Hiccup's Journey @fantasywriter345

Chapter 9: Noblins

It had only been a week since everything became peaceful in the kingdom of Avalor. Right now it was a beautiful day for flying and Migs the Jaquin was flying around the harbor. It was an early morning for him. He didn't like waking up this early, but two certain jaquins decided to wake him up.

"On your left!" Skylar yelled as he flew past him, almost ruining his gliding.

"Skylar!" Migs yelled.

"Look out!" Luna taunted as she flew past him, almost messing up Migs's flying.

"Luna, come on! It is too early for these shenanigans!" Migs shouted.

"WWhhooaa hoho!" Skylar shouted with excitement, "What are you so cranky about, Migs? Evil queen is gone, the majesty of Avalor has returned, aaannd we're back on the flag!" He flew up to the flag that was attached to a nearby ship and mimicking a pose from the flag with two Jaquins facing in opposite directions while wiggling his eye brows, "Strike a pose!"

"Ugh!" Migs grunted and shook his head with a frown.

Suddenly, two blurs went past them. The three jaquins shook their heads and tried to figure out what those blurs were.

"What was that?" Migs asked, looked all around.

"Don't know, but they sure were fast." Skylar commented.

"You guys talking about us?"

The three jaquins looked up and saw the two dragon riders flying above them. The three flew up to the front of them.

"Why are you guys up so early?" Luna asked.

The boys simply pointed at their dragon's head to answer her question.

"Oh, I see." Luna said, realizing why they were up early.

"Toothless likes to do early morning flights. So he always wakes me up early. He was lucky that he didn't wake Rafa and Mateo." Hiccup complained.

"Cielo popped up near my window this morning. Almost gave me a heart attack because he wanted to fly as well." Carlos added.

"Why can't Toothless fly by himself, Hiccup?" Skylar asked.

"He can't. He needs me to ride him in order to control his tail fin." Hiccup pointed out as he gestured Toothless's prosthetic tail fin.

"Whoa, what happened to his tail fin?" Luna asked.

"He lost it in an accident." Hiccup answered, "So I made him one so that he can fly again."

"Brilliant idea, Hiccup!" Migs commented.

"I'll say," Carlos added, "I never would have thought of that even if I tried."

"Don't say that, Carlos," Hiccup stated, "I know your skills about trading will come in handy soon."

"Thanks, Hiccup." Carlos said and looked at the three jaquins. "Well, we gotta get going. Hiccup is taking lessons from Mateo and I."

"Really?" Skylar asked.

"Why don't you just go to school?" Migs asked.

"I'm still learning how to read and write Spanish." Hiccup admitted, "So if I want to study Avalor's culture, I have to learn how to do all that."

"Understandable." Migs nodded.

"Don't worry, Hiccup. You're getting the hang of the writing part. Pretty soon, you'll be able to do it without our help." Carlos assured.

"Hey, let's go see if Princess Elena's up." Luna suggested, flying off.

"Great idea!" Skylar agreed, following Luna.

"Uh-uh! No way you two!" Migs yelled.

"See you guys later." Hiccup said before he and Carlos flew off.

"We will!" Migs yelled before going after Skylar and Luna, "It's bad enough that you've woke me up!"

Mateo and Carlos were teaching Hiccup about their language and culture. Hiccup was very intrigued by all of this. He wanted to learn how to read and write Spanish first before he could do more exploring around Avalor. Right now Hiccup, Carlos, and Mateo were in the garden, along with the dragons, practicing how to read Spanish.

"How is your day going?" Hiccup translated the sentences that Carlos wrote in Spanish for him.

"It's good." Carlos answered.

"What are you doing later?" Hiccup asked.

"I plan on riding Cielo." Carlos replied.

"Oh, he'll like that. But don't forget to get him fish afterwards." Hiccup noted.

"Okay, let's take a break." Carlos suggested. Hiccup put the papers to the side and let a sigh of relief.

"Well done, Hiccup. You've already gotten the hang of it." Mateo complimented.

"Thanks, I've always liked learning about new things." Hiccup said as Toothless walked over and placed his head on Hiccup's lap.

"What did your people liked to learn, Hiccup?" Carlos asked as Cielo came over and sat by Carlos's side.

