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No Exit

Title: Calls Me Home

Summary: A journey through seven seasons of Supernatural through the eyes of two Winchesters and a Singer.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Ruby Singer, Bobby Singer, John Winchester, and a whole ton of others.

Disclaimer: Everything you see here belongs to Eric Kripke and Co. The title belongs to the song "Calls Me Home" by Shannon LaBrie.

Author's Note:

Chapter Twenty Seven

"You're being ridiculous, mom." Jo's voice could be heard as the three hunters entered the Roadhouse.

"I'm your mother. I don't have to be reasonable."

"What are you going to do? Are you going to chain me up in the basement?" The young blonde huffed at her.

"You know what? You've had worse ideas than that lately. You don't want to stay? Don't stay. Go back to school." Ellen narrowed her eyes at her daughter.

"I didn't belong there! I was a freak with a knife collection."

"Yeah and getting yourself killed on some dusty back road, that's where you belong?" She turned then and noticed them. "Not a good time, guys."

Ruby raised her brows at them. "Was that how I sounded when I fought with Dad?"

"Yep." Dean chuckled softly at her.

"See? Bobby let Ruby be a hunter." Jo nearly whined at her mother.

The older blonde rolled her eyes. "Joanna Beth, my dad didn't let me do anything. He still doesn't like me hunting, but he knows he can't change my mind. Your father died while hunting. Ever think that maybe your mother doesn't want you to suffer the same fate? You both have lost enough as it is."

An awkward silence fell over them then. The sound of the phone ringing broke it and Ellen walked over to answer it. Jo shook her head and picked up a file. She walked past Ruby then handed the file to Dean.

"Three weeks ago a young woman disappeared from an apartment in Philadelphia." She shoved the folder at Dean. "Take it. It won't bite."

"Yeah, but your mother might." He took the folder from her reluctantly.

"This girl wasn't the first either. Six women have vanished over the past eighty years. All from the same building. All young blondes. Only happens every decade or two so the cops never eyeball the pattern. So we're either dealing with one very old serial killer or..." Jo trailed off as Dean interrupted her.

"Who put this together? Ash?"

"I did it myself." She smiled at him.

"I have to admit, we've hit the road for less." Sam shrugged his shoulders.

"Good. You like the case so much then you can take it." Ellen nodded at them.


"Joanna Beth, this family has lost enough. I won't lose you too. I just won't." The older Harvelle woman huffed before turning toward Ruby. "I'm not sure I want you dealing with this case either."

Ruby smiled softly at her. "I know, Aunt Ellen, but I'll be fine. I promise."

"I don't know. Maybe Ellen is right. I mean, this thing targets young blonde women, Ruby." Dean sighed unwilling to put Ruby in any unnecessary danger.

She narrowed her blue eyes at him. "Yeah and that just makes me want to stop this thing even more. I'm not staying behind."

It was quiet when the Winchesters and Ruby arrived at the apartment building in Philadelphia. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary on the outside. Getting inside wasn't too hard either. They pulled out EMF detectors as they investigated the apartment of the latest victim.

"I feel kind of bad snaking Jo's case like that." Sam frowned as he looked around.

"Yeah maybe she put together a good file, but could you see her out here working one of these things? I don't think so." Dean shook his head.

Ruby rolled her eyes as she moved her EMF reader by one of the light switches. "I think she's perfectly capable of hunting. You guys thought the same about me and look at me now."

"Wait what's that?" The younger Winchester interrupted before Dean could respond.

"Holy crap!" Dean's eyes widened as both of the brothers touched the black goo that was oozing a bit out of the wall.

She made a face at them. "Gross. Don't touch it."

"That's ectoplasm. Well, Sam, I think I know what we're dealing with here. It's the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man."

"Very funny. Guys, I've only seen this stuff, like, twice. I mean, to make this stuff you have to be one majorly pissed off spirit." Sam rolled his eyes at his brother.

"Alright, let's find this badass before he snags any more girls then." Dean declared leading them out of the apartment.

As the three of them walked down the hallway, voices could be heard and Ruby frowned when she recognized one of them. They turned a corner and standing there talking to someone was none other than Jo. It didn't take much to figure out that she was speaking with the landlord of the building. Before Ruby could step forward, Dean did instead.

