Calls Me Home @daddyslilheartbreaker
Dead Man's Blood

Title: Calls Me Home

Summary: A journey through seven seasons of Supernatural through the eyes of two Winchesters and a Singer.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Ruby Singer, Bobby Singer, John Winchester, and a whole ton of others.

Disclaimer: Everything you see here belongs to Eric Kripke and Co. The title belongs to the song "Calls Me Home" by Shannon LaBrie.

Author's Note: I would just like to say that the timeline is so screwed up at some points. It's almost mind boggling.

Chapter Nineteen

It had been a few weeks since the three hunters had left Upstate New York and Sarah Blake behind. After their latest hunt, they were sitting in a cafe in a small town in Nebraska trying to find a new hunt. There didn't seem to be a decent lead in all of Nebraska according to Dean who had been combing through the newspaper. Sam found an article about a woman in Iowa falling ten thousand feet from an airplane and surviving. The three of them agreed that it didn't seem like anything supernatural.

"Well hey, you know we could just keep heading east. Upstate New York. We could drop by and see Sarah again. Huh? You obviously liked her, Sammy. What do you say?" Dean suggested to his brother with an encouraging smirk.

"Maybe someday. We've got a lot of work to do, Dean, and you know that." Sam smiled wistfully for a moment then shook his head.

"Yeah alright. What else we got?"

Ruby took a sip of her coffee before speaking up. "Local man in Colorado named Daniel Elkins was found mauled in his home."

"Elkins? I know that name." Dean frowned racking his brain trying to remember where he knew the name from.

The blonde shrugged her shoulders lightly. "The police seem to be at a loss. It was first believed to be a bear attack, but then they seemed to have found signs of a robbery."

"Uh huh. Wait, there, check it out." He flipped through John's journal then held it out to Sam and Ruby pointing at a page.

"You think it's the same Elkins?" Sam raised his eyebrows.

"It's a Colorado area code."

They gathered their things, paid the bill leaving a tip for the waitress, and then returned to the Impala. It was a mostly quiet ride to Colorado aside from Dean's usual music blaring from the speakers. They didn't arrive in Elkins' town until mid afternoon. The man was unlisted in the phone book so it wasn't exactly easy finding his home. They stopped into the local bar to get their bearings and figure out how they were going to find the house. It was Sam that noticed the woman behind the bar appeared kind of sad.

"Are you alright, Miss?" He gave her a sympathetic look as she served them their drinks.

"Oh you can call me Beth. Yeah, I'm fine. It's just... one of our regulars died. Poor Mr. Elkins. He'd sit here every day going through the newspapers and making his little notes in his journal. He.. He was a nice old man. Just a little nutty, that's all." Beth sniffled a bit.

Ruby nodded her head at the woman. "We're sorry for your loss. Did he have family in the area?"

"He lived all alone, up in the canyon. Never heard him say anything about any family." She shrugged her shoulders as she wiped down the counter.

It wasn't until nightfall that the three hunters made their way toward the canyon. Ruby was concerned that they wouldn't be able to find the house that they were looking for if there were others up there as well. She was relieved when they caught sight of a cabin with police tape around the fence. They crept up to the front door with Sam picking the lock while Dean and Ruby held the flashlights giving him light. The door unlocked and he put the lock pick away as they carefully stepped inside. It was a mess inside of the cabin. Papers strewn everywhere and furniture turned over. Dean stopped by what appeared to be a journal and began to flip through it. Sam was the one that pointed out the salt beside the door.

"You mean protection against demon salt or 'oops I spilled the popcorn' salt?" Dean asked still looking through the journal.

"It's clearly a ring. Think he was a hunter?"

"Definitely." Dean nodded his head.

"That looks a lot like dad's." Sam noted as he approached his brother taking a look at the journal as well.

Ruby glanced away from it looking around some more. "Yeah, but that one dates back to at least the sixties."

They followed her into another room finding even more of a mess. Looking up, they noted the hole in the roof. They agreed that whatever attacked him was more than likely a group effort. Dean crouched down to get a better look at the scratched wooden floor. Grabbing a paper, he laid it flat over the scratches and took a stray pencil rubbing the lead against the paper. He lifted the paper up when he was done and showed them.

"Look familiar?"

"Three letters, six digits. The location and combination of a post office box. It's a mail drop." Sam remarked in realization.

