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Rules and Regulations

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It was a rough night for Severus, and he barely got any sleep, yet the next morning he managed to crawl out of bed and into a hot shower. Once he was dressed for his classes in his usual robes, he checked on Harry. The boy was awake and sitting up on the makeshift bed, fully dressed in the clothes he had worn yesterday. Severus didn't think much of it, simply told Harry to follow him out to his dining area connected to his kitchen.

Eve must have already set out breakfast for them, knowing they would be out soon. Severus guessed that was one way to allow the hot meal of eggs and sausage to cool. Severus sat down at the head, Harry sitting down in a seat closest to him.

"Morning, Mr. Snape," Harry smiled at him.

"Morning," Severus returned. "We have a lot to talk about before I leave for classes."

"Like what?"

"Like the rules I have while I am away, and I've put together a schedule for you to follow . . ."

A knock at the door caught their attention. Harry glanced over curiously at the door then back at Severus, who frowned and stood to answer it, telling Harry to stay put and quiet. Severus opened the door just enough to see who was outside.

"Headmaster," Severus greeted, his frown deepening. The headmaster had a blank expression on his face.

"You have him, don't you, Severus?" the elder man asked.

"Excuse me?" Severus wasn't sure he had heard correctly. Albus knew he had Harry? Did he sense the child's presence last night despite Eve's magic? This wasn't good.

"You have Harry Potter," Albus clarified, his face contorting into a frown. "Do not deny it. I know he is here."

"Headmaster, I can explain," Severus said, even as Albus pushed his way through the door. Severus shut the door behind him and watched as Albus stared at Harry, the boy staring back in his usual quiet demeanor. "Albus, if you had witnessed what I had, you'd understand why I . . ."

"I thought I could trust you, Severus."

Severus was taken back by the statement. He hadn't really expected the man to be so blunt with him, but that was just like Albus, wasn't it?

"I asked for your help," Albus continued, "and you betrayed me. How could you do this, Severus? You know what the boy is worth to the wizarding community, how could you risk his life in such . . ."

"Risk his life!" Severus snapped, standing between Albus and Harry to keep the boy out of the man's sight. "The boy would be dead if it hadn't been for me! He'd still be on the streets if it hadn't been for me. And he'd be back with those vile rats if it hadn't been for me! I'm saving his life, which is more than can be said for you!"

Albus just stared at Severus with a blank expression before the man sighed heavily.

"I'm afraid that this must be done, Severus. The boy must return to his relatives where he is safe behind the blood wards. I must remove the boy from you."

"Over my dead body," Severus snarled.

"Then so be it, Severus."

Suddenly, several Aurors blasted through the door and entered Severus's quarters, stunning Severus and pinning him to the ground, removing his wand. Severus tried to fight the stunner, willing his magic to break through the spell as he heard Harry whine upsettingly in the background. He urged every muscle to move. He couldn't let Albus take Harry! He could see out of the corner of his eye Albus dragging the boy away, pausing at the door.

"You were a loyal servant, Severus," Albus said. "But kidnapping the Boy-Who-Lived is punishable with a dementor's kiss."

With that, Albus left his quarters, Harry's crying fading as the boy was forced away.

And then, the entire room changed around him, growing dark and dim like a prison cell in Azkaban. The Aurors had all vanished, though Severus was still trapped to the ground, unable to move, wandless, defenseless. He could see dementors flying over his head, moving closer, the feeling of despair and hopelessness growing. He struggled to move, to summon his wand to him, to do anything. He needed his patronus! He didn't have his wand and he couldn't move, but could he still conjure one wordlessly and windlessly.

Severus thought the words, expecto patronum, in his head and willed his patronus to come to his aid. The silvery doe leaped to his defense as the dementors neared closer, but instead of fending off the dementors, she galloped away and disappeared, as if she, too, felt some kind of betrayal from Severus.

He was completely on his own with no one to help him. A dementor flew by his face and he screamed as he felt his soul being sucked away . . .

Severus gasped as his eyes flew open and he sat up on his bed. He breathed heavily, wiping at the sweat dripping down his face. His heart was racing in his chest and he rubbed at his face with his hands. It had all been a dream. Just a nightmare.

