left of the front door. Ruby rolled her eyes as Dean continued to make mocking jokes about the angels. She got where he was coming from, but it also bothered her that he couldn't at least approach this with an open mind. The three hunters tried not to look suspicious as they looked around the outside of the Gully home. She followed the brothers through a gate wandering around back where the wooden entrance to a storm shelter lay.

"You know, Gloria did say that the man was guilty right down to his deepest foundations." Sam pointed out.

"You think she literally meant the foundation?"

"Maybe." He shrugged his shoulders.

Ruby shook her head then glanced around. "Too risky right now. Let's come back to check it out after nightfall."

The two men agreed and the hunters got back into the Impala returning to the motel. Sam got to working doing some more research on angels once they got back to the motel. Ruby took a nap while Dean spent the rest of his quarters on the Magic Fingers. She woke up a little while later shaking her head when she heard them playfully bickering over Dean wanting more quarters. The blonde freshened up in the bathroom then walked back out curling up against Dean again. Sam went over some lore he had found about angels though Dean didn't seem too impressed.

Ruby sighed relaxing against him. "My aunt, my mother's sister, is Wiccan. I remember as a kid thinking she was the coolest. She taught me that nature was all about balance. There is good and there is evil. So knowing that demons exist, is it really that far fetched to believe that angels might too?"

"Yes because like I said. I haven't seen them." Dean shrugged his shoulders.

She shook her head smiling softly at him. "I get that, I do. I just want you to consider all the possibilities with this case, okay?"

"I'll try. I make no promises though." He relented relaxing a bit.

At nightfall, the three hunters went back out to Carl Gully's home. They carefully approached the storm shelter lifting the doors open. It made a creaking sound. They made their way down the stairs using their flashlights to guide the way. Sam's flashlight pointed toward the side of the room revealing scratches in the wall. He approached the wall frowning when he pulled something from it. That something was a fingernail. Dean handed him a shovel and took one for himself. The two brothers dug through the floor while Ruby kept watch and held the flashlight over what they were doing. It wasn't too long after that when they found themselves staring down at a pile of skeletons. The sight alone made Ruby shudder. After making sure no trace of the three of them could be found, they headed back to the motel and put in an anonymous tip to the police. The next day Dean was left alone in the motel room while Sam and Ruby went into research mode.

"Did you bring any more quarters?" Dean's face brightened when he saw Sam walk into their shared motel room.

"No and I'm not enabling your sick habit." He scoffed tossing a sandwich to his brother. "You're like a lab rat who continuously presses the pleasure button instead of the food button until it dies."

"What are you talking about? I eat. I also got news." He smiled and took a bite out of his sandwich.

Ruby handed him a drink smiling softly. "Yeah and so do we."

"Alright, you go first." Dean smiled at her then took a sip of his drink.

"Three students have disappeared off of the college campus in the last year. All of them were last seen in the library." Sam filled him in.

"Where Carl Gully worked. Sick bastard." He shook his head.

Ruby nodded her head in agreement. "No one thought anything of it at the time since he was seen as the sweet church going librarian, but Carl gave special attention to the missing students. No complaints were ever filed against him so they probably just thought he was being helpful. He had a calendar at his desk with marks in it corresponding to the last days the missing students were seen. The last mark... was the day after he died. So Gloria inadvertently may have saved someone's life."

"So Gloria's angel... " Sam trailed off as his brother gave him a look.

"Angel? Whatever it is, it struck again." Dean revealed gesturing to the police scanner. "I was listening before you guys got back. This guy, Zach Smith, is a local drunk and went over to a stranger's house last night stabbing him right in the heart." Dean explained.

"And he confessed to the cops right after?"

"Yep. Said Roma Downey made him do it." He rolled his eyes finishing his sandwich and grabbing a Post It note. "Now I got the victim's address."

Ruby finished her sandwich and grabbed her laptop. "Let's look into Mr. Smith. No assaults on his record. A few drunk and disorderlys though."

Dean drove them over to the victim's house. He parked the Impala around the corner out of sight. Sam hopped over the fence first then he and Dean helped Ruby over. The three of them crossed the yard approaching the house. Ruby gestured toward the open window. They scoped things out to make sure no one was around then climbed into the window. Dean and Ruby started to look around while Sam took a seat at the victim's computer.

"Find anything?" Sam asked as they approached him while he searched the computer.

"Well his name is Frank and he liked his catalogue shopping." Dean shrugged his shoulders. "You?"

