Calls Me Home @daddyslilheartbreaker
Devil's Trap

Title: Calls Me Home

Summary: A journey through seven seasons of Supernatural through the eyes of two Winchesters and a Singer.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Ruby Singer, Bobby Singer, John Winchester, and a whole ton of others.

Disclaimer: Everything you see here belongs to Eric Kripke and Co. The title belongs to the song "Calls Me Home" by Shannon LaBrie.

Author's Note: Well we made it to the end of season one. I'm excited to dive into season two soon.

Chapter Twenty One

The familiar roar of the Impala's engine echoed through the air as the Winchester brothers pulled into the Singer Salvage Yard. Dean parked the car and they both got out only to be greeted by Bobby. He splashed them both in the face with Holy Water. Satisfied when neither burned, the older man hugged them both. He then stepped aside as his daughter ran out hugging both of the Winchesters tightly. She lingered in Dean's arms which was something that didn't go unnoticed by Sam and Bobby. The four of them headed into the Singer home as Sam filled them in on what happened since they had last talked.

Ruby shook her head. "Demons lie though. How do you know she's telling the truth?"

"Dad wasn't answering his phone and when it was finally answered, Meg was the one that answered it." Sam sighed softly.

The blonde's features softened slightly at him. "Okay maybe you have a point. Even if he did get away, I'm sure he would have contacted you somehow."

"We didn't know where else to go for help." Dean rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

Bobby sighed nodding at them. "Well Ruby and I will help the best that we can. She's not going after this damned demon though. It's already killed two blonde women that you boys care about. I'm not looking to give it a third."

"Yes, sir. We agree." The boys nodded their heads in agreement while Ruby frowned.

She picked up a book handing it to Sam. "Anyway, Dad may have found something that might help."

"Bobby, this book. I've never seen anything like it. These, uh, these protective circles. They really work?"

The older man chuckled softly at that. "Hell yeah they do. You get a demon in and they're trapped. Powerless. It's like a Satanic roach motel."

"Man knows his stuff." Dean cracked a smile.

Ruby smiled at her dad proudly. "Well I did learn from the best."

He pressed a press to the side of his daughter's head and sighed. "Something else is up too. In a normal year, usually hear of three demonic possessions. Maybe four, tops. This year I've heard of twenty seven so far. More and more demons are walking among us."

"Do you know why?" Sam looked at him curiously.

Bobby shook his head. "I've got no idea, but I know it's something big. Storm's coming and you boys along with your daddy are smack dab in the middle of it."

Hearing the dog bark, Ruby looked toward the window. "Rumsfeld?"

Suddenly the dog stopped barking letting out a whine. Ruby gasped pointing out the broken chain to her father with their beloved dog nowhere in sight. Before anyone could say anything, the door was kicked open and in walked Meg. Bobby instinctively placed himself in front of his daughter. Dean pulled out a flask of Holy Water unscrewing the cap and moved to soak the demon in it. She was one step ahead sending him flying across the room into a stack of books seemingly knocking him out. Ruby gasped and Sam moved to stand in front of the Singers.

Meg narrowed her eyes at him. "I want the Colt, Sam, the real Colt, right now."

"We don't have it. Buried it before we drove over here." He lied as they moved away from the window.

The demon rolled her eyes at him. "Seriously? No more crap, Sam. I got to say, after everything I've heard about you Winchesters, I'm a little underwhelmed. First Johnny boy tries to pawn off a fake gun and then he leaves the real one with you two chuckleheads. I mean, really, did you really think that I wouldn't find you guys?"

"Actually, that's exactly what we were counting on." Dean remarked standing behind her.

Meg turned around to look at him in surprise and followed his gaze up to the ceiling where the Devil's Trap was etched. "What?"

"Gotcha." The older Winchester brother smirked at the demon.

Ruby walked into the room carrying a large canister of salt. "We salted the doors and windows. If there are any demons lurking out there, they aren't getting in."

Meg was tied to a chair in the middle of the room with the Winchesters watching her. "If you wanted to tie me up, all you had to do was ask."

"Where's our father, Meg?" Dean glared at the demon.