"There you are, honey." Jo grinned wrapping her arm around Dean's waist. "This is my boyfriend Dean. That's my sister Ruby and Dean's buddy Sam."

The landlord chuckled at them. "Good to meet you. Quite a gal you've got here."

"Oh yeah, she's a pistol." Dean smacked Jo's ass and it took all that Ruby had in her to not glare at them.

"So Ed, when did the last tenant move out?" The younger blonde gazed over at the landlord.

Ed sighed shrugging his shoulders. "About a month ago. Cut and run too. Stuck me for the rent."

"Well her loss is our gain. Cause if Dean-o loves it, it's good enough for me." She gave him a sweet smile.

"Oh sweetie." Dean faked a smile as he smacked her ass again.

"We'll take it." Jo handed the landlord a wad of cash.

The three hunters returned to the apartment with Jo afterward. Ruby tried her best to focus on the case instead of how mad she was at the moment. Sam reached over squeezing her hand reassuringly. She smiled softly at him and took a deep breath relaxing a bit. It was then that she realized that Dean and Jo were talking.

"Told her I was going to Vegas." Jo shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly.

"You think she's going to buy that?" Dean scoffed at her.

"I'm not an idiot. I had Ash lay a credit card trail all the way to the casinos."

"You shouldn't lie to your mom. Shouldn't be here either." Dean softened a bit.

"Well I am so untwist your boxers and deal with it." She huffed at him.

Dean's phone rang just then and they all looked at each other before he answered.

"Is she with you?" Ellen spoke out once he answered.

"Oh hi Ellen."

"She left a note that she's in Vegas. I don't believe it for a second." She huffed.

Dean paused holding his hand over his phone bickering with Jo for a few moments. Then he sighed and brought the phone back to his ear.

"I haven't seen her."

"You sure about that?" Ellen sounded skeptical.

"Yeah I'm sure."

"Well please if she shows up, you'll drag her butt right back here, won't you?"

"Absolutely." He agreed.

"Okay. Thanks honey."

The phone call ended and Jo grinned cheerfully at Dean. The four of them went back to focusing on the case. It wasn't long until Ruby and Jo butted heads though. Sam and Dean having the unfortunate job of having to keep them apart.

"I don't know why you're so upset. You did the same exact thing." Jo scoffed at her.

Ruby laughed at her. "No, I didn't. I never lied to my father about what I was doing. He always knew that I was hunting. I didn't rope innocent people into my schemes, Jo."

"It's not that big of a deal, Ruby." She folded her arms across her chest.

The older blonde glared at her. "It is a big deal when you're dragging us into this mess, Joanna Beth. It is a big deal when you're throwing my... when you're throwing Dean into your mess. If you want to hunt, then hunt. Just leave us out of it."

"Alright that's enough. Both of you. We need to stop this thing before it claims another victim." Dean spoke up trying to calm things between the two women.

"This place was built in 1924. It was originally a warehouse, but it was converted into apartments a few months ago." Jo replied moving to sit down.

"Yeah? What was here before 1924?" Dean glanced over at her as he paced.

"Nothing. Empty field." She shrugged again.

"So someone most likely died bloody in the building and now he's back and raising hell." Sam suggested.

"Already checked. Zero violent deaths in the past eighty two years. Well unless you count a janitor who slipped on a wet floor." Jo paused looking over at Dean. "Would you sit down, please?"

"So have you checked police reports, county death records..." Dean sat down looking over at her.

"Obituaries, mortuary reports, and seven other sources. I know what I'm doing." Jo rolled her eyes.

Ruby walked over sitting down on Dean's lap. "Yeah well the jury is still out on that one. There's got to be something we're missing."

"Maybe it's a cursed object with a violent spirit attached." Sam offered thinking out loud.

"We've got to scan the whole building then. Everywhere we can get into, right?" The younger blonde raised her brows at them.

"Right. So you and I will take the top two floors." Dean nodded his head as his arm held Ruby in place on his lap.

"We'd move faster if we split up." Jo suggested.

Ruby laughed and turned kissing Dean's lips. "Oh that isn't negotiable. If we split up and something happened to you, Ellen would skin us alive."

"Ruby has a point." Dean kissed her back and chuckled softly.

The four of them split up with Jo taking the top two floors with Dean while Ruby searched the bottom floors with Sam. The older blonde was completely focused as they searched around. Sam frowned watching her with concern. He wasn't sure what was going through her mind, but he was worried about her after her fight with Jo. Sam sighed looking over at her.