"Not much here either. Except he's got this one locked file on his computer that I can't.. hold on. Got it." He grinned in triumph though it quickly turned into a frown. "God."

"What is it?"

"He's got all these emails. Dozens of them in fact. All to this lady named Jennifer. This lady who is thirteen years old." His jaw clenched in disgust.

"Oh I don't want to hear this." Dean shook his head.

"It looks like they met in a chat room. It got pretty personal too. Look they set up a time and a place to meet. It was supposed to be today." Sam pointed out.

"Huh. Well I guess if you're going to stab someone to death, good timing. I don't know. This is all just weird. I mean, sure some spirits are out for vengeance, but this one is more like a do gooder, you know? Almost like.. like a.."

"Avenging angel? Well how else do you explain it, Dean? These guys, not connected to each other, all stabbed through the heart? At least two were world class pervs and I bet if you dug deep enough on the third guy..." Sam trailed off as Ruby caught their attention.

She held up a church flier studying it. "Or maybe they did have a connection. What church did you say Carl Gully attended?"

"Uh.. Our Lady Of The Angels." Sam recalled.

"Of course that would be the name." Dean rolled his eyes.

Ruby turned the flier toward them. "Looks like Frank went to the same church."

Despite telling him that he should go back to the motel, Dean drove them over to the church instead. The blonde wasn't sure if it was such a good idea to have Dean here with his current aversion to angels. Not that she blamed him for that. Sam led the way into the church and she followed interlacing her hand with Dean's hand.

It wasn't long before a priest approached them. "Hello. I'm Father Reynolds. Welcome to Our Lady Of The Angels."

Ruby stepped in before either of the boys could speak. "Hello Father. It's nice to meet you. I'm Ruby, this is my husband Dean, and his brother Sam."

It was a little white lie, but it wasn't that far off from the truth, at least.

The friendly looking priest smiled nodding at them. "It's nice to meet you as well. So what brings you to our church today?"

"Well, uh, my wife and I are in the process of looking for a new house. We've been checking out the neighborhoods and the local churches to see what fits us best." Dean explained squeezing Ruby's hand gently.

Father Reynolds smiled at them again. "Well we're always welcoming new parishioners."

Ruby glanced around before focusing on the priest again. "It's such a beautiful church. It's a shame the neighborhood seems tarnished."

The priest sighed at that. "Ah yes, the murders. The victims were parishioners of mine. I've known them for years."

"I thought I saw one of the local papers say something about angels." Sam pointed out.

He nodded at him. "Yes. The killers believe an angel told them to do it. Misguided souls, if you ask me. To think that God's messenger would appear and incite them to murder. It's tragic."

"So you don't believe the story they're selling either?" Dean raised his brows.

Father Reynolds shook his head. "Oh of course I do. I absolutely believe. It's in the job description."

Ruby stared at a painting in awe. "Is that..."

The priest smiled at her. "Yes it is. The archangel Michael with the flaming sword. The fighter of demons. Holy force against evil."

"So they're not all cherubic and white fluffy feathers." Sam chuckled slightly.

Father Reynolds chuckled as well. "No of course not. I like to think of them as more loving than wrathful, but yes a lot of Scripture paints angels as God's warriors. 'An angel of the Lord appeared to them. The glory of the Lord shone down upon them and they were terrified.' Luke. Two Nine."

"Well thank you for speaking with us, Father." The younger Winchester nodded at him.

He smiled at them as he walked them outside. "Oh it was my pleasure. I hope to see you three again."

"Hey Father, what is all this about?" Dean gestured to the collection of flowers, candles, and other tribute items off to the side on the stairs.

The priest looked solemnly at that. "Oh that's for Father Gregory. He was a priest here."

"Was?" Sam softened toward him.

Father Reynolds sighed. "Yes. He passed away right on these steps about two months ago. Shot for his car keys. He's interred in the church's crypt."

Ruby frowned giving the priest a sympathetic look. "That is so tragic. I am so sorry for your loss."

He nodded at her. "Thank you. His loss was a tough blow to the community. He was a good friend. I didn't even have time to administer last rights. I've been praying my heart out ever since he died."

"For what?" Sam looked at the priest curiously.

Father Reynolds looked at them solemnly. "For deliverance. From the violence and bloodshed around here. We could all use a little divine inspiration around here, I suppose."

"Well thank you for speaking with us." He nodded at the priest.

"Alright it's all starting to make sense now. Father Gregory died a violent death. That's vengeful spirit material right there." Dean pointed out once they had walked away from the church.

"Then again Father Reynolds started praying for God's help about two months ago around when this all started, right?" Sam pointed out.