She shrugged smirking at him playfully. " You didn't ask very nice."

"Where is our father, bitch?"

The demon scoffed at him. "You kiss your mother with that mouth? Oh right, I forgot, you can't."

"You think this is a freaking joke? Where is he? What did you do to him." Dean yelled grasping the arms of the chair that she was tied to.

Meg smirked at him again. "Dead. He died screaming. I killed him myself."

Dean glared at her and then hit her across the face. Bobby led the three younger hunters to the next room. Feeling Ruby squeeze his hand lightly, Dean felt himself calming down a bit.

Bobby sighed looking at him. "You boys have to be careful with Meg. Don't hurt her."

"Why? She's a demon." Dean scoffed at the thought.

He pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance. "Because she really is a girl. She's possessed. That's a human possessed by a demon. Can't you bozos tell?"

"Are you trying to tell me there's an innocent girl trapped somewhere in there?" The older Winchester brother glanced back at Meg for a moment.

Bobby nodded his head which only made Dean smile a little. He gestured toward his brother and the Winchesters walked back into the room. The Singers watched as Sam began to recite the exorcism ritual while his brother talked to Meg trying to get the truth out of her. The demon's body shuddered obviously in pain as Sam continued to recite the words in Latin.

Meg winced in pain. "He's not dead, but he will be after what we do to him."

"How do we know you're not lying?"

She smirked at him defiantly. "You don't."

"Sam!" Dean gestured for him to continue the ritual.

The smirk fell and she gasped. "A building. A building in Jefferson City, okay?"

"Missouri? Where in Jefferson City? Give us an address! And the demon, the one we're after, where is it?"

Meg sighed shaking her head. "I don't know. I swear! That's everything. That's all I know."

"Sam, finish it."

"Maybe we can still use her to find the demon." Sam spoke quietly clearly unsure of what to do.

"Sam, there's an innocent girl trapped somewhere in there. We've got to help her." Dean sighed.

Bobby shook his head at them. "You're going to kill her. You boys said she fell from a building. Her body is broken. The only thing keeping her alive is the demon. You exorcise it, she'll die."

Ruby frowned realizing that this was exactly what had happened to her mom. "We can't just leave her in this poor girl. It's not right."

Sam finished the exorcism and the demon reared it's head back. Black smoke poured out of its mouth hitting the ceiling only to disappear. The young woman slumped over as blood began to drop from her mouth. The boys untied her while Ruby ran to grab a blanket and some water. She returned handing the blanket over while the boys gently laid Meg the human on the floor. Sam draped the blanket over her while Ruby gently helped her drink some water.

The frail woman whispered softly to them. "Thank you. It's been about a year. I was awake.. for some of it. I couldn't move my body. The things I did... it's a nightmare."

"Shh, take it easy."

"Was it telling the truth about our father?" Dean looked at her.

She closed her eyes for a moment and then opened them. "Yes. They want you to come for him. Demon you want is not there. Other ones. Awful ones."

Ruby frowned at the thought. "Do you know where they are keeping him?"

The woman nodded her head slightly. "Sunrise. By the river."

"Sunrise? What does that mean?" Dean asked only to frown when he realized her body was limp on the floor.

Bobby checked her pulse only to frown as well. "She's dead. You boys better hurry up and beat it before the paramedics get here."

"What are you going to tell them?" Dean looked over at Bobby.

The older man scoffed at him handing the book to Sam. "You think you boys invented lying to the cops? We'll figure something out. Here take this. You might need it."


"Yeah thanks...for everything. Be careful, alright?" Dean glanced over at Bobby again.

Bobby nodded his head at them. "Just go find your dad. When you do, bring him around, would ya? I won't even try to shoot him this time."

The boys nodded and headed out to the Impala. Ruby followed them despite knowing that they had to leave pretty quickly. She hugged Sam tightly whispering pleas for him to stay safe. Sam returned the hug assuring her that he'd be fine then got into the Impala letting his brother have a moment with her. She hugged Dean tightly whispering to him to stay safe as well. It was when she reluctantly pulled away that Dean captured her lips in a kiss. He poured everything he felt for her at that moment into that one kiss. She kissed him back smiling softly against his lips. Ruby even felt a little dazed when he finally broke the kiss.