"New ways to kill dragons." Hiccup answered, bitterly, as he petted Toothless's head.

"I think it's cruel how dragons are treated like that." Mateo commented as he petted Sharpshot who was lying comfortably in his lap.

"Well Red Death was mostly the cause of the three-hundred year war between Vikings and dragons. So Vikings really wanted to kill every single dragon they come across." Hiccup pointed out, "My dad made it his mission to find the dragon's nest and destroy it."

"Really?" Carlos asked, petting Cielo.

"Yeah, but every time someone wants to go after the nest, few ships come back or don't come back at all." Hiccup stated.

"To my point of view, that's a suicide mission." Mateo said, "Why send more and more ships when you obviously know that they might not come back?"

"I agree with you, Mateo." Hiccup agreed, "But Vikings have stubbornness issues."

"That must a really hard problem to deal with." Carlos commented.

"Yeah, my father is the most stubborn Viking of them all." Hiccup added.

Then they heard a knock at the gate.

"Who could that be?" Carlos pondered.

"Don't know." Hiccup answered.

"I'll go see who it is." Mateo said as he stood up, with Sharpshot perched on his left shoulder, and walked over to the gate. When he got there, he saw a familiar face.

"Princess Elena!" Mateo yelled with glee.

"Mateo?" A female voice asked.

"Naomi?" Mateo asked, brow arched, when he noticed another girl next to Elena. The boys got up from the ground and walked over to the gate with their dragons following them to see who else was at the gate. They were able to get a good look at the Naomi girl.

She had short blonde hair, deep aqua eyes, and faint freckles across her cheeks. She wore a deep bluish-green bodice with strong green lining and decorated with flowers at the bottom, that go over a white top and a brilliant green skirt with a deep bluish-green strip that goes around the lower part. She had black boots and wore a dark red belt around her waist. She wore a patchwork choker necklace decorated with three turquoise gemstones dangling from the front around her neck. Around her left arm, she was wearing a braided cord bracelet with similar gemstones on her necklace.

"You two know each other?" Elena asked, gesturing the two of them.

"Sort of." Naomi replied.

"We go to school together." Mateo pointed out.

"What's that on your shoulder?" Naomi asked.

"Oh, this is Sharpshot. He's a dragon." Mateo answered.

Toothless came over and Elena began petting him.

"Hey, Toothless." Elena greeted. Toothless crooned at the attention he was getting from the princess.

"Okay, who is that?" Naomi asked as she pointed at Toothless who was pressing himself against Elena.

"Oh, this is Toothless." Elena introduced, gesturing Toothless who was looking at Naomi with curiosity. Then Hiccup and Carlos were at the gate.

"My name is Hiccup. Toothless is a good friend of mine." Hiccup stated. Carlos walked up with Cielo behind him.

"And this is Cielo." Carlos added.

"Nice to meet you all." Naomi stated.

"Not to be rude or anything, but I need your help, Mateo. It's an emergency." Elena declared.

Mateo led the boys and girls into the cellar where Alacazar's things were.

"What's with the bathrobe?" Naomi asked.

"Mateo is a wizard." Hiccup stated.

"In training." Mateo added.

"Since when?" Naomi asked.

"Since always. I just had to keep it a secret before." Mateo said as he walked the ladder to the bookshelf, "My grandfather, Alacazar, wrote all about the magical creatures in the kingdom when he was a royal wizard." He grabbed a book and fell backwards. Luckily, Hiccup and Elena caught him before he could hit the ground. He nervously laughed at his stunt and stood back on his feet.

"Aha, thanks," Mateo placed the book on the table and opened the middle of the book as everyone gathered around him, "Okay what did these creatures look like?"

"Uh, purple, right, with pointy ears." Elena said, pointing at her own ears.

"And spots." Naomi added.

"Hhmm, that sounds familiar." Mateo said as he began looking through the pages.

"Oh, that's them!" Naomi said, pointing at the picture of the creatures.

"Noblins?" Carlos questioned, brow arched, looking at the page.

"Uh huh, Noblins are magical shapeshifters. They can transform into dogs and have the power to turn objects into gold." Mateo read out loud the facts about "noblins".

