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An Icy Rescue

Chapter 55: An Icy Rescue


'Dragons' - Dragonese

Suddenly everything around Sinbad's crew, Marina, and the dragon riders instantly froze over, dropping the temperature and getting their ship stuck in the ice. Even Spike's saliva had turned into icicles from the sudden burst of cold.

"For crying out loud, what next?" Sinbad groaned. He turned and jumped back when he nearly collided with Kale's chest. "Oh, get a shirt on before you poke someone's eye out!" he muttered jokingly, sliding around the large man. Kale rolled his eyes. Sinbad walked over to the rail to look out over the ship. "Okay, guys, get down there and break it up! We have to keep moving!" He ordered.

Soon enough everyone was dressed in winter clothes to protect them from the cold. The crew used pickaxes, spears, and hooks to try and break up the ice around the ship, hoping to loosen it up enough to sail through. The dragon riders stayed on the ship, helping Sinbad. Suddenly, Spike barked warningly, sensing something amiss. Sinbad and the riders paused as they heard the bark and started scanning the area around them. The rest of the crew paused their work. Marina and Roana, who were currently on the other end of the ship, pulled off their hoods and stared out curiously towards the horizon. Spike rushed up next to the two and continued barking. A white wisp flew from one peak to the other in the distance. Marina and Roana frowned and tried to peer closer at the creature that had silently appeared. The crew instantly took a defensive stance and Sinbad's eyes widened, getting a better view of what it was. Spike barked once more before whimpering and running off to hide, instantly putting the others on edge. Everyone stood stock still, waiting in eerie silence. A loud screech caused them to jump as a giant ice bird falcon out through the rock ruins over their area. The crew and riders ducked as the bird swooped over the ship slowly, scanning each and every one of them as it passed.

"Everyone back on the ship!" Sinbad shouted, shooting back up and watching the bird swing around for another run at them. All the men shouted encouragement to move faster and run as they darted for safety. However, one had been out farther than the rest. Marina and Roana watched in horror as the bird bared its talons at him and swept in for the kill. She watched as he quickly leapt into a pool of ice water to avoid it but putting himself in another dangerous situation at the same time. The bird screeched before heading out to swoop back around.

"Jed!" Marina and Roana shouted in worry as they waited for him to surface. The man sputtered as he scrambled to pull himself up onto the small piece of ice that was floating nearby. Roana quickly reached over to grab a spare piece of rope and tossed it out. "Grab the rope!" she ordered and Marina began tying it off.

Hiccup and the other three riders were busy helping others onto the ship when Hiccup and Sinbad noticed the bird whipping its head around and spotting someone. Looking over they followed its line of sight to Marina and Roana who were busy helping Jed.

"Mariana!/Roana!" Sinbad and Hiccup shouted, darting after them.

The two looked over at them instantly before looking behind. The bird swooped in and snagged Marina and Roana. Sinbad and Hiccup's eyes widened in fear and raced into action and leapt up and grabbed Marina and Roana's hands, holding on with a vice grip as the two were dragged across the boat. They were forced to let go when they slammed into the railing. All they could do was watch with wide eyes as Marina and Roana frantically struggled to free themselves from the creature's grip as they climbed higher and higher towards an icy peak.

"Hiccup!" Roana shouted. They could hear the shout getting softer and softer as they both disappeared out of sight.

The bird flew Marina and Roana up to the top of the snow-covered tower and roughly dropped the two. They grunted at the impact and went skidding across the surface. They quickly recovered as the bird thumped down behind her. Their eyes widened in alarm as it set its beady sights on them. Quickly scrambling up they darted for some type of cover but the bird was faster and pinned the girls underneath its talons. They both struggled to get their coats out from under the talons but to no avail. Thinking quickly, they shimmied out of her coat and slipped through the space between the talons, ignoring the nip of the cold. They quickly skirted out of view as the bird leaned down to swallow the now empty coat. Realizing that the two were not inside its talons, the bird spat out the cloth and began searching and scraping the ground for them. Darting off to the side while the creature was distracted, Marina and Roana spotted a small ice tunnel and dove into it without second thought. They looked out one of the holes to watch the movements of the bird before pressing themselves further against the walls. They leaned their heads back in frustration; now to find a way out.

Down on the ship, Sinbad and Hiccup were lacing daggers to the bottom of their boots, making makeshift climbing gear so they could go after Marina and Roana.

"Rat, don't let the blocks freeze." He ordered once he had finished. "And Kale….give me a hug?" he asked innocently. Kale choked in confusion and started backing up.

