47 Days to Change (a translation) @snow_owl01
Attack Dumbledore's Army

February-March 1945

Spiders are terrifying creatures.

Tucked in their web, the spider's silk within the scope of any creature's flank, they control every movement, cruelly and resolutely waiting for the opportunity to extend their web infinitely until it completely covers the world.

If Tom Riddle had the face of an archangel, then he also had the characteristics of a spider.

Like a spider, he began to take action. His hideous limbs weaved his spider silk, his machinations slowly creating a shroud over everyone's unsuspecting heads.


"Look! The Daily Prophet's headline!"

"Merlin, what's going on? ...Hundred of Dementors suddenly died?"

Everyone was puzzled - Dementors could die? Even if the Patronus Charm was cast, it could only expel Dementors. They didn't need to eat or drink, they had no entity, felt no pain, took pleasure in absorbing people's positive emotions, they… They could die?

Cygnus, who was sitting next to Tom, poked the cake on his plate and turned his head to look at the Head Boy. "Then what about Azkaban? Won't the prisoners escape?"

The outstanding Head Boy had been smiling the entire time, but Cygnus felt an inexplicable bereft feeling creeping over him.

Tom raised his eyes to look at the Black, his grin widening. "Cygnus, you should be happy. The Blacks… Aren't a few of them inside?"

Cygnus was shocked; he raised his head abruptly and met his friend's swarthy eyes, causing a chill to run down his back.

How did he know?! For the Black family, once someone has become a disgrace to the family's reputation they'd be immediately blocked from all news of the outside world and removed from the genealogy tree. As for those who have entered Azkaban, they would grow old and gradually be forgotten. How did Riddle, who had no background whatsoever, know all this?

Did Malfoy tell him? No, even Malfoy probably had no idea.

His 'friend' suddenly chuckled again, letting Cygnus adjust from his highly-strung state. The handsome, elegant Head Boy stood up and looked at him with gentle eyes, as if even his eyes were smiling. "It's just a joke, why so nervous?"

Cygnus watched Riddle leave the hall, feeling a layer of cold sweat on his back.

How could he not be nervous when the information only known to his family was so clearly known by others?

The tall and beautiful Slytherin stepped out of the hall, walking step by step to the other side of the castle through the sun-lit lawn. He had grown to the point where he wasn't afraid of being exposed to the sun anymore. The power accumulated in his body allowed him to break away from the boundaries of youth, and grow from a young man to an adult. Tom Riddle walked away decisively.

Those who served under Voldemort weren't the first, nor the last of his forces. After creating the illusion of their deaths for them to escape from Azkaban, they gradually gathered in the cold, breeding place - decorating the cage and waiting for their prey.

And he would turn his attention to the pure-blooded families that occupied the best resources in the Wizarding World.


"Tom, you seem a little different." In the Slytherin's snake cellar, Malfoy held a snake-headed cane symbolising power, sitting lazily on a leather chair as his grey eyes stared at the young man.

Tom smiled, his narrow eyes raised slightly and his handsome eyebrows unable to make one look away. "You're also different, school Governor Malfoy."

Malfoy stroked the scepter in his hands, quietly and carefully observing his bright and prosperous junior.

He truly was different.

The current Tom Riddle, even when sitting like this, had the aura of ambition emanating from his body; filled with the gunpowder-like resolve of pursuing power, making him feel threatened.

Yes, threatened.

Abraxas Malfoy always saw Tom Riddle as his future right-hand man; he understood this person's dangers and ambitions, but he'd dared to recruit him because he was confident by the fact that he wouldn't destabilise his family. This person's biggest obstacle was his lack of a familial backing in both politics, and money.

With no family background, there'd be no power; with no power, he'd have no qualifications to make alliances with other families; with no alliances, he could only depend on a strong family. With no family background, all of it would be for nothing.

But this was beyond Abraxas' expectations.

He didn't know when it happened, but behind Tom Riddle gathered a small group of forces; it grew in a very short period of time, and attracted many more forces to join. The haughty Malfoy denied it until yesterday, when the Black family extended an invitation to Tom, that he realised something was wrong.

Around that incomparably talented Slytherin, a group of people suddenly appeared; seemingly out of thin air.

Three months ago, he regarded him as his most admired junior. Now, three months later, he had become his biggest threat.

"Tom, you'll be graduating in June." Abraxas teased his hair seemingly carelessly. "Are you going to go to Malfoy Manor?"

Tom pursed his lips and smiled. "No, I've decided to work at Borgin and Burkes for a little while."

"That's... A Dark magic shop." Malfoy quipped, but his eyes sank.

He invited the Slytherin to stand by the Malfoys' side but was rejected.