"I wish I had that power." Naomi admitted, nudging Mateo.

"That's an ability I don't really want." Hiccup commented with his arms crossed.

"Why?" Naomi pondered.

"If people, greedy people in fact, found out about that you had ability, there's bound to be trouble heading your way." Hiccup added.

"Good point." Naomi agreed, tapping he chin. Then Elena gasped.

"Look here," Elena pointed at the picture of a ship going down a river, "It says that the Noblins live deep in the jungle and stray far from home."

"Then what were they doing in the city?" Mateo asked.

"Stealing ships, apparently." Naomi replied.

"I have a feeling that Shuriki must have kept them prisoners." Hiccup inquired.

"How did you come up with that, Hiccup?" Elena asked.

"Remember, they're able to turn objects into gold? Shuriki would have been very interested in those with that ability. They've probably been in the dungeon for the past forty-one years. When Shuriki was defeated, they must have left the dungeon and went looking for a way to get home."

"You know, that does make a lot of sense. Seeing that she had a diamond throne chair when she was in power," Carlos agreed, "She must have taken them from their home in order to get them to turn anything into gold."

"Maybe that's where they're headed," Elena pointed at the picture again, "That's why we didn't see the ships on the ocean because they took them up the river! That's where we should look!" Elena concluded, heading out of the cellar.

"Then let's go!" Hiccup and Carlos declared, following after Elena.

"Mateo, can you come with? We might need some magical assistance." Elena suggested as Mateo grabbed his tamborita.

"I'm your wizard!" Mateo said, swinging his tamborita before it hit him in the face, "Ow."

The Jaquins with their passengers along with the dragon riders followed Elena on Skylar towards the river near the jungle. Hiccup could clearly see that Elena was very worried about her little sister, Isabel. There were times when he wished that he had an older sibling who would worry about him. However, it felt like Toothless was his brother and was always trying to keep Hiccup out of trouble. That was difficult considering their trip might include a lot of dangerous situations.

"Elena, there's a fork in the river!" Mateo shouted, pointing ahead of them where they saw the river split into two different directions, "Which way do we go?"

"We could split up." Naomi suggested.

"No, wait! There's something in the water!" Elena said and Skylar flew closer to what was in the water.

"How dare they litter our beautiful kingdom?!" Skylar exclaimed.

"No, it's, uh, it's a page from Isabel's journal!" Elena realized as she pointed at the trail of sheets of paper in the river, "She must be leaving us a trail!"

Then they group followed the trail of papers to a small cove where they spotted the missing ships.

"There they are!" Elena said when they spotted the ships.

"What's the plan?" Mateo asked.

"First, we untie Isabel and Gabe and then we get our ship back!" Elena said with a clenched fist and flew down on Skylar.

"Yeah, but how?" Naomi pondered.

"Truth be told, that doesn't really seem like a plan since we don't know how the noblins are going to react when they see us." Hiccup commented.

"Don't worry," Mateo assured them as he took out his tamborita, "I have few tricks up my sleeve."

"You've been waiting all day to say that, haven't you?" Naomi teased.

"Maybe." Mateo said with a grin.

"Good grief." Carlos muttered.

"Elena!" Isabel yelled when she spotted Elena swooping in on Skylar.

Elena jumped off Skylar and grabbed Gabe's sword (that was left on deck) and cut the ropes.

"Isa!" Elena yelled as Isabel leaped into her arms and held her close to her. Then she held her cheeks.

"You came for me." Isabel said with a soft smile.

"I'm never losing you again." Elena promised with a soft smile.

Gabe rushed past Isabel and Elena and grabbed his sword. He crouched down in front of the two girls as Elena pulled Isabel close to her. The dragon riders, Migs, and Luna landed on deck.

"Get on the Jaquins! I'll hold them off until you're safe." Gabe ordered as he swung his sword at the noblins. Elena quickly picked up Isabel and ran over to Hiccup and Toothless.

"Hiccup! Carlos! Protect Isabel!" Elena ordered Hiccup as she sat in front of Hiccup.

"You got it!" Hiccup and Carlos nodded.

"What are you doing?" Isabel questioned.