"Are you okay, Mr. Snape?"

Severus nearly had another heart attack when he heard Harry speak, his head snapping over in the boy's direction. Harry was sitting up on his bed, his legs over the side, staring at him with large green eyes.

"Why are you awake?" Severus asked, ignoring the question. What time was it anyway? Severus grabbed his wand from the bedside stand and cast a time charm. It was half past two in the morning.

"I woke up and couldn't fall back to sleep," Harry answered. "And then you were having a nightmare."

"Were you just staring at me this whole time?" Severus asked with a bit of a bite in his tone. How embarrassing this was.

"I didn't know what to do," Harry admitted, quietly. "Are you okay?"

There was that question again. Severus willed himself to take several deep breaths to calm his racing heart. "I'm fine, Harry," Severus finally said. "Just go back to sleep."

"I've been trying, Mr. Snape. I don't sleep well at night."

"What are you talking about? You slept fine at the hotel the last I remember. Now quit stalling and go back to bed."

Harry just stared at Severus, his face expressionless, reminding Severus of dream Albus's face. That expression was going to haunt him for a while. Severus sighed. Maybe he should think of why the child wasn't sleeping. Did the boy have a nightmare as well?

"Did you have a nightmare?"


"Do you need the bathroom?"

Harry shook his head.

"Then why can't you go back to bed?"

Harry shrugged and said, "I don't know. It's hard to sleep. Uncle Vernon made me hit my head and I can't sleep good anymore."

Severus sighed. Great, the boy might as well as have a concussion. Though not the most common sign for concussions in children, sleep disturbances would be. This must have happened after the boy was taken home from the hotel. Severus motioned the boy over to him with his hand, rubbing at his face with his other. Harry jumped off the bed and quickly skipped over to him, standing by the bed.

"Do you get headaches?" Severus asked, summoning a concussion healing potion. He'd have to dose Harry again in the morning and tomorrow evening, just to be safe.

"Sometimes," Harry said, making a face as Severus opened the vial and simply handed it to Harry, not bothering to measure anything out. Harry took the vial and sniffed it, gagging at the fumes that penetrated his nose.

"Oh, quit the dramatics," Severus frowned. "Two sips."

Harry scrunched his face and bravely brought the vial to his lips, taking two quick sips of the potion. Severus watched closely to make sure it would be enough. A sip would have been sufficient, but Severus had the vague idea that Harry might try to take the smallest sip he could. So, two would do.

"How did your uncle make you hit your head?" Severus asked when Harry handed the vial back to him. He sent the vial flying back to his supply cupboard.

Harry shrugged.

"Harry," Severus scolded lightly. "Answer my question. Truthfully."

Harry's eyes started to water as his lower lip trembled. Severus sighed and hit his head back against the headboard and wondered if he was being too harsh somehow – he didn't think he was. He hadn't yelled or . . . wait. Severus realized Harry did this little routine when he had asked about the Dursleys back at the hotel.

"Don't you start with the waterworks," Severus snapped, but kept his voice soft so Harry wouldn't find a reason to actually start crying. "I know exactly what you are doing. You will answer my question if we have to sit here all night. It's . . . important that I know so I can make sure you get the right treatment and heal properly."

The last bit was semi-true, but Harry didn't need to know that.

Harry stared at him for a silent moment before shrugging again and saying in a sift whisper, "Uncle Vernon smacked me a couple times with his belt then he tried to throw me in my cupboard, but he threw me at the wall instead."

Severus closed his eyes when Harry mentioned the belt. He hadn't seen any damage when he had given Harry a bath last night, but this incident had happened two weeks ago. At least no permanent damage was seen. And a cupboard?

"Your cupboard?"

"My room."

"Your room is a cupboard?"

"Under the stairs."

Severus raised an eyebrow at that. Petunia just had to find every possible way to make sure the boy knew he was unwanted and unwelcomed. Harry actually slept in a cupboard! What kind of room was that? Severus wanted to ask more about it, but he need to stay focused on the matter at hand.

"So, you hit your head. Did you pass out?"

"Mmm," Harry scrunched his face in thought. "I think for maybe like two seconds."