"Just the way dad does it." Dean nodded his head.

Ruby shivered looking around as they started to leave. "Do you guys feel that? I feel like we're being watched."

"Not until you mentioned it, no." Sam shut the front door behind them and then looked around as well.

"I don't see anything." Dean whispered as they slowly crept back to the Impala keeping an eye out around them.

She shivered again while approaching the car. "I don't know. I still don't like it."

"Here." He slid his brown leather jacket off wrapping it around her shoulders.

The warmth from his body heat mixed with the scent that was undeniably Dean made her smile softly feeling instantly relaxed. "Thanks."

Getting into the Impala, they drove back into town and it didn't take too long to find the local post office. Dean opened the post office box while Sam and Ruby stood by his side. He reached in pulling out an envelope that clearly had a letter inside. Staring at it for a moment, he then turned it to show them that J.W. was written on the front of the envelope. They were equally confused by this development though it did add up with Elkins' number being in John's journal.

"J.W.? You don't think..." Sam trailed off once they were back in the Impala.

"I don't know. Should we open it?" Dean asked only to rear back fist clenched like he was going to punch someone when they all heard someone knock on the driver's side window.

It was John. He smiled realizing he had shocked them.

"Dad?" Dean looked equally shocked and confused as John got into the backseat of the car.

Ruby stiffened holding Dean's jacket a bit tighter around her body. "John."

"Are you alright? What are you doing here?" Sam asked turning to look back at his father.

"I'm fine. Heard about Elkins and got here as fast as I could. Saw you three up at his place." John explained assuring them.

The blonde sat up a bit straighter. "I felt like we were being watched. It was you. Why didn't you just come in?"

"You know why. I had to make sure the three of you weren't followed by anything or anyone. Nice job covering your tracks, by the way."

"We learned from the best." Dean responded with a proud look on his face that made Ruby's heart ache a bit.

"Wait, you came all the way out here for this Elkins guy?" Sam eyed his father in confusion.

"Daniel was.. he was a good man. He taught me a hell of a lot about hunting." John sighed shaking his head as Sam handed him the envelope. "We had a falling out. Haven't seen him in years. Should probably look at that. 'If you're reading this, I'm already dead..." That son of a bitch."

"What?" Dean watched him curiously.

"He had it the whole time." He frowned. "When you guys searched the place, did you happen to see a gun? An antique, a Colt Revolver, did you see it?"

Ruby cleared her throat pushing her hair away from her face. "There was an old case, but it was empty."

"They have it. The things that killed Elkins have it." John started to get out of the car. "We've got to pick up the trail."

"Wait, you want us to come with you?" Sam sat up a bit straighter.

"If Elkins was telling the truth then yeah, we need to find this gun."

The blonde could feel the anger rising in her body. "How about you stop and tell us the truth before you send your sons into a situation they know nothing about guns blazing?"

"Look, little girl, this doesn't concern you."

"Hey! Don't.. don't talk to her that way. She's right though. What's going on, Dad?" Dean surprised them all by talking back to his father.

"Daniel was killed by what Daniel Elkins kills best. Vampires." John admitted for once letting Dean get away with talking back to him.

"Vampires? There's no such thing." He looked at his father skeptically.

"Yeah, you never even mentioned them to us, Dad."

"That's because I thought they were extinct. I thought Elkins and..and others had wiped them out. I was wrong." John sighed.

Her blue eyes rolled at that. "Didn't stop Dad from telling me about them and teaching me how to kill them. They're not like how Hollywood makes them out to be. Sunlight won't kill them, but it will hurt them something good. Crosses and stuff don't affect them. Dead man's blood is the ticket. It's pretty much poison to them. Then you just slice their head clean off their neck with a machete or something similarly sharp."

"And why didn't you tell us that?" Sam looked at her impressed.

Ruby shrugged her shoulders. "I thought you knew."

With nothing else to do for now, the three hunters went to the local motel checking into a room. Sam slept in one bed while Dean slept in the other bed with Ruby curled up beside him. John was sitting at a table in the room monitoring a police scanner. A call came in about an abandoned car. John set the scanner down on the table and got to his feet putting his coat on. He walked over to the beds waking Sam and Dean. Ruby stirred, but didn't wake up staying snuggled up against Dean. He slowly pulled himself away from her replacing his body in her grasp with his pillow missing the look that his father gave them.

