Calls Me Home @daddyslilheartbreaker
The Usual Suspects

Title: Calls Me Home

Summary: A journey through seven seasons of Supernatural through the eyes of two Winchesters and a Singer.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Ruby Singer, Bobby Singer, John Winchester, and a whole ton of others.

Disclaimer: Everything you see here belongs to Eric Kripke and Co. The title belongs to the song "Calls Me Home" by Shannon LaBrie.

Author's Note:

Chapter Twenty Eight

With no new case yet and no signs of the demon, the Winchesters and Ruby made their way back to South Dakota. She was more than happy for them to have a bit of time to rest and to see her father. Bobby was none too pleased to hear about their latest hunt. He knew hunting was a risky business, but he hated his little girl being put into any unnecessary kinds of danger. Of course Bobby Singer also knew that his daughter was too stubborn for her own good at times.

Bobby sighed and moved to sit down across from his daughter. "What's on your mind, sweetheart?"

Ruby glanced up biting her lip as she played with the charm on her necklace. "Is there something you're not telling me?"

His expression turned to that of confusion. "What are you talking about?"

The blonde sighed softly. "You know that hunt Sam was telling you about earlier? The one with that special kid, Andy Gallagher? Sam wasn't the only one immune to his powers. I was too."

Bobby shook his head surprised at her admission. "Ruby, there was no demon in this house until what happened with your mother. I would know. You were a colicky baby. Aside from your mother's death, you had as normal of a childhood as I could give you."

She felt herself growing annoyed. "Then why the hell was I immune to his abilities?"

He sighed running his hands over his face. "I wish I knew, sweetheart. Even when your mother was possessed by that demon, it taunted me that it could have hurt you if it wanted to. It said it would have been too easy considering how young you were at the time. I know demons lie, but if it had messed with you, I'm pretty damn sure it would have taunted me with that."

Ruby frowned pushing her hair away from her face. "What am I supposed to do now?"

Bobby pressed a kiss to her head and smiled. "You keep doing what you're doing. We'll figure this out, Ruby. I'm not going to let anything happen to you. I promise."

"Anthony Giles." Dean spoke up as his brother approached them in the cafe not far from Bobby's house.

"Who?" He set down coffee for the three of them before sitting down.

"He's a Baltimore lawyer working late in his office. Check it out." The older Winchester passed the paper over to him.

"Throat was slit and the room was clean. Huh. No DNA. No prints." Sam furrowed his eyebrows as he read the article.

Ruby sipped her coffee giving Sam a thankful look. "And no mention of the murder weapon. Sounds like the killer was careful."

"Keep reading." Dean raised his cup to his lips gesturing toward the paper.

"Alright. Security cameras failed to capture footage of the assailant."

"I'm thinking either someone tampered with the tapes.." He trailed off.

"Or it's an invisible killer." Sam finished for him.

"My favorite kind. What do you think, Scully? Want to check it out?"

She laughed and took another sip of her coffee. "Why is he Scully? Shouldn't I be Scully?"

"You're no fun." Dean teased her.

Ruby smirked winking at him playfully. "Oh I'm plenty of fun."

"Ugh gross, guys. I'm right here." Sam groaned reaching for his coffee.

It wasn't long until they were on the road again this time headed for Baltimore. Once there, they got a motel room and changed before heading back out again. Sam went to Anthony's office while Dean and Ruby went to his home. Anthony's widow Karen was home and they didn't blame her for being so upset over her husband's death.

The woman sniffled as they sat down in the living room. "Insurance. I forgot about insurance."

Ruby gave her a sympathetic smile. "That's quite understandable. It's always the part of my job that I hate. Having to investigate during these traumatic times."

"Yeah unfortunately we are required to do this. Can you tell us about the night your husband died?" Dean handed the widow a tissue.

Karen nodded her head accepting the tissue from him. "Uh, sure. We were supposed to have dinner together, but Tony called from the office. He said he was having computer troubles and that he had to work late."

"Did he work late frequently?"

She blew her nose and sighed. "Not really. No. He tried his best not to."

The blonde wrote something down. "How did he seem when he called you?"

Karen thought about it for a moment. "He seemed fine. Anthony was very apologetic about missing dinner. Also frustrated with his computer."

"Did Tony mention anything to you in the days leading up to his death? Anything unusual, strange, or even weird?" He asked her.