"Getting back our ship!" Elena stated with determination. She walked over to the noblins as Toothless and Cielo along with Skylar left the deck and flew above the ship.

"As a future queen of Avalor, I order you to leave this vessel at once!" Elena ordered.

"I will not let my noblins be captured again!" One of the noblins, who looked to be the leader of the noblins, protested.

"Again?" Elena questioned, brow arched.

"I don't think it was a good idea to order them." Carlos commented.

"Why?" Isabel asked.

"I think that Shuriki had order them around too much and because of that they don't seem to like authority." Hiccup added.

"You might have a point there." Isabel agreed.

Suddenly, the leader of the noblins leaped forward and cloaked himself in gold light. When the light disappeared, there stood a dog with the features of a noblin. He started barking and growling at her.

"Okay that's interesting." Hiccup commented, interested.

"I'll say." Carlos stated, interested as well.

"Stay back!" Elena demanded as she picked up a bucket to defend herself. Mateo quickly got off Migs and went to her side and pointed his tamborita at the noblin.

"Vetzi!" Mateo recited a spell, slapping the tamborita.

A whip lash of gold light hit the noblin, but it only stunned the creature for a second. Then a noblin latched onto Mateo and Elena, who tried to get them off of themselves. Another latched on Mateo's arm. Soon three jumped onto Migs's back.

"Great, now everyone wants a ride!" Migs complained, trying to get the noblins off of him.

"Nah, uh. None of you are getting on my back." Luna declared, who had Naomi on her back, backing away from the three noblins in front of her.

"Seriously, Princess! You should just go!" Gabe argued with Elena who was struggling with the noblin attached on her bucket. Luckily she was able to get him off.

"I'm not going anywhere!" Elena protested.

"It's my job to protect you!" Gabe stated.

"And it's my job to protect everyone!" Elena declared.

At that moment, a noblin came up from behind Gabe and covered his eyes, which caused him to stab his sword into the mast. Another noblin tried to grab Elena's bucket, however that caused her to miss and let go of the bucket. Soon another noblin jumped into the air, covering himself in a gold light, and a noblin dog landed in Elena's arms. The Noblin dog turned to Elena with puppy dog eyes.

"Aaaww." Elena gushed at the cute creature.

Then two other noblins came up and pushed her, tripping her with two other noblins behind her.

"Throw her overboard!" The Noblin leader commanded, pointing at the side of the deck.

"WHAT?!" Elena gasped in panic.

The four noblins carried her as she struggled to get out of their grip and were about throw her overboard until two scaly arms grabbed her and pulled her away from the noblins. Elena looked up and saw Toothless staring at her with his signature gummy smile.

"Toothless!" Elena exclaimed happily.

He flew over to the sails and gently placed her near the crow's nest.

"You okay?" Hiccup asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Elena confirmed.

"Good, I'll go help the others." Hiccup stated before going back down towards the deck.

Toothless came in and swiped all three noblins off of Migs with his tail.

"Thanks, Toothless." Migs smiled with relief. Toothless crooned with a gummy smile. Cielo appeared near Luna's side and roared at the three noblins, scaring them away.

"Thanks, Cielo." Luna thanked. Cielo crooned with a smile. The noblins soon retaliated.

Elena sighed in helplessness as she saw her friends trying to fight off the noblins. She didn't think that she would run into this kind of trouble. How was she going to able to help her friends?

"So, you have time for my advice now?"

Elena gasped at the familiar voice and saw Zuzo floating right next to her.

"Zuzo, you have to help me save my friends!" Elena declared.

"First things first," Zuzo disappeared and reappeared in front of her, "Why are you in such a rush?"

"Because they're in trouble!" Elena stated.

"No, no, no! I mean why have you been rushing all day?" Zuzo elaborated, gesturing her point.

"Oh, uh, well I was trying to prove that I'm ready to rule now!" Elena said.

"And how's that working out for ya?" Zuzo examined his nails.

"Not so well." Elena admitted.

"Hm," Zuzo hummed, "Did you ever stop and think why the Noblins took the ships in the first place?"

"No, but you're right. I should have. Hiccup and Carlos had been telling me the answer all along and I recklessly went in to stop them," Elena grunted in disappointment, "I was so busy trying to prove that I could be a great queen, I forgot to act like one. My grandfather was right. I'm not ready to rule."