So that was a yes. An hour could have felt like two seconds to Harry. And how would the boy know how long he was out if he woke in the same place. Severus wouldn't put it past Petunia or her husband to just leave the boy exactly where he passed out.

"Have you felt sick at all?"

Harry shook his head.

Severus sighed, his own head starting to hurt. He summoned one more vial and saw Harry make a face at it.

"Don't worry," Severus mumbled, uncorking the headache reliever, "this one's for me."

Severus took a large swallow of the potion before sending it back. They both needed to head back to sleep.

"Do you think you can try to fall back to sleep on your own? I have a potion that will help you."

Harry made another face and said, "I can fall asleep on my own."

"Very well. Head back to your bed."

Harry slowly walked back towards his bed. Severus settled back down in his own bed, hoping he'd have no more realistic nightmares for the night. Severus had just closed his eyes when he felt a small body climb on to his bed and curl under the covers. He sighed irritably, his eyes opening and looking over at the small boy snuggling into a spare pillow.

"Harry, this isn't your bed."

Harry just snuggled deeper into the pillow, his lashes against his cheeks and falling asleep in under a minute.

Severus sighed and shifted over on his bed and rolling on his side, facing away from Harry. Just for tonight, he decided. As long as Harry was asleep. The concussion potions should cure his problem of waking up in the middle of the night and this would no longer be a problem. Severus closed his own eyes and managed to fall back to sleep himself.

The next morning, Severus opened his eyes and checked the time, seeing that it was six thirty. He decided he should rise and prepare for the day. He'd have to go over a few things with the boy. He glanced over at Harry still sleeping on the other side of the bed. Severus shook his head at the sight before rising and leaving to the bathroom to take a shower.

Harry yawned and opened his eyes. Where was he? Oh, yes, Mr. Snape had come rescued him and brought him to this massive, magnificent castle. And he made his head feel better and gave him a bath and food – so much in such little time. Harry looked to the side where Mr. Snape should be. But the bed was empty except for him. He could hear the shower running and he felt the need to use the bathroom.

Harry climbed out of bed and looked at the closed bathroom door. He should just wait until Mr. Snape was done. It would be rude to invade his privacy. Harry jumped back up on the big bed to wait. He looked around for a TV. Mr. Snape had allowed him to watch one in the hotel, so maybe t would be okay to watch it here, too.

Except there was no TV. Hmm. Maybe Mr. Snape didn't like TV.

The urge to go grew stronger and Harry crossed his legs and looked at the door again, the shower still running. How much longer would the man be?

I can hold it, Harry thought. I'm a big boy. I can wait.

After thirty seconds, Harry was holding at himself and looking at the bathroom door. He couldn't wait. He jumped off the bed and ran to the door and knocked.

"Mr. Snape? I really have to use the bathroom."

"I'll be finished in a few minutes, Harry, can you wait?"

Harry shifted from foot to foot and shook his head. Knowing Mr. Snape couldn't see him, he said, "No, sir. I need to go now. I can't hold it anymore."

"Oh, for the love of . . ."

Harry heard a growl of exasperation and he felt upset that he was annoying Mr. Snape. He was such a nuisance no matter where he was. It was silent for a moment, save for the running water. Then he heard a snap of fingers and the bathroom door clicked.

"Quickly, Harry. But do not flush."

Harry knew what happened when someone flushed the toilet while another took a shower. He wouldn't do that to Mr. Snape. Rushing into the bathroom, Harry lifted the toilet seat and quickly relieved himself. It felt odd to be using the bathroom while there was someone else inside, at least the shower had a curtain. It was odd, yet made Harry feel like this was something families would do. The thought made him smile as he set the toilet seat back down, unsure what the rules were regarding that, then quickly rushed to the door.

"Your hands, Harry," Mr. Snape reminded him.

Harry wondered if that would affect the shower water too, but he figured he could just wash his hands really quick. It probably wasn't as bad as flushing the toilet. He quickly scrubbed his hands and left the bathroom. At least that was taken care of.

Now what was he supposed to do?