She shook her head at him. "Strange?"

"You know, weird? Weird noises, people following him, strange visions? Anything like that?"

Ruby cleared her throat shooting a look at Dean. "What he means is, did Tony say anything to you that may have made you feel concerned about him in the days prior to his death?"

Karen glanced down for a moment. "He had a nightmare the day before he died. Tony said he woke up in the middle of the night and there was a woman standing at the foot of the bed. He blinked and she was gone. I mean, it was just a nightmare though."

The blonde nodded her head. "Of course it was just a nightmare. Was that all he said?"

She shook her head again. "He said that she was pale and that she had dark red eyes."

Ruby stood up giving her a hug. "Alright I think that's all we needed. Call us if you need anything at all. Please."

The pair then left the Giles residence and met back up with Sam. They returned to the motel where they compared notes on what they had found. The three of them ate and did some research while they waited for it to get dark.

"Well then. Anthony Giles seems clean on the surface, at least. There had to be a reason that a spirit would be targeting him though, right?" Dean asked looking over at them.

"Maybe. We'll probably find more answers at his office. How'd the house look?"

Ruby shrugged her shoulders. "Like a normal house. Nothing seemed out of place or weird."

"It's getting dark. Let's head out." Dean nodded his head getting up and grabbing his keys.

He drove them over to Anthony's office which was a short ride. After parking the car, they quietly got out and made their way to his office. Of course the door was locked so Sam knelt down and picked the lock. He then pushed the door open and the three of them walked inside ducking underneath the police tape that was still strung up.

"So Anthony Giles' body was found right about here." Sam noted shining his flashlight on a pool of blood that was on the floor. "Throat slit so deep part of his spinal cord was visible."

"What do you think? Vengeful spirit? Heavy on the vengeful." Dean whistled.

Ruby shrugged. "Well he did see that woman at the foot of his bed."

"Hey look at this." He picked up a sheet of paper from the desk.

"Dana Shulps. A name maybe?" Sam raised his eyebrows at his brother.

"I don't know, but it's everywhere." He said finding more papers strewn around the office with that name on it and grinning slightly. "Well, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

Sam shook his head and continued looking around the office. Approaching a glass table, he shined his light down onto it. He made a curious face and breathed down onto the glass. It revealed the same words Dana Shulps writing in the surface of the glass.

Ruby's blue eyes widened a bit. "Okay now that is weird."

"Maybe he knew her." Dean pointed out.

"Or maybe she was the pale red eyed woman he saw. Either way, let's look around some more." Sam suggested.

The blonde sighed looking over at Sam who was sitting in front of Anthony Giles' computer. "Nothing. No Dana Shulps has ever lived or died in Baltimore in the last fifty years at least. I even tried other Danas, but none of them had a maiden name of Shulps."

"And no Dana Shulps anywhere in these files. Not even a D. Shulps." Dean shook his head sitting down in one of the chairs that were in front of the desk.

"Nothing on his computer either. His personal files are locked though. Maybe if I crack his password, we could see if she's mentioned in there." Sam suggested as he started typing on the keyboard again.

"How long is that going to take?"

"At least thirty minutes. Maybe an hour." Sam shrugged his shoulders.

"Alright." Dean sighed and waited in the chair.

Ruby rolled her eyes as he started to make noises with his mouth after a bit. "Really?"

"What? I'm bored." He sat up a bit straighter. "Alright fine. I'll head over to the Giles home and ask the widow if she knows anything about Dana."

"Okay. Meet back at the motel then." The younger Winchester nodded his head at him.

The blonde finished wiping their prints away. "I'll go with him."

"Let's go then." Dean led her out of the office and back to the Impala.

She stopped at the car and sighed. "Don't you think it's kind of late? It might blow our cover. We could try her by phone."

"Hey it'll be fine. It's not that late." He assured her as they got into the car.

It was a smooth ride back over to the Giles home. The neighborhood was quiet and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Parking the car, they got out and headed up to the front door. It was Dean that knocked, but no one answered. They glanced around seeing the car in the driveway. After knocking again, Dean gave up and picked the lock. They walked in and Dean tried the switch though the lights didn't go on. He gestured toward the stairs and she gestured toward the kitchen. Dean nodded and walked up the stairs. Ruby made her way through the first floor of the house though she didn't find anything. She went into what looked to be the husband's home office and searched around. Upstairs, Dean entered a bedroom only to see Karen laying in a pool of blood with her throat slit just like her husband's had been. He also noticed the printer that had printed Danashulps over and over again on a few sheets of paper. Stepping near the body, he knelt down to examine her bruised wrists. Just then a policewoman burst in aiming a gun at him.