"I picked up a police call." John said as the boys followed him out of the room a few moments later ready to go. "A couple called 911 after they found a body in the street. Cops got there and everyone was gone. It's the vampires."

"How do you know?" Sam looked over at him curiously as they got into the car.

"Just follow me, ok?" He sighed walking over to his truck.

Ruby stirred a bit again as the sound of the Impala's engine revving up filled the air. She pulled Dean's pillow closer to her and sighed falling back asleep. The boys meanwhile followed their father to the scene watching as he spoke with one of the cops that were there. Sam was growing more irritable the more their father kept them out of the loop in favor of wanting them to just follow his orders blindly instead.

"It was them all right. Looks like they're heading west. We'll have to double back to get around that detour." John informed them as he approached the Impala which they were standing beside.

"How can you be so sure?"

"Sam..." Dean sighed.

"I found this." John handed a tooth to Dean.

"A fang." He looked at the tooth in his hand.

"No, not vampire fangs. Teeth. The second set descends when they go on the attack." He explained to his sons. "Alright, let's get out of here. We're losing daylight."

John walked back over to his truck while the brothers got back into the car. This time with Sam behind the wheel. He let out some of his frustration verbally much to Dean's annoyance.

"Look, we don't have time to argue. We have our job to do. There's no margin for error, alright? That's just the way the old man runs things." Dean huffed at his brother.

"It may have worked when we were younger, but we're not kids anymore, Dean. After everything the two of us have been through, are you telling me you're cool with just falling into line letting him run the show and be dad's perfect soldiers?" Sam scoffed focusing on the road ahead.

"Yeah, if that's what it takes." His tone of voice was kind of weak as if he were trying to convince himself as well.

They caught up with John a short time later after he contacted Dean's cell. Sam swerved the Impala overtaking John's truck passing it. Once in front of the truck, Sam slammed on the brakes causing the Impala swerve sideways in front of the truck coming to a full stop. John's truck stopped as well and they all got out. Dean swore under his breath knowing full well that the two were about to get into another one of their arguments. They argued to the point that they were in each other's faces. That is when Dean surprised them by forcing the two apart.

"Listen, stop it. Stop it. Stop it! That's enough!" Dean yelled and then looked at their father. "That means you too."

Sam and John walked away back to their respective cars. Dean swore under his breath shaking his head before following Sam. They followed the truck only stopping when they could see a barn out in the distance. It was early in the morning by then and the sun was out shining brightly. The three Winchesters got out of their cars quietly and hid among the trees getting a better look at the barn that the vampires were using as their nest.

"Son of a bitch. Ruby was right. So they're really not afraid of the sun?" Dean muttered quietly as they watched a vampire walk outside shielding their eyes before walking back inside.

"Nah, hurts like a nasty sunburn. Like she said, only way to kill them is by beheading. They sleep during the day, but that doesn't mean they won't wake up." John told them.

"Walking right in is not our best option then." Dean murmured in thought.

"Actually, that's the plan." His father smirked at him.

They returned to their cars gearing up with the weapons they needed. Dean held up an extra machete offering it to his dad only to be in awe when John unveiled a massive shiny machete with a serrated edge from a leather sheath. They finished gearing up and then John looked at his sons.

"You boys really want to know about this Colt huh?"

"Yes, sir." The brothers spoke simultaneously.

"It's just a story that's been passed around in the hunter community. A legend really. I thought it was anyway. Never really believed it until I read Daniel's letter." John began and shook his head.

"We're listening." Dean nodded his head at their dad.

"In 1835, Halley's comet was overhead and those men died down at the Alamo. Story goes that Samuel Colt made a gun. A very special gun. He made it for a hunter. A man like us, but he moved around on horseback. Legend has it that he made thirteen bullets and this hunter used it a half dozen times before he disappeared with the gun. Somehow the gun wound up in Daniel's hands." He explained to his sons the best that he could. "They say.. they say this gun could kill anything."

"Like the demon." Sam breathed out suddenly understanding why their father was so hellbent on finding that gun.

"Exactly. Ever since I picked up its trail I've been looking for a way to destroy that thing. Find that gun and we may have to key to destroying the demon." He finished explaining to them.