Harry sat back up on Mr. Snape's bed, swinging his feet. He looked around the room curiously. The walls were painted in a mahogany color, the furniture inside in matching colors. The bed frame was a natural wood and the bedspread was black. The wardrobe was a blackish gray color. Harry decided he liked the room. It could do with some brighter colors, but t was homey.

After a couple minutes, the bathroom door opened once more, and Mr. Snape stepped out with a large towel around his waist and another towel that he dabbed at his face from shaving. Harry smiled happily at Mr. Snape and waited for instructions. Mr. Snape just held up a hand and Harry watched amazed as clothes flew right into them. Magic was so brilliant. It was nice to know that magic was real and that some people did have it. Harry still couldn't believe that he had magic, too.

"Here," Mr. Snape said, tossing the clothes to him. "Get dressed. We have a lot to discuss and I have classes I have to attend to."

Harry nodded and started changing while Mr. Snape walked back to the bathroom with clothes himself, closing the door once more. Once Harry was all dressed, he sat on the bed again, unsure if he was allowed to leave the room. He'd like to explore the other rooms and see if there was anything interesting or fun to do.

After five or so minutes, Mr. Snape returned, and Harry smiled eagerly as he waited for more instructions. Mr. Snape was wearing some funny clothes. It kind of reminded Harry of a dress or a bathrobe or a . . .

"If you're done staring at me like some zoo animal," Mr. Snape said, "we may head to the table for breakfast."

Mr. Snape was so funny, Harry thought as he hopped off the bed and followed after the man. Mr. Snape sat at the head and pointed to a seat close to him and Harry sat down. This is weird, Harry thought, there's no plates, no food was cooked. What did Mr. Snape think would happen if they just sat down without preparing anything?

As he thought these last words, Harry's eyes widened as two plates of scrambled eggs, toast, ham, and fruit appeared in front of them, along with two big funny looking cups. Harry watched as Mr. Snape summoned that oddly shaped medicine container from last night and poured a small amount in Harry's cup.

"This is your next dose for your concussion," Mr. Snape said. Harry nodded and picked up the cup with both hands and stared down into it.

What on earth was inside it? Harry frowned and sniffed at the strange liquid.

"It's pumpkin juice. Try it."

Harry looked up at Mr. Snape and back at his drink. He closed his eyes and hesitantly brought the cup to his lips and sipped. This . . . was . . . delicious! Harry gulped more of it. He couldn't even taste the medicine Mr. Snape had put in. This juice was amazing! Why had he never heard of it before.

"Harry, stop! Enough!"

Mr. Snape pulled the cup away from him and Harry breathed, licking his lips. Mr. Snape was frowning at him. "Sorry," Harry offered. He knew to have better manners than that. But that juice was just so good.

"I would have preferred if Eve had sent you some milk, but I will make sure you get a glass for lunch."

"No more pumpkin juice?" Harry asked, afraid that his bad manners had ruined his chances of ever tasting it again.

"You may have pumpkin juice, but in moderation. And you will not chug it."

"Okay. Sorry."

Mr. Snape just nodded at him then went back to his own breakfast. Harry picked up a fork and ate his scrambled eggs. There was even cheese on top of them. Yummy.

A loud pop made Harry jump, but Mr. Snape didn't even look at the rolled-up paper that appeared next to him. He just ignored it while he finished his breakfast. Harry decided to eat his own and ignore it as well. He watched as Mr. Snape ate some of the mixed fruit and Harry remembered that he should do the same. When Mr. Snape took a sip from his cup, Harry picked up his and took a sip, resisting the temptation to gulp the rest of it down. Mr. Snape picked up his butter knife to cut at the ham and Harry followed his lead.

A cleared throat got his attention and Harry looked up at Mr. Snape's glaring face.

"Is there a reason you're imitating everything I do?"

"No, sir," Harry said, his cheeks burning slightly. "Sorry."

Mr. Snape raised an eyebrow at him before focusing on his breakfast again. Harry nibbled at the rest of his food slowly, trying not to embarrass himself in front of Mr. Snape again. First needing the bathroom and now this? He was such a burden to people. Mr. Snape finished his breakfast and opened the paper that was next to his plate. Harry realized it was like a newspaper. He looked at the picture on the front page – two gentlemen in clothes like Mr. Snape were shaking hands. And their hands were actually moving! And their lips as if they were talking to each other!