Ruby was still downstairs when she heard the cops rushing inside of the house. She swore under her breath moving quietly yet quickly toward the windows of the home office. It didn't take her long to climb out. She crept around to get a better look of what was going on. The cops all seemed to be inside with one or two out front. The blonde silently hopped a low fence and made her way around the scene. She reached the Impala and slid into the driver's side. After the whole debacle with Gordon, she was glad that Dean kept a spare key in the car now. The blonde grabbed it from its hiding spot and put it into the ignition. Just as the cops escorted Dean out of the house, Ruby sped off in the Impala. He smiled slightly relieved that she had gotten away. The cops put him into the back of a cruiser while Ruby drove back to the motel. Luckily for her, Sam was already there.

"Whoa calm down. What happened?" He grew concerned as she started pulling out clothes.

Ruby moved into the bathroom to change then walked back out. "The cops arrested Dean. My best guess is that Karen called them. No sign of a struggle on the first floor so whatever happened probably was upstairs where Dean went to go look."

"Alright well they can't actually prove he did anything because he didn't do anything." Sam reasoned with her.

She shot him a look as she brushed her hair. "Maybe not, but I'm sure if they look closely enough, St. Louis will come up."

"So what now?"

Ruby did her make up and put on a pair of black framed glasses. "Well he's going to need a lawyer."

"And that's you?" He was slightly amused though mostly concerned.

She shrugged her shoulders. "I've got to do something, Sam. Look, I took the Impala and brought it back here. It's only a matter of time before they track it down."

"Go. I'll cover for you. Just be careful." Sam nodded at her.

"Come on, Dean, give it up. We caught you with blood on your hands next to Karen's dead body. The cops in St. Louis are exhuming a casket right now trying to figure out how you faked your death. So just tell me why you did it. Why did you kill Karen Giles? Did you kill her husband too?" Detective Diana Ballard questioned him.

"I wasn't even in town when Anthony died. I didn't kill Karen either." Dean sighed as he sat there cuffed to the table in one of the interrogation rooms at the police station.

"Then why did we find you next to her dead body?"

"Like I've already said, they were friends of the family. I just wanted to check on her." He admitted looking over at the detective.

The door opened and her heels tapped against the floor as she walked in. "Sorry I'm late, Mr. Winchester. I think that's enough, Detective."

"And you are?" The older woman looked over at her in surprise.

Ruby smiled slightly at her. "His lawyer. I understand you've brought in his brother Sam too. I represent him as well."

"Family lawyer. She's represented my dad a few times as well." Dean spoke up.

"Right. Well your client is facing multiple charges and that's not including whatever St. Louis decides to bring him up on." Diana sighed.

The blonde nodded her head making a show of looking over the files in her hands. "So I see. Unfortunately all I see here is a lot of circumstantial evidence and a whole lot of reasonable doubt. There was no murder weapon found on or near him. The preliminary autopsy report states that the same weapon was used to kill both Karen and her husband. My client didn't arrive in town until after Mr. Giles was killed."

"We're still in the middle of our investigation, Miss.."

Ruby glanced up at the detective. "Kyle. Sit tight, Dean. You and your brother will be out of here in forty eight hours."

"I wouldn't get your hopes up." Diana Ballard walked out of the room.

"What are you doing?" He whispered to her once they were alone.

She smiled slightly at him. "Saving your ass."

"Okay Matlock. Dana Shulps, Dana Shulps, maybe it's an anagram." Dean wrote out different combinations on a piece of paper. "What do you think?"

Ruby peered over at what he wrote. "I don't know. Wait. Ashland? That's a street. I went down it on my way here."

"A street? Huh. Alright I need you to get this to my brother." He jotted something down on a scrap of paper then handed it to her.

She bit her lip looking at it. "Alright if you're sure."

It pained her to just leave him there, but she tried not to let it show. Ruby left the room finding her way over to the interrogation room that Sam was being held in. She was relieved to see that the younger Winchester was relatively okay. The blonde sat down across from him and smiled softly.

