The Jersey Girl Next Door @daddyslilheartbreaker
Chapter 5

Summary: She is Danny's childhood best friend and Grace's godmother. When her unexpected arrival in Hawaii finds her tangled up in their latest case, the team will stop at nothing to keep her safe, but will the secrets that she is hiding get in the way?

Featuring: The Five-O crew, Grace Williams, a few OCs, and others.

Notes: This was a bit of a filler chapter though it sets up a few things for upcoming chapters.

Chelsea hadn't completely decided yet on whether she was going to stay in Hawaii, but that didn't mean she couldn't check out a few potential places to live. She looked at a condo and at a regular apartment. Both were nice, but felt a bit cramped in her opinion. So she had the real estate agent show her a few available houses. The brunette didn't have too many preferences in a house aside from space for a laundry room, a lanai in the back, and that it be in a good neighborhood. One house in particular caught her attention. It had four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a good sized living room, a spacious kitchen, a garage, and a lanai out back that opened up onto a private beach. She had always imagined that her dream home would be in New Jersey with a nice sized backyard and yet here she was in Hawaii absolutely in love with the idea of having her own lanai. The young woman needed a second opinion though. Well, maybe not needed, but she wanted one. So she did what any reasonable woman would do when she needed advice. She called her father.

"Hey Princess." Thomas Walker smiled hearing his daughter's voice over the phone.

She smiled feeling herself relax as she curled up on Steve's lanai. "Hi Daddy. So, um, I might be in Hawaii right now."

"Finally visiting that Williams boy, huh?" He chuckled remembering how close the two of them were growing up.

Chelsea blushed even though he couldn't see it. "Yeah, I am. I've actually been considering possibly living here. It's really a beautiful place."

"Of course it is. It's a tropical island, Chels. You say considering, but we both know full well that you have no plans to return to New Jersey."

Her eyes widened slightly. "Dad! You don't know that. My whole life is in New Jersey."

"No, it's not, sweetheart. Home is where the heart is and we all know your heart is in Hawaii. Your mother and I have always wanted to visit Hawaii anyway." Thomas smiled knowingly.

The brunette smiled a bit at that. "Well now that you mention it, I did find a house out here that I absolutely love."

"My baby girl getting her first house. I'm not sure how real estate works over there, but see if you can get a house inspection before you close. Maybe find a local you trust to give their opinion of the location and such." He advised her.

Chelsea nodded her head though he couldn't see it and took notes. "That's actually a good idea. I've got the perfect person in mind too. Thanks, Daddy. I'll let you know how everything goes and once it's all settled, maybe you guys can come visit me here."

"Of course, sweetheart. Don't worry about your things here. Just give us an address when you're ready and we'll send it on over." Her father assured her with a smile.

Steve raised his eyebrows at her in surprise. "You found a house and you want my opinion?"

Chelsea nodded her head blushing slightly. "Yes, I do. I know I could ask Kono or Chin. Not that I don't trust their opinion, but I guess I trust yours more. It makes more sense when you see the house."

He blinked a bit in confusion. "Uh, alright?"

She simply smiled and turned on her heel walking out of his house. Steve followed her only to stop when she started walking down his street. He was about to question her only to look on in shock when she approached the house three doors down from his own. She waved at him and laughed softly.

Steve followed her and raised his eyebrows again. "Is this a joke or..."

She shook her head smiling brightly at him. "Not at all. What? I fell in love with the lanai, okay?"

He chuckled scratching his head. "Well it's a pretty good neighborhood. The neighbors are nice."

Chelsea laughed slightly at him. "So I hear. The sellers and I already agreed on terms. Just waiting to hear how the house inspection pans out before finalizing everything."

Steve grinned softly and gave her a hug. "Seriously? Well that's great, Chelsea. Does Danny know you're staying?"

She returned the hug then shook her head biting her lip. "Not yet. I kind of just wanted to get everything sorted first."

