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The Land of Egypt

Chapter 60: The Land of Egypt


'Dragons' - Dragonese

The dragon riders and Sinbad's crew were headed towards the land of Egypt where Jabare's evil uncle, Bayhas, is threatening the people of the kingdom. If Bayhas isn't stopped soon, he will continue to bring terror to this land. The prisoners were riding the Vemiculo back to their homelands while Touma and Najila along with their dragons decided to help the riders and Jabare's family.

It was around night time when they were near the shores of Egypt. Small lights in the distance were easily seen from where they were.

"So how are we going to get to shore without getting attention?" Marina asked.

"I'll ride on Horus and enter the village. A good friend of mine should be there." Jabare offered.

"What?" Zuberi blinked.

"I have a friend in the village who can hide us as we think of a plan." Jabare replied.

"Jabare, it's too dangerous to go by yourself." Isis protested.

"At least take the dragon riders with you." Zuberi suggested.

"Alright fine." Jabare accepted.

A few minutes later, the dragon riders headed towards the village to find Jabare's friend. They soon arrived at the village and made sure to avoid the guards that were in the village. Jabare stopped at a door and made a small tap that would probably wake up the occupants in the house. Footsteps were heard coming towards the door. The door opened to reveal a boy, the same age as Jabare, with long dark brown hair and brown eyes.

"Jabare?" The boy blinked when he saw Jabare in front of him.

"Lateef, it's good to see you. But can we come in first?" Jabare asked.

"Sure, come in." 'Lateef' ushered them inside. He peeked outside the door and looked in both directions to see if there were any guards around. Then he shut the door behind him and turned to the dragon riders and their dragons. "Where have you been, Jabare? Everyone was wondering where you and your siblings disappeared to."

"Bayhas ambushed us and sold us onto a slave ship. Luckily, the dragon riders and their friends were able to help free us." Jabare replied.

"Explain." Lateef ordered.

Jabare explained what had happened the day he and his siblings were taken aboard the slave ship. Then when the dragon riders invaded the ship and helped free them.

"Must have been rough for you all." Lateef commented.

"You have no idea. But somehow, we made some new friends as well." Jabare said as he petted Horus's head which made the dragon purr at the affection.

"Do you have a plan on taking down Bayhas?" Lateef asked.

"We need to find out more information if we want to take him down." Jabare declared.

"How do we do that?" Lateef questioned.

"Do you know anyone on the inside of the palace who could help us?" Najila asked.

"Yeah, I do. Sabah is her name. She comes down here when she can. I'll see if she can give us some information." Lateef suggested.

"Good idea, she might be our only way into the palace." Hiccup agreed.

It was the next night when Lateef's friend, Sabah, showed up. It turns out that she decided to sneak out of the palace to go and see her family. Lateef ran into her when she was on her way to his house.

"Sabah, come inside." Lateef ushered her inside.

"Lateef, what is going on and who are these people?" 'Sabah' questioned.

"Sabah, this is Jabare and his friends who are known as the dragon riders." Lateef introduced.

"Pleased to meet you, Sabah." Jabare greeted.

"Jabare? As in Jabare as in the third heir to the throne?" Sabah asked, incredulously.

"Yes." Lateef replied.

"I'm sorry that I didn't recognise you, your majesty." Sabah bowed to Jabare.

"It's alright. But there's something we need to ask you." Jabare said.

"What is it?" Sabah asked.

Jabare had explained what he and the others needed to know if they wanted to take down Bayhas. Sabah told them of how Bayhas disappears most of the day and comes around his meal times. But Sabah had a sneaky suspicion that Bayhas was hiding something. She had overheard him talking about some kind of beast that's imprisoned down in the dungeons. The only thing she knew about it that it was incredibly strong and terrifying.

"What kind of beast could it be?" Jabare asked.

"Could be a dragon." Hiccup suggested.

"Possible. But what kind of dragon could it be?" Roana asked.

"Wish I knew." Hiccup replied.

"I'm sorry that I couldn't give you more detail on the creature." Sabah apologized.

"It's okay. We'll just have to go on that information for now." Jabare decided, "Could you sneak us into the palace somehow?"

"I would be glad to. But I'll have to do it tomorrow. I have to get back before someone notices I've been gone too long." Sabah accepted.

"Thank you, Sabah." Jabare thanked her.

Sabah bowed in thanks towards him.

Egypt is a large, complex, very important country - Hilary Clinton

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