Hiccup's Journey @fantasywriter345
Which One Is Right?

Chapter 54: Which One Is Right?


'Dragons' - Dragonese

The ship had docked beside a strange and tree covered island to restock after their little adventure.

"Alright we're here for 10 minutes. You get lost, you get left." Kale explained to the men. Sindbad pouted as he sulked over a broken piece of his ship.

"Uh….how did four women do so much damage?" he muttered and groaned when another piece fell off in his hand. "Alright, I'm gonna need a full set of chisels, a jackknife, and about a quart of cut wood." Sinbad listed off as he walked up the stairs to stand by Kale.

"Alright men you heard the captain, find some logs and be quick about it." Kale relayed with his booming voice. Marina watched as Sinbad rubbed the side of the ship.

"Oh for goodness sake all you need is a bit of tree sap and she'll be as good as new." Marina pointed out in annoyance while holding a bucket.

"When I want your advice I'll…." He began but paused when he turned to see her along with the female riders walking off the ship. He straightened up in alarm. "Hey, hey! Where do you think, you're going?" he asked her incredulously. She didn't answer. "Well fine at least take someone with you…" he started forward but trailed off as the other men started to crowd around Marina adoringly. He frowned as they were eagerly offering their services.

"How nice to see some men haven't forgotten a little common courtesy." She mused aloud shooting him a backwards glance as she let them drag her off as Roana, Merida, and Audrey quietly snorted as they followed Marina. Hiccup and Carlos chuckled at Sinbad's expression and followed after Marina and the others.

"Common courtesy." Sinbad muttered angrily.

Kale started to head towards the plank, bucket in hand.

"Not so fast." Sinbad stopped him, sulking as he watched them leave.

"But you know she's right. Tree sap will be perfect for…" Kale pointed out.

"Just! Stay with the ship." Sinbad grunted as he hoisted himself up and over the side of the ship. He jogged to catch up with Marina, the riders, and his men who had trekked farther inland on the seemingly tropical island.

"I already said thank you! That's what this is about isn't it?" Sinbad called out as he chased after them.

"It's about repairing the ship. If I break something I fix it." Marina countered easily once he had caught up. "Knife please." She asked, holding out her hand.

"Oh yea like I'd give you a weapon?" Sinbad said sarcastically, crossing his arms over his chest. His smug look dissipated as his men instantly held out their own knives to her.

"Thank you Rat." Marina thanked as she gently took his knife. Rat plopped down on a rock beside his captain who was brooding.

"You know you really ought to be a little more courteous." He chuckled. Sinbad's eye twitched and he punched the man in the face, sending him into the bushes from the force of the blow.

"Oh great now I'm getting etiquette lessons from a bilge rat." He groaned in annoyance.

"Well they did save the ship captain." The older man chimed in.

"Why thank you Luca." Marina told him sweetly before slicing open one of the small trees to gather the sap from it. Roana filled her bucket after Marina. Then Merida and Audrey filled theirs.

"And now they're offering to fix things." Jin added in amazement. Sinbad slapped his hand over his eyes as more of his men sided with the women over him.

"And very handy, I say. And brave." Lin added.

"These girls wouldn't know how to fix a broken fingernail." Sinbad spat out, throwing his hand towards Marina and the three female riders. Marina growled and whipped around to face him.

"Honestly you are the most boorish, pigheaded man I've ever met." She countered.

"Hey, lady I've seen the high-class boys you hang around with. I'm the only man you've ever met." He told her smugly.

Marina gasped, and clenched her fist as her frustration mounted. Sinbad began to turn away but paused when a bucket was thrown at his head, covering it in slimy sap. The crew groaned as they watched the fight begin. Hiccup and Carlos were partly surprised that Marina threw the bucket of sap at Sinbad. But the three female riders believed that he rightfully deserved it. Sinbad slowly turned to face Marina, lifting a brow challengingly. Marina merely shrugged, as if to say 'what are you going to do about it?' With a small grin he leaned down to scoop up a large wad of mud.

"Oh no….no…no!" she warned, knowing what he was about to do. Marina was thrown off balance by the ball being chucked at her face.

"5 on Marina." Lee bet with his brother. Marina slowly stood back up with a glare and wiped the mud off her face.



"Disrespectful, portentous.." she threw a crab at him, which Sinbad ducked.


"Hapless, self-centered…"

"High and mighty…" he frowned as a rock made contact with his forehead.

"Untrustworthy, ungrateful, impossible.." she rattle off furiously as she began throwing anything she could get her hands on while Sinbad darted out of the way.

"At least I'm not repressed." He fired off, sliding up into her face. Marina's eyes narrowed.

"Repressed?! I'll show you repressed." She fumed and leaned down to pick up a large rock plate. With a growl she began to swing it at him but paused when the ground began to tremble underneath them. They all froze as they watched all the plant life on the island shrink down into the ground, leaving it barren.

"What the...?" Sinbad mused in confusion. A large swinging tree brought around a bright light, they thought to be the sun, towards them. "Put it back." Sinbad whispered out the side of his mouth as it drew towards them.

Marina chuckled nervously as she dropped the rock. Suddenly the group beneath them broke apart and they shouted in alarm as it opened to reveal a giant eyeball. They were split apart and standing on the eyelids of the creature. They all screamed as they tried to maintain their balance. Rat was not fortunate and landed onto the white surface. He grimaced as he lifted up his hands, looking at the stringy goo that was attached to his body now. Spike jumped in and started lapping it up, making them all groan. Suddenly the eye moved to look right up at them. Marina, Luca, Carlos, Audrey, and Rat all shrieked in terror. The eye then moved to look down. Sinbad, Hiccup, Roana, Merida, and the twins who were latched onto one another, shrieked. The monster growled as it raised up to show the body of a large angler type fish.