"I was wondering when you were going to show up, Matlock." Sam couldn't help teasing her slightly.

Ruby rolled her eyes playfully at him. "God, you two really are brothers."

"Uh huh. How is he?"

She passed the scrap of paper to him. "He's fine. This is from him actually."

"Good." A look of understanding crossed Sam's face as he read what Dean wrote.

The door suddenly opened revealing Detective Ballard.

"Miss Kyle, you're needed in the other room."

The name surprised Sam, but he realized quickly why she had gone with it which only made him fight back a knowing smile. Ruby shot him a reassuring look before following the woman back to the room that Dean was being held in. The blonde was confused for a moment when she saw the camera set up in front of Dean.

"Your client has decided to confess." Detective Sheridan smirked smugly at her.

Ruby gave Dean a look. "I really strongly advise against that, Mr. Winchester."

"Talk directly into the camera. State your name first for the record." Sheridan instructed him.

"My name is Dean Winchester. I'm an Aquarius. I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach, and frisky women." Dean smirked slightly at the camera. "I did not kill anyone, but I know who did. Or rather what did. Of course I can't be too sure since my investigation got interrupted, but our working theory was that we were looking for some kind of vengeful spirit."

"Excuse me?" Ballard sputtered in disbelief.

"You know, Casper the bloodthirsty ghost?"

The blonde bit her lip. "Dean.."

"Look, Tony Giles saw it. I'll bet you cash money that Karen did too. The interesting thing is the word it leaves behind. For some reason this spirit is trying to tell us something, but communicating across the veil, well, it ain't easy. Sometimes the spirits get jumbled. You remember REDRUM? Same concept. See, at first we thought it was a name. Dana Shulps. But now we think it's a street. Ashland. Whatever is going on, I bet you'll find it there." Dean finished speaking and smiled.

"You arrogant bastard. Tony and Karen were good people and you're sitting there making jokes." Sheridan glared at him.

"I'm not joking, Ponch."

"You murdered them in cold blood just like that girl in St. Louis." He continued growing more angry.

Ruby rolled her eyes. "Again my client was not even in the city of Baltimore let alone the state of Maryland when Anthony Giles was murdered."

"Oh yeah that wasn't me either. That was a shape-shifter creature that only looked like me." Dean smiled at the camera.

"Shut up!" Sheridan lost his temper pulling Dean up by his collar and slamming him against the wall.

The blonde cleared her throat startled by the sight. "Detective, unless you want a police brutality charge and lawsuit on your hands, step away. I strongly advise you to let go of my client and never to put your hands on him again."

"Pete, that is enough!" Diana called out to her partner.

"You asked for the truth." Dean shrugged.

"Lock his ass up." Sheridan let go shoving him toward an officer.

Ruby left the station intent on meeting up with Sam. At the same time, the two detectives entered the interrogation room that Sam had been in only to find that he was gone. His empty coffee cup and the scrap of paper from Dean were all that was left on the table.


It's a street. Ashland.


"Hilts and McQueen?" Sheridan raised his eyebrows at the note.

"Hilts is Steve McQueen's character in the Great Escape." Diana explained and then walked out of the room.

The whole case was frustrating Detective Ballard. There were too many unanswered questions for her liking. She walked into the ladies room and the lights began to flicker. It didn't surprise her as she sighed approaching the sinks. A splash of cold water on her face and she would be good. The faucets turned on by themselves making her jump back slightly. Hot water poured out into the sinks causing steam to rise and fog up the mirrors. The letters DANASHULPS formed on the mirror in front of her. Diana wiped them away only to see the reflection of the ghost. Her eyes were a deep red and her throat was still slit. The ghost appeared to be struggling to talk. Spooked, the detective left the bathroom in a hurry. She calmed herself down not wanting to attract any attention and made her way to where Dean was being held.

"Can we make this quick? I'm a little tired, been a long day, what with your partner assaulting me and all." Dean sighed as she approached him.

"I want to know more about that stuff you were talking about earlier." Diana admitted though it was obvious that something was a bit off with her. "Let's pretend for a moment that you're not entirely insane. What.. what would one of those things be doing here?"

"A vengeful spirit? Well they're created by violent deaths and they usually come back for a reason. Usually a nasty one like revenge on the people that hurt them." He explained to her.