"You want to talk about it?"

Ruby shook her head. "No not really. It's not the first time I've fought with Jo."

"I don't think you've ever mentioned her before." Sam chuckled softly as they continued their search.

She smiled slightly at him. "I wasn't hiding her or anything. I guess I thought I was protecting her."

"How'd you guys even meet?" He led her to the next floor.

Her shoulders shrugged as she carefully followed him. "Our dads met on a hunt. One of the very few that I went on with my dad, but I was oblivious to what was going on. It actually wasn't far from the Roadhouse so Uncle Will took us back there. He introduced us to his wife Ellen and their daughter Jo. I ended up staying with them while Dad and Uncle Will finished the hunt. I stayed there a lot when my dad was hunting. When you guys weren't staying with us, at least."

"Ah. Did you ever see Dad around the Roadhouse?"

Ruby thought about it for a moment as she ran her hand along the wall. "Not that I can remember. It doesn't surprise me that they'd know each other though."

As they made their way down the hall, Dean and Jo were upstairs searching as well. They were bickering as they looked around the hallway.

"You know, I've had it up to here with your crap." Jo turned to look at him.

"Excuse me?"

"Your chauvinist crap. You think women can't do the job." She huffed.

"Sweetheart, this ain't gender studies. I know women can do the job. Ruby does it well. You can put together the research well. I'll give you that much, but as far as hunting goes, you're an amateur. You have all of these half baked romantic notions in your head. You're still young. You can do whatever you want with your life. My dad.. he started me in this when I was so young. I wish I could do something else." Dean looked at her and sighed.

"You love the job." Jo stood in front of a grating near the floor.

"Yeah, but I'm a little twisted." He shrugged as neither of them noticed the dark hand slide through the holes of the grating reaching toward her legs.

Jo then turned around and gasped.


"Uh, not sure." She looked around.

"You smell that?" He sniffed the air and glanced around.

"Is that a gas leak?"

"No. Something else. I know it. I just can't put my finger on it." Dean shook his head.

Jo crouched down in front of the grating with her EMF meter. It made noise and Dean crouched down beside her shining his flashlight at the grating. He then passed it to her and pulled out a screwdriver unscrewing the grating in question. Setting the grating aside, he stuck his hand inside of the vent feeling around before pulling it back out. In his hand was a clump of blonde hair.

"Somebody's keeping souvenirs." He remarked looking down at it.

After screwing the grating back on, the two of them returned to the apartment. Sam and Ruby arrived around the same time. Dean was relieved to see that they were okay. He and Jo relayed what they had found to them. Ruby then ordered food while they settled down and decided what to do next. They ate then spent the night doing research. Eventually fatigue settled in and the guys insisted that the two women took the only bed in the apartment. Jo and Ruby took the bed without too much of a fight. Dean woke up the next morning groaning as he stretched out the kinks in his back from sleeping on the couch.

"Morning, princess." Jo glanced back at him from where she sat at the counter.

"Morning. Ugh, my back. How'd you sleep on that big soft bed?" He yawned glancing around as he stood up. "Where's Sam and Ruby?"

"I didn't. Ruby had it to herself while I stayed up looking over things. Uh he went to get coffee and she's in the bathroom." Her hand twirled the small knife she was holding around as she studied the notes and blueprints that were in front of her.

"Here." Dean unsheathed the much larger Bowie knife and handed it to her.

"What's this for?"

"Works a hell of a lot better than that pig sticker you're twirling around." He shrugged at her.

Jo took the knife and handed him the knife she had been twirling. Dean turned the knife in his hand studying it as the engraving caught his eye. W.A.H. A sudden look of realization and understanding crossed his features.

"William Anthony Harvelle." Jo remarked softly.

"I'm sorry. My mistake." He gave her the knife back and sheathed the Bowie knife.

"I was still a kid when he died. Still in pigtails. I remember when he'd come home from a hunt. He'd burst through that door like Steve McQueen and sweep me up into his arms. I'd breathe in that leather jacket of his and my mom started smiling again. She hated when he left to go hunting, but when he came home.. we were a family. You really want to know why I want to do this job? For him. It's my way of being close to him. Now tell me what's so wrong with that?" She recalled.