"Mr. Snape!" Harry exclaimed.

Mr. Snape, moved the paper aside the slightest to look at him. Harry pointed to the front page and said, "The picture's moving!"

Mr. Snape looked at the front page before saying, "Yes, they do that."

"Really? All of them? How?"

Mr. Snape sighed as he opened the paper back up, obscuring his face from view once more.
"There is a . . . spell you have to use on the camera and then when the photos are developed, there is a spell to keep the movement consistent. It's an easy process, just rather complicated to explain."

Harry wasn't sure if he understood most of what Mr. Snape said. He knew camera and photos. A spell, eh? That was different.

"Can spells do anything?"

Mr. Snape sighed, and Harry wondered if he was irritating him. Mr. Snape folded the paper and set it aside before looking at Harry.

"It depends on the spell. Now, we have more important things to talk about."

Harry nodded, ready to listen. Harry couldn't think of anything more important than magic, but if Mr. Snape said there was more important things, then there was.

"I have set a list of rules for you that you will follow, especially when I am not here. Your first rule is to never go in my study or potions lab. They are the only rooms that are closed. You are to stay out of them."

"Yes, sir."

"Also, you are never to touch my wand. I believe I told you this at the hotel."

Harry nodded.

"You are to listen to Eve when I am not here. And you will not demand things from her or tell her to do things for you."

Harry shook his head. He wouldn't demand anything from anyone or tell Eve to do stuff. That was rude.

"If anyone ever knocks at the door, do not answer it and stay quiet. That is very important, Harry. Never answer the door, got it? And never ever leave these rooms. You are to remain here at all times."

Harry nodded again. He was supposed to be a secret. No one knew where he was but Mr. Snape. And Harry didn't care if no one ever knew where he was as long as he was with Mr. Snape.

"If someone does enter without permission, heaven forbid, you run into the bedroom and shut the door. Lock it."

Harry nodded.

"Those are the most important rules you have to follow if you want to remain here. It is imperative that you listen to me. And you will do as I say while you are here. Understand?"

"Yes, Mr. Snape. I understand."

"I have these rules written down and I can hang them on a wall or somewhere if you'd like. You are allowed to play with the toys I've brought you; you have the yo-yo, there's a Rubik's cube and a puzzle on the shelf near your bed. You may put the puzzle together on the floor in the living room. There's also a book for you to read on that shelf. I expect you to keep yourself busy while I am away. I am still working on a schedule for you, so you have some structure. When I gather some books and learning material for your age, you will begin following it. I will inform you of that schedule later. For today, just keep yourself occupied. Eve will feed you lunch and I will return for dinner."

"Okay, Mr. Snape. I'll be good."

"You better be. I swear if you break any of my rules you will not like the consequences."

"Will you hit me with your belt?" Harry asked curiously, wondering about these "consequences."

"What? No, no, never, Harry. What your Uncle did to you was wrong. You did nothing to deserve a strapping and it was abuse on your Uncle's behalf, especially when he threw you against the wall."

"He didn't mean to," Harry reminded, "he wanted to throw me in the cupboard."

Mr. Snape sighed and rubbed at his face and Harry wondered if the man was tired.

"We'll . . ." Mr. Snape paused for a second, "discuss this later. If you break my rules, the consequences will vary depending on what you did."

"Like what?"

"Err . . ." Mr. Snape frowned and drummed his fingers. Harry waited patiently. Mr. Snape was clearly new to having a child around. He'll figure it out though, Harry thought. "Say you . . . touched my wand again. The first time I scolded you, remember?" Harry nodded. "If you touch this again, I may swat you and put you in the corner. My wand is not a play toy and can be very dangerous if messed with. Does that answer your question?"

That didn't seem so bad. Wasn't punishment supposed to be terrible though? It was supposed to be painful so the lesson sunk in – that's what Aunt Petunia always said. Maybe Mr. Snape didn't know how to punish a child.

"But wouldn't you have to spank me?" Harry asked.