"But are you ready to learn?" Zuzo questioned, "Cause that's all that matters! Just take your time and you'll do great!"

Elena pondered at his words and smiled at him. Zuzo was really a great spirit animal with a lot of wisdom.

"Thanks for the advice, Zuzo." Elena complimented.

"Ah, giving advice is easy," Zuzo pointed out, "Taking it is the tough part."

Zuzo then disappeared. Elena was really glad that Zuzo was able to give good advice. Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard her friends still fighting the noblins.

"Wait!" Elena quickly grabbed onto a nearby rope and slid down on it to land on the deck and held her hands out in submission, "Please don't hurt my friends! I'm just coming down to talk!"

"About what?" A noblin asked, suspicious of the princess.

"I am Princess Elena." Elena curtsied in front of the leader.

"I am Jiku, leader of the Noblins." 'Jiku' introduced.

"Jiku, I should've asked you before, but are you taking our ships because you're trying to get home?" Elena asked.

"Yes, we were. The old queen took us and locked us up in your city for many years." Jiku explained.

"Because of your ability?" Elena pondered.

"Yes, we have the golden touch. Shuriki forced us to turn all sorts of things to gold to make her rich. But then, one day, the bars of our prison vanished. We were free. But we were so far from home, in a strange city, and I had to get my fellow noblins to safety. The ships were the quickest way." Jiku concluded.

"I had no idea." Elena confessed, sadly.

"The reason you're all free is because Elena defeated that evil queen." Gabe announced.

"I had no idea." Jiku admitted with droopy ears.

"Well, now that we know what's really going on, I have a royal decree to make. Jiku, you can borrow our ships to take you home, as long as we get them back after." Elena declared.

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Jiku bowed at Elena and turned to the noblins, "Noblins, we're going home!"

Soon all of the noblins cheered and thanked Elena for letting them borrow the ships. They were finally going home. The Jaquins and dragon riders landed on deck. Naomi placed her hand on Elena's shoulder and Mateo went back to her side. Her friends were proud of her.

"Speaking of home, we should get going if we wanna make it back in time for the ball." Gabe pointed out as he put his sword back in its sheath. The others cringed at the mention of the ball. They couldn't believe that they almost forgot about the ball.

"Right. The ball." Elena panicked.

Meanwhile, Elena grandparents and Esteban were in the court yard. They were all worried about Elena taking off to find Isabel who was captured by noblins. Francisco was holding his wife's hand, Luisa, giving her comfort that the girls would return safely and unharmed.

"And what was I supposed to do? She just took off on the jaquin." Esteban exasperated as he walked back and forth. Then Francisco and Luisa spotted something coming towards them.

"Look, it's Elena and Isabel!" Francisco gasped as the jaquins with passengers and the dragon riders landed in the court yard.

"Abuela!" Isabel yelled as she got off Skylar and ran towards her grandparents. She jumped into Luisa's arms and Luisa hugged her back.

"I'm so glad you're safe." Luisa said with a smile. She was relieved that none of her granddaughters were harmed.

"Elena saved us!" Isabel beamed at what had happened earlier. She soon went into detail of the events that involved her rescue. Hiccup took a glance at Francisco and saw him gaze at Elena with proudness in his eyes. He had heard that Elena was going to become queen. But Isabel told him that she'll be Crowned Princess instead because she wasn't ready to rule the kingdom. It somehow explained her actions on the ship. She was trying to prove herself and she did it well. Hiccup was always trying to prove himself when he lived on Berk. But no one would want to listen to him since he was small and scrawny. Not to mention that most of his inventions caused disaster towards the villagers. He began to wonder if he would be able to prove that hiccups are capable of great things.

It was night of the ball. Elena would be given the title of crowned princess.

"Princess Elena Castillo Flores, do you swear to protect and defend the kingdom of Avalor?" Armando asked as he placed the tiara on her head. She gave a confident smile towards the crowd until her eyes met with Francisco who smiled at her proudly. She turned the other way for a moment and looked towards the crowd once more.