Before either could say anything else, Ruby joined them. Dean pressed a kiss to her head then looked over toward the door startled as Sam burst into the apartment. Ruby frowned hoping he didn't just have another vision.

"There are cops outside. Another girl disappeared." Sam informed them.

"Teresa Ellis. Apartment 2F. Boyfriend reported her missing around dawn." Dean filled them in after going on a little fact finding mission.

"The apartment?"

"Cracks all over the plaster, ceiling, and walls. There was ectoplasm too." He sighed.

"Between that and the clump of hair, I'd say this sucker's coming from the walls." Sam pointed out.

Ruby shook her head at him. "You're right, but we looked through the history of this place. It's clean."

"Well maybe we're looking in the wrong place." Jo held up a photograph. "Check this out."

"An empty field?" Sam raised his eyebrows.

Her blue eyes widened a bit. "That's right. In the research that Jo gathered, this apartment building was converted from a warehouse. Before the warehouse was built, it was just an empty field."

"Maybe not just an empty field. Take a look at that building next door. The windows are barred. It was a prison." Dean pointed out then looked at Jo confused. "Who are you..."

"Thanks Ash. And if you breathe a word of this to mom.. that's right. With pliers." Jo hung up her phone before looking at them again. "It was Moyamensing prison. Built in 1835, but was torn down in 1963. But get this. They used to execute people by hanging them in the empty field next door."

Ruby let out a breath. "So definitely not just an empty field. Alright we need to find a list of everyone who was executed there and cross reference their MOs."

"Ash is already on it." The younger blonde assured them.

It was a little while later that they received an email from Ash with names. They immediately got to work doing research on the names, but there were a lot of them.

"One hundred and fifty seven names?" Sam said in surprise.

"Yeah well it's a prison. We're lucky it's not an even longer list." Jo pointed out.

"True." He scrolled down the list studying it for a moment. "Hey wait. Herman Webster Mudgett?"


"Isn't that H.H. Holmes' real name?" The younger Winchester asked.

"You've got to be kidding me."

Ruby glanced up from her laptop after typing quickly. "Yup. Says here that Holmes was executed at Moyamensing on May 7, 1896."

"H.H. Holmes himself. I mean, what are the odds?" Sam chuckled slightly in disbelief.

"Who is this guy?" Jo looked at them confused.

The older blonde smiled at her. "Simply put, they came up with the term 'multi murderer' to originally describe him. He is essentially America's first serial killer before anyone even knew what a serial killer was. He confessed to twenty seven murders, but some estimate that his death toll is at over a hundred."

"And his victim of choice? Pretty petite blondes. He, uh, he used chloroform to kill them." Dean paused as his eyes widened in realization. "That's what I smelled in the hallway last night. At his place, the cops were said to have found human remains, bone fragments, and long locks bloody blonde hair. Boy, you sure know how to pick them."

"Well we just find his bones then salt and burn them, right?" The younger blonde shrugged her shoulders.

"Unfortunately it won't be that easy, Jo. His body is buried in town, but it's encased in a couple tons of concrete. Story goes that he didn't want anybody mutilating his corpse because, uh, that's what he used to do to his victims." Sam filled her in.

"You know, we might have a bigger problem. Holmes built an apartment building in Chicago. He called it the Murder Castle. The whole place was a death factory. Trap doors, acid vats, quick line pits. He built these secret chambers in the walls. He'd lock his victims in and keep them alive for days. Some he'd suffocate, others he'd let starve to death." Dean recalled.

Ruby looked at him. "So Teresa could still be alive. She could be inside of these walls."

"We've got to smash these walls. Anywhere thick enough enough to hide a person." Dean squeezed her hand. "We should probably stick together."

"We'd cover more ground if we split up." Jo countered.

Her face softened as she glanced up at him. "Hey, I'm going to be fine. You and Sam would never let anything happen to me."

"You got grabbed by the wendigo, grabbed by a ghost in that asylum, and those crazy townspeople hurt you. Not to mention the Benders and the vampires. Even Gordon." Dean frowned.

Ruby shook her head smiling reassuringly at him. "The first two I got out of relatively unharmed. Those townspeople hurt you first so of course you couldn't protect me. As for the Benders, well, I did technically save myself from them, but you did find us. The vampires weren't your fault either. Gordon, well, the moment you realized I was in danger, you nearly shot his head off."