The three Winchesters crept into the barn only to find the vampires were all asleep. While Sam and Dean went through the barn only to find the 911 woman tied to a pole, John was at the back of the barn. There was an alcove where two vampires named Luther and Kate were laying asleep on a bed. The Colt lay in a holster beside them. As he quietly approached the gun, the woman tied to the pole stirred awake. Sam whispered to her in an attempt to keep her calm so as to not alert the other vampires. Instead she let out an unearthly roar. Luther and Kate woke up hearing the noise. He grabbed John throwing him against the wall. John grabbed a rock chucking it toward a darkened window shattering it letting the sunlight pour through making the vampires flinch away.

"Boys, run!"

The brothers didn't think twice and hightailed it away from the vampires. They burst out of the barn doors running up the slope to their cars. They stopped once they got there and looked around for their dad. After another moment, John appeared running up the slope to them. They turned back to the cars rushing toward the Impala with John instructing Dean to go to the nearest funeral home.

"I don't think I ever told you this, but the day you were born, do you know what I did?" John asked distracting Sam from pacing as they waiting in the motel room for Dean to return with the dead man's blood.

"No." He shook his head in confusion.

"I put a hundred bucks into a savings account for you and did the same for your brother. It was a college fund. Every month I'd put in another hundred dollars until...well my point is, this was never the life that I wanted for either of you, Sam."

"Then why'd you get so mad when I left?" Sam asked with a frown.

"After your mother passed, all I saw was evil everywhere and all I cared about was keeping you boys alive. I wanted you prepared.. ready. Somewhere along the line I stopped being your father and uh..I became your drill sergeant. So when you said that you wanted to go away to school, all I could think was that you were going to be alone and vulnerable. It just.. it never occurred to me what you wanted, Sammy. I just couldn't accept the fact that you and I ... we're just different." John sighed looking over at his youngest son who huffed laughing slightly. "What?"

"Except we're not different. Not anymore. After what happened to Mom and Jess, well, we probably have more in common than just about anyone."

"I guess you're right, son." He smiled at him.

"Whatever happened to that college fund anyway?" Sam raised his brows at him.

"Spent it on ammo."

They looked at each other and cracked up. The door opened and in walked Dean followed by Ruby. She passed out food to the three men ignoring the look she got from John. Dean pulled out a paper bag from his pocket. From the bag, he pulled out a bottle filled with a crimson liquid. John took the bottle nodding his head at Dean.

"You know what to do."

Ruby huffed placing her hands on her hips. "Yeah, sit your ass down and eat. You may be able to run on fumes, but they haven't eaten yet today. No one is going anywhere until they eat. Last thing you need is one or both of them passing out during the hunt because they skipped a meal."

"Thank you. I'm starving." Dean pressed a kiss to her temple then moved to sit down with his food.

"You sound just like Mary. She would have liked you." John cracked a smile as he sat down and grabbed his food.

She blushed and sat down on the bed with her own food. "Thank you. So about these vampires.. catch me up."

They ate their food letting John catch Ruby up on what she had missed. It was a rare moment where she was getting along with him and Dean wasn't about to ruin that. Once the four of them finished eating and she was caught up on the hunt, they cleaned up and went over their plan for dealing with the vampires. Ruby wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea of using Dean as bait, but she knew deep down that he could handle himself just fine. Dean stood on the side of the road with the hood of the Impala up peering in at the engine.

"Car trouble?" Kate approached the hunter giving him a flirtatious smile. "Let me give you a lift. I'll take you back to my place."

"Nah, I'll pass. I usually draw the line at necrophilia." Dean grinned at her.

She backhanded him and it took all Ruby had in her not to chop the vampire's head clean off. Another vampire approached them while Kate grabbed Dean's face lifting him in the air. They couldn't quite hear what they were saying, but the blonde scowled watching Kate lower Dean so that they were eye to eye before kissing him. An arrow whizzed through the air striking the other vampire. A second later, another arrow whizzed through the air piercing through Kate's back and sticking out through her chest. John, Sam, and Ruby emerged from where they had been hidden among the trees carrying crossbows.

"It barely even stings." She scoffed sounding annoyed.

Ruby smirked grasping the arrow twisting it into the vampire more. "Oh give it time, bitch. That arrow's soaked in dead man's blood. It's like poison to you, right? Just be glad it was that and not my machete."

