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Onto the Horizon

Chapter 58: Onto the Horizon


'Dragons' - Dragonese

Down on the ship, Sinbad walked over and stared longingly at the castle, knowing who was inside of it. Kale made his way towards him with a sad smile.

"Captain.." he called gently. Sinbad hummed, not looking away.

"We're ready to sail." Kale informed him. Sinbad sighed, looking down quietly.

"Alright Kale, take us out." he ordered hollowly.

"Aye Aye captain. Cast off!" he shouted to the crew, who quickly ran about. Sinbad watched as they began sailing away from Syracuse, frowning sadly as the distance grew. Shaking himself out of it, he went about the ship, making his way to the front rigging. He hung casually on the ropes as he focused his attention on the open seas in front of him, just past the harbor. Sinbad grunted as a pile of rope fell on top of him.

"Oh...Rat!" he shouted irritably.

"What?" he called from behind. Sinbad furrowed his brows in confusion as he looked over at Rat who was on the other end of the ship with a mischievous looking crew. Then he noticed the dragon riders land on deck with their dragons who were also smirking. Sinbad eyed them, not sure what he was missing.

"Excuse me Captain, you need to replace these rig joints soon. The mizzen ropes need the support." A distinctly female voice called from the crow's nest. Sinbad stared up at her with wide eyes. Marina grinned down at him smugly, proud of the surprise. Sinbad grinned broadly.

"These joints are from the Jasmine Sea. That's halfway around the world." He called back.

"Well then we better get started." She mused. Sinbad smirked and sliced the rope he was holding, using it to pull himself to the top of the sails where she was.

"Well, you know, that means going through the Hydra's lair." Marina hummed in acknowledgment.

"The Minotaur's Haven." Continued, grinning in glee as she hummed along to every point he made.

"The cyclops' den. Under the Swansea bridge. And through the China seas." he finished, swinging around to get closer to her. Marina smiled up at him as he beamed.

"That's a very long voyage. And it's very, very dangerous." He hummed, leaning down toward her.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you." She smirked innocently.

Sinbad smiled as he pulled her to his chest. She smiled up at him once more before he pulled her in all the way for a loving kiss, which she eagerly returned. However, the moment was broken as a deep bark sounded, alerting them to the fact that Spike knew his second favorite person was there. The dog launched himself off his personal catapult, right into the smooching couple. Marina laughed loudly as Sinbad tried to calm his dog down, put out that his moment was ruined by his slobbering companion.

It was soon night time on the Chimera. Kale was at the helm, steering the ship. Hiccup and Roana were on the deck at the front of the ship. They were both looking up at the stars and couldn't help but be enchanted by them.

"It's almost hard to believe." Roana said.

"What is?" Hiccup asked.

"The adventure of helping Sinbad bring back the Book of Peace." Roana replied.

"Ah," Hiccup understood, "Well, when you're a dragon rider, unexpected things come your way."

"So basically, we'll get into any situation that we encounter whenever we come to a new place?" Roana questioned, teasing.

"Yes." Hiccup smiled and nodded.

Roana chuckled a little.

"Seems dangerous, yet thrilling at the same time," Roana responded, "But it also feels good that we were able to help that person with their situation."

"I can definitely agree to that." Hiccup stated.

Then a silence came between the two. The only sounds they could hear were the sounds of waves brushing against the ship. They liked this kind of silence, but at the same time they didn't.

"Hiccup...there's something I've been wanting to tell you." Roana admitted.

"What?" Hiccup asked, curious.

"Well," Roana blushed, "Ever since you and your friends came to stay in Rome...I've started to gain feelings towards you...romantic feelings."

"Huh?" Hiccup blinked.

"You're extraordinary, Hiccup. I've seen how intelligent you are, how friendly you're with dragons and people, and how you wouldn't hesitate to help someone in need," Roana told him, "Somehow during the time in Rome, you were able to capture my heart."

"I feel the same, Roana." Hiccup responded with a small blush on his cheeks which made Roana's eyes widened, "After I met you, the feelings I had towards Astrid faded away and they began to blossom...with you." Roana blushed into a deeper shade of red, "I know that you're a strong warrior and you won't let anyone tell you otherwise. You also have the heart of a good friend and won't hesitate to fight for what you believe in. Somehow, you were also able to capture my heart as well."

The two smiled softly at each other.

"So would you-" Roana started.

"Yes, I would love to be your boyfriend." Hiccup interrupted.

Roana blushed even harder at Hiccup's answer. She never expected that he would accept her feelings towards him on the spot.

"Just to let you know, you're my first boyfriend." Roana confessed.

"You're also my first girlfriend as well." Hiccup admitted.

Hiccup and Roana smiled at each other and closed their eyes as they leaned closer to each other. Then their lips finally connected as Hiccup wrapped his right arm around Roana's waist as she wrapped her left arm around Hiccup's neck. The two had waited so long to tell each other's feelings and now they were finally revealed and the two were happy beyond anything. They didn't know what would happen with their new relationship, but it would be quite an adventure to find out.

That person who enters your life out of nowhere, and suddenly means the world to you. - Unknown

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