Calls Me Home @daddyslilheartbreaker
Crossroad Blues

Title: Calls Me Home

Summary: A journey through seven seasons of Supernatural through the eyes of two Winchesters and a Singer.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Ruby Singer, Bobby Singer, John Winchester, and a whole ton of others.

Disclaimer: Everything you see here belongs to Eric Kripke and Co. The title belongs to the song "Calls Me Home" by Shannon LaBrie.

Author's Note:

Chapter Twenty Nine

"Just leave it alone, Sammy." Dean warned looking over at his younger brother.

"Dean, she has a right to know." He countered looking back at him.

The blonde in question approached them just then. "Right to know what?"

"It's nothing, Ruby." Dean shook his head assuring her.

"Dean has a warrant out for his arrest and is on the FBI's most wanted list." Sam blurted out ignoring the glare from his brother.

Ruby frowned giving Dean a look. "That's not nothing, Dean. That's serious."

"Look, we'll be careful. It's going to be fine. I promise." He reassured her.

She rolled her eyes clearly annoyed that he tried keeping important information from her. "Do we have warrants too?"

"Uh no, just Dean. Nothing came up for either of us, Ruby." Sam admitted earning a chuckle from Dean.

"I'm like Dillinger. Alright, what do you got on the case?" Dean asked not so subtly changing the subject.

"Architect Sean Boyden plummeted to his death from the roof of his home. A condominium he designed himself." The younger Winchester recalled looking through his several pages of research.

Her brows furrowed as one of the reports caught her attention. "He called animal control two days prior. Complaints of a black dog."

"Yeah that's what caught our attention in the first place. Did he actually say black dog?" Dean looked over at his brother.

"A vicious, wild, black dog to be exact. No other reports of it and authorities could find no sign of it. They were actually confused how a dog like that could get past the doorman unnoticed, take the elevator up, and roam the halls of the cushiest joint in town. There were no more calls from Boyden after that. He didn't show up for work and two days later, well, he took the swan dive."

Ruby's blue eyes widened at that. "Could we actually be dealing with a Black Dog? I've only heard the term in passing."

"Well maybe. The lore on it is all pretty vague. There are spectral black dogs sighted all over the world. Some say they are animal spirits and some say they are death omens. Whatever they are, they are big and nasty." Sam filled them in.

"Yeah and I bet they could hump the hell out of your leg. I mean, look at this thing." Dean smirked holding up a picture of one.

The blonde scoffed taking the picture from him. "So not the time. Anyway what's the plan?"

"Sean had a business partner in his design firm. I'd say talk to him and see what he knows. Look through animal control's log of complaints and see if anyone else called about a black dog." Sam suggested gathering the papers up.

Ruby nodded her head in agreement. "Alright. I'll talk to the partner. Insurance ploy might be too risky right now. Two or three journalists would be kind of suspicious too."

"I don't know. What if it comes back or..." Dean trailed off seeing the look that she was giving him.

She stood up tucking her hair behind her ear. "I'm not going to risk us not getting the information that we may need just because you're feeling overprotective. I appreciate it, I do, but I can handle myself just fine."

"Please have a seat. It's not every day that I get a visit from a beautiful journalist." The man smiled gesturing to the designer sofa in the middle of the room.

Ruby blushed moving to sit down. "Well I don't want to take up too much of your time so let's get right into it. You and Sean Boyden were business partners for almost ten years, right?"

"That's right. What was this for again?"

She tucked her hair behind her ear before jotting a note down on her notepad. "A tribute piece for Mr. Boyden in Architectural Digest."

"Tribute. Right." The man couldn't help laughing at that.

Her brows raised as she glanced over at him curiously. "Something funny about that?"

"It's just.. the tributes. Sean always got them. He kills himself leaving me and his family behind. He gets more tributes." He scoffed at the thought.

The blonde nodded her head giving him a sympathetic look. "Any idea why he would do such a thing?"

"I have no clue really. He was living a pretty charmed life. I mean, he was a flat out genius. I'm capable, but next to him.. not so much. It wasn't always that way either." The man shook his head.

She took some more notes then bit her lip. "How so?"

