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Zuzo the Chanul

Chapter 5: Zuzo the Chanul

"Wow, I didn't think there would be more dragons other than Cielo." Mateo said as he petted Toothless's head who purred at the attention he was getting. They were outside of Rafa's house. The dragons came out near the tree line. Toothless licked Hiccup so much, Hiccup thought he was going to drown in it. Once they met up in the early morning, the two dragon riders went out fishing for their dragons. After getting enough for them, they went back to the house and ate a yummy breakfast. Right now, the three boys were in the back yard playing with the dragons.

"True. However, not many dragons have been discovered since Vikings don't venture far from their homelands. They only thing they want to know about them are their weaknesses and how honorable they'll be once they slay them." Hiccup commented.

"I can't believe that they would do such things towards these incredible creatures." Carlos added.

"Well, I just hope that I'll be able to make a place where dragons can coexist with humans." Hiccup admitted.

"We know you will, Hiccup." Carlos assured him.

Then the boys heard voices around the corner. Curious to see who was there, they quietly walked to the corner and spotted a young girl with long brown hair and dark blue eyes. She had a tiara on her head and was wore a pretty purple dress. She had three winged cats next to her. Hiccup guessed that these must be Jaquins which are winged jaguars. The first one looked to be a female. She had orange colored fur, red spots and pink feathers, and golden eyes. The one next to her was a little bit bigger than her and it looked like a male one. He had yellow colored fur, orange spots and feathers, and green eyes. The one next to the girl also appeared to be a male as well. He had golden colored fur, blue spots and feathers, and ice blue eyes.

"I know. But maybe you could help me. I need to summon his chanul." The girl said.

"I don't know what that is. But I'm afraid that you won't find it here. Good day now." Rafa said before she slammed the gate shut in front of the girl.

"Well that could have gone better." The golden Jaquin commented.

"How do you know what a chanul is?" Mateo asked. The girl and the Jaquins turned to Mateo and the boys. Then the girl quickly walked to Mateo.

"Oh! Well…" The girl began to say, not knowing how to answer Mateo's question.

"That was my mom you were just talking to." Mateo explained, "I'm Mateo."

"I'm Hiccup." Hiccup introduced and turned to Toothless and Sharpshot. "This is Toothless and Sharpshot."

"Carlos." Carlos said and gestured Cielo, "and this is Cielo."

"I'm Luna." The female jaquin said.

"Migs." The yellow jaquin said.

"Skylar." The gold jaquin said.

"Wait, you're Alacazar's grandson?" The girl asked, pointing at Mateo.

"You knew my grandfather?" Mateo questioned, brow arched.

"Um, sort of. My name is Sofia," 'Sofia' introduced, "I know this might sounds strange but your grandfather sent me here to free Princess Elena."

"Princess Elena?" Mateo pondered. Then he realized who Sofia spoke of, "Wait that means...that's the amulet of Avalor!" Mateo pointed at the amulet that Sofia wore around her neck.

"Yes, how did you know?" Sofia asked.

"Aunt Rafa told us the story so many times he memorize it." Carlos stated before Mateo turned around and gestured Sofia to follow him.

"Follow me." Mateo said.

"Where are we going?" Sofia asked as she and the Jaquins followed after him.

"To my workshop." Mateo replied when he arrived at a hole that was covered by a wooden wheel. He moved the wheel to the side and gestured to the entrance to his workshop. He got down on his knees and crawled into the entrance with Hiccup and Carlos behind him.

"Wish me luck." Sofia said before following after the boys, leaving the Jaquins and dragons outside.

Mateo lite up a lantern and carried it with him as Hiccup, Carlos, and Sofia walked down the long dark stairway.

"It's a long way down." Sofia commented.

"I know. But it's the only way to keep everything secret. When Queen Shuriki took over, she banned all magic except her own." Mateo explained when they reached the bottom of the stairs and entered a room that was filled with all kinds of things that a wizard would use: books, bottles in different shapes and sizes, drums and drumsticks, carpets, and candles.

"So there are no wizards in Avalor?" Sofia asked as Mateo placed the lantern on a small top shelf near the corner of the door.

"Not anymore." Mateo stated and went over to a cabinet that held a few colored drumsticks on a shelf and grabbed a few, "When my grandma hid all of my grandpa's things down here, but my mother never wanted anything to do with them. So it sat here all locked up until I found it."

"Mateo has been trying to teach himself magic ever since." Carlos added as Mateo placed the sticks on the ground near a decorative round stone slab on the floor.

"I can almost imagine how hard that must be." Hiccup commented while Mateo went to grab a book.

"You were lucky that you never witnessed a few failed attempts that nearly cost me my life." Carlos mentioned with his hands in his hips.

"I said I was sorry that time." Mateo said, placing the book down near the drum sticks.

"It's okay. That was a long time ago. I got over it. You didn't know that spell would almost kill me." Carlos shrugged with his arm out.

"But still, I'm sorry for that." Mateo said, "Okay, let me think, I just need a few things." He grabbed a candle and lite it before he placed it on the ground near the book and went to get a purple mat with orange colored designs on it and unrolled it in front of them, "Okay just sit down here, everyone."

"Why?" Sofia asked as Mateo grabbed a few drums.

"We're going to summon my grandpa's chanul." Mateo confirmed as he placed the drums near him.

"What is a chanul exactly?" Sofia asked as Mateo sat down, Indian style, and opened the book of magic.

"A spirit animal. It's like a guide to all the magical stuff in the world that we can't see." Mateo explained while trying to find the summoning spell, "Like Princess Elena. It was my grandpa's chanul who figured out she was in the Amulet, and told him how to get her out."