"This is a ghost well versed in killing blondes, Ruby. I just.. I don't know what I'd do if..." He pulled her close to him.

She leaned up kissing him softly on the lips. "I'll be fine. He's more likely to go after Jo than me. She's the petite one."

"Yeah yeah. Just be careful." Dean pressed a kiss to her head then let her go.

The four of them split up again. Ruby went with Sam while Jo went off with Dean. While they searched around the first floor, Dean and Jo were searching some of the crawlspaces within the walls of one of the upper floors. Dean was ahead of Jo as they moved slowly through a crawlspace. At least until he suddenly came to a stop.

"Too tight. Can't go any further." He frowned.

"Let me see." Jo squeezed past him looking ahead.

"Ugh I should have cleaned the pipes." Dean muttered with a groan.


"Uh, clean pipes. Wish they were cleaner." He stammered.

"Ugh shut up. I can fit in there." The younger blonde slowly moved further along.

"What are you crazy? You're not going in there alone."

"You got any better ideas?" She looked back at him.

"Well no, but you..." Dean trailed off as she continued moving.

"Uh huh." Jo moved along through the crawlspace to the point where she was out of his sight.

"Where are you?" Dean asked holding his phone to his ear after calling her.

"On the north wall." The blonde stopped in front of an air duct. "I'm heading down some kind of air duct."

"Jo, no. Don't do that. Stay up here."

"We have to find this girl, don't we? I'm okay." She started to move into the air duct.

Outside of the crawlspace, Dean studied the blueprints then started to make his way toward the north wall with a sledgehammer in hand. Jo comes out into a similar space on a lower level and continues moving. There are cracks in the wall and black goo begins to pour out of them. Jo stops moving as she glances around in horror.

"Oh god." The blonde breathed out into the phone.

"What's wrong? Jo? Jo!" Dean yelled out over the phone then heard her scream.

Hanging up, Dean shoved his phone into his pocket and grabbed the sledgehammer swinging it at the wall repeatedly. He smashed a large hole in the wall which he then slipped in. Jo's phone was on the floor. It was the only sign of her there. Dean swore under his breath pocketing the phone and rushed back out into the hallway. He ran down toward the lower floors only to run right into Sam and Ruby.

"Hey calm down. What's wrong? Where's Jo?" Sam grasped Dean's arms gently trying to calm him down.

Ruby's face paled as Dean filled them in on what happened. "No. No, this can't be happening."

"We're going to find her, alright?" The younger Winchester assured them.

"Where?" Dean looked at him.

"Inside the walls."

"We've been looking there and have come up with nothing." Dean sighed as they walked back to the apartment.

Ruby was quiet as they walked inside the apartment until she decided to speak up. "I promised."

"What?" The Winchesters looked at her.

The blonde sighed. "I promised Uncle Will and Aunt Ellen that I'd look after Jo. That I'd never let anything happen to her. Yeah we were just kids, but I meant it. Especially after... after Uncle Will died."

"I'm sorry, Ruby." Dean sighed.

She shook her head at him. "It's not your fault."

"Yeah, but.." He trailed off as his phone rang. "Uh hello?"

"I know she's there. Ash is a genius, but he folds like a cheap suit. Now you put my damn daughter on the phone." Ellen's voice rang out.

"She's going to have to call you back. She's, uh, in the bathroom." Dean stammered out.

"Yeah right. Where is she?"

"Look, we'll get her back." Dean sighed.

"Get her back? From where? From what?" Ellen tensed up filling quickly with worry.

"The spirit we're hunting. It took her. She'll be okay though. I promise." He tried to reassure her.

"You promise. That is not the first time I've heard that from a Winchester." She scoffed.

Ruby frowned as the call was on speaker. "They're not John. Whatever he did, it's not fair to take it out on them. It was Joanna's choice to come here on her own for the hunt. We're sorry that she lied to you and that we inadvertently lied to you at first too. We were looking for a missing woman when Jo got grabbed. Right now Jo may be our best shot at keeping that woman alive until we find them and we will find them. The Winchester brothers have never broken a promise to me and they aren't about to start now."

"I'm taking the first flight out. I'll be there in a few hours. If anything happens to her..."

The blonde leaned against Dean. "It won't. I promise you that. We'll find her and she'll be okay. Then you can yell at her all you want."