"Um, before I answer that, there's something I'd like to say. Today, I set out to prove that I was ready to be queen of Avalor, and I learned that I have a lot to learn before I become queen. So with that in mind, I am ready to appoint my Grand Council." Elena said as she stepped down from the small stage and walked up to her grandmother. Esteban clears his throat, hoping that Elena would choose him to be on her council.

"Luisa, my grandmother," Elena held Luisa's hand as she placed hers over Elena's "because you always find a way to look on the bright side of things, no matter how dark it gets." Elena walked over to Naomi.

"Naomi Turner." Elena acknowledged.

"Me?" Naomi gasped.

"Her?!" Esteban exclaimed.

"Today you gave me great advice," Elena placed her hand on her shoulder, "and wouldn't stop trying to get me to take it. I could use your common sense and resolve on my council." Elena decided before walking to her next council member.

"I'm on the Grand Council. I am on the Grand Council!" Naomi beamed.

"That's my Naomi." Naomi's father, Daniel Turner, smiled.

Elena stopped in front of her cousin, Esteban as he stood up straight, making sure to look presentable.

"Chancellor Esteban. You know so much about the kingdom and everyone in it. I would be foolish not to seek your expertise." Elena admitted.

"Yes, this is true." Esteban stated, stroking his chin. Elena walked up to her grandfather.

"And finally, my grandfather, Francisco. The wisest person I know." Elena smiled as she placed her hand on his shoulder. Francisco did the same gesture.

"Today, you acted like a true queen." Francisco approved.

"And one day, I hope to be." Elena stated before she walked back up the small staged and gazed at the crowd, "But today, I vow to protect and defend the kingdom of Avalor as Crown Princess."

Armando went over to a small podium which had a blue extravagant pillow where a beautiful gold scepter that had a medium sized blue jewel on the top. He carefully picked it up and handed it over to Elena. Once she held onto it, the scepter glowed in an ocean blue color. Everyone gasped at the light that was coming from the scepter.

"Uh, is it supposed to do this?" Elena questioned, uncertain at what had just happened with the scepter.

"It's never glowed like that before." Francisco observed. The sound of doors opening drew everyone's attention away from the princess and saw three certain jaquins and three dragons flew into the room. The two dragons actually jumped and ran towards their riders.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived!" Skylar announced.

"Hi, Elena!" Luna greeted.

"We're still invited, right?" Migs asked.

"Toothless! Sharpshot!" Hiccup yelled as Toothless landed in front of him and Sharpshot landed on his shoulder.

"Cielo!" Carlos yelled as Cielo landed in front of him.

The boys hugged their dragons with smiles on both faces. Elena laughed a little and smiled while waving at the crowd.

"It is my honor to present Crown Princess Elena of Avalor." Armando announced as he stepped away. Everyone in the crowd applauded at the crowned princess. Elena was smiling brightly at them. She knew that she would have many challenges ahead. But as long as she has her friends, she'll be able to do anything.

"Not bad for your first day." Zuzo complimented as he appeared by Elena's side with his paws behind his head while leaning back, "But are you ready for day two?"

"Are you?" Elena grinned at the spirit animal.

"Oh, this is gonna be fun." Zuzo admitted with a smile.

Most of the boys (Hiccup, Carlos, and Mateo) along with the dragons were out on the balcony, looking over the harbor.

"Interesting turn of events today, huh?" Hiccup asked.

"I'll say, I never thought that we would be going up against noblins!" Carlos said.

"But I can't believe my magic had no effect on them." Mateo pouted.

"Don't worry, you'll get another chance, Mateo." Carlos said.

"You think so?" Mateo asked.

"I know so." Hiccup answered.

"By the way, how are the small lessons going?" Carlos asked.

"Pretty good so far. I also managed to find a forge nearby in town to make a few changes on Toothless's tail fin." Hiccup said.

"I figured you would find that place as soon as you got here." Carlos commented.

"I agree, if you were able to make a good prosthetic tail fin for Toothless, then I can almost imagine how much more improved it will be once you finished." Mateo added.

"Thanks, guys." Hiccup said. Then he decided to ask a question that's been bugging him for a while, "Hey guys, do you think being different is a good thing?"

"What do you mean, Hiccup?" Carlos asked.