"You want the truth? There was once a time where he couldn't even design a pup tent. Sean was working as a bartender at this place called Lloyd's. A real dive, you know? Then one day he suddenly lands this huge commission. He just starts designing... the most ingenious buildings anyone has ever seen. It was at the level of like Mozart or Van Gogh." He paused frowning a bit. "It's funny. True geniuses tend to die young, huh? To have all of that talent and to just throw it all away? Why?"

Ruby sighed softly giving him a sympathetic smile. "It does seem to be like that. Just a tragic thing that no one can really answer. Did Sean ever mention to you how he went from bartender to architect practically overnight?"

"Unfortunately no. It's anyone's guess, really. I'd think he had someone else doing the actual designs if I hadn't seen him do it with my own eyes."

Sam was waiting outside of the Animal Protection Agency building in the Impala. Ruby walked up to the car waving at him before settling in the backseat of the car. She handed him the notepad letting him see the notes that she had taken from her interview with Boyden's partner. Before either could say anything, Dean walked out of the building in a suit. The blonde couldn't help smiling softly as she checked him out.

"Secretary's name is Carly. She's twenty three, she..uh.. kayaks, and they're real." Dean chuckled as he settled back into the driver's seat.

Her blue eyes rolled at that. "And did she happen to mention anything about Black Dogs?"

"Oh, uh, yeah. Right here. Every complaint called in about anything big, black, or dog-like. There's nineteen calls in all. I don't know what this thing is though." He held up a paper then gestured to the yellow post it attached to the sheet.

"You mean Carly's Myspace address?" Sam laughed after taking the post it and reading what was written on it.

"Yeah, Myspace. What the hell is that? Seriously, is that like some sort of porn site?" He gave his younger brother a confused look.

Ruby snorted shaking her head. "It's a social media site, Dean. Alright so back to the case. We need to look through the complaints and see if any of them are similar to Boyden's complaint. Then from that we can see if any of them happened to die recently as well."

"Well this one looks promising. Dr. Sylvia Pearlman called in a complaint two days ago. It's very similar to the one Sean Boyden called in." Sam pointed out studying the sheet of complaints.

The blonde nodded her head as she pulled out her laptop. "Is she..."

"Uh, let me check." The younger Winchester did a quick search on his own laptop and shook his head. "No reports of her death so as far as I can tell she seems to be alive."

Ruby logged in to her laptop humming slightly. "Okay so you guys should go talk to her. I'm going to follow the lead that Sean's business partner gave me and look into this Lloyd's place."

"Lloyd's?" Dean looked at them both confused for a moment until Sam handed the notepad over. "Oh. Well done, Ruby."

She smiled softly at that. "Thanks. Oh this is weird. It doesn't look like there's any real pattern, but Boyden wasn't the first person to mention the Black Dog then die soon after. There have been a few other people that have died throughout the years from around the area. Only connection I can really see so far is that some of them became really skilled in their chosen field of profession seemingly overnight just like Boyden."

"Keep looking into Lloyd's and see if you can find anything else out about the other victims. We'll see what Dr. Pearlman has to say." Sam nodded at her.

"Afternoon, ma'am." Dean flipped open an ID quickly showing her. "Animal Control."

The shorter woman gave him a look of confusion. "Oh, but someone already came by yesterday."

"We're just following up." Sam added with a slight smile.

She was skeptical for a moment before nodding her head. "Well alright."

"Is Dr. Pearlman home?" Dean asked as they followed her inside and sat down in the living room area.

The woman shook her head making her dark curls bounce a bit. "Oh no. The doctor left about two days go. I have no idea when she will be back."

"I'm sorry, but who are you again?"

She smiled softly at Sam. "I'm her maid."

"Where did the Doctor go?" Dean raised his brows at her.

The maid shrugged her shoulders. "Your guess is as good as mine. She just packed in a hurry and left. She didn't say where. Oh that stray dog. Did you find it finally?"

"No, not yet. Did you see it too?" The younger Winchester looked over at her.

She shook her head at him as Dean grabbed a photograph from the wall. "No. I didn't hear it either. I almost started to think the doctor was imagining things, but she's not like that so that couldn't have been it."

"You know I heard that she was the chief surgeon at the local hospital. Dr. Pearlman is what, forty two or forty three? That's still kind of young for that job, I'd think." Dean remarked out loud.