"Excuse me?" he stuttered in bewilderment as his captain wrapped his arms around the big man. However, his true intent was revealed when Sinbad stepped back, holding up the twin daggers Kale kept on the back of his belt. The man rolled his eyes at Sinbad's smug expression. Without another word Sinbad and Hiccup popped up a round sled and darted to the front of the ship, strapping them to their backs. Sinbad kicked a small lever, which lifted up a harpoon that they kept hidden there and pulled the device sideways to aim the hooks at the top of the cliff that Marina and Roana had disappeared off to. Sinbad and Hiccup shook their heads, tying off the ropes around his waist. With a sharp whistle, Sinbad signaled for Spike to join them. The dog happily bounded over and pulled down on the bone lever that released the harpoon. Sinbad and Hiccup followed the length of rope as it ran after the spear. Just as the last of it was about to yank them upwards, they leapt off the front of the boat, giving them a little more momentum. Flying through the air, they watched as the original spear made its mark in the cliff. As they came closer they whipped out their daggers and used them to dig into the side, along with the ones on their boots. Sinbad and Hiccup groaned miserably as their bodies collided with the solid rock under a small layer of snow. Sinbad growled as he and Hiccup shook off the snow covering their faces. With determination, they began the slow climb up the side of the cliff, digging their daggers into the wall to pull themselves upward.

"Marina and Roana didn't see the bird? Everyone else saw it." Sinbad muttered sourly, "It's as big as a freaking ship." he added with a growl. "But no, they were busy looking the other way." he added, muttering to himself as he climbed.

"Less complaining, more climbing." Hiccup ordered, climbing a little ahead of him.

Sinbad groaned and continued climbing.

At the top, the bird was still furiously searching the snow and rocks for Marina and Roana who were still hiding in the tunnel tentatively peeking around the side to get a better idea of where the bird was. They let out a muffled yelp as a gloved hand covered their mouths and pulled her backwards. As a reflex, Roana swung at the person, earning a muffled yelp. Turning to see who she struck her eyes widened to spot Hiccup who was now holding his nose in pain.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry, Hiccup." Roana apologized.

"It's okay. Reflexes, right?" Hiccup asked.

"Yeah." Roana smiled sheepishly.

"You're rescuing us!" Marina smiled with relief.

"Yes, if that's what you want to call it." Sinbad shrugged with his arms out and then held one finger up, "But this is gonna cost you another diamond, rescues aren't part of the tourist package." He told her in mock seriousness.

Hearing large thumps coming towards them, the four quickly moved to the other side of the tunnel, preventing the creature from crushing them. They both pressed themselves against the wall as the bird made its way past where they had been sitting.

"So, how are we getting down?" Marina questioned. Sinbad and Hiccup froze momentarily. They had been in such a hurry to get to them that they didn't even think of a plan.

"I…I don't know…." Sinbad trailed off.

"What?!" Marina whispered.

"I don't know yet." He quickly amended.

"Sinbad." Hiccup groaned, face palmed.

"I'm thinking about it, all right." Sinbad assured, defensively.

"You scaled a 1,000 foot tower of ice and you don't know how to get down?" Roana asked incredulously.

"Of all the ungrateful…" Sinbad groaned at the two, "Look, if you two want to take a chance on your own, that can be arranged." He growled at them in annoyance.

"Wait, shut up for a minute." Roana shushed him and they both ducked out of sight as the bird stalked by them once again.

"Ok, think. What do we have to work with?" Marina asked him calmly.

"Ropes?" She asked hopefully. Sinbad rose his brows with a grin.

"…no." He answered sheepishly.

"Grabbing hooks?"


"Your swords?" She asked pitifully. Sinbad grinned in embarrassment. But he began to think and then his eyes widened.

"Hey, I've got this." He pulled out a large dagger that he had stashed in the back of his belt.

"Oh, great. He can pick his teeth when he's done with us." Marina deadpanned while pointing at her teeth while rubbing her hands on her arms.

"Okay. See, in the hands of an expert, a good knife has 1,001 uses." Sinbad boasted proudly, showing off her by spinning it elaborately in his hands. However, one of the flips was too hard and it got caught in the top of the tunnel. Almost instantly the tunnel cracked before falling apart all at once, exposing them out in the open. The bird lifted its head up at the noise. Marina and the two dragon riders turned and glared hard at the man beside them. Sinbad chuckled nervously, his pitch getting higher in embarrassment. The bird turned and screeched at them threateningly.

"Run!" Sinbad ordered, latching onto Marina's hand and Hiccup latching onto Roana's. The two dragging them off after them with talons stomping right behind them as they sprint. "Come on, faster!"

"W-Wait, wait. What?!" Marina shouted as they neared the edge of the tower.

"Let's go!" Sinbad shouted at her, pulling her off and down the side of the cliff with Hiccup and Roana. Marina shrieked as they both free-fell down towards the ground. In midair Sinbad fumbled to grab her but as he finally did, he shifted so that he would land first. Hiccup doing the same thing with Roana. With Marina on Sinbad's lap and Roana on Hiccup's, they landed on the sled that was strapped to their backs, sending the two duos sliding down the mountainside. At the first bump the sled was dislodged but Sinbad managed to snag it and set it underneath him in a more comfortable position. Hiccup was easily able to maneuver his sled. The four grunted as they barreled down the hillside, bumping into small rocks as they did.

"I think we lost him." Sinbad shouted over the rushing air as they spun in circles.

"I don't think so!" Roana warned as she spotted the bird in their path.