"You have to stay safe too, Ruby." Dean sighed resting his forehead against hers.

Ruby smiled at him. "I will. Come back to me, Dean Winchester."

He nodded pressing a kiss to her forehead before getting into the Impala and then drove off to Missouri.

"And how did you know the deceased again?" Deputy Wilkins asked looking at the two Singers.

Ruby sighed softly. "Meg. Her name was Meg Masters. She's.. she was from Andover, Massachusetts. Dad didn't really know her. She and I met a few months back when I was on a road trip. We became friends and traveled a bit together. Then I came back home. She was heading back to Andover and stopped by for a visit."

"Right. My apologies. So can you tell me what happened to Meg, Miss Singer?"

She glanced at her dad before nodding at the officer. "I was showing her around and we went down by the creek. There were these two guys from town there. God, I can't even remember their names. Anyway, we mentioned that Meg wasn't from Sioux Falls so they told her that silly legend about Patty Simpkins and the windmill."

"Yes, I'm aware of that legend. Still gives the department more headaches than it's worth. Please continue." The officer nodded at her.

Ruby tucked her blonde hair behind her ear. "Right. Well Meg didn't believe them so they offered to show her the windmill. It was real stupid, but we followed them over. I'm not fond of heights so I stayed on the ground with one of the guys. She climbed the windmill with the other guy. Kept saying that she wasn't afraid because ghosts weren't real. Then he grabbed her leg which made her scream, but she was fine. We all got a good chuckle out of that. The guy didn't want to go any higher and she called him a chicken. Then.. then she lost her footing. We honestly thought she was dead when she hit the ground."

"How did she end up here instead of a hospital? Why weren't we called when it initially happened?"

She bit her lip lying smoothly to the officer. "Those two guys had been smoking weed down by the creek. They were more worried about getting caught with weed still on them than they were about getting her help. I checked her pulse and realized that she was still alive. There's no cell reception out there so it wasn't like I could call for help. They helped me get her back here then they ran off."

Bobby huffed slightly. "Saw those two hooligans run by so I came inside to see what was going on. I grabbed the phone and called for help. Then I made the poor girl as comfortable as we could. It was a tragic accident. I don't know why they don't just tear down that old thing."

"You saw these boys too?"

He nodded his head. "Seen em around town before too. Damn if I know their names though."

The officer finished questioning them and Meg's body was taken away. Ruby felt bad for lying, but no one would have believed the truth anyway. It wasn't long before they were all gone leaving her alone with her father. Thoughts and questions filled her mind though she wasn't quite sure how to vocalize them.

The blonde bit her lip glancing over at her dad. "So that's what happened to mom. She was possessed."

Bobby sighed nodding his head. "Yes. I didn't realize at first though I knew something was off. I thought it was just her hormones out of whack because she was pregnant."

Her blue eyes widened a bit at that revelation. "Mom was pregnant? I was going to be a big sister?"

He cracked a slight smile at the memory. "Yeah she was and we were pretty sure it was going to be a boy too."

Ruby teared up a bit. "Dad, please, tell me what really happened."

Bobby sighed moving to sit down with his daughter. "Alright, fine. It was late afternoon and I came back inside after working on a car. You were in your playpen napping. Her eyes turned pure black and I didn't know what to do. I blocked her from you. Then Rufus came barging in. He tried to exorcise the demon. Damn thing knocked him silly."

She nodded her head listening to him. "Yeah you've told me all this."

He grasped her hand squeezing it lightly. "It knocked me aside too and said it was going to kill you. The exorcism wasn't working. Rufus had this knife. He tossed it to me and.. I stabbed her before she could grab you. Killed the demon instantly. I'm not proud of myself for what I did. She.. she thanked me for protecting you. I was ashamed. That's why I left you with your grandparents for a year. I wanted to learn everything that I could so that I could keep protecting you."