The maid smiled at that. "The youngest in the history of the hospital actually. Dr. Pearlman got the position about.. ten years ago?"

"Huh. An overnight success ten years ago." Sam glanced over at Dean who had flipped the photo over to show that Lloyd's bar was written on the back of it.

Ruby bit her lip running her fingers through her hair as Dean parked the car near Lloyd's. "I can't find anything tying the others to the bar. It's a promising lead though."

"Yeah." Dean got out of the car and glanced around. "Huh. That's weird. Think someone planted these?"

"What?" It was then that Sam noticed the yellow flowers growing beautifully among the weeds. "Huh. Yarrow flowers."

She eyed the flowers curiously. "Aren't they used in certain rituals? Like for summoning?"

"So two people suddenly become overnight success stories about ten years ago. Right around the time they were hanging out at Lloyd's." Sam pointed out.

"Where there just happens to be a crossroads." Dean looked ahead noting that the yellow flowers were planted at every corner of said crossroads.

Ruby frowned walking toward the crossroads as he grabbed a shovel from the Impala. "Only one way to find out."

"This look about dead center to you?" Dean stopped on a spot measuring in his head.

"Looks about right." Sam nodded his head.

Dean took one step back then struck the ground in front of him with the shovel. He dug for a few moments through the hard soil until they all heard the sound of his shovel hitting something solid. He dropped the shovel and knelt down digging through the dirt a bit more only to pull out an old rusted box. Dean stood back up as the other two approached him curiously. He carefully opened the box which held several small bones, a photograph, and a small jar with a stopper as a lid.

"I'm willing to bet that's graveyard dirt." Sam pulled out the jar. "And those are black cat's bones."

"That's some serious spellwork. That's some deep south hoodoo stuff." Dean shook his head.

"Used to summon a demon." He added.

Ruby eyed the contents of the box curiously. "Isn't the crossroads where pacts are made? I think I remember reading about that in one of dad's books. You summon the demon and make a deal then it comes back to collect its debt at a chosen time."

"So these people are actually making deals with the damn things. You know, cause that always ends good." Dean scoffed at the thought.

"It makes sense now. They're seeing dogs, alright, but not Black Dogs. They're seeing Hellhounds. Demonic pitbulls."

"Yeah well whoever this demon is, they're back and collecting. That doctor lady? Wherever she's running? She ain't running fast enough." The elder Winchester brother shook his head.

The blonde could feel the shift in the air and had a feeling that she knew what Dean was thinking though she wasn't going to bring it up just yet. "You know it's just like that story about Robert Johnson. Selling your soul at the crossroads. It's happening all over again."

"You mean the legend about him making a deal?"

"Sam, it's not just a legend. You know his music." Dean paused seeing his brother shrug. "His music is full of occult references all through the lyrics. Me and the Devil Blues? Crossroad Blues? Hellhound on my trail? Anyway the story goes that he died choking on his own blood. He was hallucinating and muttering about big evil dogs."

"And it's happening all over again. Well we should see if anyone else struck up any deals." Sam sighed.

"Great so we've got to clean up these people's messes for them? They're not exactly squeaky clean. Nobody put a gun to their head and forced them to play Let's Make a Deal." He huffed at him.

Ruby rolled her eyes taking the picture from the box. "Maybe not, but we shouldn't be so quick to judge. We don't know what kind of circumstances led them to make a deal. They could have been desperate and the deal was their only hope."

"Fine we'll help them." Dean sighed watching her walk away toward Lloyd's bar.

The blonde entered the building making a beeline for the bar. "Hi there. I'll take a beer. Preferably ice cold. Bottle's fine."

"Here try this. An IPA from a brewery a few towns over." The bartender opened the beer setting it down in front of her.

Ruby smiled raising the bottle to her lips and taking a sip. "Mm, that's pretty good. Thanks. So you bartend here often?"

"Going on fifteen years, ma'am. Everyone pretty much knows everybody around here." He smiled at her.

She took another sip of her beer sliding the picture toward him. "Then you might be able to help me. Do you know who this is?"

"Sure do. That's George Darrow. One of the regulars. Can't say I've seen him lately though. He's been holed up working on his projects." The bartender shrugged wiping the counter.

"I don't like this." Dean scowled watching as the bartender and Ruby talked.