"Just be careful, Ruby. I don't want anything to happen to you either." Ellen sighed then hung up.

Ruby ran her hand through her hair. "Alright we need to find them. What's our next move?"

"Well look at the layout of the murder castle. There's all the torture chambers in the walls right?" Sam pointed out.

"Yeah and we've already searched the walls."

"But there's one in the basement we haven't searched yet." The younger Winchester recalled.

The blonde looked over at him in confusion. "But this building doesn't have a basement."

"You're right. It doesn't, but I just noticed this. It looks like part of the old sewer system beneath the foundation that hasn't been used in years."

"Let's go." Dean nodded his head walking toward the door.

Waking up, Jo panicked for a moment then felt around. She grasped her flashlight flicking it on and moved it around lighting up the compartment she was lying in. It was wooden from what she could tell and there were gouges in the ceiling above her as if someone had tried to claw their way out. Peeking out of the slit in the side of the compartment, she could see that she was in a large round room that had other similar compartments to the one that she was currently in.


"Is..Is anybody there?" A woman called out softly sniffling.

"Teresa?" Jo's eyebrows raised.


"This won't really make you feel better, but uh, I'm here to rescue you."

"Oh god. He's out there and he's going to kill us!" Teresa cried out in a panic.

"Hey no, he won't. It'll be okay. We'll get out of this. My friends are out there looking for us. They'll find us." She assured her then froze when footsteps could be heard.

"Oh god he's here!"

"Shh! Just be quiet!" Jo hushed her.

It was silent for a few moments then suddenly a creepy looking hand bursts into Jo's compartment grabbing her by her head. A scream falls from her lips as it rips out a chunk of her hair. Above them outside, the trio of hunters were searching for them with a metal detector. It started whirring and the three of them began to dig furiously in that spot. Soon enough they uncovered a metal trap door. Ruby pulled it open while Dean handed Sam a shotgun. He hesitated before handing her one as well. While they grabbed flashlights as well and began their descent through the trap door, Jo was still in her compartment kicking furiously and steadily against the wall to no avail. She slumped back in exhaustion. Hearing the footsteps again, she turned only to see a scraggly bearded mouth appear beside her in the opening of the compartment that she could see through.

"You're so pretty. So beautiful." Holmes grinned creepily at her.

"Go to hell!" Jo yelled out at him.

His hand reached in at her again only this time he fondled her. She turned away in disgust only to suddenly turn back around. Her hand swung down sinking her knife into his creepy hand. He screamed and ran off. Jo sighed in relief.

"How do you like that? Pure iron, you creepy ass son of a bitch!" She yelled out again.

"Is he gone?" Teresa asked clearly still frightened.

"I don't know. I..." She trailed off as the hand was suddenly clamped over her mouth.

"Shh." Holmes whispered to her.

As she struggled, the trio of hunters finally reached Holmes' creepy prison. They saw the spirit and immediately shot at it sending it away for the time being. Dean grabbed a crowbar from his bag and got to work on prying open the compartment that Jo was trapped in. Once he got it open, he tossed the crowbar to Sam. The younger Winchester searched the compartments. He found human remains in one and then found Teresa in another. While he helped her out, Dean helped Jo out of her compartment. Ruby checked her over then pulled her into a hug.

"Are you alright?" Dean looked at her.

"Been better. Let's get the hell out of here before he comes back." Jo looked over at him as she wiped her tears away.

"Actually I don't think we're leaving here just yet." He sighed.

"What?" She looked at him confused.

"Remember when I said you being bait was a bad plan? Well now it's kind of the only one we got."

Ruby gestured to herself. "Why not use me as bait?"

"Sweetheart, believe me, you're beautiful, but if he wanted you, he would have tried to grab you. Teresa and Jo? Both shorter than you." Dean pointed out.

They got Teresa to safety then against Ruby's better judgment, they filled the outline of the innermost round chamber with rock salt. Jo sat in the middle awaiting the appearance of the spirit. Her arms were wrapped around her knees as she trembled though she kept her breathing deep and steady. The spirit of Holmes approached her from behind. Just as he was about to touch her, Dean called out to her and Jo dove forward getting out of the chamber with his help. The boys shot off a few rounds hitting the bags of rock salt that lined the chamber. The salt poured out of the bags forming a perfect circle around the spirit. It started screaming and muttering in gibberish.