"I might if you ever leave these rooms. I'm serious on that, Harry, you cannot go out that door for whatever reason. If someone saw you, you won't have to be concerned about anything I'll do to you. You'll be taken from me immediately and returned to your relatives. Do you want that?"

"No, sir, I'll stay right here."

"Good. And Harry, there's a difference between beating a child and punishing one. Do you know the difference?"

Harry frowned. Was beating a child killing one? That would be really bad. Or maybe it was leaving broken bones. Or a concussion. Was that what Mr. Snape was concerned about? It really was an accident on Uncle Vernon's part. He was about to reassure Mr. Snape when the man spoke first.

"It's okay, Harry. We'll work on that. I have to get to my classes. I'll see you later tonight and we'll talk more about how long you'll be staying here. I want to start looking for a suitable family for you as soon as I can. Oh, and if you need anything that Eve cannot provide, ask her to get me. Okay? I may not be able to come right away - unless it's a true emergency - but I will do my best. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mr. Snape," Harry said.

"Good. I'll see you later," Mr. Snape said as he stood and left the rooms.

Harry sighed. He already missed Mr. Snape. This was nothing like the time they spent at the hotel. But that was okay. Mr. Snape had to work, like Uncle Vernon had to work. It was all part of being in a normal family. Mr. Snape would be back after teaching his classes. That made Mr. Snape a teacher! How cool!

Harry wondered if he should do the dishes when the plates and cups disappeared on their own. His eyes widened again. All this magic stuff would take some getting used to. Harry left the table and found the shelf Severus had been referring to. He found the Rubik's cube and fiddled with it for a minute before setting it back down. He'd never solve that. The puzzle looked cool – all the stars in the night sky shaped like cool animals and people. It was a thousand pieces and would probably take him a few days to solve it but it gave him something to do. He carried it out to the living room and dumped the pieced all over the floor.

However, after ten minutes of putting together twenty pieces, Harry found himself growing bored. He wondered what would be on that schedule. Mr. Snape had mentioned something about books and learning stuff. That would be fun. He liked to learn. He enjoyed school – when Dudley and his gang wasn't hunting him. He wished he had made more friends, but Dudley had always scared everyone off.

There were no friends to make here. He was alone. And while being a secret made Harry feel important and mischievous, it would have been nice to have some company.

Oh, well. This would work. He'd be busy with fun stuff soon. He just had to do what Mr. Snape said and keep himself "occupied." Harry left the puzzle on the floor and found the book Severus had mentioned. The Tales of Beedle the Bard – this was different.

Harry laid down on his bed. It would be a long day at this rate. He just had to keep himself busy and reading this book should help. He wasn't allowed to leave. Or go in the study. Or the . . . what kind of lab did Mr. Snape call it?

Harry sat up on his bed and tried to think of the word Mr. Snape had used. Po . . . potions? Harry thought back to stories he had heard of witches and potions in school around Halloween time. He could see the big . . . what was the word, cauldron with something green bubbling inside. He could picture the green witch with ugly warts stirring it, a black cat lurking around somewhere. Of course, he was remembering story books, but the idea of making a potion intrigued Harry. A real-life potion!

And all the medicine he had been taking! Were they all potions? Potions that actually worked!

But he wasn't allowed near the lab. Harry laid back down and opened his book, staring at the first page but his mind pictured cauldrons and potions. Would it really hurt to just take a peek? He was stuck with nothing to do for an entire day – a peek inside wouldn't hurt. And Mr. Snape would never know . . .

What was he thinking? Harry shook the thoughts away. He wasn't going to disobey Mr. Snape on his first day with him! Well, technically his first full day. He didn't want Mr. Snape to think he was a bad kid or a freak like Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia. He was a good kid. He wanted Mr. Snape to like him and keep him forever. Harry tried to focus on the book, but he could barely read the first sentence (really just the title of the book on an inner page) without daydreaming about this potions lab and what hid inside.

His childish curiosity was winning the battle between right and wrong. He would only take a peek.

What harm would it do?

Keep in mind, Severus did just leave a seven-year-old kid alone with absolutely nothing to do. This is probably a good example of bad parenting. Hopefully, Severus figures it out soon. Share your thoughts!

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