He nodded walking back toward his house with her. "Are you going to consider applying to be a paramedic here?"

Chelsea shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know yet. Probably. Why?"

Steve looked at her thoughtfully while they walked into his house. "Five-0 could use an in house medic."

She looked at him in surprise. "Steve, are you offering me a job?"

He nodded his head. "Yes. You're more than qualified for it, Chelsea. Plus we kind of do need a medic and you're probably going to be looking for a job here."

Chelsea bit her lip again. "What about Danny?"

Steve held his hands up. "I have no problem with you guys dating if you take the job."

Her fingers ran through her hair lightly. "Can I think about it?"

He nodded smiling at her. "Sure, of course. Take your time."

She tried to like Rachel. She really did. The two women got along for the most part, but the Brit's constant worry about the danger involved with Danny's job made Chelsea want to roll her eyes. It only got worse once the married couple found out they were having a baby and later on when they learned they were expecting a girl. They had mostly chalked it up to pregnancy hormones and let Rachel be for the most part. Rachel was heavily pregnant when they had finally decided on a name though they couldn't quite agree on godparents. Chelsea was overjoyed for them when little Grace was born.

She smiled cradling the sleeping infant in her arms. "Grace is absolutely perfect, Rachel."

"Thank you. I love her so much already. Danny is pretty amazing with her too." The baby's mother smiled taking the moment to relax a bit.

Chelsea nodded her head not surprised to hear that about her best friend. "Oh I'm pretty sure if he could have, he would have stayed home from work a bit longer to dote over her."

"I wish he could have too. What if something happens and I'm left alone with her?"

She set the infant down in her bassinet and smiled reassuringly at the anxious Brit. "Danny is going to be extra careful, I can promise you that. I, myself, am the daughter of a cop. My mom had the same sort of fears about my dad and his job. I can honestly say that growing up I never really considered the potential danger that my dad was in at work. To me, he was my hero that kept the town safe."

"I can see what you mean and.. I can see why Danny wants you to be Grace's godmother. I'm inclined to agree with him." Rachel relaxed a bit.

Chelsea looked at her in shock. "You guys want me to be her godmother?"

"We do. Danny trusts you and so do I. You know him better than almost anyone. Besides, you can relate as far as being the daughter of a cop goes. He was right. I honestly can't think of any one better for the job."

She smiled and hugged the other women. "Rachel, I would be honored to be her godmother."

"So wait, let me get this straight, you're staying?" He looked at her processing what she had just said.

Chelsea nodded her head laughing softly as he hugged her spinning her around. "Yes, Danny. I'm staying in Hawaii."

"Thank you." Danny grinned setting her back down on her feet and kissing her lips softly.

She returned the kiss smiling softly at him. "You're welcome."

"You can stay with me until you get settled."

Chelsea giggled shaking her head at him. "I appreciate that, but I might already be in the process of buying a house."

"A house? An actual house? That's.. Wow, Jers." Danny was caught off guard by her admission, but he was happy for her.

She smiled shrugging her shoulders. "Thanks. What can I say? I fell in love with the lanai. Anyway, Steve thinks I made a good choice."

"Steve? He's seen your house?"

Chelsea looked at him. "Well not the inside, no. Not yet. He's seen the outside though. It's on his block, actually."

"So how did Danny wind up calling you Jersey anyway?" Kono inquired curiously as they all sat on the lanai relaxing.

Chelsea smiled glancing over at Danny. "When we were kids, there was this one particular rainy day where he was over at my house. We were doing homework at the table and mom was there helping us when we needed it. She was also sorting through some papers. Well Danny got nosy and saw the word birth on one of the papers so he asked about it. Mom told us that it was my birth certificate. She let us see it and he noticed that it said I was born in a hospital in New York instead of in New Jersey like I believed."

"Curious not nosy. I couldn't resist teasing her about it and she kept saying 'But I'm Jersey'. So after that I just kept calling her Jersey. It was mostly teasing at first, but then it just stuck." Danny finished chuckling softly.