"Scream all you want, you dick, but there's no way you're stepping over that salt!" Jo called out to him.

The grated door to the round chamber slammed shut sealing the room off. Outside above the creepy sewer area, three of the four hunters stood there looking around.

"So is this job as glamorous as you thought it would be?" Sam asked slightly playfully.

"Aside from getting kidnapped by a pee in your pants terrifying spirit, yeah. Sure. But that Teresa girl's going to live a life because of us. It's worth it, isn't it?" Jo looked over at him.

"Yeah it is." Sam smiled slightly at her.

"But uh, what if someone finds that sewer down there or a storm washes the salt away?"

Ruby smiled nodding her head. "Both very valid points. That's why we're waiting here."

"For what?" Jo looked at her confused.

The sound of beeping caught their attention and they looked up only to see Dean backing a cement truck up to the sewer entrance. He stops and the brothers positioned it just right. Then the four of them watched the cement as it began to pour into the sewer.

"You ripped off a cement truck?" She cracked a smile.

"I'll give it back." Dean shrugged.

True to her word, Ellen did get the first flight out. The five of them drove back to the Roadhouse in the Impala. Dean was driving while Ellen was in the passenger's seat. Sam was in the back with Ruby in the middle and Jo on the other side behind Dean. It was an awkwardly quiet ride. When they arrived at their destination, Ellen stormed out of the car dragging Jo with her. Dean attempted to stand up for Jo, but Ellen clearly didn't want to hear it.

"You're angry. I understand." Jo looked at her mom.

"Angry? Angry doesn't even begin to touch it."

"Let's just think this through. Everything's okay. I'm alive and safe." She reminded her mom.

"Not after I'm through with you."

"Is this about me hunting or something else?"

"You let those boys use you as bait!" Ellen yelled at her.

"Mom, they were right there the whole time backing me up. Even Ruby was there." Jo pointed out to her.

"Which is exactly why you should not be doing this job nor do you have the sense to. You're trusting your life to them."

"What are you talking about?" She looked at her mother in confusion.

"Like father, like sons. That is what I am talking about, Joanna Beth." Ellen frowned.

"John? But I thought you and John were friends."

"Yeah. We were. I'm sorry. I didn't mean..." She shook her head and sighed.

"Mom? What aren't you telling me?"

The three hunters stood outside for a short while and then Jo walked back out. She glared at Dean as she stormed on by them.

"That bad, huh?" Dean watched her walk by.

"Not right now." Her jaw was tense as she continued to walk.

"What happened? Hey talk to me." He gently grasped her arm.

"Get off of me!"

"Sorry. See you around." He dropped his hand and sighed moving to walk back to the Impala.

"Hey Dean. It turns out my dad had a partner on his last hunt. Funny because he usually hunted alone. His partner did too, but I guess dad figured he could trust him. Well that was a mistake. Guy screwed up and got my dad killed." Jo looked at the three hunters though she was addressing Dean.

"What does that..."

"It was your father, Dean." Her jaw tensed as she spoke.

"What?" Dean looked at her in shock.

"Why do you think John never came back? Never told you about us? Because he couldn't look my mom in the eye after that. That's why."

"Jo.." He frowned slightly at her.

"Just.. just get out of here. Please. Just leave." She turned and walked away clearly upset.

Sighing, Dean walked back to the Impala followed by Sam and Ruby. She wanted nothing more than to tell Jo not to take what John did out on his boys, but deep down she knew that Jo didn't mean to. It was a quiet drive away from the Roadhouse. Eventually they stopped at a motel for the night. They had ate and were now just relaxing trying to decide what their next step would be.

"You know something, I don't get it. If Ellen was that angry at dad, which you can't blame her, then why would she even bother calling him with an offer of help?" Sam wondered curiously.

Ruby shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. She's still friends with my dad. Probably heard about Meg killing your dad's friends. She knows about the demon. Her daughter wants to go out there to hunt and there's this dangerous demon out there who has killed at least two blondes with connections to hunting. Can't say I blame her for wanting to offer any help she could with taking the bastard down."

"So what do we do now?" He stretched out on his bed.

"Saving people and hunting things. You know, the family business." Dean draped his arm around Ruby holding her close.

The blonde bit her lip resting her head against his chest. "Yeah. That's a terrible family business."

"I know." He chuckled softly. "At least we're saving people though."

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