Ruby pulled her father into a hug sighing softly. "Oh dad. I'm sorry you had to go through all that. You did protect me though. I'm still here because of you and I know mom would be proud of you for that. Thank you for finally telling me the truth."

In Jefferson City, Missouri, Dean parked the Impala out of view. It was Sam that drew a Devil's Trap on the trunk lid of the car essentially making the trunk a lockbox that the demons couldn't get in which is where they left the Colt. They loaded up on their other weapons and walked away moving along the river. It was Dean that saw the sign first and nudged Sam to get his attention. Sunrise Apartments. The brothers headed in that direction and Sam entered the building waiting until a guy walked out before pulling the fire alarm. It was seven minutes later when the fire truck pulled up to the building. Dean talked to one of the firemen under the guise of being a tenant from the building while Sam picked one of the locks on the back of the truck. It was only a few minutes later when two men dressed in full firemen gear are seen walking down one of the hallways in the building. One of them was using an EMF detector checking the doors of the various departments.

"I always wanted to be a fireman when I grew up." Dean chuckled softly as he kept checking the doors.

"You never told me that." Sam glanced over at him.

The EMF detector suddenly shrieked and Dean banged on the door playing the role of firefighter with ease. A man and a woman were both in the apartment. Their eyes were pure black. The woman unlocked the door only for it to be shoved open. The Winchesters sprayed the two demons with Holy Water then shoved them into a nearby closet locking the door. Sam pulled out a canister of salt pouring a line of it around the closet door. Taking off the firefighting gear, the boys looked around the apartment before slowly venturing into the bedroom. John was alone tied to the bed laying rather still though he was breathing. Dean ran to his side trying to wake him up. He was about to cut him loose from his restraints when Sam stopped him. Sam pulled out a flask of Holy Water sprinkling some onto John. They sighed in relief when it had no effect on him. Dean freed John from the restraints then they helped him up. Before they could leave, two more demons entered the apartment. The Winchesters ran back into the bedroom shutting and locking the door. Dean helped John out onto the fire escape while Sam poured a line of salt at the door.


He followed them out onto the fire escape heading down to the street below. A demon grabs him and starts beating the crap out of him. Dean tried to help, but got thrown aside into a parked car. The demon continued to hit Sam until a gunshot went off. It fell aside and Sam looked up in shock at Dean standing there with the Colt in his hand. He walked over helping his brother up and then they helped their dad up moving quickly to get back to the Impala.

"Yeah we're a bit roughed up, but for the most part we're okay. How's everything over there?" Dean spoke into the phone later that night watching Sam pour salt along a windowsill in the cabin they were hiding out in.

Ruby smiled slightly feeling relieved that they were okay. "I'm really glad to hear that, Dean. Things are fine over here. Everything with Meg got sorted out. Dad let me cleanse the house with burnt sage. I mean, couldn't hurt right?"

"If it makes you feel better then no I suppose it couldn't. Look, I got to go, but I just.. I needed to hear your voice and know that you were okay." He admitted quietly.

She blushed at his words. "Well you know you can always call me if you need to hear my voice, Dean. I..I needed to hear yours too."

"Just stay safe, Ruby. I.. yeah bye for now." Dean ended the call as his father walked into the room.

"You did good, son." John nodded his head at his eldest son.

"You're not mad at me for wasting a bullet?" Dean glanced over at him in confusion.

"Mad? Not at all. I'm proud of you." The lights began to flicker and the wind picked up. "It found us. It's here. Sam, line the doors and windows with salt."

"I already did."

"Well check it again, okay?" He looked over at Dean. "You got the gun? Give it to me."

"Dad, Sam tried to shoot the demon in Salvation. It vanished." Dean pulled the Colt out of the back of his jeans.

"This is me. I won't miss. Now give me the gun. Hurry."

Dean eyed him warily for a moment then shook his head stepping back. Sam walked back into the room just in time to see Dean aiming the Colt at their father.

"You're not my dad. He'd be furious that I wasted a bullet." His green eyes glistened with unshed tears. "He's not dad, Sam."

"No, no." Sam moved to stand beside Dean.

"Fine. If you're that sure, go ahead. Shoot me." John yelled at them and looked down.