He then reached the page he was looking for. "Here we go. Now, where's my tamborita?" He pulled out a drum and struck it with a stick.

"Okay, this is the first time I've tried this incantation, so it may not work the first... eight or nine times. Maybe ten." He cleared his throat. "Appear to us, Animal spirit of Alakazar. Illuminara Alacazar wyowell!"

Mateo struck the tamborita, breaking the stick. Hiccup and Carlos cringed at his mistake.

"Maybe you hit it too hard, Mateo." Carlos commented.

"Try a little lighter." Hiccup suggested.

"That would be a better idea." Mateo said, sheepishly, and grabbed another drum stick. Then he held the drum up again and got ready to tap the drum, "Let's try that again. Illuminara Alacazar wyowell!"

Mateo hit the tamborita a little more lightly. The lights all went out, and a howling wind was heard. Sofia gasped.

"What's happening?" Sofia trembled.

"Did it work, Mateo?" Hiccup asked, a little creeped out.

"I hope it did." Carlos said.

Suddenly, a puff of smoke appeared and a blue spirit fox emerged from it. It was covered in neon aura, cyan fur and eyes, dark cyan nose, eyebrows and swirl pattern stripes, long goatee.

"Hiya!" The spirit smiled. "Greetings from the spirit world! How are you doing today?"

"Oh, mighty chanul, you honor us with your presence!" Mateo said respectfully.

"Wow… and here I thought that stories about spirits were just stories." Hiccup said as he stared at the blue spirit fox. He never thought he would be able to see such a creature. Not mention a friendly one as well.

"Yeah." Carlos agreed.

"Hey, I know you're excited, I get it!" The spirit chuckled and winked. "It's not every day you meet a spirit animal right? But you called me, I'm here, we can skip all the fanfare and just get on with it, okay?" Zuzo disappeared.

"Of course, mighty chanul!" Mateo agreed before Zuzo appeared next to him.

"Oh, you can call me Zuzo." The spirit smiled.

"Yes, of course, mighty Zuzo!" Mateo declared as Zuzo circled around him.

"You know, you don't have to call me anything." Zuzo deadpanned who got annoyed by Mateo's tone of voice. He turned to Sofia. "So, you're the princess who's going to free Elena?"

"I guess so." Sofia shrugged. Zuzo disappeared and appeared behind Sophia.

"Alright then," Zuzo smiled. "Now, here's what ya' gotta do..."

"Wait, I thought I just had to summon you." Sofia frowned as Zuzo licked his paw.

"Uh-huh." Zuzo nodded. "So I could tell you how to get her out. That's what spirit guides do. They guide you." He disappeared and reappeared on the stone slab, "First, you gonna need the wand that put Elena in there." He pointed at the amulet.

"Shuriki's wand?" Sofia gasped, "But she keeps it in her pocket!" She gestured her pocket on her dress.

"That's great!" Zuzo smiled. "Then you'll know exactly where to find it! Now, once you've got the wand, you just wrap the wand around it, and put it on the crown of Azaluna!"

"The crown of who?" Hiccup asked, brow arched.

"Azaluna." Mateo told him. "He was a great healer who could undo any spell or curse. There's an ancient Meruvian statue of him way up in the mountains."

"It's kind of like a hospital for magical mishaps." Zuzo pointed out.

"But I don't know where it is!" Sofia frowned. "Or how I'm going to get there or how I'm going to steal Shuriki's wand."

"Okay, let's all take a deep breath." Zuzo instructed and took a deep breath and let it out. "In and out..."

The humans followed his actions.

"Good." Zuzo nodded and walked over to Sofia. "Now, I've got some spirit animal wisdom for ya': Just because you're the one, doesn't mean you're the only one." Sofia looked confused. "That's not supposed to make sense right now. You'll get it later! But first, you've gotta go get that wand, Princess!" He jumped into the center of the room. "Alright, it's been a pleasure being your spirit guide today. Safe travels, bye!"

Zuzo vanished in a puff of smoke.

"Quite an interesting character, huh?" Carlos questioned.

"I'll say." Hiccup said.

"How great was that?" Mateo cheered. "I summoned my first chanul!"

"Congratulations, Mateo." Hiccup complimented, "But what did Zuzo mean by that Sofia wasn't the only 'one'?"

"Well Zuzo did say that she'll get it later." Carlos pointed.

"I hope so." Sofia agreed.

Mateo was still cheering to himself until he slipped on a drum stick, almost falling until Sofia grabbed him and the boys got behind him in case he fell backwards.

"Sorry!" He yelped, as he almost pulled her down too.

"Whoa!" Sofia yelped as Mateo steadied her and the boys grabbed his shoulders.

"Hey, nice moves." Mateo smiled. "I bet you're good dancer, aren't you?"

"That's how I'll get her wand!" Sofia realized as she and the boys let go of Mateo. "I'll dance with her!"

"Ugh, that won't work." Carlos concluded.

"Shuriki outlawed dancing when she banned music." Mateo added gesturing him playing a trombone.

"That's a bummer." Hiccup comment. Then Mateo made a dance stance.

"My mom still taught Carlos and I the sambarosa though." Mateo said as he did a quick dance.

"We have to go back to the palace!" Sofia declared as she grabbed Mateo's hand, breaking him out of his stance, and pulling him up to the stairs with Hiccup and Carlos behind them.

"We?" Mateo questioned before he yelped as Sofia continued to drag him to the stairs.

Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.

― William Jennings Bryan

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