"Well now you know how she feels. Carly really?" Sam gave his brother a look.

Ruby finished her beer missing the look on Dean's face when he realized his brother was right.

The drive over to George Darrow's apartment was a bit awkward in Sam's opinion. To their surprise, the apartment building was pretty nondescript and nowhere near the luxury one that they had been expecting. After parking the car, the three of them went inside and walked up the four flights of stairs to the apartment in question. A fine black powder had been poured out in front of the door.

"What the heck is this? Pepper?" Dean had knelt down touching it.

Ruby eyed the powder with childlike awe whispering to herself. "Goofer Dust."

It was Sam who knocked on the door and a middle aged man with graying hair answered. "Who the hell are you?"

"George Darrow?" Dean had stood up by then and looked at him.

He shook his head moving to close the door. "I'm not buying anything."

The blonde bit her lip for a moment before speaking up. "Have you seen the hell hound yet? Please, we just want to help you."

George thought about it for a moment before letting them inside. They were careful not to break the line of dust. He poured himself a glass of whiskey while they glanced around. Completed and half completed paintings filled the apartment. A table in one corner was covered in painting supplies.

"So what was that stuff out there?" Sam asked curiously.

He raised an eyebrow at them then snorted as he and Ruby spoke simultaneously. "Goofer Dust. What? You boys think you know something about something, but you don't know about Goofer Dust?"

"Well we know a little about a lot of things. Just enough to make us dangerous." Dean caught a small brown sack that was tied shut with twine.

"What is it?" Sam couldn't help asking.

George moved to sit down in his chair. "Hoodoo. My grandma taught me. Keeps out demons."

"Demons we know." Dean nodded his head.

He gestured toward them. "Then maybe it'll do you some good."

Ruby sighed softly as she tucked her hair behind her ear. "Mr. Darrow, we know you're in trouble. We just want to help."

George took a sip of his drink and shook his head. "Sweetheart, you can't help. Sometimes a person makes their bed and needs to lie in it. I'm the one that made the deal in the first place. I was weak. Who doesn't want their life to mean something, you know? I just.. I never thought about the consequences."

"Was it worth it?"

He took another sip. "Hell no. I asked for talent when I should have asked for fame. Now I got a pile of paintings no one wants and that's not even the worst thing. Demon stayed there for a whole week. Chatting up people at Lloyd's. Making deals. I tried to warn them, but who would listen to an old drunk?"

She softened toward him. "Who else made a deal?"

George thought about it for a moment. "Well there was the architect and the doctor lady. I kept up with them. They were in the papers. Least they got famous. Uh, there was also this one nice guy. Hudson. Evan Hudson. Don't know what he asked for, but it don't matter now. We're done for."

"You don't know that. We could still help you. There's got to be a way." Sam spoke up.

He frowned at them. "You don't get it. I don't want a way. I was the one that called that thing. I brought it on myself. I brought it on them too. I'm going to hell one way or another. All I want is to finish my last painting. I'm just trying to hold them off for a little while. Day or two. Then I'm done. Alright you three can be on your way then."

"We can't just.." Sam started only to be tugged toward the door by Ruby.

The blonde shook her head at him. "Just leave it be, Sam. It's what he wants."

"But... alright fine." Sam gave in as they left the apartment being careful so as to not disturb the dust in front of the door.

"How'd you know about Goofer Dust anyway?" Dean couldn't help but to ask once they were back in the Impala.

Ruby couldn't help smiling slightly at him. "My dad. When I was a kid, one of my favorite movies was Peter Pan. Well I inadvertently walked in on Uncle Rufus telling Dad about a hunt and he showed him some Goofer Dust. I innocently asked if it was anything like Pixie Dust and Dad told me that Goofer Dust was what the fairies used to keep the monsters away. When I got older, I just figured it was actually coffee or something. I didn't think it was actually real."

"Fairies? Really?" He gave her a look of disbelief.

She shook her head slightly at him. "Yes fairies. I was a little girl. Like I've said before, he wanted me to have a normal life for as long as I could before I learned about the supernatural."

"Alright well we still need to find out where Evan Hudson lives." Dean changed the subject.

"There's only one in the area." Sam pointed out then rattled off the address.