Two years ago, Tom Riddle accepted the olive branch extended by the Malfoy family and, with their invitation, had his path opened to pure-blood families and political circles. Two years later, the wolf cub's teeth had sharpened, his eyes bright and his body strong enough; did he want to get rid of the she-wolf now?

Tom Riddle turned his head lazily, his eyes as deep as trenches as he stared straight at the master of this pure-blood family. "I hope… That someday I'll receive patronage from the master of Malfoy Family."

Malfoy, who was always attentive to his image, stood up from the leather chair as he condescendingly looked at his most admired junior. "Tom, do not attempt to challenge my family."

The tall Slytherin also stood up, courteous and gentle, and his eyes that were originally dark enough to swallow all light had begun to release a strange red light; Abraxas Malfoy, who had always been unruly and arrogant, was surprised for a moment.

"No, I'm inviting you to join me," the handsome Slytherin narrowed his eyes, "I can bring unexpected benefits to the Malfoy family, I can consolidate your position in the Wizarding World, I can break the rules for you, establish an order that belongs to you, and make you the most brilliant master of your lineage."

"The price?"

"Follow me."

"What am I relying on?"

"On my blood, on the power, I inherited from Slytherin."

The eerie Parseltongue was suddenly implemented, the soft and strange sound of airflow completely interrupting their English-based communication. The hissing sound made by his tongue against his teeth was spine-chilling, making one feel like they were being stared at by a spitting snake and in the next second they'd be entangled by the snake's powerful and flexible body; gradually tightening, suffocating and slowly assimilating them into a corpse with the snake's cold temperature.

"...Parselmouth, Slytherin…"

Neither power nor blood was able to make Malfoy surrender. But if the two together could bring him endless benefits and fame, how could the Malfoy who always pursued his own interests simply refuse?

The Slytherin grew rapidly. Fate removed the time-traveller, Harry Potter, allowing Tom Riddle unlimited space to grow and stimulating his endless possessiveness; accelerating the ripening of the fruits.

In the end, it was a truth that couldn't be ignored.

If everyone was a player, then Fate was the game.


Under the cover of night was Tom's world.

The darkness shrouded the Earth, with only the scattering lights within the castle piercing the terrifying hue; but compared to the darkness the lights were still too weak as they swayed and struggled. Maybe they would be annihilated into white smoke in the next second.

Tom Riddle was an intrinsic liar. Just four months ago he had stood in front of Harry, begging as he admitted his mistake.

Ovi was right, even more right when he crazily used the inkless quill to draw those words on the paper - don't believe T.

So Harry left.

The Slytherin put in his all to accelerate; arranging his forces, subordinates and empire, and using his sharpness, vigour and wisdom to the extreme, unreservedly exposing himself under the eyes of Dumbledore and even the Ministry of Magic, bearing the risk of strangulation to growing frantically.

He needed to, in a very short period of time, set up the most perfect trap and cage, and wait for that person's return.

'I have to go, but I'll be back for your graduation'.

Harry, you made three mistakes. The Slytherin rubbed the ruby-encrusted ring around his finger and smiled cruelly.

Firstly, you shouldn't return. Secondly, you shouldn't have told me the date of your return and given me time to prepare. But most importantly, from the start, you should never have left my side.

It was already May; he had another month to perfect the arrangement of the hunter's traps, to make them stronger and unbreakable.

He also had to prepare the cage.

He needed to spread the softest hay and leather; to ensure the most suitable temperature and humidity within the cage, and to prepare the most delicious and juiciest grass to feed the prey he was finally going to catch.

Tom stood in front of the window, eyes dark. He stood as fixedly as a statue, expressionless, not a single tremble on his facial features.

But only he knew how depressed and suffocated his chest felt.

Whenever Harry left, he would feel anger, vertigo, and chest tightness; as if he had lost a part of his body, feeling unwell and uncomfortable all over.

And the descendant of Slytherin needed to have an invincible body.

So, Harry must never be afforded the chance to leave.

February 13, 2001

The Dark Lord was completely tired of this kind of day; of having to lie in wait and tease. The dreams made him more irritable, and the Saviour who clung to his secret never showed.

How could the Dark Lord allow his secrets to be dragged by others, then made public?

The Dumbledore Army was crumbling and their positions continuously retreated; how long could the Saviour Harry Potter last?

"Bella." The handsome monarch finally stood up from his throne, looking down with a condescending expression at a fanatical, crazy woman. "Let the Death Eaters prepare. I'm a little bored."

"Lord, you want to…" The messy-haired and somewhat embarrassed-looking Bella seemed to have guessed something, her eyes widened in disbelief; she even began to breathe more quickly, her chest rising up and down violently.

Voldemort played with the Slytherin pendant that had lost its soul in his hands, smiling faintly, as handsome and gentle as he was back in Hogwarts.

"Let's see if the Boy Who Lived can still live."

"Attack Dumbledore's Army."

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