"And, uh, these spirits, they're capable of killing people?" She rubbed at her neck nervously revealing the bruise on her wrist.

"Where'd you get that?" Dean sat up straighter clearly focused.

"I..I don't know. It wasn't there before." She rolled up her sleeves revealing deep bruises on her wrists just like the ones Karen had.

"You saw it didn't you? The spirit."

"How'd you know?" Diana looked at him surprised.

"Because Karen had the same bruises and I'd bet anything that her husband did too. It's got something to do with the spirit, but I don't know what. I know you think you're going crazy, but you're not. Let's skip that part okay? Because the last two people who saw this thing, they died pretty soon after. You hear me?"

"You think I'm going to die."

"You need to go to Sam. He'll help." Dean assured her.

"You're giving your brother up?" She turned to look at him surprised again.

"Go to the first motel listed in the yellow pages. Look for Jim Rockford. It's how we find each other when we're separated. Now you can arrest him if you want or you can let him save your life." He explained to her.

Back at the motel, Ruby had arrived and was relieved to see that Sam had gotten out of the station okay. They weren't sure how they were going to get Dean free. Especially now that St. Louis was looming again. For now they just needed to focus on the case at hand and figure out what happened on Ashland street. It was the knock on the door that caught them off guard. Sam walked over opening the door only to be surprised when he found Detective Ballard standing there. She appeared to be there alone so he warily let her in.

"Miss Kyle?" She looked surprised to see that the blonde was also there.

"Detective Ballard, what are you doing here? Dean wouldn't have told you unless there was a good reason." Sam pointed out.

"Is this good enough?" Diana rolled up her sleeves revealing the bruises on her wrists.

"You saw it, didn't you? Alright you're going to have to tell us what you saw."

"I must be losing my mind. You're a fugitive. I should be arresting you. Both of you." Detective Ballard frowned.

"You can arrest us later, alright? After you live through this. But right now you've got to tell me what you saw. Okay?" Sam looked at her with his patented puppy dog eyes.

Ruby nodded her head at her. "Great. So this spirit, what did it look like? We just want to help stop the murders."

"Well she was, um, really pale with a slit throat. Her eyes.. they were like this deep dark red? It looked like she was trying to talk to me, but she couldn't. There was..there was too much blood." She described the spirit to them.

"Oh you know what? Here. We've been researching every woman who has ever gone missing or died from Ashland street." He led her over to a table where a stack of photos was waiting.

"How'd you get those? Those are from crime scenes and booking photos." Her brows furrowed at that.

"You've got your job and I've got mine. Here. Look through these and see if you recognize any of them." Sam handed the photos over to her.

"This is her. I'm sure of it." Diana stopped at the third photo in the stack pointing at it.

Ruby looked it over. "Claire Becker. She's twenty eight years old. Disappeared about eight or nine months ago."

"But I've never seen her before. I don't even know her. Why come after me?" She looked at them in confusion.

"Well prior to her death, she was arrested twice for dealing heroin. Ever work narcotics?" Sam glanced at her.

"Yeah. Pete and I did. Before Homicide. I never busted her. At least not that I remember." Diana shook her head.

The blonde sighed softly at that. "Well the report says that she was last seen entering 2911 Ashland street. Police searched the place, but found nothing. Guess we have to check it ourselves. See if we can find her body."


"We have to salt and burn her bones. It's the only way to put her spirit to rest." He explained to her.

"Of course it is."

The three of them entered the dark and creepy warehouse at that address. It didn't help that it was at night. Ruby stayed with Diana while Sam went off on his own. As the two women look around, the older one turned only to gasp softly when the ghost of Claire appeared. The spirit struggled to speak and reached out to her.

"Sam? Sam? Sam!" She called out in a bit of a panic.

Ruby turned to look at her just as Sam rejoined them. "What's going on?"

"I saw her. She was standing by the window. She reached for me."

"Here, help me move this." Sam walked over to the window moving a shelving unit with Ruby's help revealing the window that was labeled from the outside.

Ashland Supplies

"Our little mystery word." Detective Ballard noted staring at the window.

"Now the extra letters make sense." Sam pulled out his EMF detector and approached the bricked up wall opposite the window.

"What's that?"

The blonde gave her a reassuring look. "Spirits and certain remains give off electromagnetic frequencies. So by using an EMF detector, we should be able to find them."