"Hey we're not going to hurt you. We're here to help you." The younger Winchester spoke calmly trying to pacify the situation as the man in front of them looked terrified.

"Yeah we know all about the genius deal you made." Dean rolled his eyes.

"What? How?" Evan looked at them in disbelief. "How do I know you're not lying?"

"Well you don't, but you're kind of running low on options there, buddy boy." The elder Winchester pointed out.

"I don't want to die."

"Of course you don't. Not now." Dean responded sarcastically.

"Dean, stop." Sam was quiet as he shot his brother a look.

"What'd you ask for anyway, huh Evan? Never need Viagra? Bowl a perfect game?" He asked.

"My wife." Evan stood up just then.

"Right, getting the girl. Well that's worth the trip to hell for." Dean laughed.

Ruby nudged him a bit. "Dean, cut it out."

"No, he's right. Nobody twisted my arm. That woman or whatever at the bar? She said I could have whatever I wanted and... I was desperate. My wife Julie.. she was dying." He admitted.

"You did it to save her?" Dean looked at him surprised.

"She had cancer and they stopped treatment. They.. they were moving her into hospice. They kept saying it was a matter of days. I couldn't live without her. So you're damn right I did it and I'd do it again for her."

"Did you ever think of her in all of this?" He took a step toward him.

"I did this for her."

"No, I think you did this for yourself. So you wouldn't have to live without her. But guess what? Now she is going to have to live without you. But what if she knew how much it cost? How do you think she would feel?" Dean snapped and Sam grasped his shoulder.

"Sit tight, Mr. Hudson. We'll figure this out." Sam led Dean outside along with Ruby.

Ruby was nearly fuming by the time they reached the Impala again. "Okay so John sold his soul for you. I think that is pretty obvious by now. But you have no right to take it out on Evan. Yeah it sucks, but it was John's choice. He was your father, Dean. It was his job to protect you and Sam. A parent will do anything to protect their child and for your dad, that meant selling his soul."

"I wasn't supposed to be alive, Ruby. I should have already been gone by then, but you two just had to drag me to a faith healer." Dean snapped glaring at her a bit.

The blonde glared back at him. "Yeah and I don't regret it because I can't live without you, Dean. I know it's selfish, but it's the truth."

"Hey I have an idea. Why don't you use the Goofer Dust to keep the hounds away from Evan? I'm going to go summon the demon and see if I can buy us some time to figure out a more permanent solution." He tossed the sack of dust over to Sam.

"Are you crazy? I don't like where your head is at right now, man." Sam caught the sack looking over at his brother in concern.

"I think I hear it. It's outside!" Evan called out from inside the house.

"Just go!" Dean looked over at Sam before moving to get into the car.

Ruby shot Sam a reassuring look. "Be careful. I'll make sure he's okay."

"Okay." He sighed watching her get in the car before he ran back inside. Dean didn't say anything as he drove over to the crossroads. The pair of hunters worked in silence as they set up the Devil's Traps. Once they were done, Dean put his photo in the box and buried it. As he stood back up, a beautiful woman in a black dress appeared in front of him.

"You summoned me?" The woman then noticed the blonde standing not too far away. "You know, I usually don't like an audience."

Ruby held her hands up innocently. "Oh don't mind me. I'm just here to make sure he doesn't say something stupid."

"Cute. So what brings a guy like you to a place like this? First time?" She turned her attention back to him.

"You could say that."

"Oh come on now, don't sell yourself short. I know all about you, Dean Winchester." Her eyes glowed red for a moment.

"So you know who I am." His eyebrows raised.

"I get the newsletter." She shrugged.

"Well don't keep me in suspense now, what have you heard?"

"I heard you were handsome, but... you're just edible. What can I do for you, Dean?" The demon smirked at him.

"Let's walk and talk. I think my car might be more comfortable." He started strolling toward the car. "I want to strike a deal."

"Well that is what I do."

"I want Evan Hudson released from his contract."

"Hmm. So sorry, darling, but you know that is not negotiable." She purred at him.

"I'll make it worth your while." Dean offered piquing her interest.

"Oh really? What are you offering?"

"Me." Dean and Ruby both spoke at the same time.

"Well, well, well. You'd sacrifice yourself for someone else. Like father, like son. And you. You would so easily sacrifice yourself for Dean. How cute."