"Nearly my whole life, nobody liked me because I was different." Hiccup stated as he looked up at the sky, "My father couldn't stand me because of that and he probably never will. I just… want to prove to him that hiccups are capable of doing great things that could help improve people's lives. But he and the others won't." Hiccup concluded.

"I know that you and Toothless will be able to change the world someday, Hiccup." Carlos assured.

"Yeah," Mateo agreed, "If you were able to tame a dragon, I can imagine how you'll be able to make a place where Vikings and dragons can coexist."

"Not to mention that your mother said that she's glad that you're different from all the rest." Carlos confirmed.

Hiccup smiled at the two boys he first befriended when he arrived in Avalor. He knew that it won't be easy convincing people of the good side of dragons. But Vikings are stubborn and don't like change. Is it possible?

"Being different can be a good thing, Hiccup."

The boys turned towards the voice behind them and saw Francisco standing there.

"Francisco?" Hiccup asked as Francisco walked over to him.

"Those who are different can make big changes in the world." Francisco advised as he stood in front of the boys, "They always start out small though. But if they have determination and loyal friends by their side to help them fight for their dreams, anything is possible."

"Thank you, Francisco." Hiccup smiled.

"You're welcome." Francisco returned the gesture.

You prove your worth with your actions, not with your mouth.

- Jean Paul

Anonymous reviews have been disabled. Login to review. 1. Leaving 1814 0 0 2. The Fall of Red Death 2663 0 0 3. Unexpected Reunion 2597 0 0 4. Destination Decided 604 0 0 5. Slight Detour 1931 0 0 6. Zuzo the Chanul 2054 0 0 7. Free The Princess! 1175 0 0 8. Shuriki's Reign Ends 3992 0 0 9. Noblins 4964 0 0 10. Departure 552 0 0 11. A Tower in the Woods 5295 0 0 12. When My Life Begins 2781 0 0 13. I've Got A Dream 3370 0 0 14. Confessions 2991 0 0 15. Bring Back What Once Was Mine 4076 0 0 16. Thoughts, Deals, and Rude Awakenings 2539 0 0 17. The Lantern Festival 1666 0 0 18. Saving Eugene 2824 0 0 19. The Lost Princess Returns 1084 0 0 20. Onward 799 0 0 21. DunBroch 2264 0 0 22. The Bear King 2132 0 0 23. Search and Explore 2302 0 0 24. Dragon Training 2628 0 0 25. Two Dreamers 1258 0 0 26. Ruber The Evil Knight 1400 0 0 27. The Forbidden Forest 2864 0 0 28. Dragon Country 2890 0 0 29. Worthy 3532 0 0 30. Looking Through Your Eyes 1166 0 0 31. Don't Wake The Ogre 1887 0 0 32. Failed 1884 0 0 33. Ruber Attacks 2447 0 0 34. Knighted 925 0 0 35. Queen Elsa of Arendelle 2836 0 0 36. The Ice Seller and The Talking Snowman 2059 0 0 37. The Ice Palace 3061 0 0 38. Trolls 1725 0 0 39. Love Will Thaw 2915 0 0 40. Clearing Doubts 2177 0 0 41. Charades Night 1117 0 0 42. The Enchanted Forest 2001 0 0 43. The Northuldra Tribe 3385 0 0 44. Water Has Memory 3001 0 0 45. The Next Right Thing 3896 0 0 46. The City of Rome 1751 0 0 47. A Light Fury 1434 0 0 48. Terror Mail 809 0 0 49. When In Rome 791 0 0 50. Thief vs Prince 3170 0 0 51. Stolen 1998 0 0 52. Stowaways 1181 0 0 53. Through The Dragon's Teeth 2969 0 0 54. Which One Is Right? 2342 0 0 55. An Icy Rescue 3081 0 0 56. The Edge of the World 1707 0 0 57. Sinbad's Choice 1532 0 0 58. Onto the Horizon 975 0 0 59. The Slave Ship 2520 0 0 60. The Land of Egypt 837 0 0 61. Take Back The Throne 2987 0 0 62. The Library of Alexandria 601 0 0 63. Agrabah 880 0 0 64. The Escaped Princess 1028 0 0