Sam waved the EMF detector over the brick wall and it purred. Grabbing a sledgehammer, he began to break through the wall. He stopped once there was a sizable hole and peeked in with his flashlight. He could just make out something within the wall. He started breaking through the wall some more.

"You know, this is actually kind of bothering me." Sam admitted.

"Well you are digging up a corpse." Diana quipped.

"No, not that. That's, uh, pretty par for the course, actually. It's this case. No vengeful spirit I've ever dealt with wanted to be wasted. So why the hell would Claire lead us to her remains? It doesn't make sense. Alright, here, give me a hand." He explained then stopped as a good enough sized hole was broken into the wall.

Ruby watched as they lifted the shrouded corpse out of the wall placing it on the ground. "So that's her huh?"

"Sure looks like it." Sam pulled out a pocket knife cutting the ropes that were tying the shroud shut.

"Her wrists. They're bruised just like mine."

"Yeah they would be." He noted and watched her touch the necklace that Claire was wearing. "That necklace mean something to you?"

"I've seen it before. It's rare. It was custom made over on Carson street. I have one just like it. Pete gave it to me." Diana admitted as realization came over her.

Ruby bit her lip. "Excuse me for asking, but how well do you know your partner? Because I don't think Claire is a vengeful spirit at all. I think she's a death omen."

"Excuse me?"

"Now it all makes sense. Claire's not killing anyone. She's trying to warn people. Sometimes spirits don't want vengeance. They want justice. That's why she led us here in the first place. She wants us to know who her killer is." Sam explained to her.

"Oh my god." Her eyes widened in shock. "About a year ago some heroin went missing from lock up. Obviously it was a cop. We never found who did it, but whoever did would need someone to fence the product."

"Someone like a heroin dealer. Someone like Claire." He pointed out.

"So I'm being extradited to St. Louis huh? And you just decided to transfer me yourself, eight hundred miles? This can't be good." Dean remarked as he sat in the back of an armored van driven by Detective Sheridan.

Back in Diana's car, the three of them were heading down the road. She had already decided not to arrest Sam. It was what she heard over the phone that shocked her though. She ended the phone and glanced over at the two hunters.

"Pete just left the precinct with Dean."

"What?" Sam looked over at her in a mix of shock and concern.

"He said the prisoner had to be transferred and he just took him. Dispatch has been calling but he won't answer the radio." Diana admitted.

Ruby's blue eyes widened at that. "What? No. We have to find him."

"Wait. Radio? He took a county vehicle?"

"Yeah." Diana nodded.

"Well then they should have a lo-jack installed. You've just got to get it turned on." Sam explained.

The armored van soon pulled off to the side of the road and stopped.

"Pee break so soon? You might want to get your prostate checked." Dean remarked with a slight chuckle only to frown when the back doors of the van opened. "Son of a bitch. It's alright. I'm cool in the van."

"Shut up." Detective Sheridan grabbed him hauling him out of the van and throwing him down onto the ground. "You're a cocky son of a bitch. You really think those people in St. Louis are going to buy that garbage you're peddling? Not a chance. Here's the thing, Dean. You're not going to make it to St. Louis. You're going to die trying to escape."

He pulled out his gun pointing it at Dean's head.

"Wait wait, let's talk about this. You don't really want to do something you might regret." Dean spoke up only to hear Sheridan cock the gun. "Or maybe you do."

"Pete! Put the gun down." Detective Ballard called out pointing her gun at Sheridan.

"Diana? How'd you find me?" He looked over at her in shock.

"I know about Claire."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Sheridan noticed the look on her face and sighed. "It wasn't my fault. Claire was trying to turn me in. I had no choice."

"And Tony? Karen?" She frowned at him.

"Tony scrubbed the money. He got skittish and then he wanted to come clean. I'm sure he told Karen everything. It was a mess. I had to clean it up. I just panicked."

"How many more people have to die over this, Pete?" Diana sighed still aiming her gun at him.

"Just one. This is my way out. This Dean kid's a freaking gift. We could pin the whole thing on him. No trial, no nothing. Just one more dead scumbag." Pete admitted.

Ruby's eyes narrowed as she glared at him. "Hey! The only scumbag I see here is you, Sheridan. You selfishly killed three people because you didn't want to get caught and thrown into jail to rot where you belong."

"Ruby.." Sam wrapped his arms around her waist holding her back.