"Head down." Sinbad ordered, pulling Marina to his chest. Sinbad whipped the sled out from under them and used it as a shield from the beak while letting momentum slide his body down the hill even more while Hiccup went around the bird's beak and followed after Sinbad and Marina. Once past the bird, Marina awkwardly sat up, straddling his lap as they continued on. Sinbad shrieked in alarm as the snow made its way through his clothing as he was being the human sled. Soon enough, the rock pillars began to crumble around them. Sinbad managed to get the sled back under him as he and Hiccup tried to maneuver through the falling rocks, narrowly missing them. Once they had passed their main problems they turned to grin at one another, the rush of adrenaline starting to kick in. However up ahead a large chunk of rock landed in their path.

"Oh no!" they both shouted in alarm. Hitting the rock, they shot into the air just managing to fly over the bird as they did. Coming back down hard on the sled they both grunted and tried to reorient themselves. Hiccup's eyes widened as the bird planted itself right in their path, waiting for them. Sinbad quickly scanned the area and spotted a small cavern off to the side.

"Lean right." He instructed, yanking Marina's shirt in the right direction with Hiccup and Roana following behind. As they banked hard, he maneuvered up onto his feet, pulling her up along with him. In getting the new angle, she latched onto his hand and leaned all the way over, nearly touching the ground. As they closed in on the entrance he yanked her back up against his chest. Roana grunted at the impact against Hiccup's chest and was glad the cold could cover up the red in her cheeks. The four skated inside and managed to pull themselves to a stop at the edge of a sheer drop. Letting out a sigh of relief the four chuckled shakily, starting to come off the adrenaline high. Marina and Roana smiled over at Sinbad and Hiccup who was grinning widely. The moment was broken as a loud screech and shadow closed in on the entrance behind them.

"Come on!" Hiccup yelled as he yanked forward, sending the two duo down the side of the cliff as the bird burst through the ice wall. Sliding down the drop another gorge appeared ahead and the duos narrowed their eyes in concentration. As one unit, they lifted themselves upwards, Sinbad and Hiccup grabbing their sleds and stuck the landing on the other side, continuing at their staggering pace through the ice cavern. They weaved in and out of ice pillars while the bird powered on behind them using its wings to propel forward since there was no room to fly. Sinbad and Hiccup frantically glanced around for a way out. Spotting a bit of light to their right side, the boys grinned, a plan formulating in their minds. Whipping the knife from their belts, Sinbad tightened his hold on Marina as Hiccup tightened his hold on Roana.

"Hang on!" Sinbad warned before the two dug their knives into the ground and using their strength, whipped them around to shoot off at a sharp angle towards the exit. As they shot off, Hiccup slipped but Roana caught him and held him in a vice grip as they rocketed towards the hole. She grit her teeth as she continued to hold his weight while keeping him out of reach from the bird barreling behind him. Just before they reached the end, the weight of all the crumbling rocks buried the creature, and began an implosion of the cave. The four let out shrieks as they free fell down towards the boat beneath them.

"Yup there they are." Kale hummed casually, slipping his cap back on as he spotted the four bodies falling down towards the ship. Money began to change hands as people cashed in on the bets they had made. Sinbad and Hiccup yelped as the four of them smacked into one of the large orange sails, tearing it and using the material to break their fall. Sinbad used his arms to pull himself up as he fixed his hat while Hiccup pushed his hands on the ground and froze when he and Roana were face to face with each other.

"There….just as we….planned." Sinbad trailed off, staring at Marina. Neither acknowledged the fact that he was on top of her as she gave a small chuckle which made Sinbad smile. Hiccup and Roana weren't even paying attention to Sinbad and Marina as Hiccup stared deeply into Roana's deep amethyst eyes. As if by some unseen force, the two of them gravitated closer. Just as Hiccup's nose brushed against hers the sail was ripped off, momentarily blinding them with light.

"It's Marina and Roana!" The crew and three dragon riders cheered as they spotted the girls under their Captain and Hiccup. Sinbad quickly scrambled off of her and allowed his crewmates to yank the girl up, doting on her. Carlos helped Hiccup to his feet while Merida and Audrey helped Roana.

"We thought you were gone forever!" Rat bawled as he latched onto Marina's waist. Marina grinned in amusement and patted the man's back lightly which made everyone smile in relief.

"Good to have you back." Merida grinned at the two.

"Oh, I'm fine, really. But I'm touched by your concern." Sinbad dramatically informed them, wincing as he tried to crack his back. Just as he straightened it with a pop a larger crackling noise caught his attention. Peeking open one eye he glanced back to watch the tower above crumble and make its way towards the waters before them. Sinbad watched in bafflement as the rocks instantly broke through the ice, leaving a crack so wide that the boat was released and a path was made for them to move back to open water. Everyone stared at it for a moment before bursting into elated shouts of celebration. Sinbad turned and caught Marina celebrating along with the rest of the crew. He chuckled as Hiccup swung Roana around playfully. Marina glanced around and locked eyes with Sinbad, both shared a soft smile.

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