Ruby nodded her head considering both sides of the argument. "Right. I don't know. If it was a vengeful spirit, he'd be doing the killing himself or just have random people do it. But the killers have been a prostitute and a drunk among others that could use a better hand in life. The victims being members of the church would mean that the priests probably know their dirty little secrets too. So what if it is just a spirit of a priest who wasn't ready to stop helping his community?"

"And they all said they saw an angel that told them to do it." Sam added.

"Okay since when are you all Mr. uh 700 club, huh? Since this started, you've been willing to buy this angel crap. I mean, what's next? Are you going to start praying everyday?" Dean huffed at his brother.

"I already do. I have for a long time." He shrugged his shoulders.

"The things you learn about a guy. Huh. Well come on, let's go check out Father Gregory's grave."

She knew they had to, but Ruby couldn't deny that she felt a bit wrong for venturing into the church's crypt. Especially after how kind Father Reynolds had been to them. They didn't get too far when they realized Sam wasn't behind them. Turning around, they ventured back only to find him passed out on the floor. They rushed over to him checking the younger man over for any sign of injury.

"Sammy? Sammy? Hey!" Dean called to him trying to wake his brother up.

"Huh?" He stirred awake.

"Are you okay?" He sighed in relief.

"Yeah I'm okay." Sam stared up at the stone angel beside them in awe.

Ruby bit her lip as she had a feeling about how he ended up passed out. "Come on, Sam."

Dean helped him out into the sanctuary and sat him down. He offered Sam his flask which he refused and shrugged taking a swig himself. Ruby shook her head and smoothed out Sam's hair.

A sigh fell from her lips as she looked at him. "You saw it, didn't you?"

"Yeah I saw an angel."

"You.. You.. alright." Dean took another swig. "What makes you think you saw an angel?"

"It just appeared before me and I just.. this feeling washed over. Like peace. Like grace." He explained in awe.

"Okay ecstasy boy. Maybe I'll get you some glow sticks and a nice Dr. Seuss hat to go along with that, huh?"

"Dean, I'm serious. It spoke to me. It knew who I was." Sam admitted to them.

The blonde frowned at him. "It told you who to kill, didn't it?"

"Yeah it did. It even told me why too. Well sort of. It said that he didn't do anything yet, but that he was going to."

Ruby looked at him in disbelief. "You can't kill someone just because they might do something. That's like saying we should kill you just because you might end up going dark side. We're not going to because that's not going to happen."

"I know what I saw, Ruby. I don't know why you guys can't consider the possibility that this is real. That maybe we're hunting an angel here and we should stop. That maybe this is God's will." He scoffed at them.

"Okay, alright, I get it. Hey you have faith. Great. That's good for you. I'm sure it makes things easier." Dean then frowned. "You know who else had faith like that? Mom. She used to tell me when she tucked me in at that that angels were watching over us. In fact that's the last thing that she ever said to me."

"You never told me that."

"Well what's to tell? Mom was wrong. There was nothing protecting her. There's no higher power. There's no God. I mean, there's just chaos, violence, and random unpredictable evil that comes out of nowhere and rips you to shreds. You want me to believe in this angel stuff? Well I'm going to need hard proof. Got any? Well I've got proof that we're dealing with a spirit."

The three of them stood up and Ruby grasped Dean's hand giving it a squeeze. He squeezed it back leading them to the crypt. One of the tombstones are covered in creeping vines.

"It's wormwood. Plant associated with the dead. Specifically those that aren't at rest. I don't see any growing anywhere else except for the marker of the late priest. It's him, Sam."

"Maybe. I don't know what to think." Sam admitted with a sigh.

"Alright you want more proof? I'll give you more proof. We'll summon Gregory's spirit."

"Right here? In the church?" He looked at his brother alarmed.

Ruby smiled slightly at them. "It is kind of brilliant. We try a séance. If he shows up, it's a spirit. If he doesn't, well, there's an angel."

"Exactly. That's one of the perks of the job. We don't have to operate on faith. We can know for sure." Dean winked at her.

The three hunters slipped out of the church unseen. Dean drove them through town stopping when he spotted a small grocery store. They went inside buying a few things that they needed to perform the séance ritual that was in John's journal. Well almost all of the things they needed. The store didn't have a proper altar cloth so Dean had grabbed a Spongebob placemat instead.

"I know we've gone pretty ghetto before with spellwork, but I mean this takes the cake. I mean, a spongebob placemat? Really?" Sam chuckled softly at his brother as the three hunters left the store.