Steve chuckled taking a sip of his longboard. "That's cute, Danno."

"Shut up." He rolled his eyes playfully at him.

She giggled shaking her head at their antics. "Children."

"So Chelsea, Kono said you were a paramedic back in New Jersey. Are you still interested in that field out here?" Malia asked leaning back against Chin.

The dark haired woman blushed slightly and smiled. "I was, yes, and actually I'm going to be Five-0's in house medic."

"You are?" Danny looked at her in surprise.

Steve grinned at her. "I knew you'd take the job."

"You offered her a job and didn't tell me?" He looked at him.

Chelsea shook her head as they started bickering and moved to continue speaking with Malia.

The sale went through and Chelsea was now the proud owner of a home in Hawaii. It didn't take her too long to begin furnishing the home. Once she had the basics in, she let Danny come over and gave him a tour.

Chelsea stopped in one of the bedrooms letting him check it out and smiled softly. "So I was thinking that if it's alright with you and Rachel, that maybe this could be Grace's room? She could decorate it any way she wants."

"Really? I think Gracie would love that. Thank you for thinking of her, Chels." Danny smiled wrapping his arm around her.

She smiled relaxing against him. "How could I not? She's my goddaughter and part of her is you."

"You're the best. You know that?" He hugged her tightly.

Chelsea giggled hugging him back. "I didn't know that, but thanks."

"C'mon, let's see the rest of the house and then I'm going to make us dinner." Danny pressed a kiss to her temple and walked out of the room with her.

The rest of the tour went by smoothly and soon enough he was busy cooking in the kitchen. It made the house smell wonderful. He let her help a bit with the cooking until it was nearly done and then he shooed her out of the kitchen. Chelsea waited in the living room until he walked in saying dinner was ready.

The brunette let him lead her into the dining room where their dinner was set out on the table and a few candles were lit. "Oh Danny..."

"I figured that your first dinner in your new house should be a bit special." He shrugged his shoulders smiling at her reaction.

She smiled planting a kiss on his lips. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, Jers."

After filling out a few forms, Chelsea Walker was now a member of the Five-0. Well, their in house medic at least. She went through their inventory of medical supplies and found it sorely lacking. So she made a list of everything she could think of that they could possibly need for now. The dark haired woman then made her way into Steve's office.

He glanced up having just ended his phone call with the governor and smiled at her. "Hey Chels, what's up?"

Chelsea smiled showing him the list she had made. "So I took inventory and made a list of supplies we'll need."

Steve looked over the list and nodded his head in agreement. "It looks reasonable. Tell the medical supply place to charge it to Five-0."

She nodded her head taking the list back. "I know it's work, but is it alright if Malia tags along with me to the medical supply place?"

He chuckled slightly at that. "She's a doctor. It's perfectly fine if you want a second opinion on stuff."

Chelsea smiled sheepishly at him. "Okay great. Thanks. Um, one more thing. Can I get medical history files on the team? Just so I have something to refer to if any of you get injured and I'll know if any of you are allergic to anything?"

Steve thought about it for a moment. "Yeah sure. That makes sense. I'll get right on that for you. Anything else?"

She shook her head smiling softly at him. "That's it for now. Thanks."

Chelsea left his office and grabbed her things sending a text to Malia before heading outside to meet up with her. She got into the doctor's car greeting her with a smile. They headed to a nearby medical supply store that Malia had promised was perfect for what she needed. The two women spent about an hour getting everything that was on the list. Malia helped her bring everything back and went over proper storing procedures with her as she helped put the supplies away.

"You have my number and you have the number to the hospitals. These boys can be awfully stubborn when it comes to treatment. Be firm and don't let them walk all over you. Also keep track of expiration dates so you can refill in time." Malia advised her once they were done putting the supplies away.

