The Jersey Girl Next Door @daddyslilheartbreaker
Chapter 15

Summary: She is Danny's childhood best friend and Grace's godmother. When her unexpected arrival in Hawaii finds her tangled up in their latest case, the team will stop at nothing to keep her safe, but will the secrets that she is hiding get in the way?

Featuring: The Five-O crew, Grace Williams, a few OCs, and others.


"Wait so let me get this straight. You open the door and your mother is standing there very much alive many years after everyone thought she died because of a car bomb?" Danny looked over at him in disbelief.

Steve sighed nodding his head. "That's exactly what I'm saying. I haven't gotten everything out of her yet, but apparently she faked her death all those years ago."

"And now she is suddenly back. Why now? Just feels like there are way more questions than there are answers." He sighed as well shaking his head.

He took a sip of his coffee. "I know and I haven't told Mary yet either. I don't know how. I want to make sure Mom won't hurt her first."

"Which is completely understandable, but you can't keep it from her for too long either. She deserves to know." Danny pointed out to him.

Steve nodded his head again. "And she will know soon. I promise."

"Alright good. How's Catherine handling having your mom around?"

He sat down at his desk setting his coffee down as well. "Uh, well enough that Cath is having lunch with Chelsea today."

"Oh that'll go over well. I think Jersey is more excited about getting out of the house than she is about bonding with Catherine." Danny chuckled at the thought.

Steve's blue eyes widened a bit. "Should we be worried?"

"Nah. Chelsea will play nice for your sake."

He relaxed chuckling slightly at his partner. "You seem very relaxed about this whole thing."

"Well yeah. I can't keep her holed up in the house forever, you know? Plus she's safe with Catherine. So I'm trying not to be too overprotective." Danny admitted with a shrug of his shoulders.

It was mid afternoon when Chelsea walked over to the McGarrett home. She let herself in like Steve said she could and looked around. It was quiet aside from the sounds of someone moving around upstairs. An older woman with light auburn hair appeared. She bore a bit of a resemblance to both Steve and Mary.

"Oh hello. I'm sorry. I didn't realize Steve was expecting anyone. I think he's still at work actually." The woman smiled at her.

Chelsea shook her head smiling a bit. "I'm actually here to see Catherine. We're supposed to go to lunch. I'm Chelsea."

"Ah right. Well it's nice to meet you, dear. I'm Doris McGarrett, Steve's mother." Doris held her hand out.

She shook the woman's hand looking shocked. "I'm sorry. I just.. I thought you were dead."

"Oh don't be. Everyone thought that. It's a long complicated story, Miss Walker."

Chelsea pulled her hand back looking at the older woman a bit bewildered. "How'd you know my last name?"

"Despite pretending to be dead, I've kept up with my children's lives. I'm still their mother." Doris smiled at her.

"Hey Chelsea. I'll be down in a minute." Catherine called out from upstairs.

The brunette smiled glancing toward the stairs. "Hey Catherine. Alright no problem."

"So Chelsea, you met and slept with my son ... in Tokyo was it?" Mrs. McGarrett asked once she could hear Catherine walking down the stairs.

Chelsea looked at her in shock for a moment then quickly recovered. "I honestly don't remember. Sorry."

"Well that's awkward." Catherine made a face and then laughed slightly. "C'mon Chelsea, let's go to lunch."

Clear blue skies and warm air with a fresh ocean breeze greeted the two women as they made their way to lunch. They chose to sit at a table on the patio of a local restaurant. Just being out and about again made Chelsea feel happy. After their food was ordered, Catherine cleared her throat laughing slightly.

"So you and Steve too huh?"

Chelsea shook her head blushing slightly. "It wasn't like that. Not really. I was hopelessly in love with my best friend and too stubborn to admit it. Danny moved to Hawaii so my girl friends took me on a trip around the world to get over him. Our last stop was in Japan. We were stupid enough to have all of our money and passports in one purse. Some guy stole it and Steve got it back. The girls kind of pushed us to have dinner to thank him. It was a week long fling, but even that couldn't change the fact that my heart was all the way in Hawaii."

"Maybe it was just what you needed to realize how you really felt about Danny." Catherine smiled at her.

She smiled taking a sip of her iced tea. "Yeah maybe. So what's the story with you and Steve?"

"Oh well that's a good question. I don't know. We were friends and then we hooked up. It's a very on and off again relationship. I don't expect him to wait for me while I'm sent off on a mission." Catherine shrugged her shoulders.

Chelsea pushed her hair away from her face. "Yeah I get that. Maybe I'm biased because I'm around him more, but he's been through so much, you know? I just think he deserves someone who is around more, no offense. Kind of hypocritical since I know he can also technically be called back into duty at any time, but still."

"None taken. Even I can admit that it's not exactly the healthiest relationship. It's safe, it's easy, and there's no pressure because I'm usually not on leave for that long. I mean, it's Steve. I just don't know if either of us are really ready to let go."

"Hey how was lunch?" Danny's face lit up as he saw his girlfriend walk into the office.

Chelsea smiled greeting him with a kiss. "It was good. Steve and I need to talk though."

"Oh no what happened?" He kissed her back then grew concerned.

She gave him a reassuring look. "Nothing aside from Doris knowing who I was and blurting out that I slept with her son right as Catherine walked downstairs."

Steve nearly choked on his water. "I'm sorry. She did what?"

Chelsea shook her head. "You heard me. Relax, Catherine isn't mad. I'm kind of weirded out that your mother comes waltzing back into your life knowing these things about me."

He sighed giving her an apologetic look. "I'll get her to back off. Don't worry. I'm sorry you had to deal with that."

"How are you feeling aside from that?" Danny asked curiously.

She shrugged her shoulders at him. "I feel good. It felt nice being out and about again."

"Good. So what did you think of Catherine?" He chuckled softly at her.

Chelsea gave Steve a look and then smiled. "She's not bad. I can certainly see how Steve was drawn to her in a more than friendship kind of way. We talked about that a lot at lunch actually."

His eyes widened a bit and he gestured toward her. "You were meddling. I can tell."

She scoffed waving him off. "I was not meddling. I was hearing her out. Steve, you know I adore you. I mean, you're a very good friend, but messing with Erin's feelings wasn't cool."

"Chelsea!" Erin blushed slightly as she stood in the doorway of the office.

The woman froze for a moment then turned to look at her friend sheepishly. "Sorry, Erin. It's just so frustrating, you know? You can't just kiss a girl and then act like it never happened."

"I know and I appreciate you standing up for me. But we're adults. If he wants to act like it never happened then so be it. I have a date tonight anyway." The raven haired woman smiled at her friend.

Steve stood there watching the two women talk excitedly about Erin's upcoming date. "Uh, when this did happen?"

"They were already kind of friends against my better judgment, but then Erin joined us in rescuing you guys. The two of them bonded more while Jersey has been recovering. They've become a tight knit group with Kono and Malia. Your sister too sometimes. I'm glad Jersey has made friends on the island." Danny smiled slightly at them then checked his phone. "I have to go. Rachel's in labor."

Chelsea turned to look at him. "Where's Stan?"

"Business trip." Danny rolled his eyes and took her hand leaving the office.

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