"We work with what we've got. We'll just put the Spongebob side face down." He shrugged.

Sam's laugh faded away as his attention was caught by something across the street. A man stood at the corner holding a bouquet of flowers. A bright white light glowed behind him. A gasp fell from Sam's lips when realization hit him.

"Dean, that's it. That's the sign."


"Right there. Behind that guy. That's him. We've got to stop him." Sam pointed toward the man who had started to cross the street and took a step forward to follow him.

Ruby stopped Sam at the same time as Dean did. "Whoa there. Wait a minute. Where do you think you're going?"

"You're not going to kill someone because a ghost told you to. Are you insane?"

"I'm not going to kill him. I'm going to stop him." Sam clarified.

She shook her head smiling softly at him. "Sam, how do you expect to stop him? Unless there is proof that he is going to commit a crime, you can't legally stop him. I'm sorry, but you're going to try to kill him and we can't let you have that on your conscience."

"Please, he's going to hurt someone. You know it." Sam pleaded with them.

"Alright, come on." Dean led them toward the Impala as the young man in question got into a car.

"Dean." Sam tried to get into the Impala, but the door was locked. "Unlock my door."

"You're not killing anyone, Sam. I got this guy. Go do the séance with Ruby." He instructed then glanced toward the blonde beside them.

Ruby grasped Sam's arm and glanced toward Dean. "Just be careful, Dean."

"Always, sweetheart." Dean smiled and drove off following the car.

The young man stopped his car at a different corner and got out handing the flowers to a woman that was waiting there. She accepted the flowers then they both got into his car.

While Dean followed the man, Ruby and Sam returned to the church's crypt. They quietly laid the Spongebob mat face down along with a circle of white candles and a large black candle in the middle. Sam lit the candles then picked up his father's journal which was open to the page with the séance ritual written down on it. Ruby held his hand reciting the Latin words out loud with him. Sam then sprinkled some herb over the black candle. Its flame flared brightly for a moment.

Father Reynolds walked in and gasped at the sight. "What is the meaning of this? What are you doing?"

"Uh, we.. I can.. kind of explain. Um, actually maybe not. This is a séance." Sam admitted awkwardly.

He huffed at that explanation. "A séance? Young man, you are in the House of God."

"It's based on early Christian rites, if that helps any."

Father Reynolds shook his head. "Enough. You're coming with me."

Ruby got to her feet keeping the two men apart. "Wait. Father, do you see these vines on Father Gregory's tombstone? It's not on any of the others. This is wormwood. It's associated with the dead. Specifically those who aren't at rest."

Before he could respond, a bright glow appeared. Ruby could easily see how people would mistake it for an angel. She could see the sheer disappointment on Sam's face as he realized that Dean had been right all along.

The priest looked at the light in awe. "Is that an angel?"

"No. That is just Father Gregory." Sam admitted as the light faded revealing the image of the young priest.

Father Reynolds looked at the man in shock. "Thomas?!

"I've come to answer your prayers." Father Gregory nodded at the priest then looked at the younger Winchester. "Sam, I thought I sent you on your path. You should hurry."

"Father, I'm sorry, but you are not an angel." Sam informed him solemnly.

"Of course I am. I was a man, but now I am an angel. I was on the steps of the church and I felt that bullet pierce right through me. But I felt no pain. And suddenly I could see... everything. Father Reynolds, I saw you praying and crying here. I came to help you." The late priest explained.

Father Reynolds eyed him in confusion. "Help me how? Wait, those murders. That was because of you?"

"I received the Word of God. He spoke to me. He told me to smite the wicked. I'm carrying out his will."

Ruby couldn't help scoffing at that. "Yeah by driving innocent people to kill?"

"I'm offering these people redemption. Some people need redemption. Don't they, Sam?"

She pushed Sam a bit behind her. "Don't. These people are locked up in mental health institutions because the legal system believes them to be mentally ill. They are taking up space that could go to people who are actually mentally ill."

"They'll be released after serving their time. They are happy and at peace. I've given them the keys to Heaven." He smiled softly at them.

Father Reynolds shook his head. "No Thomas, this is wrong. This goes against everything you believed. You're lost and misguided."

"I'm not lost nor misguided."

He huffed at him. "You are not an angel, Thomas. Men can not be angels."

"But I don't understand. You prayed for my help." Father Gregory looked confused.

Father Reynolds sighed at him. "I prayed for God's help. Not this. Thou shall not kill. That is the Word of God."