Kate gasped looking at them in shock. She wobbled a bit and then passed out. Ruby and Dean shared a look then John told the three of them to load the female vampire up. He walked over to the other vampire and sliced its head off with his machete. It was nightfall when John laid out the rest of the plan to them. He showed them how to hide their scents from the vampires. They were to free the group of imprisoned humans from the vampire's nest while John lured Luther away from the nest. Ruby stood in the brush with her crossbow aimed toward the barn as Sam and Dean crept inside. Feeling someone behind her, she turned around only to get knocked out. John drove down the road in his truck with a sluggish Kate slumped in the passenger seat. Headlights flash behind him following the truck for a bit. He looked in the rearview mirror again only to see that the cars behind him were gone. He slammed on the brakes when he saw the road in front of him was blocked by Luther, three other vampires, and two cars.

"Who are you?" Luther yelled as John got out of the truck.

"Name's Winchester."

"Where are your friends?" He glared at him.

"Cleaning out your nest." John smirked at him.

"Where's Kate?" Luther's eyes narrowed at him.

He pulled a groggy and tied up Kate out of the truck holding a large knife to her throat.

"Kate, are you alright?" The vampire leader looked at her with concern.

"Dead man's blood." She groaned.

"You son of a bitch." Luther spat at him.

"I want the Colt. Elkins gun. I'll trade you her for it."

"That's what this is all about? You know you can't kill us all with it." He scoffed chuckling slightly.

"Oh I don't need it for you. I'm saving it for something much worse." John smirked. "Put the Colt down or she goes first."

"Alright, just don't hurt her." He set the Colt down on the ground.

Luther backed up letting John approach the gun with Kate. The female vampire worked her way out of her ties just as John grabbed the gun. She knocked him back against his truck causing him to drop the Colt. Luther approached them backhanding John back against his open car door shattering the glass of his driver side's window. John fell to the ground unconscious. Just then an arrow whizzed through the air piercing one of the vampires. Sam and Dean ran out onto the road. Dean paused to line up and shoot another vampire with his crossbow. Sam grabbed a machete chopping the head off of the third vampire. Luther grabbed the blonde from his car holding his arm around her throat.

"Don't. I'll break her neck. Put the weapons down." Luther sneered at the Winchesters.

Dean froze as Sam dropped his machete. Luther tightened his hold on Ruby's neck cutting off her air supply completely. Eyes widening, Dean dropped his weapons as well. The vampire loosened his grip on Ruby a little letting her breathe again. Dean swallowed hard watching helplessly as Luther stroked her face gently.

"Why can't you people just leave us alone? We have as much a right to live as you do. Shame, she would have made a beautiful addition to our family." Luther moved to snap her neck.

"I don't think so." John interrupted him.

Luther turned to look at John and his eyes widened as the man raised the Colt. John shot the vampire between the eyes which completely loosened his grip on Ruby. Sam was closer and caught her carefully moving her away. Kate screamed running to Luther's side. Sam and Dean checked over Ruby ensuring that she was alright while untying her. A brief flash of light displayed Luther's skeleton for a moment and then he fell to his knees. Kate screamed out his name and another flash of light passed through him. Luther then slumped to the ground dead. Anguished, Kate started toward John to attack him only to be grabbed by a fellow vampire and pulled into one of their cars. Their wheels screeched as they took off leaving the Winchesters and Ruby behind.

"So boys, you disobeyed a direct order back there." John spoke watching as they packed up their things.

"They had Ruby. We couldn't leave her behind and yeah, we saved your ass too." Dean shrugged his shoulders as if his reasoning was obvious.

"No, you're right. I should have seen it before. We're stronger together. If we're going to find this thing to finish this once and for all, we need to do it together as a family." John relented admitting his sons had been right.

Ruby suddenly felt awkward and out of place. "I should probably head back to Dad's then."

"Your father would kill me if we let you anywhere near that damned demon so you heading back would probably be the smart thing to do." John agreed with her. "But it's not like we have an exact location on the demon yet either. So you're welcome to stay at least until we do."

It was against his better judgement, but he knew that she was a good hunter at heart. He worried that she could be a distraction or worse for Dean. Unfortunately John didn't think there was much he could do to stop that. So he focused on what he could do. That was to protect them and finally get justice for his beloved Mary.

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