"Run!" Sinbad shouted and the group instantly took off towards the ship. They leaped over the 'rocky' terrain as they sprinted towards the boat. "Kale! Kale!" Sinbad shouted, getting the man's attention. Kale frowned in confusion as he watched them sprinting, with a large light behind them. He was brought back to the present when the boat lurched sideways, knocking him onto the ground. He looked up to see a large fin that slapped back down into the water, pushing the ship even farther away. Hearing the sound of waves Sinbad looked back to see that the fish was beginning to dive down, meaning the water was rising up behind them. As they continued their escape Sinbad spotted a large canyon before them. "Jump." He shouted as he and Marina did that. Mid jump Marina lost her balance and crashed into Sinbad's leg, sending them flailing to the other side. Once they stopped tumbling Sinbad leapt up to check her over. The moment was soon gone as the rest of the crew and dragon riders crashed into them. Sinbad grabbed Marina to take the brunt of the force as they went toppling down the side of the fin. Sinbad shoved Rat off of him and shouted for his first mate desperately once more.

"I got it." Kale assured as he steered the ship close enough to catch the crew and riders as they were sliding quickly towards him. The crew and riders flew into the air, catching ropes as they crashed towards the ship. Hiccup and Roana along Sinbad and Marina grabbed a stray rope and maneuvered themselves to swing back around; landing safely on the boat behind Kale.

"Veer off Kale." Sinbad instructed.

"Wait, the star!" Marina pointed as the fish was moving towards the marker as its 'sun' disappeared.

"Hold your heading." Sinbad told Kale and rushed forward to grab a grappling hook. He snatched it up and tossed one end towards Rat. "Rat tie this off!" Sinbad ordered, not waiting for his answer as he raced to the front of the ship. As he leapt onto the edge of the boat and threw the hook as far as he could and watched it latch onto a piece of the fin. He turned and held his arms out proudly towards the rest of the crew. The riders simply shook their heads while grinning. Then the line tightened under his feet and he was thrown onto the deck hard. Marina laughed out loud along with the riders as they all held onto something. Sinbad shook off the fuzziness in his head from the fall and smiled up at her. The ship bounced violently as it rode the waves behind the monster, heading straight for the star. Sinbad shouted in glee as he righted himself, and held on to a rigging at the side of the boat. He whooped and laughed loudly as he soaked up the thrill of the ride.

As night turned back into day, the boat was still tossing and swishing around aggressively as it followed the fish. Sinbad latched onto the railing and barely kept his stomach as the tossing of the boat started to get to him. No more laughter and fun from anyone on the boat as the seasickness was beginning to take its place.

"Sinbad! The men can't take much more." Kale shouted from his spot, gripping the mast.

"I can't….mm….take much more either. Cut the line." He ordered, taking a deep breath to steel his tossing stomach. The men cut the line connecting them to the monster, and it immediately set them to smoother sailing. The waves around them stilled as they veered off towards what seemed to be an abandoned stone fortress in the middle of the ocean. All of the men groaned pitifully as they leaned over the side of the boat, taking in easy breaths to soothe their rolling stomachs. Sinbad groaned, from the deck above them, not much better off. He eventually found his legs again and stumbled over to sit on a bench, rubbing his head.

"Who's idea was that again." He mused jokingly.

"I don't know, but she owes me lunch." Marina quipped with a grin as she plopped down next to him. The two shared a laugh as the riders sat down near them.

"We are never doing that again." Hiccup promised.

"Agreed." Roana agreed.

"I agree as well." Audrey added and noticed the state of everyone, "And I believe that's my cue to help everyone." Audrey stood up and went down the stairs to get her medicine in the lower deck.

"I'll give you a hand." Carlos volunteered, raising his hand as he followed Audrey.

The remaining three riders, Sinbad, and Marina looked over at the structure before them.

"Granite Gates, bet you never thought I'd get us this far." He teased proudly as he and Marina stood up.

"No I didn't. but Proteus did." Mariana commented watching him thoughtfully.

"For some reason, he trusts you." Merida pointed out. Sinbad chuckled sheepishly and turned to look out over the water, Marina stepping to stand next to him.

"Well, what could he have been thinking." He muttered, avoiding her gaze.

"How did you ever meet?" she questioned. Sinbad glanced at Marina a moment before smiling at the memory.

"Running for my life as usual…" he began and hopped up onto the railing of the deck above dramatically. He snatched a knife from a tangle of rope and held it up heroically all the while he kept a hold it in his hands. "…a couple of thugs had cornered me outside the palace walls. I was trapped..'' he continued with a deep voice, letting go of the rope and letting the sail flutter down. "…a sword at my throat, at my chest, at my…."

"Pickles and eggs!" one of the crew shouted, popping up from below and effectively distracting the five from conversation. Audrey and Carlos came up behind the crew man and began to help cure the rest of the crew who were trying to recover from their seasickness. Sinbad frowned and glanced down at where he had been holding his knife in between his legs. He cleared his throat and quickly tossed it away before Marina and the three riders could notice.

"…well you get the idea." he dismissed and plopped down on the railing. "…and then suddenly there was a fourth blade. It was Proteus. You see he'd watched it all from his room at the palace. He actually climbed down the castle wall to fight at my side. And boy did we fight! It was like we had rehearsed it." Sinbad grinned wistfully as he thought back to the day. Then his smile faded. "We were best friends from that day forward." He finished.

"What happened between you all?" Marina continued, not picking up on his expression. Sinbad's face dropped even more and he looked at her, hopping off the banister.

"What is it?" Roana frowned, not understanding his reluctance to continue.

"We….took different paths." He decided on and walked away solemnly. Marina and the three riders watched him go, their brows furrowing at his wording.

Things end. But memories last forever. -

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