Dean hesitated, but ultimately couldn't bring himself to shoot his father. The man lifted his head looking at them again with glowing yellow eyes. Sam lunged toward him only to get thrown aside pinned to a wall. The same happens to Dean causing him to drop the Colt. John picked it up and smirked.

"It's you, isn't it? We've been looking for you for a long time." Sam gasped in realization.

"Well you found me."

"But the Holy Water." Sam looked at the demon confused.

"You think that works on something like me?" The demon chuckled at him.

"I'm going to kill you!" Sam struggled against the force that was keeping him pinned to the wall.

"Go ahead, psychic boy. Here. Make the gun float over to you." He taunted setting the Colt down onto a table. "Thought so. Well this is fun. I could have killed you a hundred times over today, but this.. this was worth the wait."

"Let him go or I swear to god..." Dean glared at him struggling against the wall.

"As far as I'm concerned, this is justice. That little exorcism of yours? That was my daughter. The one in the alley? That was my boy. You destroyed my children. How would you feel if I killed your family? Oh right, I forgot, I already did. Still, two wrongs don't make a right." The demon sneered at him.

"You son of a bitch."

"Why'd you do it?" Sam spoke up.

"Why'd I kill Mommy and pretty little Jess? You know, Sam was going to propose to her. Been shopping for rings and everything." He looked from Dean to Sam. "You really want to know why? Because they got in the way."

"In the way of what?"

"My plans for you, Sammy. You and all of the children like you." The demon smirked at him.

"Can we just get this over already? Not in the mood to listen to your monologue." Dean rolled his eyes at him.

"Oh Dean. You fight and you fight for this family. Truth is that they don't need you. Not like you need them. Sam is clearly John's favorite even when they fight. It's more concern than he's ever shown you." The demon taunted him.

"I bet you're real proud of your kids too, huh? Oh wait, I forgot. I wasted em." Dean smiled at the demon.

A possessed John stepped back and put his head down. When he looked back up, Dean yelled in pain. Sam yelled out watching in horror as Dean began to bleed heavily from his chest. He struggled more against the force keeping him pinned as Dean kept screaming. Blood started pouring out of his mouth as he passed out.

"Stop." John whispered quietly. "Stop it."

It was enough to release the hold on Sam and he dove for the table grabbing the Colt.

"You kill me, you kill Daddy." The demon smirked.

"I know." Sam fired the gun shooting John in the leg.

It released its hold on Dean and the elder Winchester sibling slumped down to the ground. Sam ran over to his brother checking on him only for Dean to insist that he check on his father instead. John lay on the ground motionless. He suddenly looked at Sam and pleaded with him to kill the demon which was still inside of John. Dean could be heard telling Sam not to. Suddenly John's head lurched back and a black cloud of smoke poured out of his mouth. It disappeared through the floor leaving John to glare at Sam disapprovingly. Sam helped John into the passenger's seat of the Impala and then grabbed Dean setting him in the backseat gently.

"Sammy, I'm surprised at you. Why didn't you kill it? I thought we saw eye to eye on this. Killing this demon comes first. Before me, before everything." John scoffed at his son.

"No sir, not before everything." He glanced at Dean in the rearview mirror as he drove toward the hospital. "We're only ten minutes away from the hospital. We still have the Colt. Still have a bullet left. We just have to start over. I mean, we already found the demon..."

Sam's words were suddenly cut off when an eighteen wheeler suddenly slammed into the Impala at full speed. When the truck came to a stop, the driver of it climbed out surveying the damage. His eyes are black as he approached the wrecked Impala. A barely conscious Sam raised the Colt at him causing the demon to flee the driver's body. He put the gun away and the driver snapped out of his daze running to call for help.

It had been a good bit since she had last heard from any of the Winchesters. Not that she expected them to call her again so soon, but she couldn't shake the nagging feeling that something was wrong. Bobby entered the room looking somber and her smile faded from her lips.

Ruby's brows furrowed as she looked at him. "Dad? What's wrong?"

Bobby sighed as he approached his daughter. "Sweetheart, there's been an accident."

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