Meanwhile Dean followed the man's car through town only to swear when he lost him. He kept looking only to spot the car in an alley. The man leans over kissing the woman. She pushed him away looking nervous and tried to talk him down. He hit her across the face shocking her. She tried to get out of the car, but the door handle wouldn't budge. He pulled out a knife and lunged at her. She fought him off the best she could and they struggled. Suddenly the driver's side window broke and Dean reached in grabbing the man slamming his head into the steering wheel. He then unlocked the doors giving the woman a chance to get out. Dean went around the car and checked on the crying woman.

"Are you okay?" He asked and watched her nod as the car drove off. "Damn it. Okay. You have a cell phone? Good. Call 911."

Dean got back into the Impala and drove off after the man. Back in the crypt, Father Gregory stared at his tombstone in disbelief. Ruby squeezed Sam's hand reassuringly.

"Let us help you." Sam spoke up.

"No." The spirit shook his head.

Father Reynolds spoke calmly to the man that was once his friend. "It's time to rest, Thomas. To be at peace. Let me give you Last Rites."

"Okay." He nodded his head in resignation turning toward the priest.

The priest lifted his hands in prayer. "Oh Holy Hosts above, I call upon thee as a servant of Christ to sanctify our actions this day in fulfillment of the will of God."

"Father Reynolds?" Father Gregory flickered looking at the older man in confusion as he gasped.

He nodded his head looking at him solemnly. "Rest."

Father Gregory knelt down before the priest. Reynolds held his hand over the late priest's forehead and finished reciting the Last Rites. The spirit glowed brightly then vanished. Father Reynolds lowered his head in awe. After a few moments, Ruby moved to blow out the candles and clean up the séance stuff.

"We're sorry that we weren't completely up front with you, Father." Sam apologized to the older man.

Father Reynolds nodded his head at him. "All is forgiven. You helped my dear friend finally rest. I can see that you clearly had good intentions, Sam."

"So does this mean that angels don't exist?"

He chuckled softly at him. "I believe that it doesn't hurt to believe, Sam. If praying and believing in angels brings you peace, there is nothing wrong with that."

"Thank you." Sam smiled softly and walked out of the crypt with Ruby.

Gripping the steering wheel tighter, Dean chased the man in the car throughout the town weaving across lanes of traffic and even over grass. They reached an intersection and he hit the brakes as the car in front of the man's car slammed on their brakes. It was a pickup truck with a pile of long metal pipes sitting in the back. One of the pipes spun off the truck bed hitting the ground then bounced back up crashing through the windshield of the man's car impaling him in the chest.

"Holy..." Dean got out of his car staring at the sight in shock.

The two hunters were in the motel room packing when they heard the familiar roar of the Impala's engine. Ruby sighed in relief and hugged Dean when he walked inside. He wrapped his arms around her returning the hug lingering in her arms for a few moments. Sam sat down on one of the beds and Dean pulled away from Ruby moving to sit down beside him.

"You were right. It wasn't Gregory. It was an angel." Sam sighed frowning a bit.

Dean pulled out his flask taking a swig then handed it to his brother who also took a drink.

"I just wanted to believe, you know? It's so hard doing what we do, you know? You're so alone and there's so much evil out there in the world. I feel like I could drown in it. And when I think about my destiny, how I could end up..."

"Well don't worry about that. I'm watching out for you." Dean assured him.

Ruby smiled slightly at Sam. "We're both watching out for you. You're not alone, Sam. We're all in this together."

"Yeah I know, but you're just two people. I needed to think there was someone else watching too. Some higher power. Some greater good. That maybe I could be saved." He paused and chuckled slightly. "But you were right. We have to go with what we know, what we can prove, and what we can see."

"It's funny that you say that. Father Gregory gave you some good information. That guy was bad news. I barely got there in time." Dean sighed.

"What happened?" Sam furrowed his brows.

"He's dead."

Ruby looked at him in surprise. "Did you..."

"No. But the way that he died.. if I didn't see it with my own eyes.. I wouldn't have believed it. I mean, I don't know what to call it."

"What? Dean, what did you see?" He looked at his brother curiously.

"Maybe... God's will."

It was quiet for a few moments and then they started to load up the car. Dean checked them out of the room then moved to start the car back up.

Ruby gave Sam a reassuring smile. "Just because this wasn't an angel doesn't mean they don't exist. You do have people watching over you, Sam. You have your mother and Jessica. I mean, hell, you and Dean spent most of your lives thinking vampires didn't exist and sure enough they do. There's nothing wrong with believing. Don't give up."

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