Chelsea smiled clearly grateful for the advice then she noticed the sticky note on the computer nearby. "Oh I get my own computer. Cool. Wait, is it safe to have their medical files on the computer?"

"Yes, Chin made sure of it. They're stored on the computer, but they're not online. At least that's how he explained it. He added extra protection just in case though." She assured her.

The younger woman nodded logging into the computer. "Oh I heard about this program. It keeps track of the patient files. It also alerts you when they're due for a shot, physical, or to get stitches out. Stuff like that. It's pretty new tech."

"Yeah, it's mostly for smaller medical practices. It's based off a similar program used by nurses in hospitals. Looks like you have some alerts already."

Chelsea clicked on the alerts and read through them. "Well according to this, the governor requires that each member of Five-0 receives a physical once a year. Looks like everyone is good for now though. Oh wait, surprisingly Steve needs one. The Navy one doesn't count for some reason. Huh, go figure."

"Well good luck with that. Looks like you've got your first bit of work cut out for you." Malia smiled at her.

She looked at her confused. "But I'm a paramedic."

"Yes, but you are their in house medic so technically you can do it. I can do his bloodwork, but the rest is all you. It'll be fine. I'll send the lab work over when it's done." She promised and left the room.

It was about a half hour later when Steve walked into the room with a bandage on the inside of his right arm. She walked back over to the computer making a notation in his file. He took a seat on the examination bench and watched her.

Chelsea turned around looking at him slightly amused. "At ease, sailor."

He relaxed a bit still looking over at her. "Is this really necessary?"

She shrugged draping her stethoscope around her neck and began the exam. "I'm just following the rules of my job, boss."

Steve huffed letting her continue. "You're not even a doctor though."

Chelsea raised her eyebrow at him. "Would you like me to call Malia back then?"

His features softened at her. "No, I'm sorry. Go ahead."

She shook her head gesturing toward him as she grabbed her stethoscope. "Shirt off, sailor."

He quirked his eyebrow at her, but stood up taking his shirt off. She had never been this up close to him before so she hadn't truly noticed the scars that were etched into his skin. Her fingertips instinctively brushed against one of them and she bit her lip.

Steve chuckled slightly breaking the tension in the room. "I'm alright, you know?"

Chelsea smirked playfully at him. "Yeah, I read your file."

The end of the stethoscope was placed against his chest and he jumped slightly at the feel of the cold metal. "It's.. cold."

A soft giggle fell from her lips. "Yeah, sorry about that."

His heartbeat was strong and his breathing sounded normal. She noted it in his chart draping the stethoscope back around her neck. The brunette grabbed the small plastic cup with the lid affixed to it and turned around handing it to him.

Steve took it from her raising his eyebrow again. "What's this for?"

She laughed shaking her head. "Urine. You pee in it. Just make sure the outside is clean and the top is screwed on properly when you give it back to me."

He gave her a look. "Oh. Right."

Chelsea just smirked closing his file for now. "Oh and Steve? You can put your shirt back on."

"Okay what did you do to the neanderthal?" Danny asked entering the room.

She laughed softly and shook her head. "I gave him a physical. He somehow forgot for a moment that the pee cup was for pee. Also probably didn't appreciate that I touched one of his scars. Whoops."

"Okay that's hysterical. Thanks. Wait, why were you touching up on Super Seal for?" He furrowed his eyebrows at her.

Chelsea sighed looking at him. "I wasn't touching up on anyone. I had him take his shirt off so that I could use the stethoscope on him and... I don't know. The scars caught me off guard and I touched one before I realized what I was doing. I'll apologize to him later."

"Do you have a thing for him? Tell me now and I'll... I don't know."

She smiled at him. "No. My type are pain in the asses from New Jersey."

"Oh okay. Hey!" Danny realized what she said and smiled.

Chelsea pressed a kiss to his cheek and then smacked his arm. "You never told me that you were shot on your first day with Five-0."

"Ow! Okay hey, now we're even, right?"

