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47 Days to Change (a translation) @snow_owl01
Twenty Questions

Ahh, I'm sorry for the late update guys. I was really busy yesterday-

This chapter is an extra where Tom and Harry gets interviewed by Fate ^^

"This way." The tall and handsome young man smiled, leading a curious-looking Harry into a conference room the author had prepared for a very long time.

The conference room was quiet, with nobody inside except Harry and Tom. The room was terribly simple; excluding the bench in the centre of the room, the only other furnishing was the huge whiteboard hanging on one wall.

"Tom, didn't you say this was an interview? Why… Isn't there a reporter?" Harry raised his eyebrows, puzzled.

Tom narrowed his eyes, observing the whiteboard thoughtfully.

Hello, I am Lady Fate; I'll be the one hosting this interview.

Such words suddenly appeared on the whiteboard.

"Fate?" The Devil, who'd never heard of this name, frowned, staring sharply at the whiteboard.

Harry lowered his head. The name felt inexplicably familiar; repeating it to himself silently a few times caused suffocating despair to overwhelm him.

Let's begin. State your names.

"Harry Potter."

"Tom Riddle."

The words on the whiteboard flashed a little as if mocking the Devil's hypocrisy.

Second question; Tom Riddle or Voldemort, which do you prefer?

Tom's eyes suddenly sank.

Harry frowned and turned to look at the expressionless youth. "Tom, who's Voldemort?"

That's our third question.

The young man's lips were curled up when he met Harry's gaze. "An insignificant person; let's just answer the question."

"Well, Tom then; reading the other name… Makes me uncomfortable." Harry pursed his lips, suppressing the fluctuating emotions pouring from his heart.

"Don't read it if you're uncomfortable; next question."

Mr Riddle, please answer the question.

The Devil's cold gaze scraped across the whiteboard, but Fate wasn't an entity. Fate was beyond life, even as strong as he was, hence there was nothing he could do before it.

"Since Harry prefers me to be called Tom, then likewise, I feel so inclined," Tom answered coldly.

Fourth question, your age.

"Around… Twenty?"

"You're twenty, Harry. I'm seventy-five."

The fifth question; there is a fifty-five age gap between the two of you. If Mr Riddle dies earlier by fifty-five years, then what would Mr Potter do?

The young man leaned back in his chair, his expression unwavering.

"That won't happen; I've already conquered Death."

Hearing this, Harry felt his heart skip a beat.

Then let's change the question up a bit. Mr Potter doesn't have the ability to live forever, moreover, time-travelling has already cut his lifespan; what say you, Mr Riddle?

Harry couldn't understand what Lady Fate was saying. But Tom's features suddenly twisted.

"I've said it before, I've already conquered Death; I have the power to make him fly away from Death too!"

Will Mr Potter allow it?

"I refuse to answer this question." The colour in Tom's eyes seemed to drip out.

Harry just appeared blank.

Alright, eighth question; at what point has your relationship developed to?

Harry stared at the whiteboard dazedly, his emerald eyes so clear they reflected the text. The Saviour scratched his tousled hair with loss, a bitter expression on his face. "Sorry, I can't remember; to me, this is the first day I've even met him."

"It doesn't matter," Tom bowed his head to kiss the corner of the Saviour's eyes, "I remember very clearly. He's my lover."

The words on the whiteboard flashed again, silently laughing at this flawed lie.

Ninth question; where did you first meet?

"The orphanage; you took me back home."

Harry was in slight disbelief. "But… Aren't you older than me by fifty-five years?"

Tom's eyes flashed. "You… Time-travelled."

Harry thought over it.

How did the first meeting affect the other party?

"It was very… Warm." Tom played with Harry's fingers.

Haha, really?

"Really," Tom answered calmly.

How could that be real?

Though he still couldn't remember the details of what happened when he was four, he could still feel the anger and disappointment from that time. He could vaguely remember how Harry gently hugged another boy but was reluctant to show even a smile to him.

That boy… Was called Billy, right?

Still, who could possibly be calm when facing the murderer who killed their loved ones? If it was him, he would've strangled the other to death, wouldn't he?

Sure enough, Harry was still too soft-hearted.

He turned once again and kissed the corners of the Saviour's eyes.

The twelfth question is - do you have any secrets between the two of you?

"Sorry, I don't remember," Harry replied again. He even began to feel he was just a decoration in this interview.

Tom stroked Harry's hair, his expression gentle but falsely so. "There is no secret between us, you just can't remember."

Fate smiled silently, not pointing out that he was deceiving himself.

Thirteenth question; some people think that Mr Potter is 'hypocritical', 'unreliable', and 'cruel and irresponsible'. May I ask Mr Riddle what say you have in this?