"No one will question it, Diana. Please. I love you." He watched her lower her gun. "Thank you."

As Sheridan turned to deal with Dean, Detective Ballard raised her gun taking a shot at him. The bullet struck Pete in the stomach knocking him down and Dean rolled out of the way. Ruby got out of Sam's grasp dashing to Dean's side.

"Then why don't you buy me another necklace, you ass?" She glared down at him.

Pete lurched forward tackling Diana's legs knocking her down. Her gun slipped from her grasp. Sam moved to grab it, but Sheridan got there first. He aimed it at Sam getting him to step back. Sitting on the ground, Detective Ballard stared past Pete seeing the spirit of Claire standing behind him. He turned to see what she was looking at only to see the spirit staring through her hair smiling at him. A shot then rang out and he fell to the ground. Ballard got to her feet kicking the gun away from him.

"What happens to the spirit now?" She asked after declaring Sheridan dead.

"Nothing. She should hopefully be at rest now." Sam assured her as she moved to free Dean from his cuffs.

Ruby frowned a bit. "So what happens now? With their cases, I mean."

"Well Pete confessed everything to me. He royally screwed up their cases anyway. So I can get those charges cleared pretty quickly. As for , I can't help you there." Diana pointed out.

"You'd do that for us?" Dean asked her surprised.

"Yeah. I'd sleep much better at night knowing you two were out there doing what it is that you do best. Just watch your backs. They're going to be looking for you. If anyone asks, you two ran off behind my back." She shrugged her shoulders.

"Thanks. Hey do you know where my car is at?"

"At the impound lot. Don't even think about it." Diana gestured toward Dean.

"No it's fine. We're good at improvising." Sam assured her.

"You hungry, Sammy? I'm kind of craving split pea soup." Dean shrugged walking away with him and Ruby.

The Impala had thankfully not even been searched yet despite being brought to the impound lot. Ruby was nervous as she strolled up to the booth in her suit. There was a security clerk on duty and she could see the hooks with various car keys hanging on them. She recognized the Impala's instant.

She flashed her fake FBI badge at the clerk smiling a bit. "Hi. Agent Prince with the FBI. I was told we could take the 67' Impala back to Headquarters to be examined by our forensic specialists."

"Ah right. I heard the feds would be coming here. Just sign the release form right there." The security clerk set the clipboard down in front of her.

Ruby nodded pulling out a pen swiftly signing it in barely legible script. "There you go. Alright fellas, back it in carefully."

"Yes ma'am." Dean smirked backing the flatbed truck into the lot.

The boys were disguised and wearing fake FBI jackets as they carefully loaded the Impala onto the truck bed. After getting handed the keys by the security clerk, Ruby watched the truck leave the lot with the Impala and followed it out. She hopped into the truck once they were out of view. They parked a good distance away and freed the Impala from the truck. Dean changed the plates while Sam wiped any trace of them from the truck. The three of them then climbed into the Impala driving away from Baltimore. They headed south away from and Baltimore. Ruby wasn't sure where they were when they finally stopped. All she knew was that they were a good distance away. After settling in to a motel so they could get some rest, the three hunters ate then relaxed. Ruby wandered outside enjoying the fresh air. Sam gestured outside and Dean nodded moving to follow her.

His arms slid around her waist from behind and she sighed leaning back against his chest. "Hi."

"Hi. What's going on in that pretty little head of yours?" Dean asked pressing a kiss to her temple.

Ruby smiled slightly at that before it quickly turned into a frown. "He nearly killed you."

"Yeah I get that a lot."

She rolled her eyes turning in his arms to face him. "It's not funny. Now the FBI is on your trail. The FBI! Dean, that's serious."

"I know. Hey it's going to be alright. We'll figure it out. We always do." Dean assured her.

Ruby nodded kissing his lips lightly. "If you say so."

"I do say so. Miss Kyle huh? That was pretty impressive on your part. What if they looked you up though?" He returned the kiss and flashed her a goofy grin.

The blonde giggled softly at him. "I never told them my first name. I just kept introducing myself as Miss Kyle."

"Nicely done. Maybe we should lay low for a while. Go back to your dad's or something." Dean suggested holding her close.

Ruby shook her head. "No. It is rather tempting, but I don't think we should. At least not yet. I think we should keep doing what we're doing. Saving people and hunting things. We just have to be more careful about it."

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