She gave him a look and then nodded. "Uh huh. Also you should probably go get that knee checked out. Make sure that tear healed properly."

"I'm fine. Really. Alright alright, don't give me that look. I'll go get checked out." He held his hands up chuckling softly.

Chelsea simply smiled at him as he walked out of the room and she turned around to shut down her computer for the day. She made her way up to their offices glancing around before spotting the Commander in his office. The brunette walked up knocking gently on the door. He gestured for her to come in so she walked in shutting the door behind her.

He raised his eyebrow at her. "Hey. Everything alright?"

She nodded her head sighing softly. "Yeah. I just... I wanted to apologize for earlier. I was out of line touching you like that. I'm really sorry and I'll try my best to never touch your scars again."

Steve's features softened at her words. "It's okay, Chelsea. I appreciate the apology though. Let's just pretend it never happened, alright?"

Chelsea smiled slightly nodding her head again. "Alright. So we're good?"

He smiled at her. "Yeah, we're good."

She smiled a bit more. "Great. I'll see you tomorrow, boss."

Steve chuckled watching her leave.

"Danny mentioned you were staying." The all too familiar British accent spoke out as Chelsea reached the parking lot.

Chelsea looked over a bit surprised to see Rachel standing there. "Uh, yeah. Hi Rachel."

"Hello Chelsea. It's good to see you again." Rachel smiled slightly at her.

She blinked then smiled back. "It's good to see you too. Are you alright? You look a little pale."

"Oh I'm fine. Morning sickness is just taking a lot out of me this time around."

A look of shock appeared on her face. "You're pregnant? Oh well congratulations. I'm sure Grace is thrilled to be a big sister."

"I haven't told her yet. I didn't want to get her hopes up so I thought I'd wait until after the first trimester. I'm pretty sure she already suspects though. She's pretty smart like that." Rachel smiled at the mention of her daughter.

Chelsea nodded in understanding. "I'll be sure not to mention it to her. Does, um, Danny know?"

"Does Danny know what?" The man in question approached them draping his arm around Chelsea's waist.

"I'm pregnant." The Brit looked at him biting her lip.

A look of shock appeared on his face as Chelsea rubbed his arm lightly. "And Gracie doesn't know yet. Well she might suspect, but she for sure doesn't know. Doesn't want to get her hopes up until Rachel's a bit farther along."

"That makes sense. How...How are you feeling?" Danny stammered looking at her.

"I'm good. Morning sickness is kicking my ass, but otherwise I'm great." Rachel smiled softly at him.

Chelsea smiled at her. "Try some ginger or spearmint tea. It may help a little with the morning sickness."

"Thank you. I'll give that a try. Anyway, I should, um, probably get back home. Don't forget tomorrow is Grace's surfing lesson." She directed her last sentence toward Danny.

"I didn't forget. I'll be there." He waved watching her get into the car relieved to see that she was letting the driver drive her around.

Steve picked up his office phone pressing it to his ear. "McGarrett."

"Is this Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett?" A somewhat nervous male voice could be heard on the other line.

He sat up a bit straighter. "Yes. This is him."

"Oh good. I got the right number. Sorry, I, um, need a favor. I got your number from Lieutenant Rollins."

Steve relaxed a bit. "Who is this and what do you need my help with?"

"Right, sorry, let me back up a bit. Chief Petty Officer Jackson Walker. US Navy. My team and I have been out in the field for a while now. Just got leave. Not sure when we'll be called back. I'm in New Jersey right now spending time with my folks and I was informed that my little sister is now living in Hawaii." He explained.

He chuckled softly at that. "Welcome home. Little sister huh? Brown hair, green eyes, hopelessly in love with Detective Danny Williams?"

"Yeah, that's our Chelsea. Anyway, she doesn't know that I'm on leave so I was hoping that I could surprise her in Hawaii."

Steve smiled at that. "Sure, anything to help a fellow Naval Officer. What can I do to help?"

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