Tom didn't answer Fate's question; he just wrapped his arms around Harry's waist, gently but with blame. "You see, you worked so hard in the past, yet nobody understands. Why go back to them? Isn't staying by my side better?"

Harry didn't speak; just stared blankly at the text on the whiteboard, an unrelievable pain in his heart.

Fourteenth question; what do you hate about the other?

Fate paid no mind to the atmosphere within the conference room; it just watched everything unfold coldly and proceeded with the interview calmly.

"Nothing; Tom's very good - very gentle." Harry smiled, causing Tom's eyes to suddenly light up.

"Nothing; Harry's also very good," Tom responded.

There were actually a lot of aspects he hated Harry. He hated Harry's disgusting sense of justice, Harry's inexplicable kindness, and even more so Harry's sense of responsibility and morality. Harry valued payback too much; if someone was good to him, he'd want to repay them ten times, a hundred times, if not a thousand times - that's why rather than staying in the easygoing past, he'd rather bear the title of the Wizarding World's saviour.

His comrades needed him, so he'd unhesitatingly return to them; he needed him, yet he didn't stay.

Fifteenth question; Mr Potter, would you like your memories returned?

"Of course I would!" Harry answered immediately.

Then, as long as you nod your head, I'll input your memories into your soul.

Tom suddenly clenched his fists, his imposing manner gradually rising; the magic in his body also began to steadily overflow.

Harry also noticed something wrong with Tom, causing his excitement to instantly turn into hesitation.

"Don't agree, Harry." Tom's eyes grew darker, the red in his eyes flowing like ink.

The handsome Devil even began pleading as he looked at him directly in the eyes, refusing to look elsewhere. "I'm begging you, Harry."

Harry's breathing suddenly quickened.

Maybe a long time had passed, maybe it'd only been a few minutes. He finally lowered his head and buried himself into the Devil's embrace.

"I understand," he replied.

The following questions need to be answered separately; I hope for your understanding. Question 16 is for Mr Potter only.

The text on the whiteboard hadn't even disappeared before Tom's figure was suddenly blocked by Fate.

Do you love him?

Because of Tom's sudden disappearance, Harry could only look around awkwardly.

He thought hard about it. "I don't know. I've only known him for a day. Since he said I'm his lover, then I think I should love him."

Question 17 is for Mr Riddle only. Do you think you've lost Harry's memory and character, or Harry himself? Or, in other words, is he equivalent to an intelligent doll?

"I refuse to answer." Tom's fingers curled, his palm touching the handle of his wand; the magic in his body was on the verge of collapsing.

He'd been deceiving himself and ignoring the facts for so long, but when exposed, he was forced to face the facts pressed right against his head; forced to feel the pain of his soul tearing…

He finally drew out his wand and began to recklessly cast all kinds of curses to the whiteboard, his features distorted into a hideous and terrifying expression.

But who was his opponent?

Fate; in other words, the God who ruled history.

The whiteboard was undamaged.

It coldly watched as the other vented; with a sneer, it raised the next question.

Have you ever thought of restoring his memories and courting him with moral means?

"He won't be moved," Tom panted, his anger-flooded mind clearing a little; he calmed down a bit before sneering again. "He'd just turn his back on me; point his wand at me with Dumbledore's Army standing behind him."

"Erasing his memory is making me suffer, but restoring his memories will make me crazy," he said.

Why don't you completely erase his memories?

Fate was hot on his heels.

Tom didn't plan on answering. He just sat there.

The words on the whiteboard flashed, and Fate laughed loudly.

The answer is obvious; it's because you don't want nor dare to. You don't want to turn Harry into an intelligent doll, and you don't dare to kill Harry for once and for all.

Tom stopped talking, not expressing even a hint of anger. He just looked at the words blankly, silent. His anger seemed to have vented out all at once.

He had no way of refuting.

Indeed, they had the same body; but if even a second of memory was wrong, they'd no longer be the same person.

Fate seemed to have played enough. It finally removed the barrier between the two.

Harry saw an unresponsive Tom.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?" Harry worriedly put his hands on the young man's face, his palms feeling only an icy-cold.

"I'm okay." Tom embraced Harry tightly.

The twentieth and also the last question. Do you believe you'll forever be in love with each other?

The Devil suddenly felt a chill, uncertainty and hesitation invading his mind.

"Yes." Unexpectedly, it was Harry, someone who couldn't even remember anything, who smiled and nodded with certainty.

The tall and handsome young man smiled, his face pale, and put his trembling lips against the corner of the Saviour's eyes again, whispering almost reverently, "yes".

Will he forever be in love?


How ironic.

Fate said coldly to the empty conference room.

I have an announcement to make! My lovely beta has published the first chapter of a spin-off to this fanfic called 'Forty Seven Days' for everyone unwilling to let this story go. It will be, I quote, '...same plot, but extra. so like... EXTRA.'

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