They both eyed her warily while back at the Hudson house, Sam and Evan were standing within a circle of Goofer Dust.

"You knew about your father's deal right? HIs life for yours? Oh how I wish I had made that deal myself." The demon taunted Dean.

"After you." Dean grit his teeth holding the passenger side door of the Impala open.

"Such a gentleman." The demon moved to sit down only to stop when she saw the edges of the devil's trap peeking out from beneath the car. "Do you think I'm stupid? A Devil's Trap? You've got to be kidding me. I should rip you both limb from limb."

"Take your best shot." Dean's tone was more pleading than defiant.

"Oh I could, but I'm not going to put you out of your misery. That is the whole point. It's too much fun to watch. Knowing how your daddy died and sold his soul for you. That's got to hurt." She advanced toward them. "Though perhaps I could add to it by hurting blondie over here."

"Don't touch her." Dean walked backwards with Ruby until they were pressed up against a wooden railing.

"It's all you ever think about. You wake up and your first thought is I can't do this anymore. You're all lit up with pain. You loved him so much and it's all your fault that he is dead." She taunted him. "You blew it, Dean. I could have given you what you need!"

Her temper took over despite the potential danger they were in. "What do you know about what he needs?"

"His father. I could have brought him back. Oh well. Your loss. See ya, Dean. I wish you a nice long life."

"Hold on." He looked over at the Demon who smirked at him.

The door to the room that they were in rattled like crazy as Sam and Evan stayed surrounded by the circle of dust. The rattling grew louder becoming even more violent until it suddenly stopped. Everything was quiet for a few moments then a rumbling sound was heard. The grating in the room suddenly burst outward causing Evan to scream.

"You're lucky I have such a soft spot for lost puppies and long faces. I just can't leave you like this. Besides we both know you didn't really call on me to bargain for Evan. Not really." The demon purred at Dean.

"Can you really bring back my dad?"

"Of course I can. Just as he was. Your dad would live a long natural nice life. I promise." She assured him.

"And me?"

"Hm, ten years. Ten long years with your dad and Sammy. Then you'd die and your dad will live a nice long life as it should have been. Nature's balance would be restored." The demon taunted him softly.

Ruby frowned practically glaring a hole into the demon. "No. You can't have Dean."

"Oh sweetheart, that is not your choice." She smirked at her.

"Think you could throw in a set of steak knives?" Dean quipped grasping Ruby's wrist and stepping further back.

"Ugh, you know, this smartass self defense mechanism of yours really..." The demon trailed off as the Devil's Trap painted on the wood above her head caught her eye.

"Well now you're really trapped." He chuckled at her. "Now that got to hurt."

"Dean! Let me out. Now!"

"Sure. We just have to make a little deal first. Call off your hell hounds and let Evan go. Then I'll let you go." Dean offered her calmly.

"I can't break a binding contract." She looked at him slightly panicked.

The blonde couldn't help smirking at her. "You can't or you won't? Last chance, bitch. Evan and his wife get to live to a ripe old age. Going, going..."

"Let's talk about this." The demon pleaded with Dean.

"Gone." The elder Winchester pulled his dad's journal out flipping it open to a certain page.

Realizing leaving the circle was a bad idea, Sam and Evan returned to the circle of Goofer Dust. The barking of the hell hounds grew louder and more intense as the invisible creatures moved closer to them. Deep claw marks were gouged into the wood of the floor with every step the demonic hounds took toward the circle.

"What are you doing?" The demon frowned watching Dean.

"Oh just sending you on a trip straight back down south." He smirked as he held a rosary in one hand and the journal open in the other.

"Dean wait! Forget Evan. What about your dad?"

"Regna terrarae, cantate Deo..." Dean narrowed his eyes as he began to recite the words in Latin that would exorcise the demon from her meatsuit.

While he walked around the demon reciting the words, the wind picked up around Sam and Evan. It started to blow the dust away. Realizing there was no other choice, Sam grabbed Evan's arm and ran out of the room. They ran down the hall into a different room slamming the door shut behind them. The hell hounds pounded at the door trying to tear it down while Sam braced himself against it.

"Wait!" The demon yelled out looking at Dean.

