Hiccup's Journey @fantasywriter345
Free The Princess!

Chapter 7: Free the Princess!


'Dragons' – Dragonese

The group went back to the castle so that Sofia could get Shuriki's wand. They all felt a little bit nervous and scared for the little princess. But they had faith in her.

"Do you think she's okay?" Mateo asked as he sat on Luna.

"I can only hope so." Carlos said as he sat on Cielo.

"Let's have some faith in Sofia. If she was able to convince her family to come here to where a dangerous sorceress lives, then she can do it." Hiccup pointed out as he sat on Toothless.

"I guess you're right, Hiccup." Carlos agreed. Then they spotted Sofia coming around the corner.

"I got the wand!" Sofia confirmed as she ran towards them with the wand in her hand.

"Right on, Sofia!" Luna beamed.

"I don't know how you pulled that off, but Shuriki never lets anyone get close to her." Mateo pointed out.

"Look at her!" Skylar smirked as Sofia got onto his back. "Girl looks as sweet as sugar, but she got some skills!"

"Okay Mateo, show the way to Azaluna!" Sofia urged. "We have a Princess to free!"

The Jaquins carried their passengers into the sky with the dragon riders right behind them. The group flew deep into Avalor until they reached some ruins. Most of the plant life had taken over some of the buildings while there were others that had pieces of them lying around.

"What's that?" Sofia asked.

"An old Meruvian temple." Mateo declared. "The statue is inside."

"Whoa, man!" Skylar smirked as they observed the abandoned temple as they dove in closer. "They really let the place go."

"The Meruvians vanished centuries ago." Mateo explained. "No-one knows what happened to them, or where they went. All that's left of the ancient civilization of Meru are ruins like this."

"We have a fair share of ruins where I'm from." Hiccup commented.

"Really?" Mateo asked.

"What kinds?" Carlos asked.

"Half sunken boats grave yards and dried up dragon and Viking skeletons." Hiccup answered.

"Most of those ruins were caused by dragons and Vikings." Toothless added.

"I don't really blame any of you for that." Hiccup stated, "Vikings just never even tried to understand dragons and Red Death was the main cause of all of those wars."

"I would like to agree with that statement." Toothless grunted in agreement.

They flew into the temple, stopping when they reached a cliff edge over a pool of shining water. The humans dismounted off the Jaquins and dragons and stared at the pool below them.

"Where's the statue?" Sofia asked.

"Legend has it you need to swim across the enchanted blue waters for the magic to work." Mateo declared. The boys noticed that Sofia looked nervous at the task of finding the statue.

"You'll be fine, Sofia." Carlos reassured her.

"Good luck." Hiccup encouraged her.

"Okay." Sofia nodded. Cielo laid his tail down that lead down to the small ledge below. Sofia gently grabbed onto Cielo's tail and slid down to the small ledge. She tried to think of a way of how to find the statue in the pool in front of her.

"Being a mermaid would really come in handy right now." Sofia told the amulet. Then the amulet glowed and string of pink sparkles swirled around and changed her into a mermaid.

"Whoa, did you see that?" Skylar gasped.

"I wish I could shapeshift that easily." Mateo admitted.

"Wow, that's pretty cool." Carlos commented.

"I rather shape into a dragon." Hiccup added.

"I wonder what kind of dragon you would shape into." Cielo pondered.

"I would do a night fury." Hiccup suggested.

"I say that suits you." Cielo confirmed.

Sofia dove into the pool and searched for the statue. She grew worried when she didn't see it. She went further into the pool and spotted the statue where the crown laid.

"That must be it!" Sofia smiled. Then she took off the amulet and wrapped it around the wand, "Right, we have to put the Amulet and wand on the crown of Azaluna." Sofia declared.

She swam towards it and plugged the wand into a hole in the crown. There was a series of whirring sounds. The wand and amulet glowed pink and shot a beam upwards. Then bubbles swirled around it and the statue rose out of the water as the pink beam disappeared. The Jaquins, boys, and dragons gasped as the statue finally reached the surface of the pool.

"Whoaaa!" Sofia yelled as she slipped down Azaluna's tail and landed at the end of it. She gazed up at the statue as she stood up and saw the glowing amulet float down. It fluttered to the ground, creating a cloud of pink smoke with a blue light glowed within. When the smoke and light cleared, Princess Elena was standing before them. The group on the top ledge gasped in amazement once again. Sofia noticed that her amulet floating towards her and gently grabbed it as it returned to her. But she noticed something different about it.

"My amulet," Sofia gasped. "It changed color." She put the amulet back on around her neck.

"Princess Elena?" Sofia asked, approaching her.

The light around Elena faded and she opened her eyes. Skyler and Luna (carrying Mateo) along with the dragon riders flew down as Elena started moving her body, overjoyed.

"I'm free!" She smiled, placing her hands on her cheeks. "I'm finally free!" She spun around, but almost lost her balance. "Whoa!"

"Are you okay?" Sofia asked.

"I'm good." Elena chuckled. "I'm good. Guess this is what happens when you're stuck inside an amulet for 41 years. You forget how to walk."

Elena hugged Sofia, lifting her up and squealed.

"I knew you were the one!" She beamed and twirled around. "Thank you!"

"You're welcome." Sofia cringed at her tight grip on her.

"Princess Elena!" Skylar called, as he and Luna along with the dragon riders flew down.

"Oh, Jaquins," Elena smiled as she released Sofia and saw Hiccup and Carlos with their dragons. "And dragons as well."

"Princess Elena." Skylar repeated, as he and Luna bowed.

"Princess Elenaaaa!" Mateo yelped as he slid off Luna's back. He chuckled awkwardly, then stood up and bowed. "I'm Mateo, Alacazar's grandson."

"I'm Hiccup and this is Toothless." Hiccup said, bowing. Toothless gave a toothless smile which made Elena giggle.

"I'm Carlos and this is Cielo." Carlos said, bowing. Cielo grunted in reply.

"You don't have to bow," Elena chuckled. "And you, huh, can just call me Elena."

"Okay, Elena," Mateo nodded. "I can't believe you're really back!"

"Neither can I," Elena sighed. "I was in the amulet so long, I thought I might never get out. But here I am."

It feels so weird having my feet on the ground

It's been a while since I've been walking around

With my own eyes, I can once again see

My dream has come true — I am free

But now that I'm here, there's a mission at hand

To drive that witch out of our beautiful land

I'll banish the darkness and bring back the light

'Cuz this time I'm ready to fight

This is my time, my time to face my old foe

My time, reclaim what was ours long ago

This is my time to stand up with honor and pride

My time, I've come too far to be denied

Elena walked up the Azaluna's crown and took the wand. She got on Skylar, and they took off, followed by Luna who was carrying Mateo and Sofia on her back along with the dragon riders behind them and out of the temple.

Now off I must fly to the palace once more

To win back the freedom of all Avalor

I've spent my whole life waiting just for this day

And nothing will get in my way

This is my time, I have a plan that can't fail

My time, I won't stop 'til I prevail

My time, to honor my family and friends

My time, this is my time once again

This is my time once again

The group soon headed off to face Shuriki the evil ruler who invaded Avalor and forcefully took the throne. They were going to end her reign of terror and cruelty once and for all.

Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.

- Brad Henry

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