The violent pounding at the door suddenly stopped and everything went quiet. Sam still braced himself in case the hounds were going to try a new tactic, but nothing else seemed to happen. Ruby looked on in disgust as the demon kissed Dean passionately. Before she could break them apart, the demon pulled away from Dean.

"What the hell was that for?" He eyed her in confusion and a bit disgusted himself.

"Sealing the deal."

"I usually like to be warned before I get violated by demon tongue." He wiped his lips.

"Evan Hudson is free. He and his wife will live long lives." The demon assured them.

"And how do we know you're telling the truth?" His brows raised at her.

"My word is my bond. When I make a deal, at least. It's the rules. Now you got what you wanted. Let me go."

Ruby frowned approaching them. "Wait. How do we know you won't try to come back in ten years for Dean's soul?"

"It wasn't part of the deal. Unfortunately. But if you renege, sooner or later I'll crawl back out of hell. Skinning Evan Hudson will be the first thing I do." The demon shrugged her shoulders.

"A deal's a deal." Dean reached up wiping at the paint freeing the demon from the trap.

"I got to tell you that you never would have made that deal if you knew."

"Knew what?" He raised his brows at her.

"Knew where your daddy is. You should have made that deal, Dean. People talk about hell, but it doesn't even come close to describing the real thing." The demon taunted him.

"Shut the hell up, bitch."

"If you could see your poor daddy, oh boy. Hear the sounds he makes cause he can't even scream." She laughed taunting him further.

"How about I send you back there?" Dean advanced toward her at the same time Ruby started reciting the words from the journal.

The blonde's words trailed off watching as the black ichor poured out of the demon's mouth leaving the body slumping to the ground. "Uh..."

"What.. where am I? How did I get here?" The girl who the demon had been possessing looked at them in confusion.

Ruby's expression softened and she knelt down to make sure the girl wasn't hurt. They dropped her off at a local hospital then made a beeline for the Hudson home. They were relieved to find both Sam and Evan alright. They helped tidy up the home the best that they could then the three hunters piled into the Impala driving out of town. The pair explained to the younger Winchester what had happened while he was holding off the hell hounds.

"Demons lie all the time right? Maybe she was lying." Sam shrugged his shoulders at the thought.

"Come on, is that what you really think?" Dean shot a look at Sam making the younger Winchester look down. "How could he do that?"

"He did it for you, Dean."

"And how am I supposed to live with that? The thought of him being wherever he is right now. He spent his whole life chasing down that yellow eyed demonic son of a bitch. He should have gone out fighting. That was supposed to be his legacy. Not bargaining with the damn thing. Not this." He frowned.

Ruby sighed from the backseat. "He didn't spend his whole life chasing that thing. John grew up, he enlisted in the marines, and then he fell in love with Mary. They got married and had two awesome kids. He spent a good portion of his life chasing that thing because he didn't want it hurting anyone else. He didn't want it to hurt you and Sam more than it already had."

"Evan Hudson is safe because of what Dad taught us. That's his legacy, Dean. But we're still here, man. We've got to keep going... for him." Sam smiled slightly.

The blonde ran her fingers through her hair. "I can't say I ever really liked the guy. But even I could see that he had regrets. You sacrificed your childhood to look after Sam when John should have been looking after both of you himself. You know ever since we realized what John did, I keep thinking back to what that faith healer said to you. He said you were chosen because he could see in your heart that you still had work to do. And maybe it's true. We're still saving lives and maybe John wasn't meant to take down the yellow eyed son of a bitch. Maybe you two were."

"Yeah and it's not like you were actually planning on making that deal. It was all a trick when you were trapping that demon, right?"

Dean glanced out the window brooding silently for a moment before focusing on the road. His hand reached out turning the radio up. Sam flinched and Ruby gave him a reassuring look. The drive back north was awkwardly silent. Even after death, John's decisions still hurt his boys and that royally pissed her off though Ruby knew it was no use getting upset at a dead man. Dean eventually parked at a motel getting a room for them. Sam sprawled out actually getting some sleep in his bed while the blonde curled up to Dean in their bed. The sound of his heart beating soothed her lulling Ruby into a sound sleep. Dean pressed a kiss to her head combing his fingers through her golden locks gently. If she hadn't been there, he genuinely wasn't sure if he would have taken the deal or not.

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